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YouAreMyNewDREAM Thrd 6: Link to Thrd 7 on Pg-1 (Page 95)

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Take ur time dear:) we will wait for update :)

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Eid Mubarak

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Waiting for the update. ..plzzz 

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Waiting for the update

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Hello anyone?

Can any one remember what story is this? I totally forgot Confused

I definitely  need to read from the start to understand next part IF THE WRITER POSTS THE UPDATE Ouch

I wish... Arooma posts her update. I miss this story a lot... I can't even force her for update...

OH God... please give her some free time then she can spend some time with me and can write the update...

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Originally posted by sankadevi_lg

Hello anyone?

Can any one remember what story is this? I totally forgot Confused

I definitely  need to read from the start to understand next part IF THE WRITER POSTS THE UPDATE Ouch

I wish... Arooma posts her update. I miss this story a lot... I can't even force her for update...

OH God... please give her some free time then she can spend some time with me and can write the update...

LOL ... sorry that dear ... i miss writing this story as much as you have missed reading this.

update is coming in next 1-2 hours. Embarrassed

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Sorry for the delay guys, my laptop window got crashed i couldn't complete the update on time that's why could not post it on sunday. 

I have just completed it sometime ago and now posting it.

Also i keep forgetting the dialogues while writing the chapter and have deleted and re-written many sentences again and again. So it took me time to complete the chapter. I am kind of nervous how you guys will find it, although i tried my best to make it good.

Hope you guys like it Embarrassed

It's kind of an emotional one, so be warned.

I will edit it later for putting English translation of hindi dialogues. I have to get back to work, so don't have much time as of now.


(I have proof read it in a hurry, so kindly ignore any typo mistakes. I will proof read it again tomorrow.)

"This wedding will not happen", said Dadi angrily looking around at everyone. They all got shocked hearing this.

Arnav was the first one who stood up and glare at Khushi's dadi, "What did you say?". He wanted to confirm if he had heard right before he lashes out his anger.

Dadi look Arnav in the eye, "that what you have heard, this wedding will not happen now".

Instantly the anger rose in him, he clutched his hands into fists, "And you think if you say something like this, it will happen?". Anjali stood up quickly grab his arm with both hands, silently telling him to control his anger.

"I am the elder of this family, I took decisions wisely and they are always in the betterment of everyone here and I do not want ... ", said Dadi was saying in her proud manner when Arnav cut her, "I don't care about what you think or do, I know only one thing and that is ... me and Khushi are getting married, that's it!", said Arnav in irritating tone.

"Khushi will not get married to you, she is the daughter of Gupta family and she will abide by my decision", said Dadi getting angry now.

"Oh really, now she is the daughter? When you never truly accepted her (he look side way at Shashi and then again at dadi)  how can you take decisions about her life", said Arnav irritatingly.

"Chottey", Nani look at Arnav warningly to not to say something which will later make things bad.

"No Nani, you don't know. Khushi has told me, how she was treated here in her childhood, how she was never truly accepted by her (giving an angry look to Dadi), and now she wants to take decisions about her life, I will not let that happen", said Arnav in anger as his voice rose in the last sentence.

Shashi quickly went to his mother and held her arm, "Maji please ...", Shashi was about to say when Dadi cut him, "See, how he is talking to me, Khushi had chosen this man who have no respects for elders".

"Maji atleast tell us what is the matter", said Buaji coming close to her mother.

"The matter is they lie to us, they have hidden their true identity", said Dadi pointing towards Arnav and Anjali, "We are a respectable family Shashi, I do not want my family to become the talks of people here".

"What crap", said Arnav waving his hand in the air, he was not understanding what had got into this old lady, if not for the hold of his sister, he would have shouted by now. Anjali and Nani exchange worried looks, they got some idea what this is about, Anjali silently started to pray that it won't be the matter what she is thinking.

Mamiji move ahead, "And you meantz to say that we are not respectable, we are the Raizadas. You come to Delii and then see how much respectiya we have", said Mami getting angry.

