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YouAreMyNewDREAM Thrd 6: Link to Thrd 7 on Pg-1 (Page 123)

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waiting for next part

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super awesomeClapClapClap...i love the past part where arnav was with his mother though i love everything in this update but the past was awesome...n the way kushi can say that arnav was not OK at all just by hearing his voice n the way he spoke was just marvellous felt like there are some kind of connection between them which is unknown to the others n but only arshi can feel it...the way kushi ask him to sleep n treat him like hw she treat a baby was just too cute ...n the phase in which she says " that is who u are, their arnavji" me di ...i think i had goosebumps after reading that line ...that one sentences held so much power ...kushi n arush scene was always awesome as usual ... their bonding is something unique to understand n that sara ki bachi DeadDeadDead hw dare she talk to arush like that AngryAngryAngry   but the way kushi said all those to sara was just mindblowing ClapClapClap...seriously asr k saat rehne ka assar hai.Big smileBig smileBig smile..after so many yrs arnav wished to celebrate his birthday n im glad kushi is with him...he wont be disappointed n feel sad fr his birthday like always ...i know he will brush off that feeling but still he is also a human who yearn to have someone who will love him...n kushi is in sari or his birthday...i think it was a part of the surprise for his happy birthday asr...enjoyBig smileBig smileBig smile...pls di try to post next update fast alsoBig smileBig smileBig smile...i just cant wait to read the next part ...i know sabar ka phal mitta hota hai...but bechara mein kya karu LOLLOLLOL ...n thx  di for notifying me about this update Big smileBig smileBig smile

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Awesome part.. so eager to see arnavs reaction... i love this story soo much... its wonderful

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I your portraying style

I khushi and arush bonding from start

I khushi 's + attitude and strong character

I our own arshi/arhi bonding and love

I arnav and aman 's bonding and friendship

I khushi's bonding with lavanya ,NK aman,akash, rahul and anjli

I arnav's happy  family

I shashi and buaji's characters

waiting for more and more

plz continue your writing in future with such brilliant ideas plzzz

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Hey guys, hope you all are doing good.

Here is the next chapter. Embarrassed Thank you all for commenting and liking the previous part.

But SPECIAL THANKS goes to "cute-aly", a new reader, who made a banner for this story.

It was the first time ever that someone does this out of love for my story and i am feeling very happy about it.

A big huggy  Hug"cute-aly", for above banner, thank you Embarrassed



There are very few things which have shocked or stunned Arnav throughout his life ... till to this date. The very first shock he got when he saw his father beating his mother, next shock came when he saw his mother dying infront of him, next shock came when his uncle threw him and his sister out of their own home, next shock came when he got to know about Tania's scheme.

But the person standing in front of him had stunned him not once, not twice but many times.

Accepting his challenge and completing it in time without getting scared by him.

Kissing him on cheek for the first time.

Saving him from the falling light and hurting herself instead.

Her instant connection with his son.

Arush and her unconditional bond.

When she console him in his office, when his factory burned.

When she accepted his suggestion of exploring their relationship.

When he got to know that she is same girl from his past to whom he had given his Om locket.

When she declared her love for him.

When she didn't hate him or broke their relationship when he told her that his father was responsible for her parents' death.

When she started to understand his feelings without him vocal about it.

When she came to him few days ago in hotel, when he needed her after the nightmare.


And now yet again, she has shocked him by standing in front of him when he had thought that she is miles away from him. Not even for a second, the thought cross his mind that she would come here. His thought process broke when his cell phone slip from his hand and fall on the ground.

"Khushi ... you ... here?", asked Arnav not sure if Khushi is really there or he is hallucinating.

Khushi move two steps closer, "Yes Arnavji, its really me ... here ... in your room (take another step towards him) ... in front of you", she smile wide looking at his stunned expression.

"What are you doing here? You went to Mumbai right? ... then how come you are here", said Arnav in bewilderment.

