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Wud love it ROFL

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Continue dear Smile would love to read so jaldi update Dena marushkaa Tongue   waiting

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Please read the warnings on pg 1 if ull have forgotten them

Idk how many of Ull might like this...but have tried to give in my best. Bear with the illogical aspects. Baadme mat bolna ki warn Nahi Kiya tha. Also ...its an extra extra long 1(my longest update ever basically) with a crazy me who has gone into some unwanted details in depth ...but then that's me !! Lol... Suggested to be read in 3 parts ...varna bore ho jaaoge.LOLLOL


         His car was wooshing through the greenary-enveloped roads of Meghalaya. While his head rested on the support made by his overlapped palms, his crossed legs lay on the front of the car. Lightly nodding his head to & fro so as to brighten & dim the sunrays penetrating through the windshield & then his expensive Paco Rabane glares ,he was quietly listening to the song being played on the radio.

O Pakeezah re

Naino se ye dil gira re

O Pakeezah re

Ab dil mein tu hi ghira re

 Laughing away at the lyrics of the song ,an anti-love Raghav had only 1 Q in mind "How can some body write such a stupid thing ...& an even more stupider thing that ppl believe in such stuff. Idiots !!" Raghav wasn't completely at fault for having such a mindset. The fact that his parents were divorced when he was a kid.Irritatedly he was about to switch the radio off but then stopped on seeing his driver-cum-guide seated on his right ,as he let the song remain. Not that he had begun liking the song or somethin , but ateast that seemed better than his driver-cum-guide's talks...which mostly included his family issues. As the so-called irritating song played in background...

 Baatein teri lab pehne to

Labon se kayi sajde hon

Gazing outside the window he stared at the trees with expressionless eyes , his eyes somewhat immitating the deadness of the green luscious trees outside. His lyf was so similar to them. To the exterior world he seemed to be like a content man but deep within he was already dead. Sigh...he had no hopes left within him now. He had begun to consider himself as a robot already, a robot who had nothing in life apart from work. His work , his magazine - which was considered to be a boom in his sector of work was the only thing in Raghav Singhaniya's life. He always knew that somethin was missing from his life... A friend , a person who could love him...but alas his life was devoid of all of it. He had a girlfriend ...rather girlfriendS , but Raghav knew they were just a mirage & won't take time to vanish once his money was gone. Sigh !!

.Ishq tera.. mera Rab se zyaada
Ishq tera.. mera pakeezah hai na
Ishq tera.. mera Rab se zyaada

      It was his second day touristing around & yet he hadn't found a single shot worthy for the front cover of his company's New Year magazine. The theme decided this time was Meghalaya & being a perfection lover ,he didn't want to trust anybody apart from him.

Tujhse hi ye chaah hai pakeezah
Pakeezah.. Pakeezah


      Finally pissed off on the song & the guide & his meri biwi ...mere bacche talks ...that too in a weird Hindi accent Raghav lowered his legs off the frontal of the car & asked the guide to halt it. Then keeping some money in his hand & pointing somewhere outside the window "That's the bus stop. Take a bus back ...I wanna drive alone hereafter !"

       Minutes later Raghav was driving all alone in the car accompanied with a haunting silence which he was quite used to. Yet in search of that 1 perfect click he was. He was searching & searching & searching ...but nothing seemed to appeal him that much. Nothing seemed different...just what other ppl had clicked b4 him ...which was highly contrasting his wish to do somethin different. But his bad luck was not gonna stop there !

        An hour later Raghav felt his car giving him heavy jerks followed by a gush of pitch black smoke curling & dancing its way through the car's engine. It was almost immediately that his car then came to a halt. Damn!was the only word Raghav could utter as he quickly stepped down his car & rushed to check what was wrong. The engine had indeed become too hot & required some splashes of water. Instantly getting back to his car he fetched his bottle... & Damn! Was the word that escaped his mouth again. The bottle was empty. Wondering what should be done next he rotated his gaze to see if he could seek help from anyone. Sadly there was not even a single living being in the circumference of the area to which his eyesight managed to reach. Damn ! Damn ! Damn ! As he kicked the front wheel of  his car at every Damn!

       It was only when his cursing sessions were done that he heard some noise as his ears perked. Yup, that was noise of water ... Mostly a waterfall or a lagoon as the noise was loud. Not wasting any further time he darted through the forests in direction of that noise. But not before he grabbed his expensive camera from the car which had most of his work related things.

