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preety..bhumi.s Goldie

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetshre

hey dear!
happy New year!!
kab update karogi Cry

happy new year dear
abhi kar rahi hu update
keep smiling

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preety..bhumi.s Goldie

Joined: 24 July 2014
Posts: 1424

Posted: 03 January 2015 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anu_anya

wow congrates neelu for ur second thread hope soon u will start anoder thread too
ab jaldi update be dedho as a treat
continue asap
Happy new year :)))

he he my name is not neelu dear its the name of birdyLOLLOLLOL

he he n givng u update soon keep smiling
preety..bhumi.s Goldie

Joined: 24 July 2014
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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aditi512

Congratulations on the new thread...^_^
Its a lovely story...:))

thankiee dear keep smiling tc
preety..bhumi.s Goldie

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
hey guyz howz u all...???
so ohk in this part i tried to put your wishes as per demanded and wanna say sorry to my nautanki because as per the story's scliupture i cant put her wish here..sorry hopw u understand but dont worry one day will put it in story and it will a long part dedicated to u nautanki...


PART :16 B


Precap: sandhir felt something for each other..something new and randhir made sanyu laugh after ages ..start of something new...

The precious night for them went away...which was admired by the one and took lightly by another one...may be it was a START OF SOMETHING NEW...

Next morning...
He woke up carrying the uneasiness in his body due to the pain..yeah its all again was due to that uncomfortable so called bed of hers...he stretched his arms and smiled at pain..yeah he was smiling at it...because may be he felt like he has at least felt some of her pain...he was smiling faintly but soon his smile got broadened by having a glimpse at the diary..the whole scene flashed in front of his eyes and his eyes too sparkled along with his 32 teeth out flashing in a big big smile...he stretched his body a lil and then stood up from the bed...and started arranging the things...

Whereas she was sleeping for long...finally a peaceful deep sleep...may be it was because of expressing the things...things in the movement which her lips pursued last night..but soon she also woke up with a faint smile pasted on her face...her eyes were twinkling..she stretched her arms while yawning a lil...and smiled broader while looking at the floor..she was feeling light..after a long time she was feeling a lil light..she took a deep breath and slipped into her sleepers..and then moved towards the washroom the get fresh n up...