"I didn't go to Mumbai Arnavji, I came here to Dehli to celebrate your birthday", said Khushi

"But ... how ... when ... why didn't you tell me? When I asked, you said you were at station and then when we talked this morning you said you were home.", said Arnav hurriedly as he move ahead and grabs her upper arms, "You lie to me all this time?", his tone got angry.

All day he was missing her and craving for her presence and she was here in the same city and probably very near to him and he didn't know it, it made him angry.

"I didn't lie to you Arnavji, I know how much you hate it", said Khushi in mild tone looking into his eyes. "I told you I am at station, and I was really there. I told you I board the train which I did. I just didn't mention that I took the train for Dehli instead of Mumbai. When I told you I am home, I was really home, Right here. Isn't it my home too?".

"You were here, all day?", said Arnav more to himself and then jerk her a little in irritation, "Here I was missing you like hell that I even thought to board the plane to go Mumbai to be with you and here you were at my home all along and you didn't tell me".

"Arnavji I wanted to surprise you for your birthday", said Khushi.

"To hell with your surprise", said Arnav in anger as he let go of her arms and turn to side. Khushi too got angry with his this reaction.

"Fine then I will just go back to Mumbai, I was mad to come here so that we can celebrate your birthday together, I was mad that I was so excited planning a surprise for you, I was mad that since the time I came here I am doing preparations for your birthday, I am just mad that I love you so much ... you arrogant, stupid angry man", said Khushi in anger moving her hands in air. Arnav look at her heaving slightly and angry eyes ... her nose turned slightly red.

Khushi turned to go but Arnav grab her hand and yank her to him. "Main ne kaha jane ko?" (Did i said you to go?), said Arnav in soft tone now, his anger gone listening how she was doing things to make his birthday special.

"Chordiye ... humain yahan ana hi nahi chahiye tha" (Leave me, I shouldn't have come here), said Khushi as she tried to get out of his grip. Her one hand was clutched in his at her back and other was pushing his shoulders, while his other hand wound around her waist. "Subha se intezar ker rahey they iss pal ka ... aur ap ne sara maza kharab ker dia". (I was waiting for this time since morning and you spoiled everything).

Arnav give a quick peck on her lips, "Sorry Khushi, I didn't mean that".

Khushi didn't look up at, "Leave me, you are very bad. Every now and then getting angry, spoiling my mood and then in the end says sorry", she pouted in the end and Arnav couldn't look away from her lips.

He sighed and put his forehead against hers, "Khushi you know me, I am like that. And I didn't want to upset you ... its just that whole day I was missing you and now you told me that you were here all along and whole day got wasted and I didn't get to spend time with you ... it made me irritated".

"Arnavji the day is not finished yet, there is still time", said Khushi caressing his cheek. Arnav move back and look at her who was smiling.

"Yeah right", saying that Arnav crash her lips with his. He kissed her hungrily, pushing herself to him, leaving her hand and pressing their bodies close. Khushi moan with pleasure as his tongue sought hers. She wound her hands around his nape, kissing him back passionately. They broke the kiss with lack of oxygen and their lips fused again after few seconds and then again.

They both had missed each other very much and were craving to be intimately close to each other. Few minutes later Khushi pushed him back when they break the kiss, Arnav pull her back to kiss her again but Khushi put her hand above his lips, "No ...we ... have to ... go down ..".

"Khushi .. we ... are .. not going anywhere", said Arnav calming his breaths.

"Arnavji, please ... you said you would celebrate your birthday if I come here, now don't go back on you word", said Khushi pointing a finger towards him.

Arnav groaned, "Ok what you want to do? Just do it quick so that I can get back to my business", said Arnav as he give a peck on her lips, Khushi smack his chest, blushing and pull him out of his room.


"Why they are taking so much time?", said Anjali as she looked towards the stairs. She and Rahul were standing near the back door in a way that the stairs were in their view.

