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YouAreMyNewDREAM Thrd 6: Link to Thrd 7 on Pg-1 (Page 141)

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hope ur granny is progressing well,

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Hi dear Don't worry, everything will be alright. May god give strength to your grandmother to recover soon. And also take care of Your self.  

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Hey guys, hope you all are doing good.

Thanks for the supporting words and wishes ... 

My grandma is home now and getting better, although the pace is slowly due to her old age. But still we are happy that she is out of danger. 

Here is the next chapter, its kind of filler but needed to move the story forward to Arhi's wedding.

Big huggy  Hug to "cute-aly", for above banner, thank you Embarrassed


Next Day - Wednesday Morning @ Breakfast ...


"I can't tell you how bad it was Nani, it was so painful to see our home that way", said Anjali as her voice choked.

Nani patted her hand, "Please bitya, control yourself. Don't let Chottey see you like this, he will feel bad".

Anjali was telling her Nani about Sheesh Mehal's condition, how rotten it had become. She had cried in arms of her husband while going through its corridors. Rahul had kept consoling her; he was feeling bad himself seeing his love cry like that. He thought maybe it was a bad decision bringing Anjali here but in the end he felt proud when she gather herself and make a promise to make it a better place again ... restore her home.

Nani and Mamiji were reluctant with her idea and telling her not to think in that direction because Arnav may not like it. Mamaji didn't say anything as he too hated that place like Arnav, where he had lost his only beloved sister.

Akash didn't comment either as he was still somewhat surprise that Arnav let Anjali go there, the very place about whom he had forbidden everyone not to even mention.


"Ma ji is right bitya, he will be coming down any minute", said Mamaji looking at the stairs.

And he was right, just after few seconds Arnav came down. His eyes roamed around dining table, looking for particular someone. He sit in his chair, "Good Morning Everyone".

"Good Morning Bhai", said Akash as he watched his brother looking around and towards kitchen. He knew who his brother was searching for.

"Bhai did you liked my gift?", asked Akash filling his glass with juice.

"Yeah it was nice", said Arnav rather absent mindedly.

"Did you like the color?", asked Akash with mischievous glint as he wink at Anjali.

"yeah", said Arnav as he opens his email inbox in his cell and then look at kitchen as he heard Khushi and Arush voices coming from there.

"So will you wear it?", asked Akash again and Anjali tried to suppress her giggles.

"yeah I will", said Arnav and then look up at when laughter passed around.

"What?", said Arnav as he saw everyone's eyes on him.

"Bhai I didn't know that we can wear CDs, will it be some new fashion, you know like sewing t above clothes for shine.", said Akash in teasing tone.

"What?", Arnav was confused. Just then Khushi came out of Kitchen with Arush in her arms.

"Bhai I gave you a collection of Jazz music", said Akash and Arnav looked at him confuse.

"Leave it Akash I am sure he didn't even open our gifts yet", said Anjali looking at Arnav whose gaze was on Khushi.

"So Khushi what did you gift Chottey?", asked Anjali in teasing tone.

"Wha ..att?", Khushi stammers as her eyes locked with Arnav and then she quickly averted her eyes seeing his intense gaze, she knew what's going on his head as the same thing was going in her head at that moment.

Their intimate moment of yesterday night, how tenderly and sensuously Arnav had touched her.

A slight shiver pass her body as she sit on chair, beside Anjali (opposite Arnav), with Arush in her lap. Anjali nudge her and wiggle her eyebrows at Khushi, whose cheeks were turning pink.

"She gave me a watch Di", said Arnav looking at Khushi and then at his sister, he didn't want Khushi to get embarrassed.

"But you aren't wearing one", said Anjali looking at his wrists which had only raksha thread in one wrist and other was empty. Khushi too looked towards his wrist.

Arnav just shrugged his shoulders in reply and started to apply butter on his toast. He ignores Khushi's angry looks which were asking him why he didn't wear her gift.

"Bitya have breakfast before its get cold", said Nani looking at Anjali and everyone got busy in their breakfast. Khushi was eating and making Arush eat small pieces of bread and jam as well.

Anjali again started to talk about Sheesh Mehal with Nani, keeping her voice low so that Arnav don't get to know what they are talking about. Khushi look at Arnav to see his reaction. But he seems busy in his phone and drinking his coffee.

 "Why don't you turn that place into orphanage or school for kids who can't afford fees?", suggested Khushi in low tone, bending towards Anjali a bit.

Arnav's finger stopped on his cell. He might not say anything but he knew what his sister is talking about.

