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       "Kab tak aise dekthe rahoge?"                   

Isn't it amazing how time flies by? It feels so strange celebrating the first anniversary of this amazing show, December 30th, when it hardly seems like a couple of weeks before that we were going crazy over tiny little scenes before the confession, waiting for the phase when Zain and Aaliya would fall in love with each other. And that stuff, as weird as it sounds, happened over eight months back. Beintehaa gave us one of the most magical couples ever, Zain & Aaliya, they had an indefinable serenity etched into them, something the we all fell in love with. Their chemistry was written in the stars. Do you guys remember that goofy smile which would unknowingly plaster on your face when Aaliya said, Allah tauba, chiding Zain for saying something as incorrigible as he would. It's not going to be hard to just keep talking about this, after all, Zain and Aaliya were simply just one of a kind, but oh well, there's still loads to come!

             The very first scene of the show shows the hatred that the male lead, Zain, has for marriage. He tries to stop his best friend Rizwan from marrying a foreigner and was successful in this. Osman and Zain, surprisingly were more like friends than Father and Son, both of them prepare a fake certificate to show to Suraiyya, Zain's mom, who catches hold of the lie, this shows the understanding between the three of them. Fahad, the first son of Osman and Suraiyya, has two wives, who keep squabbling, and Fahad is shown as a husband who is sandwiched between his two wives who keep blaming each other and Fahad. Shabana and Ghulam are shown as two lovely parents of Aaliya and Ayat. Suraiyya is shown rather unhappy and hateful towards Aaliya's family. It inlolved a few wrangles from the past which weren't yet revealed.

 In this month the first meeting of Zain and Aaliya happened. In the beginning, Aaliya mistakes Zain to be her fiance, Zeshaan Ahmed, and Zain plays along, even though he knows the truth, because of which her marriage with Zeshaan was called off.

             The lucky part is that Zain and Aaliya were married, on compulsion, as a compromise, where Zain's dad, Osman, plays a major role by making them agree to the marriage. Shazia's father Chakkiwala saheb was also introduced in this month along with his other daughter Gauhar who wants to marry Zain, who is already married to Aaliya. This was the beginning of their beautiful journey from beintehaa nafrat to beintehaa mohabbat.

             This month starts off with Suraiyya plotting to throw Aaliya out of the house. She tries to traduce Aaliya in front of everyone, but her plans failed one by one. In one of her plans, Aaliya gets caught in a mall for shop lifting, though she was innocent. But later on it was proved that it was someone else who had trapped Aaliya. In the same month, Zain's friend happened to invite Aaliya and him for the Valentine's Day party, where Aaliya had a wardrobe malfunction, because of Zain. Shazia had taken a photo of the same and it was published in the newspaper, the next day. As it happens, Zain saves her from all the humiliation and embarrassment which followed. And their relationship slowly transforms when Zain learns to empathize with Aaliya. We witnessed a lot of nok jhoks and fights in this month, which was one of the major alluring elements in them, which the audience fell in love with.

This month was an absolutely entertaining month where we witnessed a drastic change in Zain and Aaliya's relationship, in fact, a change in their relationship with other members of their respective families. A situation arises where Aaliya is compelled to save Fahad from a problem. She sells her own jewellery and saved him, but is falsely accused by Suraiyya and her daughters in law that she had sold all the jewellery for her own selfish needs. But Zain saves her in the last minute. The same way, Zain saved Aaliya's sister Ayat from Rocky, a manipulative fraud who tried to use Ayat as an escort, to earn money. Later on, when Zain came to know of all this, he called Rocky up and threatened him. To avenge Zain, Rocky deliberately hit his car on him, leaving Zain injured. What came next was delight 'cause we saw Aaliya looking after Zain. The same month, Aaliya is asked by Suraiyya to leave the house as Zain has done a lot of favour to her and tells her to return his liberty and freedom. Aaliya leaves the house and in the end does Zain realize what has happened, when he finds her letter at night and brings her back home. After that they find a mysterious person who claims that he knows about each and everything in their house and a big secret of their family is unveiled. But still, their cute Tom-Jerry fights and Nok-Jhoks don't end, as it just tuned out to be the major element of attraction in them.

