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preety..bhumi.s Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetshre

wer r u dearCry
wen will u update??
hope u r fine...

aww m f9 dear 
just that m stuck with my family and exams u know dad came to know about my writing 
its different now 
love u 

preety..bhumi.s Goldie

Joined: 24 July 2014
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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pari1995

lovely yaar,just loved their supporting but still denial  relationship
wow precap sounds interesting
update soon

aweeii thankiee pari
stay blessed
keep smiling 
preety..bhumi.s Goldie

Joined: 24 July 2014
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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by purnima209

congrats for thread 2 
awsme part...

eagely waiting for nxt part

aweei thankiee purnima didu 
stay blessed
keep smiling
love you 

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preety..bhumi.s Goldie

Joined: 24 July 2014
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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by angelicdeepti

sorry dear for the delay...
lol me too solly for delayLOLLOL

ab equal equal ho gaya LOLLOL

anyways superb as usual...

i wonder who randhir was referring to...

continue soon

thankiee dear
keep smiling'
 stay blessed
preety..bhumi.s Goldie

Joined: 24 July 2014
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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anu_anya

waiting for ur update :(

soly dear just updating now
 love you 
preety..bhumi.s Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
hey guyz do anyone remembers me...??
well i want to say solly bala wala solly but cant help it now CryCry actually first thing is that my dad came to know about my writing n all n he had kept a condition that i have to score good for writing...CryCry and the second thing was that in my school tests were going on so i didnt got evn a pinch of time to write solly hope you understand 
now enough of my excuses so here's the next part


PART :17 A


Precap : rd with the egg disaster.. rd save ishant from accident..sanyu had brust out on rd..and rd too had a brust out on her and everyone for carelessness...

Ishant that poor soul was just too frightened that he wasn't even bubbling a single "ummm"...they all were hell scared..and sanyu she was still in astound...she was not able to get the things straight in her mind..firstly she was confused of her own behavior...yeah she was regretting it..she found it wrong..wrong to ask him about his humanity..she was deep down convinced by his behavior from past few weeks that he was not the one what she had thought of him in start a devil' he was something else but what was he..? was the only thing she was still thinking for. As soon as she came out from her reverie she blinked up her eyes in a lil reflex and then shifted herself totally to the kids you can say her kids. She consoled them all and after some consoling 13 minutes she let them go to their home the orphanage house'.

She came back to the library and sat there with numerous no. of thoughts ringing up in her mind..Questioning herself..Questioning him..just the things..she was in other world..thinking of her world.. was just confused may be was in lil guilt too and was lil determined was all the different for her and for us also tongue emoticon but still it was like that only.. unsure emoticon all due to the TRUST tongue emoticon so where were we..?? unsure emoticon yup so she was in library all lost in her thoughts just then something grabbed her attention..the quarreling voice of utensil from the kitchen made her shrill up a lil, she looked here and there with the grumble of "huh" in surprise to the disturbance..and then within nanosecond having an odd thought in her mind she fastened up towards the kitchen thinking of something she didn't wanted to happen but may be god was not by her side that day...she witnessed the same thing for which she was praying to god to not to happen..his hands touched the hot steel utensil kept on the stove under fire and he yelped with pain in reflex..yeah she was fearing of this only because she knew how good was he in kitchen and what would be if he was not to be in senses...he was just yelping in pain with his eyes a lil closed in pain and as soon as she witnessed the one more kid in pain she rushed towards him without having any second thought..she reached to him and took his burnt hand in hers and started blowing the cool air on it like a someone for whom he had always craved for while calming him down in middle with her other hand on his shoulder patting it lightly and her succoring voice bringing him a lil back from what he was lost in with twinge all around... "randhir it's ohkay...theek ho jayega.." were her words which made him look at her worried up face to which don't know why his mouth had a lil wheeze and his lips were just curving in a trivial unknown smile may be of satisfaction...his gaze fixed up at her innocent face trying to soothe him hiding many pains inside her..he don't know why but he took his hands back from hers and his hands reached her face startling her a lil she was all looking up at him with her questioning eyes and her back hands against his forelimb may be stopping them unknowingly again in the same fear of trust, care and betrayal..but her eyes were fixed in his .. Welcoming him.. his right hands soon cupped her left cheek and left one reached her head in her hairs caressing it a lil while her lips too curved in a slight lil kind of invisible smile..he cupped her Johnson's baby soft cheeks a lil in assurance and then said with his soft whispering voice while assuring things with their eye contact.. "its ohkay sanyukta..dekhna sab theek ho jayega.." and to this she felt..she actually felt a thing picking up in her heart something raising up lovingly in herself from inside...her hands against his forelimb turned up in gripping as with her feeling weakness dipped with a strength...and soon his hands started coming back to its place leaving her, caressing the each part of her craving skin with a soothing touch making her close her eyes with a known yet unknown bliss..she smiled with a gasp feeling his presence in tone against her hands loosing the grip over him.. It was all that they were unknowingly soothing each other or u can say may be knowingly. He smiled at her with a pleasure in his heart and then turned back to leave while smiling a lil with his baby jaw opened mouth gasping a lil and then finally stepped out wards to leave her...whereas she was all and all feeling a new ..her eyes were gazing the ground it was not a blush it was something like feeling to live it once again..a ray of hope building up in her heart..Their heart...they were accompanying each other. It was a new unique was A EQUATION NEVER KNOWN..! nor of trust and neither of distrust.. something never known...!

