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Kitchen politics 29.12.2014 (Page 4)

Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by JShukla

^^ Sagey, just one more nonsense post and promise I am out then from your pristine thread...
Prags! yeah... He will be all sweaty without any AC, he'll get a job as a construction worker and he'll wear low rise torn jeans and carry heavy stuff in his arms, muscles all on show ! SWOOON. Sanam 2 would anyways divorce him then. Good riddance. Only our Sanam would be there through his thick and thin.Wink (Thick and thin-Shocked I need to control myself)
They will have no roof over their head so can't do IT. Just eyelocks and some hugs behind trees etc,... Haye. I live only to see all this.
Tanveer go for it.  Go take the money it is all yours. please confiscate all of Aahil's degrees and passport etc. too. PLEASE I wanna see him really poor

Juhi, you really are desperate no? LOLLOL

Construction worker in that Dhaba! Or maybe one of those "Sanam Da Dhaba chains" he once promised to have..with that yellow helmet LOL And then we can have a "desi boy" sequence in there LOL
They can still have "basement encounters"...

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Ms.Sherlocked IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2012
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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by GitaIyer

Originally posted by Prags_Sociopath

Originally posted by GitaIyer

Lovely take on the episode SF. 
After posion and knife and gases, its time for flowers now. 

Ahil - one ammi loves lilies, and other ammi is allergic to it.
One wife wilts his plants, another one replaces his plants.
He has a double dose of both ammis and wives, still not one ammi to love him not one wife to share his bed with.

Loved ur take on the miniscule Saahil. The scene gave a different vibe to me. Sanam closing the door ever so lightly - I got a feeling that slowly, without Ahil realising it, Sanam will go out of his life.
Then Saahil will have to begin all over again. for the current Saahil has been ruined beyond repair due to the polygamy angle. Its better they wipe the slate clean and begin all over again.

Finally, Rehaan back, yet again. Hope new year heralds some movement in story.

@bold: She should actually walk away man and let him suffer in some guilt atleast! Angry

Is that you PRags?
You want Ahil to suffer.
I;m missing some of the OMG WA icons here.

Actually, Ahil is a mamma's boy. Period.  He goes gaga when his mom has as much as sneeze. But multiple murder attempts on his wife, he is least bothered. High time he walks the talk. 
Actually, its very poor writing. The angst they want to portray, is not coming across inspite of brilliant performances.

Hey! I always wanted him to suffer man! I thrive just to see him suffer LOLLOL

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SheAish Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IFfreak

Originally posted by JShukla

Oh reading your update tells me that Sanam is actually doing servants job...this is just too cheap cleaning floor stairs that is her job now...isn't it...nothing else caught my attention. So Ahil s punishment for her continues. Making her do menial jobs stay at servants quarters
When will he start to respect her. Never I guess. With an injured hand she is supposed to clean the house under lateef s supervision. Seher seems to enjoy herself a lot.
Rehan the liar continues to be hide skeletons in mom's cupboard

The makers have no respect for Sanam. What next lick the floors clean, lick his shoes clean?
even though most people called Seher silly for roaming out while Sanam is also out in IM, I'd say its a sisterly instinct. She could not let her sister do so much hard work while not being /feeling too well . Its a lot of work even for a very healthy person. I am glad atleast someone is showing humanity towards her.  


Bold: I don't think apart from me anyone else has called Sunehri silly for doing this...atleast I have not seen it anywhere yet...
Well my reasons for saying this is because, by being out there while Sanam is also in there somewhere Sunehri is FURTHER making life more hard for Sanam. What she unknowingly does would affect Sanam even if she thinks she is helping her...even her manner of speaking to tanveer and co is full of arrogance and attitude that sooner or later Tanveer is going to figure it out and guess what...MORE MU and hardship for Sanam...If she really wanted to help Sanam she should have taken backup and told Ahil when she left to save Sanam from the wharehouse...Her "HELP" is the reason that Sanam ended up a servant in front of Ahil in the first place...NOW the only way she can help would be to just leave IM till Sanam tells Ahil about her twin because accidental discovery would further alienate Ahil. Besides what help, from someone who can't even cough up a simple sorry for turning Sanam's life upside down...The further away, she stays from Sanam and Ahil the better me thinks!!

As for Sanam, what is she even thinking by not telling Ahil about the twin????? How would she explain her twin NOW after hiding her in IM and letting Sunerhri take her place even in front of Ahil willingly???
MInd you what Sanam is doing isn't right by any standards either IMO...Ahil is ALREADY being played by Tanveer and now even Sanam is playing with him like a yoyo with this twin thing...
The swap did not only affect Sanam. Ahil is also a victim of Sunehri's  scheamings, and it is his RIGHT to know what she did and what they (the twins) are doing right now, just like Tanveer's intentions regarding AHil.

