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YouAreMyNewDREAM Thrd 6: Link to Thrd 7 on Pg-1 (Page 92)

Bubbles76 Goldie

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Posted: 10 August 2015 at 2:33pm | IP Logged

------------------------ After Lunch time ...


"Arush come here, finish this now", said Khushi who was sitting on sofa in the living room feeding Arush some rice and boil potato.

"Naah, Alush tha lia"(No Arush has eaten), said Arush in his baby language who run away to other side of small center table after eating few morsels.

"Arush, how will you become a big boy if you not eat all this haan", said Khushi standing from sofa to catch him. Arush grinned seeing Khushi coming to him and run around the table to other side, he was in a playful mood.

"Acha, so you won't come here haan", said Khushi as she placed the plate on table and make a dash towards him. Arush giggled aloud as Khushi caught him and pick him up in her arms, tickling him on stomach.

"Pakar lia Arush ko"(caught Arush), said Khushi as she sit on sofa taking him on her lap and take the plate from table.

Arush made a protesting sound as Khushi bring a morsel near his lips.

"Nah thana"(don't want to eat), said Arush. "Alush ko thelna ha"(Arush wants to play), said Arush in his baby language looking up at Khushi.

"Mama will play with Arush if he eats some more.", said Khushi and again tried to make him eat but he didn't open his mouth.

"Arush ... I will tell Papa that Arush is not eating, then he will scold Arush", said Khushi in stern tone.

"Naiii, Papa nai bataana"(no, don't tell papa), said Arush and open his mouth and Khushi put small morsel in it. Khushi makes him eat some more morsels and then he was again not eating. Khushi put the plate away and just take a tissue to wipe his mouth when she heard Payal calling her.

"Khushiii ... you're phone is ringing. Its Arnavji's call", Payal shouted from room. Khushi quickly stood up and make Arush sit on sofa, "Don't move from here ok", said Khushi pointing a finger to him and run towards her room to take her cell.

Arush quickly slipped down from sofa and move towards the side table. He was tapping his hand on table as the sound gets him excited. Just then his hand touched a show piece and it fell on table and rolled to side. Arush was about to touch it when another hand caught it.

"What are you doing here?", said Sara in stern tone, a bit loud for Arush making him startle.

"Where's that so called mother of yours haan, she leaves you here to break the stuff", said Sara as she jerked Arush's hand from table. Arush stumble back a little. Sara was about to grab his hand when another hand grabs her in tight grip.

Sara look up and found Khushi looking at her with anger, "Don't you dare touch my son", said Khushi with gritted teeth, "I will break your hand"  and twisted Sara's hand a bit to make point.

"Ah leave my hand", Sara hissed a bit.

Khushi jerk her hand with force making her stumble a step back. Khushi picked Arush in her arm who was now scared. Khushi didn't like that look on his face and glare at Sara.

"If you have so much interest in bringing up other's kids then take care of them, don't leave them here & there to roam around", said Sara in disgust tone.

"Don't you dare utter a word about my son", said Khushi in dangerous tone, "You should be careful of your roaming around, you don't want me to open my mouth about your daily Thursday visits to temple do you?". Khushi smirks as she saw Sara's eyes got widen and a flash of panic on her face.

"What about it? I  ... I go to temple, un-like you we take our customs seriously", said Sara trying to make her tone confident.

"Really? Do your custom includes meeting a guy in a nearby market?", said Khushi in mock tone and glad to see the worry on Sara's face.

Khushi took a step towards her, "I don't say things that doesn't me I don't know about them, so be careful in future how you behave. Understood", said Khushi making her voice dangerous at the end. And turn after Sara nodded her head a little, getting mute.


Khushi smile and then kiss on Arush's cheek who was quite all this time, she felt good threatening her cousin. She felt like ASR. Khushi giggled at her thought. She give few noisy kisses to Arush to make his mood better and Arush in return give his mom a wet kissie.

