zaya SS *Dil Ka Rishta*chp 24*pg-78* 18th june (Page 52)

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Posted: 09 March 2015 at 12:42am | IP Logged
nice update..
Zain is gng to kidnap aaliya..
Excited for d next update..
Cont soon..

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Posted: 09 March 2015 at 7:23am | IP Logged
Continueee jaldiii! Updateee fast pleaseee! Update update update! Please! Updateee! Uuupppdddaaattteee! Update

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Originally posted by harsh_pree

Nice update
Felt bad for zain Cry
zubbu's kidnap..interesting
Cont soon..
Thanks dear.Smile
will try to...
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Originally posted by Priya_arora

nice chapter
aww..poor zain
really feeling bad 4 him
bt i know he's nt less
waiting 4 d kidnaping scene
bt kiska kidnap mm..
Aaliya or zubbu
do cont asap

Thanks priya.
hehehe...lets see...kis ko kidnap karwaty hn zain mian..
I will update soon.
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Originally posted by Deepika_Zaya

nice update..
Zain is gng to kidnap aaliya..
Excited for d next update..
Cont soon..
thank deepika
M glad u liked it.
will update soon.
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Posted: 09 March 2015 at 8:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by salsabeel

Continueee jaldiii! Updateee fast pleaseee! Update update update! Please! Updateee! Uuupppdddaaattteee! Update

Thanks for reminding. ..
will continue soon..Big smile
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Kidnaping ahead excited for thatWink
why Aaliya is torturing Zain so much felt bad for him and where from did this zubbu came sab ZaYa k dushmanCry

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jumbo update...


next day...afternoon.
aliya's house

ting tong...
the bell rang and ayat went at the door to open she open it there was standing a young girl with black hair and beautiful eyes showing ayat her  beautiful smile.
girl:hi my name is rida(not rehan's chudail rida).mjhy aliya haider sy milna h???
ayat:aliya haider wait...aap ander aen na.
rida:no sorry main apny friend k sath ai hun.mjhy un s bht zaroori bat karni h.main wo samny car m un ka wait kr rahi hun aap plz unhn hhej dn.
ayat:par aap andar to...
rida:no thanks main apny friend ko akela nhn chor sakti...mjhy bas un s office k silsily m bat krni h...aap plz unhn bula len.m waiting over there in that silver car.
ayat confused:ok...
ayat went to aliya and told her to someone there to meet her.
aliya shocked:kon???
aliya was sending silent prayers to ALLAH that it shoul'nt be zain.
ayat:koi rida h,bol rahi h friend ko akela nhn chor ka kam h wo samny silver car k pas aap ka wait kr rahi h.
aliya release her breath which she was holding:ok.main dekh kr aati hun kon h.

as she stepped outside she searched for silver car as it was parked little away from her house.she walked towards it and found one man with short very short hair sitting inside it she was still searching for some girl but next moment she felt some cloth on her nose and she did'nt knew what was happening.

rida:(sigh)huh...ho gya kam.
she looks at aliya who lay unconcious in the car...but suddenely she got afraid.
rida:pr agar ye uth gai to...look at her nails...baap re baap.
  she was busy with her non stop chattering when the man turn back.
man:itna bolo gi to murda bhi jaag jay to phir bhi be hoosh hai...
rida:oops sorry tarru.
tarru smiles:so cute.
rida got angry:who???
rida:ooh phir theek hai.ohoo...start the car.isy to yahan sy ly kr chalo...sarak p koi ni h.
tarru:lekin jana kahan h.
rida:main batati hun...rizwan n mjhy kisi farm house ka adress dia h...par rizwan is ka kary ga to shakal sy thek thak lagti h...rizwan ki bamboo sticks ki tarah to nhn h.
tarru:dekho  rida ye hmara kaam h...kidnapping...pick and drop..but pick from home and drop at anothers...(he winked at her and she blushed)

they kept traveling while whole ride rida's concentrate on tarru...she was staring at her lovingly.
tarru:wesy i felt bad for these girls.pata nhn in ka kia hota hoga.
rida:jo bhi hota hoga...main to ye kam adventure k lye kar rahi hun...(she squealed)
tarru:u r impossible.
rida:that's i m..(she said looking at him again)

they left aliya t some farm house and left from there...

