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SaHil: A Different Kind of Game || Chapter 4 Updated @ Page 8

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SaHil: A Different Kind of Game
By Gunjhun
Seher glanced towards the sleeping form of her sister. The dried up tear tracks on Sanam's face were a clear indication that she had, like countless nights before, cried herself to sleep. The mischievous beauty frowned, and sat at her sister's bedside, pushing a lock of hair off her face.
The dark room they had hidden themselves in was only illuminated by a single flickering candle. It was with deep contempt that Seher surveyed the room they were in. It was their personal prison. A prison they had to live in to fight against the woman who had left no stone unturned in making their lives an unimaginable kind of hell.
Her lips tightened as she stared at the enchanting candlelight, remembering the act the witch had put on that morning when she had brought back her weak and frail sister, after attempting to end her life. And Aahil, the bewitched son he was, believed his ammi wholeheartedly.
It seemed that no matter how hard they fought, how righteously they fought, that witch undid their efforts with the simplest of her schemes. And Aahil, the one who her sister loved with her very being, would once again fall under the illusive spell his mother wove.
He wouldn't know how hard it was for Sanam to love him. To love the adopted son of the woman who had murdered their parents, snatched their birthright, and broke their family into pieces. Aahil held onto a disillusioned anger that Sanam had betrayed him, not knowing that every stand he took by his ammi was a betrayal towards her.
And if Tanveer had her way then he would never know. Seher cursed the day she had met and agreed to work alongside Raziya. If her mindless greed hadn't gotten in the way then maybe her sister's life wouldn't be in such shambles, and maybe just maybe, her and Rehaan would have tentatively began a life together.  
But today's scene had opened Seher's eyes to something. The reason Tanveer kept getting one up on them was because she was playing dirty. In this battle of wits she abided by no rules of honesty, decorum or even humanity. And that was what the sister duo was missing. They were fighting honourably and as a result were making slow progress, at their own expense. The cuts on Sanam's hand were a testament to that fact.
Her almond eyes slid over to her sister. Before meeting Sanam, she was just like Tanveer, just a shade less of being as despicable. Like the witch, Seher too was motivated by greed and the desire for wealth and it was with great shame that the beauty realized she had played many cruel games and tricks. Her part in Raziya's plot was her most recent, but final act. But then she met Rehaan, and Sanam and Badi Ammi. And she realized she was loved and so much more than an insignificant orphan. But now she thought maybe it was time to revisit the dangerous and cunning mind she had left in her attempt at a life of honesty.
These small tricks they were playing against Tanveer would do them no good in the long run. And so long as Sanam and Aahil remained apart, due to misunderstandings and manipulation, this fight would drag on and the witch would continue to play one trick after another.
Her sister's soft and tentative voice broke her fierce train of thought and she turned to fully face her mirror image. The candlelight illuminated the soft vulnerability of Sanam's face that Seher knew she herself didn't have. After the encounter with Aahil her sister looked visibly drained and the fire in her eyes seemed to have dimmed.
"What are you thinking?" Sanam questioned, staring at her sisters pensive face.
There was silence before Seher spoke up, her voice quiet and thoughtful.
"Just thinking of how Tanveer seems to one up us all the time," Seher explained, "Because despite our best efforts she always manages to rope Aahil back into her grasp. If things go on like this we might never be able to avenge ammi and abbu..."
Sanam sat up startled at what seemed to be defeat in her sister's voice.
"Seher don't talk like that!" she chastised "We will unmask Tanveer and avenge ammi and abbu!"
"But at what extent Sanam?"
Seher sat closer to her sister and gently took her hand. "She has made countless efforts on your life, and harmed you both physically and emotionally. That woman does not play fair and we've stunted ourselves by playing fair..."
Sanam let out a weary sigh and faced her twin.
"So what should we do? I refuse to stoop to that woman's level, because if we do we will be no better than her." Sanam murmured.
Seher nodded.
"I know and I'm not saying we should but we have to fight fire with fire," she explained searching into her sister's eyes. "I've been thinking and I think I have a plan to unite you and Aahil back together. But I need you to trust me."
Sanam stared back at Seher and slowly nodded taking her sister's hand.
"I have very few people left in this world that I can call my own. I am ready to trust you with my life," Sanam said.
Seher felt tears well up in her eyes and she embraced her sister. Stroking her hair, her eyes hardened in resolve, determined on making everything right again in their lives, that Tanveer had destroyed.
Now it's time to play a different kind of game...

More to follow soon! Let me know what you think!

Chapter 1- Page 1
Chapter 2- Page 3
Chapter 3 - Page 5
Chapter 4 - Page 8

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A Different Kind of Game


Chapter 1



Aahil leant against the pillar by the indoor pool. His own troubled eyes stared back at him from his reflection. For a moment the reflection vanished and he was met with the beautiful face of his beloved smilingly sweetly at him. His postured straightened and his features softened.


"Sanam..." he whispered quietly but at that instant the vision disappeared and the ache that seemed like a permanent fixture in his heart returned tenfold.  His eyes slid shut and once again his eyes flashed towards the fateful night of, what was supposed to be, their wedding.


He knew it was too good to be true. But he couldn't help but question. Why?


Why him?


Was something lacking in his love?


He knew that his reputation before depicted a careless and unloving rogue but when Sanam had come into his life he had changed. He had honestly and with great effort made an effort to change.


For her. For their love. For their marriage and for their future.


Because Sanam had, or so he thought, loved him. She had come and gently began healing the wounds on his heart, something he had thought only his ammi was able to do. She had seen him at his worst and brought him to his best.


She was his queen, his chote begum.