"Manorma ...", Mamaji grab her arm and tell her through eyes not to say anything. But Manorma jerk his hand, "Can't you see, this is why they have caalz us here, to insults my Arnav bitwa",. No matter how dramatic she may be in nature but she can never stand if someone says anything about her bitwas.

"If I knew who he really is then I would have never agreed for this marriage in the first place", said Dadi looking at Arnav, "He is not Raizada, he is a Malik, the son of Maliks of Sheesh Mahel".

Arnav froze in his place listening to this and other gasped. There was a murmur in the living room among the other Guptas, as they didn't know this fact.

Sujhata find Nani's face familiar as she liked to keep her self-updated with happening around and she called her other friend to confirm if what she is thinking is right. She remembers seeing her face in the newspaper linking it with the Maliks. And her friend confirmed that it was indeed Devanyi Raizadas' daughter who got married to that Malik. So Sujhata told Subhadra about it.


"Now we all know the story about Maliks, and he is that Malik son, who have ruin many people lives here with his cunning and unfaithful ways, we all know how much he is hated here and I don't not my family to come under the same by making relationship with them. Maliks are unfaithful and he is their blood and ...", Dadi was saying when Arnav nearly shouted, "That's ENOUGH!!", raising his one hand in stop gesture.

Dadi jerk a little and move a step back hearing his sharp angry voice.

"Like I said before, I don't care what you think or do, I only care about Khushi because SHE IS MINE. And I will make her mine officially by marrying her, I don't care if you attend or not. I don't give a damn", said Arnav in his curt angry tone. Anjali didn't know how to control the situation. Nani was hurt to say anything. Akash and Rahul have a helpless look on their faces, they couldn't think of anything to rectify the situation.

"Arnav babua clam down please", said Shashi, he didn't know much about him but he knew the power and strength of the man standing before them and it was not to be messed with.

"Ma ji, it doesn't matter, Arnav babua is a good boy and Khushi bitya loves him, that's all matters", said Shashi trying to make his mother understand.

Buaji and Garima were shocked to know the truth. The story of Maliks was known to people all around in Luckhnow, as Sheesh Mehal and their residence were always in talks of town. They were famous due to their wealth, their ancestors' Mehel, their factories which were the lively hood of many people around in Luckhnow. They all know how the young Viren Malik was not equal to his father in business, and how his cunning ways ruin the business resulting in joblessness of many people. How he was always got linked with other women' and how his wife committed suicide due to infidelity and later got himself killed in accident, killing two other people along with him. They didn't know what had become of his children as they were vanished after the incident. The rumor was that they were thrown out by their own uncle and later left the city. They didn't know the detail of what had become of them.

"What are you saying that it doesn't matter Shashi, don't you know how his father was, having affairs behind his wife's back, and how she committed suicide. Do you want your daughter to go through the same?", said Dadi in an accuse tone. Arnav took a step ahead but was stopped by Anjali. Arnav looked at his sister in anger and she shakes her head, pleading him with her eyes. She knew it must be hurting him, but she also knew that her brother never thinks in anger.

"I have seen news about him, don't think I am old so I don't see and know things. I know how his world works. I have seen his pictures, Madhu mentioned that it was all media's doing but now I know its all there in his blood. After all he is his father's son. What if he does the same with Khushi, will you able to tolerate if she too commit suicide because of him", said Dadi.

Arnav was visibly shaking due to anger now, he could not hear anything more, he was just about to shout again when someone else's loud angry voice fill the living room.

"BUS KIJIYE!!", shouted Khushi. Everyone turned and saw Khushi striding towards them, anger visible on her face.


Khushi was so happy when Payal came to her some time ago and tell her that Arnavji is going to put the raksha thread on his wrist, she couldn't control herself and went out of her room carrying Arush, she stood out of sight and was happy seeing Arnav sitting on sofa and her mother doing her Arti. She was shocked when his Dadi came and said all those things. She wanted to go but Payal stopped her saying that their father will handle Dadi but when she accused Arnav she couldn't stop herself and shouted. She give Arush to Payal and strode forward in anger.


