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Taarey OS- Our Wedding Day.

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Our Wedding Day.

I thought that I had overcome this. I believed that I got it over and I was going to continue

forward. But there are moments when pain clutches me and I miss her... Our relationship,

our married life lasted for 2 years. We loved each other and we trusted each other, she

was my cousin's friend, I met her in first year of her college social, in which I was forcefully

taken by my cousin, and by the time she graduated we were the most compatible couple

and then we got married, at an early age, she was just 21 and me 23, much against the

wish of her family, yes her family opposed her marriage, not that they disliked me, but love

marriage is a sin in her family. We knew that if we were separated none of us would

survive, we were madly crazily in love, but all thanks to my mom, she accepted her as a

loving daughter in law, we both handled our family business together, and she was just my

better half in all respect. The thought of being separated from her, divorcing her, can never

cross my mind but yet we are separated, I have not even seen her in the last 3 years.

The time that I spent with her, was very precious to me because this wasn't a relation of

moment's infatuation, she was my wife and we led a happy married life for 2 year. It was

love - tender and passionate, filled with trust and laughter, at night after our wild love

making sessions, in each others arms we found shelter from daily problems. Months went

by while I was gathering strength to leave her forever. I was being suspicious about her,

from the last 2 months, her late night phone calls, her suddenly living office and going out

without even bothering to inform me, her sudden lunch dates with a tall guy, who seems

much older than her, was killing me from inside. I loved her and I was over possessive

about her, she too loved me but then why did she ditch me? Was the answer I was not

getting, the answer of this question still today I did not get? Being a business tycoon, I

decided to hire a personal detective; I Reyansh Singhania was left with no other option,

but to stalk my own wife Taani Reyansh Singhania. And that particular day, my wife left

office at 2.00 PM in the afternoon, and returned home near about 1PM, at night with a

disoriented hair, dress and all looking pale and drained, and that evening I was informed

by my detective that from last 2 months she is having an affair with a married man having

a son of 3 years, that evening she was seen in a maternity clinic with that man, and that

her appearance made me sure, that she may have returned after spending some wild

moments with her BF. I couldn't take it anymore, how could I? She was my life, and I was

madly in love with her. I was angry, no anger can't be the word to describe my condition at

that moment, I was broken frustrated, vulnerable, and the feeling that she betrayed me,

slept with somebody else on bed, maybe she even went through a abortion? I couldn't

take it anymore, I pounced on her as she arrived that day late night, I went on accusing

her calling her a bitch, an characterless s**t, what not and I ended it with a slap. She had

tears in her eyes, but she did not bother me to give a explanation, neither she clarify any

of my accusations. Her voice still I remember...cold, and very cold she asked 'what do you

want Rey?' and my answer was 'I want a divorce and then never want to see your face

once again in my life'...She seemed to be broken, she left home, it was 3.30 in the

morning, she went away without taking any of her belongings, just the way she came that

night but before going she said 'I have always fulfilled your wish, and your this wish will

also be granted Rey and that I promise Rey, you will never see my face'. She went away,

that time I didn't even care to think or stop her, rage was running in my blood, heart and in

all nerves of my body. She went away, and after 15 days I got her signed divorced papers,

but from that day I had never seen her face.

I so wish that I could meet her once ask her why she ditched me. Why did she live me?

Tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary, but I am alone, yes wedding anniversary,

because though she sighed the divorced papers, I didn't submit them in the court,

technically we are still married, I don't know I just couldn't submit, some where it makes

me feel I am still connected to her, she is still my wife, our bedroom is just the same,

every time I open my cupboard to take out my dress I caress her dresses, her saris are kept

their still the way it was when she was with me. Tonight I am living for Auranachal

Pradesh, I have meeting there for extension of Singhania Industries in the East, this day of

the year I always keep myself busy with meetings cause I just can't afford to stay home in

our bedroom on this particular wedding day, her memories haunt me, I just can't move on,

I still love her, but why did she leave me? Does she remember me at least this day or she

sleeps in the cosy embrace of her bf may be now her husband.  We are not seeing each

other anymore. But I miss her...

