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FF (COLLAB): Me & My ASR ~ Part 7 (29/07) No PMS (Page 51)

anjidesena6 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2015 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
is this story on-hold?

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..Chashmish.. Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2015 at 4:37am | IP Logged
update?? Cry

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tintin_ruble Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2015 at 1:46am | IP Logged

Part 6


Near the shade of a tree he saw Khushi standing watching a pond while Rohan was trying appreciating her beauty with eyes. She had had eyes fixed somewhere thinking while he tried to move towards her. ASR controlled his anger by tightening his fists but the next move from Rohan busted the volcano. Rohan had pulled her in his arms keeping his hands behind her strongly while Khushi was still trying to retrieve from the shock of his pull.


Khushi: Rohanji what are you doing? Please leave me.

Rohan: Why? Whats so wrong in it? We are engaged. We are soon going to be married Khushi.


Arnav was watching this from far away, his nails digging in his palms so tight, almost bruising the skin there. This man dare dont go beyond this with her.


Khushi: All this looks indecent before marriage .

Rohan laughed at her talks.

Rohan: Indecent? You think this is indecent? How innocent of you Khushi. If this is not right for you, then how can you accept ASR's words of continuing working for him as his maid after we marry? Now isnt that very indecent ?

Khushi had no idea what he meant by that. She managed to come off his grip and step aside.


Khushi: I didnt get you Rohanji.

Rohan: Ohh come on. ASR is a billionaire . I dont understand what exactly he wants from you?  I read his face in our meet today. He possessiveness for you seems wierd. Not normal for a man like me to digest. If you keep continuing to work as his maid, what guarantee will I have that he doesnt cross his limits with you? How can you be trusted with Arnav?


Khushi was little angry when she heard this type of question from Rohanji. Arnav heard it too and he felt like punching this man's face. But what kind of trust was Rohan talking about?


Khushi: Trust? If you dont want to trust me later, why did you accept this offer then? Why didnt you defend when ASR was talking to you about me working for me even after marriage?

Rohan: Thats because he is a billionaire Khushi. You expect me to decline his words? Never. And he is going to make my future. Okay look, I dont mind allowing you to work for him until he is giving me what I want. A good position in his company and handsome salary. Once I am settled with that, slowly I will make you quit that job and stay at home.


Khushi always felt he was just behind money and today he himself confirmed it.


Khushi: You are living in a deep misconception Rohanji. I know what exists between me and ASR. The world might never understand this. I have been with him, around him since the time we were kids. I know why he is so possessive about me. Not because he has some bad intentions. He genuinely cares for me and my future. He is not like other men who thinks a woman can only be used for their purpose. He wants me to be strong, he wants me to get the right in my life. I respect him for that. I trust him more than I trust myself. That's our relationship. And now coming back to you. Men like you have the habit of using women whenever they want and throw into trouble for their convinience. I dont want my life has been stranded among such men. I too have a heart and its a big tragedy that people like you dont see it.


She removed the ring of their engagement and handed it back to him.


Khushi: If you are so much suspicious about me I dont think our marriage is a good idea Rohanji. I am sorry for all the trouble that me  and my family might have caused unnecessarily to you and your parents. Please let them know I am not interested in this marriage. Good bye.


Rohan is dumbfounded. He kept looking at Khushi who left and then back to the ring in his finger. She broke their engagement? What will happen to his career now? What will happen to his dream of working in AR group?


Arnav hide himself behind the bark of a tree. He had witnessed the whole scene and what surprised him was the few words she shared about her bonding with him. She trusted him more than herself? That was like an award for him. Though she never confessed all this to him directly, he was so much happy to know how much Khushi respects him. How much she understands him. She was the only person in his life who really knew what he is, who really cared for him and his dignity. But that still doesnt change the fact that she was upset now. No girl will be happy on breaking her engagement. And especially when she was not at fault.



When Akash came back home, he was in a very bad mood. He walked inside the house looking for Khushi but Payal stopped him.


Akash: Payal where is Khushi?

Payal: She is inside but Akash you please calm down.

Akash: You know what she did? She broke her engagement with Rohan. His family had called me up today and they didnt like what happened. They were cursing her for nothing and I could not even reply back to them.