She moved down after a half hour or some and was about to trail to kitchen for making breakfast but what she witnessed left her a lil confused...but her lips curved in such a way that anyone could count the 32 of her mouth...the kitchen was totally mess...everything was here and there...a book was just hanging from the electric chimney quite above the stove and rd...rd...he was just a lil white..his face had some patches of floor...his dress had different print of colors...of actually the integrants and a egg...a egg was struggling between worst and the worst in his hands...yup he was trying to break up the different ways..maybe it was his first time with egg...he was even trying to squeeze it with the "I will do it.." annoyed expression on his face...but I guess the egg was slippery...and sanyu she was just smiling like an idiot watching fav comedy show on tv...she was just looking at his antics..and he was totally busy with the earth mars war with the egg which was ready to slip from his hands..unaware of her presence...oh gosh he was still the kid..she moved towards him without making any noise...but literally she was laughing at him with her twinkling eyes and the great chuckling smile...and then she patted his shoulder from back...and he who was totally concentrating on his the great war didn't even blinked his seemed as his most important possession...the white stubborn egg..she chuckled a lil silently...and then again patted his shoulder..this time with more power..and to this his mind broke the concentration..he swifted his nose up in irritation with the frustrated lines building up on his forehead..gasped a lil and then turned while bubbling up in irritation and a lil high pitch voice still fidgeting with the egg... "kya...hai...????..." and when he said so and looked up at her broad smiling face..the lines of irritativeness got vanished and the egg...the egg really just slipped from his hands in such a way that it jumped up to her near neck region and crashed while making a slight noise grabbing the attention of both the lil confused souls...oh yes the egg was on her...with yellow and white on her dress near the neck region...and was proceeding towards her kurti...his facial expression changed with a second..his eyes got broadened..and face a lil frightened while his hands were still in same short he was according to him totally between life and death...whereas she was too very confused..her facial expression was like "..what was it...???.." her nose was totally swifted up in disgusting way...her eyes were opened like what...?? And her forehead lines were showing out clearing how much she was disgusted as well as looking at the liquid moving in her dress..both of them just looked at the disaster for a min penetrating different kinds of facial expression with every moment of the sticky liquid and then they uplifted up their face to face each other...he was terrified for the circumstances..yeah he was because as after the last night's chimpy's encounter he hadn't expected this to be...and she was just passing the weird look at him...the such one which were enough to alert him..this was what they were sharing at the time..he was just looking for her reaction to come out and she to him for any thing to come out..and soon his voice trailed in a with 20 % of hesistant... 35 % of fear and 45 % determination...yeah he was still determined after all he was randhir the RSS.. so he said with his changing I mean expressing facial looks... "uuu..i ..." But before he could complete she turned around with her angry looks and went to the washing basin to clean up showing her anger at him...while he just took a deep breath by this and was looking in puzzlement at her..his hands went under his back pockets in his jeans n he was just looking at her to react..actually he was lil nervous and again a lil guilty too...but he was the same person who was not there to bow down totally in front of a women his past was still with him..n he can't help it till he get rid of her' ...well leaving that all he was just waiting for her reply to come in determination..nervousness and guilt...just then she turned back leaving bewildering him a lil and straight way went near the stove and at first took the hanging book and kept it aside without sparing him a look and started cleaning up the things...he got a lil confused and moved towards her to help but just then she turned for something and after looking at her straight face he took his hands back and preferred to move out of the place...and soon he was out with his frightened and determined confused short he was no less a confused kid there..and as soon as he went out..she looked at her dress and chuckled at the thought...yeah she wasn't that serious..she knew it that it was by mistake but u know she was still afraid of his closeness his friendship..she deep down knew it..may be by looking in his eyes only that he was a innocent and betrayed soul too..but was not ready to accept it.. this was how the things were going up in their lives...they were happy with each other's company ..Were enjoying each other but their EQUATION OF TRUST was not allowing the poor souls to do so...but still it was a START OF SOMETHING NEW...

Days rolled by like this only...they used to enjoy each other's company that too secretly...his concern towards her was was becoming pure...she too was trying to understand him...she got his pics many a times in library and she used to just hunt him in the pics..she was trying to get him..but was not that successful...they were happy...she used to teach the kids in eve...and in day she used to work in home..well he used to try to help her in morning but it was not less than a disaster... and he used to go for his work.. they used to meet in eve but only the things ended up with the small accidents which ended up making her laugh and chuckle secretly..and he was enjoying it...things were changing but the fact was still the same they didn't trusted any... they were still the broken one from inside...and yeah you guyz might be thinking about sanyu's room no...??? well it's not a topic to worry anymore .. she was living in comfort...and he too..he had arranged such a planning to shift her to room that she wasn't able to ask him anything...yeah as he was afraid of her asking him the quests like why you doing this n all ..and also of her denial to his help..he used a master plan...he had made an excuse of painting and all in the room..and even called the workers and successfully manipulated her to shift to the guest..oops I mean to her new room..which was more than enough to enjoy for a normal human being...and there life was just like this...full support..full companionship but denial..Denial for trusting each other truly...they even haven't shared a lot words in between but it was that they were there as companions..