"Wow brilliant idea Khushi, why didn't I think of it", said Anjali smilingly. Nani too agree with it. Anjali then started telling Nani and Khushi what could be done about the place, and Khushi too was suggesting some ideas.

"Khushi you can come with me there, you can suggest some ideas about renovating the place and ...", Anjali was saying when Arnav cut in.

"No Di, Khushi will not go there", said Arnav in somewhat loud and stern tone. Everyone got quite looking at Anjali and Arnav.

Akash gave a warning look to Anjali not to say anything further. But she didn't pay attention to him.

"But Chottey, Khushi has a brilliant sense of these things, she is a designer herself ...", Anjali was saying when Arnav cut in.

"Khushi will not go there", said Arnav angrily and then calm himself , "Look Di, i don't care what you do with that place, if you need help then Aman or someone else can do that, not Khushi", said Arnav.

"Chottey you cannot decide that, its her choice. She is willing to help", said Anjali sternly. She is now getting irritated with his commanding attitude.

"I can Di, I have the right to decide when it comes to her safety", said Arnav looking at Anjali with finality and then look at Khushi.

Khushi knew what he meant by that, his nightmare still lingers in his mind.

"Safety?", asked Anjali confuse, "Chottey she will not go there alone, I ..."

"Enough Di!!", said Arnav, his tone loud and angry as he stood up from chair as it skid backwards with noise.

"Khushi will not go near that place and that's final ... I don't want any argument on that", said Arnav as he picks his coat, laptop bag and went towards the front door.

"Chottey" , "Arnav bitwa". Arnav didn't pay heed to voices and went out.

Anjali exhales in irritation, "Chottey bhi na, didn't even finish breakfast".

Khushi quickly handover Arush to Hari Prakash who was standing behind, "Anjaliji I will just come", said Khushi grabbing a sandwich and darted towards front door.

Anjali nodded her head in understanding that she is going to Arnav.

"Di, we all know how he feels about that place, you shouldn't have talked about it in front of him in the first place", said Akash shaking his head. Anjali made a face and bite into her slice in anger, "He himself said that he don't have any problem with me going there and whatever I do with that place".

"That's not the thing Di, as you can see he didn't say anything when you were discussing with Dadi about it. He don't want Khushi (stressing on her name) to go there, that's the main point", said Akash.

"Why? Khushi won't be going there alone, I will be with her and may be my team as well", said Anjali.

"Di, you're still not understanding it", said Akash in an explaining manner, "You know how much bhai loves Khushi, she means everything to him just like Bua. He still dreads about that place that he may lose the one he loves most".

"I do understand Akash but my point remains the same, its not like Khushi will be alone there. There will be many people around her", said Anjali irritated.

"Try making Bhai understand this", said Akash.

 Nani patted Anjali's hand, "Don't worry, he will come around. Give him time bitya, he agreed for you to go there. I am sure a day will come when he himself will go there. Don't push it".

"Yes Di Dadi is right", said Akash. Anjali ponder over it while eating her breakfast.


Arnav tossed his coat and laptop bag on the back seat and closed the door. He closes his eyes and tries not to think about his nightmare. He didn't get in the car, because he knew Khushi will follow him, which came out true when he heard hurried footsteps. He turned and saw Khushi coming to him, a familiar expression on her face, which he knows well what it means.

"If you are going to argue with me about ...", Arnav was saying when Khushi shut him up by putting the sandwich in his mouth.

"waggh", said Arnav taking a bite and removing sandwich.

"Just tell me how many times do I have to tell you to NOT let your anger affect your health", said Khushi as she put both her hands on her hip. "You didn't finish your breakfast, and that's not good."

Arnav felt good at her concern and also that she is not arguing about going to that place.

Khushi pointed a finger towards him, "You are not allowed to leave your breakfast ever again, understand Mr. Raizada".

And he just adored that look on her face when she addresses him as Mr. Raizada with her cute angry looks.

"I am also not allowed to have Jam Khushi", said Arnav showing her the sandwich which was full with jam. As Khushi love to eat jam, she put loads of it in her sandwich.

"Hey Devi Maiya", Khushi put her hand on her mouth; she didn't realize it when she took it. The only thing was running in her mind was to make him eat something so that he can have his medicines.

"Sorry Arnavji, wo ...", Khushi extended her hand to take the sandwich but Arnav move it away.

"Relax Khushi", said Arnav looking at her worried expression, "I can eat sweet things once in a while ... And besides its your jhota so it's a more of a reason for me to eat it", as he took another big bite of sandwich and wink at her.

