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YouAreMyNewDREAM Thrd 6: Link to Thrd 7 on Pg-1 (Page 20)

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its been one month yaar...!!! kaha ho tum???? missing ur story updates...plz continue...

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sorry for late comment dear
just busy due to exams and life is also busy due to many other reasons
chapter 66
its mindblowing
poor arnav he want to spend time with khushi in office but nani object khushi to go office rill her wedding
arshi romance in office is nice
waiting for arshi lucknow visit
thnx for pm
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Waiting dear waiting

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It's Ok dear...we will waitTongue

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You broke ur promise

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Hey guys ... i hope you all doing fine ...  Smile

SORRY ... for the delay ... i hope you all are not angry with me or cursing me for making you guys wait this long ... Tongue  ... but at the same time THANK YOU for being understanding and supportive.

Well to compensate the delay ... i tried to make it longer (16 pages of Ms Word) ... hope u guys like it Embarrassed


--------------- Next day - Tuesday - @ AR


"ASR ... ASR", Aman called Arnav when he saw him zoned out during their discussion.

Arnav look at him, "Yes ... you were saying?".

"Are you alright?", asked Aman with concern.

It's very rare for Arnav not to pay attention to business discussion. Even when he is tensed or have some other issues his ASR brain would take those matters at the back side of mind and focus on the task at hand, not letting anything come between his work ... and if he loses concentration then it means that he is really very disturb or the matter is very serious.

So when Arnav zoned out for the 3rd time during their discussion Aman knew something is really disturbing him. 

"Yes ... I am fine ... continue", said Arnav sitting straight on chair.

"Hmm ... we will discuss this later", said Aman as he collected papers from the table.

"No, its ok Aman ... continue", said Arnav.

Aman looked at Arnav for few seconds and then started their discussion again. After an hour their discussion was over, Aman stood up and was about to turn when Arnav called him.

Aman turns back and look at Arnav questioningly.

"I need my penthouse key and office key", said Arnav after a pause.

"What?", Aman was shocked to hear this, "Why? Whats the matter ASR?", his tone was worried some.

"Khushi wants to see my design collection and previous sketches", said Arnav.

So that's what was disturbing him ... going back to the place which has bad memories attached to it, thought Aman and then said, "I can take her there ASR ... I will show her", he knew how much Arnav dislike that place.

"No ... its ok ... I will take her ... she won't go with you as she wants me to take her", said Arnav.

"ASR ... but you ...", Aman was saying when Arnav cut him.

"Aman I will be fine ... I will be with Khushi", said Arnav ... his tone telling that he don't want to discuss anything on this further, he knew that Aman is worried for him.

"ok .. I will send over the keys", said Aman and turn, he was near the cabin door when Arnav called him for the second time. 

"Aman ... I need tickets to be booked for luckhnow for this Friday evening", said Arnav as he stood up from his chair.

"What?", Aman was shocked second time in just 5 minutes. "ASR what is going on ... can you tell me please?", said Aman as he walk back to table.

"Nothing is going on Aman", said Arnav with normal voice.

"Really? You want to go to the two places, which you probably swear never to step foot again and you're saying nothing is going on", said Aman with concern. 

"I know ... but this time its not about me ... its about Khushi", said Arnav and then told Aman the whole scene of Khushi's Dadi and Shagun ... and also how last night Khushi asked him to show his collection, the sadness and then happiness he saw on Khushi's face ... how he couldn't see her sad or dejected and only doing this for her.

Aman look at Arnav as if looking at some other form of him, then after few seconds he said, "Love do really change people ... right?".

"I guess so", said Arnav a bit amused.

"Ok I will take care of tickets too", said Aman and turn to go ... he put his hand on the door knob and was about to open it when he turn back to Arnav.

"I am just a call away ... you know that right", said Aman telling him if he needs him in Luckhnow or if he wants to change his decision to take Khushi to penthouse.

"Yes", replied Arnav with a smile, "I will be fine Aman".

"that's what I am hoping too, only because of Khushi", said Aman and went out closing the door behind him.

Arnav sighed and went to the floor to ceiling window behind his desk. Hands in pocket ... he saw the city view ahead ... trying not to visit the past memories and keep his mind on Khushi.



Aman went to his cabin, putting the file on table he went to his cupboard and take out the key card from the drawer. His mind went back to the time remembering the moments spend in that pent house, the good ... the fun ... the laughter ... and the pain and hurt.

It was very rare for Arnav to show emotions to someone else other than his Di before Khushi came in his life. Aman had only seen Arnav disturbed on two occasions in past years.

One ... every year on the day of his parents death anniversary.

Second ... the day he came to know the truth of Tania ...


But that day was the only day when Aman had seen him that much devastated, angry and raged. He still shudders remembering Arnav's state on that day.


Aman was trying to locate Arnav when Di told him that he didn't come back from the hospital after meeting Tania. Aman knew that something went wrong so he went to office to search for Arnav ... when he couldn't find him there ... he went up to the pent house. He heard crashing noises when he came out from elevator. He quickly rush to the door and opened it with his own key card ... and the scene he saw made him tremble with fear and worry.

Arnav was standing in the middle ... yelling and breaking everything ... vases, paintings, glasses, plates ... even the dining table was rolled over, chairs were thrown away, curtains were torn, books and papers on floor, the glass of windows were broke too. It was just utter disaster.

Aman quickly went to Arnav and tried to hold him, but Arnav jerk him away ... Aman did get few smacks from him, as Arnav was screaming and wanted to destroy everything in that penthouse and he had also hurt himself in doing that. But Aman didn't stop and after much attempts he was able to stop him and both fell on the floor. Aman then asked him the matter, and that was the first time ever when Aman didn't have to coax him second time to speak his feeling, as Arnav told him everything what happened between him and Tania. He was cursing her, how she played with him. And that was the first time when Aman had seen tears flowing down Arnav's cheeks and couldn't stop his own tears that flow down.