Khushi stood in front of Arnav facing her Dadi, "Not one more word about my Arnavji, you know nothing about him".

Khushi's chacha chachii and cousins were astonished to see her standing up to her Dadi, no one have ever dared to raise their voices in front of her, never dared to argue with her.

Arnav was astonish to see Khushi talk to her Dadi in that way, he had never seen Khushi raising her voice in front of elder, she always had a polite nature. Raizadas were also surprise to see Khushi that much angry, they have always seen her chirping.


"Khushi, is this the way to talk to your Dadi, have you forgotten respect living in the presence of these people", said Sujhata who was quite till now standing one step behind Dadi.

"These people are the most respectable people I know, and I suggest you don't talk about respect. It's so easy to point a finger on other but before doing so one should have look at themselves first.", said Khushi giving a stern look to Sujhata.

"Khushi behave yourself, you cannot talk to her like that", said Dadi in anger.

"Why not? When you can say all that to Arnavji, without knowing anything about him then why can't I say something about her and her family when I know the facts are nothing but truth. Do you want me to remind you how her daughter eloped and got married, is this the trait of a respectable family?", said Khushi in dangerous tone and felt happy seeing the color fade from Sujhata's face. Dadi gasped hearing this.

"Do you want me to tell you what your brother did Dadi? Making a girl pregnant and then not taking responsibility, is this the trait of respectable family? (Khushi pointed towards her Dadi) Do you want me to tell what your own son did?", said Khushi looking towards her elder chacha and chachi. And saw them averting their eyes.

Her elder chachi was of different cast, and her dadi was against the marriage. Chacha had blackmailed that he would elope or will do suicide if he don't marry Chachi. He had made a big fuss and sometimes came home drunk and do other stuff to make his parents agree for their marriage.

"Now why are you quite haan, now you won't talk of respect and family. I have never complained for whatever behavior you have towards me but I will not tolerate if you or anyone else say something about Arnavji and his family. You know nothing about him, how an amazing person he is", said Khushi as she move her hand behind and grab his hand, which didn't go un-notice by Anjali and Nani, they both smile looking at each other.

Khushi's Dadi was fuming but she couldn't say anything because what Khushi told about her son and brother was truth.

"He didn't get all this fame and wealth on a plate like your sons, he had earned it with blood and sweat for what he is today, he had built his business and a good life for his family from scratch working day and night. He takes cares of everyone. He may not say it much, but he know what medicine should be bought for Naniji, what things Mamaji and Mamiji needed, helping his bother in his education, teaching him business, doing things to make his sister happy when he don't even like it. He had shouldered responsibility of every single person of his family, making sure their wishes and demand are fulfilled, protecting them keeping them safe from bad people out there. He don't care what people think of him and his personality, what matters most to him is his family because he loves them very much and can do anything for them.", said Khushi with pride and turn sideways and look at Arnav with love, "And I love him for the person he is".

Arnav was speechless to say anything; he just kept looking at the girl holding his hand and love in her eyes. He had been the one protecting and shielding everyone around him. It was the first time someone was doing that for him and it filled his entire being with warmth. Other Raizadas were looking at Khushi with awe and pride.

"Baba, you always say na that we should not blame someone for others mistake right?", Khushi asked looking at her father who nodded in answer.

"Then tell me if Arnavji's father was not a good man then what is his fault is all this, in fact he is the one who suffered in the end, losing his Maa", said Khushi in sad tone.

"You are right bitya, we cannot accuse him of something which he haven't done.", said Shashi and then look at his mother, "Ma ji I think that is enough now, Khushi bitya is right, we don't have any right to say something about them when there are some bad influence among us", he gave a look to his brother and his mother's friend who had her head bow down feeling embarrassed.


Dadi looked at Khushi in anger and then at Raizadas, then she turned and move towards her room. Sujhata followed her. Shashi gestures Garima to continue with the ritual and went after his mother. He needs to have a serious talk with his mother now.