Another thing that escapes Khushi's mind while following him, that the sandwich which she took, was hers.

Khushi blush a little and turn to go but Arnav caught her wrist, "Khushi about what Di said, I ...", Arnav was saying when Khushi turned and place her finger on his lips, "Shssh, I understand, I won't go there ... so just relax".

Arnav nodded his head a little. Khushi smiles and then quickly peck his lips and run back to front door.

"Khushi ...", Arnav shouted her name.

"Finish that sandwich Arnavji, baayeee", Khushi shouted back and went in.

Arnav shakes his head as he opens the car door, "Pagal". He murmurs as he took a bit from sandwich ... her sandwich.



After some time, in Anjali's room: 

"Anjali ji please don't get upset", said Khushi as she saw Anjali taking Arush clothes and other stuff out of cupboard with a serious expression.

Khushi will be going to Mumbai on Friday so she asked Anjali to give her Arush's stuff to pack. She was sitting on the carpeted floor with Arush and his toys all around.

"I am not upset Khushi, I am just thinking. I was very happy when Chottey didn't get angry or argued when I told him that I wanted to go Sheesh Mehal. I thought may be Chottey don't have any problem with that place anymore. But I guess I was too quick to judge that. His wounds runs more deeper than I thought", said Anjali worriedly as she sit on bed.

Khushi place her hand on Anjali's knee, "He will come around, I am sure he will. You will see one day Arnavji will go there".

"I wish that too. I know every person is not same. I have overcome my past wounds and pains it doesn't mean that Chottey will also overcome it. He is more sensitive than me. It's not that I don't think about Ma, our happy days or the death of my parents, I have learned to accept it over the time. I think of my family, my future with Rahul now.", said Anjali as she handed Arush's clothes to Khushi, who put it on floor and started to arrange them in duffle bag.

"We cannot erase our past Khushi. It will always remain a part of our life ... but yes we can put it behind us by accepting the pain and loss. I thought that Chottey is accepting it too, looking at his changed behavior from past days but he still hasn't. He may choose to ignore it but I know it still bothers him. He may not know that I know that he still gets bad dreams about Ma's death, I have heard him calling out to Ma in his sleep,", said Anjali as her eyes gets moist.

Khushi's mind went to that night in hotel when Arnav told her about his nightmare. This time it was not only about his mother but it includes her as well.

Khushi felt a tug on the shirt she was holding and saw that Arush had now come near her and taking his shirt out from bag.

"Haww Arush no, give me that", said Khushi as she takes the shirt from him and put it in suitcase. Arush find the game exciting as he again put his hand in bag to take out the shirt. Khushi grab him and put him on her lap.

"Anjali ji, don't worry. He had come a long way from his brooding, arrogant self", said Khushi and Anjali giggles a bit at Khushi calling his brother arrogant.

"Sorry ...", said Khushi sheepishly as she hold Arush with one hand and put clothes with other.

"No its ok, you are right. I should have remembered that we cannot push a person beyond his tolerance levels. He is opening up that's more than good for now. But you don't know for how long we all have been trying to break his shell and when things are getting better, I am just getting impatient. I should not, I ...", Anjali stopped with a sigh not knowing how to explain her feelings further.

"Anjali ji I promise to you that one day Arnavji will accept his past and will move on in life completely and wholly without any baggage or burden", said Khushi as she squeeze Anjali's knee.

"I have faith on you sweety, I know how much you love him and I can't tell you how happy and satisfy I am that (Anjali cups Khushi's cheek) you came in my brooding and arrogant brother's life", said Anjali and Khushi smile wide.

Just then Khushi's phone ring and Anjali saw the caller id "Arnavji". Before Khushi could pick it Anjali picked it up, "speaking of brooding and arrogant", said Anjali in teasing tone. Khushi extend her hand to take it but Anjali move it behind.

"Anjali ji", Khushi pouted.

"Lets see what my brother wants to say", saying that Anjali picks the call putting it on speaker.

"What took you so long to pick up?", came Arnav's irritating voice.

"Geez chottey, I picked it up on the fourth ring", said Anjali.

"Di? ... what are doing with Khushi's phone? Where is she?", came quick questions.

"She is here with Arush, packing his stuff", replied Anjali looking at Khushi fighting with Arush to take things back which he was taking out from bag.

"Packing? She is going back already?", said Arnav with surprise.

"No Arnavji, I will go back on Friday evening", replied Khushi, "Arush No, that's enough", said Khushi pointing a finger to Arush who give his toothy grin and then tried to take a shirt out of bag again.

"Hmmm, whats your plan for today?", asked Arnav.

