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YouAreMyNewDREAM Thrd 6: Link to Thrd 7 on Pg-1 (Page 56)

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Hey it early to ask for an updateWink
Please we are waiting for another surprise from you.
Love you alwaysTongue

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U updated...yyyeee...superb...update next part soon

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awesome awesome:)...i have started this FF from last three days  and must say had gala time...u r writing it fabulous...loved each and every bit of it :)...u simply and amazing writer...loved ur stories...loved arnav and khushi here ...loved each and every character...yeah not the vilan of story though :)..
i will say my craving to read good asr mode arnav ,u full filled it  beautifully :)...

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hey guys, hope you all are doing well.

First i wana thank you for the likes and comments. Sorry i could not reply back, as i was busy working and in free time i wrote the update.

but will try my best to reply back on this weekend, if i don't have to do work. 

So here is the next chapter, hope you guys like it Embarrassed



Next day - Friday Evening ----------------------- 


Khushi was tapping her foot, she just wanted to go away ... into her room or terrace, so that she could call or message Arnav. Khushi had received his message 20 minutes ago that they had reached Luckhnow and headed to Hotel. She was typing the reply when she heard her name called out in anger tone. She looked up to see her Dadi giving her angry looks and her Amma was watching her with concern. Dadi had then passed a taunting comment that how she does not respect the family time and always glue to her cell. She apologize quickly, not that she was afraid of her but she didn't wanted her Dadi to remark her mother on her upbringing, which her Dadi usually does when Khushi doesn't listen to her, ignore her scolding or not do the things traditionally as its expected from the females of Guptas to be well behaved.


Guptas were not a very big name in Lucknow, but not small either. They come under the category of highly respectable family, deeply rooted with their traditions and culture and mostly known for their sweet business. Even with changing time, they didn't let go of their old values like, daughters are not allowed to go for higher educations, should not mingle with opposite gender freely, cannot select their life partner. All decisions will be taken by elders in the family.

Shashi was the only one in his family who went against it and supported his daughters for higher education receiving disapproving comments from family and relatives. But he knew his daughters wished for this and with changing environment and time it's necessary. He cannot let their life get affected by their relatives taunts and comments as they did the same when he brought a 10 year old, scared and alone Khushi. His mother straightly refused to give that girl their family name and was against to adopt her. But Shashi just cannot let go of that sweet little, innocent eyed cute girl, who clutched to him like her life depended on him. 

So going against his mother he adopted Khushi giving her the family name. His mother was very furious with this and thus never accepted Khushi as her own. But she cannot do anything as she did not want to lose her son. But seeing his mother's behavior towards Khushi, Shashi decided to move to another city, where his daughter can grow up without getting feared or intimidated. And that step had turned his mother's anger into disliking for Khushi as she blamed her for this, her son moving away from her.

From time to time Shashi made his mother understand that it's not right to stop daughters from studying further and fully supported his elder brother's daughter, when she requested to let her study further. Although his mother was not ready for this change but she didn't want her other son to move away from her as well, so she reluctantly agree. But she was still coming to the terms of Shashi's daughters doing job and selecting groom themselves.



"That's why I say that daughters should stay at home, when you give them more rein they seems to get out of hand and forget about values.", said Dadi giving angry looks to Khushi as she was not liking Khushi glue to her cell phone and typing on it.

"Oh Amma let it be, time is changing rapidly, we cannot keep our children tie to us all the time", said Shashi in a cool voice, looking at his daughter fondly. Khushi smile at her father and dismiss her Dadi's words like always.

Payal saw her restlessness and understood that she wants to talk to Arnav, so she engaged her Dadi in conversation, gesturing Khushi with eyes to go. Khushi pass a thankful smile to her Jiji and move from there, receiving disapproving looks from her Chachis and her cousins. She quickly went to room allocated to her and closes the door. 

She wanted to go from here as soon as possible ... so many restrictions and disapproving looks making her highly irritated and uncomfortable.

She dials Arnav's number, which was picked by him after two rings.

"Hey I was wondering when I will be getting a reply from you", said Arnav as he gesture the bell boy to take out the luggage from cars.

"Arnavji, sorry for that, but I didn't get the chance ... you know na Dadi has hawk eyes, and she doesn't like the usage of cell phone that much", said Khushi in an irritated tone. Just then she heard voice of Anjali and Akash in the background.

"Arnavji, have you reached the Hotel?", asked Khushi.

"yeah, just a minute ago, we are going in now", said Arnav.

"How is Arush Arnavji?, I talked to him last night. He was cranky but Anjali ji handled him", said Khushi with concern.

"Well we get to know about this at night then, right now he is just about to sleep, as he was so excited in the plane and on way here", said Arnav as he turn back to see Arush in Anjali's arms, his head on her shoulders and eyes drooping.

"Hmm , I hope he will be alright, I am missing him so much", said Khushi.

