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SaHil: A Different Kind of Game || Chapter 4 Updated @ Page 8 (Page 3)

sahil333 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 5:19am | IP Logged
Brilliant piece of work. My samam, she has suffered so much. And she is still strong, she has to be strong for the sake of her beloved ones. What a suspense in the end. Yes... I want seher to feel guilty big time. Oh I'm going to enjoy jealous aahil...he deserves that. 
Can't wait for the next chapter. Do pm me please?

ShaitaanKiKhala IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Good Start ..
farz_parachute IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Oh wow! Wow wow wow!

I love your style of writing! You! You've got me hooked! Storyline simply intriguing; and to just make it wholesome is your impressive command of the language! I'm so very taken! Impressed! 

I absolutely love what I read! Now I simply have to read some more! And only you can make that possible! Already looking forward to reading the next part!

Thank youuu for writing and sharing this with us all!

bindasss Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Wow! Your story has me hooked! I wish this would actually happen in the show! Please continue soon and please pm me further updates! Thanks
007jindal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 10:23am | IP Logged
ahaaan superbb
cont soon
Gunjhun Groupbie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
A Different Kind of Game

Chapter 2


Sanam lovingly put the finishing touches on the dishes that were to be eaten for that night's dinner. She had made all of Aahil's favourite foods, and for dessert she had made an apple pie that was cooling on the counter.
A bout of nausea and dizziness hit her and she swayed, trying to regain her balance.
The medicine will make you dizzy and want to throw up...but it is necessary you take it...
Her sister's voice rang in her head and Sanam fought to clear her head. This particular part of the plan was unknown to her and while she trusted Seher, she was uneasy when she first took the medicine.
Seher pulled her twin into their secret room, glancing around to make sure no one had seen them. She smiled brightly and pulled at Sanam's cheeks.
"Look at you Miss Golden Globe!" she squealed "Wah! What a performance! If I hadn't known any better I thought you would actually break down crying."
Sanam blushed lightly at her sisters teasing and moved away from her.
"Seher I'm still very scared," she chewed her lip thoughtfully "What if this blows up in our face?"
The mischievous sister tsked and pulled at her twin's hand.
"Oh ho! While doing these kinds of thing you have to let go of fear, worry etc," she explained, turning towards her twin with a glass of juice. Sanam watched with wide eyes as her twin dropped a little white pill that fizzed before dissolving into the liquid.
"Now onto the next step," Seher explained handing her sister the glass. "Drink this."
Sanam furrowed her brows and stared at the juice at hand.
"But why?"
"This juice will make you feel weak. When Salim comes tonight it'll help with the dramatic tone and all. You know, he's angry, you're faint and weak and Aahil will be all worried and attentive," Seher explained with a flip of her hand.
Sanam stared uneasily at her sister who raised a brow and motioned for her to drink.
"Seher is this really necessary?" she finally questioned, letting her uncertainty show.
"Yes meri jaan," Seher prodded. "Now please just drink this. The medicine will make you dizzy and want to throw up...but it is necessary you take it. You trust me, right?"
"With my life," Sanam replied without a beat. As she turned to drink the juice Seher's eyes softened softly.
Please forgive me Sanam. I lied to you. About this pill and about this plan. But if I told you what I want to really do you would not agree to it. Even you would not be able to trust me in putting forth such a big lie. The plan was never to make Aahil jealous and insecure. It is something much bigger than that. By the time Salim comes tonight you would have fainted, and the doctor would be here to do as I say. Forgive me.
As Sanam drained the glass, Seher gave her an uneasy smile, trying to hide her own worry about what was to come.
End Flashback
Sanam was brought out of her reverie as Lateef came into the kitchen.
"Oh my goodness Sanam!" he trilled, swinging his braid across his shoulder and surveying the room "You look like you could feed an army here! And what is this? All of chote Nawab's favourite food?  Are you trying to get back into his heart through his stomach?"
Sanam smiled slightly as she plated the last dish. She shook her head.
"Aahil hasn't been eating properly in the last few days," she explained "He's been skipping meals. I hoped that if it was something he liked to eat then he'd have at least a few bites."
Lateef arched a brow and grabbed a dish as he helped Sanam set the table. Such an odd girl, he thought, On one hand she runs away from their marriage and on the other she worries about his eating habits.
Soon the delicious aroma of food wafted the mansion. Tanveer and her two lackeys arrived, practically salivating at the sight of food.
"Sanam has cooked today begum Sahiba!" Ghazalla trilled excitedly. She hurriedly sat down with her husband and they quickly served themselves, relishing the food. Tanveer gracefully sat down, waiting until Lateef served her.
Too bad she is my enemy, the woman thought, savouring a bite of food She cooks so well...   
Amidst the people eating, Sanam stood aside, waiting and hoping for Aahil to come. It was almost halfway through the meal and she was beginning to feel disheartened as he still hadn't shown up.
A breeze wafted through the air, carrying with it the citrusy musk of her husband's scent and she relaxed.
Aahil had tried very hard when the first waft of food tickled his senses. He had been passing by the dining room when those delicious aromas trickled from the kitchen, seeming to envelope him in a warm cocoon. He knew immediately that his chote begum had cooked the meal for that night. He watched as everyone came down into the dining hall and relished the food, even his ammi seemed content to eat. It became too much and he finally walked towards the dining table trying to ignore Sanam's blooming smile as she watched him approach.