at night

aliya was laying in a lavish luxurious room...when suddenely she started getting concious.she slowly opened her eyes and found a huge beautiful room around her.she slowly get out of the bed her head was still spinning she checked the door and it was locked...she started banging on door.saying...kholo..darwaza kholo...koi h???but no answer from other side.
she started crying and crying she sat on the floor hugging her knees...
after good 3 hours the door opened with a storm and someone enter inside...she lift her head and find zain abdullah standing towring at him...he was hell angry.his face showing his anger his eyes all red.
before aliya could shout or scold him...he tug at her arms and she stand up with a jerk.she opened her mouth to say something but she was not more able to form words as it was sealed with zain...his both hands in holding her face and he was kissing her fiercely roughly...she was too week to protest and he got his full opertunity to kiss her the way he want...her knees become week  and she started sinking to the floor...but zain abdullah was not over yet.he pushed her to the bed that she lay flat on her back and then he was on top of her pinning her hands on both of her sides...kissing her still not braking it for a moment.
finally  they feel the need of oxygen so he pulled away bitting her lower lip hard...( could i even write this)
her eyes were still closed as she was recovering from too many shocks...first her kidnap,then zain abdullah and now her passionate kiss which left her breathless.
 finally zain speak braething heavily:what the hell do u think of your self???i told u don't test my temper but u...
aliya opened her eyes and found him so so close almost lying on her more than on bed...
aliya:z...zain.(she whispered)
zain:what????what aliya...(he shout)
aliya:u...u k...kissed me...u kissed me???
zain:yes i did and i's my right to kiss u,to touch u not some zubbu idiot.
aliya:zain u crossed your limits...(she glare at him)
zain:so do u...

aliya start moving her hands to come out of his grip...he immediately leave her and sat up..she too sat straight.
zain:listen aliya!!!agar tmhn lagta h k mery jity ji main tmhn kisi or ka hony dun ga to bht ghalat soch h tmhari.i love u or main tmhn paany k lye kisi bhi hadd tak ja sakta hun.
aliya said angrily:had????iss s aagy bhi koi hadd h???u kidnaped  me,then u stormed in the room and...(she touched her lips remembering what just happened)
zain:han bht si haden hain is k paar.
aliya:acha???kia karo gy tm??zabarsdasti karo gy???ya zubbu ko nuqsan puhnachao gy???
zain:tmhn abhi pata chal jay ga...come with me..(he stand up and hold his hand)
aliya:ab kahan ly ja rahy ho???
zain:come aliya else i will lift waqt main tm pr bht ghussa hun...mjhy majboor mat karo k main kuch kar baithon.
aliya turn her face to other side.
zain took a deep breath to control his anger...he took few more calm breaths and sit beside her...he kissed her hair.
zain said calmly:aliya m here for u just u...main jo kuch hun tm sy hun.agar tm meri zindagi m na rahi to main bhi...
aliya immediately keep her hand on his mouth...both looked at each others eyes..but aliya recoved first.she take her hand back.
aliya:zain tmhary in dialouges s main nhn pighalny wali...look what u did???(she points around her)
zain came closer and whisper caressing her bottom lip:yeah m looking.
aliya shiver at the way he staring at her lips...she jerked his hand.zain sigh.
zain:ok u wish miss stubborn.
he lift her up in his arms and carry her out from the room.she started protesting but he was strong enough to carry her shouting protesting aliya.
aliya:zain kahan ly ja rahy ho???
zain:shhh...just a min(he stared going up stairs)
aliya:zain bht ho gya...mjhy ghar jana h.
zain:q???(he tease her)
aliya shocked as well as angry:mm...wo...meri shadi h.
zain:to tension q ly rahi ho...ho jy gi.
aliya:what???? quite.pehly hi ham qazi lawyer ky samny bht undecent way main ja rahy hain.
aliya shout:lawyer???
zain:tm itna hairan q ho rahi ho??bhai kuch kaghzi karwai krni h.
aliya:this is not funny...choro mjhy.
zain:nhn choron ga...jab tak tm meri bat nhn sun leti.