"Me and Anjali ji will be going to Orphanage for a while and then we will go for wedding shopping", said Khushi as she put Arush on the carpet and move bag away from him.

"Alush please help mama na, don't make mama angry", said Khushi to Arush.

"Mama ehh, ehhh", said Arush as he held up his shirt.

"Ok then you are coming here", said Arnav.

"No Chottey, we are going to shopping mall", said Anjali.

"Di, there is no need to go shopping mall when you can get everything here at AR", replied Arnav in no non-sense tone.

"Chottey not everything is at AR ok", said Anjali, "We have to shop for dresses, cosmetics, bed sheets, pillow covers, house decors and many more things".

"And you can shop for that at AR Di, you don't need to roam around  in shopping malls when you can get things here with people assisting you", said Arnav.

"yeah and there is no fun in it", said Anjali rolling her eyes.

Khushi had put much of Arush's clothes and now putting his other stuff like pampers, powder, lotion etc. The little baby was now handing things to his mama. Her ears were on the conversation.

"Di its time saving, and you can utilize your time in other things as well", said Arnav.

"Chottey stop lecturing, just admit that you want to meet Khushi, don't make excuses", said Anjali in teasing tone.

"I don't need to make excuses to meet Khushi, I can come there and take her with me whenever I want and no one can stop me", said Arnav with an arrogant tone. Anjali mouth opens slightly at his bossy tone.

"Chottey you ...", Anjali was about to say when Arnav cut it, "Khushi come to AR, I need to talk to you about something".

"You can tell her here Chottey", said Anjali.

"I need privacy Di, not my nosy sister around", said Arnav and cut the call.

"Haww that Chottey, wait I will tell him", said Anjali as she made a face and put the cell back on bed. Khushi giggles at her expression.

"ha ha ha , enjoying are you? We will not go to AR", said Anjali and Khushi smile faded, "Lets see what he will do then".

"Anjali ji, Arnavji will get angry", said Khushi.

"Ahaa ... angry, just say you want to meet him too haan", said Anjali in teasing tone and Khushi blush a little.

"No it's not that, actually I want to see my wedding trousseau. You know Arnavji said that I don't need to worry about my clothes but I want to see how they look", said Khushi.

"Nice excuse Khushi, I know what you really want", said Anjali in teasing tone. Arush had stood up and come to Anjali, "See baby your mama thinks that we don't know anything and it's easy to fool us, but we know ... we know na", said Anjali and Arush clap and laugh as Anjali tickles him.



After Lunch Time @ Arnav's Cabin:


"ASR here is the list of Publishing Houses, top 3 matches our purpose", said Media head as he places the file on Arnav's desk, "There is a report on their revenue as well".

Arnav picked the file and flip the pages, his gaze went to his PR head whose expression were telling him that he wanted to say something.

"You want to say something?", asked Arnav.

"Yes I ...", PR head wanted to say but stopped feeling unsure.

"Go ahead, what's in your mind?", said Arnav.

"I think we should opt for what we discussed before", said PR head, "We already have 38% shares of India Times and we can buy 20% more. That way we will have 58%, putting us higher in its board and we will have the authority to change decisions, news etc. If we go for making contract with other publishing house, in which we don't have any shares then we don't have any right to interfere in their decisions if we feel like, because they will be in higher authority and eventually they will find some gossip about AR or more likely you and will exaggerate it as that's the way media works. More gossip means more views, resulting in more revenues".

"He is right ASR", said the Media head, "I know you don't like that company because of their article about you and Khushi but we can ..."

"Its Khushi Mam", said Arnav in stern tone, "I think you do know that she is my soon to be wife so that makes her equal to being your boss".

"Yes ASR, um sorry, will keep that in mind", said Media Head in apologizing tone.

"So I was saying that you don't like that company because of that article, but if we have more shares then we can re-hire the staff".

"No ... no, its time consuming re-hiring the entire staff. I don't want to waste time in taking interviews and then doing background checks etc", said Arnav shaking his head.

"No not the entire staff, just the head positions", said PR Head, "The employees work the way their heads tell them to. We will re-hire only head positions".

"Hmm ... Aman what you think?", said Arnav looking at Aman.

"I think that's much better idea, because there is always a risk of un-loyalty working contract base. And it will take too much effort to make our own Publishing House, because it won't work on Fashion News only. So by acquiring more shares we will have the upper hand. We will let them work how they should but when it comes to fashion or AR we will decide what to do", said Aman.

"Ok then, find out the quotes of India Times shares in market. Tell ARID to do background checks on all head members. Give me the report by end of next week", said Arnav and dismiss Media Head and PR Head.

