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ArHi SS#2: One Winter. Link for Th 3 on Pg 1 COMPLETED (Page 76)

AnjuRish IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 January 2013
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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
awww i had tears 

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abcdefg1234567 Senior Member

Joined: 21 February 2012
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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Wonderfully written long awaited conversation between brothers. I liked how they have finally broked the wall. I hope someday Arnav-Aman does the same. I know it's demand of the story but I missed Arnav-Khushi interaction in this part. Thanks for PM. Waiting for next part. 

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Barunz4ever Goldie

Joined: 10 February 2012
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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
Brilliantly written!!!!
The brothers heart to heart convo was just superb!! Your writing definitely brought out the emotions you wanted them to potrayClap... So Arnav n khushi are no more together ... Let's see where this incident leads them too... Waiting
BTW I am not  getting PMs for your updates anymoreOuch... I used to get them previously ... Do send me pm if u update..

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Eccentrica IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 10:43pm | IP Logged

Chapter 7B:

This chapter put things in a better perspective, both for Khushi and Manorama. Remember I was confused about Khushi's silence, and even felt that it was exaggerated, if not uncalled for? I no longer feel that. To know that her hurt stems more from Arnav's wrong behaviour towards Aman than Sheetal's towards her says a lot about the girl. Way to go, I shall say.

Amongst the lot, Manorama could be termed as the character tilting towards the negative; even so, it is difficult to put her off completely, simple because she does what she does for a reason, and a damn good one at that.

I hadn't counted on Khushi to hold her nerve, but she did, and quite confidently. Kudos to her for that.

Amidst all this, the news of the breakup does put a dampener (the argument presented by Khushi was commendable), but I know that the setback is temporary. And so I shall wait for the tide to change. Smile

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Eccentrica IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 December 2012
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Posted: 19 January 2015 at 10:45pm | IP Logged

Chapter 8A:

I shall be repeating myself for the umpteenth time, but then there's something about Akash that you just can't help but shower praises upon him. He has his faults but the goodness in him complements it perfectly. He is what one would term as humane, without the farcical ring of sugariness that one usually finds in positive characters. I believe you've already mentioned that Akash is your imagination, but if there is someone who has inspired him, do let us know.

You promised things to change for the better and we're already seeing that. With Akash and Arnav sorting things out, Arnav confessing his love for Khushi, the task of making Khushi come around sounds less daunting. But Manorama...well, that's another story.

Also, I'm eager to know how Akash and Payal's story will begin.Embarrassed

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akai Goldie

Joined: 13 July 2014
Posts: 1353

Posted: 19 January 2015 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Really really very touching. It's always complicated and difficult understand people who is hard nut to break. U have portrayed arnav very well. 
Waiting for your next update. 
I'm really sorry for me,  to join IF very lately. I missed your previous works on arshi..
Do continue writing plz don't stop. 

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Miss.Zaidi IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 March 2013
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Posted: 20 January 2015 at 5:56am | IP Logged
 I  am  very  late  Embarrassed i know ..

happy  birthday  to  all  the  birthday  girls  Party and  hritik Embarrassed

What a full circle! I had not noticed the connection between pagalpan and pagalkhana.LOL You are great.I know   I am Cool Pranam.LOL .. wa  alikum pranam  Tongue Mujhe uss thread ka link dena, the one in which you guys voted for me and I gave you and Choti asshirwad. vote  tou  PM mai  kya  tha Embarrassed chupke  chupke LOL ... thread  link .. hm..  must  be  in c losed  threads  now ..  dhondna  pary ga EmbarrassedPossible? Star Plus apne sab se unko 2012 mai satane ka badla le raha hai (no 'n', seeClap for  hai LOL). First EBP Dead and now taking off all the IPK epis Angry Anyways, ab uss channel main bacha hi kya hai ( x 'n' x)Dancing? I agree Aakash has been blind. And I have learnt my lesson.akash  is  blind  and  you  have  learnt  lesson ? smjh nai aya Confused I am not replying to anything else in your comment. Tu meri hi class legi...  ROFL

farwa  s banner  is  lovely !!!

now  the  chapterwa Embarrassed ...
arshi  s  convo was expected  ..   @ ayat   i  wanted  to  tell  you  the  same  thing  that  day  .. k  .. khushi  must  have  been  angry  about  aman  thingy  etc

. she  was  right  ..  but  i  want  to see  k  if  she  ll do  wt  she  preached ..matlab    i  think  she  should  tell arnav  about  her  promise  with  manorma Confused ? considering  what  he  told  arnav  about him  fulfilling  a  promise  but   making  her  feel  miserable  in  the  process ..
 aa  ..  saiyu   do  you  think  black  pull over  and   blue  jeans  dnt  go well  together ? mujhy tou  achi  lgti  hai ...

arey  han  .. khushi  s  coat was  lovely !! 

by  the  way   after  reading this .
He pulled out of her hold and turned, not wanting to face her now, "It was not good. At all. I admit I took the coward's route. I wanted to keep you both in my life. I assumed the wrinkles will iron itself out in time. I had imagined breaking the news to him gently. And while I admit being sneaky and for viewing him as competition, I actually didn't believe his interest in you, though avid for now, would last much longer. I seriously thought he wouldn't mind and understand. I am a certified fool, ain't I?"  i  was  like ye  arnav  kitna  pyara  hai na EmbarrassedDay DreamingBlushing  ask  him  not to worry ..  Embarrassedkhushi  nai  manti  tou  i  am  ready WinkLOL

manorma  ..  what  is  she  ? Wacko  what ever   she  is  . Dead  who  cares .. LOL

ok   for  the  next  chapter  ...

