zaya SS *Dil Ka Rishta*chp 24*pg-78* 18th june (Page 44)

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Originally posted by 786ahf_bi

Read this in the morn...
Really awesome chudaillgiri...
Poor zaya...GHULAM hamesha problem KYUN banta
Aliya's part was too good...emotional...
Continue soon...

Thanks habee..
hehehe...thanks 4 liking my chudail giri.
bcuz i hate ghulam..
will update soon.

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Originally posted by Meghapaim

Oh god such an emotional updateCry
Do continue soon

Thanks megha..
don't cry dear...sab jldi theek kr dungi...LOL
will continue asap.
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Originally posted by Sobtian...

yipee I m first. After a long time.

awesome update.
Precap was heart breaking.
Continue soon.

Thanks aanya..
thanks 4 liking.
will update asap.

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OH no break up nooo I don't want this but you need some twists in th story but now I understand more Aaliya I hope they come together continue soon ! :)

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Oh no...
Precap is so heart breaking!
Feeling very bad for Aaliya...
Pls continue soon...

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Originally posted by KitkitMkb

OH no break up nooo I don't want this but you need some twists in th story but now I understand more Aaliya I hope they come together continue soon ! :)

Thanks saleha...
will update soon.
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Originally posted by ZayaILoveU

Oh no...
Precap is so heart breaking!
Feeling very bad for Aaliya...
Pls continue soon...

me too felt bad...but what did i do???it's story..
there will be lot of twists...

Will update asap.
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sorry all 4 updating late m dedicating my chpt to my best friend aalu...(alina)...and my sweet friend yukta...
happy reading all...


Aliya woke up in the morning by as alarm was still disturbing her sleep.she get out of her bed and check her's msg from zain.

Good morning sweet heart.
I hope u are fine.i want to talk to u call me when u wake up.
I love u.

Aliya sigh...she was about to press call button when she heard ayat.

Ayat:(yawning)good morning appi.
Aliya place the mobile on side table.
Aliya:good morning ayat.
Ayat:appi bht bhook lagi h.aj to ap ki chutti h na.aaj to ap k hath ka breakfast mily ga.
She sat up on her bed still rubbing her eyes.
Aliya smile:umm..han mery hath ka hi mily tu ruk m abbu ka to pata kr lun.
Aliya call shabana and ask about ghulam.she assure her that he is fine but under observation.aliya told ayat that their father is fine.

Aliya came after freshen up.she tied her hair in a bun.she is about to leave the room when her phone rang..ayat was in washroom.she look ay the screen flashing kitkit
She smile she immidiately took mobile in her hand to recieve the call but then she changed her mind.
Aliya:usy khud sy door karny k lye mujhy khud bhi us sy door rehna hoga...i m sorry zain.
She said and left to kitchen leaving her phone ringing.

She was making breakfast i  kitchen when she saw ayat coming towards her...talking on her phone.
Ayat:han han appi ghar pr hi hain.
Ayat:main un ki choti behn hun.g lijye un s baat kijye.
Ayat keep the phone awy:aapi ap k boss ka phone h.
Aliya:ayat m busy here.
Ayat:ary appi aap k un usman uncle ka phone h.
Aliya's eyes widened:kia usman uncle.
She wipe her hand with napkin and took the phone immediately.
Aliya:assalamualikum uncle.
She heard a familiar voice through his clenthed teeth:walikumussalam.
Aliya gasped hearing zain' voice but she can't react as ayat was standing infront of her.
Aliya:aik min.
She whisper ayat to prepare tea.she is coming in a minute.she went upstairs making sure ayat won't listen her.

Zain:tm bolo.
Aliya:main kia bolon???
Zain:ye hi k why r u avoiding me??(he was so angry)
Aliya:umm...main breakfast bana ri thi.
Zain:sary muhally k lye bana ri ho kia???main n tmhn 6:15 py msg kia jo tm ny parha bhi.but u did'nt call me.
Aliya:zain tmhain call krny k elawa or bhi bht kam hn mery.
She know she hurt him but that was the first step of her mission.
Aliya force her tears back.she was glad that they r on phone else he could seen her tears.
Aliya:han..mery abbu hospital m hn.or...main is waqt apni family py concentrate krna chahti hun.pehly hi kisi stupid si buisness trip ki waja sy main un k pas ni thi jb mjhy un k paas hona chahye tha.
There were long silence on the other hand...
Aliya:agar aap ki bat ho gi ho to kia main phone rakh sakti hun???
He was again quite.she knew she is succeeded in what she was doing..
Zain took a deep breath:aliya...
He just said that.
Zain:aliya main nhn janta k tm aesa q kar rahi ho???...main janta hun k tm upset ho apny father ko ly kr.but is m meri kia ghalti h.why u r so rude with me...
Aliya:zain m not rude.u can call that straight forward.
Zain:really agar tm itni hi straight forward ho to btao mjhy k tm meri calls q nhn utha rahin thn..mery msgs ka 1 reply ni kia tm ny.tmhn calls kr kr k main thak gya tha.then main n dad k number sy try kia or tm ny mujh sy bat ki...
Aliya closed her eyes and tears escape from her eyes as she can't see him hurt.
Aliya:zain main bad m baat krti hun.
Zain:no aliya listen..aliya..
Aliya:by zain.
And she cut the call...

