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**RagNa TS** banner pg 1.. replies done.. :)) (Page 6)

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 12:35am | IP Logged
Wow great story Plz continue soon Clap

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First of all sorry that I didn't put any scenes some of you mentioned coz this is a TS and I have to finish it in the third part.. So here's the last part...

It got a little big so dividing into a & b.. will update part b in few days..

Please read: There was a scene after chawl incident where Raghav meets Sahil and sahil says that he wants to resolve all his issues with Raghav and Raghav refuses.. Just wanted to remind it coz I'm using that scene here..

Many flashback scenes.. all are in colour.. colour change matlab day change..

and sorry for typo mistakes..


"Hi Raghav..", Paakhi said while smiling brightly.. Raghav too smiled back ... on noticing Paakhi looking for someone he chuckled and said, "Don't worry your would-be fiance is upstairs.."..


"Sam??", Raghav said totally confused on looking at his lost-in-his-own world friend .. "Ra.. Raghav.. tum kab aaye??", Sammy said after coming back to the real world.. Chuckling slightly Raghav came inside Sammy's cabin and went to sit on the chair in front," Ab bolega bhi ki kya hua??.. And dare you say nothing happened.. I know something did happen.. And looking at your face something great happened..Ha if you think that there's no need to tell me then fine.. I'm going.."

Just when Raghav got off his seat and turned to leave,"She said yes..", he heard Sammy say.. "Paakhi said yes..",Sammy repeated..

Raghav turned to face his grinning friend-cum-brother and the two shared a brotherly hug.. "Congrats yaar", Raghav said pulling out of the hug his face shining in happiness and guilt..

So much busy he was in his own world that he never noticed his best-friend's growing attachment towards Paakhi.. however he was glad that now his friend had got the happiness he deserved..

As soon as Raghav left the cabin Sammy returned back to his seat drifting back to the  memory of the previous day

The office hours were almost over and Paakhi was packing her stiff so as to leave when her phone buzzed.. "Hi Kamla ma..", Paakhi said while balancing her phone usong her shoulder.. "Arey beta woh Kalpi ka phone nahi lag raha.. Toh socha tujhe puch lu.. Woh abhi tak office main hai kya??".. Paakhi panicked on learning that Kalpi hadn't reached home yet.. Controlling the nervousness in her tone she replied,"Umm.. ha.. ha.. Kamla ma wph abhi tak kaam kar rahi hai.. Don't worry main usey drop kardungi.. Ma woh main nikal rahi hu so baad me call karti hu .. bye", And she immediately ended the call..

Paakhi had no idea to whom she could inform and tgen remembered Raghav constantly enquiring about Kalpi.. So she went to his cabin to inform him and it didn't take him more than a moment to march into action as he immediately walked passed Paakhi to search for Kalpi..

Paakhi too followed him but her car broke down at some distance outside the office.. Sammy was leaving and saw Paakhi standing outside her car.. he offered her lift and both of them followed Raghav's car which was parked at a side..

 "I just hope Kalpi is fine..", Paakhi said while fidgeting her fingers while they waited for the traffic jam to be cleared.. That's when Sammy saw Raghav taking a U-turn and he followed while constantly trying to ease Paakhi's tension..

The phone ring got him out of reviere.. It was a message from Paakhi..

Meet me in cafe..

It hadn't even been a day after they started their relationship and awkwardness was all that was on the coffee table and Paakhi was the first one to break the silence," Sammy I.. Actually I don't know how should I say this but... Yesterday I told you everything..

20 minutes.. since twenty minutes Paakhi was sitting quietly.. after they saw Raghav and Kalpi hug each other they left the place.. 

Sammy dropped Paakhi home and when he was on his way back home he got a call from her," Can we meet please??", he heard Paakhi low voice.. "I'll be there in few minutes", Sammy replied and then now both were at the beach... Sitting on the cold sand with sound of the waves as their lone company ..