"Yeah he is missing you too, when we were leaving from home, he was calling you", said Arnav.

"Awwh mera sweet baby, I wish I could be with him, I would just hug him and kiss him", said Khushi with longing in her voice.

"Ahan all the love for the son, nothing for the father", said Arnav in complaining tone.

Khushi giggle hearing his complain, "Oh so you want something too?".

"Not something Khushi, I want everything from you", said Arnav in his husky tone.

Khushi blushed hearing this, "Time will tell that ... as of now you are not getting anything".

"Is that so Khushi?", said Arnav as he collected his room key from receptionist and move towards elevator. The rest were coming behind.

"Yes it is, you are not a kid, my baby is ... so he will be getting all my love tomorrow", said Khushi

"Don't challenge me Khushi, you know I always find a way to get what I want", said Arnav.

"Not this time Arnavji, you won't be getting a chance to have something from me tomorrow with everyone around us.", said Khushi.

"And what if I am able to do so", said Arnav.

"Not a chance, as I am not allowed to spend time with you over here, its not consider good that the groom and bride seeing each other before marriage and beside in shagun rasam the groom does not come, its just that my family haven't met you that's why you are coming but during the rasam you won't be present.", said Khushi.

"A very stupid rule, which cannot stop Arnav Singh Raizada", said Arnav with proud voice.

"Don't boast about yourself so much, when it won't happen then all this proudness will deflate", said Khushi rolling her eyes.

"Is that a challenge Khushi?", said Arnav

"whatever you want to consider", said Khushi.

"Ok then, we will see it tomorrow", said Arnav.

"Yeah right", said Khushi.

"And if I succeed in getting what I want from you, then you have to do whatever I will ask ... agree?", said Arnav laying down the deal.

Khushi was hesitant for few seconds, hearing his confident tone. But she was confident too that with Dadi and others around, Arnav won't be able to catch her alone.

"Ok fine, and if you lose then ...", Khushi was saying when Arnav cut her, "I will do whatever you say".

"It's deal then Mr. Raizada", said Khushi being confident.

"Yes it's on Ms. Gupta", said Arnav smirking as he enter his room.



Later --- Late @ night ---------------------------- 


"Arush ... go to sleep now ... its so late", said Arnav in frustration as he sway Arush in his arms ... but the poor baby wants his mama ... as he was making crying sound and asking for Khushi.

Arnav had called Khushi twice already asking her how to take care of Arush ... as Anjali was tired and didn't sleep properly yesterday night as Arush was giving her a hard time too.

So for tonight Arnav opted to take care of him so that his sister can sleep properly tonight. But he didn't have a single clue that this night will be sleepless for him.

Arnav sit on bed, as he got tired of walking to and fro in room trying to make him sleep. He pats on his chest while swaying but Arush was moving his hands, "Maamaa ..khaa ha ... Maamaa bulaooo ...(where is mama, call mama)" exclaimed Arush in his baby voice.

"Arush shhshhh ... baby papa is here na ...", said Arnav trying not to shout on Arush , which is getting difficult for him.

When it goes on for another 10 minutes ... he takes his cell and call Khushi.

Khushi opens her eyes feeling the vibration of her cell and saw Arnav calling ... she immediately sit up and pick the call.

"What happened Arnavji", whispers Khushi into the phone ... so that her sister and other cousin don't wake up.

"Khushi ... he is not sleeping ... and I don't know what to do ... he is constantly asking for you ... when I feed him milk ... he did sleep but only for 15 minutes and now he is awake again and I am trying for an hour ... he is not sleeping ... what should I do ... tell me now ... how you handle him yaar ... its so difficult ... I just cannot do it", said Arnav in hurried and irritated tone.

Khushi couldn't help the giggle that escapes her lips at his rant. But quickly sober up as she heard her baby calling mama ... mama.

"Arnavji, hold on for a minute, let me get out of the room", saying that she look over to her sister and cousin, thankfully both were asleep. So she quickly went out of the room, taking care not to make a sound.

"Arnavji, can you press the phone to his ear please", said Khushi in low voice as she move towards the backyard.

"Ok", replied Arnav and make Arush sit in his lap and move phone near his ear, Arush started to move her hands, pushing it away, seeing that Arnav put it on speaker.

"Khushi its on speaker", said Arnav.

"Arush, baby ... what happened my shona", said Khushi making a baby voice.

"Maamaaa...", Arush exclaimed loudly hearing her voice, "Maammaaa paaass janaaa ... Maamma pass (want to goto mama)", said Arush moving his hands frantically to move away from Arnav.

Arnav make his grip tight, fearing that he might fall.

"Mama is here na baby, mama is with you shona", said Khushi as she felt bad hearing her baby crying voice.

"Mama aoo Alush pass ... Mamaaa ajaoo (Mama come to Arush, mama come).", exclaimed Arush loudly as tears roll down his cheeks.