they reached one room where zain's lawyer is sitting.
he went and placed aliya on coch...she start to stand up when he hold her hand and pulled her down.
lawyer:excuse me sir.
zain smile:sure.i will call u after we finish talking or i say fighting.
lawyer left the room.
aliya:zain ye sab kia h???tm kia kar rahy ho mjhy kuch samajh ni aa rahi.main ghar ja rahi hun by.
she started to leave but when zain did'nt stop her she turned back...
aliya:tm ny bahar gundy bulway hain..
zain laugh:gundy???seriously tm apny would be husband k bary m itna kharab image rakhti ho???
aliya glare at him:zain!!!
zain:ok is pooorry farm house m ham 3no k elawa koi nhn h.he is my personal lawyer so he is here.
aliya looked at him confused.
zain sit down again folding her hands on his chest...
zain:to han aap kahan thn???aap ja rahi h\thn na...jaye jaye...but wapas to yahin ana pary ga.
aliya:tm mjhy black mail kr rahy ho???
zain:nhn warn kr raha hun...k thak jao gi q k door to open nhn's only open  with password from inside and outside...or luckily for me and unluckily 4 u wo password sirf is nacheez ko pata h.
aliya graon in frustration:i will kill u zain...(she ran towards him)
but he caught her hands in time...and make her sit in his lap with her both hand caught in his.
zain:ok...aliya kuch serious bat krni h...plzzz calm down and listen to me.just listen to me then i won't keep u here.
aliya sit quietely beside him.
zain:aliya i knew u love me.and u r denying it bcuz tmhn lagta h k we r not meant to be together bcuz of this wealth...bcuz m ur boss...bcuz people will call u gld digger...
zain: main ye diffrenece accept kar leta hun.
zain:matlab ye k main ye sari property chor raha hun...mery sary shares trust ko jan gy...or main or tm barabar ho jaen gy,aik sath rahen gy,mil k kam karen gy.

aliya:are u mad????apni property trust ko do gy???q???
zain:tmhary lye,tmhary jesa banny k lye.phir to tmhn koi problem nhn hogi na...aik bar main in p sign kr lun ga.or phir hmary sary diffrences khtm ho jaen gy.or ham donon shadi kr len gy.
 zain call the lawyer inside and ask him to give him the papers.he handed him them...and show him where to sign.
aliya:z...zain ye property usman uncle ko bhi to dy sakty ho???
zain:nhn dy sakta...q  k dad to dad hn wo mjhy kisis bhi waqt property wapas kr sakty hain.
aliya:b...but tm itny selfish kaisy ho sakty ho???mery lye apny dad ka busienss kaisy chor sakty ho???kitna pyar karty hn wo tm sy???or tmhn unhn chor kr meri parwah h.
zain:exactly aliya...sahi kaha tm ny...but don't u think m following itni selfish kaisy ho sakti ho...dunia walon k lye apny pyar ko kaisy nazar andaaz kar sakti ho???mjhy to phir TMHARI parwah h...or tm meri zindagi tmhn???tmhn to un logon ki parwah h jinhn n kabhi tmhara haal tak nhn pucha hoga.
aliya:aesi bat nhn h zain.
zain:to phir kia bat h???bolo...dekho aliya tmhn main kabhi nhn choron ga...kabhi nhn phir chahy kuch bhi krna pary.
he is about to sign on them when she snatch the pen from him.
aliya shout:u can't do this.
zain:ok i won't...but only when u marry me right now here.
zain took out nikkah papers...
zain:ya to tm in p sign karo warna main in py sign kar dun ga.
aliya:zain main...
zain:aliya tm ny bht bara qadam uthaya hai mujh sy door jany ka or main ab tmhn or moqa nhn dy sakta hm donon ki zindagi barbaad karny ka...
aliya:zain i can't do this.
zain:aik na aik din to ye shadi honi h samjhti q nhn ho aliya..u care for me u love me...plzz marry me...a secret marriage that u can never ever try to run away from me.
aliya:no zain...
he started to sign on papers he open the pen and place the nib on the lign he is about to drag it when aliya shout...
she snatcehd the papers and tear them in hundred pieces and throw them at him...

aliya:u r more stubburn than me zain...u r...ur idiot ,stupid,fool and ...and u r mine...
she hugged him tight he smile and hugged her back...i love u soo much zain i love u.
zain:i love u too.

they keep hugging when lawyer coughs to draw their attension...

zain:ooh sorry.
lawyer:it's ok sir.
zain to aliya:to...
zain:let's get married.
aliya:zain shadi ki kia zaroorat h???
zain:to make sure u will never do this again.u will never try to leave me...forever.
aliya:i won't.
zain:then prove it...

they both did court marrige and complete the formalities...

tadaaa...i don't know court marriage kaisy hoti h...but heard it k aesy hi hoti agar aesy nhn hoti to bata dena i will correct that's the chappy full on zayalicious but i know most of u just read and hit back button without's ok..but m glad u give it a time to read...
so next update will not be so soon...don't know when...may be early if someone spam me...heheh.
ok by by take care...

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