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YouAreMyNewDREAM Thrd 6: Link to Thrd 7 on Pg-1 (Page 54)

Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Is 1st week of June

where is the update

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shruti_luvs_msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 7:53am | IP Logged
please update 
its been a long time

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..Divya.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Finally read the story.. Omg... What a fantastic story.. Dn't know.. How come i missed reading this.. :( !! Now coming to the story.. Arshi in office atmosphere.. something i love .. I loved the way khushi came to AR , ofcourse coz of nk.. Arnav's challenge to her.. Her happiness on seeing him first ^_^ !! And she proving her potential.. Fabulous dear.. :* & the party.. when she comes to know he is diabetic & cn't have sweets.. Her gesture .. Wow.. Khushi surely care for him.. & the elevator.. His concern about her safety.. Their journey was so beautiful .. :* :* !! Anjali & khushi coming together... Her constant visit to rm.. & not to forget her love for arush.. I could literally imagine everything.. Hatsoff to your writing.. I mean the flow was so consistent.. I loved these scenes when arnav tries to see khushi's reaction when lisa comes close to him.. So adorable.. :* :* & their first dance.. Aww.. Kurbaan hua...mindblowing.. <3 <3 !!! & loved this too.. When khushi saves arnav... & instead of thanking her. He ended taunting her.. :( .. But i know arnav cn't see khushi sad.. & the way he takes her to the apartment & helps her was just wow.. This scene clearly shows what arnav is.. He hurts her.. Regrets.. & comes as her saviour.. ^_^ ! arnav is very complex ... His anger is something which makes him worse.. :( i hated how again he hurted khushi to GET OUT !! That one instance i really did hate him.. :/ !! & Anjali & arnav convo.. Followed by rahul khushi convo.. Beautiful <3 <3 !! And finally arshi in a relationship.. their trip.. The way arnav consoled her after.the tragedy.. Wow.. It was so heartwarming to read... I loved how much she was worried for him when he was shot.. Those cute moments in the hospital.. Fabulous <3<3 !!! I so loved when arnav proposed her.. The way khushi handled the past was awesome.. U r great.. I'm mean this was so perfect... Those past memories were so nice to read.. & I'm so happy that they are engaged .. Another thing i liked was they way u used other characters like akash , payal, lavanya , anjali, rahul.. I loved their characterization too.. In short.. I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY !! CN'T WAIT FOR NEXT UPDATE.. <3

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Bubbles76 Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 12:14pm | IP Logged

You all must be wondering as how come i am updating today and that do without any note. Well occasion hi aisa hai janab.

Today is 4th June, the very day when i posted prolouge of this story 2 years back. Embarrassed

So HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY  to my baby my janu story. Embarrassed

So just a little surprise from my end, A small chapter. Although i wanted to write more but i didn't get much time as its difficult to get more free time in week days.

THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT AND WAITING FOR IT ... also thank you for being supportive ... read all your comments on thread that how much you all are waiting for it. Tongue


Next day - Thursday Afternoon ...


Khushi watched as the taxi move ahead between the traffic on the roads of multicultural city, Luckhnow. If it was any other day she would have been chattering with her mother and sister, sitting beside her. She may be physically present here but her heart and mind was back in Dehli missing her Arnavji and her baby.

She cannot forget the look on Arnav's face, as if he was about to lose her, she remembers the morning scene ...


Khushi was in her room, packing her suitcase. Arush had slept with Anjali last night, because she knew if he woke up and found his mama near him, it will be difficult for Khushi to leave. So she wanted him to see Anjali first, so that he can get distract. She wanted to leave for station before her baby wakes up. 

She was lost in thoughts, putting her things in bag when she felt someone's presence behind her, more precisely sense him behind her. She smile and turn looking at Arnav standing in his track suit, water bottle in his hand, sweat bead on his face and neck. But her smile faded as her eyes landed on his face ... pressed lips, tight jaw and anger in his eyes.