Aman was sad and hurt to know about Tania, she was his best friend ... how could she do something like that with him, but more he was worried of Arnav's condition. So with force he had taken Arnav out of penthouse and took him to his own apartment, because he knew it won't be good to take him to his own house. Arnav was just like a wounded animal who wasn't listening to anything when Aman asked him to fresh up or eat. But Aman was adamant too. He had a hard time controlling him but he succeeded in making him take a juice and then give him a sleeping pill as he needed the sleep.

That night when Arnav finally sleep, Aman had prayed not see this sight of Arnav again in his life. After that night Arnav didn't step on to that penthouse floor, nor touch his sketch pad. If Arnav was arrogant and shrewd before, from that day he had become the ruthless ASR.

And that's what was worrying Aman right now, if Arnav went back to that place he will surely remember the incident and other memories which will hurt him.

Some 4 n half years ago when AR had the first successful fashion show of their own, Tania bought the upper floor of this building and the penthouse. Arnav was very happy with his new office. It was furnished with every necessary thing; and the penthouse as well. Tania had done the interior of both places. Arnav, Tania and Aman would spend their time in office and in the penthouse. Whenever there was some project or fashion show, the 3 will stay in penthouse, working till late night, sharing jokes, teasing each other, even watch movies on Tania's insistence ... the dinners and lunches ... celebration party when they got the deal or completed the project successfully. That place held many good memories, specially of Tania's. And that's the major reason why Arnav never step in that place, as it would remind him of the good times he had there.

After that painful night (almost 3 years ago) Arnav didn't even step in the office as it also reminds him of Tania, so Aman make the office went under complete redecoration and even renovate few rooms, changing its look completely. After 2 months he made Arnav visit the office and was glad that Arnav was ok with it now. And After 1 n half years Arnav had bought the whole building. And the upper most floor of the building was remain untouched. Aman was the one who made the penthouse clean and empty expect for Arnav's office which fortunately was saved from Arnav's wrath.  

Aman tried many times to make Arnav understand to design again but he never did, they had arguments but Arnav was adamant that he won't do it ever again. Also he ordered Aman to put his all designed dresses in that penthouse as he didn't want to see or use them.


At now after 2 n half years Arnav was going back to that place and Aman didn't know how Arnav will react. Should he talk to Khushi about this? , he thought.

But then he did started designing, and the reason was Khushi ... So maybe going there with Khushi will also help him come out of those hurtful memories, thought Aman. After thinking for few minutes Aman decided that he will wait and see about the situation when Arnav will go to the penthouse. So he calls the peon and give him the card key, along with another key to hand over to Arnav.



------------- Evening - @ RM


"Here you go", said Anjali as she takes out a dress out of packet and hand it over to Khushi.

"What the", escapes Khushi's lips when she saw the short frock.

"Khushi ... you too", giggle Anjali hearing the signature word of Arnav.

"Anjali ji ... its too small ... I cannot wear this to function", said Khushi, with horrified expression as she turn the dress back and forth.

"Come on Khushi ... you have worn dresses before", said Anjali as she look through other packets and takes out a cute pink bow hair band. She went and put it in Khushi's hair, taking the band out, and her hair fell down.

 "Yeah but they were not that much short like this one", said Khushi as she adjusted the band.

"Ok first wear it and let me see ... if it's too short, then you can wear legging with it ... now stop fussing (Anjali turn Khushi and push towards the washroom) and wear it", said Anjali giving a bossy look.

Khushi pouted looking at Anjali but seeing her raising eyebrow very much like in a way her brother do, Khushi rolls her eyes and went in the washroom.

Khushi eyed the small frock in her hand, pouting at mirror that she have to wear it.

"Khushi .. hurry up ... I have to try my dress too", Anjali shouted as Khushi is taking more time.

"yes .. yes .. I am coming .. wait", Khushi shouted back and then take her clothes off and wear the frock.


Just then Anjali cell rings and she smile wide seeing her husband's name.

"Rahuuull", exclaimed Anjali in happiness.

"Wow ... someone is very happy", said Rahul

"Yes, you know today was sports day at Orphanage and I enjoyed a lot, can you believe I played football and I even score a goal too ... and then we played cricket too ... it's like visiting my school days again ...", Anjali was saying when Rahul stop her.

"Anji Anji ... listen ... your voice is cutting, I can't hear properly", said Rahul

"Oh wait a minute", said Anjali and went out of room ... She was at the top of stairs when she was about to bump in Arnav.

"Ooops Sorry chotey", said Anjali as she moves to side and hurried down the stair.

Arnav shakes his head as he knew that her sister must be talking to Rahul, the look on her face shows it. He moves towards her room, as Nani told him that Khushi went there with Anjali along with Arush.


Khushi went to mirror, turning to sides to see how the dress looks. It was surely a pretty when but too short. It was ending just below her hips ... if she bends down, one can see her panty. She goes red in the face. She shakes her head ... this is too short ... no way she is going to wear it on theme day at orphanage. She clutches the hem of frock and tries to pull down but it's not stretching.

Reluctantly she undo the lock of bathroom door and went out.

"Anjali ji ... this is too short ... I won't weeearrr ..." Khushi halted in her steps, her eyes going wide ... seeing Arnav standing before her instead of Anjali, looking at her with surprise expression.

"haaahh ..." Khushi gasped loud as she put both of her hand below to hide her extremely expose thighs. She did wear short dresses before ... but they were at least till her knees ... but this one is shorter.

Just then she saw Arnav expression change and his eyes going intense ... and Khushi knew what that means... She quickly turns and opens the bathroom door to go in and lock herself but Arnav is faster than her ... in a flash he came behind her and place his hand on her stopping her from going in. He closes the door and Khushi got trap in his arms, with her back to him.

Arnav was not expecting this sight when he came in his sister's room. It's not the first time that he had seen Khushi in a short dress ... but this is more short and fitted ... making her curves prominent. A pink cute doll like sleevless frock and what completed the look was a cute bow hair band which Khushi was wearing in her hair ... giving her a Barbie doll look ... and oh boy that did fuel up his desires.