READ NOTE: I want all my readers to stand in a queue. Mujhe tum sab ko daantna hai*lol  khatarnaak  sp LOL ..  mai  bach  gai ..  Embarrassed dant  sy... RELAX. You guys think so much. I mean, mai jo jo soch bhi nahi sakti woh wohh sab tum log guess kar lete ho. ROFLI don't want your BPs to shoot up unnecessarily. Stay healthy. Stay happy. And read this story without worrying too much. Ok? GOOD GIRLS Big smile

LOL  whatty  note LOLLOLLOL

* i see  you  have   improved  alot LOL  no  more hain(s)  thankfully Big smile

Now to simpler things: You guys found Khushi self-sacrificing and selfless Shocked I do not completely agree. Not that she isn't a nice person. She most definitely is but from my viewpoint that just isn't it; that doesn't cover it all. More on that later. And mature? I will show you soon what an 18 year old she can be too LOL

@bold ...i  m  waiting  to see

LOLWAsAalu and Dr.AALUSLOLWA: Kya huwa tera wada? Wohh kasam wohh irada?? Ouch

saiyu Embarrassed...  i was  very  busy Embarrassed  although   i  still am  .. but  thora  free time  milla Big smile ... and  you  posted  your  last  update  on  my  ami  s  birthday Big smile...

97% of my readers are expecting a leap... Hmmm *nods sagely*
Not  me .   I  am  not  expecting  the  leap .. Ermm

finally  the  chapter  **  rubs  the  hands in excitement ** LOL

this  chapter  had  no ARSHI scene Cry... why ?

akash and  arnav  ... aha  ... @akash  bitwa ab aya  na '' teruck ''  pull  k  nichy Tongue ...   he  should  be  sorry  ..   i  didn t   like  him  ...Embarrassed ..  and  waisy  bhi   puri  story  mai  he  was  never  with  arnav  .. chalo   he  is  repenting  now  ..  achi  baat  hai Tongue ...  but  still  ...  i  dnt  like  him Stern Smile  bas  theek  hai  ..  utna  bura  bhi  nai hai ..

and  one  more thing ..  about  manorma and  sheetal in  your  story LOLWacko..  I  am  still  searcing  the  person  who  told  me  you  dont  write  negative  characters LOL ..  manorma  although is  semi  negative  ..  still..  ajeeb  hai  !

akash  aur  arnav Heart ki  batto  sy  lgta  hai  k  arnav  is  more  sensible  than  akash Embarrassed.

and  yes  ..  akash  should  realize  that  arnav  is  THE  BEST  MAN  ever  for  khushi Approve... may be  then  i  can  think of  forgiving  him Geek.

waiting  for  the  next  chapterEmbarrassed
lol  pta  kya  ..   i   asked  my   local (  pakistani )  IF   frnds  to  check  my  posts  nd  tell  if  yu hv  updated LOL  was  when  i  did  nt  hv  internet Embarrassed..

so   you  please  update  soon  ..  although   i  may  comment  late  LOL

@ rulama   ...   i  saw  you  quoted  my  comments  ..  it  made  me -->Big smileBig smileBig smile 

p.S  i  forgot  the  P.S  ; P 

bata  !!  ..  ignore  typos  Embarrassed

p.p.s  ..  where  is  syari ? LOLLOL

Edited by Dr.AALUSLOLWA - 21 January 2015 at 5:42am

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pakpearl IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 June 2011
Posts: 13540

Posted: 20 January 2015 at 7:00am | IP Logged
A Khushiless update..Disapprove
Though all the discussions were much needed..

Naniji is a very sensible lady..

"I am worried for Arnav and Aakash mostly. They are behaving quite oddly with each other. Distant kind of. 
 And it has been a fortnight at least since Khushi last visited Aakash bitwa.
Broken Heart  Unhappy
Aman hasn't been around in quite a while too and even Manorama isn't calling him for tea or snacks.Confused
Sheetal hasn't visited too; good riddanceLOL. No complaints in that regard.Approve

Akash n Arnav's convo resulted in many good things..

Arnav got catharsis of his frustration to a certain extent..

Akash realized his mistakes n tried to make up for them with all his honesty n love..

Most importantly...
Arnav expressed his true emotions towards Khushi...

Khushi makes me feel what I can't even describe in words. 

No one trumps Khushi in my life henceforth. No other girl can come close. And it is unfair of you to assume that just because I have dated before, I can't be serious about or do not deserve Khushi."

I love Arnav for saying this..Embarrassed

I love my family and I love Khushi. Godd! It's so liberating to say this!" 

He heaved a happy sigh..
And so I..WinkLOL

Some answers only Khushi will be getting..

I can remember some sexy waist was more attractive for Arnav than bare legs..Embarrassed

KKG had been too much..ShockedShocked

In VII class she put grease in both my regular and spare shoes just before the important, final inter-school football match. In X she made prank calls to all the school teachers showcasing as if it was me. Just 6 months back, she spoilt the new car you got for me and it had to be expensively fixed. All through the II to V classes she had flooded my school bags with water and replaced the water in my bottle with ink. In IX she stuck chewing gum between the pages of all my assignments. She had replaced my sugar-free barfis with the normal sugar ones in..."

Shocked LOL

Khushi was very much there without even being physically present..

Pls yaar..

I m waiting for a dhamakedaar ARHI AAMNA - SAMNA.

Edited by pakpearl - 20 January 2015 at 7:09am

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