This was a very special month for us fans, the second nikaah of Zain and Aaliya - well not exactly of Zain and Aaliya, rather, let's say, of Saira and Abdul. It happened due to another difficult situation, but this time, it was of friendship. While going in search of Barkat, Zain's sister, who was the unveiled secret of their family, they had to get married once again since Barkat was compelled to be married to an old man, here we witnessed the feeling that Zain and Aaliya have for each other, that is friendship and they finally save her. After the same incident, Suraiyya who was upset with Aaliya's family, began to accept them whole heartedly. But then, there is a twist in the tale, where Barkat is shown to be evil and she had entered Barkat Villa with an intention to get the Abdullah family's property, accompanied by Mir Khan, her father.But there were a lot of comic moments  where we laughed our hearts out. Surely, Beintehaa is simply one of those shows you can never fall out of love with.

This was an amazing, fantastic, and  b e a u t i f u l  month for us! Aaliya's cousin, Zubair, also called as Zubbu makes an entry. Happening to very close with both Aaliya and Ayat he ignites full fledged jealousy in Zain's mind, but there was an advantage, Zain and Aaliya were able to confess their love for each other because of him. The confession wasn't so dramatic, but it filled our hearts with happiness. With a lot of cute cuddling and pull each other's leg moments, the journey of Zain and Aaliya reached a major point in this month, where Zain and Aaliya are able to share their love with each other. Barkat manipulates Suraiyya against Aaliya and gradually we saw the evil mother in law make a come back in Suraiyya.

This was the time we can say was the most magical and unreal for us. This month was the elixir of Beintehaa. Right after an amazing confession in May, we got all the "ZaYaness" we ever wanted in this one month. Starting from Zain and Aaliya's cute nok jhok, then their dreamy romance and Zain trusting Aaliya. This was one point we felt that Zain might not trust Aaliya, due to Suraiyya's accusations on her, but he did. This was the period which proved the faith and purity in their relationship. Another major event which took place in June was Osman's elevator accident. Many times, audiences only connect to the leads of a show but here, Osman was one of the most loved figures of Beintehaa. There could have possibly been no one who hadn't shed tears as we watched Osman fight for his life. Ultimately, towards the end of the month, we witnessed Zain and Aaliya become one, in every way. 

July was one of the gloomiest months for us as fans. We saw several changes in Zain and Aaliya's relationship, for the worse. It all started off well, with some cute romance but as the month progressed, we saw Zain and Aaliya turn bitter, crossing each other, going against each other's wishes. Starting from Aaliya trying to cure Osman with Unani medicine which the family had forbidden her from doing and Zain uniting Ayat and Rizwan by secretly letting them marry, against Aaliya's decision. Later on, they sorted their differences out but that joy was short lived. The very day, we saw Zain and Suraiyya being arrested due to a huge misunderstanding caused by Nafeesa. It led to Zain believing that Aaliya had been responsible for all the pain that he and his mother were going through.

Undoubtedly one of the most heart breaking period for all the viewers and one of the most eventful too. We first witnessed Osman, the pillar of the Abdullah family being snatched away into the horrific realms of death. That was like losing the soul of Beintehaa. Following that incident, we saw Zain giving Aaliya the first talaaq (divorce), in front of hundreds of people during his father's funeral, holding her responsible for every mishap that had taken place, including Osman's death. Aaliya had nearly given up hope at that point but it so happened that Osman had written 51% of his property on Aaliya's name, making her the prime owner of Barkat Royale, which led to her working alongside Zain. After a few days, the second talaaq took place, breaking everyone's heart for a second time, all over again. Later, we saw Zain and Aaliya going on a business trip. This was a point we thought would unite our ZaYa again and the third talaaq would not take place but no. Ultimately, we witnessed Zain give the third and final talaaq to Aaliya, breaking the ZaYa we loved into just Zain and Aaliya. Next, Aaliya unable to bear the agony that she had been cruelly put through decided to leave everything behind and go somewhere else where she would be out of the reach of Zain and his family. This was when Zain realized that Aaliya was innocent. He tried reaching her before she left, but as fate always has it, he let her slip away by just a matter of seconds. A time leap of a year was shown. It was then shown that she had eventually moved to Hyderabad where she set up a dhabba for a living. Towards the end of the month we saw Zain visiting Hyderabad for performing an ishtamayi nikaah for a couple. This was one of the biggest turning points of the show, as we knew this was where Zain and Aaliya would meet again.

