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FF (COLLAB): Me & My ASR ~ Part 7 (29/07) No PMS (Page 28)

Alone111 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2015 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
Updt dis story plz

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verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2015 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Sorry for the delay from both of us.. Here is part 5

Part 5

Anjali was discussing the entire scene she had just witnessed in the Gym between ASR and their maid Khushi.

Amrita: Seems fishy. A billionaire like him is giving so much attention in his Maid's personal life. What does he want from her?
Anjali: Maa, just think what is she giving him which has made him so much concerned?
Amrita: Speak clearly Anjali.
Anjali: I think Khushi and ASR are having some kind of relationship. Now you know what type of relationship I mean mom. Khushi is not so much innocent like we all think her to be. She has played her cards well. ASR is getting what he needs from her and Khushi inturn is getting all the favours from him. He has no problem if she is getting married to some other man because even then she will be working for him, in this house.

Amrita was getting irritated thinking how can a girl like Khushi be so characterless?

Amrita: Anjali, you stay away from these two people. You are going to get a baby  in few months. I don't want any problems in your pregnancy. Stop intruding in ASR's life now. If he comes to know any of these things being shared and talked openly in the house, he will not spare you.

Anjali: Why should I be scared of him? I am not wrong Mother.

Amrita: You might not be wrong. But leave ASR and his deeds to him and you concentrate on your pregnancy. I am not going to repeat this again.

Anjali was unhappy that her mother was not getting involved in her gossips or conspiracy. But that doesn't mean she will obey her mother blindly .She hates ASR more than anyone else and hence she can do anything to make him fall from the heights of success. Their father had given all his property to him, his illegitimate Son, but she will not let that power remain in his hand for long. She and her baby deserves the property not that illegitimate brother and his kid. She will surely snatch it from him by hook or crook.

Khushi was still unable to believe she had accepted this order of ASR to get Rohan in his office. What will they talk? And why? Rohan seemed pretty excited and equally nervous.

Rohan: Am I looking good? I mean professional enough ?
Khushi: Hmm. But Rohanji
Rohan: Can I have some water?

Khushi didnt get a chance to speak much and clarify her doubts. What was Rohan's intention? He was acting so strange? Why so much anxiety to meet ASR?

She passed Rohan some water and then ASR's personal secretary came out of his cabin.

Secretary: Mr Rohan and Miss Khushi? You may go inside.
Rohan: Thank you.

He rushed inside without even taking Khushi along. That was his next gesture which Khushi didnt like at all. She followed him. ASR saw them entering the cabin and stood up. He never welcomed anyone, then why was he so much interested in even getting up from his seat? So much respect? For whom? Rohan? Or her? Khushi smiled at ASR who came and stood before them.

Arnav: ASR.

He extended his arm. .Rohan's hand shivered as he shook his hands with THE ASR who had invited him to meet in his Office today along with Khushi.

Rohan: Of course. Who doesn't know you ? I . I am really glad to meet you personally today. You you ..can't measure how much I waited all these years to stand before you. You you are my role model, my icon , my...

ASR was not used to hear so much from an unknown man. He cut his words.

Arnav: So you are Rohan? Khushi's fiance'?

 Rohan simply passed a nod. He was short of words today still he spoke too much.
Arnav: Be seated.

He gestured Rohan and Khushi to get seated on the couch. Khushi was hesitating to be a part of this meet between ASR and her future husband but she had no choice. She cannot deny ASR, NEVER. But something caught her attention. 3 years back Khushi had gifted ASR, a hand sketched portrait of his which she made it for him. The same 5 x6 inch portrait was framed and kept on his table at the corner. ASR saved this gift of hers? She never thought he would. He was at the apex of his anger that day for some reason when she had gifted him. So there was no question he would safeguard it. He was always presented by expensive gifts on his birthday by all his guests. She had seen him misplacing those gifts and even damaging a few in his anger process. But never in her life she had expected her simple gift to be honored on his office desk. She could not take her eyes off his table while getting seated on the couch beside Rohan. She didn't knew ASR was noticing her keenly. He had his eye on every expression of hers.

Arnav: I am very possessive about few people Rohan. In fact everything related to them. Khushi is one among them and that's the reason you are here today in my office.

Rohan: Ohh Yes. I thought so. But I don't mind you see. If she stays close to you, its really an honor to me.

Khushi kept waiting to know where these talks would lead them.

Arnav: Good. So where do you work?
Rohan: Khanna's advertising company but you see I always dreamed of working with AR. Who wouldn't? It's such a reputed designing company and there is so much to learn here?

Why was he speaking more than required?

Arnav: How much do you earn Rohan?