"Neetu and dad were arguing over something.. I couldn't stay at that place where no one even cares about me", Paakhi said sounding low.."Its ok", Sammy gestured while placing his hand on hers..

After few more moments of silence Paakhi said," Neetu never cared about me.. She was always with Prem bhaiyya.. I don't even know why but she never treated me like her daughter.. I only had Kamla ma.. She was the only one who cared about me.. loved me.. Dad and daadi were there but they weren't always around me..


And then one day I met Kalpi kamla ma's daughter.. I used to feel insecure with her being there woth Kamla ma just like I felt about bhai and neetu.. It was like noone loves me.. That's why me and Kalpi don't share a great sisterly relation.."..

Paakhi kept on talking about her childhood incidences with Raghav and Kalpi and Sammy just listemed to her coz he knew that right now she just needs someone who'll listen to her patiently..

"And again the same thing happened.. I thought Raghav likes me but he too..", and she began to sob.. And almost as a reflex Sammy hugged her close, slowly rubbing her back as she continued to murmur,"Nobody loves me".. 

Finally breaking the hug Sammy said while cupping her face ," Paakhi .. don't ever say that nobody loves you.. Coz.. I.. I love you..".. Paakhi looked up in disbelief and reading her expression Sammy continued," I know you might think that I'm just saying it to console you or something but trust me I do.. Right from the moment I saw you.. but couldn't tell you about my feelings.. Do you??"

"You said that your feelings are true and I just wanted to say that mine too are.. I thought about this the whole night.. I love you Sammy.. After I texted you this morning I thought it wasn't enough to convey my feelings like that..  I understood what I felt for Raghav was just an attraction and what I felt while I spent my evening with you yesterday, when I shared my pain with you..that feeling was love", Sammy smiled on hearing those words and the doubts he had on Paakhi being serious about them or no faded away..


"Kalpi..", Kamla called out.. Kalpi went towards her aai who was standing near the stage.. "Ye le angoothi.. Paakhi ko dena rasam ke waqt..", She wanted to refuse but then on noticing Raghav's gaze on her she replied with a smile," Ha Aai.."..

"Just few more minutes Kalpi then you'll know the truth and you'll accept what you did with those unsaid words that night..", Raghav thought to himself while looking at Kalpi who was busy helping Neetu and Kamla..


Raghav was back in his cabin.. Paakhi loves Sammy.. now what?? No doubt he was happy for his friend but he had his motive to accomplish.. he lived a life as an orphan because of Kapoors and he wasn't gonna forgive them but his life was getting more and more complicated..


He had almost confessed his love and his pawn could no more be the part of his revenge plan.. While pacing around his eyes fell on Kalpi who was busy working.. Raghav touched the glass showing her reflection and said to himself, "I just wanna get over my past to have a future with you.."

And after about an hour of drilling he found a plan but for that he needed Sammy.. And after their little discussion they decided to put their plan in action asap..

It was the time to exchange rings and Paakhi ,Sammy ,Raghav, Kalpi along with all elders were present on the stage.. Raghav walked towards Sahil Kapoor and while hugging him he whispered in his ear," First the documents and then the engagement".. For the onlookers it looked like a friendly gesture nobody knowing the words they exchanged...


"So Mr.Kapoor... You said that you want to forget all past bitterness (scene mentioned in note) What better than a marriage alliance.. You'll get a rich son-in-law.and your daughter will get a tag of Mrs.Singhaania...I'm ready to marry your daughter but.. As you know I'm a bussinessman.. I never make a deal without profit.. so in return I want what is mine..", Raghav said while comfortably seated in Sahil Kapoor's office..

"I didn't understand Raghav beta..", Sahil asked confused on what Raghav was asking for.. "The factory and the various assets which were transferred to you after you took my custody..", leaning on the table in front ," I want them back.."

Sahil smirked and said," And why do you think I'll do that?? I'm also a businessman .. And I don't make a deal with loss..".. Knowing that this would be coming Raghav replied," Or I file a case of defamation and forgery of documents.. I hope you haven't forgotten the chawl incident Mr.Kapoor.."..