Payal: I know Akash. I know what happened. Khushi told me everything.


Khushi came out of her room. She was already in tears and seeing her brother in such a frustrated state she became more nervous. Akash moved Payal aside and came to Khushi. He caught her arms gently.


Akash: Why Khushi? Why did you this?

Khushi: Bhai he doesnt trust me at all, he thinks wrong about the relationship between me and ASR . How can I marry a man who doesnt trust me? WHo is only behind building up his career via me ?I cant let that happen.


Akash: Khushi I understand what you are saying but why only Rohan, any man on his place would question the same. No one will like the possessiveness ASR has for you. He is no one to us. You just work for him, thats all. Then why does he consider you so special? Think about it.

Khushi: Bhai I dont know why he cares so much for me. I just know he is not wrong. He is not what others think he is. He is already gone through a lot since his childhood. My presence in his home, around him gives him some solace. He might not agree to that so easily but it is so. I dont know why people is making such a big issue of that?


Akash sighed and thought of leaving this matter here itself. He didnt  wanted to argue with his baby sister.


Akash: Theek hai. Untill you dont doubt his intentions, I will never stop you from working for him. But mark my words Khushi, no man will like to marry you if this continues. You have to stop this connection between you and ASR soon before its too late. If you continue your job under him, you might never get married soon.


It was a very harsh advise but she accepted it without much fuss. Akash asked Khushi to forget what happened between her and Rohan and start fresh from next day. May be he was really not the right man for her. Khushi hugged her brother for understanding her point of view. Payal was happy that they sorted this out but both Akash and Payal knew this was a temporary settlement. In future such situations might repeat if Khushi doesnt give a full stop to her job in Shantivan.




It was the day of Holi. A big holi celebration was arranged by the Raizadas. Anjali and Shyam were having fun in the celebrations.Amrita was watching her enjoying the colors though she was constantly warning Anjali to be careful while playing holi. They had specifically ignored Arnav much to the fact known to everyone that Arnav wont play holi. Arnav was much aware that as per the tradition they will celebrate in the house and he decided to stay away from all these. Confined to the four walls of his room, he was indulged in working on his laptop; while the mind was nip ticking him on the whereabouts of Khushi. He hadnt seen her since the Garden scene, he didnt want to follow her and make it more worse especially when she broke her engagement the obvious reason being him. But he had several questions to ask her to clarify with her which only she can give solutions.He was sure she will come today atleast for the family and the other servants to wish them holi.



Right moment as he thought about her Khushi entered Shantivan with a full happy smile not showing off to anyone about her engagement. She formally wished Raizadas who didnt bother to reciprocate her wish. She knew there was no point in standing with them and moved towards other people happily wishing them, hugging them and applying colors on everyone.




ASR was coming down the hall way talking to his manager through the handsfree. Right as he turned aside he bumped with someone who fell right into his arms clutching his shoulder with the left hand to straighten up.



She smeared the Red color on his cheeks without any hesitation. Her action was instant and not in her control. She had intended to apply it on Hari Prakash's wife who had just spoilt her white dress spraying the purple colored water but who knew THE ASR will be coming in her way and she will unknowingly apply this color on him? Seeing his deep red eyes, she had already understood he didnt like it. She had to say something in her defense.


 Khushi: A.. SS... R... Bura naa maano.. .H... ho... li hai.


 She ran away from his sight but not too far from the crowd. She hid herself behind the bark of a tree and peeped to see his reactions. He had touched his cheek and seemed to be lost in some memories.


Had it been a normal life like others he would have been playing holi like others. The only person who was the reason for happiness once catapulted his memories with a lightning effect. She is no more in this world. He had been controlling his emotions since the dreadful day. Life had given him so much bitterness to hate himself now why is he living a life full of agony pain and hurt? He closed his eyes gulping the feelings that evolved inside him.He moved towards his room to suppress the anger that is boiling inside him. He needs to control it!



