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Abhigya SS - Vulnerable - PART 7 UPDATED May1st Pg16 (Page 16)

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Originally posted by frenzyy


Thanks Frenzy!
Originally posted by rbb1

Another brillant update I think they are finally getting close in sense they are starting to understand each other and its good hope we get the next update soon

Thank you! Big smile Hope to update really soon. This story idea bhootni won't let go of me. LOL
Originally posted by simsim25

Wow! Loved this Rani! This part especially, Abhi waking up, wanting to cherish the moment he thought was about to end but didn't, then the hall opening, Pragya taking him with her! Can't wait for the next update! <3

Thank you Simsim! Big smileYes, very action-packed update. 
Originally posted by sudanindia2014

YEYYY this was one of the most awaited updates for me rani thanks for doing it at last and it really really worth the wait ..

Thank you Nuha! So glad you thought it was worth the wait after so long. Big smile

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Originally posted by kubare

Rani once again just awesome...LOVED IT...and loved the Khuli Tijori...the most...LOL

Thank you Krish! Thought the AT behenas would like khuli tijori WinkLOL
Originally posted by Diahh

Yay!! Yayyy!! Yayyy!! You finally updated!! Star
Love love love the update! Especially the beginning! Abhi being apprehensive and trying to hold on to her for longer!! Awww!!! Embarrassed

Haha! I liked how Pragya catches his lies! And the way her brain instantly becomes alert hearing govt officer!! ClapUFF!! That's so like Pragya in the initial episodes of the show! 

Wonder how the Aroras will react seeing Abhi but I am glad Pragya wants him to be there!

Great update Rani! Waiting for more!

Lots of love! 

Thank you Diah! Big smile I'm so glad the morning after scene resonated with you, I spent forever on it. LOL I think the goal of most of us FF writers is resurrecting that early Pragya OuchLOL. I hope to update soon so you can find out what happens when the Aroras see their son-in-law. :P
Originally posted by nilmi

Awesome update

Thanks Nilmi!
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Last time - 


"Go, your family must be waiting for you. It's better if no one sees my car near your house."


So this was it, goodbye? She grabbed his wrist. "I want you to come with me for the opening."


"What? Are you crazy? Have you thought about what Ma and Rockstar Dadi will say if they see me?"


She looked directly into his eyes. "I don't care. If Kumkum Bhagya is opening today, it's only because of you. I want you to be there."




Part 7 - Return


Abhi could feel her trembling beside him as she raised her hand to knock.


"You really don't have to do this, you know?"


Her hand stilled on the knocker.


"I do.  I owe you at least this much."


"Listen," his fingers wrapped around her slender wrist. "You do not owe me anything." He turned her face towards his and cradled it in his palm. "Get that thought out of your head right now. What ever I do, I do because I want to." He looked deep into her troubled eyes


Suddenly, the door flew open and it was in that intimate position that Sarla Ma found them.


"Pragya? Abhi b- aap? What's going on here?"


His mother in law stood stock still on the doorstep, expression caught between outrage and bewilderment. She hadn't changed much since he had last seen her at the divorce court, except that her cheeks had sunken further into her round face.


"Ma, I'll explain." Pragya had rapidly disentangled herself from him and now stood a foot away, staring down her mother.


"That man will never set foot in my house ever again!" She raised one condemning finger like the matriarchs in the soap operas the daasis were so fond of watching. As much as he knew that his mother-in-law had a flair for the dramatic, and that he deserved it, he wouldn't deny that her mistrust stung.


"Ma, let's talk inside." Somehow his diminutive wife steered them both indoors past her mother who still stood gaping at the doorway.


"Abhi? How are you beta?" What could he do in the face of such grace than fold his hands silently? Rockstar dadi, Purvi and Janki stood inside the living room.


"Di! Di! You're back! You have to tell me all about the - oh. It's you." Bulbul came careening down the stairs, her enthusiasm suddenly stemmed as she caught sight of his face. Although she was engaged to his best friend they had somehow managed to avoid each other for the past ten months.


"Di! What on earth is he doing here di? Are you crazy? How can you let him in here after he threw you out?"


"Firstly Bulbul, he never threw me out, I chose to leave." She was talking about one of his most painful memories, but warm pride filled Abhi at his wife's calm.


"And I have something to tell you."


"Kya di?"


"Kumkum Bhagya is going to be reopened."




Bulbul took in a huge gulp of air and backed into the sofa.


"Wha-what? You-you're joking. Please be serious Di!"


She crumpled into a little ball. In a second Pragya curled her body around her sister. "I'm serious, Bulbul."


"I can't afford to get my hopes up again. You don't know how I've lived this one year, every month hoping, yet not daring to hope...feeling so helpless..." She trailed off into little sobs. "I don't dare hope again Di." Pragya had never spoken to him of her feelings about the marriage hall - when had they ever had a real conversation? - but this is how she must have felt.


"Bulbul, it's true." Sarla joined her daughters on the sofa. "The government officer should be coming soon to unlock the hall. We didn't tell you till the last minute because...we didn't dare hope again either. But your Pragya di here has somehow gotten the paperwork through." She patted her eldest daughter proudly.