He saw the rise and fall of her shoulders, telling him that she is affected by his presence just as much as he is by hers.

How can a grown up woman can look like a cute baby doll, that's the thought running in his mind.

(Imagine the dress more shorter)

Arnav take his hand and put it on her bare arm, Khushi suck in her breath as he felt his hand move downwards. And then stop just at the end of the dress, he linger his hand over there and then move an inch lower ... his hand touching her bare thigh.

Khushi quickly put her hand over his, stopping his movements, "Arnavji ... please no ... um Anjali ji will come any minute ... please", her voice came out in a low whisper as his proximity and musky smell started to work on her senses.

"Di is downstairs busy talking with Jiju", said Arnav as his hand went under her dress, touching her panty.

"No Arnavji please", said Khushi, her voice coming normal now as she turn to look at him, removing his hand.

Arnav was about to deny again but looking at the worried expression on her face, her eyes darting back and forth between him and the door of room, he controlled himself and took a step back. His eyes roam all over her body, linger more on her bare thighs and legs.

He took another step back, his eyes not leaving hers, "I am waiting in my room", said Arnav and then turn and went out of room.

Khushi quickly went in washroom to change back into her clothes.

Arnav was going to his room when again he bumped into Anjali who just turned.

"Oopps ... sorry again Chottey", said Anjali and was surprise when Arnav just give her a smile and went towards his room.

Anjali went to her room and saw Khushi coming out in her clothes, with the dress in her hand.

"Haww ... you changed? But I didn't saw you in that dress?", said Anjali coming near Khushi.

"Wo ... um ... well I checked the dress, its fit ... but its too short", said Khushi as she take out band from her hair and pull her hair into a pony.

"oh ... did Chottey see you in that?", said Anjali in teasing tone remembering the smile on Arnav's face and Khushi's red cheeks.

Khushi look at her shyly and then turn to check on Arush who was sleeping on the bed.

"What did Rahul bhai said? Will he be coming to Luckhnow with us?", said Khushi trying to divert the topic.

"How did you know that I talk to Rahul?", questioned Anjali.

"Just like you can tell that I have met Arnavji (Khushi pull her cheeks a little) in the same way", said Khushi.

Anjali giggle a little, "Yeah he is coming back tomorrow, I swear ... his trips to other city sometimes is too much", said Anjali a bit sad.

"Well he is a high level doctor na ... so he has to visit other cities", said Khushi.

"yeah I know ... well I guess you wear legging with the dress", said Anjali as she folded the dress, "then you won't have any problem .. hmmm?", said Anjali. "yes .. I will", said Khushi with a smile, "Um Anjali ji can you look after Arush ... I will be back .. wo Arnavji wants to talk".

"Ahan .. just talk?", Anjali gave her a teasing look.

"Anjali ji ...", Khushi give her a warning look and then get up from bed.

"Ok ok ... you go .. or else we will hear him shouting your name soon", said Anjali with a smile and Khushi went out of room.


Khushi open the door to Arnav's room and went in ... she had just open her mouth to say something when the sight in front of her stopped the words in her throat.

Arnav turn at the sound and saw Khushi standing near the door, eyes wide gaping at him ... or more precisely gaping down. Arnav smirked as he notices that she has her eyes fixed on his bare torso. Arnav had taken his shirt off, as he was about to go in washroom to change.

"Ahem ...", Arnav coughed with a smirk on his face. Khushi eyes which were moving on his bare torso move up to lock with his eyes and saw him smirking.

Shy at what she was doing, she quickly turns away.

"Um Arnavji ... you wana talk about something?", asked Khushi.

Arnav put his clothes on bed and walk up to her, "Khushi why did you turn back?", said Arnav touching his front to her back.

Khushi gasped a little feeling the touch of his body.

"um wo ... Arnavji you", Khushi was thinking what to say when she felt his arm go around her.

"yes Khushi ... me what?", said Arnav as he push her back into his front ... tightening his hold around her stomach.

Khushi heart started to beat faster, as she felt Arnav's lips on side of her neck ... Khushi closes her eyes ... enjoying his body warmth and kisses he was placing on her  neck and ear.

"Hmmm", Arnav nuzzle under her ear "bolo na ... main kia?".

Khushi's mind was playing images in her head ... roaming her hands on his naked chest ... feeling his abs and taut stomach ... her heart was telling her to make them true ... her fingers started to itch to move themselves on him ... she open her eyes ... thinking whether she should close the door or not ... or just turn back.

Feeling she can't wait further. She turns to face him and look into his eyes. Now it was Arnav's heart turn to thud faster as he saw the innocent desire in her eyes. Khushi move her hands on his face ... tracing his cheeks and jaws.

She move her hands further down on his neck, now Arnav was enjoying the feel of her touch ... Khushi's eyes move down to his chest ... anxious and anticipated that her fantasy was about to be true ... she was about to touch when they both heard Arush's loud cry.

Khushi's hands stop and she look up at Arnav who was waiting for her to make her move.

Arush's cries got constant ... Khushi took a step back.

"Arush ... he ... I should go", said Khushi taking a step back and then turn to go when Arnav grab her wrist. Khushi look at him, telling him not to do something naughty now.

"Khushi we will be going out for dinner, so let me know when you get free from Arush", said Arnav and Khushi nodded her head. Arnav let go of her hand and Khushi move out of room.

Arnav sighed and went to his bed, picked his clothes when he saw Khushi back in his room.

He was about to ask her ... when she quickly came near him and press a sound peck on his cheek and went back giving him a cheeky smile which got transfer to his face as he shakes his head ... murmuring ..."pagal" he went in washroom to freshen up.

Khushi came in Anjali's room and saw her carrying Arush in her arms who was crying.

"What happened Anjali ji?", asked Khushi as she went near her and run her hands on Arush's hair.

"mooo maaa ... ooo", Arush was crying and calling Khushi at the same time.

"He was sleeping and suddenly he woke up and started crying ... I guess he got scared", said Anjali who hand over Arush to Khushi.