 Sahil glared back and said," Raghav .. You're a rich man.. so you should know that Money can buy anything and everyting.. You're defamation case won't do much harm to me..".. "So predictable..", Raghav thought and now it was time to hit his target directly..

"So good luck buying your daughter's happiness..", Raghav said and got up.. He looked at perplexed Sahil Kapoor and after buttoning his blazer he turned to leave only to be stopped by Sahil's voice.. "What do you mean??", Sahil Kapoor asked his voice stern and worried..

With his back facing Sahil Raghav said," Just the fear that I won't trust her anymore made your daughter lock herself in her room.. She came out only after I said her to .. (after that deal thing when Paakhi locks herself inside her room)Now just imagine what she'll do when she knows that I won't love her..", turning back Raghav continued.. "Your daughter returned late at home.. you know why.. coz she was with someone she loves.. Now its your choice Your daughter's happiness or Your own selfish desires?? Anyway I'm just asking for what is mine.."

"Here.. the signed documents..", Mr.Kapoor handed over the documents to Raghav and after checking them they went back to the stage.. 


"Kalpi.. the ring..?", Paakhi asked and Kalpi gave it to her.. Raghav who was till now standing between Sammy and Paakhi moved away and Paakhi slipped the ring in Sammy's finger.. While others clapped the Kapoors and Jadhavs stood shocked..


P.S Now that's called revenge.. Remember the faaltu MU track by cvs where a similar last scene happened.. I just gave it a little twist..

 I know there are some doubts like how doesn't anyone know that Sammy is groom not Raghav etc. that I'll clear in next part.. 

Tried my best to not confuse you sorry if I still did.. Ouch

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appyK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 December 2014 at 2:03am | IP Logged
Unlike the first two and half serious shots here's a lighthearted one.. serving after a long time.. a chilled last shot.. Njoyiii... And ya just took a step up in my writing.. you'll know what it means..

Really busy so replies for last few comments later... I read them and love them!!!WinkBig smile


"Yes.. I'm on my way and will u pls stop calling me again and again...",as much as Kalpi wished to say it directly to him she didn't and just kept staring at the caller id on her vibrating phone sitting in the rickshaw on her way to singhaania mansion 

"Idiot" ... the caller id read...Kalpi and her changing caller ids.. from Raghav sir to sir and now promoted to idiot..

"The nerve of this guy", she cursed Raghav under her breath.. 

First he did all the "Please-don't-leave me" thing two days back then he broke her heart into pieces with "I-am-getting-engaged-to-Paakhi" thing and after that he gave her the pleasant heart attack of "Sammy-is-getting-engaged-to-Paakhi" and all this troubling wasn't enough that he constantly tried contacting Kalpi after all the drama was done.. 

But Kalpi being Kalpi didn't heed to any of his calls or his messages.."What does he think about himself?? First he just keeps throwing insults at me without any reason and then he says that he doesn't ne to leave hime ever.. and then all that drama just fir his enemity with the Kapoors.."

"Kalpana I want to talk to you pick up the phone..", his text read...
"I don't wanna talk.. Stop calling me.. SIR", Kalpi replied..

Her ignoring now resulted in Raghav using the brahmastra.. 

Raghav's all-time brahmasatra the maa onki maa (Mother of all mothers) the great Kamla ma's phone rang and she picked it up.. He too hated to act all sugary with anyone but right now talking to Kalpi was more important..

"Hi Raghav baba boliye..", Kamla said while multitasking with the phone in one hand and spatula in other.. 

'Raghav' the name made Kalpi look up from the novel she was reading sitting on the couch at little distance away from the kitchen where Kamla was and now her eyes and ears were glued to the duo's conversation..

"Ha Raghav baba main usse bhej dungi.. thik hai bol dungi.. accha theek hai rakhti hu..", And few seconds later Kalpi got another text from him.. 

