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Raizada & Raizada Co. Ltd - Thread 3 (Chp 15 22/01)

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"Cindy please! Not in the car! Hold on a few more minutes we're nearly there. Okay, baby? Just... please! Don't start spurting your babies in my car!"

She checked the TomTom once again. It said she'd be there in another thirty minutes. She sighed and clutched the steering wheel tight. Everything was just going to be fine. She only had to turn up there, conclude the deal with them and she would be fine...

Except, she was not expecting them to welcome her very warmly, so a smooth discussion would be out of question. Her mother's words replayed in her mind once again.

"Nafrat ke alaava humein aur kuchh mila nahin hai unse! Vahaan jaane ki kya zaroorat hai?" (We have never gotten anything but hatred from them! Why do you have to go there?)

But she squared her shoulders. She could not back out now. She had to do this, and whether they accepted her or not, she was going to have her share. It was, after all her birthright!

"Hey, Cindy?" she talked nonchalantly to her large, heavily pregnant ash-grey cat. "The TomTom says thirty, you want me to beat it?"

The response was a loud painful meow that she took for a yes. Khushi Raizada pouted her lips and pressed her foot on the accelerator, sending her cherry red Toyota speeding into the little town of Whetshire...


This story is inspired from Katie Fforde's Flora's Lot. An really interesting read! Gosh, I sooo love Charles!!!


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Chapter 15 - A Very Embarassing Friend To Say The Least

"Lavanya!" she shrieked, running across the road to hug her best friend, almost making both of them fall.

"Whoa! Calm down, Happiness!" Lavanya laughed in her usual sultry way. "How are you?" she asked excitedly as they pulled back, but still holding tight onto each other's hands.

Her high ponytail swished agitatedly behind her with every slight movement. Khushi almost sighed. This was so Lavanya; always perfect and classy/killer on point. No wonder she had nabbed a guy as gorgeous as NK and they made such a good pair. Especially since he tolerated all her mood swings and impatience and bursts of anger very well.

"Ladies? Do you remember that I am also here?"

Lavanya rolled her eyes. "Shut up, NK!" she said without looking at her husband.

Khushi giggled. "I am fine. How are you?"

"Awesome," her friend leaned in to whisper. "We just had fantastic sex in the car on the highway."

Her statement extracted what sounded like half-gasp and half-laugh from Khushi while NK choked on his own breath and turned bright red. He ogled at his wife. "Lavanya, is nothing sacred in this marriage?" he hissed in embarrassment. But she only looked at him and shrugged, pretending she didn't know what he was talking about. She had always been like this... NK sighed and turned to Khushi. "Hello, sweetheart. Save my life again, will you?"

"What do you want?" she grinned at him.

He asked her where he could find a petrol pump, so she directed him, earning herself a smacking kiss on the cheek before he rolled away in his silver Ford. She turned around, locking arms with Lavanya and they walked into the office together.

"I am so sorry you had to come here," Khushi muttered. "I still have some work to finish but I'll be quick and we can go to my place afterwards."

Lavanya grinned slyly at her. "This is actually very good, baby, don't you worry. I'll get to see the famous Mr Raizada and his booty."

"La!" Khushi squealed with horror, reddening as her eyes rounded. "Shut up!"


"I wonder where your husband is."

"I wonder where your business partner is," Lavanya replied, mischief glittering in her eyes which were dutifully trained on the doorway.

Khushi glowered at her for a moment before proceeding to shutting her laptop down and stowing it in its bag. She was still gathering her things when her friend got up with a low whistle.

"I say! That's an eleven on ten for sure, baby!"

"What?" Khushi looked up puzzled and followed Lavanya's gaze to the room right across the corridor, where Arnav had just walked in, talking to someone on the phone. And of course, his backside was in plain view for Lavanya's roving eyes... She felt her ears grow hotter and hotter, even after she had hastily moved to shut the door to her cabin and stood against it, glaring at Lavanya. "You are married, for god's sake!" she hissed, outraged.

Lavanya shrugged and settled back in the armchair. "So? Doesn't mean I can't look!"


"Why are you getting so jealous for, though?" she smirked.