She could see his other hand curling into a fist and then un-fist, like trying to control his emotions. Khushi saw him taking a step towards her and open his mouth probably to say something but next second he stopped. He kept on watching Khushi with anger and worry. Khushi took a step towards him, extending her hand to touch his face, but he move back, turned and went out of room.

Khushi's hand remains in the air, for 2-3 seconds, when she put it down wondering what happened to Arnavji. She wanted to go after him, but she knew he needed some time, probably to cool down or to process over things he wanted to say to her. So Khushi turn back to her bag and started putting her things quickly.


After some 15-20 minutes, Khushi was standing outside Arnav's room. She fidgeted with her fingers thinking should she knock or should she come back after some more time. She was about to knock when door opened and she saw Arnav. Khushi smile at him nervously. Arnav look at her for few seconds and then move aside giving her space to come in. Khushi move in, before she could say something, Arnav pulled her into him. Hugging her tightly, burying his face into crook of her neck, inhaling her fragrance.

Since the time he woke up this morning, he was not having a good feeling. Khushi will be going to Luckhnow today and the thought itself was making him dread that something bad will happen. He hated that city; he had lost his most precious thing there, his mother. He had lost their own home to his cunning uncle. He remembered that how he and his sister roamed its street after being thrown out. No one was ready to give them shelter. No one was ready to help them. The pity and disgusted glare thrown towards them, by people. Only he knew how he and his sister had spent that night in that city near park. Even the mention of that city brings those painful memories back.

And now his other most precious thing is going to the same city and he do not want to lose her. This time he won't be able to survive the blow.


"Arnavji", Khushi called his name softly as she rubs his back. Arnav pull her more into him. The hug was getting tight and she could feel his arm digging into her side getting painful. Khushi tired to break the hug but Arnav didn't want to.

"Arnavji, what happened? Are you alright?", asked Khushi with concern.

"Khushi don't go please", said Arnav. Khushi was shocked to hear the vulnerability in his tone.

Khushi tried harder and push back. Arnav loosens his grip but didn't remove his hand around her. Khushi look up at his face. Tight jaws and closed eyes. Khushi put her hand on his cheek and rub her thumb over it. Arnav open his eyes and look down at her.

Khushi gasped seeing the pain in them. She immediately cupped his face with both her hands.

"Arnavji, what ha ...", Khushi was saying when Arnav cut her.

"Khushi don't go to that place. It's not good. That ... that city ... is not good", said Arnav gritting his teeth, trying to keep the bad memories away. "I don't wana lose you like I lost Maa".

Khushi's breath hitched hearing the plea in his voice. She immediately hugged him, squeezing him into her. Arnav also hold her tight.

"You won't lose me Arnavji. Never. I will always be with you", said Khushi as she rubs his back. "its just matter of few days ... just few days Arnavji".

They both stand in each other's arm. Arnav, seeking her warmth and Khushi assuring him that she will be fine and nothing will happen to her.

After some time, Khushi broke the hug and cupped his face, getting on her toes she place her lips on his. Arnav let her control the kiss, as he just relish in her soft touch. Khushi put her one hand on his nape and other in his hair, rubbing his scalp. Arnav got relaxed into the kiss. Khushi break the kiss with lack of oxygen, heavy breaths, looking into his eyes caressing his face.

"Arnavji, please don't worry. I will fine. You will be fine. We will be fine", said Khushi smiling at him.

Arnav didn't want her to go. But knew he couldn't stop her either. He give her a slight smile and put his forehead against hers.



Khushi came back to present feeling someone's touch on her shoulder, she looked to side and found her mother's concern eyes.

"Bitya, are you ok?", asked Garima looking at the lost look on her face.

"Ji Amma", said Khushi as she look out of window and realize that they have reached their destination. She gives a assuring smile to her mother who was still looking at her face as if trying to know what the matter is. Khushi open the car door and went out. She helped her mother out and move inside the boundary gate.

Her mother went ahead to greet her mother-in-law and Khushi remain back, taking her cell out and sending a message to Arnav.