"Arush, stop crying", said Khushi loudly and Arush voice got low a bit, as he clearly understand the scolding tone of his mama.

"Mama Alush pass nai, Maama nai.(mama is not with Arush, mama is not)", said Arush crying and Khushi eyes got moist hearing this.

"No my bacha, my jaan. Mama is always with Arush, shhhsshh... stop crying shona", said Khushi in her baby, "Arush is mama's brave boy na. Arush shhhsshh don't cry ... mama will also cry then".

Arnav could feel her tone getting weak; he knew that there will be tears in her eyes too. He felt anger towards the situation and specially her Dadi. They were doing all this to please her, but does this justify Arush's craving for his mama. No it does not.

Poor baby was now tired with all the crying and his face was red. He had stopped moving his hands and legs.

"Arnavji is there a balcony or an open space around?", asked Khushi as she hear Arush's crying getting low.

"No, just a 2 windows", replied Arnav.

"Ok no worries take him to window and open it and keep the phone on speaker", said Khushi.

Arnav pick Arush in his arms, who was still calling to his mama. He opens the window wide, light breeze was moving as it's the monsoon season.

"Ok now?", asked Arnav.

"Make him lay in your arms, like his head above your bend elbow and sway him left right slowly ok", said Khushi.

Arnav did as Khushi told and then he heard her singing the song, the same one she always use to sing for Arush. At first Arush didn't catch the song but then Khushi move to corner looking here and there and make her voice loud a bit. Arush head immediately move towards the shirt pocket of Arnav where his phone was. Arush tap the phone, "Mammaaa ajao ... Maaama pass jana (mama come, want to go to mama)".

Arnav gulped, seeing his son yearning so much for Khushi. Khushi too felt her voice getting choked but she kept on singing.

Soon Arush voice quite down as tiredness took over, "Khushi he stopped crying", said Arnav.

"Shhshh Arnavji no words, just keep swaying", said Khushi and she resume her signing.


After some 10 minutes, Arush eyes started drooping. Arnav arm's started to ache with the constant moving but he didn't stopped. Arush's one hand was clutching the shirt at pocket area and one was on his stomach.

Finally after few more minutes the little baby slept, "Khushi he is asleep now", said Arnav.

"Take him to bed, don't stop swaying", said Khushi in low voice as she resume singing. Arnav took Arush to bed and sit on it.

"Put him on bed slowly, he will move so quickly pat him on head and chest ok", said Khushi and resume her singing.

Arnav put Arush on bed, who immediately opens his eyes and move his hands making a protesting sound, Arnav started to pat him on head and chest. Soon Arush got relax and slumber took over. All this while Khushi was singing the song. After some 5 minutes Arush was sleeping peacefully. Arnav move the pillows around him and stood up from the bed taking cell phone out of pocket.

"Khushi he is asleep now", said Arnav. "Are you sure? He is not twitching?", asked Khushi.

"No he is relaxed now", said Arnav.

Khushi took a breath of relief. And thank her Devi Maiya.

"Khushi that is not fair to him, I told you he won't be able to settle without you", said Arnav in irritation.

"I know Arnavji, I am sorry", said Khushi pressing her lips as she wiped her tears.

"I thought Di was just exaggerating when she told how frantic he was last night. But now I knew, if Di wouldn't have been that much tired, I would have woken her up", said Arnav running his hand in hair.

"It's good that you didn't ... she will look after him in morning, he will be fine with her", said Khushi.

"How can you say that Khushi, didn't you hear how much he was crying for you? Khushi you did not do good leaving him here.", said Arnav in anger and cut the phone.

Khushi was about to say something when she heard the beep. She clutches the phone to her chest, pressing her lips to control her sob. Just then she felt someone's touch on her shoulder. She quickly wipes her eyes and turn to deal with the person.

It was Garima, she watch her daughter's teary eyes and turning her head to other side schooling her expression.

"Bitya what happened?", asked Garima placing her hand on Khushi's cheek.

"Nothing Amma, wo Arush was not sleeping ... so I was just ... ", said Khushi turning her head to other side. She then removes Garima's hand from her face, "He was crying so much Amma, he was calling me and I couldn't be with him. I have hurt him Amma".

"No bitya, you will never hurt him, he is still little na so it's hard for him ...", Garima was saying when Khushi cut her, "No Amma, I have hurt him. I knew he won't be able to settle without me even Arnavji told me to take him but still I didn't", said Khushi as a sob escapes her lips, "Arnavji was right, I didn't do good with him".

Garima was about to say when Khushi move from there, running to her room. Garima clutch the jug in her hands. She was going to kitchen to take water for Shashi when she heard a signing voice. She moves towards voice and found Khushi standing in a corner, singing into the phone. She understood that Khushi is singing for Arush as she too had heard Khushi singing this sing to make Arush relax or sleep.