This was the month when Zain and Aaliya's lives were put on a real trial. Of course, Zain found Aaliya in Hyderabad, but too much damage had been done for a recovery that early. Aaliya refused their relationship and put Zain to test several times, pacifying herself he wouldn't win. But against all the odds, Zain won each time and eventually won back his lady love's heart too. Sounds like a perfect love story, right? But that's not it. They had to fight against their families for their acceptance who utterly detested the idea of them getting back together after all that which was said and done. Finally, it was decided that Aaliya would have to perform a halala nikaah in order to remarry Zain. 

The earlier part of this month was undeniably the most shattering period for both Zain and Aaliya and also us as fans. To lose your better half is one thing, but to watch her become someone else's in front of your eyes and knowing you can't do anything about it is murder, literally. This month was when the halala nikaah was shown. Aaliya married Rehaan Khan, who formerly was a lawyer, but later worked under Barkat Royale. He was first a positive character in the show, who had worked as a major catalyst in bringing Zain and Aaliya back together but due to some misunderstandings, a grey shade of him was shown. When Zain saved Rehaan's daughter Zara from an accident, all the misconceptions were cleared. As the month went on, we finally saw Zain and Aaliya remarry. I'm sure we hadn't been as happy when ZaYa first officially got married. We could finally breathe, now. No wait, there's still more. Towards the end of the month, Rocket an expert con artist entered, who happened to be the look alike of Zain. So yes, we were heading for another separation, except a different kind.

In this month, a planned swap of Zain with Rocket, by Zareena, Suraiyya's sister was shown. The whole Abdullah family remained oblivious to the fact that the Zain they thought was theirs was actually an imposter, even though Aaliya had her instinctive apprehensions. Zareena's chief intention was to avenge her sister by snatching away all their property. But things were sorted out in the nick of time and the Abdullah family finally came to know the truth and Zain and Aaliya reunited, again.

This was also the month this beautiful eleven months journey came to an end. It was shown that Zain and Aaliya became parents to a boy, who they named Zayed. It was also shown that Ayat and Rizwan became parents to a girl, who they named Kashish. Zayed and Kashish start off the just exactly the same way Zain and Aaliya did, as rivals by birth, unable to stand each other's sight, always at each other's heels and yes, we can go on and on and on about it but this was when we had to bid adieu to this extremely endearing show.

 Time gives and takes away many beautiful things in life. Beintehaa was one such diamond it gave to us, but it was snatched away from us just a little too soon. As much as we miss Beintehaa we know for a matter of fact that Zain and Aaliya will always stay alive in some corner of our hearts. Beintehaa gave us something to cherish forever. There's no way we're forgetting this saga anytime soon, at least, not till the end of eternity. Happy 1st Anniversary, Beintehaa!

"Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry, but it takes someone really special to make you smile with tears in your eyes."

And Beintehaa, you did just that. We will always remember you. Thank you for giving us something to love forever.





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Zain & Aaliya, two completely different people, came together under extremely hard circumstances, swearing to hate each other with every drop of blood in their veins. But of course, destiny had other things in store for them. Who would have thought these two would be the same people who would learn to love each other with every drop of blood in their veins? The bonding started off with tiny little things, like pulling each other's legs, being a team in everything they did, trusting each other and a teeny weeny bit of infatuation even. Remember that dumbstruck look on Zain's face when Aaliya emerged in that gorgeous saree with that killer combination of red and white? Or the time Aaliya was left utterly fooled by Zain as he pretended they had come closer that night under the influence of bhaang? The aftermath definitely was something worth watching; after all it's not every day that we get to watch a male lead getting beaten up by his wife, for lying. LOL

ZaYa were simply one of the most magical, mind blowing, breath taking couples television would ever see. To put it short, they were simply sorcery of another kind. And this sorcery will always be working its spell on us, as we'll remain forever bewitched by it.