Khushi's jaw dropped. Did ASR really ask Rohan his monthly wages? That was such an insult. But Rohan seemed calm and very interested in answering everything he was asked without any hesitation.

Rohan: 20,000 Rs per month but I am supposed to get a promotion there, very soon.

Arnav looked at Khushi. As expected she was watching him and Rohan now stared at their eye lock. This meet was getting awkward.

Khushi: ASR, if you done with this meet, we should be leaving. You might have other work too.
Arnav: What's so hurry? I still haven't completed my set of questions Khushi. And nothing is more important at the moment that interrogating your fiance.

Rohan wiped the sweat formed on his forehead. Interrogating? What else did ASR want to know?

Arnav: So Rohan, you might have been informed by Khushi that she will be working for me even after you both get married, didnt she?
Rohan was surprised. She will continue her maid's job? The look on Rohan's face and his stare at Khushi made Arnav realise this matter was still not shared between them.He didnt like it. ASR turned to Khushi.

Arnav: You didnt tell him this?
Khushi: No. I .

He was angered.

Arnav: I What? Wasn't my word enough ? You know I am serious about this Khushi.

His possessiveness was getting revealed slowly before Rohan who interrupted their unnecessary argument.

Rohan: Uhh. ASR. I don't mind if she works for you.

Khushi was startled once again. He doesn't mind if his wife works as a maid?

Rohan: In fact I myself wish to work for you. See. I even got my CV here. If..If you could take a look.

Rohan got the perfect opportunity to share his CV with ASR. Khushi had not expected this .What was going on? He doesn't have a problem if she works even after marriage as a personal maid to some big shot and now he also wishes to work in ASR's firm? It was clear to her that Rohan was using her as a Pawn but ASR? What was in his mind?

Arnav took the sheet of paper from him and kept it aside.

Arnav: Call me after a week  Rohan. My HR will take a look at it.

Rohan was super excited. He shook hands again with ASR and stood up.

Rohan: Thank you ASR, thank you so much. This is enough for me. Thank you. You please carry on with your meetings. We shall leave.

Khushi Stood up too.

Arnav: You leave Rohan. I will drop Khushi.

Khushi was once again watching Rohan's expressions. He seemed to be calm having no objections.

Rohan: Ohh Sure. Why not?  I will meet her later then. Bye ASR and bye Khushi.

Rohan left the cabin. Khushi was looking very depressed. She wanted to ask ASR what did he intend by doing so much favors' on her and now even Rohan? What was going on in his mind? Arnav carefully held her elbow and turned her towards him.

Arnav: You wish to ask something?

He understands her so well. He was familiar with each and every expression of hers.  She moved his arm away and kept some distance between them.

Khushi: ASR, I don't want you to give Rohan a job here.
Arnav: Why?
Khushi: Because I don't want it. Isn't that enough?
Arnav: This is my office and only my decisions are applicable here. What you want won't fit into this place.

Khushi: You are not understanding  ASR. I don't want me and Rohan to be under your shelter after marriage. It's enough. You have done  a lot for me and I will keep serving you if Rohan and his family doesn't have a problem. But that doesn't mean you make ROhan work for you too. He is good where he is .

Arnav: Just 20000 per month? That won't give you a secured life.
Khushi: It will. Money cannot get happiness ASR. Love matters.
Arnav: And he loves only money and career. Didn't you notice that ? This damm paper here proves it. And I dont care what you think. My decision will be mine. I know what's best for you. Go down and sit in the car. I will come in few minutes.

Khushi was unhappy. She didn't like so much of interference from ASR into her personal life.

Khushi: No Thanks ASR. I have some other work around. I don't need your lift.

For the first time ever she made this courage to go against his words .He crumpled the CV of Rohan and threw it away seeing Khushi leave the cabin.


Khushi was in deep thoughts about the morning encounter between Rohan and ASR in the office.Is everything going in the right path in her life?  A man claiming so much possessiveness in the name of an employer that he tries to intrude her private life stuffing her and her future life under his feet for his control? Much to her dismay Rohan was equally playing slave to him as if their life is dependent on ASR. Isn't  she being taken too much advantage by these two men? Somehow the thought of marrying Rohan has always created a chaos inside her. And this incident added more fuel. Doesn't  he have a spine to argue with ASR that she can't continue her work? And ASR why is he behaving as if she is his only? He knew she is getting married then why this possessiveness. Is it new?  No.. its not but why is he still possessive and those words on his things and possessiveness ?.. She unconsciously drifted to other thoughts while the bucket was overflowing with water.  "Why did he treasure that gift of hers which she presented to him during his birthday unlike the other gifts which he threw in the waste?"