"Relax Anji, Khushi said na it will take some minutes to make him agree, and you know him how he feels about this day", said Rahul in calm tone.

"May be I should go and check, what if chottey is yelling on her", said Anjali with concern.

"Khushi is very much capable to handle his anger, and besides we haven't heard any shouting have we?", said Rahul and Anjali shakes her head.

"ok then why they are taking this much time?", said Anjali in irritation now.

Rahul come close to her and whispers in her ear, "Don't you know what they will be doing?", making his tone seductive and peck her ear. Anjali blushed and pushed him away from her.


She was surprised when she got Khushi's call, wanting to celebrate Arnav's birthday. Anjali explain to her that why Arnav doesn't like to celebrate his birthday. But Khushi was adamant to do it, telling Anjali that she wants Arnav to enjoy his birthday like normal people do, she don't want him to overcome his past demons and she will do anything for it. Anjali was very happy that Khushi loves her brother so much but she was worried for Arnav's reaction as well. But on Khushi's assurance she agreed. So Anjali, Rahul, Khushi and Arush got back to Dehli on train, discussing about various things, in regards of celebrating Arnav's birthday, throughout the journey.


"Here they are", said Rahul and Anjali looked towards stair. Arnav and Khushi were climbing down the stairs, Arnav one step ahead and Khushi behind covering his eyes with her hand.

"Khushi, this is so stupid", said Arnav in irritation as they move towards the back door, their steps slow as Khushi was balancing her hand to not come off from his face, and Arnav was bend a little towards her as he was much taller than her.

"Shsshh ... not a word", said Khushi as she saw Anjali and gesture her to get ready. Rahul and Anjali move towards the back lawn.


Once out in lawn, Khushi move her hand away. Arnav blink his eyes few times, it was dark and he could see few figures moving. He was about to open his mouth when the lights were turned on and a loud chorus of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNAV" came.

Arnav was taken aback looking at the decorations. Fairy lights hung on wires in air, many lanterns hung down on branches of huge tree in their back garden and just below then there was a huge table filled with dishes and other cutlery, 2 big vases filled with flowers.

(Imagine something like above)

His Nani, Mamaji, Mamiji, Akash, Di, Jiju, Aman, Lavanya and NK were standing around the table. Baby Arush was strapped in his baby chair and trying to get out of it.

It was like a dj vu for him, just like his birthdays in his childhood which his mother had planned. The only thing missing was her. Just then he felt a hand grabbing his, he look down at his hand and then look to his side to see Khushi smiling at him, with love in her eyes.

She takes him towards the table and Arnav just move along with her, his eyes focused on her. Anjali came forward and hug Arnav tight. Arnav smile at his sister and then makes a face when she kissed his cheek, "Happy birthday chottey".

"Di, I am not a kid", said Arnav as he rubs his hand on the spot. Anjali giggledand ruffled his hair, "For me ... you will always be my chottey".

"Di ...", Arnav made a stern voice running his hand in hair to make them right.

Everyone smile seeing their banter, one by one they wished Arnav. In the end Arnav came to Nani, who caress his cheek wishing him, "She will be so happy to see you today Chottey, you have become just like she wished and hoped. A strong man, standing on his own feet, successful and happy, just with little more anger now", said Nani as her eyes got moist and she give a soft smack to his cheek with love.

Arnav knew whom she is talking about ... his mother. He was thinking what to reply when Khushi came to his side, "She is not here so what, you are here with us Naniji ... you are not less than a mother to us", said Khushi and look at Arnav, "Right Arnavji?".

Arnav nodded his head and to control his emotions he hugged his Nani, who got surprise with his sudden act of affection. But she understood that mention of his mother made him do that. She patted his back in response.

Anjali was so happy seeing her chottey like this, showing emotions and feelings. Rahul saw her eyes moist and side hugged her, shaking his head telling her not to cry. Anjali nodded her head and then move towards her Nani and brother and group hug them.