Khushi tap on Arnav's name on her cell to make a call as she move towards her room.

"Hello Arnavji, you reached home?", said Khushi as Arnav picked the call.

"Hey, yeah I am, are you busy?", asked Arnav.

"Nah, I was feeding Arush, I am free now", said Khushi as she put Arush on bed, who immediately stood up and grabs her shirt jumping, telling her to pick him up again.

"One minute Arush, I am talking to Papa", said Khushi.

"Paappaa pappaa", Arush exclaimed and put his hand forward to grab the phone.

"Arush baby no", said Khushi as she move her hand away.

Arush started to squeal as he wanted the phone. "Aruuushhh", said Khushi in the tone which was only reserved for Arush, telling him to stop what he is doing. And Arush stop and look to her with his innocent eyes and pouty lips. Khushi sighed and sit on bed beside him and put phone on his ear, "Here talk to Papa".

Arush got happy and started making voice, "Papaaa.. Kaa ho (Papa where are you?)".

"Hey buddy, Papa is at home", said Arnav.

"Papa ohm"(Papa is home), said Arush looking at Khushi who smile back at him.

"Alush paassh ajao"(Come to Arush), said Arush in his baby language. Khushi giggle hearing this.

Arnav could hear her sound and a smile appear on his lips, "Arush tell your mama to take Arush to his papa".

"Alush ko papaa passh janna"(Arush wants to go to Papa), said Arush moving his hand and look at Khushi, the phone slipped from her hand and she grabs it again.

"Arush now sit here quietly ok, no masti", said Khushi pointing a finger to him.

"Alush papapaa pass jaanaa , Alush papa passs le jaaoo"(Arush wants to go to Papa, take Arush to Papa), said Arush in his baby language.

"Awh mera shona, Mama will take you to papa ok, promissh", said Khushi.

"Piisshh (Promise?)", said Arush.

"yes Pissh", said Khushi and Arush clap his hand. Arnav was smiling listening to their conversation. Khushi quickly put some of his toys around him to distract him.

"Arnavji, how are you?", asked Khushi.

"I am fine Khushi, whats gona happen to me", said Arnav.

"Arnavji, (pause) ap thek hai na", said Khushi in soft tone.

Arnav sighed understanding her meaning, "Khushi mein thek hoon .. bus mein ...", he left the sentence incomplete. Khushi remained silence giving him time to say.

"Bus tumhain miss ker raha hu, tum yahan hoti toh mein ...", Arnav again left his sentence incomplete. Khushi could feel the longing in his voice.

"Arnavji, hum bhut jald ap k pass ajayein gey, aur wo bhi hamesha k liye", said Khushi softly.

"Pata nahi aur kitna wait kerna patrey ga ... all these stupid rituals and ceremonies, I wish I could just take you away and get done with this marriage", said Arnav in irritation as he run his hand in his hair.

Khushi blushed hearing his impatientness. She could imaging him running his hand through his hair, "Don't ruin your hair, I don't want you to get bald on our wedding day", teased Khushi.

"What the ...", said Arnav getting bewilder at her sudden change of topic.

"Khushi Gupta, you are just unbelievable, here I am telling you how much I am missing you and want you and what rubbish you are saying", said Arnav in curt tone.

Khushi giggled, "Awh you look so cute when you are angry".

"Cute eh? Just meet me and then I will show you how cute I am", said Arnav making his voice husky and Khushi blushed again. Just then she felt Arush climbing on her and Khushi move away a bit.

"Yeah we will see ... Ok Arnavji I have to hang up now, Arush is getting naughty again", said Khushi.

"You can't handle a baby's naughtiness, what will happen to you when his father will get naughty haan", said Arnav in teasing tone and Khushi's mouth open in small O.

"Besharam", said Khushi and cut the phone and then blush thinking about his naughtiness and felt her cheek getting warm.

Arnav smile wide hearing her endearment for him, "Can't wait for that" he murmurs looking at his phone.