Khushi turn and look at Arnav, concern and love in her eyes. Arnav squeeze her hand telling her that he is fine then he looked at his Nani, "Nani, I guess we should go now".

Garima looked worriedly at Buaji and Naniji.

"Arey Babua aisey kaisey, rasam toh baki hai na, aur aise rasam bech mein chotr ker nahi jatey", said Buaji

"Madhumati ji sahi keht rahi Chottey, is terhan rasam chotrna abshagun hota hai, kuch dair ki baat hai, ap baith jaye", said Nani in mild tone, but Arnav catch the request in her words.

He slightly nodded his head and sit down on the sofa. Buaji gestures Khushi to go from there. Khushi slowly move to side and then few steps back.

Other also sits back and few remain standing. Garima did Arnav's arti and put tilak on his forehead. Arnav look to side and his gaze met with Khushi, she gives him a smile in return. He so wished to take her in his arms but he controlled his desires.

When Garima move to side, Buaji came and put the thread on Arnav's wrist and bless him. Megha came and give Garima a wrapped packet, which she gave to Arnav.

"No aunty, please there is no need", said Arnav but Garima hand him the packet smilingly, "Its nothing bitwa, just like you all give shagun to Khushi bitya, we have to give something too."

Arnav smile a little and give the packet to his sister, Garima patted his head and move to side.


Buaji came near Naniji and apologize on behalf of her mother, she knew they must be feeling upset about it but Naniji dismiss her apology saying that it's not needed because now everything is fine.

The Raizadas stood up to leave, Anjali came to Khushi and pick Arush. The little baby was now tired and he was just sitting quietly in his mama's arms and playing with her hair and earring. When Anjali picked him, he protested as he didn't want to go away from his Mama.


"Anjali Bitya, no need to take him. He can stay with his Mama", said Garima watching the scene.

"but aunty, wo ..."Anjali was about to mention that may be her Dadi won't like it but Garima came and patted Arush's cheek.

"This little one wants his Mama, and it's not right to separate a child from his mother", said Garima and pick Arush and hand him to Khushi who was looking at her with surprise and love. 

Seeing Khushi's condition last night Garima decided that she will ask for Arush to stay with Khushi and Shashi too agreed with her decision. 

"So he will stay with his Mama and will go to Mumbai with us", said Garima.

"What Khushi is going to Mumbai? Why? Whats the need?", said Arnav who had heard the last part.

"Arey babua, there is marriage to plan, we have to buy her clothes and stuff so Khushi has to come with us na", said Buaji lightly laughing.

"There is no need for that Buaji, Khushi's entire wedding dresses are ready", said Arnav causally.

Buaji and Garima looked at each other in bewilderment. Anjali mouth open slightly and Rahul and Akash have teasing grin on their faces.

"And you don't need to worry about the preparation, I will see to everything, it will be done. So Khushi don't need to go anywhere", said Arnav in finality.

Already he had spent 2-3 days without her and now she will be going to Mumbai, ah huh it not settles with him.

"Aunty ji, don't mind him. Khushi will go with you", said Anjali.

"Di ... what are you ...", Arnav was about to say when Anjali give him a glare, she was his sister after all.

"Chotey don't be so impatient, you will have Khushi with you for all your life after marriage, let her spend some time with her family too", said Anjali giving him all too sweet smile. Arnav gave her a warning look for calling him chottey infront of others.

"Waisey bhi Bhai, weren't you suppose to go London, so Khushi will feel lonely no", said Akash in a teasing tone. Arnav give a glare to him, who quickly moves behind Anjali. Khushi blush hearing the teasing.

"Yes sale sahib, if you show that much urgency then you will be called joru ka gulam, and you don't want that do you", said Rahul taking part in teasing.

Arnav huff in irritation, "Do whatever you guys want", saying that he strode outside.

