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**RagNa TS** banner pg 1.. replies done.. :)) (Page 3)

...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Lovely update
Kalpi has feelings for her heartless boss and so does he
I really hope he don't go through with that engagement to Pakhi but put the ring in Kalpi finger ;)
Broken heart Pakhi and Kamla will be awesome lol

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sampa79 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Nice update
Update soon next part

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IThinkALot IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 9:21am | IP Logged
ahaaa! I liked it. waiting for part two and threeApprove 

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appyK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 7:18pm | IP Logged

Thank you for all your lovely comments.. Sorry that I couldn't reply but will reply to all after I return and get a better speed waala netOuch


Kalpi was still on the terrace... the scenery around was perfectly describing her situation.. 

Raghav's arrival had brightened her life like the sun's light does during day.. clouds sometimes obstruct the light but as soon as the clouds move away the sun again bestows it brightness ... And then comes the evening.. time for the sun to set.. and after that only darkness.. 

Kalpi sat on the ground looking at the orangish sky and the sun whose light had dimmed and was gonna go away after sometime.. From last two hours she was just trying to clear her mind making it devoid of his thoughts but.. the more she tried the more his thoughts flooded in her mind...

Back to that day when she saw Raghav with Maya and then they argued about knocking and not knocking door little did she know that her anger was not because Raghav was taunting her but it was because she was infact jealous... But after she in her anger said to him that she'll be leaving her job it became an altogether different story...


"What does he think about himself... Bina knock kiye andar kya chali gayi itna sunaa diya.. agar kuch aur hi karna tha toh mujhe bulaaya hi kyun..", Kalpi was still pacing in her room... she was angry but on what?? Was it because Raghav again insulted her and hurted her self-respect?? Or was it becauase he was with Maya in the same room?? 

The one thing that she hated was someone affecting her so much... someone whom she hated (atleast according to her she did) and exactly that was happening right now .. which was increasing her frustration.. And plus she was also getting disturbed by the fact that she said she would resign immediately after reaching mumbai..

"Can you stay away from him??", her heart asked.. but she couldn't say anything coz she herself was confused about what she is doing and why?? Raghav was just her 'Sir' .. he was a boss and she was his employee.. he was no more that Raghav whom she admired during childhood.. who used to pull her leg along with pakya.. he had changed.. but not for her..She still searched for that old Raghav... The one she saw on the night they both went to Kapoor house when Paakhi had locked herself inside her room..

That day Kalpi saw the Raghav who was hidden from the world's eyes.. the one who was possibly inexistent but in reality was hidden in the soft heart of the heartless Raghav Singhaania...

"Kalpi", Kamla's voice brought her out of her trance.. "So finally aai remembered that she has another daughter too.. her own daughter..", as much as she wished to say it aloud she couldn't and never would for she knew that all what her aai did was quite involuntary .. even her love for Paakhi.. and the sacrifices and efforts which her aai had taken for the family never let Kalpi speak out her sorrows...

"Kalpi aaj main bahut khush hoo beta...", Kamla continued while holding Kalpi's shoulder happiness shining in her eyes.. "Paakhi aur Raghav baba ka rishta teh ho gaya...", Kalpi died a million deaths in that single moment... neither could she voice her feelings nor could she cry her heart out.. be strong Kalpi, she encouraged herself while forcing a smile on her face... Slapping her forehead Kamla said," Hey deva kitni tayaari karni hai.. Aaj shaam ko sagaayi hai na.. Kalpi sun.. tu na taiyaar ho jaa.. Paakhi keh rahi thi ki dulhan ki behen ko ladke waalon ke ghar kuch le jaana hota hai.. toh tu bhi mere saath chal.. aur pata hai ... neetu memsaaheb ne khud bulaaya hai tujhe..".. 

Kalpi nodded her head and Kamla went away to get ready.. All of this was observed by Vithal who unlike his wife could see the sorrow in Kalpi's eyes.. As soon as Kamla left Kalpi turned away as she no longer could let those tears stay at bay .. And that's when she felt a familar hand on her shoulder.. "Baba..", she said before turning back after quickly wiping away those tears... 

Vithal engulfed her in a bear hug as if protecting her from all the sorrows and she let all her sadness flow away in his arms... "Rajkumaari.. kabhi kabhi bhagwaan humme woh nahi deta jo hum chaahte hai... kyun ki usne humaare liye kuch behtar socha hota hai..", though Kalpi didn't say anything but he knew that his daughter harbored some feelings for that man whose wedding news she just heard.. it was written in her eyes.. the eyes which were the way to her soul.. "Par baba.. agar humme woh behtar cheez nahi chaahiye toh", Kalpi replied in between her sobs..

Vithal lifted her face and while cupping her cheeks he said," Toh bhagwaan tumhe wahi dega joh tum chaahti ho.. jisme tumhaari khushi ho..".. It felt so nice.. to have her father by her side when she actually needes him the most...


"Kamla, Kalpi kahi nahi jaayegi..", Vithal said strictly this time.. this time it was about his daughter.. he knew she already had lost her mother's love yet she didn't lose herself in self-pity but he now feared that his daughter would be broken losing someone's love yet again..