Garima saw the tears rolling down as she moves close to Khushi. She could feel the sadness in her voice. And seeing Khushi blaming herself for not being able to be with Arush, she felt bad. She moves towards her room, thinking how to rectify this.


Next day - Saturday ... Around 11.00 am --------------


Arush was starting to get cranky now as he hasn't seen Khushi since yesterday. Anjali tried to distract him but couldn't, "Arush stop irritating Bua, I will not take you to your mama then", Anjali scold Arush, who look at her open mouth and quickly tapped both his hands on bed, "Mama pass ... Alush mama pass".

"Then stay still and eat your cereal", said Anjali as she was trying to feed him since half an hour and he wasn't sticking to one place.

"Naahhh mmamaa see khana, mama bulao (Noo, will eat from mama, call mama)", said Arush as he move his face to other side not letting Anjali putting spoon in her mouth.

"That's it Arush! I am telling your mama that Arush had been a very bad boy, she will not come to you then", said Anjali pointing a finger to him.

"Naaahh, Alush acha ...Mama pass jana (No Arush is good, want to go to mama)", said Arush as he made a crying face. Anjali's heart melted and she take Arush in her lap.

"Shona we are going to your mama, but she will be angry if she comes to know that Arush hasn't eaten, Arush don't want to make mama upset na", said Anjali caressing his hair and Arush move his head as if understanding her talks. Anjali then bring the bowl near and take a spoon of cereal, "Just a little my shona, then Mama will feed Arush, ok", said Anjali in baby voice and Arush started to eat. Although he did make some protesting moves and sounds but Anjali managed.


After few minutes Akash knock on the door and open it a little, "Di?".

"Yes Akash, come in", said Anjali as she came out of washroom. Akash open the door and came in.

"Bhai said we should leave to Khushi's place. So get ready we will be leaving in few minutes", said Akash.

"Oh ok, but let me call Khushi and ask if it's ok we come now or have to come sometime later", said Anjali as she wipes Arush's face and hand.

"No need Di, I have already talked to Payal ... she said we can come, as bhai also wants to get over with this thing, Payal said they are ready for the rasam  and you know na ...", Akash stop seeing the scrutinizing look on Anjali's face.

"What?", asked Akash.

"You talked to Payal? Since when you both became friends?", asked Anjali wondering when Akash and Payal became friends as they have each other's number, her mind playing old memories of Paris where she had seen Akash talking to Payal or looking at her, but she didn't gave them much thought earlier. And she also notices the ease with which Akash tell her about talking to Payal. Being a Psychologist student and studying human behavior she was good at observing People. And she did notice the change of expression on Akash's face with her question.

"Um Di, its not like what you're thinking. As she is Khushi's sister so I have her number in case of emergency ... you know na that kidnapping thing ... Payal was in contact with me during that time", said Akash carefully.

Before Anjali could say something, the door opened and Rahul came in, "What are you doing here Akash? I thought you were going to the lobby ... Arnav asked you to arrange cars remember", said Rahul.

"Yes .. oh yes, thanks for reminding Jiju", said Akash and he went out of room.

"What happen to you, where are you lost?", said Rahul as he picks up Arush who was about to slip from bed as Anjali was thinking something.

"Um nothing", said Anjali as she smiles at Rahul and went to change. She decided to notice both Payal and Akash today.


After some time they all left in 2 cars ... Anjali, Arush, Rahul and Arnav in one car. Nani, Mamaji, Mamiji and Akash in the other car. Akash's car was ahead as Mamaji was on phone with Shashi asking the directions. Arnav couldn't wait to see her and take her in his arms. His mind was thinking of the ways to achieve that. Luckily Rahul was driving so he had his whole concentration on planning.


Half an hour later they have reached, the Guptas Haveli. It was not big in height, 2 stories but it was long in width, big front yard with fountain in middle and small back yard. Shashi was standing at the boundary gate with his elder and younger brother to welcome the guests.

(Imagine something like this :

The Raizadas got of the cars and move to the front, Shashi greeted them all the made the introductions, "Manohar ji, This is Dilip, my elder brother and this is Rakesh my younger brother.

"Namaste", said Mamaji folding his hands, then Shashi takes them inside. Akash, Arnav and Rahul remain behind to take the stuff from car. Arnav look around the yard and appreciated the maintenance of the plants and lawn. Shashi took them to a big living room, where his mother, his sister-in-laws, Buaji and Garima was waiting for them.

They all greeted each other and Shashi introduces everyone, "My mother Subhadra, my elder sister-in-law Deepti and Shalini, Rakesh's wife."

Just then, Khushi's cousins came with tea and snacks along with two young men and a pregnant lady. 