Garima looked worriedly at Buaji, "I guess Arnav bitwa got upset, we didn't want to upset him, we just wanted ...", Anjali stop Garima by side hugging her, "Don't worry aunty, he is like that. He just couldn't wait to have Khushi beside him, that's why he is all grumpy. He will understand".

Garima was still not satisfy, she look at Khushi who gave her mother an assuring smile. He handed Arush to Anjali saying that she want to talk to Arnav. Garima went to call Shashi so that he can meet them before leaving.

Khushi went to front lawn but couldn't see Arnav, so went outside and saw him closing the door of his car. Khushi quickly went to him, Arnav turn hearing the footstep.

"Arnavji .. wo", Khushi was about to say when Arnav places his finger on her lips stopping her and shakes his head. He wanted to hug her and kiss her but he control as he saw people on road. If it was Dehli he wouldn't have cared, but he didn't want to give another reason to Khushi's Dadi to taunt him or her.

They kept looking at each for many second, their eyes speaking to each other. Arnav slowly withdraw his finger and take her hand. Khushi look down and saw Arnav placing a small navy blue velvet box in her hand.

Khushi shakes her head telling him that it was not needed, she don't want it. But Arnav give her a stern look and make her grab the box.

"Its your shagun today and I heard Nani that is this, jewellery and clothes are giving to bride. So I want to give something to you from side on this occasion", said Arnav in soft tone.

Khushi smile and her eyes got moist. Event after Dadi saying all those things he is being nice and lovingly. She wanted to hug him, she move ahead and was about to put her arm when she heard noises. So she quickly pecks his cheek and run inside as few tears roll down her cheeks.

Arnav fisted his hand as he close his eyes taking a deep breath. He open his eyes and saw his family coming with Shashi. They bid good bye to each other and then took their leave.



Khushi enter her room and saw Arush on bed with his milk bottle and Payal beside him.

"Is Arnavji upset?", asked Payal.

Khushi shakes her head and wipes her tears, "Then why are you crying Khushi, did he say something?", asked Payal.

Khushi shakes her head again and extended her hand to show Payal the box, "he gave me this", and told Payal what he had said.

Payal smile and ask her to open the box, Khushi looked in awe at beautiful and elegant pearl and diamond necklace with matching earrings.

"Wow its beautiful Khushi, Arnavji has an amazing choice", said Payal. And Khushi nodded her head in agreement as she runs her hand over the jewellery.



Later @ Night ...


Khushi knocked on her parents' room and enter on hearing her father's voice. She saw her father sitting on bed reading a book and her mother and buaji sitting on small sofa on right side on bed, with note book in Garima's hand and Buaji must be telling her things to list down. Khushi came and sit on bed near the foot of her father.

"What happened bitya? Do you want to say something?", asked Shashi as he saw Khushi's eyes roaming around and her one hand fidgeting the fingers of other. The gesture told him that something is going on his daughter's mind.

Khushi nodded her head, "I want to apologies to you Baba, Amma and Buaji", said Khushi in somber tone, "The way I talked to Dadi today, I know you all must be upset with me. I shouldn't have talked to her like this, I am sorry baba but ... but the way she was saying all those things to Arnavji ... I ... I ..just ..."

"And you couldn't tolerate that right titaliya", said Buaji looking at Khushi with serious face. Khushi look at buaji and then lower her gaze nodding her head. She didn't know when Buaji stood up and went to her, she looked up when she felt buaji's hand holding her chin up, "Bhut ishq karat ho na Arnav babua se", said Buaji in a teasing tone.

Khushi mouth open in her famous "o" expression, she was not at all expecting this teasing.

"Aur nahi toh kia Jiji, dekha nai tha kaisan khatri ho gayi thi babua k samney k Ma ji kuch aur na keh dain", said Garima taking part in teasing as well.

A red hue creep up Khushi's, neck going to her cheeks. Shashi smile and move near his daughter, putting his arm around her.

"Eh dekho sharma rahi hai", said Buaji in teasing tone. Khushi hid her face into her father's chest, "Bus jiji", said Shashi smiling, "Tang na karo hamari gudiya ko".