        Gushing through the dense jungles, making way for himself amidst the wildly grown trees he continued his search for water. It had now been more than 15 mins or so, but he hadn't reached his destination. He could now hear the hissing of snakes & sounds made by other insects as a gulp of fear slid down his throat. The only thing he now wished was getting back alive. He may deny but deep down he was frightened. Afterall, the wild animals aren't his employees to be scared of his angry young man look. To tackle the Dar he unknowingly started speaking to himself

      "Chill Raghav. Ull soon be out of here & then back to ...(hisses) umm.. Hope I find this waterfall soon or else ... Aaahhh ..."

      The next Raghav remembers that he was hanging on a cliff. He glanced below... A fall from there, would surely result into death. He tried his best to not look down & instead pull his body upwards so as to get back on flat land, ...but to no avail. His legs were hanging free in air... & until they get a support it is next to impossible to go up. How wud he get out of there ?

      Daaammnnn !... it is Raghav's damn day it seems as he gnarled the word longer this time & rolled his eyes when he felt the rock onto which he was holding for life FUMBLE. Yes ...to much of Raghav's disappointment the rock was gradually separating itself from the cliff.

      Just one second more & the rock wud finally part itself from the cliff & he wud be somewhere deep down lieing in blood.

     Khat ! Raghav heard the rock break off.

     But before he could inch even a cm down he felt a tight grasp on his arm. He looked up. It was a bearded man. Then following the man's instructions raghav was pulled up & finally brought on the flat ground as he huffed with relief.

      Once raghav felt that he was over the incident, an incident which is sure to give him nightmares he looked up at the man. Dressed up in a pair of loose black shorts & an extra loose black T-shirt his upper head was enclosed in a cap. "Thank u ...thank u so much !!" were the words Raghav quickly managed to speak out of courtesy. But the thing which happened next shocked raghav .

    He saw the man squeal lightly as he asked "Is that a camera around ur neck ?" Then, as if realizing the way he behaved the man continued in a baritone voice"Umm...so u r a tourist it seems. But u should be knowing that the jungles could be dangerous for site-seeing"

R : (attitude which was an inseparable Part of the arrogant Singhaniya) Ofcourse I know that !! I wasn't site seeing. I actually needed water for my car & I heard some noises of water from here ..sooo

Said Raghav following the man. This time stepping only & only where the man was stepping.

Man : (calmly...ignoring Raghav's arrogant voice) Ok so u were misled by the echoes it seems. The mountains over here can be really puzzling & tricky.The waterfall's that side actually, but the mountains & its echo system confused u ...

R : U seem to know a lot bout this place ..aaa ..

M : Junaid .. & u ?

R : Raghav ...Raghav Singhaniya. (idk why I like to write this so much. It sounds as classy as the James Bond dialogueDay Dreaming)

J : O ...that's why I found ur face familiar. I kindda read ur magazines regularly

R : Yeah right... My magazines over here !!

J : Anyways.. My house's nearby. If u want water u can come with me...

R : Hmmm

     The rest of the walk remained a silent affair. Very soon the duo found themselves standing outside a small house.

J : Come in !

R : (looking around) Isn't this a weird place to have a house ? I mean ...its so remote over here. Back there I wanted help & found not even a single human around.

J : (smiling) u can make urself comfy on that sofa.

   Saying so Raghav saw Junaid walk into the interiors of his house. Quickly driving his gaze around he saw some photo frames hung up on the wall. All of them had the same girl posing ...indeed a beautiful girl was she with lovely deer-like liquid eyes. But why wasn't Junaid there in any of them wondered Raghav. He then tried to search for the man who was helping him in the pictures. 

      Raghav was interrupted by an 'uhumuhum' in the background as he saw Junaid standing there, his hand forwarding him a bottle of water. Raghav couldnt resist but question him

R : Is this ur girlfriend Junaid ? She seems to like visiting places (observing the range of images)

Raghav again heard the weird voiced giggle before Junaid spoke in his low yet husky voice

J : No Raghav. She's my sister Kalpana. She is in Delhi currently & as for visiting new places...yup its her dream to see the entire world.

R : Hmmm... I see ! But why aren't u in any pictures Junaid ?

J : Coz I am ghost staying in this house all by myself.

R : What ??