"Di ...", Arnav said in irritation as Anjali squeeze him tight.

"uffo ho chottey, don't be like this, especially now", said Anjali in stern tone.

Arnav felt someone tapping on his shoulder from back, he turned and saw Arush in Khushi's arms.

"Why we will stay behind haan, come on Arush, wish your papa", said Khushi.

"ppappaaa ...", exclaimed Arush and wiggle his arms to go to Arnav. Arnav took him in his arms and next moment "What the" escapes his lips as Arush have given him a wet kissie on cheek. Everyone chuckled at the scene.

"Arush say Happy birthday come on ... just like Mama taught you", said Khushi and Arush exclaimed loudly, "Apppyy bahdhaa", everyone chuckled again as Khushi made a face.

Since morning she was teaching Arush to say Happy Birthday but he would end up saying the same word 'aaappyy bahdhaa'.

"Thanks", said Arnav in soft tone amused looking at Khushi's expression. Khushi pick Arush again and smack his bottom.

"So bad Arush, I will get back at you for this later", said Khushi in little anger and move towards cake. She called everyone around and they gather close. Arnav move to center, with Anjali on his one side and Khushi on other.

Arnav looked at Anjali gesturing her to cut the cake with him, Anjali smile and gesture towards Khushi who was struggling to take her hair out of Arush's hand. Arnav smile in response.

"Bhai come one blow the candles before they get melt", said Akash who had just lit up the candles on cake.

"Arush behave ... Mama will get angry on you then don't whine later that ...", Khushi was saying to Arush when she felt someone grabbing her hand. She look to side and got surprise seeing Arnav taking her hand and putting it above his, he blow the candles and then cut the cake. Everyone clapped. Khushi was looking at Arnav and he was too looking at her. Khushi smile at his gesture feeling warmth and butterflies in her stomach.

Anjali cut a piece of cake and fed Arnav, who got lost in some thoughts and then look at Anjali, "Ap ne banaya na Di?" (you have made it right Di?), said Arnav in emotional voice.

"Haan, kaisa laga?" (Yes, how it is?), asked Di being nervous a bit.

"Bilkul Ma jaisa" (Same like Ma), answered Arnav and Anjali hugged him being emotional herself.


In childhood, Ratna always baked cake herself for Arnav's birthday as he got diabetes when he was around 10 and Ratna will make cake for him, keeping in mind his health. As Anjali always helped her mother in the process she also learned how to make it. But today when she was making the cake, she was nervous because she was trying this after so many years but she wanted to do this for his birthday, because in past he had forbidden her to do anything regarding his birthday, but today when Khushi was planning his birthday she thought to make cake for him. And she was happy now that it came out good.

"Arey bhai hum bhi hai line mein" (Arey, we are also standing in line), said Rahul in a teasing manner to distract both siblings so that they come out of their emotional state.

"You don't expect me to feed you Jiju", said Arnav in mock tone.

"Arey, when did I say that, I was asking my wife", said Rahul giving a teasing look to Anjali, who blush and then give a warning glare to Rahul.

Anjali started cutting the cake in pieces and handing everyone in plates. Arnav quickly take a very small piece of cake and move to Khushi who had just strapped Arush again in his baby chair.

Khushi turn as she felt a tap on her shoulder, she saw Arnav and just open her mouth to ask when Arnav put the cake piece in her mouth, Khushi put her hand instantly on mouth, and just then Arnav tweak her nose, making cake cream transfer there.

"Haww ... Arnaa...", Khushi was about to say when she got shut as Arnav quickly licked the cream from there, "Um its tasty, isn't it Khushi", said Arnav with a glint in his eyes.

Khushi gulped the cake down and her heart did Dhak dhak ... trying not to take another meaning of his sentence when his eyes clearly telling what he is mentioning to.