"Haan haan, nahi tang kertey tumhari gudiy ko, abh toh dar lagat hai eh titaliya se", said Buaji went back to sofa and sit beside Garima, "Aj tuk kisi ki himat nahi hui Maji  k samney bolne ki aur eh titaliya ha k pura bhashan hi de diya Ma ji ko", buaji looked Garima shaking her head amusingly.

"I am sorry buaji", said Khushi instantly in low tone.

"You don't need to apologize bitya", said Shashi squeezing her shoulder, "the mistake was mine. You told me everything and I should have told Ma ji, but I thought it doesn't matter, as those things happened long ago and no one will talk about it. I was wrong. But now I have made Maji understand, she won't say anything of that sort now", said Shashi.

"But what if she didn't come for the wedding then, you will feel bad right", said Khushi looking at her father and mother.

"Then nothing bitya, we can only make other understand, we cannot force them. But I have said Ma ji that this wedding will happen and that too on the decide date, we won't be stopping it for anything", said Shashi giving a smile to Khushi. Khushi smile back and hug her father.

"Aur kuch ker bhi toh nahi sakat na, werna Arnav babua pata nahi kia ker baithey", said Buaji nudging Garima.

"Haan jiji, suna tha kaisan sub k samney bolat rahey babua, Khushi hamari hai, humari shaadi ho ker rahe gii", said Garima in teasing tone, but she also blushed a little remembering that moment. Khushi mouth open in an "o" again and buaji laughed seeing her expression.

It seems that both the ladies are hell bent on teasing Khushi today.

"Haan Garima, lagat hai Arnav babua bhi bhut ishq karat hai hamari sanka devi se", said Buaji and giving a teasing look to Khushi, "Kion sahi keh rahey hai na sanka devi".

Khushi had enough of teasing now, she could feel her cheeks warming up, she quickly stood up and run out of the room.

"Eh dekho Shashi, sharma gayi tumhari gudiya, pehli dafa palat ker koi jawab nahi dia", said Buaji laughing and Shashi to smile heartily. Khushi who always have an answer ready to talk back, seems today she could not argue with her buaji's teasing today and buaji was enjoying that.



Khushi went to her room and saw Payal on bed with Arush. She was patting his head and stomach and Arush was nearly sleeping. Payal saw Khushi and gesture with her hand not to make any noise. Khushi nodded her head and pick up her cell from the table and gesture to payal that she is going out to make a call. Payal nodded her head understandingly. Khushi went to the back courtyard and sit on the step dialing Anjali's number.

She had apologize to her parents and buaji and now she wanted to apologize to Anjali and Naniji, she knew they were also hurt by Dadi's talks. Anjali pick up the call after 3-4 rings.

"Arey Khushi is everything alright, you are calling this time?", said Anjali looking at the time, it was 11.40pm.

"Anjali ji, I couldn't talk to you properly when you guys were leaving. I wanted to apologize to you on my Dadi's behalf, I know what she said must have hurt you and Nani ji, I am really ...", Khushi was saying when Anjali cut her, "No Khushi, why are you saying sorry. It was not your mistake. We didn't knew that this will happen, but Khushi I told you all about our past right. Didn't you tell your family?", asked Anjali the questioning which was nagging her.

"Anjali ji, I told everything to the person whose opinion matters most to me, my babuji. He didn't have any objection with it. He said that he was very proud of Arnavji that besides facing so many problems and hardship he had stood up on his own feet, building a strong life for you all and he is happy to have a son-in-law like him", said Khushi with pride.

Anjali smile hearing this, "Acha ji, you sound very happy and that much happiness for getting married to that arrogant and temperamental brother of mine".

"Anjali ji Arnavji is not like that, he is just ...", Khushi was quickly answering back when she heard Anjali laughed on the other end.

"Wah, now you can't even tolerate me saying anything against my own brother haan", said Anjali giggling.

"Haw Anjali, you too teasing me", said Khushi pouting. Whats with everyone today, though Khushi.