Zain Abdullah played by Harshad Arora was quite a trend setter for future male leads of television. Harshad was in all his best as he portrayed Zain as the flamboyant, charming and care-free guy he was, making all the girls go crazy with his killer looks. Harshad did justice to Zain's character in every single way possible. Be it that million dollar trade mark smirk of Zain or that completely shattered and guilt ridden look. He just pulled off every expression with an undeniable perfection. He had an easy flawlessness to go with every scene he did. It would be unfair to say that Harshad played Zain, cause the truth is, Harshad made Zain. 

Aaliya Zain Abdullah/Aaliya Ghulam Haider, whose role was played by Preetika Rao, was a cheerful, sweet and pretty girl, she was trendy, but still was traditional. Preetika did not act but lived her character, she expressed her charcter in an elegant manner. Being the gorgeous woman she was, almost any guy would have fallen for her just like that and her serene heart was simply a cherry to the icing.

She was not one of those typically portrayed women, docile and weak, she was one of those extremely rare ones, who had the courage to face the world no matter how hard life got. She was a perfect wife, sister and daughter, to put it short, just about everything in every way. Her character was written and executed realistically with the flaws and the strengths in her. Preetika was simply perfect in just fitting into Aaliya's character, making here seem just so real. Preetika did an outstanding job in portraying her character and there's no matter of doubt, she was the one and only one who could have played Aaliya, the way she did. And that 'way' was sheer brilliance.

Naved Aslam

Naved Aslam played the character of Osman Abdullah in the show. He had portrayed his character really well. We got attached to the character with almost . It was really difficult for us to see his character die in this show. We still miss him a lot!

Suchitra Pillai

Suchitra Pillai played the role of Suraiyya, mother of Zain Abdullah. She was a stylish vamp, really fashionable and sexy? She definitely made us hate her character, which shows her talent.

Vivek Madaan

He played the role of Fahad, a husband, stuck between his two wives. It was totally hilarious to watch him with his wives. When it comes to a serious situation he is totally dedicated, and his language is just top-notch.

Gunjan Vijaya

She played the role of a stylish bahu, who was in support of her mother in law, that is, she was one of the villians. Gunjan Vijaya surely impressed us with her exquisite acting skills.

Namrata Pathak

She played the role Shazia, a comic bahu, but still hers was a cunning character that she played. She really made us roll on the floor and laugh with her acting skills which is undefinable.

Riva Bubber

Riva played the role of Shabana Ghulam Haider. She was shown as a loving and protective mother of her daughters. Riva very well did justice to her character.

Ritu Raj Singh

Ritu Raj played the role of Ghulam Haider. He was a sweet and caring man, at the same time, he never bowed down to insults. He was a man with a lot of self respect.

Shivangi Joshi

Shivangi played the role of Ayat. She was a cute and bubbly character, always supportive towards her family. Shivangi did a great job at playing her role.

Vikas Grover

Vikas played the role of Rizwan. He was  a funny and well-wishing guy and also Zain's biggest side-kick cum best friend. He was almost always there for Zain.

Dimple Jhangiani

Dimple played the role of Barkat. She was an extended cameo.  Her role was a negative role but Dimple did a quite a good job at playing Barkat.

Mohit Malhotra

Mohit played the character of Zubair. He was also an extended cameo. He was mostly a positive character but wavered and changed when it came to the point where he had to save himself from false accusations.

Nandish Sandhu

Nandish played the role of Rehaan Khan. Rehaan made quite a late entry in the show. He was the legal advisor of Barkat Royala for a while until the point Aaliya and her family moved to Hyderabad since he moved along with them.

ITA Award for Best Fresh Face Male - Harshad Arora   

   ITA Award for Desh Ka Sitara Best Actor Popular - Harshad Arora   

   Zee Gold Awards and Telly Awards for Best Actor Male - Harshad Arora   

   Zee Gold Award for Best Debut Actor Female - Preetika Rao   

   ITA Award for gr8 on screen couple - Harshad Arora & Preetika Rao   

    C R E D I S     

Intro - ..Ramya..