@ AR ...

Arnav's cell beeped and he opens the message,

"Reached home, will call you when I get chance".

Arnav sighed and replied with a simple ok. He moves towards the huge window, covering till ceiling behind his desk. He looks at the view of the city below. His mind going back to morning ...


After seeking warmth and assurance from Khushi he let her go. They both went down to have breakfast. Luckily Arush was still sleeping as he woke up in the night and then slept late. Everyone at the table can see the tight jawed face of Arnav and concerned Khushi who was throwing worry glances towards him. They all knew how much he hates Luckhnow but still he agree for going there. Nani feel bad seeing her grandson like this. She wished they could skip this thing. But you have to do compromises when it comes to relationships. And getting married means you are binding yourself with the family as well. Arnav quickly finished his breakfast and went out gesturing to Khushi to come fast.

Khushi bid baye to everyone, hugging Nani and Anjali. She went out and saw that Arnav was already seated in the car. Khushi move ahead and sit in the passenger seat.

The drive towards the station was a silent one, with Arnav grabbing her hand above his thigh. 

Khushi went out and Arnav take out her bag from back seat. Handing him the bag he give a knowing nod. Khushi take few steps but stop when she realized that Arnav was not coming along. She move back and look at Arnav, who turned his face and replied curtly.

"I am not coming with you inside", said Arnav turning his face to her, "Won't be able to see you going away."

Khushi move near him, wanted to grab his hand and assured him again. But he move back and fisted his hand, "You go Khushi, your train is on time". 

Khushi gulped seeing his stiff posture. She didn't move and kept looking at him. Arnav sit in the car and drove away from her.

If the situation was different Khushi would have gotten angry on him from going away like this. But she can understand his inner turmoil. With heavy heart she went inside.


Arnav knew he shouldn't have driven away from there like this. But he cannot see her go away. And that too to that city, where all his pain full memories resides. It's been 14 years, but how can one forget the face of his mother, blank eyes and cold body, the red color soaking her sari. Her wrist cut. Her taking last breath in your arms. The helplessness that you feel that you can do nothing ... nothing to save the person you love most. How hard he try he just cannot forget that scene, his Di's screams.

Arnav shut his eyes trying to block the memories and think of Khushi. Her green hazel eyes, her beautiful glowing face, her sweet smile and her warm embrace. His mind started to play the moment he has spent with Khushi, the fun, the laughter, the dance ... and intimacy. As the scenes flash in his mind, in front of closed eyes ... a small smile came on his lips.


That's how Aman had found him, standing ... eyes closed and small smile on his lips. He had called his name but it seems that he was in some deep thoughts so he placed his hand on Arnav's  shoulder.

Arnav open his eyes and turn to see Aman's amused face. He raised an eyebrow in question.

"You're smiling", said Aman.

"You are saying as if I don't smile at all", said Arnav as he move back to his chair.

Aman sit on chair opposite to him, "You do ... but not like this. (he paused) thinking about Khushi".

Arnav give him a stern look and Aman raise up his one hand in surrender, "You called me so what up?".

"I want to gift my collection to Khushi as a wedding present, so can you bring the entire collection from penthouse", said Arnav as he open his laptop.

When Aman didn't replied anything Arnav looked up from screen and found Aman giving him a amused look.

"What?", Arnav snapped at him, his amusing looks irritating him.

"Well I am glad that you are finally making some use of that collection, which I thought will become food of termites one fine day", Aman was saying when he saw Arnav's irritated look and quickly divert the sentence, "But you do realize that your collection is not consisted of just few dresses ... so how are you planning to fit them in your closet?".

Aman was right, he hasn't thought about it. His collection has many dresses, bridal, traditional, western, party dresses. They can't be stuff into his closet, which only consist of his suites and shirts and casual clothes. But now as he is getting married to Khushi, they will need more space and then with Arush they will have his stuff into his room as well, as he knew Khushi will never let his stuff remain in Anjali's room.