"Now try and get out of this one.. SWEETHEART..", Raghav texted and just like she capitalised Sir he too wrote in capital 'Sweetheart'.. 

And true to his words she really couldn't get out of the situation.. 

Vithal was at his friend's place due to some urgent work and Pakya was as usual missing so Kalpi had no saviour and she had no other option than to go to her idiot's place as Raghav specifically mentioned to Kamla that the files were needed urgently and he himself would drop Kalpi back home..

With a frown pasted on her face Kalpi paid the rickshawaala the fare and made her way to Raghav's bungalow unaware of Mr.Idiot's gaze on her from his balcony..

"Jab dekho tab manmaani karni hoti hai inhe and then he calls me befizool ki ziddi..", she humphed and walked towards the main door.. 

Just when she lifted her hand to ring the door bell Raghav opened the door.. His usual charming smile now annoying Kalpi to no end.. 

"Sir your files..", she said still standing outside at the door..

Sensing the annoyance in her tone Raghav knew he really had messed up a lot..

"Umm.. Get them to my study..", he said in his bossy tone and turned to head upstairs to his study followed by Kalpi who couldn't see his mischievious grin as he walked in front..

The two entered his study and holding the door for her Raghav said pointing at the wooden table placed at the other end of the room.."Put them right there".. 

"So Mr.Boss is back at being bossy..", she thought.. 

After almost banging the files on his study table Kalpi turned and walked to Raghav who was still standing near the door and said somewhat successfully hiding the urge to just hit him right there and then for troubling her so much," Done.. Now can I leave.. SIR...??."..

"No..", pat came his reply..

Walking more close to her he held her hands in his (Original Singhaania and his obsession with Kalpi's hands!!) Raghav said," Kalpi I", before he could say anything else Kalpi pulled out her hands free from his hold and said," Sir if you don't have any OFFICIAL work for me then I'm leaving..", saying so she quickly strided past him but  not too quick as he faster and next moment she found herself wringling against  Raghav's muscular frame while he held her close to him..

"Si..", this time it was his turn to stop her.. 

"Enough...", Raghav all but yelled.. 

"I know and you too know that we are through this Sir-Ms.Jadhav relationship .. So one more time Sir and I won't be responsible for what happens next..", he said in his usual Raghav-Singhaania tone...but little did he forget that he was dealing with Kalpana Jadhav..

"Accha.. what will you do.. here I said it.. SIR..", Kalpi challenged him.. 

"Don't tell me that I didn't warn you..", Raghav said with a mischievious glint in his eyes as he licked his lips and neared her before taking her lushious pink lips in a sweet lingering kiss..

"Stop struggling...", he said in between the kiss before pinning her against the wall his hands slowly travelling on her neck and then to her smooth shoulder caressing them sensuosly making Kalpi slowly lose herself... 

Her struggling now changed to holding the front of his white shirt and pulling him a little close to her while all her anger,frustration vanished into thin air..

The more she lost herself in the kiss the more she started responding in her own untrained way while Raghav held her waist delicately with one hand wth his other hand busy feeling the smothness of her skin ...

After what seemed like ages the two moved away their eyes still shut feeling the bliss, the pure pleasure surging through whole of their being.. 

Slowly Kalpi opened her eyes shyly still holding onto his shirt and stopped her gaze at his chocolate brown eyes filled with nothing other than love and affection..

"I love you..", he said with all honesty making the adoration filled eyes of Kalpi get welled up in tears of happiness sensing the truthfulness in  those three magical words... 

The two held each other's gaze and then moments later Raghav's love-filled expression changed to that of worry as he saw a stream of salty water flow down from Kalpi's beautiful eyes.. 

"Ka..", And just before he could sound his worries he felt her tiny frame hold him tight as she quietly sobbed in his embrace..

"Kalpi..???", he said worry etched to his tone while gently stroking her head beneath his jaw while she snuggled deeper into his chest.. 