And she had abandoned him on the hour of their nikaah. Had fled from their wedding altar without so much as a letter to explain why and what. Had she had explained to him why he would have wholeheartedly let her go. But no, she had shamed him and his ammi in a way that was unforgivable.


Or so he kept telling himself.


When he had found her on the road, staring so forlornly at the moon his heart had lurched in his throat. And the first thought that had crossed his mind was a prayer of thanks.


Because she was alive. And she was safe.


It was only after that the hurt and anger welled up in him. He had stepped out of his car and had planned on marching up towards her and demanding answers.


But then her eyes, those bewitching eyes stared at him with so much love and hope that he had to stop himself. He kept her at arms bay so he wouldn't rush to embrace her, to hold her in his arms and rain kisses over her face in an effort to prove she was there and she was real.  


But even that served to spark a flame of anger in him. And at that point all he could think of was making her hurt. Hurt the way he felt when she abandoned him, and what better than to bring her back into their, no his, home and knock her down to the status she had come in with, all the while using the new woman his ammi had brought for him.


He would not call the new woman his wife because he would never accept her as such. His chote begum was and always would be the bewitching Sanam. Sanam Raza Ibrahim. His Sanam. Not some random woman who he had gone through a rushed and unconsented nikaah.


Aahil had spent some time away from his home to not only clear his mind, but begin to prepare to annul the sham of a marriage he had entered. But with Sanam back in his life he had decided to withhold that process and use his new woman to torment her until she understand how hurt he had felt.


He was brought of his musings when an arm lay on his shoulder and for a moment he hopefully looked over, hoping it was his begum.


Hopeful black eyes stared at him and he fought to fight down his frown as his mothers chosen bride looked up at him.


"What is it?" he asked, hoping to keep the irritation out of his voice.


She shyly looked down and mumbled out.


"I-I w-was told to c-call you f-for breakfast," she stammered quietly.


"I'll be on the way," he replied, dismissing her and turning away to walk towards his room.


He began to ascend the stairs when a pair of sandaled feet stopped before him. Aahil looked up and was bewitched to see his begum descend in a black anarkali with gold embroidery. She looked so forlorn that his heart broke all over again and he wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms and hold her.


Sanam stopped before her husband and she stared into his black onyx eyes. Eyes that had once held immeasurable love for her were now clouded with doubt and anger and it hurt her. It her that she was robbed of his most loving days because at the time her sister was here instead of her. And now, it was like they were back to the beginning. And it hurt.


But what hurt most was the lie she was going to partake in to get him back to her. She knew she couldn't very well expose the truth of her sister before him but the elaborate plan Seher had come up with to bring her and Aahil back together after Tanveer's manipulations left her heavy hearted and guilt ridden.


We have to fight fire with fire...


Her sister's voice echoed in her mind. Sanam resolved herself and clutched her phone, ready to set the plan in motion.


And in that moment her phone rang, and she schooled her features into a look of discomfort, glancing down at her phone then at her husband. She let the phone ring before it silenced only to start up again.


"Aren't you going to answer?" Aahil questioned his beautiful begum, watching as she worriedly glanced at her phone before looking away. She slowly nodded and walked past him, and he couldn't help but notice as she let the phone continue to ring without answering. Against his better judgement he waited a beat before following her.


Like a thief in his own home he followed his begum as she stole away into the garden, worriedly glancing behind her. She finally stopped and he hid behind a pillar, waiting as she answered the phone.


"Please," Sanam pleaded brokenly. "Haven't you done enough? I don't want you to interfere anymore. You will only make things worse. Aahil is already very upset and he won't listen to me, so please I beg you to leave me, to leave us alone."


Aahil's ears perked and he bent around to look at his begum talk to some unidentified person on the other line.


Sanam waited to hear the other person on the line confirm the plan Seher had set up.


"Salim please," she begged one last time, keeping up with the act Seher had laid out for her. "For God's sake, if you hold any shred of respect for me after what you have done to me you will never even let your shadow near my life again!"




Aahil's eye furrowed at the unknown name and he racked his brain trying to remember if Sanam had ever mentioned someone of the name before. He moved away from the gardens as Sanam finished her conversation, intent on finding the identity behind this name.


Sanam finished the drama on her phone and looked around. Aahil was nowhere to be seen but then her phone beeped with a message.


Seher: The seed has been planted...


Sanam smiled unsurely and deleted the message and cleared her phone history. Now the real game would begin.


Dinner at the mansion would be a spectacle for sure.


Stay tuned for more! Reviews appreciated!

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I like it ! Wink What's the plan ! Gosh I'm honestly fed up of Tanveer and her games. Stupid Aahil ! innocent or not he is still under the spell of the one who kills his father. I can't wait to see your story progress. Now time to play dirty for the twins ! Clap

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Raingoddess IF-Rockerz

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Beautiful! I would love to see this on the show! This shows Seher's guilt and inner turmoil! I love the contrast you show between the twins where Sanam is not weak but momentarily drained which is not surprising since she has gone thru a lot! I hope you also include Aahil n his thoughts in ur story. Anyway great job and I love the simplicity in ur writing! Keep it up! Plz pm me updates if u can!

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Lovely Start.  Look forward to the next update. 

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royalsgirl93 Senior Member

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plzzz continue and pm the next update
love the first part
pllzz continue soon and pm the next update xoxox
love the sahil in this
evedallas1 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Ohoho! You are going to use the jealousy card Wink yep i really love your story so far LOL Aahil is going to explode lol i CAN feel it ... Well he clearly deserved it.

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I loving this story 
Waiting to see what is the plan
Update soon

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