"Awwh mela Baby ...shhshh ... mama is here ...", said Khushi in baby voice as she hop Arush in her arms and patted his back with one hand.

"uummmaaa ... ooon gga hhaa", Arush didn't stop crying .

"Ohhoo baby ... relax ... shhsshh bus bus ... mama is here", said Khushi as she patted Arush's back and move out of room.

"Ohh see we will go into the kitchen .. haan ... Arush baby is hungry ... we will make his milk", said Khushi as she carefully climb down the stairs with Arush in her arms.

"What happenzz?", asked Mami who saw Khushi and Anjali coming down with crying Arush.

"Nothing Mami, he got scared in sleep", said Anjali and then run her hand on Arush's hair ... who was nuzzling his face into Khushi's chest ... his tears were stopped but he was still making crying sound.

"Khushi I will bring his milk", said Anjali.

"No Anjali ... you sit here ... I will make it ... no worries", said Khushi and went to kitchen.

"ohhh ... look look Arush ...we are kitchen", said Khushi as she move towards fridge.

"Ahaa ... what we have here ..", said Khushi as she move Arush to her right hip and take the his milk bottle out.

"Aruuushhh ... see do you want cake ... haan", said Khushi as she took his hand and pointed to fruit cake inside fridge.

"Naahhh ... muu ...aahhh...", said Arush as he turn his face away.

"Ok chalo ...", said Khushi as she close the fridge. "We will warm the milk haan ..." Khushi move to microwave oven and put the bottle in and press the button.

Then she make Arush sit on the slab.

"Awwh ... baby look what is this", said Khushi as she takes the spoon and bring it in front of Arush and take another spoon and hand it to Arush. Khushi touch her spoon with the other spoon which made a noise and Arush look on with curious expression.

Khushi repeated the action and that caught Arush's attention ... who stopped making noise and started to enjoy the game.

"ahh ... we fight ... my spoon versus Arush's spoon", said Khushi in baby voice.

"tush ... tush tush ...", Khushi made sound as she touch her spoon with other spoon in Arush's hand.

Who got more excited and started to move spoon with fast movement.

"Naah ... shona .. lug jayee gi ...", said Khushi as she stop his hand.

The microwave did a "ting" sound indicating the milk is warm.

Khushi take the spoon from Arush's hand and put it aside.

"naaahh ... Ooo dooo", exclaimed Arush as he wanted his spoon back.

"Awh baby ... (Khushi pick Arush on her hip again) first we will drink milk ... then we will play fight fight", said Khushi in baby voice ... but Arush was not in the mood.

"Naahh ...taahhiee (Chahiye/want) ... Dooo (give)", exclaimed Arush in loud voice as he started to jump moving his hand in direction of spoons.

"Oho .. ok here ...", said Khushi and took one spoon and hand it to Arush.

"Naughty baby", said Khushi as she smack his bump with milk bottle and in response ... Arush smack the spoon on Khushi's cheek.

"haw ... mala (mara - hit)... baby ne mama ko mala (Baby hit mama)... Ooowaaannn", Khushi acted to cry and Arush look at her with frown ...

"naaa maala (nahi mara - didnt hit)...", said Arush as pat khushi's cheek with other hand.

Khushi move out of kitchen with Arush.

"Mama nalaz Arush se (Mama is upset with Arush) ... bad boy", said Khushi as she move to living room and hand Arush to Anjali.

Who immediately throw the spoon away and wiggling in Anjali's arm to goto Khushi.

Khushi went to the sofa on side and sit there.

"mamammaaa", Arush exclaimed for Khushi to take him but Khushi run her finger under her nose ... giving him a kutty sign and look away.

"Ohhhaa aammmaa", Arush made a loud voice as he move his legs to get down. Anjali was looking at both son and mother confused.

"hain ... whats happenz Khushi ... did Arush do somethingz?", said Mami looking up from magazine.

"Mama is upset with Arush ... he hit me with a spoon", said Khushi.

Anjali and Mami laugh at Khushi's expression.

Arush made an angry noise and Anjali put him down ... he walk up to Khushi and grab her knees ..." ammaaa ...maa", Arush tap her legs to gain her attention ... but Khushi didn't turn her face to him.

After few seconds when Khushi still didn't turn to him, Arush got sad and then put his face in her lap.

Anjali smile seeing this, "Khushi ... now you made him sad".

Khushi look down and saw Arush looking to side, his head in her lap. Khushi smile seeing this and strokes his head.

Arush look up and saw his Mama looking at him.

"Taaa ...", said Khushi as she grin down at him ... "uttaaooo" (pick up), Arush push his arms up at Khushi who pick him up and made him sit on lap sideways and tickle him ... Arush started to giggle.

"Mela swweettuu beta (My sweet son)", said Khushi giving a noisy kiss on his cheek and bring her cheek to him and Arush give a wet kiss to Khushi.

"Ok now have milk ... then we will do fight fight", said Khushi as he lay him down a bit and give him his milk bottle.

"What fight fight?", asked Anjali.

"Oh nothing ... we were fighting with spoons", said Khushi and Anjali give an amusing look to both son and mother who were lost in each other.



------------- 2 hours later ...


Arnav was tapping his fingers on the hood of car waiting for Khushi to come out. Arush was finally asleep half hour ago, freeing Khushi. Arnav couldn't help but felt a little bit jealous of his own son who spent more time with Khushi than him. He check the time in his cell, it 7.50pm ... he put the cell in his pocket. He knew Khushi will be telling every single person to what to do when Arush wakes up, call her he cries and take care of him ... as if it was the first time she is leaving Arush behind. Their bond always amuses him ... becoming more attune and inseparable with time.

Just then he felt the air around her change, and knew that Khushi is here. He turns around and saw her coming near him.

Her movement got slow as she roam her eyes on him, taking in his appearance in dark blue jean, white round color shirt and black jacket ... looking every bit of fashion model ... she always likes him more in casual clothes.



"Um ... hi", said Khushi when she reach him.

Arnav move back lock of hair behind her ear, "hi back".