After a week...
It was 5 :30 in the eve and sanyu was busy in teaching the her the dear n a some like polar bear students... well in the case..nishant of 11th the a lil rude one was busy in solving maths as always..not giving heed to any one...aditya of the 8th the motu was busy in eating the chocolate while writing something.. and rahul and mohit of 5th and 7th were busy in asking doubts from their dear sanyu didu.. and the ishant don't ask what he was busy may deny but the ishant was busy with pulling sanyu's hairs a lil from back... irritating her as always..yeah he was the naughtiest one among all..and was close to sanyu too..she didn't minded it much because she too loved it as it always gave her a homely and being with the ours one where were we..?? yeah ishant was pulling sanyu's hairs from back to which sanyu who was busy in explaining the two confused students of hers was not giving much heed...was just in middle taking his name in straight voice to frighten him up..but who can stop the devil...?? Nah no one ...he was just playing the other tricks too with which she was ignoring him..poor ishant but na na he was not so easy to take back..he left her and went near the book shelf in library and started kicking it up to grab sanyu's attention but as she and others were busy everyone took it as hi another chutku mischief and ignored him...sanyu didn't looked up but was taking his name in between to stop him but he was ishant after all...he kept on kicking the shelf to grab attention... he kept on doing so but didn't got any he moved to the store and came back with the rod..yeah rod in his hand..he was hell mischievous of being class 3rd...and he was about to hit the shelf in oder to grab the attention just then two hands pushed him back to which he fell down brutally grabbing everyone's attention and yeah it was rd..there he stood managing the about to fall book shelf..with all his might...yeah the bookshelf was really was made up of iron and was also having a lot books...and there the sanyu and others rushed towards them...sanyu moved up ti the ishant who was crying lying on the floor and nishant helped rd to manage the shelf..and as soon as they arranged the book shelf and sanyu made ishant to sit on the chair in library the only thing which flashed in her mind was the scene..the scene when rd had pushed sanyu brutally in rage...and she was lying there on the floor...and don't know why but within the nanosecond she turned and pulled rd by his collar in full rage and spoke up in her high pitch frightening every one there..
"kar kya rahe the tum...??? Ha kar kya rahe the...?? Ek chote se bachhe ko..ha...???...mere saath kiya its ok Mr.RSS but ek chota sa bachha...???..are ..." But before she could speak more rd just pushed her a lil in rage and caught her tightly by her arms and started shaking her while blubbering out in rage.. just frightening the students there... "me kya kar raha tha...?? Ha tum kya kar rahi thi pehle muje ye batao...??? Tumhe dikhayi nahi deta ek bachha kitni der se book shelf pe laat maar raha tha..?? ha puri bookshelf girne waali thi uspe...kya karti tum agar use kuch ho jata toh...?? Kya karti tum ha batao muje...??..(he said so and pushed her a lil back..and then said while ruffling his hands in his hairs in the real rage of his...while she was just loking at him with her frightened expression his red eyes were enough to scare hell out of anyone..)...kar bhi kya lete tum log ha..??(while pointing towards each in frustration and the others just lowered their gaze whereas sanyu was just looking at him in aghast) kya tum logo me akal nahi hai..??(he moved towards nishant and asked while grabbing him by his arms) ha bolo na..bolo nishant bade bhai ho na tum uske...kese rehte..batao kese rehte agar use kuch ho jata toh..?? kya pata bhi hai tum logo ko ki kesa lagta hai jab...(his eyes became a lil moist and then he left from their without even sparing a look to anyone)..." and as soon as he left the others looked at sanyu who was still in shock..trying to figure up his sudden reaction...and then nishant finally spoke up gathering a lil courage in him... "sanyu..di vo ishant..." and to this sanyu blinked up her eyes in disbelief and said in surprise.. "hhuuhhmm..??..." thus finaly came back to her senses and turned to her the reasons to smile who were just frightened like hell by looking at their fight...And ishant that poor soul was just too frightened that he wasn't even bubbling a single "ummm"...they all were hell scared..

Recap: a new equation of relation pakka and lots of fun...

I know I know yeh part thoda boaring tha but ha pakka next part ekdum jhakkas hoga full too wala kuch naya hai usme...


do hit likes and comment please

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
congraths for new thread timeParty...wish u a very very very happy & prosperous new year...

update is awesome as usual...loved the changing equation of relation between sandhir...eagerly waiting for next update...

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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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First of all a big wali hug to my nautanki Hug
Ab ek slap tuje Angry

Now u must be thinking
Hug r slap ek saath kyo

So madam slap isliye bcz u said sorry
Sorry kis baat k hai
Idiot kahi ki

Aaj k bad srry bola na toh slap ni sidhe ak47 nikalungi Angry

Seriously don't be sorry nautanki
Stry k lia Jo appropriate tu wahi toh likhegi

Totally okay

Now hug for being so sweet
U r my really my darloo nautanki

One day u will fulfil my wish with a long chapter dat too dedicated to me
Yippe moi super hppy Big smile

I will be wtng for it

Now coming to the update
Do I need to tell u this is perfect
After all my nautanki is the best

