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ArHi SS#2: One Winter. Link for Th 3 on Pg 1 COMPLETED (Page 10)

-Roshini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Loved it

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.BlackSwan. Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Manorama ki to aisi ki taisi Angry
What is wrong with Arnav? Confused Don't tell me all the while he was just having fun with khushi. I don't think so. He was quite into the relationship. Let's see what's gonna happen when arnav and khushi confront.

Akashji and Payalji ki love story ki patri chalpadi LOL

Have fun in shimla Rasgullaji...and safe journey Embarrassed

Hum aap ka intezaar karenge Embarrassed

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LOLWAsAalu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 6:37am | IP Logged
Res is an itch for Saiyyu but LOLWAsAalu's res isn't an itch for her Wink Am special for Saiyyu Blushing Will Unres you and this Very soon WinkLOL

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ranogill IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 6:44am | IP Logged
why is arnav behaving like the story

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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 6:50am | IP Logged
mera scratch
no words

I can't say anything not even apologize for being late. Loved the chapter... but I felt so bad for Arnav the way u showed his condition when he arrived at office and what he said to Payal before leaving and I was like what Saiyu to ronay walay scene nai likhti. lol I knew the story can be anything but sad. AnywaYS loved how Payal thought better of Arnav. Loved the chapter immensely.

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-Keerthi- Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Congratulations on new thread as well as for winning ff spotlight .. 
It's great.. 
Waiting for updates.. 

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docs Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 6:57am | IP Logged

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Miss.Zaidi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2014 at 6:58am | IP Logged

Guys relax. This is a simple story. Sab theek hi hoga. Now to the replies:

bachy  kitny  ho  gy ? Embarrassed

LOLWAsAalu: Tu aur Dr.AALUSLOLWAEmbarrassedCool dono mujhe pagal karke chodonge.I  always  knew  you  love  us  ..but  itna  zyada  k  humary  pyar  mai  pagal ? !! LOL...driving  you  crazy ?  are we ? LOL  what  was  that  line  arnav  told  khushi about  driving  crazy ? ROFL

Can I ask for a favour pls? puch na EmbarrassedIf you too have similar dps, similar usernames and similar knack to tease me, why don't you change case of your username and keep it similar too? SO   that  you and  your  choti ( Heart )  dont  get  confused  between  their  pati  and jiju Embarrassed Yeh kasar q chodi hain? HAIN nahi  ''HAI ''  HAI ''  ..   i  m  so  worried  about  your  qabool hai (n) ;P   You know who *facepalm* Main muh hi q kholti hoon tum dono ke saamne? You guys twist and taunt me with my innocent words only Cry sp  cryingwa Embarrassed ...need  tissue  ?  ya  duppaty  sy  kaam  chal  jae  ga ? LOL  I am telling you I don't have a sense of humor. Pee please? Dead  I  told  aalu  LOL   makhan  zyada  ho gya hai LOL  she  never  listens   I  am  waiting  for  her  reply  ..  but  her  net package Angry ...Tu Lolwa ( saiyu  have  taken  my  name  so  many  times  throughout  the  note .. akhir  baat  kya  hai .. Embarrassed ke saath bohot rehne lagi hain. See what she has done to your good sense! Tu aur GM? Shocked  aa !!  aik  galath '' family '' dur  kar  lijye  sp  ji ;P  ... she  is  no  more  a saint  aalu  ..  LOL   I am NOT at all romantic in real life. poor  my  brother --aalu ..i pity  you  LOLLOL  sachi ! Love or infatuation only time will tell.

its  love  .. Big smile... aranav  was  nt  fooling  aroud  .  I  know .

I had mentioned in chapter 3 itself that Aakash knows the whole truth of what had happened 10 years back when Khushi had met with an accident ("I was 8 too and I could have died because of him at that young age! You know the whole truth..." ) So, Mami misunderstanding Khushi because of it is impossible. I  told  her  this  too ..  I AM ASR??? Shocked  yes  !!!!!One sec, it was because of WLRC cc that I had once miraculously won the ASR of the forum title? Hai na or am I mistaken? hahahahaahaha  ...   i  thought   you  had  a bad  memory  ..   LOL ..  i  guess ...  (  not  sure )    it was  cx  of  WLRC   (  minus  me  ) ... and  han  ..  you  voted  for me  and  lazy a s a jodi Blushing i  take   that as  your  ashirwaad EmbarrassedLOL ..Who said Aakash isn't brave? He isn't what he is today by being a coward. Btw, Lolwa(  you  are   sachi  muchi  in  love  with  me  )  is correct about the Nani-Dadi info.  Arnav in love with Aman I laughed so much at this, Choti (dhak  dhak  dhak dhak  #rabba  vee )  sitting across me guessed it must be either you or Lolwa.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  am glad I could so hook you to my writing Aalu. Yes, Aalu tu kahan thi aaj tak? I missed your comments so much (happy Lolwa?LOLLOLLOLLOL  yes  !  very  much .  it  was my childhood  dream LOL). You don't want to marry me? Broken Heart