How can I forget somebody, who was so important to me, who was my life? I lost a part of

myself, but I know this was the right decision, when she loves someone else, let her stay

happy, at least one of us can have happiness in life. She will never know she legally is still

my wife, and this thought that somehow she is connected to me cools my nerves.With all

this thought I completed my packing, and headed towards the airport, early morning next

day I reached a small industrial town of Arunachl Pradesh, but as soon as I reached the

place I came to know due to some religious issues, from yesterday military and raft her

shifted in the place and there is an extensive curfew. Local Police station instructed me to

find out a hotel and shift immediately, curfew has been withdrawn from 10.00 AM to 12.00

PM, for the daily regular purposes, and again curfew will be placed, I was unable to find

out a proper Hotel of my class, and then decided to head back to the airport, and there by

the side of the super market saw the girl, actually a women, looking slightly lean and pale

a bit more thin, in a plain Saree, standing by the side waiting for a auto, our eyes met, Yes

I met my wife, my Taani, my life, I was froze, decided to exchange a casual smile, but

damn my legs, it took me to her, how could I stop, after all it was our wedding day, and she

still was my legally wedded wife.

I went to her, we exchanged, a hii, to actually we both were lacking words, then I

took the first step, I detailed her my purpose of visit, and also informed her that I am

returning back in lack of accommodation, and her words were-

T- Reyansh, aap cahe to mere ghar mai rahe sakte hai, if it is important then after

the curfew get over in 2 days, u can shift to hotel or you may complete your

meeting from my house then u can return Mumbai.

R-Tumhe koi problem...

T-nahi Rey...I mean Reyansh..koi problem nahi hogii...bas chota sa ghar hai u have

to adjust..

R-Its ok and Rey is can call me Rey...

T-Ok so chaliya...

R-better you come with me , mera sath taxi hai...

T-Hmm ok...

She was carrying a small basket bag, filled with vegetables...I hesitated and then I took it

from her, she first hesitated, but then let me hold it, while taking it, our hands met , after 3

years I touched her hands just for few seconds and something craved within me to feel

her...we  got in the taxi she was instructing the driver and I was staring glances at her,

I just felt she too shivered in my touch, but then all may be my mental thoughts, I was

hesitating, staying in her home means to see her in the arms of her husband, how

could I but then I couldn't stop myself, just wanted to see her in front of my eyes at least

for one, at least today our wedding day.

She took me to her house, opened the door with her keys, and then welcomed me in her

living room; it was a living room cum dining, even smaller than our bed room in Singhania

Mansion. She asked me to be comfortable, and headed towards the kitchen, I was sitting in

the small sofa, the room had a small dining table, just two chairs, a double and a single sofa,

and a center table with an old television set. I wondered the girl who was born in a royal

traditional family was the 50% share holder of Singhania Industries, (Unknown to her she

still is) yes I forgot to mention she along with the divorce papers send me the power of

Attorney papers of her shares, is now living in such a lower middle class condition...Its only

she who can adjust so much, for her love she left her parents, and then for her once again 

new found love she left me, status, fame everything. She can really change herself for her

loved once. My thoughts broke, as I heard a knock on the door"and came her voice from the


T-Rey mai busy hu, please aap door open kar dengee...

R-Yup Taani,

I said her but then I was blank, it may be her husband, the person, who took her away from

me, I was feeling miserable , but then I decided to be strong if she is happy with her life

then who I am? I opened the door and then I was shocked,I saw him standing on the

door...with his hands on his waist, before I could ask came a series of questions-

Aap kon ho? Kiu ayaa ho? Hamalle ghar par kya kar rahe ho? Mummum kaha hai? Aree

hatoo na (then pushing me in went towards the kitchen),

Mummum, Mummam...kaha ho ? ( I followed him inside the house, closing the door)

Taani came out with 2 cups of tea in a coffee mug, and handing me one said...

T-Adi come kiu etna questions puuch rahe ho? Aur Malhotra dadii ko pareshan to nahi kiya


A-Nahi mummum, I was watching Shinchan with dadu and then when dadi said u came I

also came.

T-Ok Meet Reyansh uncle, say Hii to him.

A-Who is he?

(Taani Looking at me smiled a little and said my friend)

A-Ohoo Unce aap mummum ke friend ho? To mere bhi frd ho na?

R-Yes beta so tum kaunsi class mai parte ho.

A-I am in Class I, mummum mai TV dekhu? And frd evening I will take u to terrace there

you can see mountains, I love mountains. Mummum mai bed room mai jake dekhu?

And then she sat down in the adjusting sofa and Adi went for watching TV. After few

minutes of silence, both were sipping our teas, but I couldn't stop myself from asking-

R-Taani coffee mug mai tea, tumhe aj bhi yaad I drink tea in coffee mug.

T- Hmm bhulna walli kaunsi baat hai, waise bhi aysa kuch abhi tak nahi hua mere jindegii

mai ki mai puranii  yaade bhul jau.