Chal ab chane k jhaad par maat chad jaiyo LOL
Really it was superb
N u r calling it boring

Both had a peaceful nite after so many days
They woke up with smiles on their faces

Both r strangely happy with last night incident

Omg the kitchen disaster
Poor rd kya haal bana rkha tha

I can imagine him in dat messy look
Awww he's so cute

Goes to randhirland

Oh shit mi th bhul gi I m cmmnting on nautanki fic
She will kill me for incomplete cmmnt

Comes back from randhir land

Sanyu was laughing seeing him like that
He's really a innocent kid

He was so engrossed in his mission
He failed to notice her

N den that egg incident
God that was so fuuny
Both r so shocked

Sanyu behaving strict
She don't want to come close to him
On the other hand rd too faking arrogance

Bcz of their equation of trust

Now both r comfortable with each other
They don't talk much bytheir silence is soothing

Kehte hai na sumtyms silence is more calming then words

The kids r too naughty
Bt sanyu didn't mind it

She feels happy around them
Bt that nishant he's way too naughty

Rd saved him on the correct time
Bt dat incident reminded sanyu of that fateful nite
She was so furious on rd

Bt the rage in rd made her silent
He did that bcz he was connerned for nishant

now tym for my little observation LOL LOL
Bcz of this nishant incident I observed sum thing
The fear of losing sum one in rd

So I feels the girl in flashback kahi rd ki sis toh ni h
I know I know my wild imagination got too much

Bt dare u laugh at it Tongue

Really I luved the whole update

Wtng for next
Update soon

Luv u my darloo

Keep smiling

Edited by newmoon18 - 04 January 2015 at 12:36am

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Heavenly_Dreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 12:00am | IP Logged
dear ..
pleetu ..
it was not boring at all yrr..
faltu mein hi khud ko underestimate mat karo .
well update was really nice . .
egg scene was superb ...

sanyu in comfort ... gr8   .

ishant . naughty yet poor kiddo...
sanyu filled with rage ...same wid our handsome...
but he gets senti and leaves.    ...
ale yaal ...
update ...
regularly and asap .   ...
itna koi paleshaan kalta h kya . ...
koi nhi ... ...
keep smiling ..

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sweetshre Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2015 at 12:11am | IP Logged

hey preety
awesome update!!
ye maine kya padha abhi abhiShocked
aww u completed my wish list!!!
hawww Embarrassed
bt end me bechare ko rula diyaCry
koi was fab[:D/]

both slept peacefully!!!
b'coz dey shared their pain, sadness, their insecurities...their loneliness...
through their tears Day Dreaming
they both got up in morning with a smile on their faces!!!

now they both r comfortable with each other...trying to understand each other
sanyu is trying to find out innocent n happy rd in the rd in front of her...
hope she comes to know abt his past soon
ye toh cheating hogi na Wink
rd ko sab pata chal gya sanyu k bare me through her dairy...ab sanyu ki bari Tongue

OMG dat kitchen scene was so hilariousROFL
bechara rd...kya karna tha aur kya ho rha tha LOL
sanyu was silently admiring his innocence... Day Dreaming
lol n dat egg accidentROFL
I can't stop laughing yaarLOL
rd is SCARED of her reaction Tongue
bt their past experiences r still haunting them...they r not able to show their concerns

nd now the boys gangLOL
that nishant is height of naughtiness..
kitna tang kar rha tha sanyu koLOL
n sanyu use attention nhi de rhi thi to janab tod fod pe utar aaye!!
rod leke shelf ko marne wala tha!!
sachchi itta sa toh h bt khurafati dimaag h!!
thank god rd shi time pe aa gya n use bacha liya...
bt sanyu to gussa ho gyi!!
i guess rd ka past se kuch to lena dena h is library ka!!
hamesha yaha aake emotional ho jata hCry
I hope ye dono ka equation of trust jaldi hi ban jaye...atleast start to ho hi jayeEmbarrassed
continue soon na dearEmbarrassed
i'l b waiting!!!
thnx for pm

arre baapre kuch jyada hi lamba nhi ho gya mera comment Shocked
main thak gyi ab Wink
continue SOON!! Tongue

with love

Edited by sweetshre - 05 January 2015 at 10:08am

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