"This is Sara(26yrs), Dilip bhai's daughter. His elder daughter Samna is married, she is not here. He is Arjun(29yrs), his elder son and this is his wife Chavi(26yrs-who was pregnant).", said Shashi pointing to each person, "This is Purvi(23yrs), Megha(18yrs) and Ankit(25yrs), Rakesh's children".

They greeted each other and then Mamaji introduces his family, "My mother Devyani Singh Raizada, my wife Manorma (Dadi gave a disapproving looks to her colorful attire) my son Akash. This is Anjali my niece and her husband Rahul and this little one here is Arush, chotey's .. um I mean Arnav's son and ...", Mamaji stopped as he couldn't locate Arnav.

"Where is Arnav bitwa?", asked Mamaji looking at Akash.

"Bhai was just here Dad ... let me", Akash was saying when he saw Arnav coming to them, "Here he is".

Arnav came and stood behind his sister, who was sitting on sofa along with Nani and Rahul, "Sorry everyone, got an important call", said Arnav.

"And this my nephew, and groom to be Arnav Singh Raizada", said Mamaji.

"Hello Everyone", said Arnav causally, waving a hand. Subhadra look at him disapprovingly as he didn't folded his hands and said Namaste nor he move ahead and take her blessings, as Akash and Anjali did.

Sara who was eyeing Akash before got stunned seeing Arnav, the same was with Purvi and Megha. They were checking him out, as they find him more dashing in his black 3 piece suit with light purple shirt. Arjun and Ankit felt intimidated with his personality, as he always carries a kind of aura which oozes out perfection and intelligence.

Nani knew what Khushi's Dadi must be thinking. So she diverted the attention, "Shashi ji you haven't introduces us to her", said Nani gesturing towards another old lady of her age sitting beside Subhadra.

"Oh Sorry Ma ji, She my mother's dearest and oldest friend Sujhataji, she is just like our family", said Shashi.

"Ma ji, please take tea, Akash bitwa, Arnav babua come have tea", said Buaji who was silent all this while, she perfectly understand her mother's thinking.

"No thanks Buaji, you know I prefer coffee, um you can ask Khushi, she will make one for me", said Arnav as he looked around, "She is not here?".

Anjali smacked her head mentally; she could see how Khushi's Dadi and her friend were looking not happy with his open talk about Khushi. She looks to side at Rahul to do something. Arush was feeling shy and bit scared seeing so many new people in front of him, so he was sitting quietly in Anjali's lap.

Before Buaji could say something, Sujhata open her mouth, "She will not come here, bride doesn't come in front of groom for Shagun rasam and they cannot even meet or see each other after the Haldi rasam.".

"What, but we are already engaged ... and", Arnav was saying when Anjali stood up with Arush, "Arnav take Arush and make him stroll outside".

"What the ... Di", Arnav was getting irritated now, but Anjali put Arush in his arms and move close to him, "Please Chotey, you go out, don't make a scene that will put Khushi into trouble", said Anjali as she gestures towards Khushi's Dadi.

"Dilip ji and Rakesh ji, what you do? I mean work wise", said Rahul trying to engage others in the conversation while Anjali make Arnav go out.

Dilip and Rakesh started to tell them about their work, more likely boasted. Guptas has few acres of land, of different corps, which they export to other cities and also 2 big sweet shops in Luckhnow. But their mouth got shut when they get to know about the Raizadas. Arjun and Ankit were impressed when Akash was telling about AR and Mamaji tell them proudly how they will be opening AR in London.

"Please Chotay for Khushi", said Anjali making a pleading face, "I will call you once its done ok". "Fine", said Arnav gritting his teeth and move out taking Arush.

"I think we should start with the rasam, what say Ma ji", said Shashi cutting their conversation. He knew that it won't take long for Arnav irritation to turn into anger. And he also knew that Khushi wants to meet Arnav and Arush both as Garima had told him this morning about what she saw yesterday night.

"Yes, good idea Shashi ji", said Mamaji and turn to Anjali, "Bitya get the things ready".

Anjali nodded her head and move towards the pile of stuff and gifts placed on table little to side, that they had brought along. Rahul also stood up and helped Anjali arranging the stuff on the table in front of sofa where Nani was sitting. Garima went to Khushi's room and ask Payal to bring her.

Payal brought Khushi to the living room. Raizadas smile seeing her ... Anjali immediately move to her and hug her, smiling big. Khushi too return the smile and roam her eyes around the room.

Anjali notice this and whisper to her, "Chotey is outside with Arush", as she bring her to sofa and make her sit beside Nani. Khushi bend and touched Nani's feet. Nani place her hand on Khushi's head giving her blessing.

Anjali went to Khushi and placed a red chunri over her head, pinching her cheek a bit. Khushi pouted and smile. Akash was taking photos from his cell. Anjali then took thal from Garima and did Khushi's arti and put tika on her forhead. Nani then put raksha dhaga on her wrist. Anjali then place a red box in Khushi's lap. Mamaji, Mamiji, Rahul and Nani also put the gifts in her lap. Akash captures the moments into his cell phone, and then with the thought of teasing his brother, he sends a close up snap of Khushi on Arnav's cell.