J : Chill dude...I am killing...err...kidding. It's just that me & Kalpu haven't met each other since a very long time. She keeps posting me her images & I put them over here ...

Junaid saw Raghav roll his eyes making it evident that he depreciated the ghost joke.

R  : (taking the bottle from his hand) Thank u again. & let me take a leave now ..

J : ummm...If u dont mind ...can I please see ur camera. Actually I keep some knowledge about them & this one I was never privileged to handle (realizing that he is speaking too much, he slowed down) as -it-is-expensive.

     In other circumstances raghav wouldn't have allowed anyone to touch his camera ...but this man had saved his life. How cud he refuse his pleading eyes...hey those eyes ? They are similar to that of the girl's in the photograph.

R POV : Oh ofcourse Raghav they are siblings.

R : (reluctance reflecting in his voice) Sure ...why not. Sit !

     And that's when the mehfil started to jamofy.Both the guys had no idea how & when the time passed by. Raghav was highly impressed by the guy's knowledge about cameras, lenses, angles ,perspectives & what not. Whereas Junaid didn't take time to realize how passionate Raghav was about his work. The way he was speaking about every single detail only added to Junaid's admiral for the newly met man. The duo realized about the time when they saw the room being engulfed into darkness, the sun had set & it was evening already.

R : We lost track of time Junaid. (wrapping his hand around junaid's shoulder) But I swear dude ...I havent encountered  a more knowledgable man than u.

J : (laughingly) Same here Raghav...same here ! Anyways I wud suggest u to not leave now ...it might be highly dangerous as the main road's quite faraway from here.

R : & what if Junaid-the ghost eats me up for dinner in the night ?

J : (quite surprised at Raghav's changed behavior) Oh no !! I have a better menu planned for today ...Yummilicious pasta straight from K... Junaid's kitchen.

      An hour later the 2 men sat in the verandah just outside Junaid's house.

R : (eating the red sauced pasta) Juno.. This is seriously yummm...u gotta teach me this ...I don't mind staying with a ghost if he provides me with such delicious food...

    On not getting any response from Junaid Raghav looked at him. His brows were raised in surprise as Raghav questioned why.

J : I thought u disliked that joke..even ur behavior is so changed now.

      Raghav gasped lightly. Then averting his gaze from Junaid he stared at the pasta in the plate. It didn't take time for him to realize that Junaid was right. He was behaving way different than his usual himself. Giving some time to himself he actually realized that he was feeling all warm from within. A feeling he had never experienced back in his bad busy world of work. Junaid made him feel so special ...so much so that he was forced to forget all his worries & was transformed into a live & jovial Raghav ,a Raghav which he himself never knew existed. & there was no doubt about 'which Raghav was better?'

He himself wondered what was that in Junaid that had succeeded in bringing about that change in him. & before he could ponder over that Q

J : Hey Raghav ! It's ok ! The change's good ... (nudging him by the elbow)& I kindda like this Raghav more.

     Raghav smiled back at him. He got his answer there & then. Junaid was talking to him like any normal guy wud to another normal guy. There was no faking inspite of Junaid knowing who he was. It was for the first time that Raghav realized what & how a true friend seems like. He who keeps u normal..

J : And u go in ur thoughtland again. I told u ...its k !

R : (smiling back at him) Juno ... I did tell u bout my project right ? So wud u mind being my helper to search for spots. U waise bhi know this place very well.

J : I wud love to Raghav... Let's leave tomorrow early in d morn.

         Another 2-3 hours passed by as the guys gazed at the lovely play of lights in the sky. The stars !! Raghav was dumbstruck by the amount of them he saw in the sky. He had only seen 1-2 stars back in his city. Laughing at the parody "As if u wud have observed them if u had seen so many of them." He then turned his head to look at Junaid. A person so distinct from himself, a person whose thoughts were different from his, a person who had such a beautiful vision to look at things. Oh ! How he was loving Junaid's company & his talks.

A few moments later

J : Ummm...I suppose we shud be heading to bed now.

    Then taking Raghav's plate from his hand Junaid got up to leave. & before he could enter his house, Junaid heard somethin

R : Thank u Juno .. Thank u very much.

     Junaid merely smiled at that, oblivious to the depth of that Thank u.Big smileBig smile


    Then entering his room Junaid shut the door behind him. His back immediately leaned against the shut door as he slided down till his rear hit the floor. Then removing his cap he allowed the waist-long hair to collapse down her back. Getting her face in her hands

J : Oh kalpi ! What's happening to u ? Get a hold onto urself.