Khushi quickly moves away from there, going to Anjali who handed her a plate but she refused telling her that she will eat it after dinner. Arnav watch her go and his eyes glued to her every movement, its then when he had a good look of her and realize that she is wearing red and black saree which he gave her from his collection. He felt good thinking that she wore it for his birthday.

After dinner, everyone give Arnav a gift, he refuse to take them but this time no one listened to him and forcefully handed him gifts. He give a glare to Aman who was telling others how Arnav would behave in his Harvard days when someone give him gifts.

Lavanya squeeze his thigh under the table, "Aman I guess its enough; you will be getting hard time tomorrow in office".

Aman look at Lavanya and then at Arnav and gulped seeing his angry stare, "I guess its enough for tonight, we should go now", said Aman as he stood up.

"Yeah I should go too", said NK standing from his seat as well.

"NK at least you stay here", said Anjali and Khushi too said the same but NK denied politely telling that he has some work.

Khushi handed Arush to Anjali and went after NK to see him off.

"What work you have haan tell me?", asked Khushi as they both move to front door.

"Nothing, I am just gona go home and sleep", said NK.

"Haww then why did you denied staying here, you can do the same here. Its been so many days that we haven't spend time together", said Khushi smacking his arms as they both move outside.

"I know, we will catch up some other time but not tonight ... because I am 100% sure that ASR must be waiting to have some private celebration with you alone", said NK giving a wink to her.

Khushi mouth open in O and then she blushed remembering their kisses few hours ago in Arnav's room.

"But I guess, he already had his celebration haan, look at you ... blushing ... it seems that ..." , NK was saying to tease her more when Khushi cut him, "Bus stop it now ... go", pushing him a little.

"Wah now you will push me ... hayee what time has come ... now friends will be treated like this", said NK in dramatic tone and run towards his car when Khushi chase after him to smack him again.



Nani, Mamiji and Mamaji retired to their room for the day. Akash and Rahul wanted to help Anjali in clearing the table but she send them to their room to rest. Arnav move towards front door to get hang of Khushi. He saw her coming inside and their eyes caught each other. Arnav smile but Khushi turned towards kitchen giving him an angry look. Arnav got confuse at her behavior and followed her into the kitchen.

"Hari Prakashji ... you leave this, I will put the food away. You please go and help Anjaliji", said Khushi and HP nodded and went out of kitchen.

Arnav went near her but she ignores him and started to put leftover food into plastic boxes to put into fridge.

Arnav tried to take her hand but she swatted it away, "Khushi come on, you are still upset about that dish?", asked Arnav starting to get miffed. Khushi didn't reply to him and close the box, move towards fridge and open it. Arnav move ahead and close the fridge with a little force, "Khushi I am talking to you dammit", said Arnav in loud tone.

"So? I don't want to talk you", said Khushi and again open the fridge and Arnav again close it.

"Arnavji ...", Khushi give him an angry look.

"Stop ignoring me first", said Arnav in stern tone.

"Then stop hurting me first", said Khushi in the same tone.

"Khushi, it was just a dish, why are getting angry on it ... you tried well, I appreciate it. But if the taste is not right then why are you blaming me", said Arnav trying to grab her arms but Khushi move back.

"Just a dish, it was not just a dish. Do you know how long it took me to make the sauce and that pasta? And you just took 2 bites of it ... only 2 bites (showing 2 fingers to him) and then you have the audacity to tell me that it was not cooked in the right way", said Khushi moving her hand in anger.

"Khushi it was really not made the right way, others didn't eat much either. You put too much cream in it instead of tomato paste and ...", Arnav was saying when Khushi cut him, "I didn't make it for others, I made that for you. Anjaliji said it was lovely".

"That's because Di just looovvve pasta, and specially dishes which have loads of cream", said Arnav rolling his eyes.

Khushi mouth open in haww , "Alright then if you know so much about it then you make it".

"What?", asked Arnav startled.