The Journey:- December to May - Tit_For_Tat

June to November - ..Ramya..

Closing paragraph - ..Ramya..

Zain & Aaliya - ..Ramya..

Harshad as Zain - ..Ramya..

Preetika as Aaliya - Tit_For_Tat

Supporting Cast - Tit_For_Tat & ..Ramya..

Awards - Tit_For_Tat

Beintehaa 1st Anniversary Signature - BornThisWay

Zain & Aaliya, Harshad as Zain, Preetika as Aaliya signatures - Harshika4life

Dividers, Graphics & Texts -,,,

December to November signatures & GIFs and other creations - Beintehaa Creations Gallery 

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~ Messages ~




Exactly a year ago this day Beintehaa had started.

To be honest I have never ever liked a show so

much. The tragedies, the plans, the villains, the

sweet Mamu-Bhanji relationship. The cute add-

ressings like Kitkit, Mamu Ki Bhanji and a lot more.


I am truely gonna miss waiting for spoilers,

news, new promos, and most importantly I am

gonna miss waiting for 9 or 11 as it were. I had

brought the whole world down when it went

9. In any emergency or even if the light was not

there, I used to go to my neighbours house for

that. I am going to miss those amazing 11 months

of happiness n joy. I am going to miss the un-

breakable bond of Zain Kitkit Abdullah and

Mamu Ki Bhanji Aaliya Zain Abdullah. :)


Love Beintehaa Forevever! :)




Beintehaa is a unique show that i have ever seen...the show had charm of its own.. first when i saw the promo seeing the new faces i was least interested but when feeling bored i watched one episode i loved the show..

it taught me many things like love is the best thing in the world..respecting the likes of each member in the family..

after every rough road there exist a beautiful love too..

and yes hate has also got another name called love

beintehaa has a special place in my heart and hope it continues to have the same place

miss #beintehaa





My journey with BI was just super amazing ..i never ever thought i would be so addicted to BI to be honesty  when i first saw the promo ..i totally  rejected the idea of watching BI by thinking it to be the same typical hate-love story ..but man was i wrong??..i realized it after few days  on a  fine Saturday (see i even remember the day ) when  i was flipping throw the channel and found a girl running to her room ,,locking up herself..then the hero making his entry into her room after a huge kit-kit-ing and hitting section ..the guy pull his girl into his arm and she cry out her heart ..that was  gentle man was the moment which made me fall for the show and couple ..that moment was totally magical and amazing ..right from then i was totally hooked to the show ..and BI never failed to shock/surprise me in everything that came in my way..that made my love for the show double..not only the story was unique and different from other soap but it also had the reality added to it how many serials do we find a male lead getting scared of lizard..?? even if we search with a microscope  the answer will be none..The thing i adore most about BI is the leads are pretty unique yet realistic   the male lead is not a super hero the same time the female lead isn't a scared cat cry baby.. no other newbie can ever even touch our HarshIka in acting ..the way they portrayed ZaYa is just out of the world ..i cried,laughed,got mad,turned crazy with em ..the chemistry these two  share is just breathtaking one can ever replace these two  in my fav's list ever..And BI  had given me so much many many memories many good friends..i'm glad that BI happened to me..i was..i am and i'll always be a Bi-ian/HarshIkaian..!!!

A Totally proud phanka






This was the sub title of a show started last year on this day...and I believe I started with a NA as well...but like the show I ended it with BEINTEHAA mohabbat...and now a year gone by this very day I can't believe that I am missing the show so much...Never a show could create such a long lasting memory for me...


I may have fallen a bit too late for the show but nevertheless I am really happy that a show like BEINTEHAA has been enjoyed, loved and remembered by fans all across the world...


A wonderful cast who bought life to each and every character...writers who provided the best dialogues the best story for this year...and creators who did so much to make us glued to the show...I CONGRATULATE and THANK YOU loads for giving us viewers a show too hard to forget...


ALIYA ZAIN ABDULLAH the character who inspired many including are one in a million...PREETIKA RAO I just love you for bringing a character of ALIYA to existence...clearly it's never easy but you portrayed her so well...YOU ARE INCREDIBLE...