"I was hoping to see you in that pink dress", said Arnav as he look at her long pink kurti paired with grey jeans and pink flat pumps.

Khushi look at him with a pout, "Why ... Am I not looking good in this?".

"You look beautiful in everything sweetheart", said Arnav winking at her. And Khushi give him a shy smile.

"Come lets go", said Arnav and open the passenger door for her like a true gentleman.

Khushi got in the car and put the seat belt on and Arnav sit behind wheel and they drive out of Shantivan.

After few seconds, Arnav take her right hand and place it on his left thigh with his left hand atop of it. It has kind of becoming his habit, whenever he is in car with her alone he will place her hand on his thigh and when he have to shift gear, even then he will take her hand with him. Although it had been many times but still Khushi feel dhak dhak of her heart loudly every time Arnav do this.

"You are not going to tell me where we are going right?", said Khushi.

"Yup", said Arnav giving a look to her and focus back on road.

Khushi sighed and look out of window, waiting for her wait to over.

------------- Half hour later ...


"Why are we here?", asked Khushi surprise when she saw AR building.

"Well you ask me something last night remember", said Arnav as he pull the car in underground parking.

"What really?", said Khushi excitedly remembering that what she had asked him.

In reply Arnav just smile at her, parking his car at his usual spot.

They both went out of car and move towards elevators at the backside.

"Ooohh I am so excited", said Khushi as Arnav put his key in the hole of elevator. "Finally I am going to see your collection ... its not that I haven't seen dresses design by you before ... but seeing them personally and the sketches ... wait till I tell my friends about it ... they all will be so jealous", Khushi kept on saying in her excitement ... missing the somber look on his face as the elevator move up.

Arnav close his eyes, calling for his control and focusing his mind on Khushi. He opens his eyes with the "ding" of elevator as it reaches the penthouse floor.

Khushi went out and saw a long corridor with a double door ahead and a single door on far left side.

"That's the store room use by cleaning crew", said Arnav looking at the questioning look of Khushi.

Arnav went to double door and put his key card in it, the door open and they went it.

Arnav felt the air go cold around him as he moves in the living room, as the dark clouds of his past tried to overcome him.

"Arnavji ... why it is empty?", asked Khushi as she saw empty living room, without any furniture and no curtains.

Arnav look at Khushi trying to focus his mind on her. Khushi felt something wrong seeing the lost look on his face, she went near him taking his hand, "Arnavji?".

"huh ... um ... this place is not in use now", said Arnav as he took her hand and move to right side. Khushi saw an open door ahead, she could see a single bed in there.

"Aman sometimes use this place when he have to stay late night in offce", said Arnav as he turns to right ... a small corridor with another door at the end and a stairs going up on left. Arnav took her up the stairs ... there was a small space ahead with another balcony on left, same like the one down and a single door on to right. Arnav took another key from his pocket and open the door.

Khushi by now was confirm that something is off, Arnav is looking more serious ... is it about the place?, thought Khushi as they enter inside.

It was a normal size room with a couch on right with sheets spread on it ... Khushi could see the dust ... Arnav move ahead towards the table and carefully take the sheet off it.

It was left in the same way as it was when he had been here last time, almost 3 and half years ago.

"Wow ... are these yours?", said Khushi as she took some papers of the table, sketches of different dresses

"yes", replied Arnav as he move around the table and pull out sheet from the large board on the wall.

Khushi look through the papers ... 2, 3 designs were incomplete.

Khushi gasped excitedly as she saw sketches and photos on the board.

"Wow ... this is so cool", said Khushi as move around the table and stand beside Arnav.

"This lehnga is so pretty ... and these gowns ... Wow look at this red one ... oooh the this wedding gown ...", said Khushi excitedly as she pointed from one dress to another, "You are so good Arnavji ... why did you stop designing?".

Hearing no answer Khushi look to her left and saw Arnav staring at board ... Khushi then remember that he had stopped designing after Tania's death ... what she didn't know that it was way before that.

Khushi chided herself to ask this question, now she was getting sure that this place has something to do with Tania as well ... as she notice that glum look on his face, which she missed before.

"Arnavji where are the clothes?", asked Khushi trying to divert his attention ... but at the same time feeling bad to insist him to show his work due which they have to come this place ... which clearly is not pleasant for Arnav.

"hmm .. over here", Arnav as he move towards the door on left and open it.

Khushi was about to enter when Arnav stop her, "wait here ok".

Khushi just nodded her head.

Arnav quickly switch on the lights and take the sheets off racks and some mannequins. He went to door and gesture Khushi to come in.

Khushi eyes widened at the amount of clothes there ... she wasn't expecting them to be so many.

She give him a wide smile as she checked the racks on left, for western dresses, gowns on the back racks ... giving compliments on the designs and dresses. Then she move to right saw a mannequin adoring a beautifull pinkish peach lehnga.

(imagine something like this)

"Ohh this is soo beautiful Arnavji", said Khushi as she runs her hand over it and then move aside to racks where Anarkalis and Sarees hung.

Khushi ramble on as she went through the dress.

Arnav smile and felt pride with each of her compliment which is not stopping ... the excitement, the smile, the glow on her face taking over his mind and heart .. not letting the dark clouds of past to come near him. She took out a beautiful black Anarkali with red flowers as a design on it and she attaches it to her front, turning towards Arnav.

"How it is looking? Pretty na ...", asked Khushi.

"It will look more beautiful once you wear it", said Arnav as he came near her.

"They all are beautiful Arnavji ... look at this black netted Sari", said Khushi pointing towards a mannequin, "And this green one ... and this ...and that one ...", Khushi pointed to few other dresses as well.

"Then take them", said Arnav.

"What?", Khushi was astonish to hear this.

"You like them ... then take them ... you can wear them whenever you want", said Arnav. 

And this kinda shock Khushi ... Arnav who doesn't wanted his design dresses to be display or even seen them himself ... he is asking her to wear them?