R-Kaysii ho tum, bohot patli ho gayii ho?

T- thik hu, aap batiya aap kayse hai?

R-Jaysa tha waise hii hu, bas kam ka pressure hai (then looking at her) sab kutch, khud

samal na parta hai, aab koi mera help karne wala jo nahi hai.

T-Maa kaysi hai?

R- She is no more Taani, she passed away 2 years before, in her last days tumhe bohot

yaad karti thii...(there were tears tickling down her eyes, she was sobbing I held her hands,

and then she slowly stopped)

R- Tum kaysii ho, tumhara beta bohot payara hai, waise tumharee husband kaha hai?

(avoiding my question she asked)

T- AApne shaddi ki?

R-nahii Taani, jab pehele shadii niva nahi more interested.

(then she asked me to freshen up, and she headed towards the kitchen it was a one

bedroom flat, she showed me the way towards washroom, through her bedroom, and went

away, I was uncomfortable, this is the bed where she sleeps with another man, but looking

at it more accurately, I felt something weird, the bed was just little bigger than a single

bed, it can't be a bed of two adult person, and in her whole house, there was no trace of

an adult male living. After getting freshen up, I came out, and she went for a shower, just

when she came out I could feel the same..way I used to feel after her every, shower,

looking as fresh as a budding rose, hairs open, water dripping from them, same seductive

look, which used to make me mad, and every time I used grab her in my arms and used to

kiss her hard, I mentally scolded myself for thinking that way about her, though she did not

speak about her husband, neither did I see a single pic of them, but still she has a son, she

is not mine. I was again getting depressed, but she called for lunch, we had our lunch, and

Adi was talking and talking.and I enjoyed the food cooked by her after three years..I was

tasting the best food in the world..The boy was cute, there was depth in his eyes, quite

lovable and within few hours we gelled up.

Evening Taani was doing her household chores, Adi took me to terrace, to show his property, a

broken old cycle, two faded tin cars, and some marbles, I felt bad she was really suffering

financially, and I wondered why is she living such a life? Where is her so called husband? Adi

was in class 1 that means 5 to 6 years old, he can't be Taani's blood, there was confusion, I

knew Taani dated a man having 3 years son, and I decided to talk with Adi, though he was too

small but he was the only person from whom I could know a little bit.

R- Where do u study?

A-Uncle I study in mummum's school.

R- Mummum's School?

A-Haa uncle mummum is a teacher in my school.

R-Ok and where is your dad?

A-There is my dad and he pointed towards the mountains.

R-Adi woh to mountains hai.

A-uncle mummum kahetii hai ki my mom and dad lives in the mountains near the sky,

mummum ne kaha hai, ki mere dad aur mom bohot ache tha, esliya krishnajii ne, unhe

bula liya. Maine to kabhi apne mom ko dekha hi nahi, dad ko dekha hai , but mujhe yaad

nahi ataa, ha but maine pic mai dekha hai.

(tears started rolling my eyes, Taani fell in love with a married person, he died and she is

taking care of his child,I know Taani, you  keep your promises , but mujhse kiya hua

promise kiu nahi nibhaya, tumne promise ki thi na jindegii bhar tum mujhe payar karogii,

mera saath dogi, mujhe kayse bhul gayii,I wish,I could see the person's pic at least, I want

to still see the person, who loved Taani so much, that she forgot my love and now living in

a miserable condition and taking care of his child.

It was dark and we headed down stairs, there she was ready with snacks, later that evening

we chitchatted and after having dinner I was watching TV and she went to the adjacent room

and made Adi sleep, I made a mental note, that whatever happens I will forgive her, and will

ask her to join Singhania Industries, this time not as a owner, not as my wife but at least as a

employee, at least she can have a better life, with her child. Taani came dressed in a simple

cotton night gown, but still she maintained to look stunning, sexy, and quite loving and cute,

its only she who can look cute and sexy at the same time, again I scolded myself, and she


T-Rey, aap bedroom mai so jayiya, mai Adi ke sath adjust kar loongi.

R-Its ok Taani, I can sleep in living room also but I need to talk

T-Hmm boliya..

R-Taani please mujhe batayao Adi ki dad kaun hai, kaha hai?

T-Rey what is the need for u to know?I am his mom.

R-I am asking about his biological mom and dad

 (She was looking down without answering)

Please aab to batayo, us din bhi tum chup thi for God sake aj bol do..

T-His dad and my husband is out of town.

