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Abhigya SS - Vulnerable - PART 7 UPDATED May1st Pg16 (Page 10)

putturani IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by rafiki84

Listen, Miss! Don't you ever stop writing this! 

This is too awesome! Clap

Thank you Rafiki! Big smile
Originally posted by MarGan

Very sensual yet emotional SSWink...Thank you for writing The SS.
Please update soon...Big smile

Thank you Margan! Thank you for reading! 

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Rani rani imso excited my heartbrain bursts at the thought oh so many feels coming up and already set rani raniii

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putturani IF-Dazzler

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Warning: Mature content ahead.

Last time:

"We can't do it, if you're not comfortable saying it. I need to know for sure exactly what you want."


She looked straight into his eyes. "I want to have sex with you tonight."


"Untie me."


Part 5 - Shatter

He didn't need to tell her twice.


As soon as she yanked the ties off he wrapped his arms around her small frame. His hands were everywhere, touching her, learning her, knowing her.




He couldn't believe she was in his arms after all that had passed between them. He had put her through the wringer and sucked out her soul. She should have been hard and brittle as ice. Yet here she was, warm and soft in his arms, still giving to him with her every kiss. And he was utterly unworthy of her.


Perhaps a better man would have pulled away. Abhi was going to make it worth her while.


He danced his fingers along her waist, stroking her like she was made of the smoothest crystal. He kissed down her neck, paying special attention to the seldom-seen dip in her collarbone.


This was what she had been waiting for. All those times he had "tortured" her by removing his shirt, the time she had fallen into his bath and the countless times she had fallen on to him, were all building up to this. She had desired him almost since before she really understood what desire meant. But instead of ravishing her, Abhi was kissing her like a gentleman!




He had the audacity to chuckle against her neck. "Where?"


"Argh!" She groaned in frustration. Damn him! He wasn't going to make this easy, was he? But maybe all those prayers had an effect and he thankfully went about the business of mapping her curves. They were heavy and swollen; from desire or emotion she didn't know. It was all too much.


To distract herself, she tentatively started exploring his hard body. His back was as massive and muscled as she remembered.


"So this was what all those weights were for."


He laughed, sending a shot of pure heat through her body again. "No, for this."


She squealed as he picked her up and set her gently down on the bed. "You okay, Pragya?"


She nodded. If only he was less formal! Suddenly, she longed for that once-hated nickname Chashmish' to fall from his lips. Maybe she needed to take matters into her own hands.


"Whoa! What are you doing?!"


Hell if she knew! This was literally new territory. How on earth is this going to...Before she could work out the concerning logistics he had pulled her hands away.


"You don't have to do that. Tonight is about you."


But I want to. But no matter how much she had matured in the past year she still couldn't bring herself to say something so bold. Anyway, it was thrilling to hear him say it was all about her, even if only from a sense of misplaced guilt. Nothing in her marriage, hell nothing in her life had been all about her but she was going to take tonight. Tonight the man she wanted desired her back and she would take him.


Suddenly their clothes suffocated her and she tugged inexpertly at his t-shirt.


"Need some help?"Abhi grinned. She glared at him in return, even though she was secretly a little relieved to see signs of her old arrogant husband, instead of the serious, polite stranger that had replaced him.


Wow. Thank God for my glasses.


"You turn," he whispered, still stroking her waist. "May I?"


Please. But she couldn't open her mouth. Years of forgotten taunts rose and blocked the words in her throat. Behenji. Plain Jane. Four eyes.


"Maybe we can...turn off the lights?"


Abhi's heart dropped. You did this to her. You convinced her she was ugly. You made her hate herself. Regret buried itself in his heart like a knife. No words could take back what he had said. But maybe actions could make her forget.


He kissed her nose-button. "Off."


"But I wasn't even saying anything," she protested, referring to the silly on-off game they used to play.


"Your worries, Pragya."


"Easier said than ... oh!"


She gasped he dropped his mouth where his hands had been only minutes before. "Too much?"


She responded only by arching further in to him.


And then she couldn't think as he relentlessly teased her until her nipples pebbled under her clothes. Enough is enough! Suddenly the desire to feel his lips on her skin was stronger than her insecurities. She pulled off her offending blouse and her bra before she could lose the courage.


His awestruck gaze burned a hole through her body. It was exquisite torture to be naked before him like this, to have her body as exposed to him as her heart was. Erotic and embarrassing all at once. Just when she couldn't take it anymore and was about to cover herself, he bent down and placed such a reverent kiss against her thumping heart that for the first time in her life, she felt beautiful.


You're really making it hard for me not to love you.


"Not fair," she protested. "If I have to be exposed, you have to be too." He caught the hidden meaning in his words and wordlessly pulled off his jeans. Pragya was the only virgin he had ever been intimate with. Would she be disgusted? Scared? Run away in fear?