He had spent the day trying to figure out who this Salim was with no luck. The incident attached to him like a leech and he couldn't seem to forget or ignore it. Aahil reached out to serve himself, when a hand stayed him.
He looked up and was enraptured in his wife's eyes. She shyly let go of his hand and moved to take his plate, serving him herself. He watched as she gracefully filled his plate, and it was only then that he noticed that everything spread on the table was his favourite food. Aahil was alarmed to see her suddenly sway unsteadily, and he got up to help her but she stayed herself and continued on as if nothing was wrong.
Setting the plate down in front of her husband, Sanam waited patiently for him to eat. He held her gaze for a moment before taking his first bite and her heart sang when his eyes closed in appreciation.
It tasted like home to him. Warm and comforting and familiar. He couldn't remember how long ago he had tasted her food but at that moment it felt like he was breaking a fast of many days. He enjoyed each bite with relish, wasting not even a morsel.
And for Sanam that was her greatest joy in the bleak days that had covered her life. That single moment was a ray of hope for her and she selfishly committed it to memory. Even as the pounding headache drumming at her temples became unbearable and her stomach churned violently she basked in that moment.
Seeing everyone almost done she entered the kitchen to finish dessert. She grabbed extra plates and some ice cream bowls and brought out the pie.
Aahil glanced up at the smell of something familiarly sweet and his mouth salivated at the sight of his favourite dessert. He immediately polished off his plate and served himself a large slice with a side of vanilla ice cream and tucked in, lest Khalla and Khallu decimated the pie before he got a chance to taste it.  
Sanam smiled and went back to bring out a bowl of rice pudding. As she neared the table her vision became spotty and she struggled to stay upright. The dining table seemed to spin and she swayed. The bowl slipped and crashed at her feet and finally it felt as if the rug had been pulled from underneath her. The last thing she heard was a shriek.
Aahil abandoned his dessert and bolted towards his prone begum. He gently hauled her towards his kneeling form and shook her.
"Sanam! Sanam!" he prodded, distress overtaking him "Sanam please. Wake up."
"Aahil what is going on?" Aami questioned worriedly. Khalla and Khallu too seemed distressed, but whether it was over the spilt rice pudding or the unconscious woman, they would never know.
"Ammi Sanam has fainted and she won't wake up," he explained.
"Ya Allah! Sanam has fainted?" Tanveer echoed worriedly. This girl will not let me live in peace! When I wanted to get rid of her she kept coming back and now that I need her alive she suddenly starts fainting!
"Aahil hurry up and take her into the guest room," Tanveer commanded. "Lateef call the doctor! Hurry!"
Aahil paced the living room of his mansion, stopping occasionally to glance up towards to guest room. The rest of his family sat and waited as the doctor looked Sanam over. He had gotten their surprisingly fast, and had banished everyone from the room while he examined her.
"Aahil beta come and sit," Tanveer requested, irritated with the sighing and strolling of her adopted son. "Sanam will be fine, but you won't be if you keep worrying like this."
He knelt at his mother's feet and took her hands in his.
"Ammi I-"
He was interrupted by a commotion by the front door.
"Sir please! You cannot just barge into the house like this!" his guards frantic voice echoed.
Aahil stood up and watched with rapt attention as a man in a black suit stormed into his home. He was closely followed by two others dressed similarly. His frantic guards trailed behind them and Aahil put up a hand to show he would handle this himself.
"What insolence is this?" Aahil questioned "How dare you barge into my home in such a way! Who are you people?"
The man leading the trio stopped in front of Aahil. Removing his black shades he stared back with light hazel eyes. Unlike Aahil's more boyish features the man's face was hard and beautifully sculpted with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. His tousled cinnamon coloured haired gave him a wild look that contrasted with the sharp suit he wore.
"I think instead I should ask as to who you are?" the man questioned, a languid smile working its way onto his face "After all shouldn't the host welcome his guests first?"
"What disrespect!" Lateef piped up. "Don't you know that this is Aahil Raza Ibrahim, the chote Nawab of Bhopal?"
A curious glint entered the man eyes and Aahil stiffened as he seemed to look him up and down, assessing him before meeting his eyes once more.
"Ah so you are Aahil," he mused to himself. "Sanam's husband Aahil?"
The young nawab bristled at the way the unfamiliar man took his wife's name. His anger began to brew and he clenched his hands.
"Yes I am Sanam's husband. But who are you?" He questioned, clenching his jaw and glaring murder at the man.
He was met with a small smirk as the man gave a mocking bow.
"My name is Salim Iqbal Khan. And I am Sanam's future husband."


Chapter two is up! Let me know what you think! A lot of people are asking for PM updates but I'd like to story to get moving a bit more before I make a PM list. Until then please continue with your support!

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fatima30 Goldie

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This story is brilliant! I am loving it!
Raingoddess IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
I just read both chapters together! This is so interesting... I was so disappointed when it finished lol I cant wait to see what will happen next tho I have a slight idea as to what Seher's plan is although its risky lol plz do update soon n add me to ur pm list once u do decide to pm! Thanks! 

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