(I couldn't bear her lies anymore and I shouted, I regret but I couldn't stop )

R- Ok kitne husband hai tumharee? Kya hua jawab nahi dogii? Dammed I know ki  Adi's

biological parents are dead, he told me the story of them staying in mountains, but tum kiu

jhoot bol rahii ho?Aur kitna jhoot bologii, financial crisis mai ho, I just wanted to help u,

kya karu? Aj bhi tumse bohot payaar karta hu Taani, nayii bhul payii..

.(.teras were flowing down my eyes, but I was shocked to see that she too was having

tears...I couldn't stop myself, My heart overpowered my brain and I pulled her in a hug, she

didn't object rather being in my arms, she cried, she cried helplessly, I couldn't even stop

her, in my arms , she was crying the same way she used to do 3 years before, when she

used to be upset, or hurt,when her father threw her out for loving me and then I pulled

her out somewhat forcefully and asked her)

R-Kiu kiya Taani? Kiu ? kaha kammi thi mere payaar mai, that tumne mujhe chor kar cale

ana ka faisla kiya? Kissi aur ko apna dil de diya? Kya tumharra payar your promises sab

jhoot tha..

T-Rey aap ne mujhe nikal diya tha

R- Kya karta mai, I was angry, frustrated, u ditch me Taani, I know maine tum paar

haath utha kar achha nahi kiya but that time I was helpless..even ...

T-I know Rey aapne detective lagaya tha, I thought that when detective gives u information

then u will regret, but ha maine aap ko kuch nahi bataya, but aap ne bhi to trust nahi kiya

tha...aap ko agar saach janna tha then aap mujhe pooch sakte  tha, force kar sakte the

bolne ka liya...aap ne kabhi poocha, ki Taani kya baat hai, tum mujhse kya chuppa rahi

ho?, Rey maine decide kiya tha cheese thik hone ke baad I will tell u, but jab mujhe pata

chala ki aap ne mere peecha detective lagaya, I was hurt and then I decided I will not tell

u anything...U find it out yourself, and then that day...u abused me...and all ended.

R-Taani tumhe us ensaan ke saath, maternity home mai dikha gaya tha, fir u came that day...

T-Then what Rey, maternity home mai kya sirf pregnant woman,jate hai, bachhe ko janam

dene keliya yeah abortion ke liya? Aap ke sooch etne chotte kab se hone lagee tha

Rey? din Adi bimar tha, bohot bimar usa admit karna parha tha and woh women and

child care clinic tha...

R-But why u Taani, ush insane ke bachhe ko tum abb bhi paal rahi ho, etna payar karte tha mujhe bhul gayee...kaya humhara payaar humharaa relation etna weak tha...

T- ha Rey mai bohot payar kartii hu, us ensaan se, ha maine aap ko kho diya, bas unhe

nahi khona cahatii thi...aj bhi unke bachhe ko samhal rahii hu, and agee bhi karta

rahaunga ...but u know what Rey humharee payar ke beech woh ensan nahi.aya tha

nahi,..unka bachha Adi...humhare aur aapke beech aya tha aapka shak, aap ka distrust,

and aap ka...Rey woh mere baree bhai tha, papa ne unhe ghar se nikal diya tha, kiu ki

bhabhi Christian thi, woh ghar chor ke challe gaye, but bhabi ko nahi chora, Adi ke janam

ke baad kuch complication aye tha, he needed money for operation, but he hadn't any,

and in lack of money, bhabi died and bhai ne adi ko 3 saal tak khud pala, and then he was

suspected with cancer and then he contacted me, I wanted to tell u, but then I came to

know about ur distrust and then I decided, to let u find out yourself...Rey mai Adi ki bua...fir

mai aur bhai adi ke sath aglee din yeha a gayee yeah ghar bhabi ke papa ka tha aur 6

mahine baad bhai bhi mujhe chor ke challe gaye...

After saying this before I could say anything she ran away...I was speechless, at that moment

I wanted to kill myself mere distrust ne Taani ko etna majbur kiya ki woh...saab kuch chor

kar chali ayi, aj bhi ushe..mera choices ke baree mai pata hai...I wanted to go to her, but my

guilt stopped me...I was crying..but still I couldn't gather courage to go to her, It was 10.30

she came out , she was not crying but her red eyes told me everything...

T-Rey...Kuch kahu...mai...(I nodded my head )...Haar saal, aj ke din, mai ak chota sa

chocolate cake banati hu, aap ko pasand tha na and...adi eats it next day, aj jab aap

yeaha  ho aur jab u know the truth kya ak bite loge...