"Par Vithal..", before Kamla could say anything else a voice came from behind.. "Main aa rahi hu aai..", Kalpi who was dressed in a royal blue saree said.. She walked towards her parents and smilingly said," Baba .. main jaa rahi hu aai ke saath..".. Kamla smiled and lovingly touched Kalpi's cheek and went to take the gifts she had asked Pakya to bring for Paakhi and Raghav..

Clapping his hands Pakya came to stand beside his sister and saod," Arey waah Kalpu.. lagta aaj Paakhi ke saath teri bhi sagaayi hone waali hai.. kya saj dhaj ke tayaar hui hai tu..".."Dada", Kalpi whined and hit her dada's arm.. like her father could read her eyes she could read her brother's... 

Pakya's liking towards Paakhi was always known to her and she knew that he too was hurt by this news.. she gave an assuring look to him while blinking her eyes to which Pakya nodded his head saying silently that he is fine..

Vithal placed his hand on Kalpi's head looking at her proudly and then the mother-daughter left for the ceremony.. While walking towards the car that Paakhi had sent Kalpi thought to herself, " No Raghav Singhaania can make me feel weak.. I'll face him and show him that he does not affect me.. never will..".. When in reality.. more than Raghav she wanted to show it to herself... coz now she knew She meant nothing to him...


"Raghav where's the engagement ring?? ", Sammy said while coming inside Raghav's room... "There on the table", Raghav said pointing at the side table while his eyes where still fixed on the mirror.. 

Nodding at his friemd's carelessness Sammy went to the side table and picked up the engagement ring.. "Mom said that you should keep it in your pocket.."Ok ok I will and ya what about those documents??", Raghav asked while adjusting his blue coloured sherwaani (the one he wore at saakharpuda in EMA) 

"Mr.Rege said they are ready"..."And those papers which Paakhi has to sign..??".. "I have  them at my home.." "Great..", Raghav said while turning around with his signature smirk which faded away in seconds when he saw a familiar face in his house.. his heart thumping as if it would just pop out of his chest any moment... 

Sammy followed his friend's gaze which finally landed on the girl dressed in a royal blue saree , her hair settling on her right shoulder while simple jhumkas adorned her delicate ear lobes.. "Kalpana..", Sammy said before walking out and Raghav immediately looked away.. Clenching his teeth he hit the wall with his left hand hurting himself as blood oozed out.. "What is she doing here??", It was already difficult for him to handle everything here and Kalpi's presence was just adding to his difficulties.

He looked at her again this time observing her closely... "Beautful", he whispered unknowingly.. but then he felt something break inside him when he saw her smile.. any other day that smile would have been something that would make him forget all his worries but today it pained.. it pained to see her indifference.. it hurt him to see that it didn't matter to her.. his engagement ... it really didn't matter to her.. she didn't care...  he now knew that he meant nothing to her..

"Thank you Sammy sir..", Kalpi said while handing over the gifts to Sammy.. They both were going towards the table where the gifts were to be kept.. "Umm.. Kalpana you spoke to Raghav??", the name made her heart skip a beat.. gulping her nervousness Kalpi said," About what sir??".. "About your resignation..",hearing Sammy's words the previous day's memories came gushing in Kalpi's mind.. she merely nodded in a yes before excusing herself under the pretence of calling up her aai..


Kalpi finally had made up her mind that today she'll hand over her resignation letter but still she was hesistant to do that... and to make sure that she did what her mind had decided she resolved to tell aai about her decision first.. if her aai agrees then she would have no excuse to not give resignation but she couldn't get an opportunity to talk to her as she was busy with her phone.. And later when she got a chance to speak Kamla hurriedly sent her to office..

Her confusion was just increasing.. and amidst all that was a constant thought that was pestering her.. "Was he alright?? Did his back ache decrease??".. She just couldn't get his thoughts out of her head but on other hand she didn't even wanted to face him as she had promised him that she would be resigning and leaving his office forever... 

Raghav too was getting more and more disturbed... Three hours late and still no news about her.. "Is she fine?? Did she really resign?? Will she really leave me??", his heart pained on the thought of her leaving him... He constantly kept calling Paakhi on intercom asking her about Kalpi but she too had no idea... And Kalpi wasn't even picking up his calls... he couldn't even ask Kamla ma coz asking her would mean adding up to her worries..

Five hours later...

Kalpi was still sitting at the usual place where she loved to spend time alone..the bench... her confusion still intact in her mind... It was 6 pm and being winter season the darkness arrived earlier than usual...

She didnt go to the office and was so much engrossed in her thoughts was she that she didn't realise when her phone switched off due to low battery.. The chilling atmosphere brought her back to reality and she got up immediately.. "Oh no.. Its evening.. Aai must be worried..", she pulled out her phone from her bag to check for missed calls but her phone was switched off..

Quickly picking up her bag Kalpi just was about to leave when she heard a familiar male voice.."Kalpi..", and as soon as she turned to see HIM she found herself in his arms.. his hands possessively holding her by her waist while he was murmuring something..