He quickly get freshen up and call Aman to come here so that they can catch up on some work.


After dinner he called Khushi to ask when she will be leaving for Mumbai, Khushi told him that tomorrow they have very early morning train to catch. Arnav didn't like this and suggested her to go by plane. But Khushi told him that she and Payal love to travel by train and she also wanted Arush to experience this.

In reply Arnav told her that Arush is too small to make sense of train and its experience which make Khushi's mood sour and he also mentioned that it will be difficult to handle him for so long in train, so its better to travel by plane. Khushi got irritated a bit and told him that this might be the last time she will be traveling by train with her family because after that she will get married to him, who will never allow her to go by train, to which Arnav instantly agreed making Khushi pout and him wishing to kiss her adorable face.



Next day (Monday) Arnav was busy with meetings so he didn't get a chance to talk with Khushi. Although he got a message from her saying that she is leaving for station.

Arnav had a meeting with Mr. Ashok, who owns a very good interior design company and had done renovation for AR few years back. Arnav told Ashok his requirements, and it was decided that his team will come in the evening to have a look at his room and make a list of things to be done. In evening, Arnav told his team about the changes he wants; give a list of new things etc. He wants the work to start as soon as he will come back from his London visit.

After Ashok's team left he called Khushi whose number couldn't get through, after trying for 2 - 3 time he stopped thinking that may be the train is going through no-signal area.


He had just gotten into his bed to sleep when he looked at his cell and saw a message from Khushi:

Happy Birthday Arnavji, Many many happy returns of the day. May Devi Maiya fulfill all your wishes and fill your life with happiness.

Cannot call now as won't be able to talk properly. So Good night. Love you loads. Muuah (kiss emoticon).


Arnav smile reading the message and wished that he could talk to Khushi. He replied back, "I want real kisses".

His cell beep after 2 minutes, "So come to Mumbai and take your kisses".

Arnav replied: "Think again Khushi, I will come there. Then don't back off".

Khushi replied: "I won't. (blushing emoticon)".

Arnav sighed and started to think how if he could go to Mumbai tomorrow or before going to London.

His cell beeped again, he checked and chuckled seeing many kissing emoticon send by Khushi.

The need to see her and kiss her rises within him, but right now he couldn't do anything so he opened her pictures and went to sleep while look at her beautiful pout and smiley faces.


Next Day - Tuesday - 21st August - Arnav's Birthday...


Arnav had just returned from the jog when he received call from his sister wishing him happy birthday. Arnav talk to his sister for few minutes and his Jiju who also wished him.

He went to his room, got ready for office and went down. His Mama, Mami , Nani and Akash wished him. Mami fetch the arti thal from mandir.

"Chottey, Anjali bitya is not here to do this, but she asked me to do this", said Nani and Arnav reluctantly agree. Nani took his arti and bless him, he was glad that he don't have to wear raksha thread as he was already wearing one, which he had to till the wedding day.


Throughout the day he missed Khushi very much. She did called him and wished him and talk to him. But it was not enough for him. He had thought many times to just to go airport board a plane to go to her. But every now a then new work or file or some client call came.

In evening, when he went home, there were no decorations or party. Because everyone knew that he doesn't like to celebrate his birthday after his mother died, as she also died on her birthday.

He directly went to his room telling Hari Prakash and his Nani not to disturb him. He never thought to celebrate his birthday, never wanted to. In his college days whenever his friends wanted to celebrate his birthday or gift him something. He would deny straight away. But now with Khushi in his life, there is this tiny wish and hope to celebrate his birthday with her but that also cannot be fulfilled as she is miles away from him

He came out of washroom, showered and changed clothes. He opened his laptop and take some files out of his laptop bag. He went to his cupboard and open it to place his files when his cell ring. He went back to recliner picked his cell, attach to his hear.

"Hey birthday boy, whats happening?", came Khushi's chirpy voice.