Dr.AALUSLOLWA: Yes mighty impressed with you and everyone who guessed the Aman angle  really ?people  on  forum a re  getting smart ..  # meri sangat CoolApprove . Arnav is jelly baby? LOL  LOL  ya  ..  he  is  '' jailus ''Wohh Bollywood dialogue hain D'ohna, 'Garibo ke paas hota hi kya hain unki izzat ke alawa' something on those lines... LOLLOLYep, there is nothing common between Star Plus and me except for my initials. I know ..  btw  do  you  know star  plus  has almost  removed  arshi epis  n  ipk .. n  the  episodes  wch are  there  on  the  site  are  rabba ve less ..  scenes  edited  hain Cry ... I  think  yu  shd  repost  warna  people can think  .. yu n  sp  both  have  removed  their  arshi creations EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedThis is the ASR prem of yours that doesn't like anyone overpowering him. IS  it ? Embarrassed maybe  .. yes . Why Manorama hates Khushi will be revealed later...  aa ..  so  there is  some  kala  in daal !!!  Half of the story has already been narrated. Baaki bhi jald ho jayegi. oka Aakash strawberries nahi bechta! You make him sound like a thelewala! Angry ROFLROFLROFL  ...  I did  nt  mean  that ..  LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLA place for everything and everything in its place. Toh OW ke comments iss thread par aur Spotlight ke comments uss thread par. Yeah, I need to see a shrink LOL.hahaha  ...  in  the  start  of the note  you  were  telling  k  yu  are  getting  mad .. LOL and  by  the  end of  note  you  are  planning  to see a shrinkwa TongueLOL ..progress hai bhai LOL sayari.majumder has replied to you on pg 6 Big smile   that is  sweet  of  her .. i  saw  .. thnk yu sayari Embarrassed n  to  yu too ..btany  k lye Embarrassed

Orange  juice company   is  a  sponsor  of  your  story ?LOL
...whaaat !!  AKASH     has  a   live  telecast  of  tissie  vey Shocked...WackoROFL...  epic !!

About your other questions, do you realize how awkward it would have been for Khushi if I were to barge in when she was with Arnav... that close? I was planning to take them to task later; though they are adults and we have only so much authority over them.

LIAAR !!! who  would  miss  a  live  tissie vey WinkLOL ...  glad  he  did  nt  interrupted ..  lol..  arshi  s  frst  tissie   had  good  TRPs LOL

Or by ruining your relationship with your Chotay for your Choti?"

@bold ..   read  the  bold  part  only Embarrassed it sounds  perfect
Big smile

manorma !!  she is  such  an  antique  piece   .  Should  be  kept  in  museum . waisy  ..  is  it  possible  that  manorma  is  J  of  khushi ? and  khushi  has  a   royal  or  some  high  class  background ??   .. Embarrassed

"I haven't seen him since morning. He had left quite early with the car or he might not have returned all night. I don't know. When I called him up, he said he will meet here and now"
She was 'herself' before my parents; didn't even bake brownies... but she had a troubled sleep last night. Then she left the house some time in the day, wanting a break. She hasn't been home since. She is trying to be normal"

tmam subotoo  aur  gawaho  ko  daikh  k   lolwa  ka  dimagh (yes .. i  have  one Approve ) iss  natijy  p  pohncha  hai  k  kuch  tou  garbar  hai LOL were  they  together ?  met  ?  or  cleared  things ? Day Dreaming

Arnav entered with a stony face and a vacant look to his eyes. His hair was completely disheveled and the worn out look of his blue jeans and black pullover didn't add constructively to his state of appearance either. For Aakash, Arnav was already guilty for putting Khushi in a vulnerable position and had therefore, hardened his heart to Arnav's state unless of course, he gave him favorable answers. Payal on the other hand couldn't help but sympathize for Arnav. No 18 year old deserved to look this shaken.


I  don't like  akash at  all.. sorry . Dead.. He  is  biased . And I  will not  like  my  brother to be  like him  EVER   .. and to misunderstand me   side with  some  one  else ..Ouch . Even  that  night ,  he  heard  the  whole  thing  and  saw  how  arnav  was trying  his  best  to convince  khushi  .  He  heard  that  arnav  helped  sheetal  and  it was  so  clear  that  arnav  was  innocent  , still  he  took  only  khushi  with  him  and  not  arnav . He composed khushi  but he  didn't  care  to know  how  was arnav .. and  didn't  bother  if he was home  all night  Sleepy... and  this  is  not  arnav   love  ..  or maybe  it  is  .. but   what  akash  did  is  not  right  to me >.<

"He already knows my side of the story. If he had to believe me he would have done so last night. And going by the look of things, you know my side of the story too" He replied in a steady voice.

"You mean to ask if I am the insensitive jerk Payal here wishes me not to be?"

To  me  it  sounds  like  he was  more   hurt  than  pissed  by  akash  s  question  and  that  is  why  he  said  what  he  said  next . 

"Sorry to dash your hopes, I was just trying to have some fun with Khushi. I feel nothing for her, I just told her that much. I was only trying to get back at her for all the troubles. My plan was to enjoy and then..."

Cry   you  should  not  have  said  this  arnav !  ..  you  are  still  chotey Ouch Cry ...  Not  that  i  believe  a  word  you  said  above  ..   I  know   you  are   honest  to khushi  #bharosa  hai Embarrassed ..

"Damn you, Arnav"

Damn  you  AKash Angry ..  This  is  all  because  of  YOU !!  gadhey Angry !!!!!! You  don't   know  your  brother  one  bit Sleepy . And  you  be ''best  brother  ever ''  around  khushi .. huh !  useless .  Payal is better . Atleast  more  sensible . She  handled and  supported  khushi  and  believes arnav  too.  She  is  the  best  infact . 

P.S   akash  is  good  when  he  takes care  of  khushi  ..  but  he  is the   worst  to  not  even  understand  arnav ..  and  now  he  can come  later  and say   that  he  lost  control  when  he  heard  arnav s  words   even  if arnav  did nt  mean it  etc  etc ..  but  I  .. AALUSLOLWA will not  forgive  him Pinch

p.p.s   apologies to  lolwa s aalu ;P  and  other  akash  s  fans

Edited by Dr.AALUSLOLWA - 05 January 2015 at 11:41pm

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