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FF (COLLAB): Me & My ASR ~ Part 7 (29/07) No PMS (Page 3)

smat IF-Dazzler

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Nice teaser 
Congratulations for the new thread 

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.LadyHitler. IF-Sizzlerz

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What the! Khushi is already meeting the guy Shocked
Nice teaser

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Please update soon 

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Congratulations on the new thread. 

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wow.. nice
liked it

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Soma111 Groupbie

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Wow so nice...update soon...

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mamubensy92 Goldie

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nice teaser

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tintin_ruble Goldie

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Part 4


It was the first time that she was made to do all this. She was wearing a Saree and a minimal jewellery on herself, holding the tray and hoping the tea she just made was good enough. She never worried about her cooking because she was good at that. But today it felt as if everything was new. A family was here to see her and may be even fix the marriage if the boy likes her.


Payal and Akash were talking to the guests and making them comfortable. Khushi heard her brother asking her to come out with the tea cups. She closed her eyes.


"Dont be scared Khushi. Think like this is your daily duty. Think as if you are serving tea not to some unknown people but to ASR and his family. Haan. This is best. ", she kept setting her mind with such ideas which can make her relax and then came out. There was no doubt the family could reject her. She was beautiful, decent and a very simple girl with no many dreams or fantacies. Soon the family started asking her some questions about her aspirations ahead, if she knows to cook and what her favourite pastimes are. She replied to all and kept avoiding to meet eyes, especially with that unknown man who was her would be groom if this marriage fixes.


Akash: Khushi, Akash wants to talk to you alone. Are you comfortable to go with him inside and show him our little house?


Even if this was not easy, she cannot deny before the whole family.


"Say Yes Khushi. Think as if you are in Shantivan and showing the house to ASR's guests.", she repeated this twice in her mind and agreed to show Rohan their cottage.


Rohan was a fashion designer working in some good company. He was hardly 2 years elder to her. Not as smart as ASR was but very decent enough at least by his looks. She took him inside and started showing him the house.


Rohan: Your brother told you work as a Head Servant to some reputed family.

Khushi: Yes.

Rohan: When do you get time for studying then? Do they pay you that high that you dont want to quit that job? How much do they pay you?


These questions sounded irritating now. But she had to answer because he was the so called groom.


Khushi: The pay doesnt matter much Rohanji. I have lived with that family from my childhood. My father was their Driver and my mother the cook. They have served that family for almost 20 years. And after they passed away, I just took their place in that house.

Rohan: I  see. So you drive too?

Khushi: No. I dont. I just look after everything in that house, like if the cleaning has been done in his room, if his suits are sent and received from the laundry, cooking his favourite meal, watering his plants every day twice, maintaining his office papers and files which he almost leaves scattered every day in the room, and so on.


Rohan was very curious to know whom was she talking about.


Rohan: He? You work for the family or just one person in that house?


Khushi: To be specific, I work for him only. But I am also the head of all the maids there. SO I manage to look after the house too.

ROhan: That He has a name?


He was either mocking or trying to make her laugh , knowing she  was nervous.


Khushi: Yes. Arnav Singh Raizada.


For few seconds, Rohan was quiet and in a complete shocking state. She didnt understand why he became so quiet all of a sudden.


Rohan: OMG!! You work for Arnav singh raizada!! Damn! Icant believe it.

kKushi : Haan. Kyon? Kya hua ? Kuch baat hai ? (Yes. Why? Is there a problem?)


Rohan: I can't even imagine getting into his office without appointments. But now I think I don't have to find any other way to meet the India's richest businessman.


Khushi got baffled by the way he talked and that's when she realized how easy it was for her to interact with such a big man. She never had given a thought how lucky she was.


Rohan: Well how is your relationship with him? Do you know him pretty well ? Will he talk to you ?? I mean ...

 Khushi ( irritatingly) : Rohan Ji aap hume Milne k liye aaye the Arnav Ji k baare mein Jaanane k liye Nahin? ( Rohanji have you come to meet me or know more about Arnavji?


Rohan tried to keep himself controlled


ROhan: Sorry Khushi. But you really made my day. Before coming to see you, I have seen other girls too for the marriage and many of them have got the best education, best lifestyle and good job. But my parents wanted a girl who can keep the family bonded together. I was little hesitant when they offered your proposal. But now I am fully impressed. I would have never got a better life partner other than you. Seriously man, you are working for ASR? What else do I want? If this marriage fixes, will be come to our wedding reception?


These talks were confusing her. She did not know if he was choosing her because of what she was or only because she worked for ASR?


Rohan: And guess what? I am sure we will get a huge expensive present from him. Afterall his head maid is getting married. Do you agree?


Khushi had no words left to reply. She just smiled. Was this an issue she should discuss with her bhaiyaa? Is Rohan really good for her?