    Placing her palm on her chest i.e. on her heart. Yes , it was thumping bad & loud !!

K : Why are u enjoying his company so much ? U have begun to like him ...don't u ?? ...Or u love him ...no no...Don't forget ur aim of coming over here kalpi. You will have to prove the people wrong, all those who underestimated u. Yes ! That's right ...& this man can never be an obstacle.

     With the same resolve in her mind she pulled her diary from her closet. The first page ,dated 28/01 had the title 'Happy 27th birthday to me!' Unlike other people Kalpi's diary started not from 1st Jan but her bday. Scrolling through the pages, it was as if she lived her entire life again. Her life full of struggle , all those struggles which were a part of an orphan's life. But she didn't keep the worries caused by those struggles embraced like Raghav. Instead she had learned to live with some of them while the others she had always made a point to find a solution to. All was fine until she reached the date 15/02 as she started reading it.


     Oh ! Me & my colleagues are so excited. Today the Indian Council of Research (a random name) is going to check our project. A project on which we have been working for almost 3 years. (Kalpi's a researcher by profession) Today its gonna be us & some other team. Only the best 1 will get approval & I know its gonna be us.

     We an all girls team is sitting right in front of the other team in the huge conference room around the massive round table waiting for the embassy to come & give their decision. They arrive . I remember every single word of those bias morons "Boys ,the team from Delhi was undoubtedly better than urs. May it be their work or their presentation skills " We squealed with joy.

"But ..." We were shunned on that 'but'

"We the embassy has decided to give the project & funds to Ull" My friends started looking at each other. We were shocked . At one point they say we are better & then give the project to them ?

     Me being the team leader got off my seat , trying my best to not showcase my infuriated side "May I know the reason Sir ?" I asked politely.


"The reason's very simple Kalpana. The next project we wish Ull to work upon is set up in Meghalaya. & we very well know the danger pertaining in the eastern states due to the increased terrorism. & we don't want complications coz we sent a girl in such a zone. We don't want the embassy to be questioned in future"

 What kindda reason for that ? She being a female ... No I will not keep quite. If I was incapable it was fine ...but this ? This is absolutely too much for me.

"Sir, we will be responsible for our lives. U can have that taken in written from us"


& before the embassy could speak a guy from the other team got up. " Ur decision's cent percent correct Sir. These girl's won't be able to manage themselves over there..."


Ignoring the idiot I literally pleaded to the embassy. Maybe they saw the spark in me & altered their decision. Luckily the head of the embassy was my mentor during my study years & knew the kindda tough girl I am. But then I cud yet see doubt in other members' eyes & the other team as well.

I will prove them my abilities was the resolve I made that very moment.

      After a brief discussion between me & my team mates it was decided that it will be me who will be going to Meghalaya while the others wud wait here & sum up my researches.

      Now that I am writing this diary I want to say that I know that life as a girl in east that to alone is not going to be easy. And that's when I get an idea ... If not a girl , I can be guy. It's like Defeating the guys who doubted me ...in their own territory. (smirk)It's done then Kalpana Vitthal Jadhav will now be ...ummm... Junaid !!


Disclaimer -: The thoughts mentioned in the above coloured part are only for the sake of the story & are purely fictional.

    Kalpana closed her diary as Raghav's face flashed in front of her. She had never thought that she-the tough girl, would melt so easily & fall for a man she had met a couple of hours ago. She cannot be in such stuff before her research is over ...besides Raghav didn't even know that she is a girl. Love's such a remote possibility ...

K POV : & even if he does he won't be having the same feelings for u. Besides u have read  about him in newspapers...he keeps breaking up with girls everyday. Arghh...u will have to get him out of ur system. Just show him the place around & bid him bye ...forever !

Jotting down these same thoughts in her diary she went off to sleep.

     Morning came by. Raghav was awakened by the flickers of sunlight falling straight on his face. He wished to snuggle a bit more on that uncomfortable bed. A bed which was only 1/4  the bed he had back at his place. But he didn't mind that at all as he wriggled a bit on the bed & got the sheets upto his head.(Hee...I cud have written more on this but sabhi log meri tarah aalsi Nahi hote who can write a big fat book on this topic...lol) A few seconds later he heard a voice, a melodious feminine voice humming something as he allowed the tune to seeth in his head. Ah ! The voice was so lovely, it was such a bliss ... But wait !! He shot up from bed ,now uncovering the sheets from himself. A female voice ??

