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Akya OS ~Kaun mera, mera Kya tu laage~

Anzum505 Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:15am | IP Logged
After a heart breaking epi I'm back with my os... I dnt knw hw is it.. Little scared k kahi kal k epi tarha khichdi to nehi ban gayi... 

Enjoy the OS... Must Comment...
Sorry for grammatical Mistakes...

It starts from the time when ananya left aakash and natasha in room with teary eyes...

Note:: I Used

Red For song lyrics..
Green for Their Activites..

She came out from the room with crying eyes.. She was wanting to be with him.. To be in his side.. But he didn't even ask her to stay.. Natasha said so bad words to her.. The sentence of the experience with him at night outing was hurting her badly... She thought to herself why she's so hurt?? Why it hurt her when she saw Natasha holding his hand??!! Was Shefu right??? Does she have feelings for him?? She was asking herself... But may be Aakash doesn't have.. He's happy to be with Natasha.. She's only a co pilot for him!! Tears came out from her right eye... she wipped away the tears and took deep breath.. She closed her eyes with pain!!


Aakash was lying on bed thinking about what just happened!! He knws very well that Ananya is badly hurt by natasha's word. At that moment he wanted to tell her to stay.. to stay with him.. Wanted to hug her and to say her sorry for his rude behavior.. Wanted to talk with her.. but he knws that it's not good for Ananya... It's better for her to be hurt now so that she can be safe in future... He was cursing himself for all the deeds.. And cursing his luck that he won't be with  that person he loves the most...


Two broken hearts were being separated who mean to be together!!!!


Annaya came back to Delhi... Here on Delhi all Shefu incident happened.. And there in Goa Aakash and Natasha were attacked again!! Shefu means well now... Aakash is also out of danger!!


Next Day Rohit came to Ananya's place to ask her for that photo shoot(I can't remember what exactly rohit said her in precap and I'm not in the mood to watch that crap epi again!!! Sorry!! ) But she said no.. He was tryig to convince her in every possible way!! At the moment Rohit got a call!! It was Mr. Sen..


Rohit: Hello Mr. Sen..

And Mr. told him about the attack on Aakash and Natasha..

After disconnecting the call He told Ananya all...

Ananya: (With a panic voice and teary eyes) What??!! How is Aakash?? Woh thik to hai na?? Mujhe jana hai unke paas..

Rohit: Calm down Annaya he's fine now.. don't Panic...

Ananya: No.. Sir... I want to go to him... Main mr. sen call karke bolti hoon mere ticket ke bare mein.. (She was about to call)

Rohit: Wait Ananya.. I'll tell him to arrange flight for both of us...

Then he called mr. sen and said to arrange flight.. Both Ananya and rohit came to Goa.. After landing she didn't wait for a moment to leave for hospital.. even she 1st went to hospital before going hotel...

Ananya entered the room with rohit... Aakash was sitting on his bed.. He's okay now... His boss was not there at that time.. Ananya ran to him and hugged him tightly.. She didn't even care that Rohit and a nurse were there!! Aakash was shocked at first.. but couldn't stop him self hugging her back.. He closed his eye to live the moment.. He was missing his Ananya like hell.. Though he knows that her life will be in danger but At that time he was wanting to live the moment.. to be lost in each other's embrace...

Ananya: I was so scared Aakash!! Aap thik to ho na?? Mujhe laga ki aap... (Crying and hugging him even more tightly)

Aakash: (moving his fingures in her hair..  to calm her down.. closing his eyes) Mai thik hoon Ananya.. Kuch nehi hua mujhe.. see... I'm with u... 

He broke the hug.. Hold her face with both of his hands softly he assured her that he's okay.. And wipped away her tears...

Ananya: I was very scared aakash.. (And again hugged him)

He hugged her back... but at that time his boss entered the room.. Aakash and his boss had a eye lock.. And he through his eye made aakash understand that he's doing wrong!!! He just pushed Ananya away.. Ananya was shocked at this.. She was about to say something but she was interrupted by aakash's boss..

Boss in doc uniform: Aap log patient ke sath itne waqt tak nehi reh sakte.. he needs rest..

Aakash and Ananya were only looking at each other with questions in eyes... Then Rohit started..

Rohit: How are u feeling captain Aakash??

(While Ananya was still sitting on his bed holding his one hand)

Aakash: I'm okay Mr. Mafatlal.. thank u for coming..