Khushi choked on the words she was going to say, completely forgetting them. "Excuse me? I am not getting jealous!" she spluttered defensively. "I am just... asking you not to behave like that!"

"Asking?" Lavanya laughed loudly. "Baby, you were definitely not asking."

As she went on laughing so loudly, Khushi cringed and took a step forward to ask her friend to just lower the volume a little bit but right then, the door abruptly opened behind her, hitting her hard on the side. She lost her balance, causing Lavanya to laugh even more. Growling, she sat up to glare at Arnav, who stood in the doorway awkwardly.

"Don't you know you are supposed to knock before, you moron?" she exploded.

His face hardened at once. "Don't you know you shouldn't be standing in front of a closed door to begin with?"

Khushi quickly got up, furiously dusting her hands on her thighs. "You-" she started gritting out but Lavanya was already sauntering over, a strange glint in her eyes.

"Ooh! So, you too even fight like old married couples already?"

"What the-?"

"What the hell?"

Arnav and Khushi blurted out their shock simultaneously, glared at each other, then looked away immediately. Lavanya chortled, slapping each of them on the arm. "Just kidding, guys. What are you getting so nervous for? By the way, I am Lavanya Kashyap," she extended her hand to Arnav. "Khushi's best friend."

He glanced at her gingerly and she thought she saw some disgust flare up for a moment in those dark eyes but he did not shake her hand. Instead, he turned back to Khushi with a bark. "Why is your friend here?"

Khushi wrinkled her nose at him. "Okay, can you just stop acting like someone shoved a thorn up your arse, now? Calm down. You asked me to finish this whole pile of shit before I left and they were already in town. What was I supposed to do?" He opened his mouth to say something but she put her hand up to stop him. "And before you start spouting about how this is your office and you don't want random people around here, please remember that this office is mine as much as yours and I can invite whoever I want here."

Lavanya felt her eyes widen. Her friend seriously never stopped impressing her. And it looked like the angry hot mess of a male that stood before her was no less surprising because he seemed to compose himself and narrow his eyes at Khushi before calmly speaking up. "Yes, I understand that."

If Khushi was as taken aback, she certainly didn't show it. She simply squared her shoulders and exhaled loudly. "Fine."


She curled up in the armchair, purring with contentment as she enveloped her hands around the hot mug of cocoa NK had concocted for her. She took the time to appreciate the little moment of peace she was having while the young couple was busy aww-ing at Cindy and her kittens because the moment they were done, she was going to be on the receiving end of a lot of egging. She did love both NK and Lavanya very much, but she couldn't deny that they could annoy or embarrass her sometimes. Sometimes it could even be both-

"I am taking two of them, baby!" Lavanya announced gleefully as she leapt into the loveseat before Khushi, with NK joining then minutes later, his gait much calmer than hers. "The two grey ones! I would have taken the little black one too but NK said no because all the pets he has had in black never survived more than a week." She looked at her husband with a disappointed pout, to which he rolled his eyes and turned to Khushi.

"And Khush, I know this old man who would really like to have Cindy. If you don't mind, of course. Actually, his son owns the meat shop we usually buy from and he was telling me his father's cat had died some weeks ago and... he wanted some company, he lives alone since his wife passed away."

Smiling, Khushi nodded. "Sure, NK. They already are eight weeks old and Cindy does leave them alone more and more these days, so I guess it would be okay to separate them... even if it hurts me like hell..."

"Aww," Lavanya reached forward to rub her upset friend's knee. "We'll have little get-togethers from time to time, baby. Don't you worry!"

Khushi blinked back the wetness from her eyes and nodded again. "And you know, I really liked the little black one and I wanted to keep him but I thought I'd give you the right to choose first. But I can keep him!"


Just as they were about to have dinner - NK had whipped up a rapid and tasty lasagna - someone knocked on the door, extracting a groan from the three of them. Khushi dragged herself to the front door, thanking the heavens again because Lavanya had not mentioned Arnav Singh Raizada yet.

However, when she opened the door, the same words of gratitude turned to curses because the man in question was frowning down at her, still in his black Armani suit and crisp white shirt.