Arnav pick up his cell to see if Khushi messaged him or not as he told her to message him when she comes here.

"ASR, your collection is transferred in the big conference room", said Aman.

"Hmmm, ok I will take a look at it", said Arnav.

His landline phone ring, seeing him occupied with cell Aman picks the phone, "Yes?".

"Sir, Lavanya Mam is asking if you can come down to studio to check the photoshoot", said Annie. Aman passed the message to Arnav.

"Tell her I will be there in 10 minutes", said Arnav and send Khushi message asking where she is. Aman replied to Annie and cut the call.

Aman's cell pinged, he checked and found a new email from Mr. Richard.

"Mr. Richard has fixed our meeting with realtor and some supplier. We have to leave for London this weekend", said Aman.

"Ok book the tickets then, what are you waiting for?", said Arnav in irritated tone.

"I thought Khushi is here so you might want to spend time with her", said Aman in cautious tone.

"She is going back on Friday", said Arnav as he stood up and went around the table, "I will leave around 3pm tomorrow, so adjust my meetings according to that" saying that Arnav left his cabin.


He went to the studio to check on photoshoot, everything was fine. He mentioned few changes to Lavanya and give a green go to rest.

"When are we gonna do your's and Khushi's photoshoot man", said Jack the Head photographer.

"Jack not now", said Arnav in stern tone, "And it's Khushi Mam".

"Oh ok", said Jack and look at Lavanya who shrugs her shoulder.

"So the photoshoot man, everyone is dying to see some sizziling photos of you two", said Jack getting back in his element.

"What are we? Celebrities? Just focus on your job Jack", said Arnav in same stern tone.

"ASR its not a bad idea, you may not be celebrity but you are an iconic personality. Sometimes we have to give something to public", said Lavanya.

"Ok fine, but not now, not soon", said Arnav getting irritated.

"Then when?", asked Jack instantly and excitedly.

"I will let you know, now go back to shoot", said Arnav and Jack left from there making a face.

"Now why are you grumpy?", asked Lavanya looking at ASR. Arnav glare at her.

"Oh come on ASR, Khushi will be here in sometime. I will occupy Anjali and will send her to you. Now go, don't scare my models", said Lavanya gesturing with her hand for him to go.

Arnav was about to scold her when his cell vibrated, he checked and his mood got better reading Khushi's message that she reached AR.

"She is here", said Arnav and Lavanya smile seeing his brighten face.

"Call Di here, I will send Khushi after few minutes ok", said Arnav and left from there.

He send Khushi message to come straight to his cabin.


Its been 15 minutes and Khushi still hasn't come to his cabin. He had sent her 2 messages in those minutes and got a single reply that she is coming. He was getting angry and impatient. He moves towards his cabin door in anger and yank opens the door. Someone stumbles in with a loud gasp. His hands moves in a reflex and caught the person.

"Arnavji ...", said Khushi as she straighten up, "What are you ...".

"Where were you haan? I have been waiting since ages here", said Arnav in anger.

Khushi looked back at Annie, who was looking at them. Khushi smile at her and then move inside closing the door behind.

"Sorry Arnavji, I got caught up with Prachi and Vijay", said Khushi.

"Didn't I tell you to come straight to my cabin dammit? Why didn't you take the back lift?", said Arnav in same tone.

"Arnavji, Anjali ji was with me so we just came up, and I haven't met my friends since many days, so I was just saying hi. Please don't get angry", said Khushi as she pouted on the last sentence. She knew perfectly how that works and blush a little when she saw his eyes move down to her lips. And in next moment she was in his arms, with his lips fuse to hers. Khushi gave her equal in the kiss. After few seconds they parted and both their foreheads were touching.

"I just can't resist you pouting like that", said Arnav.

"I know", said Khushi in a mischievous tone.

"Oh really", said Arnav as his hands move inside her blue kurti.

"Arnavji, no please ...", said Khushi as she giggle a bit and tried to remove his hand.

"Don't tease me next time", said Arnav in warning tone.

"Why not?", said Khushi

"Then don't complain later", said Arnav as he pull her close and roam his hand on her bare skin of waste, tickling her in process.

"Ok ok ... fine", said Khushi as she tried to remove his hands.

Arnav give a long smooch on her lips and move back running his hand in his hair as it was tousled by Khushi during their kiss. Khushi look at his handsome face with awe and love.

Arnav smiles at her expression and pull her close, adjusting her hair, "Keep your evening free tomorrow".