        Following the voice he ended up in the backyard of the house. The only person he saw there was Junaid, quite a startled Junaid infact

R : Juno , did u hear some female voice singing here ?

J : (continuing to sweep the floor)LOL Raghav ... U have so many girlfriends already. Atleast stop hallucinating them over here.

R : LOL & all ha ? Such words ??

J : Ya...didn't I tell u that I used to stay in Delhi

R : Nooo...u said ur sister Kalpana stays in Delhi.

     Junaid's hands stopped its activity of moving the broom for a second.

J : Ummm... Ahhm...yes ! But I visit her to Delhi quite often.

R : But u said u havent met her since a very long time ...

K POV : Arghh...why is this man so smart. He remembers everything...

J : (looking all surprised) Did I ?

     Not wanting to bear any other questions.

J : Have kept some clothes for u in the living room. Sorry ...but I don't have a bathroom over here. I'll get u some water from the nearby waterfall asap.

R : Ooorrr.. Juno. Why dont u take me to the waterfall...it'll be an all new experience for me. We'll also have some nice guy time together

J :(yelling)nooo...i mean.. I can guide u the way ...or..why don't u freshen up later ...or...ummm...

R :Shutup Juno (Assume they now share a bond casual enough to speak in such a way. Their talks of yesterday which I wrote hours passed by vagaira vagaira) Come fast . I am waiting for u in the living room.

        Saying so Raghav hurried himself inside the house wondering as to why Junaid was reluctant in taking him to the waterfall. With the same question in mind he continued walking as he again found himself standing in front of Kalpana's photographs. Now observing each one of them minutely he noticed that Junaid & Kalpana were too same to be true. Unknowingly he was taken back to the previous day as he recalls a few stuff he found were weird in Junaid. Remembering his hand which had held him while saving

R POV : His hands are comparatively smaller. (staring at Kalpana's hand in the pic) somewhat like a girl's. His girly squeals & giggles. ..cud u be overthinking Raghav ?

    His thoughts were cut short when he heard Junaid call him. Showing him some buckets of water

J : Here u can use these. & please make it fast Raghav ...or else we might get late.

    Kalpana heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Raghav leave without any arguments. Minutes later the pair had set off for their site-seeing in Kalpana...no no..Junaid ishtyle !!  Junaid was the perfect guide for him said Raghav as he knew the place very very well. As also , their candid chat the previous day had eased Junaid aka kalpana's task as she had very well understood Raghav & knew exactly what he demanded. Showing him the ecstatic valleys & waterfalls & wildlife as also the local temples of Meghalaya another day was now coming to an end. Now this was the scene which visible from a third person's eye

But for Kalpana , having raghav around herself who kept wrapping his hand around her shoulders (like guys usually do) quite often was pure torcher. At the exterior she was Junaid , but basically she was a 27 year old who had fallen for someone so hard for the first time.

On the other hand Raghav kept observing Junaid & minutest of his activities. His doubt getting more & more stronger abt Junaid being none other than Kalpana.



      Another day came to an end as the skies turned scarlet & the 2 came home. He himself didn't know why was he so inquisitive about knowing Junaid's truth.

R : Juno ... I need water to freshen up. Wud u please get it like morning (now understanding why was she so reluctant in the morn)

       Kalpana was completely unaware about the things cooking up in raghav's mind as she readily agreed.

J : Ok ! But I might take time as I also need to get some vegetables for the evening supper.

R : No ...no issues ! Take as much time as u want...

    The moment she had left Raghav bolted straight to junaid's room. Opening his closets...nope , he found only guy's clothes over there. The shelves just had books ...nothing suspicious or somethin which revealed about his identity. With a slight frustration that hit him he sat with a thud on the bed. That's when he noticed a diary peeking from behind the pillows. Not wasting any time he grabbed it. Going through the entire diary he now came face to face with the real Junaid or Kalpana in short. Every single word in the diary made him admire the girl even more. She was strong , she was independent & yet so soft & simple at heart. He had seen all these aspects yesterday...though he was Junaid but the thoughts he was expressing were unadulterated. Cent Percent Kalpana's ...as he smiled. Then finally reaching the last written page of the diary, he gasped. He couldnt believe what he read. "She loves me ??" as his eyes widened.ShockedShocked Never had he thought that he wud be finding a true friend & a lover in the same person. Such a sudden revelation of truth it was that it left Raghav dumbfounded.