Arnav was standing near the fountain and Arush was roaming here and there. Arnav take his cell out hearing the beep. He opens the pic and smiled seeing Khushi's pic. Now Akash is also came in the team of Lavanya and Anjali, sending him Khushi's image, thought Arnav amusingly. He move towards Arush and pick him up, "Its time to meet your mama", said Arnav and then move towards Living room.

Nani takes a packet and extend it towards Khushi's Dadi, "Subhadraji this is for you from our side".

"There is no need for this Devyani Ji", said Dadi, thinking that they must have bring some luxury sari to impress her.

"Arey Subhadra ji, take a look atleast, you will like it", said Nani as she took out a sari from packet and hand it to Khushi's Dadi, she was surprise to see the Sari, it was similar like she wore, simple with border, of cotton fabric. Dadi smile a little and thanked Devyani ji.

"I know your taste will be pure traditional, I too have Luckhnowi roots.", said Nani with a smile.

Sujhata who was looking at Devanyi, as if trying to remember why she look familiar, and at the mention of Luckhnow her ears stoop up and she asked Nani where and when they lived at Luckhnow. Nani told them its was some 20 years ago, they shifted to Dehli due to business.

Anjali then presented gifts to Khushi's other relatives and cousins.


"Chalo bhai, Shagun rasam is done finally", said Buaji looking at Garima who nodded with a smile.

"Oh good, that's means I can come now", Arnav's voice came from a distance and they all saw him coming towards them with Arush in his arms.

Anjali and Nani's eyes widened and they look at Khushi's Dadi, who had stern look on her face.

"Chotey, didn't we said that you cannot come here, until Khushi bitya is here", said Nani trying to sound stern.

"Nani, it was said the groom cannot be present for rasam, but I guess rasam is done right", said Arnav as he pointed towards Khushi's lap, "You have given shagun to Khushi, and she said (looking at Shujata) that we cannot meet or see each other after haldi. And Haldi rasam is not soon, so technically I can come here now and besides you don't expect me to stand outside all day", said Arnav giving a smirk towards Khushi, who had her mouth open slightly as he stood to the opposite side.

Before anyone could say something, there was a loud exclamation of "Mammaaa", from Arush who had now seen Khushi and was wiggling in his father's arm to go to Khushi.

Khushi too stood up quickly and put the things on sofa and move forwards to pick Arush. Arnav put Arush down as he was moving too much, the little baby quickly moves towards Khushi, grinning and making loud sounds of happiness. He took wobbling steps and Khushi crouch down on floor and take him in her arms.

Raizadas looked at them with awe ... Buaji, Garima, Shashi and Payal was also looking at both of them with adoration. Sara and Puriv roll her eyes and Megha smile wide, as she also like babies too much. Dadi and Shujata had no expression on face.

"My Shona, my baby", said Khushi as she kissed Arush on both cheeks and then move her cheek in front of him, and Arush also give a wet kissy to his mama. Khushi stood up with Arush in her arms, Arnav move near her and stood a feet away, "Hi". As give a look over to her, looking pretty in gold and purple Anarkali

(A/N: Imagine Arshi in clothes they wore in Shagun rasam in the show)

Khushi look up at him nervously and darted her eyes to side and nodded her head. "Khushi I think Arush is hungry so I brought his bag here", said Arnav showing Khushi Arush's baby bag in his other hand.

"Khushi, go inside", came Dadi's stern voice. Khushi nodded again and extend her hand to take the bag when Arnav garbs her hand. Khushi look at him with wide eyes and tell him through her eyes, not do to anything.

Dadi, Shujata and Khushi's Chacha Chahis were astonished to see Arnav grabbing her hand in front of everyone.

For Raizadas it was a normal thing, but Anjali and Nani were worried about Khushi's relatives, as they know they don't appreciate this kind of affection before marriage.

"Come Khushi, lets make his food before he starts crying and besides I have to talk something important to you", said Arnav and pull Khushi as he make way towards inside rooms. "Excuse us".

Shashi move towards his mother and held her arm, stopping her to say something further, as he knew if they stopped Arnav, they will be hearing an argument which Shashi didn't want at his occasion.

Khushi was too stunned at his gesture to say something. Arnav came near to Payal and ask her the direction of room and Payal told him. Arnav then move ahead, not caring of the angry and nervous stares throwing towards him.

Shashi gestures Garima towards Raizada and she lead them to other room, so that they can fresh up before lunch.

"Shashi did you see how shameless that boy is, he didn't even care that we elders were present before him", said Dadi in angry tone as soon as the Raizadas move away.

"Amma let it be, I told you Arnav bitwa does not believe in these things, but still he is doing all this only for Khushi", said Shashi.