Rohit: My pleasure..

Boss: u people plz leave now..

Rohit: yeah sure... capt. Aakash u take rest..

Aakash nodded...

Aanaya: Mai thodi deir mein aati hoon...

Aakash: No it's ok 1st officer.. U must have ur flights.. Don't waste ur time for me.. I'm okay here.. U have no need to come here...

Ananya was totally shocked!! Her heart broke into pieces!! She couldn't blv her ears!! He was behaving so different a munite ago!! But now???!!!! She had lots of questions running in her brain.. and she was hurt worstly... She then compossed her self to say bye to him and left...               

Aakash was looking at her going.. he closed his eyes with pain.. and cursed himself for all these.. he hates himself more than anything!!

She had tears in her eyes.. Rohit noticed these...

Rohit: Are u okay??

Annaya.. yeaahhh.. I'm fine sir (With a fade smmie)

Then she asked him to go back Delhi..


Days passed like this.. Aakash got released from hospital... It was told to everyone that the old man wanted to kill someone else but attacked Aakash bcz of the name confusion...

One week has passed since he joined INDE again.. But in last 7days Akya didn't have single flight together!! Aakash always ignored her.. She was hurt so badly!!

 DIB got to lots of things about wrong deeds.. they got to know that It's Mafatlal family and Mr. Sen is also with them...

Today Akya has a flight together to Mumbai.. Annaya was in the cockpit preparing for taking off.. Aakash entered..

Ananya: (With a fade smile and in a professional tone) Good morning capt.

Aakash: Good morning 1st officer..

Aakash took his seat... They took off... All the time they remained quite except works... Ananya didn't ask him any thing and nor Aakash.. After landing they both went to hotel but didn't say single word to each other.. it was painful for both of them..

Days passed like these.. Both were used to of this.. In these days annaya has become a good friend of rohit.. Aakash doesn't like it a little.. 1st he doesn't like anyone's closeness with Ananya and 2nd ly he knows that Rohit is the mastermind.. He knew that ananya's life is also in danger.. So he asked his boss for pemission to tell ananya the truth..  He agreed with Aakash...

Boss: Sure Aakash... I think tumhe Ananya ko truth pata hona chahiye.. Rohit ke sath rehna uske liye khatro se khali nehi hai..

Aakash: haan sir.. Asap mujhe Ananya ko sab batana hoga.. Agar use kuch ho gaya to main... (He stopped.. tensinon can be seen in his face)

Boss: I know Aakash... tum annaya ko bohot pasand karte ho.. I can understand ur pain... Ek bar yeh sab khatam ho jaye to tum ananya ko apne feelings ke bare mein bata dena... She's a very nice girl.. I'm sure she will understand...

Aakash looked at his boss and smile a slight...


After 2days Aakash and Ananya had flight together... Aakash decieded to tell her everything.. He was waiting for her in the command room.. IT's too late... He thought to himself "Annaya itni late to nehi hoti.." he saw mr. sen coming..

Aakash: Mr. Sen..

Mr. Sen: Haan Aakash..

Aakash: 1st officer rawat abhi tak nehi aayi.. Is all okay??

MR. Sen: I don't know Aakash.. I'm calling her since morning but her phone is switched off!!!

Aakash was shocked at this.. Ananya is never irresponsible like this.. He toof leave from mr. sen..

He called at her home and asked about Ananya.. he came to know that she's missing since last night.. they made a police complain but no result.. He came to know that they also called mr. sen but he said he knew nothing!! Aakash understood that some thing is wrong!! He was just about call his boss, his boss called him and informed him that Mafatlals are going to deal drug today!! They have to catch them today!! They had a secret place where they will deal after that they had flight to Mumbai at 5pm.. It was 10am and they have 7hrs left... or less than that.. Then Aakash told him about Annaya.. And then they understood may be rohit did something wrong with her.. they have find Ananya...!!!



Last night:::

Ananya and rohit were having their dinner together.. At that moment rohit got a call.. He excused herself from Ananya to attend the call.. He was talking with his partner.. Mean time Ananya got a call from home and she had to leave at that time bcz her mom was not feeling well..  She went to rohit to inform and then she got to know everything.. She was shocked!! Couldn't blv her ears!! She also heared that aakash's life is also in danger.. hearing this she was not able control herself.. Rohit turned aroud and found a shocked Ananya.. he understood that she came to know everything..