J : I am baackkk !!

Quickly placing the diary in its place he went to attend Junaid, acting as if nothing happened.



     Another night under the stars when Raghav & a disguised Kalpana sat side by side in the verandah munching on their food. Kalpana was again finding Raghav's behavior weird. Ever since she was back he hadnt spoken a word

J : Whats the matter Raghav ? Supposedly u don't like this place ...u always become quite when we are here.

R : (blankly)Have u ever been in love Junaid ?

J : (suppressing the gasp) Er...no ...never !

R : & Kalpana ??

J : Er... I ..I... I ...dont think so. Kalpana is a focused girl who will not let any man be an obstacle in her aim of being a researcher.

    Those words were like a reminder for Kalpana herself .

R : What is love for Kalpana Juno ?

J : Why are u interes...(stopping on seeing the genuinity in his eyes) hmmm...(continuing to speak looking at the stars)love for Kalpana is very simple Raghav. Its something very pure ... Purer than god himself maybe...with no faking in it. For kalpana the only thing which will matter is his happiness, his smile. Love for kalpana is ...

       On feeling his strong gaze focused on her she abruptly stopped speaking & got off.

J : & what about u   ? Have u ever been in love Raghav ?

R : I ...i dont know. I dint believe in love before ...

    & b4 raghav cud even complete kalpana had already whirled somewhere in the forest , his last words booming in her ears.She now knew what exactly has to be done next.

        Whereas here, raghav was hell confused. Lowering himself on the mats of the verandah he recalled kalpana's words from her diary.And the answer he now heard from kalpana(what love for her was) left him baffled. Till the day before yesterday he was a robot ...yesterday he for the first time felt he was a human. & today he feels he is in love ... All the things which he never believed that existed are now literally dancing in front of him. A man who had ridiculed love his entire life is now wanting it in his life .. But he was finding it pretty tough to digest it all. As also he knew he cant take hasty decisions. He will first have to be sure ...Do i love her the same. As much as she does ?? He couldnt bear her heart to be broken coz of him ...no ...never !

Silly man...koi samjhao isko. Thinking bout somebody else before oneself ...what more cud be love ??EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


     An hour later raghav saw the bushes in front of him rustle as he became alert. To his relief Junaid emerged from there

R : Where were u ? i was so worried ...

But Raghav didnt see Junaid answer...instead he forwarded a set of keys.

R : Kalp...umm Junaid ..whats this ?

J : Ur car keys. I have got ur car mended ...u may leave.

     Raghav who had contemplated on his question for the last 60 mins & yet not found an answer was shocked.

R : Why ...what did i do ? What happened ?

J : Nothing...u said that u got ur required pictures today! Right ? So u shud be leaving now ... U might have to get back to ur work right ?

R : (not understanding what to say) Oo...aaa...yes !

J : (walking in the direction of the jungle)Ok then ..come ... Lets leave.

    Raghav blankly followed kalpana.

R POV : Why is she behaving this way ? Does she really want me to leave ? And what if I don't wanna leave .. Wait ...what ?LOLLOL...

K POV : Firstly he doesnt know that u r a girl, secondly u r not beautiful or rich ...& most importantly he doesnt even believe in love. Then there is no point in racking ur brains kalpi. Itll be best for d both of us if he leaves asap. Atleast he'll not hate his friend junaid ...

& before either of em could think anymore they had reached Raghav's car. Wont be wrong to say that kalpana literally flung him onto the driver seat.

J : Bye Raghav !

    Not waiting for any answer Kalpana had already left. It hurted a lot for Raghav to see kalpana leaving him. It was as if he felt his friendship distancing , his love distancing... leaving him barren all over again.

       As if trying to make fun of his last line (the barren line) it started raining. (Ab Mariee ne baarish karayi toh soch lo aage kya ho sakta hai Evil Smile) As if waiting for her to return he kept staring at the bush through which she had vanished. For the first time ever the extreme silence in the car was stinging raghav's ears as he switched the radio on seeing no other option.