R-Taani, agar tum logii mera sath ak bite...

(She asked me to come to her room, and later I came to know she keeps the cake every year

in front of my pic, I fed her a bite and then she hesitated first and handed me the spoon, but I

as usual opened my mouth and, she with teary eyes, fed me, and then while going to Adi's

room asked me to sleep...but I knew Its either now or never, and now after knowing

everything, I can't let her go and suffer, she loves me and I love her too, with my distrust I

made both of our life hail, but now no more, I pulled her by her wrist, she got a jerk by the

sudden pull, but adjusted herself, and holding her hands I asked)

R-Cake to khila diya wish nahii karogii...

T-Haq nahi hai Rey...we are divorced, our love was not enough to overcome our distrust.

R-jantii hu Taani, tumse jyada mera fault tha, infact tumhara koi fault tha hi nahi.. but still

Can't we start once again with Adi as our child, as my child...

T-Rey humhara shaddi hua tha, I was your wife and now we have divorced...It's not right

Rey...aur (Cutting her in-between I said-)

R_Agar mai yeah kahu ki we are still husband and wife, aj bhi hum pati patnii hai, maine

woh divorce papers kabhi file kiya hi nahii...agar mai yeah kahu aj bhi Singhania

Industries ke 50% shares tumharee naam pe hai, and I am working with your power of

attorney papers...Happy anniversary Taani...Laut ayo apne Rey ke pass...tumhara Rey

adhura hai...punish karo, kuch bhi karo, but bass apne rey ke pas laut ayo...

(We both had tears in our eyes, I was crying but then she hugged me ..I don't know how

much time we were in each other's arms, but then I had no control over my emotions,

when she tried to move, I pulled her more clutching her waist and in misbalance we

landed in bed we both were staring at each other, i removed the flick of her hair from her

face, with my touch she shivered and closed her eyes, her reactions said I still have the

same effect on her...she closed her eyes and i kept my lips on her soft petals, nibbling her

for some time, I kept my hands on her soft curves she gasped in pleasure and I entered her

mouth tasting her after 3 long years, soon she reciprocated and our tongue was fighting for

dominance, I slid her gown and kissed her neck. Taani keept her fingers on my hair.. I run

my finger from her forehead to her lips and kissed her lips..once more passionately..I

removed my shirt..and then slid down her gown completely placing my kisses all through

her body, she was shivering in pleasure, after three long years I heard her moaning my

name, Taani clutched the pillow tightly in pleasure..We were worshiping each other's body

then I parted her legs and ourlegs entwined together...and after three years we once again

became one.

We rested in each other's arms after our passionate encounter and then I asked her-

R-Taani kya aj bhi woh gana tumharee mobile par hum haar sal es din suntee

the...from last three years I have not heard the tune...

She switched on the song---It played-

Merra maan ye bata de tu, kis aur chala hai tu,  kya paya nahi tune, kya dhund raha hai tu...

Jo ansuni...woh baat kya hai bata...

MITWAAA... kahe dharkane tujse kya...

We slept in each other's arms...that small bed had more than enough space cause we were in

each other's arms promising to trust, and love each other and to walk through the path of life

holding each other's hand with Adi as my elder child, we will start a fresh.

Thanks for reading-

Wrote this OS and then posting this picture...Don't ask me why am I posting this pic...Bass adat se majbur.

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:03am | IP Logged

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Muskan_TR Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:56am | IP Logged
1 more epic is from u

dk r u planning to just kill my sleep every ny8 by ur beautiful OSs

I can't understand hw do u gt such ideas...

it was awesome dim...seriously loved it...

n ending me Mitwaa...wid dat pic

chaa gye aap di

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sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
nice os the way rey feelings you write was awsome frist os mein i hate rey because taani pe spy and next feeling bad for him kithna pyaar kartha hain taani se wow wedding day par dono mile phirse thank god mu are clear and last taarey romance was nice

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ShahSAIR IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
ahaaa.. Doubt is vry worst disease for any1.. I called it Insect olso.. It can brk anything including Heart.. Vry well written OS.. Lovely... I was thinking may b Taani k father ka beta hoga Adi.. Bt uska nhi Taani k Bhaai ka nikla..

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Viji.Chandran IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome story...

rey should have confronted her...

ny ways all well that ends well...

do write more OSs...

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Jasmine_ash Goldie

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beautifull love story.
Love, marriage. Misunderstanding, separation, again meeting, clearing misunderstanding, love confession, romance.
Prefect package :)
awesome os :)

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Mind blowing os Clap

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