Arnav was restless. He was pacing in his room trying to think what might be going in Khushi's house at the moment. May be he should just dial her number and talk to her. But what if she is busy handling the guests? He should not disturb her at least at such times. She always cares for his privacy and comfort when she is around him then why cant he give her the same at least one day of her life? He kept the phone aside and made a drink for himself. He was desperately waiting for the next morning to come so that he can ask her every minute detail about her today's meet.




Rohan and his family had a private talk for some time and then the family readily agreed for the proposal. His mother kissed Khushi's forehead and offered her to be her son's wife. All this happened so quickly that once again Khushi didnt get time to think. She just saw the smiling faces of her Bhaiyaa and bhabhi and went with the flow.




Next day Arnav was working out in the gym but his eyes fixed to the garden through the glass wall so that he can come to know Khushi was entering the house. He saw her getting down from the auto rickshaw. She looked like usual. No change in her behaviour neither her expressions. He winded up his exercises and wiped the sweat off his face.


"Khushi", he called out to get her attention.


She entered the house and the moment he called, she hurrid to the gym room. He was shirtless.  May be he wants her to help him put the shirt. She removed a fresh T shirt from the cupboard and passed it to him, her eyes looking at the floor.


Arnav: How was last evening? Everything went well?

Khushi: Yes.

Arnav: Did the family like you ?

Khushi: Yes

Arnav: How's the boy? Where does he work? Does he earn well? Did he misbehave? Is he decent or?

Khushi: The marriage is almost fix ASR.


She showed the bangles Rohan's mother had given her as a Shagun. He held her hand and checked the bangles.


Arnav: Its not pure gold.

Khushi: So what? It has their love and they will give me what I deserve.

Arnav wore the T shirt snatching from her hand.


Arnav: No one knows how deserving you are, except me.

Khushi: THanks ASR. Its very rare to get such appreciations from your Boss. I will get your suit out for the office.


Arnav: Later. Tell me what I wish to know first. Did you tell him you work for me? Only me?


Khushi was confused whether she should be explaining what happened between her and her fianc the day before. She looked at him but his eyes were fixed on her which made sure that he wont let go off this topic without answering.


Khushi: His name is Rohan. He works for an advertising company. He he.. is the only son for his parents. He earns fairly good than me.  umm and he did behave decently..


Arnav : Come to the point Khushi.. did you tell him that you will continue working for  me after marriage?


Khushi was baffled to reply to this as she wasn't even sure to accept this proposal forget about talking this to Rohan. She was fidgeting her dupatta when Arnav stopped her act and moved her chin up.


Arnav : Did he deny? Tell me frankly Khushi !


His one stare was enough for her to melt. the strong gaze which always kept her under control all these years was enough to make her eyes defy herself showing her vulnerability. She uttered the words in one go without waiting for his next interrogation


Khushi : He was really impressed that I work for you. All he wants is to meet you and he asked me about it.


Arnav left her chin and heaved a sigh of relief.


Arnav :Fine that's ok with me. Bring him to my office tomorrow. I shall meet him and talk about this. Looking at your eyes I am sure you haven't told him about this.


Khushi was perplexed how he could find truth so easily from her eyes. Its not a recent custom but since the day they met it was easy for him to find out what she had done and wanted to say. Lest he had an insight about the confusion clouding her mind that would make her take a final decision. But that too will be somewhat sorted out once Rohan meets ASR she thought.


Arnav : But why does he want to meet me?  Any reason in particular?


Khushi : He was praising you and was expressing difficulty in meeting you personally without any prior appointments.


Arnav : ah.I don't mind meeting him. That way I can find out how suitable he is for you.


Khushi  : but ASR I don't want to trouble you ...


Arnav : Enough get my breakfast ready I have a meeting in one hr.


Arnav rushed towards his room leaving behind a confused khushi..


Khushi : Hey Devimayya.. please make everything right and show me the right path..


She left the room taking his sweat shirt from the gym. Whatever they talked in the Gym today was overheard by Anjali. So their maid Khushi was finally getting married. And unexpectedly ASR was more than interested to let this happen. Anjali was always against ASR and everything that he was involved in. She hated Khushit very much because even after being a maid of this house, ASR always gave her the life of a princess , at least when he was around. How can she let Khushi get some peace? A lot more was going in Anjali's mind at the moment to revenge ASR. He cannot see Khushi in distress and hence Khushi will be the Pawn through whom Anjali will play her best shot to hurt ASR.  She will find out who the groom's family was so that she can let them know their would be bahu was a Keep of ASR. This will be so much fun. She grinned with evilness and hurried to her room to start her action.




 I know you guys missing my updates. I am busy in some important functions here.

So updates could delay. I will try my best to post Vivaah on Tuesday.



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