The two stayed in each other's arms till the time Kalpi sobered down ... till she actually started to believe that none of this was a dream.. that for once someone really made her his first priority...

After few more minutes finally she moved away.. Wiping away her tears she looked at Raghav's affectionate gaze.. 

Words just couldn't come out as she tried to come to terms with what just happened.. 

Minutes ago she was all ready to hit him punch him in the face for nearly killing her with the news of him belonging to someone else... and now here she was happily in his arms with no space even for air to pass between them..

Raghav cupped her face and removed the few remaining traces of tears  on her cheek with his thumbs.. 

"Are you so sad that you're now gonna be stuck with me for like forever or is it something else??", he asked in his rare caring plus teasing tone which till now didn't even exist for Kalpi..

Kalpi just nodded her head in a no and moved away from him but this time instead of the door she made her way to the balcony attached to his study.. 

Looking up at the dark sky she observed the two.. the usual two stars shining brightly.. together as always.. 

In reality there are many of them in the universe.. some even more brighter than others but only these two managed to beat all the pollution, clouds and other odds and stood bright shining visibly against the dark black sky of city ..

"Now will you tell me..??", Raghav said hugging Kalpi from behind.. 

He knew she didn't say those three words back to him but her expressive eyes had already showed him her feelings thus giving him all the rights he deserved.. 

"Please..", he pleaded while resting his head against her shoulder..

Kalpi held his hand which was lovingly placed on her stomach and made Raghav stand beside her.. 

"Look at that..??", she said pointing at the two stars.. "When I was in Panchgani I used to see many of these fill up the sky... they were all same.. same bright points for me .. shining, brightening the sky ...

But ... after I came back here I couldn't ever see many such.. 

Always just these two shining alone ...or with the moon.. Others faded because of clouds but these two just stood there.. shining..always.. Ya sometimes some clouds do hide them but then not after long time they again come back..", Raghav just looked at her dazed somewhat amused at her philosophical talking..

"Can you be like that??", Kalpi asked..

 "Can you be with me always... no matter what??", she questioned again her voice barely audible but completely filled with emotions..

"Always.. I promise..", Raghav said..

"And what if again you would have to chose between your enemity with Kapoors and me.. ...then??", Kalpi asked..

"I'll choose you no matter what..", Raghav replied with total honesty..

"And if you can't ..then??", she asked..

There was a brief pause but then Raghav replied.."Then I'd rather die than choose something else over you..", he was now holding her face in his hands..

"And what if..".. her sentence remained unfinished as Raghav again filled the gaps between their lips.. Unlike the first kiss which was to convey his love this one was meant to take away all the insecurities she had about their future.. this kiss was to tell her that he was hers.. now and forever..

Slowly moving away Raghav rested his forehead on hers and said," Kalpi from today onwards you and only you have every right on every breathe of Raghav Singhaania.. I'll always care and support you...And the only time I won't be there to support you..care about you... love you... is when... I would be taking my last breathe ...which also will have your name written on it.. 

I really really love you and promise to support you in every step of your life.. please can you too honour me with..", and this time it was Kalpi's turn to seal the deal as she moved her face in a perfect angle to press her lips against his and slowly proceeded with the kiss in her own immature way before Raghav took over and rolled her over to the wall and the two lovers continued making out in the balcony..


Ek update and Three kisses!!!!!! That kind of went overboard..

If u think this is really pathetic rubbish then sorry coz I'm now really sick and tired of being sick.. !!! 

And if not then come on sharmaaon mat.. drop in some nice lovely comments.. and do hit the like button.. 

Thank you for liking this twisted version of EMA ka engagement MU .. here it ends.. (And I mean it by end.. No bonus updates or anything..)

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lolor IF-Dazzler

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Wonderful...what a twist...loved it...
Now waiting for ragna confession...

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Awesome really shocking one

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amazing...shocking...how i hope this could have been the twist in ema too

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wow.what a twist...amazing dear..update soon

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