"Will we go somewhere?", asked Khushi and Arnav nodded as he runs his fingers in her hair.

"No point asking you right, because you are not going to tell me", said Khushi.

Arnav shakes his head a bit, "Farm house, I have a surprise for you".

Khushi's mind flashed the scene from their last time over there. And her heart started to beat fast thinking what is his surprise will be.

"Don't worry, its nothing like that", said Arnav as he read her nervous expression, "But I won't mind if you are up for it", said Arnav smirking.

Khushi hit his chest and place her head there. Arnav wound his arms around her holding her close. "You want to talk to me about something important", said Khushi.

"I already did", said Arnav and Khushi move back, "What about?".

Arnav cup her cheek with one hand running his thumb near her lower lip, "Kissing you is important ... have been waiting since the time I left your side this morning". Khushi cheeks turn pink at his statement.

True to his word, Arnav had left from her room early morning. It was not easy for him to move away from her warmth and soft body which was clung to him as she sleeps peacefully. But he didn't want Anjali or any other to witness their closeness. They have not done anything and just slept in each other arms, but it's difficult to make other understand this.

Khushi saw his eyes burning with desire and before he could kiss her again she said what came in her mind, "I want to see my wedding dresses", said Khushi as she move back a little.

Arnav look at her for a second, coming out of his desires haze he replied,"Nope you can't".

"Why not?", said Khushi instantly.

"Because I want to surprise you that's why", said Arnav.

"But Arnavji, I need to check their fitting and other things. What if they are tight or loose? We can't do adjustment at 11th hour", said Khushi.

"You think I don't know your size", said Arnav as he pull her close, aligning her front with his, "Are you forgetting your engagement dress?".

Khushi tried to move back but Arnav grip was tight, "Ok fine, but I need to see them, how they look and what colors are there. I need to buy matching jewelry, bangles, shoes and then we have to make matching outfits for you and then select color themes for functions".

"You don't have to worry about these things, because with dresses you will be getting complete accessories", said Arnav and place his finger on her lips when she shakes her head and opens her mouth to retort.

"And I will be wearing suits so no need to worry about matching outfits and for themes I already handle it", said Arnav.

Khushi removes his hand away, "What? Suits? No way Arnavji. You are not going to wear those boring suits", said Khushi in stern tone, "You will be wearing traditional outfits, kurtas and sherwani".

"No way I am wearing them", said Arnav giving her a serious look.

"What?", said Khushi and saw Arnav's no non-sense expression. She pushes him, getting out his arms, "Then no way I am going to wear your given wedding dresses".

"Khushi come on, you know I don't wear that kurtas pajama or whatever. I don't like them", said Arnav.

"You wore one on Anjali ji's wedding", said Khushi.

"That's because you said so and in return I got to see you in my designed dress, so it was a win-win deal", said Arnav.

"So I am saying it again, you have to wear those dresses which I will design for you otherwise forget it that I will wear the dresses you will give me", said Khushi in determine tone.

"This is not gona happen", said Arnav in curt tone

"And you think that I will wear your given clothes? That won't happen either", said Khushi in same tone folding her arms.

"You will wear them understand", said Arnav as he grabs her arms pulling her close, "Because they are designed by me, only for you".

"Arnavji, I also want see you in clothes design by me. You are doing so much for me, I want to do something for you as well", said Khushi looking at him with hopeful eyes.

Arnav look at her face, her eyes asking him to fulfill her wish and then her face reflect sadness when he didn't said anything.

"Its ok I won't force you", said Khushi in sad tone as she tried to move out of his grip.

Arnav couldn't see her that way, "Fine I will wear them", and felt good to receive a big smile in return.

"Really? Oh Thank you", said Khushi as she gives a peck on his cheek.

"Just this once, don't expect me to wear those type of clothes later", said Arnav in warning tone and Khushi bobbed her head up and down excitedly.

"And don't think that if I agree on this I will let you see your dresses. That's not gona happen", said Arnav.

Khushi pouted at this and Arnav shakes his head a little, "Nope ... even that won't work".

"Arnavji, please please. Anjali ji said, we have to think about the color scheme for the functions according to my dress colors. And then their dresses will be in contrast with mine", said Khushi.

You don't have to worry about that, just like I said before. I have handled it already", said Arnav.

"What? You decided about the themes and decorations?", said Khushi and Arnav nodded his head.

"ok then tell me what function will have which theme", said Khushi in excitement.

"Naa ahh, it's a surprise for you", said Arnav.

"Arnavji, not again. I feel like I don't know anything about my own wedding", said Khushi getting irritated.