The sudden touch on her cheeks startled her from the reverie. Akash caressed her cheeks and looked at her quizzically as to what was bothering his little sister.

"Kya hua Khushi? What made you lost in thoughts not even knowing the water is overflowing? Is anything bothering you?"

"Nothing bhai.."She sighed deciding not to cloud her bhai with the confusions and worries in her.

"Khushi I know you can't hide anything from me. Tell me what happened? Is it anything relating to ASR?"

Khushi was shocked to hear that word which makes even her heart jumps with attention. Why is it he grabs attention everywhere and his name makes her startle everytime? She disclosed everything that happened in ASR's office in the morning.

"What?  How can Rohan accept his order?  I don't understand this. Why does ASR want you to continue there?  Who is he to decide? And Rohan easily accepted his order?" Akash became furious hearing how these two men thought of playing games with his little sister's life.

" Calm down bhai. I think I may have to talk to Rohanji about this."She fiddled her duppatta in tension thinking about the after math when ASR comes to know she is not interested in continuing.

"Khushi, did I make a mistake? I am worried for you now. I think I should have checked Rohan's character more before accepting this proposal."Akash closed his eyes as worry started etching his face thinking about Khushi.

Khushi took his hands in hers and convinced him that everything will be fine and she will talk to Rohan about this. Akash nodded thinking if this talk does not do any good he has to straight away talk to ASR himself without Khushi's knowledge.


"KHUSHI... Khushi..." Arnav shouted at the top of his voice when he came from his jog not able to find his suit kept on his bed. He turned his gaze towards the curtains which was still not drawn and even the French doors were closed. That means it is same like what he saw in the morning when he left for jog. Khushi hasn't come to his room. She knows he doesn't like this way every morning. Even if she is late it's a custom to open the windows and keep his suit ready for his office.

"Khushi... he came down the stairs shouting her name but stopped when Anjali and Amrita stood staring at him from the mandir where they were doing the pooja. His loud voice disturbed their pooja which did furiate both was evident from their faces. He kept quiet and marched back towards his room not to start a chaos in the morning especially during the pooja. As he was striding past the guest room one of the maids came near him.

"ASR, Khushi is on leave today. She had informed Anjali Madam through phone."

"What ?  Leave?  And she informed Anjali?" He felt as if someone has punched him hard. What the hell is this girl doing? She should have informed him not that Anjali who spit venom on her with her words. Didn't she have the courtesy to call him and tell him? But wait why she is on leave? 

"Is she not well? Has she gone to the hospital?" He asked with a worry.

"No sir. She is fine. I heard she was going for a date with her fianc." The maid replied without looking at the furious eyes. He dismissed the maid and proceeded towards his room.

"Date? What the hell? Why didn't she tell me?  Date with that greedy scumbag? Shit!" He banged his hand on the door in anger.

He is her fianc, so going on date with him is fine but why does he feel that guy is not a good match for her. Damn! He picked up his mobile and tried to call Khushi. Three four five times he tried. She didn't pick up his call.

"Bull shit.. How dare she not pick MY calls? Is she safe?  Has he tried to manhandle her? I should see if she is safe."

He rushed to the bathroom and got ready. After getting the information from the maid where Khushi might be, he left for the place speedily in his car.


It was a garden where couples usually meet. He parked the car and proceeded inside. All he could see was many couples in cosy positions, kissing and hugging behind the trees and bushes.

"Get a room Idiots!" He muttered underneath.

At the same time he was shocked to think if Khushi was also manhandled by the man like this. He knew she was very conservative and traditional but that man could do anything. He had this fear inside him and with a frown &  anger he focused on spotting her neglecting all the other people in the garden.

Near the shade of a tree he saw Khushi standing watching a pond while Rohan was trying appreciating her beauty with eyes. She had had eyes fixed somewhere thinking while he tried to move towards her. ASR controlled his anger by tightening his fists but the next move from Rohan busted the volcano. Rohan had pulled her in his arms keeping his hands behind her strongly while Khushi was still trying to retrieve from the shock of his pull.


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Thnk u so much fr d updt
Amzng it was
Loved it Tongue

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.LadyHitler. IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice update!

Rohan is using Khushi as a pawn! Wonder if he even cares for Khushi!
Finally Khushi is now thinking about ASR's possessiveness now! That's something she should really think about!

ASR's anger must have been at peak seeing Rohan pulling Khushi into his arms! Wonder what he's gonna do now!

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please update soon

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sangeetadas Senior Member

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Great update

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Awesome update 

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rulama IF-Sizzlerz

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ASR is slowly awakening to his feelings which were dormant while the wheels were running smoothly...
Nice update...

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