"Yes you, why ... can't make it? It's so easy to judge other's cooking and remark it. Try to make one yourself then you will get to know how hard it is".

"Khushi it's not that hard, you just have to be careful about proper amount of ingredients", said Arnav.

"Then you cook it and I will taste it and will judge it", said Khushi in a challenging tone. When Arnav give her a surprise look but didn't said anything then Khushi speak again, "Why? Can't do it? Admit it Arnavji ... you just know how to remark and taunt ... you are better in your business not in this department", said Khushi folding her hands.

Arnav chuckled and move close to her, lean down a bit, "Challenge accepted soon-to-be Mrs. Raizada".

"What?", said Khushi a bit shocked. She was sure that Arnav don't know cooking and he was just making fun of her.

"I will cook for you", said Arnav.

"You ... you will cook?", said Khushi getting surprise, she didn't thought he will agree that easily.

"Yes I will" replied Arnav with a smirk looking at her surprised expression

"Fine then Mr. Raizada and if you don't succeed in it then ...", Khushi was saying when Arnav completed her sentence.

"I will do whatever you ask me to do and same applies to you", said Arnav as he wound his hand around her waist and pull her close, "If I win then you will do whatever I ask you to do ... deal?".

" De..eal", said Khushi as she felt his breath on her lips. Arnav was about to place his lips on her when they heard Arush's voice coming towards Kitchen. Khushi quickly push Arnav and move back.

Anjali enter the kitchen with Arush in her arms, "Here is your mama", said Anjali to Arush and then came near to Khushi who took Arush in her arms.

"Khushi I think he needs change of diaper and might be hungry, he haven't eaten much earlier", said Anjali.

"Ok Anjaliji, I will take him upstairs. Can you please send milk for him?", said Khushi as she move towards door.

"Yes, you go I will send it", said Anjali and then look at Arnav who was looking at Khushi.

"Chottey, you need anything?", asked Anjali in teasing tone. Khushi look at him and then quickly move out of kitchen.

"Nothing Di", said Arnav and move out of kitchen. He followed Khushi up the stair but went to his room. He started to think how to make Khushi come here so that he can spend some time with her. He didn't have to think much when after some 20 minutes Khushi knocked on his door.


Khushi had just changed Arush's diaper and clothes when her eyes fell on wrapped box above her suitcase. She had forgotten to give Arnav her gift. Luckily Anjali came in with Arush's milk bottle and Khushi asked her if she can make him drink so that she can give Arnav his gift. Anjali instantly agree and teases her that Arnav might also waiting for her. Khushi quickly move towards his room.


Khushi didn't see him when she entered his room, thinking he might be in pool side she move towards it. She had just taken 2 steps when Arnav entered from pool side.

"I forgot to give you this", said Khushi extending her hand towards him. Arnav saw a wrapped box in her hand. He was about to say when Khushi spoke, "Before you say there is no need, I will say that I wanted to".

Arnav smile amusingly, thinking how sometimes they catch each other's sentence before they could even speak. He took the box from her hands, because he knew if he argue about it she will get angry and he didn't wana upset her more as she was already upset over that dish matter and started to un-wrap the gift.

"You know I was going crazy over what should I gift you because you already have everything, designer shirts, suits, perfumes, ties extra extra", said Khushi with a slight pout, "But I really wanted to gift you something so after thinking for so many hours I finally decided on this".

Arnav found a silver watch inside the box, he look at Khushi who was now fidgeting with her fingers. She was feeling nervous, if he likes the gift or not ... because its not much or may not up to his standard but she couldn't think of any other thing.

"its nice Khushi, thank you", said Arnav and put the box on recliner.

"Hmm but it's not special", said Khushi in somewhat sad tone. Arnav hold her arms, "But its special for me because you have chosen this for me and it reflects your love".

Seeing the same sad expression Arnav put his finger under her chin and tilt her face up, "But if you want to make it more special then give me a gift of my desire", said Arnav.