Ahil might be the biggest fool around in Q2 now...but currently he is the ONLY honest person in IM. Everyone else including Rehan, Sunehri and Sanam  are hiding horrible secrets. I respected Sanam's sense of honesty before, and one of the things that differentiated the relationship between Sahlil from Sehan was the honesty between them...
How much more hurt is Ahil going to be and how much more worse is Sanam going to come off to Ahil if the twin secret is discovered by Tanveer and she exposes them...
This time the MU created between Sahil would be as much Sanam's fault as Tanveer's...

PS: BTW, I do agree with you about the way Ahil is treating Sanam currently. For me Sahil relationship since the end of the swap is very murky and they need to show SOMEHOW that Ahil is not going to revert to this kind of behaviour again somewhere along the way...just like they showed how he changed as a person after their marriage...

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IFfreak Senior Member

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 1:04am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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ShaitaanKiKhala IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sylvia99

Beautiful post.
They don't want anyone to use their brain except the villains. Hope they have some track in their head to continue the game. If they have already finished the tracks of KV's absence then they should go back to their old track.

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ShaitaanKiKhala IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 1:19am | IP Logged
only SaHil part was good ...otherwise it was very funny episode ..revenge nhi comedy circus lag raha hai mujhe LOL

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SheAish Senior Member

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 2:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by IFfreak

Although I do enjoy watching Seher and I do like her. But that does not mean I do NOT agree that she had a hand in Sanam's current plight. She did a lot of wrongs , but as unpalatable as it may seem , she is the only well wisher of Sanam! Right?
Aahil in his current state is hardly her own. He is behaving despicably. And while Seher has caused the situation to become murky, Aahil's bad attitude towards Sanam is totally his own.
He could have been angry and everything, but the method he adopted to show his anger is absolutely filthy. I guess we are in agreement with this. Nothing wrong in him being angry. But is that the current method okay?
Agree that he is currently the only honest one. But remember there was a time when he was being really cagey about the skeletons in his cupboard. So if he holds that against Sanam, it will be hypocricy on his part.

Actually as per me, still Ahil is the only well wisher for Sanam as twisted as this may sound...When Ahil dragged in Sanam to IM and did all that hoo haa, Sunehri was there witnessing all this...if she is a well wisher for Sanam she would have come out and cleared about what happened to Sanam. I'm sure there is a hell of a more of a chance that he would have believed Sanam and everything with regards to their relationship would have been restored including his unshakable trust in Sanam..

Sunehri's sifty behaviour is what cost Ahil his trust in Sanam and Tanveer once again came to have the upper hand with Ahil...
Sunehri simply DOES NOT feel she is responsible for what she did with Sanam with the swap and  thus without addressing that there is no way she would come off as a well wisher for Sanam ...at least for me...
So Sanam's current plight is not all Ahil's doing... Sunehri is as much if not a larger reason for what is going on in Sanam's life.
When Ahil finds out about all this, I have no doubt he WILL apologise and make things right but Sunehri never felt herself wrong with regards to what she did...

With egards to Ahil, he DID behave despicably that first day, but now he is mostly just keeping away from her and I think its quite clear that he is not MAKING Sanam do all the housework and treating her like a servant...Sanam herself went away from their room saying she does not want Ahil to have to choose between his responsibility towards Sanam2 and her.
With regards to Sanam doing housework, she always did and Ahil knows this quite well even praises for doing everything for everyone...
What I don't like about Ahil currently is his show of affection and caring in one second and so easily just moving on to other things...The most that can be said about Ahil is carelessness towards Sanam...
And Sanam is no better, she is happily sending off Sunehri in her place and WTHell is Sunehri doing making googly eyes at Ahil during will signing scene???? Doesn't Sunehri have ANY standards whatsoever...And Sanam does not feel the least bit jealousy and uneasiness in doing this.?????

Frankly neither Sanam no Ahil seem to be working towards restoring their relationship. And Sanam keeping the twin secret is going to hurt it even further...What ARE they going to say anyways after all this time?????
And I'm sure you would agree how horribly this would be spinned off if Tanveer exposes them before Ahil knows...

As for Ahil's skeletons in the cupboard, I'm sure you can see how different that  is from what Sanam is doing currently by keeping the twin a secret...as horrible as this sounds, Sanam is also pretty much playing with Ahil by sending Sunehri in her place...

I was a manic fan of Ahil and an ardent fan of Sahil, but neither am I blind to their faults. I say what I see with regards to all the characters most of the time!

Edited by SheAish - 30 December 2014 at 2:37am

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flora212 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Everything was very funny yesterday except Sahil scene Tongue I don't know what cvs doing but I seriously want Tanveer's new trick to backfire on her! Please cvs end this tanu game please!  And secondly what is the role of Seher here? To make things worst for sanam or to help sanam?  Is she really her sister or just a humshakal!  And I don't know if anyone noticed it Seher doesn't call Ahil as jiju Sleepy or does she think her self as imaginary wife of Ahil! After all she can be she can act pretty well as Sanam and Ahil without any doubt will shower lots of love! 
Btw awsome gifs 

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