Zain looked at phone and kicked the bed.
He sat on his bead.holding his head between his hands.
Zain think:isy ho kia gya h.jb sy wapas gi h.itna rude behave kr ri h.i hope k wo kal office ay.i know she is upset but something is bothering her.i need to know that.

He drink a glass of water to calm down himself and head to usman's study to returning him his phone.

Next morning...
Aliya leave for her office as ghulam was home and shabana insist her to go as everything is alright and after lots of ifs and buts aliya agreed.she know she has to face him and don't know what will happen.
She reach his office...he was not there.she was relived that she can spend some moments at her own.
Aliya think:jo kal hona h wo aaj q na ho??jb main n faisla kr hi lia h k main or zain aik dusry k sath nhn reh sakty to usy dhoky m rakhna ghalat h.
She kept waiting 4 him but he did'nt came...she turn on her laptop and start working...after 1 hour she heard door knock.she said come in.
She did'nt turn back..then some one cleared his throught..
She looked back and there someone was standing with a huge bouqet...and top of that is a big card showing I LOVE U writtened with silver glitter..
Aliya:wh...who sent this...???
Man:don't know ma'm.abhi dilivery hui h ap k nam py.
Aliya:oh..ok..yahan rakh dijye.
Man:yes ma'm.
The man left and she got up.she start examing the bouqet..she open the card and it don't have sender name as she very well knew who sent that.her heart fill with happiness she smile and smell the beautiful red and white she was lost in the moment forgetting all her worries...she gasp as someone wrap his arms around her waist from behind.
She turn her face to see it was zain smiling at her...she was still in a moment so she smiled back.
Zain:kaisa laga mera gift.
Aliya placed her hands on his:bht acha.
Zain smile:thanks...
She again turn and run her fingers on soft pettels.
Zain:aliya agar tmhari aik smile ki cost ye flowers hain to main sara garden khareed kr ly aun ga...(he whisper as she placed a soft kiss on the side of her neck..she shiver as she felt the current passes through her spin..zain tightened his grip and this time bend down and kissed behind her ear lobe...
He is about to kiss her shoulder when she immediately turn..
Aliya:zain..we...we should work.
Zain groan:every time u spoil my moment.
Aliya:it's not your moment.
He is leans forward to hold her again but she moves away.
Zain:ok..ok .tm sab ready karo m dad sy mil kr aata hun.
He unlocked the door and went outside.
Aliya let herself fall on chair...she touched her neck,her earlobe...remembering his touch..
She is now angry on herself.
Aliya think:shit phir nhn rok pai m usy...main us s jitna rudely behave krti hun wo utna hi sweetly behave krta h..main kia karun???kaisy kahun us sy???.
Zain came back with his million dollars smile and sit on his chair.aliya was sitting opposite to him.
Zain;aliya yahan betho na.
(Patting on chair beside him)
Aliya:no m fine here.
Zain gulped and think:lagta h kuch ziada hi ho or hug tak to theek tha but kisses...lagta h isy bura lag gya.
He did'nt insist her and they both keep doing there works...all the time aliya gathering her courage to talk to him...but she can't.finally she said.
Aliya:z..zain mjhy tm sy kuch bat krni h 
Zain stops and look at her:bolo.
Aliya:a..abhi ni.
Zain:to phir kab??tmhn jo kehna h keh sakti ho hmary elawa yahan koi nhn h.
Aliya mutters:ye hi to problem h.
Zain:tm n kuch kaha???
Aliya:umm...han wo main keh rahi thi k luch break p bat karen???
Zain smile:sure..
And he start working again...

At break lunch.they both went to resturant area of barkat some costumers are also there.zain orders food.
They both sit quietly
Zain:han to tm kuch keh rahi thi.
Aliya gulped in fear thinking that what will happen if zain reacts infront of every one...what if he start shouting then every body know about them.
Zain snap his fingers infront of her
Zain:tm kuch kehny walin thn??
Aliya:h..han wo m keh rahi thi k..
Waiter inturrept them.
Waiter:sir.mam.your lunch.
He placed the lunch at their table and left..
Zain took the glass of water and start sipping it.
She hand him a letter..he looked at her confused.he unfolds the letter and start readinng it..
    Mr zain abdullah.

