zaya SS *Dil Ka Rishta*chp 24*pg-78* 18th june (Page 61)

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Hey yaar..It's been a long time, there is no update. Hope you are fine? Or you busy with work. Once you get free try to update yaar, not only me others are also waiting.

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Thanks to all of my SPAMMING queens...


Special sorry to all of u...and sorry to all forum I was busy in some home occasion.So I coud 'nt came to forum.but now m here will update today...pakka.
lots of love to all my readers and my lovely spamming queens.

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Do update fast..
I'm waiting..

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Update karo na! Kaha gayaab hogayiii! Please update! Please please please please please please

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Every chapters was hilarious...iam waiting next
chap frm too long...plzz update soon...or else I will start spamming...plzz update soon...plzzz


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No update from 1 month plzzz update sooon

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Hey my lovely cute and sweet readers.
I appreciate all ur love for my crap story...but I too felt bad for making u all wait too much...
I tried updating many times but never got free time.
will uodate soon...sooner than possible.
and m really really sorry for not updating. 
Will update very sooN.
love u all.

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Chapter 18

Sorry all for updating after a whole month...ur love for this story means alot to me...special dedication to...ummm...kis ko karun??? Sab hi itny sweet hn...ok so special dedication to all my spamming queens which I mentioned in my previous comment and my aalu zayalove...hope u will enjoy this.
happy reading. 

Next day...

Aliya got up early morning she was looking so happy and nervous too...
Aliya think:tomorrow he was my boss and now he is my... (she shy and hide her face in pillow)

Kia bat hai appi subah subah kis n latifa suna dia aapko (ayat said yawning as she just wake up from her giggling..)
Aliya:ummm...kuch ni.utha gai tu??? Mmm main tayyar ho ri hun.
(She jumped out of her bed and takes her cloth from cupboard clumsily and slamed the washroom door)
Aliya sighed when she closed the door...
Aliya:ufff ye ayat bhi na puri ditective h...God! !!! Main itna khush q ho ri hun like main us s pehli baar mil rahi hun. (She shook her head and started getting ready)

The situation was same on the other hand..zain woke up on alarm clock as he never woke up until his mom shook him and open the curtains ...poor mom had to do lots of things to wake up his laadla.
When surayya entered in his room she was surprised to see him not in his bed as she moved closer to the washroom door she heard water falling and zain worst song which her ears  can't bear to listen so she turned back...

At breakfast table zain was present early as he was always late. Everyone was surprised but happy too. When usman announced. 
Usman: so bacho aap sab ko aik bat batani thi...
Everyone looked at him.
He continued:wo aap ki mom ki behn hain na zareena khala.unhn kisi bet k case m arrest kr lia gya h...
Nafisa:oh no.
Usman:to rehman sahab ki itni resources ni hn k wo is mamly ko clear karwa saken.islye mjhy wahan jana hoga.or aap ki mom ko bhi.
Everyone was worried when zain said.
Zain:but dad...
Usman:bolo mian.
Zain:dad ap ni ja sakty...mjhy ap s bht important baat krni h.
Usman:to kaho beta.ham sab mojood hn...acha h sab ki ray bhi pata chal jay gi.
Everyone looked at him curiosly
Zain looked at his mom then at nafisa.
Zain think:what if mom refused.??? Mom abhi stresses bhi hn.or wo meri koi baat ni sunen gi...mjhy pehly dad s baat krni h.wo mom ko mana lengy.iss waqt bat krna munasib ni h.
Zain:wo..ap log kab wapas aen gy dad.
Usman:aik hafta to lag hi jay ga hydrabad m.itny arsy baad ja rahy hn kisi s milen gy.koi ham s mily ga. Office m tm donon ho na. q???
Zain:wo...m...main soch raha tha k ham n jo land kharidi pr kaam shru kr den.
Usman:wo wala project jis m tm or aliya saath thy...
(Hearing aliya's name he blushed at the memory of their lovely journey which didn't went unnoticed by  2 persons)
Zain:y...yes dad.
Usman:ok u two start working on it..I want it complete when I will return.
Baqi kaam fahad dekh ly ga.q fahad???
Fahad: off course dad...
Usman:fine then...we r leaving. ALLAH rakha saman gari m rakhwao.
(He said standing and wiping her hand with handkerchief)
Suriyya and usman said good by to everyone and leave...while zain's all happiness vanished...he leaved for office quitely.

In the office.

Zain entered in his cabin and sit on his seat.he looked at his mobile there were lots of msgs from aliya.

Zain:oh sh*t aliya k msgs main to bhool hi gya.
He dialed her number which beeped from near by...he followed the tone and keep walking.the mobile was buzzing from store room.
Zain looked at his mobile in confusion then at store room.
Zain:store room??? Aliya??? Ye yahan kia kr rahi h.
As he opened the door he found her standing on stool finding something. 
Her bag was on at old table and her mobile kept aside.