& lo which song was it...LOLLOL  

(According to me its a must hear song. Atleast i love it like anything ..itna ki i literally hear it on loop on Saavn..providing the link...playing the song in the bg will surely lift ur mood



 Ishq tera.. mera Rab se zyaada

Tujhse hi ye chaah hai pakeezah
Pakeezah.. Pakeezah..

Raghav remembered the time he had last heard this song. He was so dead then...but today was he the same ? Noo ..was the only answer he could obtain

Noor si hansi ye kahin jo barsaye tu
Rooh ki khushi tu ye jee na sehlaye tu
Hashr mera tu ibteda, uns tera tu jaavedaan
Ho zindagi kuch nahi tere bina

Today the lyrics made sense to him. Yes ..every single word was so true. 'Every smile of hers managed to get a meaning to his life' ...The last line of the para ...that made complete sense as he smiled inwardly.
'Life without her indeed seemed nothing !!' He had realized that a few moments ago when he had seen her leave him ..she was important for him ...she was special for him...much more than any other being had ever been in his life.

Ishq tera.. mera Rab se zyaada
Ishq tera.. mera pakeezah hai na
Ishq tera.. mera Rab se zyaada
Tujhse hi ye chaah hai pakeezah
Pakeezah.. Pakeezah..

Now these lines of the song took him back to kalapan's definition of love as he shut his eyes . Their love was pure...their love was purer than God ...it was purest actually !!

O Pakeezah re
Naino se ye dil gira re
O Pakeezah re
Ab dil mein tu hi ghira re
Baatein teri lab pehne to
Labon se kayi sajde hon 

 & yes ..she now rested in his heart...like forever. He now had no doubts in mind that he loved her ...cursing himself for taking so much time accept it he jumped off the car. 

The rains had always irritated Raghav Singhaniya ..but today ...even they were being liked by him. Life was sooo beautiful for him now ...as he bolted straight into the forest yet humming the tune of his once-upon-a-time irritating song.WinkWink

Ishq tera.. mera Rab se zyaada
Ishq tera.. mera pakeezah hai na
Ishq tera.. mera Rab se zyaada
Tujhse hi ye chaah hai pakeezah
Pakeezah.. Pakeezah..

   Kalpana now sat at her favorite place.The waterfall near her house.Feeling the lovely droplets of rain & water from the waterfall being sprinkled on her face she was thankful to them. They were successful in fooling even herself as she wondered whether she was crying or not. Why was life such a tragedy for her ...pehli baar laga ki pyaar hua ...& pyaar hua toh bhi aise insaan se Jo pyaar mein vishwas hi Nahi karta...sigh !

    Suddenly she was startled by a pair of hands,hands that wrapped around her waist from behind as her eyes spread to its maximum. She was then turned around & was pulled closer by the same pair of hands.

   "Raghav "she squeaked in her girly tone. Then speaking in her manipulated voice "Raghav what are u doing here ?"

     Slightly laughing 'O she yet feels i dont know that she's a girl' Raghav left her as he saw her farthen immediately

R : Junaid. I am in love ... With ur sister kalpana.

J : what ? but ?...

     The next what kalpana remembered was his warm lips on hers as he removed her cap to allow her hair flow down as also ripped the fake beard off her cheeks. Poor kalpana was caught completely offguard as she didnt understand what shud be done. She stood there blankly allowing him to do what he wishes to with her. Encircling his arms around her sleek waist ...something which she hid beneath that lose T of her he smiled while deepening the kiss. Pulling her closer & closer & even more closer he felt an upsurge in the blissful feeling...

R POV : If thats love ...then yes ..yes i love u kalpana.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

      Parting himself from her lips for a millisecond he uttered

R : How about me fulfilling ur wish of seeing the world but ...

      Allowing their lips to melt against each other again. Gasping in the kiss Kalpana spoke

K : But ?

      Smiling at her innocent Q he didn't answer it ..instead minimized the distance between their lips to zero ...as he spoke a couple of seconds later

R : But i will be wanting ur entire lifetime for it ... Not as my friend Junaid or kalpana but ...

K : But ?

      Pecking her lips again, this was definitely a kiss of love unlike the one's he had before. & why wouldn't he... He had all reasons to love Kalpana. The basic one being that she was the one who forced him to believe in love..  Breaking the kiss...

R : But as my wife ... u see i dont want u writing stuff in ur diary about me & my changing girlfriends.LOLLOL

K : U read ma...