"Nothing, just showered and now going to work", said Arnav as he place 2 files in cupboard and open another to check something.

"Haw Arnavji even today you are going to work, Its your birthday. You should be celebrating it.", said Khushi.

"Khushi I told you earlier I don't like all these things", said Arnav as he closed his cupboard and went to recliner and place file on small table.

"But Arnavji, this is your first birthday after we both got together", said Khushi little sadly.

"Khushi", Arnav sighed hearing her sad tone, "You know after Ma I never celebrated my birthday, I never had the urge or want for it", said Arnav as he went towards the poolside.

When he still didn't hear her reply he continued, "And besides you are not here so whats the point in celebrating", said Arnav.

"Oh if I was with you, you would have celebrated your birthday", asked Khushi in hopeful voice.

"Yes Khushi I would have", replied Arnav.

"Really?", asked Khushi.

"Yes, as I told you I never wanted to celebrate my birthday before but today I had this wish that you could be here with me so that I can celebrate my birthday with you", said Arnav.

"If thats thing then your wish is my command, I will come there", said Khushi.

"What? You will come here? Khushi you are in Mumbai remember", said Arnav not understanding whats got into her.

"Yes if you would call me then how can I deny you my sweet Arnavji", said Khushi in cheeky tone.

"Khushi you are mad", said Arnav shaking his head.

"Arnavji I am serious, you call me and I will really be with you", said Khushi.

"Ok come here then", said Arnav in challenging tone.

"You call me and here I am Arnavji", said Khushi.

Arnav got shocked hearing this, because this time her voice didn't came from phone but from behind him. He turned and could not believe his eyes ... Khushi was standing there in red & black saree, just few feet distance from him.


Looking forward to you comments. Embarrassed

NO PMs will be send for this update, its already late here and i am posting the update. won't be getting much time tomorrow to send PMs to 300+ readers.

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kushiasr26 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2015 at 3:51pm | IP Logged
love u a lot thanks for giving such a long updates
Loved the update
Its party time because its arnavs birthday
Loved how kushi dealt with her cousin 
Pls continue soon

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Pinky.Raizada IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2015 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
Awesome update, Sara got what she deserved. 

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eishe10 IF-Dazzler

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Fantastic update!!!

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dhanyac IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2015 at 7:46pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it...

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Panther007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2015 at 8:10pm | IP Logged
O wow such a long update after long tym..thanks arooma for thisBig smileBig smile

So the past again hunted arnav just bcoz of dat vamp dadi...nd this tym he fears that he gonna hurt her just like his monster father...nd by just hearing his voice khushi know dat her arnavji was in pain...dil ka rista hota he ese jo apne pyaar takleef ho toh jhat se pata chal he jata haiTonguethank god khushi came to him nd make him understand as if xplaining to a baby nd make him sleep without any nightmare...nd the kiss to let him assure tgrough it dat he was not alone need to fight it alone..nd thunks abt good thinks..nd face the past without any fear or ranaway from it...she is really his strenght

Urrghhh this junior vamp sana..such a b**** she isAngryAngryhow could she push the little baby like this...
Bt no one cant mesh with to b mrs Raizada nd hurt her baby..the way khushi shut her up...dat sana's face was worth watchingLOLLOL..badi akad dikha rahi the..mila babaji ka thulluLOLLOL

Glad that arnav not make any fuss on anji reqt to visit sheeshmahal as khyshi's assurance really help him to fight his past demons...

Aww tumne pukara aur hum chale ayen..dil hatheli par le ayen re...dat was really a best surprise nd bday gift for arnav to b with his khushu in this day to make happy memories to erase the sad one..nd khushi in red..ahemm...ready to kill raizada by her sexiness..ahem ahemWinkEmbarrassed

Looking forward for hot bday celebrationWink
Continue soonish

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arnavkhushi22 IF-Dazzler

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Amazing update
Loved it

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lalarukh IF-Rockerz

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aweee awesome chapter...lovely as usual

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