Innumerable bad thoughts had occupied his mind on finding her phone switched off... and to add up to that bad feeling Paakhi informed him that she asked Kamla indirectly about Kalpi and Kamla told her that Kalpi left for office..so to make sure that she was fine Raghav left to search her..

Following his instinct he was going to that bench where he knew Kalpi could be but on the way found a traffic jam.. Immediately parking his car at a side Raghav moved towards the crowd.. there was blood spilled on the road which momentarily stopped his heart beats.. He found an officer standing there and went towards him," Inspector.. Wh... what happened..??"... "A girl got hit by truck..",the officer replied... Trying to control the rushing emotions Raghav asked him," What was her age??".. "20 ...25.. may be.. common now move it.. we need to clear the jam..."

Raghav couldn't feel anything.. he had lost her.. "No.. nothing happened to her..", he said to himself and left for the place where he knew she was there... 

Pulling out of the hug Raghav held her face and said in a croaked voice "I thought I lost you.. I ..", he again hugged her tightly.. Kalpi was left short of words.. She was in his arms and... and she loved the feeling..

"Pl... please... don't.. leave me alone.. please..", Raghav said while  placing his forehead on hers .. both had tears in their eyes.. Kalpi nodded her head while murmuring," Never.. I'll never leave you..", they again where in each others arms for how much time they too didn't know.. 

With no words exchanged thereafter they both walked towards Raghav's car hand in hand.. he dropped her home and then left the place..

"What are you doing here Ms.Jadhav??", the person whom she was thinkng about said.. Raghav had to put in all he had to control himself from taking her into his arms again.. and be rude to her even after knowing that if she left him then his heart would stop beating just like it did on the mere thought of being away from her ...

Kalpi whose back was facing him till now turned to look at him.. The first she saw him off guard was when he was drunk.. in short not in his senses .. but yesterday.. it was different... he was worried, he cared for her, he cried for her..

Its said that when a guy cries for a girl then the girl means a lot to him ... She couldn't sleep the entire nght thinking about him and the news she got in the evening had left her shocked.. she felt betrayed but the strong woman in her had resolved that she won't let him enjoy her tears.. 

Looking straight into his eyes with a cold expression she said," I came to give some gifts.. its a ritual ... before ENGAGEMENT", she stressed on the word engagement.. 

Raghav had come to taunt her make her leave the place so that he could so that he could successfully pull off his plan but his heart having the upper hand at the moment what he was doing was definately not what he planned to do...

"Kalpi.. I..".. before Raghav could say anything more Kalpi stopped him.. "Sir.. I think Paakhi and her family is here .. I need to go".. And she moved away from him only to be pulled back..

Raghav held her arm delicately yet tightly leaving only few inches dstance between them.. "Kalpi listen to me..", her indifference was killing him and so he couldn't keep his patience any longer but Kalpi still looked straight into his eyes and said,.."I thought it was Ms.Jadhav .. sir.."...Pulling her closer Raghav said," Why are you behaving as if you don't care??", Kalpi narrowed her eyes and said," That's because I don't...".. before their argument could start rather continue, Sammy came there.. "Raghav.. Pa..", he was stunned to see Ragav and Kalpi standing there .. like that.. 

Both of them moved away and as soon as Raghav left her hand Kalpi walked passed Sammy after which Raghav too made his way out leaving behind a confussed Sammy..


With each passing moment it was getting more difficult for Kalpi to keep that stern attitude when inside her heart was aching ... and then she felt something on her arm.. "Blood... ???...Raghav??", she immediately looked around to see where he was and found him in his room... trying to bandage his hand...

Worried about his injury Kalpi began walking towards his room and in middle their gaze met.. the eyelock was like bucket full of cold water poured on her and she came back to her senses and ignoring his gaze Kalpi walked to the table with refreshments  kept near the room .. though her heart wanted to help him but her mind convinced her heart that Raghav does not need her help...

After few minutes done with dressing his wound Raghav walked out of the room... his eyes searching for someone and in all this he didn't see where he was walking and bumped into paakhi..


Please suggest some title too.. I was thinking about What you mean to me.. Other suggestions are welcomedBig smile

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
Awesome really lovely n emotional one 
Update soon can't wait t know more

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akshara82 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Wow Arpita.. really good and emotional update..
Is he really gonna get engaged with Khi...
i really hope he wouldnt since its RAGNA TSWinkWinkWink
Kalpi had endured enough torture...
Please let her have her Raghav..
Though she look and sound strong but she is tottally broken inside..
How i wish Raghav could see datConfusedConfusedConfused
update faster.. wana know whats gonna happen now..

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vyshuu.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
RESSS Big smile
Heylooo dear..
Wow! This TS is nyc n intrestngg one! And yeah emotional one too
U gave a correct picture in explaining their pain n feelngs.. I lykd it..
Lets see.. where this engagement ll lead them.. Wink

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lolor IF-Dazzler

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Wonderful...will raghav call off engg...or accepts kalpi?...or will get engg to pakhi...ohh.  Pls update soon

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