Zain:good morning. 
She turned and saw zain.but didn't show any exitment or happiness.
Aliya:good morning. (She said simply)
Zain think:ab isy kia hua??? Aaj ka din hi kharab sochta hun uska ulta ho ra h.
Zain:neechy utro...wahan kia kr rahi ho.
Aliya:kuch dhoond rahi hun.
Zain:kia dhoond rahi ho mjhy batao main staff s bolta hun.
Aliya:staff y nhn dhoond keep quite for a moment.
He folded his arms on his chest and obeyed her...after few seconds she shouted...
Zain:shhh...kaan pharo gi kia.neechy utro.
Aliya:han han aa ri hun mr abdullah.
She started coming down carefully holding one file in she reached his hight.he lifted her up and carry her in his arms.
Aliya:z...zain ye kia kr rahy ho koi aa jay ga.. (she panicked)
Zain:koi ni aata yahan.relax.
Aliya:acha stool s utaar my ka shukria ab mjhy neechy utaro.
Zain:pehly batao kia dhoond rahi thi.
Aliya:tm s matlab???
Zain:mujh s hi to tmhary sary matlab hain ...ab batao warna.
Aliya:warna kia???
Zain:aesy hi bahar ly jaon ga. ni.ok ok bata rahi hun (she pouted)
Aliya:main ye dhoond rahi thi??? (She showd him thir initial contract file)
Zain:ye kia h???
Aliya:is contract k 2 din bad ham sigjt dekhny gai thy . remember? ??
Aliya:to ye budhu k mjhy is m sy hmari love confession date dekhni thi.
Zain smile listeing her.
She moved closer and kissed his right cheek.zain closed his eyes.
Aliya:I love u zain... (she caress his face with her hand)

Zain:I love u more than my life...
(He made an attempt to kiss her lips but moved back)
Aliya said confused:kia hua???
Zain:w...woo yahan koi aa bhi sakta h.
Aliya:but tm n  hi kaha  yahan koi ni ata.
Zain put her down...
Zain:let's go to our cabin.may be fahad bhai ko kuch kaam ho. Main ja raha hun a jana.
Aliya:but zain... (and before she said further he left)
Aliya think:isy achanak kia ho gya???
She followed him to the cabin.
As she was about to sit on her seat opposite to him he ask her to come to him.
He locked the door with remote and took her to the couch and sit there
Zain hold her hand:aliya...wo.
Aliya looked at his worried face:kia hua zain.
Zain:aliya main dad s hmary bary m bat krny hi wala tha n kaha k wo or mom ja rahy hn.
Aliya:han mjhy uncle n btaya.unki call ai thi mery pas airport sy.
Zain:tmhn pata h???
Zain:aliya I swear agr wahan sab na hoty to m usi waqt dad s bat kr leta.
Aliya:I know zain itny pareshan q ho rahy's oky one week ki to bat h...
Zain:sach??? Tmhm koi problem to ni...I mean tmhn aesa to ni laga k...
Aliya:k tm mjhy dhoka dy rahy ho????
Zain nodded keeping his face down.
Aliya:and that's why u didn't kiss me in store room.
Zain lift his head:mjhy laga k kahin tm naraz ho gi to tmhn ye na lagy k main waqi tmhara faida utha raha hun.
Aliya smiled:ooh zain...u r so cute . that's why I love u sooo much.
And she launched herself on him that he fell on couch.
Zain:aliya... (zain was surprised)
Aliya:my morning kiss mr abdullah???
Zain:u want it???
Zain held her face in both his hands...aliya's breath increased. 
Zain:I love u too sooo much.
And he removed the inches gape between then by covering her delicate pink plum lips with his soft ones...their kiss was always sweet and their relation.

After few minutes both pull back...
Both were blushing. 
She started to sit but he pulled her back on him she kept her head on his chest.
Zain:u know what dad said???
Aliya:no I don't know.
Zain:he said complete that project which u both started.
She lift her head and looked up...
Aliya:but we didn't bought the place for it.
Zain:ya bcuz of that jerk...but don't worry..will buy chalo gi mery sath???
Aliya:nhn. (She sat up)
Zain :u can't say no baby.remered u r my PA.jahan m wahan tm.
Aliya:zain m abhi kuch mahiny pehly trip pr gai thi or. Abbu...
(He hold her sholder) 
Zain:do din ki baat h .aik do din m wapas aa jaen gy...
Aliya:wo to theek h par... (she removed his hand and stand up facing her back)
Zain:par kia... (he came and hugged her from back)
Aliya:zain tmhn ni lagta h ham...kuvh ziada hi paas aa rahy hn.???
Zain:han to is m bura kia h... tm meri biwi ho...
Aliya:(she removed his hands from her waist and face him.) Wo hi to problem h zain...main tmhari wife hun bhi or nhn bhi...we...we shouldn't come too much closer zain.
Zain:what do u mean too much closer???
Aliya:ummm...I mean our physical relation.
Zain:ok ok...main tmhary ziada qareeb ni aun ga.
Aliya:zain aik bar hmari shadi sab k samny ho jay phir...
Zain hold her by her waist and pulled her towards him...and whispered huskiky.
Zain:aik bar sab k samny shadi ho jy. Phir tmhn mjy kuch btany ki zaroorat ni h.
Aliya gasped at his dark words.she pushed him away.and went to her seat.
Zain straddle towards her looking in her eyes...he hover over her chair and said. 
Zain:ab to apny shohar plus boss k sath jany ko tayyar ho.
Aliya smile:mjhy pehly ammi ko btana hoga...and 2 din s uper hua to main wahan s paidal chali aun gi.. (she warned him)
Zain:oky oky jahaan hukm sarkaar ka.
She rolled her eyes smiling and he sat on his seat.and both started working together after their romance

Sorry for making u wait too chapter will be very soon...I typed half of it also.

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