ZAIN ABDULLAH...the naughty, cute, caring played by the awesome HARSHAD ARORA...the character transformation of ZAIN..amazing and you just rocked it...making everyone wish "God please can I have a dream man like Zain!!"

USMAN and SURAIYA you were just too AWESOME...MAMU and BHANJI bond was the first and best ever in a TV show...we missed the mamu touch till the end...and SURAIYA love her hate her but you can't ignore her...really one of a kind SAAS of a TV show...and NAVED SIR and SUCHI MAAM love you loads for this...

How can we forget BILAL, Zarina, SHAZIA, NAFEESA, ayat, Rizwan, Shabana, GHULAM, saif AROOB Sana, FAHAD...and the entire you all for creating the best show wouldn't have been BEINTEHAA without you...

and the TITLE track a stress buster anytime anywhere for me...also a truly awesome selection of songs as well which added the BEINTEHAA magic...


Zaya have created a magic never to be forgotten...and everytime I watch a single episode the UNIQUENESS..which the CVS created...I thank you for that...there were times when you went past the border limits portraying religion but I am glad you didn't go overboard creating a havoc...


Words are less to describe how much I love the show... how much I miss the show, the cast...everything about BEINTEHAA...

The nafrat, the KITKIT, the pyaar, the redemption...and the list goes on and on...everything of BEINTEHAA is forever BEINTEHAA...


One of the BEST, AWESOME and TRULY WORTH WATCHING SHOW of 2014...CONGRATULATIONS on completing a beautiful year...the journey has ended...but still lives on in our hearts, minds and we forever say...






I hadn't followed Beintehaa since the beginning. But I am so glad this day happened.

From this day begun the most beautiful journey of my life.

This was more than just a show for me. It was an unexpected journey. AMAZING journey


first off all, I became a goldie followed by a dazzler here :D


I can't express how glad I am that this show happened, or how would I eve get to know  these beautiful, sexy and hot human beings called Harshad Arora and Preetika Rao! These two are the most professional and beautiful personalities ever! There's not even a question about how incredibly they deliver scenes. I can never deny that these two make me drool and fall for them by every passing day.

Now, when I look back I wish all of it happened again!


The kind of fandom BI had is by far the craziest fandom ever!

I remember how every Monday we were the happiest and every Friday there was probably no one else as depressed as us:P

We dissected every HarshIka picture like no other!  We cried, we laughed, we blushed, we went really crazy and everyone else around us too!

We are the kind of fandom who wont stand a word against our show and everyone part of it! This is by far the most sensible fandom and Im proud to be part of it!


As of now I'm rewinding Beintehaa's journey(: But nothing like the first time! Ofcourse the element of surprise is not there for me but I am thoroughly enjoying it and will always(:

Looking forward to Harshad and Preetika's comeback!

Missing these two so damn much!




The year 2014 has been a great year bcoz i met n saw the most beautiful people the form of

Beintehaa cast...

Never a show has made me cry laugh smile but this amazing show and most amazing actors have done this ..

I really miss beintehaa i really miss zaya their chemistry their romance .their kitkit ...

Lastly .. lyk every body says ...

I will love beintehaa zaya n HarshIka till my last breath ...





It has been said that every love story starts with hatred.

My lovestory too, started with a hatred.

A lovestory with the simplest yet the most complicated show, Beintehaa.

Yes, I hated Beintehaa because it tried to apparently copy my beloved show.

I hated it because it supposedly doomed my beloved show.

I hated it because it was blossoming during the time when my beloved show was withering.

It was insecurity, now that I realize it.

I watched Beintehaa for the sole reason to see what the hell this random new show with some random new actors holds so special that my 1 year old baby is being harassed because of it.

One night, I started watching it.

Second night, I finished watching it.

Third night, I realized I'm in love.

Fourth night, there was no going back.

Whipped, I was.

Beintehaa was all kinds of beautiful.

All kinds of perfect.

All kinds of amazing.

I'm ecstatic that I gave a chance to this show.

I think Agar Beintehaa nahin hota, toh shayad life mein bahot kuch miss karti mein.'

Wishing my baby a happy happy happy anniversary!

Wishing my baby would still be there today.