She reached out and experimentally ran her hand down his length. Abhi groaned and threw his head back. It was torture to have her tiny, ink-stained hands on him. He had a hundred moves planned but as she started to stroke faster and learned to pay extra attention to the tip all thoughts flew out of his mind.


"Oh Chashmish!"


Pragya grinned in triumph to hear her beloved nickname forced from his lips. Enough of this formal nonsense!


He pulled her hands away from him. "Chashmish please!" He seemed to have admitted defeat against his desires. "You've got to trust me on this."


He teased her until she couldn't think straight, one hand slipping below her waistband to the place she needed it most. She was so ready that it wasn't long until she was a writhing ball of need.  He kissed down her body, taking her lower garments with him. Finally, he reached his destination.


Pragya cried out. The sensations overwhelmed her. It was all too much - the pleasure, the sensation, the sheer intimacy of having his lips there. She was too bare, too open to him. "Abhi," she moaned, "please...I can't take it."


Somehow, he seemed to understand and shifted to cover her body with his, anchoring her against the tide of emotions with his eyes. "Better?" He murmured, replacing his mouth with his hands.


She could only nod as he took her up on a wave of sensation again, this time stopping for nothing. He circled her nub relentlessly until she couldn't stop the moans from spilling from her lips. He plunged his fingers into her waiting body, finding hot spots even she had never found before. He took her to dizzying heights until she couldn't fight it anymore. Until she was forced to throw aside her worries and just feel. He took her to the edge of the precipice.


And then she fell. And he was there to catch her.   


She didn't know how long she lay recovering in his arms. Was it even possible to recover from shattering and being put back together?


"Wait!" She belatedly exclaimed. "What about you?"


"I told you, tonight is about you."


"But, I thought we were going to have sex."


"This is sex, Chashmish. This nakedness, this coming apart in each other's arms, this is sex too."


Perhaps there was an argument for her to make here, about fairness and reciprocity and getting the "full experience" but she was too tired to make it and his embrace was too warm to leave.


"Okay. Now we sleep. And you hold me."



As always, let me know what you think! Embarrassed And buddy for PMs.

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Holy already!! Res!!

Every syllable is perfection and I am so happy

Yay!!! Great great work mylove!! Thank you :)

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IamMeethu IF-Rockerz

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RANI! oh my.. this was really hot. I need to read from the beginning, but I have nasty habit of skipping to the ehem scenesBlushing
Lovely! thank you for sharing this. Fab work. Please.. I request of you... more of THISEvil Smile

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Gonna hate me for posting so many res'es, but I'm determined to reply to all the chapters and saving the spot will be a good reminder! Embarrassed



YAY! Finally here! Dancing

And what an absolute PERFECT chapter title, Rani-sa! You always know how to start chapters with a "BANG!" and this was no different! I liked the slight glimpse at the past between Pragya's leave from MM and the current timeline.

I liked how Pragya didn't succumb to Abhi's apologies. I DO feel for him, par Pragya ko toh bohot gehra chot lagi thi, so long apology banta hai! And while I'm glad to see that this is a redemption story, I can't help but be curious about just how Abhi found-out the truth about the MMS. I'm hoping you'll be expanding on that sometime later in this story! Smile

In the mean time, I'm off to read the next part!

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Fanaah IF-Rockerz

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I was expecting the regret, sadness, loneliness, desperation, anger, hope, and a myriad of other feeling, but the, "you want me vulnerable? As you wish" just KILLED it!

HOL~Y! Shocked

I did NOT see this coming! Now I'm eager to see what Abhi does (and DAMN IT! I only vaguely remember the rest of the fic! Angry)

*runs off to read the next chapter*

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Fanaah IF-Rockerz

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... Well, this is ONE way for Abhi to be vulnerable. I probably should've guessed, especially with the warning you gave, but...

It felt a lot darker than I guessed it would be, probably because of Pragya's dialogue: "Of course. Of course you wouldn't voluntarily be attracted to poor little Chashmish. But your body wants it. And maybe I'll give it what it needs. Everybody already thinks I'm damaged goods. Might as well get something out of the bargain. Anyway behenjis like me wouldn't get kissed any other way" and it's implications and how it was quite similar to what Abhi said to her in the prequel. My mind-scape can clearly substitute this image over the previous one. The feelings, though, Pragya is almost relishing the power she has. While it might be helping her have power over her husband, I just hope she doesn't get overly drunk and go on a power trip because it can get really bad really fast!

One of the best lines was, "It was so ironic that even though he was being tied to a lamp bracket with his own nuptial knot, he felt freer than he had in months. As she tightened the knot around his wrist, the knot in his heart loosened with hope."

Love the semi-dark direction of the story (I'm messed-up that way). On to the next part!

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