"You don't have to. You just have to relax and enjoy it", said Arnav.

"But what about others' clothes, they have to be matching na. What I will tell my Jiji and Amma, Baba that I haven't seen my dresses", said Khushi trying another excuse so that Arnav could agree but it was again futile when Arnav told her that he will handle it. When Khushi tried to bring another thing up Arnav effectively shut her up by kissing her.

"Arnavji you can't do that every time", said Khushi breathing a little heavy.

"Watch me", said Arnav as he leans again to kiss her but just then her phone ring.

Khushi move back 2 steps and take out her cell from her jeans pocket.

"Khushi will you be coming down or not?", asked Anjali in teasing tone, "or should I go back home?".

"No no Anjaliji, I am just coming", said Khushi.

"Ok then , I am going towards the wardrobe section. You come there", said Anjali

"Ok", said Khushi and cut the call.

"Arnavji, I have to go", said Khushi.

Arnav pull her close and nuzzles on her cheek, Khushi fists his coat collar in her hands.

"Few more minutes", said Arnav.

"No, Anjali and Lavanya ji must be waiting", said Khushi as she push him back.

"Khushi", said Arnav in stern tone.

"Don't get angry now", said Khushi as she pecks him on lips "Will see you tonight".

But Arnav pull her close, putting his hand on her waist and didn't leave her before getting his fill of kisses.




"So what's the theme of wedding?", asked Lavanya as she ushers Khushi and Anjali inside AR wardrobe section.

"Not decided yet", said Anjali in grumpy tone.

"What? You guys haven't decided the theme? Then what you were doing all these days", said Lavanya in chiding tone.

"I want to do so many things but I can't seem to decide", said Anjali in same grumpy tone, "And then we have to leave for Luckhnow as well for Shagun Rasam and didn't get time to think on decorations"

"Ok and what about dresses, are we gona follow some style or its gona be on our own?", asked Lavanya.

Anjali and Khushi looked at each other and then at Lavanya.

"What?", said Lavanya.

"Well I wanted us girls to follow a style but the thing is we don't know how Khushi's dresses are because chottey wants to keep it a surprise", said Anjali irritatingly, "And then he said do whatever you want, he don't seems to understand that this thing matters, we don't want to wear clothes that will make Khushi mix up with us. She is a bride, she should stand out from in among us all".

"Arnavji said he had decided about the themes for functions", said Khushi remembering what Arnav had said about the themes for fucntions.

"What? He did? The why didn't he tell me?", said Anjali in anger.

"He didn't even tell me", said Khushi pouting, "He said its also a surprise for me. He isn't telling me anything".

"He can't do that, let me scold him. What he think of himself?", said Anjali and move towards the door when Lavanya stopped her, "Not now Anji, if you talk to him, he won't tell. Let me talk to him in my way".

"Ok fine but then how we are going to buy jewelery and other accessories for Khushi when we don't know about her dresses", said Anjali in irritating tone.

"Arnavji said that I will be getting all the accessories with my dresses as well", said Khushi quickly and then bit her tongue looking at the teasing expression of Lavanya and Anjali.

"Wah ASR has thought through everything it seems", said Lavanya.

"Yeah but I do need to buy other things, bed sheets and decoration stuff you know. Arnavji's room is so dull. I am thinking to change it a bit", said Khushi quickly.

"Good, you do that please. I have been asking him to let me re-decorate his room for ages and he never budges. Khushi remember to change the wall colors and carpet. I hate the grey one", said Anjali.

"Yeah me too, and every furniture is black except for that recliner", said Khushi.

"Ok ladies, lets not waste time. We should go down, we have opened Home Decore section few months ago, lets check it out", said Lavanya and they all went towards lift.




After dinner, elders retire to their room. Arnav asked Akash to meet him in study room and followed Khushi inside kitchen. Khushi was putting hot water in the thermos for Arush's milk when she felt his presence but didn't turn.

Arnav came to her side and sighed seeing her ignoring him ... again. Throughout the dinner he has received angry glares from her, confusing him.

"Khushi now what happened?", asked Arnav in irritating tone, "Everything was fine when you left AR".

"As if you don't know", said Khushi

"How would I know when you don't tell me dammit", said Arnav as his temper started to surface.

"Ok fine, it's been whole 1 day since I have given you your gift and you haven't wore that once", said Khushi as she close the thermos, "You could have said it if you didn't like it".

"Khushi it's not like that ... I wanted to ...", Arnav was saying when they heard Akash calling his name.

"You go Arnavji, it doesn't matter", said Khushi and move out of kitchen with fast steps.