His eyes fixed on the vibrancy he was witnessing in front of his eyes leaning on his french door from his room. Its not been long since she broke her engagement, she is hiding all those pain and enjoying with the others just to share the happiness. He heaved a sigh of relief seeing her face. How come the turmoil inside him perished seeing her face?  Is that because of the satisfaction that she is happy or something else of which the reply he was searching for years? Should he be guilty for being the one reason of her broken engagement but she has to clear it now whats going on between them? All those ill thoughts which were haunting him suddenly vanished.Whats happening .. what is that invisible knot that binds them?



Before Arnav could moved downstairs to confront, one of the servant insisted Khushi to drink the bhaang which she happily accepted and drank thinking as tandaai. She hadn't even hesitated for a moment to stop and think what she was drinking. The entire glass was gulped down in one go which he spotted at the right time as he arrived near her. 






He startled her with the intensity in the voice scaring the other servants in the vicinity. All they did was run away from that place leaving a confused scary Khushi infront of ASR.



"Khushi, what the hell did you  do?  You drank bhaang? "


Her eyes didn't even blink once out of fear watching him shout but the hands and legs shivered in fear. Her brain was slowly losing her senses and the rigidness in her body slowly eased out with the bhaang making its effect inside.



"hmm.. Haan toh.. apko kya faraq padta hai?"  ( Yes so? Why do you care?)





"What nahin.. What the.. what the .. what the?"


Teasing him, imitating him in his tone she laughed out loudly jumping like a kid.



"Khushi, stop.. Kya hua tumko?" ( Khushi Stop. What happened to you?)



"Kya kya hua.. bolo na .. What the dammit" ( What . what happened? Say What the dammit )



She imitated him again with hands on her hips shouting authoritatively raising her one eyebrow. The next moment she could see the volcano erupting from his eyes, anger slowly brewing up inside him. She slowly stepped backwards in fear and drank the remaining bhaang and stumbled again.



ASR moved towards her to catch but she took the opportunity and started running around. Here he was trying to get answers from this girl but she was making him run behind her like a mother chasing her kid for food.



"Khushi. stop. you will get hurt"


"Nahin Nahin.. Nahin"  ( No No No)



She ran towards the stairs stumbling across reached his bedroom and lost her strength falling on his bed. He heaved another sigh as she had reached the right place. It was not safe for her to run around the house anymore as she might fall down somewhere and most of the people were out of their senses. He locked the door inside and turned around. The scene shocked him to the core.



Khushi was lying on the floor on her elbows supporting with her legs crossed and smiling like a small kid. She had tied her duppatta on her head like a turban.Though this should make him go mad for her unusual behavior he chose to remain silent as he knew she wasn't in her senses.



"Kya kar rahi ho? Get up" ( What are you doing? Get up)


"Chup... Jab bhi dekkho kya karo vo karo. Ek din aap apne mooh band karo.Samjhe aap" ( Be quiet. You always ask what why where . For one day just shut your mouth. Understood?)       


"Khushi watch your tone dammit" He moved near her and offered his hand for her to stand up.



"Kya? I am not getting up. I will be like this."


"Utho Khushi. Dont make me go mad!"


"Nahin toh?" She lifted her eyebrow defying him.



He picked her up in arms within a blink of a second. It was a shock for her and she had to hold his neck for support.



" Leave me.. aap yeh?"


"Chup..aur hawa mein tairna band karo" (quiet. And stop swimming in air)


"Aap Laad governor ho... Khadoos laad governor"



 She started to struggle from his grip. He placed her in the Sofa and tried to move away. But in turn she pulled him from his hand making him fall on the sofa beside her. She laughed out heartily seeing his shocked angry face.



"Khushi... " His anger blew his head out but the next gesture from her stopped the beating of his heart.



She kept her finger on his lips holding wrapping her left hand around his neck.



Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak.

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sweetlife Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2015 at 1:47am | IP Logged
wow holi romance in air...
waiting eagerly for d nxt part.

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*uba* Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2015 at 1:57am | IP Logged
okay it doesn't sound right now...
I hope arnav doesn't break khushis trust

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blue_rose1605 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2015 at 2:03am | IP Logged
awesome update...

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nisso Goldie

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awesome update!Clap

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sanamsky IF-Dazzler

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awesome love it

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