"Me too means? Someone else is also teasing you ... did chottey teased you haan, tell tell", said Anjali.

"No Anjali, Arnavji isn't talking properly. That was my parents who were ..."Khushi was saying when she stopped and asked about Arnav, "Anjali ji I called Anavji a while back, but he didn't talk much saying that he got work to do. I also didn't probe further, but I know he is very upset. Have you talked to him, is he alright? Has he eaten dinner and his medicine?", asked Khushi with concerned.

Anjali sighed, "Yes Khushi he is fine, he did not want to eat but then Nani took food to him and make him eat. Give him sometime Khushi, he will be alright. You know how sensitive he is when the matter is about Maa".

"Yes Anjali ji I know. And Nani ji is she alright? Tell her I am sorry about what happened and ..", Khushi was saying when again she was cut by Anjali, "Again Khushi ... I told you na it was not your mistake then why are you saying sorry again and again. And Nani understand this. So please don't worry and go get some rest ok", said Anjali.

Khushi bid good bye to her and cut the call. Khushi went to her room and saw Arush soundly sleeping on bed and Payal was arranging her stuff in her suit case, as they will be going back to Mumbai day after tomorrow.

"Jiji, did Arush has his milk?", asked Khushi in low tone coming near to her sister. "yes khushi, I made him drink milk, don't worry. You tell me, did you talked to Arnavji?", asked Payal.

Khushi shakes her head and told her what she talked with Anjali.

"She is saying correct Khushi, why are you trying to apologize to everyone, first Amma baba and then Anjali ji. The one who should be saying sorry is Dadi. I can't believe how rudely she said all those things. I mean it doesn't even matter, if Arnavji's father is wrong it doesn't mean that Arnavji will be wrong. And why does Sujhata aunty has to poke her nose in others matter. You did right, by saying all those things to Dadi and Aunty", said Payal in irritating tone. She was also not happy with whatever Dadi has said. She never liked her conservative thinking. She was really proud of her parents that they are nothing like Dadi and their other family members.

"Leave it jiji, I don't wana talk about this, I am worried about Arnavji. He didn't say but I know how much he must be feeling hurt", said Khushi in sad tone as she sit on bed.

"I know Khushi, I didn't know all this. Akashji told me about his parents but he didn't tell me how it all had happened. I am really shocked with just listening about it. And Arnavji and Anjali who have seen and faced all, how must they be feeling", said Payal and look at Khushi. Seeing her moist eyes Payal immediately hug her baby sister.

"Jiji, I wish I could meet Arnavji now", said Khushi as she tried not to cry.

"I understand Khushi, don't worry he is a strong person. He will be alright", said Payal as she runs her hand in Khushi's hair and lovingly rub her back with another.



"What happened, is everything alright?", asked Rahul as he saw Anjali putting the phone down. Anjali nodded her head and tell him what Khushi talked about. Rahul nodded his head understandingly and hug Anjali sideways. "Don't worry Anji, Arnav will be alright. He is a strong man. He had been taking care of himself till now".

"I know Rahul but you don't know whenever there is a talk about Maa he shut himself up and never talk to someone to ease his pain, even he didn't talk to Khushi about it. I thought now with Khushi he will open up more", said Anjali in worried tone.

"Anji we cannot expect from a person to open up completely when he had been shelling himself from many years. These things always takes time, you told me that Arnav himself had told Khushi about his parents and everything right?", said Rahul and Anjali nodded her head, "So he is opening up but it will take time for him to complete bare his emotions and heart ok. Like I use to say don't rush things, give them time. And with person like Arnav we have to be ...", Rahul was saying when Anjali completed his sentence, "patient ... I know .. I know", and move away.

"I am going to check on Nani", said Anjali as she move towards the door, "Can you please order warm milk for her".

"Yeah sure you go", said Rahul and went to the phone kept on table.



Anjali knocked on Nani's door and open it up slightly, "Nani ...".