"What can I expect, after all he is Khushi's choice", said Dadi, "I told you its bad idea, and we should choose someone for her from traditional families over here".

"Dadi, they both love each other and have face many problems ... and", Payal was saying when Shujata cut her, "Bitya when two elders are talking children should not interfere, are you forgetting your values as well, living in the presence of Khushi."

Payal pressed her lips in anger, she hates it when one cannot voice out their thoughts and feeling and she stormed away from there.

"See Shashi, Payal too is becoming like that Khushi, I am telling you control them now or you well regret later", said Dadi and move away towards her room, Shujata followed her.

Shashi shakes his head and tell his bothers and other to go and rest for a while before lunch.



"Arnavji, what were you doing ... didn't you see Dadi was not liking this at all, now I will be getting a scolding from her", said Khushi as she pouted.

Arnav placed the bag on bed and pull her close, "And I also said that, nothing can stop Arnav Singh Raizada".

Khushi look at him surprise as yesterday's conversation came to her mind. Her nose flared and she put Arush on bed, putting pillow on his side, "Arush shona you sit here and don't move, mama want to fight with papa ok", said Khushi in baby voice as if she was saying a normal thing. Arnav raise an eyebrow at this and look amusingly at Khushi who was now giving him angry looks.

"ok so all this was to full fill the challenge haan", said Khushi in annoyance. Arnav move a step to her and place his hand around her waist and pull her into him, "Yes, Arnav Singh Raizada never loses".

Khushi open her mouth to say something but Arnav place his finger on her lips, "And Arnav Singh Raizada always get what he wants", saying that Arnav leaned down and replace his finger with his lips. Khushi was shocked, not because of the kiss but at his courage that anyone can come in, they are surrounded by relatives and still Arnav did what he was not supposed to do here.

Khushi tried to push him, as she was dreading that someone might come as the door was half open but Arnav was nowhere close of letting her go. Arnav pull back from the kiss and saw Khushi heaving.

"um, maza nahi aya", said Arnav and he was about to lean in again when the door was open, Khushi immediately push him. Luckily it was Payal, who got embarrass seeing Arnav and Khushi standing too much close, the red color on Khushi's face was telling the story what had happened here.

"Um Sorry, wo ... um I came here to call you for lunch", said Payal looking down.

"Ok you go , I will come in a minute", said Arnav. Payal look at Khushi and then at Arnav who give Payal a stern look, Payal just turn to go when Arnav said, "And Payal, please close the door".

Khushi mouth opened at his audacity, Payal was too embarrass to say anything and went out of room, closing the door.

"Arnavji, how can you talk to my Jiji like that", said Khushi getting angry.

"What, I just told her that I will come in a minute", said Arnav shrugging his shoulders. Khushi huff in annoyance and sit on bed. Arush was playing with his bag all this time and move to Khushi, who take him in her lap. She opens the bag, and takes out, milk powder, thermos and Arush's milk bottle.

Arnav saw how quickly and with ease she made his milk bottle, lay him down on bed and Arush started to drink the milk.

Arnav sit on bed opposite to her and held her hand, Khushi didn't pull her hand back but also didn't look at him.

"Khushi I want to apologize", said Arnav and Khushi looked at him surprise.

"Not for kissing you though ... I will do it many times in future ... I don't care when and where.", said Arnav quickly and saw Khushi's eyes widened a bit, "But I am sorry for last night, I shouldn't have said that and I know you were hurt, I am sor ..", Arnav was saying when Khushi put her hand on his lips.

"Please Arnavji, you don't have too, the mistake was mine, I shouldn't have left without him.", said Khushi looking at Arush.

"Khushi I understand why you did this but Its ...", Arnav was saying when again Khushi stopped him, "But its not right to make him suffer because of all this", said Khushi and Arnav look at her surprise, as he was about to say the same thing.

Arush who was seeing that Khushi attention is not on him, he pushed the bottle and move to Khushi, "mamamaa".

Khushi smile at him, "Awh Baby, you didn't finish the milk, naughty boy", said Khushi and tickle him on stomach.

Arush laughed and move his hand to grab Khushi's hand. Arnav look at them with adoration. Khushi look at him and they decided to let the matter go as now Arush is with Khushi. That's what matter. Arnav blink his eyes twice and stood up. Khushi too blink her eyes at him and both understand the silent gesture. Arnav then move out of room giving both mother and son some time alone with each other.

He was passing the corridor when he heard his name, Buaji was talking to Garima about putting raskha thread on Arnav's wrist.

"But Jiji, you know na he does not believe in these things, Khushi told us not to mention about this infront of him remember", said Garima.

"I know Garima, but it's the part of ritual to put this thread on groom's wrist. Khushi bitya has been given one, so I was thinking if Arnav babua wear this also, it will be good", said Buaji

"Jiji, Shashi ji always say that when one does not believe in these things, we should not force them either", said Garima.