Rohit: Annaya(Tried to come to her)

Annaya ran away.. he was running behind her.. He called his goons to catch Ananya.. Ananya was trying to call Aakash but she was hit by a car.. Her right hand was hurt and may be broken.. She some how manage to run again... But bcz of hurting these much. She was not able to walk more.. then she was caught by the goons!! They kidnapped her and took her to that secrete place.. Ananya found rohit there...

Rohit: Annayaaa... So u came to know the truth...

Ananya: why r u doing all these??!! (In a angry tone)

Rohit: Dekho ab tum to koi bacche nehi ho ke mujhe tumhe sab samjhana parega!! Aura b tak tum yeh bhi samajh gayi hogi ke hum tumhe chhorne wale nehi!!!

Ananya: Agar Aakash ko pata chala to who tumhe...

Rohit: Laughed loudly.. Aakash... Aakash... Aakash... Aakash to tumhe tab bachayega jab who khud bachega!!

Ananya: Apni bakwas bandh karo rohit.. I know who zarur kuch haal nikalenge.. And u all be punished for all these!!

Rohit got angry and slapped her badly.. She fall down and got hurt in her forehead.. Blood were flowing from the wound.. Rohit told his goons to tie her.. and he left...



Aakash took leave from mr. sen telling that he has family emmergancy.. Mr. sen tried his best to stop him but couldn't...

Aakash came to DIB office.. they all prepared for the mission..

Boss: Don't worry Aakash.. we will find Ananya.. and she will be safe...

Aakash nodded...

They reached to that secrete place...  Rohit with his partners were there... Mr. sen informed rohit about aakash's leave but they were over sure that they won't be able find their secrete place but they were wrong... DIB covered the area from all side... And Mafatlals were trapped badly.. After gun shots and fights finally they  caught them... Police took them... Aakash found unconscious Ananya tied with a chair.. she was hurt so badly.. They immediately took her to hospital.. Aakash informed ananya's family..  They came to hospital... Doctor told them that she is out of danger but her right hand is broken.. They will keep her in hospital till her hand get well and to take care of her bcz of her forehead injury she lost a huge amount of blood... It will take time for her to be okay as she is very week now...

Next day Ananya got her consciousness... She's happy to see her family and Aakash there... Nana ji told her everything that how all this happened and how Aakash saved him from mafatlal... She didn't say a single word to him... She' still hurt... He ignored her a lot... and she knows that He doesn't love her as she does...

Aakash took permission from nana ji to come be with Ananya always... Nana ji and annaya's mum was so happy that Aakash cares for her these much...  Aakash started to come hospital every day..  Most of the time Ananya remains quite... Aakash decided to explain her everything later...


NOTE::: I'm adding a song lyrics here... Days will be passed with the song.. The song is "Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage"




kaun mera mera kya tu laage

(Ananya opens her eyes bcz of sun ray.. Aakash was siiting beside her bed)

kyun tu baandhe man ke man se dhage

bas chale na kyun mera tere aage

(Aakash helps her to be seated..)


kaun mera mera kya tu laage

kyun to baandhe man ke man se dhage

(He feeds her soup.. And tied her hair..)


(Days passes..

Doctors and nurses check Ananya everyday.. He reads books for her... But all the time she is quite..)


dhund hi loge mujhe tum

har jagah ab to mujhko khabar hai

(Ananya was coming from wash room.. she was about to fall and Aakash caught her and took her to bed.. They shared an eye lock)


ho gaya hu tera jab se

main hawa me hu tera asar hai

(He bought milk and miusely for her.. she was surprised to see)

Days Passes...

tere pas hu ehsas me main yaad me teri

tera thikana ban gaya ab saans me meri

(Ananya trying to seat on bed and Aakash helped her.. Aakash was holding her by her waist and she was holding aakash's arms.. looking at each other's eyes..)

kaun mera mera kya tu laage

kyun tu baandhe man ke man se dhage

bas chale na kyun mera tere aage

kaun mera mera kya tu laage


(Aakash was standing out side of her room watching doctors removing her bandage from her hand.. She is okay now)


Aakash took her to home.. Everyone welcomed Ananya with Arthi.. All are happy... They told Aakash to take to her room..



Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage

Kyun tu baandhe, man se man ke dhaage

(Aakash carried her to her room in his arms.. Ananya was only staring at him.. He made her lay down on her bed..)

Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage

(Ananya closed her eyes bcz of his closeness)

Days passes...

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage

Kyun tu baandhe, man se man ke dhaage

(Ananya got up in the morning finding Aakash sleeping in couch.. She covered him with a blanket)


Everyday they went for walk in the garden... she watch Aakash playing with little kids everyday...

One day they were walking.. and suddenly she noticed that Aakash is not with.. she Was tensed and looking here and there.. already had tears in eyes.. Then she felt some ones hand on her shoulder.. she turned back and it's aakas... She immediately hugged him...

Chhod kar na tu kahin bhi door ab jaana

Tujhko kasam hai..

(Aakash hugged her back and closed his eyes.. he was dying to have her in his arms..)

Saath rehna jo bhi hai tu

Jhooth ya sach hai, ya bharam hai

(Ananya realized what's she doing.. she broke the hug and tried to leave but Aakash stopped her and brought her closer...)

Apna banaane ka jatan kar hi chuke ab to

(He wipped away her tears.. And kissed on the last drop of tear on her cheek..  She hugged him again...)

Baiyan pakad kar aaj chal

Main doon bata sabko

(They were walking holding hands towards sun set..)

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage

Kyun tu baandhe, man se man ke dhaage

Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage...

(They hugged each other again standing against the sun set and lost in each other's embrace..)


Aakash and Ananya were sitting in chair in the garden...

Aakash: I'm sorry... I'm sorry for everything...

Ananya looked at him...

Aakash: Mai janta hoon maine tumhe bht hurt kia.. but I had no other choice.. Mujhe laga mere sath rahogi to it would be dangerous for... but I'm sorry that I couldn't keep u safe from mafatlal... Ananya... Mai janta hoon mujhe maaf karna shayad... (He stopped by her)

 Ananya: I Love you Aakash... (Looking at him)

Aakash was shocked at this.. He never expected this to come out like this...

Aakash: kya???

Ananya: (Smiled and blushed.. Stood up.. looked at him and said him again) I love u Aakash..

Aakash stood up and  hugged her tightly.. with teary eyes he said "I love you too Ananya.. I love u more than any thing.."

She broke the hug...

Ananya: Tumhe sorry kehne ki koi zarurat nehi hai Aakash.. Mai janti hoon tumne yeh sab kiu kia.. aur agar mai tumhare jahag hoti to shayad mai bhi yehi karti.. Mere liye ab itna hi kafi hai that u r okay.. and we are together... mujhe aur kuch nehi chahiye...

Aakash brought her closer and kissed on her lips softly.. she also kissed him back.. After few seconds they broke... Aakash moved the hair from her face while she was looking down blushing... Aakash kissed on her forehead... And brought her in his embrace again...

~Happy Ending~



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akanksha1319 Goldie

Joined: 21 May 2014
Posts: 2150

Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:54am | IP Logged
Aww! It was so heartouching! Embarrassed
Totally loved it sweetheart! Hug
I would love to read more from u & plz Pm me next time!!!!! Tongue

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Renessa Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Wow!! Awesome OS Smile
ZaBeerHolic IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 January 2013
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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
I m in LOVE with this OS...
So heavenly and lovely..
Perfect blend of all emotions.
Song fitted the scenes very perfectly.
I really loved it.
Finally,Akya are together...
I m so happy.
*happy dance*
Shruti11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
i love this os gr8 work
saranyagulam Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
Anzum bachi that was brilliant..actually what we didn't get to see in yesterday's episode is fulfilled by now...each and every lines r superb...akya chemistry is always on top list... Poor director and script writer please come and read in so many budding roses r actually better than u..
Brilliant keep it up
-Paulomi- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2012
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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
Today I have come to know that kabhi kabhi aise khatara episodes banne chahiye to writers apni bharaas aise nikaalte haiWinkLOL
By the way nice os aur maine tumhe sikhaya tha na kaise song add karna hai
Anzum505 Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by akanksha1319

Aww! It was so heartouching! Embarrassed
Totally loved it sweetheart! Hug
I would love to read more from u & plz Pm me next time!!!!! Tongue

aww.. thank you akka.. it means a lot. . surely pm u.. waise iss time bhi kia tha haan... :P

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