"Ma, it wasn't me." Was it killing her to say this? Was it killing his independent wife to admit that even after a year's worth of her hard work, his money and connections had probably been the necessary catalyst to open her marriage hall? "He did it. And that's why I wanted him here to witness the opening."


Five pairs of eyes turned to stare at him. "Nahi aunty, it was nothing like that. When I met the government officer Pragya had already spoken to him many times. I just had another chat with him, that's all."


"Beta, how can we ever repay you for the favour you have done us?" Sarla Ma's moods would give him whiplash one day.

"Aunty, it really wasn't anything like that. All the credit goes to your daughter. And anyway, please don't embarrass me by talking about favours. I know that...I have wronged you all terribly, but I hope you can still look at me like a son. And one doesn't talk about favours from sons."


He could feel Pragya's eyes boring holes into his body. He could see his mother-in-law preparing herself for another overwrought speech but the ringing doorbell saved him. Finally, the moment had come.


Although he had been working for the marriage hall for a few months he hadn't dared drive past for fear of running into her again. It looked sad, the windows shuttered, an ominous looking lock on the ornate front doors. But it looked clean and well kept as well. He could see his wife's loving hand in the neatly swept compound and the freshly washed front steps.


They stood in a line in front of the front door as the government official shuffled for the hall papers. He was standing with Rockstar Dadi on one side and Pragya on the other. She was starting straight ahead, her face inscrutable. He glanced furtively at her. How was she feeling? Overwhelmed? Furious that he had waltzed back into her family and her life again? Resentful because she felt she owed him? Relieved? Most likely all of those at once.


Try as he might, he couldn't resist the long-buried memories that rose to the surface, or the mist that clouded his vision. Unconsciously, his hand sought hers. She looked at him in surprise but caught it in a sure, warm grip.


The actual opening didn't take very long. The government officer pulled out a large key and simply opened the lock. Then he gave Sarla a couple of papers to sign, which she did. And then, it was over. The entire process took less than ten minutes, even with Pragya's insistence on reading and rereading the documents. How strangely anticlimactic. This was the moment she must have worked towards, worried about and prayed about for a year and it was over in ten minutes.


"Pragya beta, Abhi, go ahead and do the pooja."


Of course they wouldn't reopen the marriage hall without a quick Ganesha pooja. And of course, as the only married couple in attendance, they would have to conduct it. They easily slipped into the familiar rituals that they had practised a hundred times in their short marriage. If nothing else, he thought ruefully, at least they had gotten good at doing poojas and pleasing elders.


The pooja the Aroras had planned was surprisingly simple, as if they hadn't really believed that this occasion would really come. The women sang a hymn, his wife's voice standing out beautifully amongst the others. Why hadn't they explored their shared musicality? Oh yes, he had been too busy torturing her.  


Finally, they had to applied haldi and kumkum on the door. He could feel her eyes on him as he dipped his fingers into the kumkum pot. Shared memories...and hopefully shared desires? He dutifully smeared it on the door instead of where his fingers itched to go. Patience, Abhi.


They opened the door with some difficulty and the Aroras shuffled in. Their eyes were wide with wonder, drinking in what they thought they had lost. Her warm hand slipped from his and he slowly backed out of the gate. Better leave them alone than get tangled into gratitude that he didn't deserve.


AN: Thank you so much for reading! This chapter is very close to my heart for a variety of reasons and hence was a very hard one to write. 

Like most of us here I am very upset at the most recent episode and almost didn't end up posting but on the encouragement of my AT friends I decided to, because we all need some Abhigya positivity right now. Thank you to Mina (and her friend thesaurus.com LOL) for the title suggestion!

As always, please let me know what you thought and buddy for PMs. Smile

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grasshopper watch this space


rani do i have to use words

rani i don't want to use words

why can't i just nonverbally subliminally telepathically somehow convey to you my response

because you know what you did, and what you do?! you create these feelings which bypass words. and then what am i supposed to do? how am i supposed to tell you what you achieved with words when it doesn't occur in words?



now then. i know you put some effort into crafting this so maybe i should try not to be some kind of limbic reptile and also put some effort into articulating. the problem with words though is that they don't catch the...ephemeral snores of one's response. you know.

OK. i really enjoyed the scene of abhi returning to arora house. loved the three different receptions he received. lightly sketched but we get a clear sense of the three strong and distinct personalities of sarla rodaadi and bb.

all this 'his wife'ing happening in abhi's mind full out slayed me. how am i talking? i am slain. idk must be vocalizing from the underworld.

the puja, and the richness it brings within the story to the characters and to the text and readers...i feel there is a richness, i wish i could explain better. basically i feel so happy to read a scene built around that.

his fingers itching with the kumkum. UFFF.

and him fading into the background?!!! i do not approve abhi!!! i do not approve!!!

it was really good to get abhi's voice here, thank you for choosing to do the chapter (an entirely appropriate word madam) from his perspective. i am wishing to know what's up with pragya but with this story both their sides are so compelling i can't really choose who i want to hear from XD

in conclusion, thanks for the update!!

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Thanks for the update Rani! Awesome work once again. Especially the last line -
Better leave them alone than get tangled into gratitude that he didn't deserve.
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Im glad you posted it :)
It was fabulous Rani

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