"But Arnavji ... you lock your collection here and didn't want them to displayed and now you ...", Khushi stopped ... not knowing how to say it ... she didn't want him to get upset if she said something wrong.

"Khushi ... the dress you wear on our engagement was from here as well ... remember", said Arnav taking her hand.

"And honestly I don't mind if you wear all of these", said Arnav waving his hand towards hanged dresses, "Infact I will be happy to see you in clothes designed by me".

Khushi eyes got mist hearing the tenderness in his voice.

"Wait ... I remember this dress ...", said Arnav as he move back to the racks where gowns were hung ... looking through them.

After a minute or 2 he find the dress he was looking for, "Here it is", murmurs Arnav as he takes a peach color gown.He turns and got surprise seeing Khushi standing there, wearing the black netted sari above her own clothes and mobile in her hands.


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After a minute or 2 he find the dress he was looking for, "Here it is", murmurs Arnav as he takes a peach color gown.He turns and got surprise seeing Khushi standing there, wearing the black netted sari above her own clothes and mobile in her hands.

"Khushi?", asked Arnav confuse as to what she is upto, seeing her coming to him. Khushi put the dress back in the rack and grabs his hand ... take him in middle of room as she press a button on her cell and song started ...


(Soniyo song from movie Raaz)


Baby Come Stand By My Side
Come N Be My Guding Light
O I Will Be What You Want Me To Be
I Will Give All My Love In Whole Of My Life


Khushi put her cell on nearby stool and took his one hand and place it on her shoulder and his other hand in her one hand as she wound her other hand around his waist.

"Khushi ... you..", Arnav wanted to say as what she is doing ... when she started to sway with music ... smiling at him.

Soniyo.., O Soniyo..
Tumhein Dekhta Hoon To Sochta Hoon Bas Yehi


Khushi move him to side and then pull him again, playing role reversal and Arnav look at her highly amuse.

Tum Jo.., Mera Saath Do..
Sare Gum Bhola Ke Jee Lu Muskuraake Yeh Zindagi
( Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat Tu Bas De De Mera Saath )


Khushi pull him more into her, as she sway with the music, looking at him with love. And Lip-sing the lyrics.

( Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat Tu Bas De De Mera Saath )...


As if telling him that if he help her help him,  then she will make all the sorrows go way from his life ... she just need support from him.

As the music continues Khushi tired to twirl him, which was quite difficult as he was taller and heavy than her. But she did it somehow, making Arnav chuckled at her attempts.

I Get This Feeling Now, I Cannot Wait No Longer
I Know Your Love Will Keep Me Happy
Will Keep Me Stronger

Khushi give a kiss on his cheek

I Get This Feeling Now,I Cannot Live a Larger
I Know Your Loves The Only One What So True

And then kiss the other cheek. Arnav was looking at her with love and awe

( Raho Mein Tanha Hoon Sath Le Chal Yun
Sang Tere Safar Poora Karu.. ) 


Arnav feel the lyrics was for him ...


( Raho Mein Tanha Hoon Sath Le Chal Yun
Sang Tere Safar Poora Karu.. )

Kya Kahun.. Aye Zindagi..
Tu Hai Meri Saans Rehna Tu Paas Har Ghadi
Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath


Khushi make him move to side and then pull him again , and tried to dip him on her arms but as he was heavy it was getting difficult for her to be steady ...


Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat Tu Bas De De Mera Saath
Tu Bas De De Mera Saath

"Oh Arnavji ... your heavy", said Khushi as she struggle to keep Arnav but failed and before Arnav could say something ... they both fell on floor, with Khushi on top of him.

Khushi quickly move back and look at Arnav apologetically, "Opppss Sorry".

Arnav look at her amusingly and chuckled and that turn into a small laugh ... Khushi too smile wide seeing him laughing.

The idea was stupid but the important thing is that it lifted Arnav's mood and she will do stupid things like this is future also if they make him laugh.

Khushi move back into sitting position and Arnav too sit up, "Pagal ho tum", said Arnav as he stopped laughing. The song had stopped by now.

"I know ... but if it makes you laugh like this then I will keep on doing it ... because I just love when you laugh and the fact that its due to me ... I love it even more", said Khushi as she cupped his cheek and kiss him on cheek.

Arnav caresses her cheek, "Thank you".

"For making you laugh?", asked Khushi.

Arnav shakes his head, "For a new memory for this place".

Khushi was about to ask what he meant when Arnav place his lips on her, shutting all other thoughts in her mind, which only focus on the pleasure getting by Arnav.

Snaking his arm around her, Arnav pull her on his lap and kiss her tenderly, passionately ... pouring his gratitude and love. They pull apart when out of breath, Arnav place a kiss on her jaw, then down on chin ... He went to her neck and was about to kiss her there when they heard a rumble sound.

Khushi quickly move back in embarrassment, as the sound was made by her stomach.

Arnav chuckled, as he shakes his head as he stood up and give a hand to Khushi, "Come".

Khushi takes his hand and stood up, the sari which she had wrapped around came loose.

Khushi started to take it, "I will put this back".

"No ... take it with you", said Arnav

"But Arnavji ...", Khushi wanted to deny but Arnav didn't listen as he took the saree from her and went to mannequin and he took out the blouse and petty coat off it ... he didn't stop here and went to other rack taking the black Anarkali and then went back to take the peach gown as well.

"You are taking these ... and no questions", said Arnav sternly as he put all 3 dresses in her hands.

"thank you Arnavji", said Khushi with a wide smile, not wanting him to upset.

"Good ... now come let go eat something before your stomach starts screaming", said Arnav as he push Khushi towards the door.

"It does not scream ok", said Khushi feeling embarrass as she picks her cell from the stool.

"oh yeah .. wait for few minutes then we will hear more sounds", said Arnav as he turn off the lights and they came out of room.

Khushi pouted and went towards the stairs, giving angry look to Arnav.

Quickly locking the office door Arnav behind Khushi who was many steps ahead of him.

They both went out of penthouse and move inside the elevator. Khushi was not looking at Arnav. He came behind her and wraps his arms round her, "You look cute when you're angry", said Arnav in his husky voice near her ear.