"You need more space", said Aman voice out Arnav's thought.

"Hmm", said Arnav as his eyes went back to his laptop screen, "Let me think on it".

"Ok", said Aman as he stood up, "Meanwhile I will ask the workers to shift the dresses down here". He then went to the cabin door, he had just open the door when Arnav called him.

"Aman can you call um, what was his name ... the one who did renovations of this office", said Arnav trying to remember the name. Aman too tried to remember.

"Shlok or Ashok I think not sure", said Arnav.

"Yeah Ashok ... it was Ashok", said Aman nodding his head.

"Yeah can you fix a meeting with him?", said Arnav. Aman nodded his head and went to Annie, telling her to call Mr. Ashok and fix Arnav's meeting with him.




Later that evening when Arnav went to home, he find it usually quiet, and found Mamaji sitting in leaving room. Arnav went to him and sit down on sofa loosening his tie,"Where is everyone?"

"Everyone is in their room bitwa", replied Mamaji putting the newspaper down.

"No one wants tea today?", asked Arnav surprise as whenever he will come home in evening, everyone will present in living room having evening tea together.

"Anjali bitya was tired and she is resting in her room with Arush, Ma ji is praying and your Mamiji is usually busy in her daily soaps. Akash is too in his room. Before Khushi bitya will bring everyone here together, even if we feel tired ... her talks and chatter will keep us attuned to her.", said Mamaji and then sighed, "Now she is not here and this home already feels so empty without her".

Arnav couldn't help but agree with him. Just in one day it shows the difference of Khushi's absence. How everyone is use to her presence that now she is not here this home feels different. He excuses himself and went to his room, dialing Khushi's number.

But it was cut after 3 rings. He knew she will be busy, because she hardly ever cut his calls. He went to washroom to freshen up, when he came back he found 2 messages from her.


"Sorry Arnavji, can't talk right now. Sitting with everyone".

"Dadi is having hawk eyes on me ... :( ".


He was about to press reply when it beep again.

"you reached home? Did you had proper lunch and what about your medicines".


Arnav sit on recliner and replied to her that he had his lunch and medicine as well.


"Good boy. Now have your coffee and relax". replied Khushi


"No mood.", replied Arnav




"Caz I am missing someone badly".


Khushi heart skip a beat reading the message, she typed the message looking here and here to see if anyone noticing her or not 

"Ahan, whos the lucky one?".


"My beautiful fianc ... you do know her right".


"yeah, lucky you that you got such a wonderful girl".


Arnav smile reading the reply, he typed .. "Is that so and what about her? ".


"She is way more lucky to have you in her life, as she love you a lot and miss you a lot".


Arnav's heart skip a beat reading this, he replied ..."I wish you could be here with me".


"me too". 

"Don't worry its just a matter of day, then we will see each other".

Arnav replied ... "Hmm I can't wait to see you."


"Me too. I will be waiting for you, don't make me wait".


"I won't", replied Arnav.

Khushi sighed reading the reply, clutching the phone in her hands, praying to Devi Maiya to keep her Arnavji and her baby safe and make them reach here safely. She so wanted to be Arnav's arm right now.

"Come soon Arnaji", whisper Khushi to herself.

Arnav lean back on recliner, closing his eyes. His mind replaying their morning kiss. He so wished to kiss her right now. But he has to wait. 

"Tomorrow come soon", thought Arnav.


I know its not much but still hoping to see your comments and likes. Smile

Will try to update this Sunday, but not sure about it.

Will send PMs Later, have work to finish.

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Arshika_arshi IF-Rockerz

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wow!!! i am the first??!!!

For completing two sucessful years of ur FF...Its one of my favourite...
Well this is little emotional for arshi to stay apart...but i hope their intezaar ka phal mitha hoga...

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Amazing part

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Happpy birthday to "you r my new dream " :p
Although short but a sweet update...
Its true that absence makes us realise the true worth of a person.

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9351594004 Senior Member

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Wow finally... Great update dear .now please make it fast

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