"Come in Bitya", she heard Nani and open the door. She was surprised to see Mamiji sitting on bed beside Nani. She move near bed and saw Nani's red slightly red and wet. Anjali got worried and quickly sit beside Nani, "Are you alright Nani? Were you crying? Why are crying?", asked Anjali taking her hand in hers.

"Nothing happenz bitya, sasuma was just remembering you mother and getting worrying about Arnav bitwas", said Mamiji, "Now you tellz Sasuma that nothins to worry, our Arnav bitwa is a big man now".

"Nani, you scared me. Mamiji is right. Don't worry. He will be alright, you know he need time", said Anjali caressing her Nani's cheek.

"you are saying not to get worry when I can clearly tell that you are also worrying about him", said Nani as her experience eyes catch the worriness on her grand-daughter's face. Anjali sighed and look down.

"I don't know Nani, when I will be able to take this fear away from my heart, the fear that Chottey will go far from us due to his habit of not sharing his pain and feelings with us. I am getting tired of trying to coax him or blackmail him every time to know what he wants or feels. I just want him to be happy", said Anjali in sad tone.

"Just couple of days my dear, when Khushi bitya marries him, you will see how she will take care of him, with her love she will erase all his pain", said Nani.

"I know Nani, but Khushi told me that Chottey didn't talk to her properly when she tried to lift his mood", said Anjali.

"Arey bitya, Khooshi bitya is not here with him na thatz whyz Arnav bitwa not talking, but you will see when she comes live with him then our Arnav bitwa will always smiling", said Mamiji moving her hands.

"Manorma is right Anjali bitya, it make a huge difference when the person is with you to share your pain, I was too worrying but then I remember how Khushi bitya stand up for Chottey in front of everyone. How she protected his respect and makes everyone known about the real person he is. I have always wished for a person who would understand Chottey for what is he deep down and take care of him in every step. And today I feel like my wish has come true. I am very happy that Chottey is getting married to Khushi bitya. She is the one who is made for him, who can control his anger and make him understand. Who can love him for the person he is and make him enjoy life", said Nani smiling wide.

"Yes sasuma you are saying correz, you see na Anjali bitya how our Arnav bitwa smile these days, even hari prakash was tellingz me that Arnav babua don't scolding him much", said Mamiji and Anjali smile.

Just then the door knocked, room service came with a glass of warm milk, Anjali gave that to Nani who drink it and then told Anjali and Mami to go to their rooms and rest. Mami insisted that she will stay here tonight, giving the excuse of her husband's loud snoring, but Anjali knew that deep down she truly cares of her Sasuma. They may argue most of the time, their nok jhok and taunts but at the end when they need each other they will always be there for each other. Anjali smile as she saw how Mami was making Nani indulge her funny talks and story and move out of room.


After some time, when Nani saw that Mami is slept beside her, she opens her purse and takes a photo. It was Ratna's photo with 7 years old Arnav. She runs her hand on her daughter's smiling face. Among the two she had always worried more for Arnav, she had tried her best to protect him but soon realized that he is the one who is protecting all of them and taking care of everyone and everything around, not the other way around. If her daughter would have alive she would have been so proud of her son, for the man he had become.

"Ratna did you see today how Khushi bitya stood up for your chottey", Nani whispers to her daughter's photo, "I have always wanted someone like that for our chottey and I am so happy that Khushi bitya is becoming a part of his life. She will handle that famous anger of your chottey and keep him safe from the world. You would have loved her bitya if you were alive (few tears flow down from her cheek) Khushi bitya is a wonderful girl and soon she will become your bahu. Now we don't have to worry about chottey, because Khushi bitya is with him now."

She kissed her daughter's photo and place it on her chest, closing her eyes, finally feeling at ease.



would love to see your comments. Embarrassed

Next update will be more on Arshi, and will try to make it more longer if i get time. 

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I would have known this. If I would known that my comment will get immediately reply along with update, then I would have commented long back. Wink LOL Tongue

Thank you dear... I can't wait for long... please make it fast... Big smile


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