        Her words were cut short as her mouth was covered by his... yet again .Then breaking the kiss so that she could breathe...

R : Yep kalpana ...i read ur diary & i also read the reason for which u have come to Meghalaya. & trust me ...i completely respect it. & i will not ask for any commitment from ur side until ur project is done ..

     Kalpana looked at him all astonished. She felt his fingers entwining with hers as he held them tight, as if telling her that he is never ever gonna leave her ...ever ! (Vyshu ... Apna wala scene.WinkWink)

 R : I love u Kalpana ! I really really love u a lot ...


   Kalpana was at loss of words...literally. It was all so abrupt & shocking. There she was a few minutes back all prepared to dispose him from her life  giving herself all kindda reasons. & now he stood there embracing her after dismissing the very same reasons ...

      She was jerked out of her thoughts when she again heard him. 

 R : I love u kalpana ...

      She looked at him. His charming hazel eyes pleading for a response from her side.Gathering all the strength she had in her body (lol ...strength ?? Is kalpana preparing to slap raghav... Nahi yaaro..itni taakat nahi hai mere mein aur likne kiLOLLOL) she finally blurted

K : I love u too Raghav...

      No sooner had she said it he kissed her again. This time fully & deeply. Letting her know that she was special & his feelings for her were pure ...his feelings for her were Paakh !! & to his extreme surprise she responded ...it was as if she understood every single feeling he wished to convey through his kiss. Kalpana felt the world today.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

      Finally parting from each other ,their forheads then rested together...their respective eyes shut taking in that intuitive feeling. How he loved her presence ,with her soft fingers perfectly fitting into the gaps between his fingers. As their foreheads yet remained attached , Raghav smiled. 

    Henceforth, This is gonna be the silence raghav will be loving not only today ..not just tomorrow ...but till eternity ..ofcourse with Kalpana by his side always. Big smileBig smileThe silence when his forehead is rested against hers ,with the raindrops & the slashing of the water off the waterfall in the background...he was damn (kuch yaad aaya ?LOLLOL)   sure that it is gonna be his fav silence thereafter. He wud so like to be used to it !!Tongue


Hush !! I am hell tired after typing this entire os in one single go. So much so that I am in no moods of reading it again. Speaking in my words 'Ab toh Dimaag ka short ho gaya hai' Please bear with the mistakes & sorry in advance.


Belated HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANT & PONGAL & LOHRI as well !!Big smileBig smile


Do drop in comments & likes & suggestions & demands if any.Sharmaana mat !!LOLLOL






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roni_berna IF-Stunnerz

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Res Embarrassed
Pakeezah is my favorite movie although I don't remember the story LOL

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maarushkaa IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by erikalui

Res Embarrassed
Pakeezah is my favorite movie although I don't remember the story LOL

oyee...here paakezah means the song paakezah from ungli ...i am in love with that song.
To play in with the original classic paakezah(i love it as well) wud be highly stupid & apni aukat nahi hai utni...so i stick to this blissful song,...WinkWink
roni_berna IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by mariee

oyee...here paakezah means the song paakezah from ungli ...i am in love with that song.
To play in with the original classic paakezah(i love it as well) wud be highly stupid & apni aukat nahi hai utni...so i stick to this blissful song,...WinkWink

Yeh kya Maru. I reserved my post and went on with my work only to come back and notice that you edited your title saying "Don't read" OuchLOL

Mera to pehle hi popat ban gaya and actually 2 popats today for me ROFL

Oh, Pakeezah from Ungli. I dint hear that song TongueLOL

Abhi bol ki main padhu ki nahi tera story?LOL

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maarushkaa IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by erikalui

Originally posted by mariee

oyee...here paakezah means the song paakezah from ungli ...i am in love with that song.
To play in with the original classic paakezah(i love it as well) wud be highly stupid & apni aukat nahi hai utni...so i stick to this blissful song,...WinkWink

Yeh kya Maru. I reserved my post and went on with my work only to come back and notice that you edited your title saying "Don't read" OuchLOL

Mera to pehle hi popat ban gaya and actually 2 popats today for me ROFL

Oh, Pakeezah from Ungli. I dint hear that song TongueLOL

Abhi bol ki main padhu ki nahi tera story?LOL

nahi ..some crucial edits are pending..5 mins moreee...pakka !!
Waise bhi hum toh chowkidaar hi ...WinkWink

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