A salute to both Harshad Arora and Preetika Rao for the butterflies.

A salute to the entire cast and crew for the magic.

Thank you.



Wow Beintehaa has completed one year since its airing date ...that is like so awesome to hear...I am really glad on hearing that


However i still wished it would be on tv right now ...


Still,you have to deal with what you have right we deal with it if the show has ended too ...we havent lost everything if the show has gone off - air, we still have the memories with this show  ...

The moments with mamu , the zaya moments , the comedy moments everything this show has given will never be forgotten by me ..

The show had emotional tracks, romantic tracks , happy tracks ,comedy everything! ...just like a rollercoaster ride of emotions ...


How can i forget the amazing actors who gave us outstanding performances ... Especially harshika who were just debutants , with their amazing acting skills from no angle made us think that they are Debutants ...


Anyways, Beintehaa was not a perfect show , it had its own flaws but yeh sab chalta hai...


And with all this flaws and rollercoaster rides with the memories we have ... A year has completed ...WOW !!!! That was a truly amazing thing to hear and inshallah with all these memories we can complete another year too :D



Beintehaa was like the best thing that happened to me because everyday after coming to school I used to see it and this was like a refreshment for me. I love this serial from the core of my heart. I started watching this serial from post holi episode and instantly got attracted to it. Like love at first sight I also liked zain he was like a perfect man every girl would dream for. after catching up with all the episodes I too also liked aaliya first time was I seeing a female lead so strong and fighting with her husband unlike most the female leads. That day I made up my mind that I will watch that serial and I am so happy that I made that decision . Beintehaa was my first hindi serial I watched, I never used to like these serials as I thought they were all cliche but beintehaa was certainly unique. It was the most unique serial ever. I totally adore zain and aaliya both of them had a kind of magic in them you instantly like them and I loved them. Not only zain and aaliya but also harshad and preetika they portrayed their characters so well that you cant help but like them. Beintehaa was a serial I was crazyyy about I don't think I'll be crazy like that for a hindi serial again. I was like in a depression when beintehaa ended .I couldn't cope with the fact that my all time favourite serial ended but after some time I moved on as all good things come to an end. Though I moved on I will always miss my fangirling , drooling over zain/harshad , feeling proud on harshika's achievements, waiting for spoilers, feeling paranoid on reading the spoilers , waiting for new sbs..etc segments, waiting for the clock to strike 9 or 11 and the thing I'll miss the most is seeing zain and aaliya on my tv screen everyday and giving me an unknow happiness.

The cast of beintehaa was the best I miss all of them and hope of their best

I'll miss harshad and preetika I hope I see them on tv again hopefully they do a tv show again...

I :

Love zain and aaliya

Love their kitkit

Love their romance

Love their bhaad

Love everything about them

Love Harshad Arora and Preetika Rao

Love Beintehaa

Love eveyrthing about beintehaa




First of all congrats to the whole cast of BI ...who succeeded in making place in our hearts. Though BI isn't on air right now...though we can't see the cast on screen ...they're all ways in our heart...the memories are still present...

M sure 30th dec will be a prestigious day for all zaya fans around the globe.

Missing bi ...zaya n the whole cast...hope to see zaya back on screen again...

harshad...preetika...plzz..plz...come back on screen soon ...



I am amazed at how fast time moves. This day last year, I was just moping around my house, wasting my vacations, feeling absolutely heartbroken that the lead of my favorite show had quit. I didn't really find myself watching another show any time soon. But I did. There was this sudden spell cast upon me and guess what? That spell was Beintehaa. I started watching Beintehaa mid way through April and it was literally what people call love at first sight. Until the time I stumbled upon this simply magical show, there used to be an utterly empty feeling in my stomach each time I thought about the other show I used to love and watch. At that point, I felt no other couple would be able to give me that plainly undescribable happiness that the other couple gave. But ZaYa did. The very day I started watching Beintehaa -  I didn't get addicted the very day but that empty feeling just vanished into thin air. And within three days, I found myself doing nothing but swooning over this gorgeous gorgeous couple who had stolen my breath away. This show has given me just so much but also broken my heart several times but hey, each time it just came out stronger. Of course the biggest heart break was when the show came to such an abrupt end but somewhere along the line, most of us were prepared for it. But I guess that's just a dimmer side of life that we'd all have upto suck up.