"Oho Garima, leave it. If Arnav babua put this on it won't bring any storm, but I guess its no use talking about this", said Buaji shaking her head and put the thread in drawer.

Arnav move from there quickly and joined his family for Lunch. Nani told them about the wedding date and that they have decided to have Mehndi and Sangeet at RM, and Haldi and Marriage ceremony at Mumbai. Dadi said to have wedding ceremony here but Shashi manage to make her agree that he have many things to take care of so Mumbai will be better.

Sujhata phone ring and she excused and went to side, hearing the news she was shocked and then went back to her chair, she ask Subhadra to come with her as soon as possible as she have to tell her something important. Subhadra told her to wait till lunch is over.

After lunch Shujata take Subhadra to her room. Nani told Shashi that they should leave now, Shashi told them to wait till evening and have tea with them, as they have come a long way here and he wanted them to stay here for some more time.

"Nani how can we go now when the rasam in not fully completed yet", said Arnav. Everyone look at him confused.

"Arnav, What you mean?", said Anjali.

"Di, wasn't the groom supposed to have raksha dhaga tie to his wrist as well by bride's mother or someone elder ... right?", said Arnav

Anjali and Nani got surprise and look at each other. Arnav then look at Buaji, "I am saying right na Buaji, it's a part of a ritual right".

Buaji nodded her head at this and smile, "You will put on the raksha dhaga babua?", asked Buaji not sure.

"Of course Buaji why not, it's a part of a ritual right and I have promised Khushi that I will full fill every ritual in our wedding, so why not", said Arnav as came near Buaji and stood infront of her, pushing his coat and shirt sleeve a bit back.

"That's very good babua, aye Garima, why are you standing here, go and and bring the thread and pooja thal", said Buaji in her loud voice and then she turn to Arnav, "Come babua".

Garima went to her room to take the thread. Buaji lead Arnav to living room and make him sit on the sofa.

Raizadas were still astonish at this, Anjali sit beside Arnav and said in low voice, "Chotey you don't believe in all this ... then how come you agree. I have to coax you so much when I wanted to put the thread on".

"Just like that Di, its just one time ... not the thousands time you pester me", said Arnav and Anjali smack him on the arm.

Rahul chuckled at this, "By the way how you get to know about this part of the ritual?".

"I read on net Jiju", said Arnav casually as he didn't want Buaji to feel that he heard their conversation and he was just doing that so they don't feel bad that he isn't doing any participation in the rituals.

"Wah ji, you read about rituals on net, you never done this before", said Anjali in teasing tone.

"For Khushi Di, just for her", said Arnav in low voice so that only Anjali could hear it. She smile and pinch his cheeks.

"Di ...", Arnav give Anjali angry glare.

"Ok Sorry sorry", said Anjali moving a bit back.

Just then Garima came with the thal. Everyone gather around. Shashi look around and didn't find his mother. He asked his brother Dilip, who said that she went to her room. Shashi was about to move to call her and Garima just raised the thal when they all heard a loud angry voice.

"STOP Garima", they all look and saw Dadi coming towards them, "you are not going to take his arti", said Dadi giving Arnav an angry look. Garima stopped and look towards her mother-in-law with concern.

"What happened Amma?", asked Buaji.

"This wedding will not happen", said Dadi angrily looking around at everyone. They all got shocked hearing this.


hehehe, i know i am evil to stop here LOL but can't help it.

Looking forward to comments and likes.

NOTE 1: From now on the length of chapter will depend on the no. of Likes for the previous update. More likes means more lengthy chapter and vice versa.

NOTE 2: Will be deleting readers from my buddy list who have not commented or likes on this thread yet.

Those who have PM me that they will be busy due to exams and some other stuff, relax you will not be deleted.

Its no use sending 312 ppl PMs when i get only around 200 likes.

Will send PM for this update later, got work to finish.

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Sunandha Senior Member

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Nice Update...
Now What is this new problem?

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lalarukh IF-Rockerz

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awesome update...uff this dadi is really on nerves :)...poor arnav , khushi and baby arush...everyone is suffering only due to dadi...well so arnav won the challenge :)...after all he is the great asr  by all means :)..
y dadi stopped this shadi ..i guess maybe it is related to khushi's real parents death ...they came to know about this ... looking forward :)

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Lovely update. Finally got to read this ff after a long tym. But the delay is worth. Feeling bad for arush as he was craving for khushi. Love arshi-arush part very much.Now what will happen?? May be dadi knows something abt arnav parents. What i m guessing. Dont cut short the chapters for the non- interested readers. It will not affect them. We are habitual with ur looonnng updates. Lovely update. Will wait for the update. But if possible try to update sooon.

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Oh my god such a long update love it
Your si bad to end it on such point
Eagerly waiting for next update
Plz update soon

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