Arnav fist his hands and move out of kitchen.




"So when will you come to Mumbai?", asked Khushi in low tone so that Arush's sleep won't get disturb.

"Wednesday I think, need to take care of few things here", said NK, "I already told Akash for taking a leave for your wedding preparations. He didn't have any problem with it and I also talked to Payal Di this morning, she was too asking to come there to help her out. It seems that aunty is getting apprehensive".

"Yeah jiji told me too, I wanted to call Amma but then I forget. I will do that first thing in morning", said Khushi.

Just then her room door opened and she saw Arnav coming in, closing the door behind. Khushi give Arnav stern look and turn away.

"Good, so all packed?", asked NK.

"Yeah I sorted everything here, but I need your help to get my things packed from Buaji's house. Amma said to bring back everything I have", said Khushi pressing her lips as she saw Arnav gesturing her to cut the call.

"OK let me know an hour before, I will be there", said NK.

"Ok thanks NK, you're so nice", said Khushi giving a stern look to Arnav.

"Have you shopped for the dresses? Don't tell me you're going to wear those old one", said Khushi.

"Nah yaar, I didn't get the time plus Naina wanted to buy some for herself so I thought I will do shopping with her", said NK.

"That's nice", said Khushi.

"By the way she was asking me if you girls are going to follow some theme and if she needed to buy dresses in some specific color", said NK.

"We are thinking on it, I will talk to her about it", said Khushi.

"Yeah and ...", Khushi didn't get to hear further as then Arnav had grab her cell and cut the call.

"Arnavji, how can you cut my call", said Khushi in anger.

"I am standing here to talk to you and you are ignoring me, that is getting too much now Khushi", said Arnav in anger as his voice get loud.

"Shhsh ... Arush is sleeping", said Khushi gesturing with her hand to lower his voice. Before Arnav could reply khushi's cell vibrated in his hand. He saw NK's name flashing. Khushi extend her hand to take her cell, but Arnav move back a step and picked the call.


"NK, Khushi will call you tomorrow. Goodnight", said Arnav and then cut the call.

Khushi folded her arms in anger and turn away from him. Arnav threw her cell on bed and tried to take her hand but Khushi move back a step, "What are you doing here?", asked Khushi giving him a stern look.

"To sleep or what", said Arnav casually and before Khushi could say anything he caught her hand and put something in it. Khushi look down and saw that it was the watch which she gifted him.

"Khushi you haven't heard me what I wanted to say earlier, I wanted you to make me wear it ... that's why I haven't wore it yet", said Arnav as he tuck a strand of hair behind he ear.

"Oh Arnavji, I am sorry that I reacted that way", said Khushi lowering her eyes, "I was just feeling bad when Anjali asked me again about it in evening when you came home and ...", Khushi was saying when Arnav hush her.

"Its ok", said Arnav and extended his wrist to her. Khushi smile wide and put the watch in his wrist. And Arnav gave his charming smile to her. Khushi caresses the watch on his wrist and next second Arnav picked her in his arms, "Now we have solve this matter, can we sleep now. I am tired".

Khushi blushed and hid her face in his chest. Arnav smirk and put her down on bed, coming behind her just like last time.

Khushi turned to him and caresses his cheek, Arnav place a kiss on her palm, "Never say that it doesn't matter because every single thing related to you matters to me whether its small or big".

Khushi felt overwhelmed and hug him tightly, "Same for me too Arnavji, I am sorry that I said that and ...".

"Khushi why you say sorry for everything, you don't have to ok", said Arnav caressing her back.

Khushi move back and look at him, etching his face in her mind and heart.

"Don't ignore me like this ever, I just hate it", said Arnav. "I will try", said Khushi with a glint in her eyes. Arnav raise an eyebrow at her and then move ahead, kissed her forehead, "We will see, now sleep sweetheart". Khushi closed her eyes as he keeps on caressing her face.

It's not necessary to be intimate every time to tell other what you feel or what you want, sometimes just being close to each other, reeling in each other's presence makes you satisfy and at peace.


I know its not that long as you all expecting it to be. 

But i will make sure to make the next chapter a looong one. Wink

NOTE:  I have added around 10-12 new readers in my buddy list. I would like to see their comments. If not, then i will be force to remove them from my buddy list.

Looking forwards to likes and comments Smile

will send PMs tomorrow, as its late now and i am off to sleep.Sleepy

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Omg its wonderful
Glad to knw ur grandmom is fine nw...
Really nice update, i have been waitn fr it since ages
Plsss isi week upload kardooo

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Nice update 

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