Khushi tried to move his hand but his grip was strong as always. Khushi sighed as she knew it was futile to try.

Just then they heard another rumbling sound and Arnav chuckled moving a step back, "See...".

"you're so bad Arnavji", Khushi smack him on arm and went out of elevator when it open.

Arnav open the car locks and Khushi open the door, she was about to sit when Arnav grab her hand and place a quick kiss on her lips, "And you're so good".

Khushi blush at this and push Arnav from chest, she sit in the seat and close door. Arnav too went to driving seat and soon they went out from AR building. With red color adorning her cheeks and a smile on his lips.


--------------- Next day - Wednesday - Evening


Arnav enter the house after a tiring day, he move to living room and saw Anjali, Mami ji and Arush. He roams around his eyes, looking for one particular person, but couldn't find her.

"Hey Chottey, how was your day? But aren't you a bit early", said Anjali as she saw the time in the wall clock, showing 5.50pm, "Mostly you come after 7".

"Seriously Di, when I come late you complain and when I come early even then you complain", said Arnav in irritating tone.

"Arey, I just asked why are you getting angry", said Anjali patting Arush who was in her laying in her lap making angry voices.

"Where are others?", asked Arnav hoping to get some information about Khushi, thinking she might be in kitchen.

"Akash is in his room resting, Nani has gone to meet her friend with Mama ji and Mamiji ...", Anjali was saying when the said person enter the living room.

"Is here ...", said Mami ji ... who went to Anjali and hand over Arush's milk bottle to her, Arush seeing his bottle started to hop to take.

"Wait Arush ... I am giving you na ...", said Anjali as she shake the bottle and check the temperature, finding it warm enough for him, she gave the bottle to him, so started to drink milk.

"And ...", Arnav left the sentence for Anjali.

"And what Chottey?", said Anjali clearly knowing that he is asking for Khushi but pretending not to know.

Arnav knowing his sister well, knew what she is doing.

"Where is Khushi? ... She is not home is it?", asked Arnav.

"How do you know she is not home?", asked Anjali surprised.

"Because Arush is with you that's why ... I know Khushi make sure to feed Arush herself always when she is home", said Arnav

"ahaan", said Anjali giving him an amusing smile.

"Haan Anjali bitya me too wanted to askz about Khuushi, you said that she wentz to her Buaji's housewa but her buaji is not here na ... so why she wentz there?", asked Mami sipping her tea.

"Mamiji she went there to collect some of her and Buaji's stuff ... when we were coming home she got call from her Buaji", said Anjali.

Listening to this Arnav stood up, taking his cell out and move towards stairs.

"Arey Chottey where are you going? Wont you drink coffee?", asked Anjali in teasing tone as she knew he will probably call Khushi.

"Di tell Hari Prakash to bring my coffee upstairs", said Arnav and climb up the stairs.

Anjali twitch her mouth a bit disappointed that his borther sometimes don't even understand teasing but little did she know that he clearly understand it and knows how to tackle it.

Arnav dails her number, who picked on the fourth ring.

"Hello Arnavji", said Khushi.

"Khushi are you still at your Buaji's house?", asked Arnav as he enters his room.

"Yes Arnavji ... I am just collecting few things ... you still in office?", replied Khushi.

He could hear some shuffling sound in the background. "No .. I am home ... I wil pick you then", said Arnav.

"No No ... Arnavji ... I will be leaving few minutes ... no need", said Khushi.

"But Khushi ... I ...", Arnav wanted to say that he wanted to come as he wanted to see if Khushi was wearing that cute doll dress, as he had heard during breakfast that today was some dress up theme function at the Orphanage and Khushi will be dressing up as a Barbie doll.

"No Arnavji ... please you must be tired ... I am about to leave from here ... you please take some rest", said Khushi quickly.

"Ok ... come soon then", said Arnav.

"I will", said Khushi and cut the call after biding goodbye. She didn't want him to come there because then he will figure out that she is upset. She needed time to think how to tell Arnav that Buaji had asked her to come to Luckhnow tomorrow.


------------- 1 hour later ...


"Awh mera shona ...", Khushi hold Arush in her arms, "Mama ko mish kiya? (Miss your Mama?)".

Arush was getting cranky, asking for his mama when he didn't see her from past 2 hours.

"umaaa maaa ... Alush mama pass (Arush will be with mama)", Arush said in his baby voice as he wound his arms around her neck and press his cheek with Khushi's cheek.

"Alush toh hamesha mama pass hi hota ha na ... Mama ko kaam tha na baby (Arush always stays with Mama ... mama had some work)", said Khushi in baby voice ... trying to manofy her son who was angry at his mama.

"Alush mama pass ... mama na jana  ... Alush mama sath (Arush will be with Mama ... Mama wont go without him)", said Arush again and Khushi run her hand on his back and hair.

Khushi was getting worried now as she have to leave for Luckhnow tomorrow and other will come after two days ... she cannot take Arush with her, as Buaji told her not to bring him with her.

"Khushi is everything ok?", asked Anjali who find Khushi lost in thoughts and somewhat worried.

"You know now when Arush don't see for sometimes, he starts to get cranky ... he is more habitual to you than me", said Anjali with a pout as if complaining, "I have been handling him since he was born and now look give hard to his bua", said Anjali as she lightly smack his bum.

"Aaannnhhh", Arush exclaimed in anger tone.

"See see ... now he get angry too", said Anjali with a smile.

"That's why I am worried Anjali ji ... how will he live without me for 3 days", said Khushi in worry.

"3 days ... why Khushi ... are you going somewhere?", asked Anjali surprise.

Khushi then told Anjali about Buaji's call and what she said.

"ohh", Anjali too got somewhat worried listening to this.

"I have to leave early morning for Luchknow tomorrow and I don't know what will I do about Arush", said Khushi as she tried to make Arush sit on bed but he was letting go of his mama.


"What? You're to Luckhnow tomorrow?", came a startle voice of Arnav from the door.