Zain trip k doran hmary beech jo kuch hua.main usy ghalat samjh mujh sy pyar krty ho ya nhn main nhn janti..or shayad tum bhi nhn janty k wo pyar h ya kuch or zain m sorry k main hmary sath rehny ko hmari beech nok jhok ko hmari attraction ko pyar samajh bethi..or mjhy ab realise hua h k wo pyar nhn h.wo sirf attraction thi jo mjhy tmhari taraf khenchti thi.or jab main ghar ai to mjhy tmhari bilkul bhi yaad nhn ai.mjhy nhn laga k tmhn mery sath hona chahye.mery pas hona chahye.
Tmhn itny din dhoky m rakhny k lye mjhy maaf krdo...m..breaking up with u.
           Aliya haider.
Zain look at her.his eyes red with pain with anger don't know what was that may be both... 
He hold the side of the table clenching his teeth..he closed his eyes..and then them immediately.

He patiently fold the paper again and ask softly...
Zain:to tm mjhy yeh kehna chahti thi???
Aliya nod nervously
Zain push the paper in his jeans pocket 
Zain look at her:ok.
Zain smile:yes...m agreed with u.

He said and start eating his lunch quitely...she too begin to eat still don't believing her eyes and ears...
She was looking at him shocked..but she can't find any traces of pain in his face.. 
He left his half eated lucnh reminding her of some important work...

She took a deep breath after he left.
Aliya to herself:ye kia ny kuch ni ghussa kia???kahin wo mery sath time no..he cares 4 me i saw that in his eyes...but...ok m glad k wo cheekha chillaya ni...shayad wo samajh gya ho k main us sy pyar ni krti...(sigh)par wo aesa kaisy samjh sakta h...main us sy...urghh...what's your problem aliya???u wany him to stay away from if he is doing that then what's the problem...ya right..
Chal step...act normal.

She stepped in his office hasitily he was sitting on his chair deep in he lift his head he saw her.he left his seat slowly and came towards her...looking straight in her eyes...his eyes burning with anger...with pain..he slowly locked the door and aliya looking at him scared...he took little steps towards her...and stand infront her...she is about to move but he hold both her hands and pin her to the wall pressing his body on hers...trapping her fully..

He keep glaring at her...she was quite but did'nt move...she knew he is very very angry and she will get in trouble if she protest...

Zain whisper:ho gya???
Aliya look at him...but still quite.
Zain:ye sab tmhary lye mazaak h na.??jb dil chaha maan gi jb dil chaha choor kr chali gain???.
Zain shout:shut up!!!...shut...up...miss haider.else i will make u..
Aliya gasp...
Zain continue:wo letter thama k tmhn laga k tm itni asaani sy chali jao gi meri zindagi sy??nhn aliya kabhi n kaha k tm mujh sy pyar ni krtin...bolo...mery samny kaho that u don't love me...bolo...(he shake her) tm sy...t..m...(she stops)pyar ni krti.
He leave her now but she was still standing supporting her back on wall.
Zain run his hands through his hair.
Zain:q aliya???aesa kia ho gya jo ny hi to kaha tha that u...u love me.
Aliya:han kaha mjhy nhn pata tha...i was not sure about love and attraction but now m very sure...
Zain:aliya plzzz...i know u love me why r u lying to me to your self???(he pleaded)
Aliya:i can't love u..(she shout)
ZAin look at her shocked:but..
Aliya:listen mr abdullah...u r my boss and m your employ.that's it...
I don't love u...just bcuz ham bht time sath rehty hn.aik dusry ki madad krty ye hmari job h...isy itni jaldi pyar ka naam kaisy dy sakty ho tum???
Zain:it's not like that aliya..i know it's love and i never felt that beforw 4 any girl.
Aliya:i don't know what u felt or not...but i did'nt felt anything..
Zain said in broken voice:to to tm waqt kaha.
Aliya:main n kaha na i was scaered that time...i thoght i was responsible 4 that...
Zain:to agar mjhy waqai m kuch ho jy..??tab kia tm mery pas ao gi??(he said in a low tone)
Aliya shocked:zain!!!...
Zain:kia...???u care 4 me aliya and u l...
Aliya:no zain..i don't..or sab sy bari baat ye h k we r not perfect 4 each other we are toatally different.our background our familes everything...m a regular girl and u are a buisness man...or mjhy koi shoq ni h k log mjhy gold digger keh kr bulaen.
Zain relax immediately
Zain:so that's the problem...
Zain:tmhn is cheez sy problem h k hamara background change h...
Aliya:no zain that's..
Zain:but u said that now...look aliya i won't leave u 4 some stupid silly reasons...u tell me u don't love me but i saw that love that care in your eyes.and i know u love other thing u mention is ppl calling u gold digger...
So listen aliya...mjhy logon sy koi farq ni parta...or na hi pary ga..all i knew is I LOVE U...
Aliya open her mouth to say something then closed it again...
And he left without listening her...


Precap:aliya reach bus stop and saw zain waiting for bus too.

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