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Chapter 16 - So Awkward A Situation

"What are you doing here?" She blinked at him in wonder.

He, on the other hand, appeared to be frowning at the room behind her. "You didn't get the power cut here?" he asked when he finally settled his eyes on her.

"What power cut?" she scrunched her little nose up.

Arnav sighed, running a hand through his hair. "We lost the power in the whole city a few minutes ago. It's started to snow and apparently there's going to be a big storm soon, it'll last the whole night. I thought you lost power too... I thought I should check on you, see if everything's fine... Maybe you should all just move in town tonight? I could-"

"Hey, mate," NK appeared behind Khushi jovially. "Get inside before you turn into a snowman and we'll talk about that, okay?"

"Right," Arnav blinked. Khushi felt herself redden as she hastily moved away to let him in then closed the door behind him. When she looked at him next, he was shaking snowflakes off his hair, but that was of no real use because they were melting fast in the warmth of the cottage. Well, except that it made his hair unruly, which made him look incredibly sexy... Khushi slapped herself mentally and immediately. Lavanya was definitely a bad influence.

NK took Arnav's jacket and hung it by the fire to dry. "So," he rubbed his hands together. "Want to join us for dinner? There's more than enough."

"There's a snow storm coming," Arnav frowned again. "I think we should all head to town and-"

"Aww come on!" La rolled her eyes even as she remained seated at the table. "Get your arse over here and have dinner with us. You are already here, we still have the power and I bet you haven't eaten yet, have you?"

He glanced at Khushi. "I don't want to impose myself on you guys... I was at Stella's diner when the power went out and..." He looked at Khushi again before quickly looked away.

NK moved back towards the kitchen. "Oh please, come and have a seat. I cook better than any Stella." Then he realised that Arnav could be feeling uncomfortable because of his feud with Khushi so he turned to his friend with a sigh. "Of course Khushi doesn't mind. Do you, Khushi?"

Biting her lip, she threw a sidelong glance at her adoptive-cousin-slash-business-partner and there was something about him right then that made her smile. "Of course not. Sit."


To think of it now, she was already regretting having let him stay for dinner. In fact, she could very well open the door and throw him out right away if she could. But that would be inappropriate and it would prove Lavanya right. Of course La was wrong! She was not at all attracted to Arnav Singh Raizada.

Then why was it suddenly so difficult to look away from him while he sat back in his chair - right across the table from her, his sleeves rolled back to his elbows, his hair adorably dishevelled - while he chatted easily with her friends? She shuddered. Oh she hated him. That was why. She hated him and the fact that he was getting along so smoothly with her friends. Yes, that was exactly why she was staring at him. No, she was glaring at him. The vile monster. But he was not looking so vile, was he? He was smiling and grinning and even laughing and she was... She was wondering why he couldn't do that more often. It really made him look so much more handsome...

"And now dessert!" NK announced, sauntering back to the table. "As fantastic a cook I might be, I did not cook this, not enough time. But Khushi enjoys tiramisu and cheesecake so we bought some on the way. I hope you like it, Arnav?"

He looked at Khushi in surprise. "Seriously?"

She scowled at him immediately. "Yes, why?" she snapped.

"Nothing," Arnav smiled strangely.

La's eyes rounded in delight. "You are hiding something, mister."

He chuckled and shrugged. "My favourites too," he mumbled meekly and Khushi felt her cheeks go up in flames. Oh dear lord...


"I should go now."

Yes, you bloody should, you bas***d. She smiled tightly at him. "Good night."

He pleasantly greeted Lavanya and NK, but for her, he reserved an awkward nod of the head coupled with a barely audible good night'. She closed the door firmly after him with a sigh of relief. Although her relief did not last very long because firstly, Lavanya caught her eye and jiggled her eyebrows suggestively, and then, there was a knock at the door again. She opened the door. Again. And was faced with Arnav Singh Raizada. Again.

"For god's sake!" she hissed. "What do you want now?"

He looked quite hurt by her tone. "My car is not starting," he grumbled.