The night of their passed by thinking of the life of bliss which they were feeling in leaving their past but still the bitter memories were bothering them up..

Next day...
It was the time of eve...nearly 5:30 pm as usual the kids were under the army officer their sanyu didu busy in pursuing their mischievous activities suddenly something went like which made them all gulp up their saliva..They all became silent unexpectedly leaving sanyu in astound...She narrowed her eyes in order to enquire what it is..? But no one dared to mumble anything...they all kept focusing on their own work leaving there commander in a wonder..but soon the voice of footsteps gave her a alert and she turned to witness a tired but smiling rd looking at the kids with a mischievous smile...a confused smile too spread on her face and she turned back to the kids who were still looking like under the cage of dragon...she chuckled inwardly knowing what was it..! and then turned back to the mischievous rd who was there to take some class of the kids...curved up a smile to him but the within a second changed her colors from happy to a frighten one accompanying rd in taking class of kids said with her puppy face frightened tone while bowing down her head... "vvvo..m sorry..aabse hum log aapko pareshaan nahi kaarenge..aap bas in bachhoo ko kuch mat.." but before she could say rd who was till now flashing a mischievous too changed his colors in order to pursue the plan which they never worded up from their mouths but had discussed with their smile..and said while making a aggressive face with his stern voice.. "bachhe kisne kaha ye bachhe hai..i wont leave them..(to this the kids just got shivered up and sanyu chuckled inwardly)..kaha hai vo..? sabse chota wala..? ha...? (to ths ishant just clutched the table sheet while others too got a shiver while sandhir suppressed their chuckle but then rd continued ith his increased pitch..).. ishant...ishant bahar aao..(ishant didn't moved even a inch while others just gulped up their saliva and then rd just screamed loud)..ishaant...!!! (poor soul tongue emoticon what to do sandhir taking firki of him moved up with his shivering body towards rd with his head down ...rd smiled to this mischievously and then said while looking at sanyu in his ironic voice...).. sanyukta use jaldi se leke aao mere paas..jaldi..!.." sanyu too flashed a smile but within a second covered it up with the sad puppy face and took the resisting scared ishant to him and said in her frightened tone.. "vo ye liji..." he cutted her in middle and said while looking at ishant in his stern voice.. "hmm to tum ishant kya kar rahe the kal mere ghar me..?..." and to this the poor soul mumbled in his ittu si waali frightened voice.. "vo vvo m sor..." but rd again said with his increased up pitch "ha kya kar rahe the...?.." and ishant just blubbered up in his scared up voice like a metro train "jai hanuman gyan gun sagar..." Oh yeah he was rhyming the hanuman chalisa in fear and but before he could complete up the two mischievous kids there brusted out laughing like maniacs giving a high five to each other leaving the ishant and others in astound... and rd oh god he was literally laughing like mads holding sanyu's shoulder like a best buddy while sanyu was just holding her tummy and blubbering in middle"hannumaaan.." to which rd was saying in between his breaths bachaye iss bachhe ko.." and yes they were laughing like mads seems like after ages leaving others in shock and ishant with his jaw dropped like "hawww" and after a minute the others too joined them laughing like mads even ishant too was laughing on himself..and in this process only I mean laughing like maniacs and making fun ishant just pushed sanyu a lil back to which our poor sanyu along with rd standing next to her fell down in a awkward position she was on him and he was under her...her hands were on his neck and his hands don't ask..! his hands were between them between their colliding chests on her assets... And in such position which was unnoticed by the laughing kids the eyes of both the confused souls just widened up like never...!
And rd oh god he was just like between life and death...! And sanyu too was like that but rd oh god poor him he was just not able to breath up properly by looking at her red rage turning eyes...!

Precap : lets see what will happen tongue emoticon how will she react...?

N ha next Part pakka jaldi se iss baar wink emoticon 
Pleetu plomishhh CryCry

Btw how was it...???
Hit likes and comment please CryCry


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sweetshre Senior Member

Joined: 13 June 2014
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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 6:24pm | IP Logged
omg finally u r back!!!

hey preety
welcome back!!
i missed u so much!!
n dis ff also... Cry

awesome update!!
u made my day...!
Sandhir r now comfortable with each other...
poor ishant... Tongue
sandhir ka to aakhon hi aakhon me ishara ho gyaWink
n ishant ka band Baja Baja diyaLOL
poor child...bechara itna dar gya k hanuman chalisa bolne laga ROFL
n their position in which they fellEmbarrassed Tongue
Lolzz rd again scared of her reaction!!
m also eager to know sanyu's reaction!
ab kya hoga rd ka Wink
continue soon
m waiting Wink
thnx for pm

with love

Edited by sweetshre - 31 January 2015 at 6:32am

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foreverhers IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2015 at 7:20pm | IP Logged

This is fantastic... Really wow!
The way the story is progressing is certainly awesome and praise-worthy.
This particular chapter is my favourite one so far in this story cause this chapter showed the mutual understanding and emotional bonding that is slowly blossoming between SanDhir.
I never knew that Randir would pull those children's legs and Sanyukta joining hands with him in this prank was something uncalled for.
OMG!! The fearless Randhir is now afraid of Sanyukta's wrath... Hmm.. Equations are really changing and for good.
I hope that Sanyukta takes the incident lightly rather than making him more scared of her temper.
This was wonderful and superb..
I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter.
Please update it soonish.


Edited by -foreverhers- - 04 February 2015 at 4:02am

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