Love is an extremely powerful word. Sometimes we don't realize the depth of it. And I didn't either until I realized what Beintehaa actually meant to me. Beintehaa gave me something to love and cherish. And there aren't many things I love. But this show got into that list before I knew it.

Thank you for giving me something to love, Beintehaa. I will always remember you.



This is that one show for which I used to stay awake all night, till I watch it and discuss with everyone, cry , laugh, speak to the screen, and all that crazy paagalpan!

I cannot sleep if I don't watch the episode twice or thrice, I've almost all the dialogues by heart!

I used to make those lame excuses to my parents to watch that days episode, I used to cry aloud for them to leave the place for me to watch. There are a LOT of memories that are connected to Beintehaa. I used to ask each and every person who is going on the streets, not literally but the people I know, that if they watch Beintehaa? And I used to discuss my heart out to the person if they watch the show, its just that I was a bit over-addicted to the show, and I still am.

You can never see a crazy person who actually recites all the dialogues as the repeat goes on. I'm really crazy about beintehaa! My Screen saver is of ZaYa, my ringtone is Beintehaa title track, and the first page of almost all my class works has the name ZaYa LOL One day, I wrote Beintehaa instead of my name in my assignment, and my friend noticed it.

I've a lot of incidents and I'm out of words! I cannot define my love for Beintehaa! But I just love it. If it was a person, I would have definitely hugged Beintehaa by now.

I just wanna say that I LOVE YOU Beintehaa! I am proud of the show. Thank You So So much Beintehaa! 


Beintehaa is the best thing ever happened to me. i start following Beintehaa in may & became obsessed. Watched 85 episodes in 2 days. With each passing epi i fall in love with Zaya. 
And today is that wonderful day where, my beloved serial completes one year of amazing moments!! Beintehaa has given me joy like nothing else!! this year with Beintehaa has been exhilarating!!
I just want to wish every single person associated with the show from Harshad , Preetika & whole cast to every writer, every technician, the director, the producers, every person in the crew a huge CONGRATULATIONS on this amazing creation!!

You guys have created an unbelievably beautiful thing that has become such an important aspect of millions of people's lives!!
We love this show like nothing else!! We love Zain & Aliya like never before done!!

therefore thank u every one of u for giving us this magical show and the magical couple that we love so much!!


Beintehaa , I think I will never forget this show. The show was just amazing and unique !! I totally loved the show !! The leads were just amazing ! They were the reason that caught my attention towards the show ! Who would forget those kit-kit moments between Zain and Aliya Wink I never expected the show to end very fast Ouch I expected it to get 6:30 slot and run for atleast 2 years but Cry
Anyways, loved the whole show Smile Beintehaa just rocked Big smile miss the show a lot , hope it comes back with a bang with Season 2 Star

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SticksAndStones IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 May 2014
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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 10:25am | IP Logged

Mine is the first comment.
Thank u guys.

Ramya, great thread dear.
Avi, really awesome.

Gnna miss Beintehaa forever.
Missing the montages!

Great thread all.

P.S.- I posted res a bit early na? Sorry all. :P

Edited by harshadcrazyfan - 30 December 2014 at 9:11am

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..Ramya.. IF-Dazzler

Captain Zeera
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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Res! Everyone can start ressing/posting now! :D
But i suggest u guys wait till 12am to ures just for the feel. Anyways only 43 minutes to go! Big smile 

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zayalove IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Ramya n avi .
Take a bow this is so so amazing thread
All beintehaa memories came running to my mind .. i loved the thread ...
Missing beintehaa alot ...
Wish we could have some more of it

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Ana_rockz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Ramya amazing thread
Avi Awesome work

Oh boy I am gonna miss beintehaa so bad
Zaya/Harshika will always be in my heart never will forget them

Edited by anaghazaya - 30 December 2014 at 10:12pm

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butterfly20 Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 11:53am | IP Logged
That is so beautiful and lovely thread...thanks for making that ramya and tit for tat...
totally loved it
and ya...

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