Khushi leaned against the door frame and sighed deeply as La came towards them. "What's the matter? Your car's not starting? Oh don't worry, I'm really good with cars. Come, we'll see what's wrong with it."

She slipped her jacket on and went outside with Arnav while NK washed the dishes and Khushi stood by the door, feeling miserable. Arnav stood by La as she fiddled around to see what the problem was and fix it, but Khushi's eyes lingered on him. It was snowing harder now and his head was not covered so the snowflakes clung to his hair, making it look white. She smiled. He looked old. Feeling her gaze on him, he turned to look at her and she noticed that the snowflakes were hanging on to his eyebrows and stubble too. She giggled helplessly. It was dark outside and she was probably not seeing things right but she thought he had flashed a grin at her before Lavanya had straightened up and started explaining something to him.

"It's too cold for his car, I guess, because everything else looks fine," La said as she came back in. "Happens in this weather, nothing to worry about but do have the car towed to a mechanic tomorrow morning, Arnav. But I'm pretty sure it's the temperature. You'll have to spend the night here, unless you want to walk in that and freeze to death?"

Arnav looked at Khushi. Again. She hid another smile. "No, it's fine. I don't want your death on my conscience."

It was indeed not safe at all to wander outside right now. He had been right about the snowstorm. They had been more than ankle-deep in snow when La and Arnav had gone out and at the rate it was going they were in danger of being snowed up here. And his clothing and shoes were definitely not apt for the weather. He did have some good chances of dying if he decided to walk back home.

They shut themselves in the warmth of the house and discussed the sleeping arrangements. Khushi had previously decided to give the only room upstairs to her friends and she could take the sofa-bed and she stayed firm on her decision, except that now, Arnav would have the sofa-bed and she would curl up in the loveseat. They all agreed and went to sleep soon after that, supposedly because La and NK were very tired but Khushi knew what was really up. It was always the same with these two. They could barely keep their hands to themselves. Arnav had changed into the clothes NK had lent him and of course, since Arnav was burlier and taller, the T-shirt was snug, almost straining, and the tracksuit pants hardly reached his ankles.

Khushi chuckled at the sight and he pretended not to notice. The fire, still going strong, kept the room alit. She gazed at the ceiling, thanking the heavens that La and NK had learned to keep it quiet because it would have been terrifying awkward with Arnav sleeping in the same room as her. But right then, she heard as sharp moan that petrified her. Shit! What the f**k was Lavanya thinking? Her heart galloped as if she had been running a marathon and she broke into a sweat. What if he was not asleep yet? Another similar sound, closer this time. She heard Arnav stir.

"Is that your cat?" he whispered.

"Uhhmm..." Oh shit, how was she going to explain this now? She sat up awkwardly and turned to him. He was sitting up too, frowning at something in the doorway. She followed his eyes and almost laughed with relief. A pair of green eyes peered at them curiously from the shadows. "Oh!" she jumped to her feet and moved to the animal. "It's you. Which one are you, honey?"

When she lifted it in the light, she realised it was the black one, the one she was going to keep. She cradled him adoringly and sat back into the loveseat. "This is the kitten I will keep. La and NK will have the other too and NK's friend wants Cindy."

To her surprise, he smiled warmly at the little ball of fluff. She bit her lip. She would have to decide on a name. That was seriously the hardest things to do though. She could rarely do that easily. But the kitten had its own idea. It leapt from her lap onto the sofa-bed and crawled onto Arnav's thigh, purring happily. Surprised, Arnav gingerly attempted to rub it on the head with a finger, causing the cat to playfully flip onto its back and mewl. Khushi giggled.

"Aww, he loves you!"

He chuckled. "Hmm... he's a funny little guy... What are you calling him?"

She sat in thoughtful silence for a few minutes. "I know!" she exclaimed, making him jump with fright. "I'll call him Armani!"

"Armani?" he winced. "Are you kidding me?"

Khushi shrugged defiantly. "He's black like your suits and he loves you. Like it or not, I am calling him him Armani!"

He regarded her with astonishment before he threw his head back and laughed loudly. "You are crazy, you know that?"

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coming soon 17

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coming soon 18

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coming soon 19

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coming soon 20

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coming soon 21

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