He was waiting for Khushi to get home and to kill the time he started to work on his laptop and got so busy that he didn't realize that Khushi had come some minutes ago. When he finished an important email he checked the time and went out of room to look for Khushi. He was about to enter the room when he heard Khushi.

"Arnavji ...wo", Khushi got worried seeing Arnav angrily coming inside the room.

"When we all are going on Friday evening ... then why this?", asked Arnav ... his tone clearly shows that he is not happy with this scenario.

"I will see if Nani has return or not", said Anjali patting Khushi's thigh as she understood that they need their privacy to talk. Khushi give a smile to Anjali for understanding and then she left the room.

"Arnav ji ...", Khushi tug at his hand gesturing him to sit on bed with her, which he did.

"Amma, Baba and Jiji had already left for Lucknow by train, they will be reaching there till evening tomorrow ... Buaji didn't tell Dadi that I am living here, as my Dadi is of conservative thinking and she would never like this if she comes to know about my living over here. So Buaji asked me to come as well ... not giving Dadi a chance to taunt on me ... because if I reach their along with you guys, knowing my Dadi she will make a fuss of it, and I don't want her to say any bad thing about you or your family. So I thought to leave tomorrow morning ... as Luckhnow is much closer to Delhi, I will reach there in few hours ... I will wait for Amma Baba at the station and then we all will go together", Khushi explain Arnav.

"Hmm what we can do about your Dadi", said Arnav sarcastically

"I know ... nothing ... I just want this to over as much as you want", said Khushi.

"ok fine but whats the need to go by train ... you and Arush can go by my chopper ... I will ...", Arnav was saying when Khushi cut him, "I am not taking Arush with me".

"What ... Why?", asked Arnav highly surprise at this.

"Buaji said not to bring him, because when Dadi got to know that you already had a son she had made a fuss of it ... so I agree with Buaji that its better that I don't bring Arush with me ... also she doesn't know that now Arush stays with me", said Khushi with worry as she saw anger coming back on Arnav's face.

"Seriously Khushi", said Arnav in mock tone, "That's why I prefer simple things ... it would have been better if we just went for the court marriage".

Khushi pouted at him sadly.

"Don't give me that look", said Arnav as his eyes move down to her lips.

"Arnavji please na", said Khushi as she takes his hand in hers,"I too don't like all this but I don't want Dadi to say anything to Amma Baba regarding me or you ... if she say something to me I don't mind it because I don't care about her that much but I care about my parents and you ... I don't want any single person to raise a finger on yours or my family".

Arnav sighed and nod his head a little, "I will ask Aman to talk to pilot tomorrow morning ... it will just take 2 hours to reach there", said Arnav he was about to get up when Khushi stopped him, "Will you come with me?".

"Khushi I can't ... you know", said Arnav.

"Ok then no need for the chopper, I will go by train", said Khushi.

"Khushi now whats this stubbornness", said Arnav getting irritating.

"its not stubbornness ... its my wish ... I have never travel before in chopper and I want my first time to be with you ... infact I want my every first time to be with you only Arnavji", said Khushi pressing his hand.

And finally a small smile came on his lips.

"You do know that how difficult is to handle Arush without you", said Arnav looking down at Arush, who is now dozing off in his mama's lap.

"Yes I know ... that's the only thing I am worried about", said Khushi as she runs her hand through Arush's hair.

"Don't worry about, Di will take care of him", said Arnav in assuring voice.

"Why only Di? You have to take care of him as well", said Khushi in little stern voice.

Arnav raise his eyebrow at her, saying are-you-ordering-me?

"Because with me gone, he will be needing loads of distraction ... and you're perfect for it", said Khushi with a cheeky smile as she placed Arush on bed, who was sound asleep now.

"He will be fine Khushi", said Arnav.

Khushi move a little towards him ... grabbing the collar of his shirt, "He better will be ... or else Mr. Raizada I won't spare you if anything happen to my baby", said Khushi trying to intimidate Arnav.

Arnav cock his eyebrow and look down at her hand and then her with a stern expression.

Khushi leave his shirt, running her hand to smooth it back ... giving him a cheeky smile again.

Arnav was not the one to left behind ... he grabs her wrist and pull her towards him ... who came crashing on his front, "I would love to know what will you do to punish me Soon-to-be Mrs. Raizada", said Arnav in his husky voice running his fingers on her cheek.

Khushi blush at the mention of the word punishment' as till now it is only Arnav who had been doing that.

"um .. I will think of something", said Khushi looking down.

"Ahan ... are you sure ... you will be able to do that?", said Arnav as rub his cheek with her.

Khushi feel goose bumps raising on her skin as she his stubble prick her.

Before Khushi could reply ... they both heard a loud rumble.

Arnav move back and look at Khushi amusingly ... who was looking down feeling embarrass as her stomach growled.

Arnav chuckled at her, "Your stomach has the prefect timing". Khushi pouted in return and move back.

"Come one lets feed that hungry stomach of yours ... you need energy to give punishment to Arnav Singh Raizada", said Arnav as he stood up and make her stand as well.

Arnav took a step towards the door when he felt tug on his hand, he turn and saw Khushi looking down at Arush with love.

"Khushi", Arnav tug on her hand, she look back at him.

"Don't worry ... I will take care of him", said Arnav as he pulls her to him.

"Hmm ... Arnavji I will eat here", said Khushi as she give a light smile to him.

"Ok I will bring our dinner here", said Arnav give a squeeze to her hand and went out of room.

Khushi sit on bed, "Mama is going to miss you so much my baby ... my jaan", said Khushi as she kiss his forehead.


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those who havent read the points posted by me ... go to page 23 and read them Smile

so this is a looong update ... i am hoping to see atleast 200 like as i have (270) ppl to send PM to.

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Indeed a long update
Aww he made some new memories in the penthouse!
It was so sweet of him to give her those dresses..
Their moments are soo perfect  Blushing
Hope there is no problem created from Dadi's side in Lucknow,
Very great chapter!

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