Khushi look into his eyes, "What gift you want?", asked Khushi.

Arnav move back and went to door, he closed it and turn to look at her. Khushi lowered her eyes quickly seeing the raising intensity in his chocolate orbs. Arnav move slowly to her and Khushi move back. In next few steps Khushi was against the cupboard with Arnav in front of her, trapping her between his arms.

Khushi heart race up thinking of what will he do or what he will ask from her.

Arnav leaned in at her ear and whispers, "Khushi ...".

Khushi closed her eyes and lips slightly parted anticipating a kiss .

"I want to touch you there, remember our last time in farm house when we kissed and my hand was under your shirt", said Arnav in husky tone.

Khushi eyes snapped opened and she looked at Arnav with wide eyes, is really saying what she is thinking?

When kissed in farm house last time, his hand was under his shirt and was about to touch her naked breast. He had touched her there before but it was above clothes that time.

She thought that may be he will ask her for kiss or for dance but she never thought that he will ask her this.

Arnav move back and look at her shocked face and saw her gulping.

"Tell me Khushi ... will you allow me to touch you there without any barrier?", asked Arnav again.

Khushi looked down and fisted her saree in both hands. When after few seconds she didn't said anything Arnav move back a step, "it's ok Khushi, if you don't want to".

When she didn't look up he takes her hand in his, "Come Khushi, lets sit down". Arnav turns to go but he felt tug on his hand, he looked back and saw Khushi pull him with soft tug.

Khushi look up at him and then looked down, She let go of his hand and then move to her shoulder. Arnav watched her un-pin her pallu which slide down her body and fall on floor. He look at her who had close her eyes, face up, hands on her side un-fist now.

Arnav heart thudded in his chest, knowing that she is letting him fulfill his long wished desire. He move close to her and spoke softly, "you sure?". Khushi nodded her head.

Arnav glide his hand upwards on her arms, Khushi felt goose bumps on her skin. Arnav put his hands on her shoulders and turns her so that her back faced him now. Arnav move her hair to side and watch her shoulders move up and down with heavy breaths when his finger touched her blouse doris. He opens them and moves the blouse away a little from both sides, now that it hung on her shoulders. He moves more close touching his front to her back. Khushi fisted sari in her hands and gulped, her heart hammering against her chest. Arnav place a kiss on side of her neck, moving his hand on her stomach, he caresses her skin there for few seconds while placing kisses on her shoulder and neck. Then he move both his hand to side on her waist and glide them up slowly, still giving her time to back off. Khushi's took a sharp intake of breath when she felt his hand touch the underside of her breasts. 

She wasn't wearing a bra because the blouse that came with the saree had in-fitted bra cups. Arnav knew this as it was his design. He had a hard time to not look at her curves through out the dinner, because that saree hug her body like second skin enhance her curves. And when he look at her in his room few minutes ago, he couldn't help but wanting to touch her curves.

Arnav stop there for few seconds, incase if she wants to move away. His heart thudded more fast when she stood on her place, not moving an inch. He glides his hand up and finally touched her softness like he desired. A moan escaped both their lips and Khushi move her head back on his shoulder and Arnav licked her side of neck while his hand squeeze and fondle her breasts softly. He could feel her heart beating fast. Another moan escaped her lips with his touches and felt her body burn with sensations, Arnav felt himself go hard. After many seconds he removed his hands. Khushi quickly turned and hugged him tight, wounding her hands around his waist. She felt his hardness and gasped, she tried to move back but Arnav grab her waist not letting her. It was taking a lot of control of Arnav to not throw her on bed and make love to her. He calms himself and moves his hand upwards gliding on her bare back, relishing her soft skin. Khushi shivers with his touch and then smile a little when she felt Arnav adjusting her blouse and then tying the doris back.

Her entire being become warm and heart swell with love for this man. She knew it's not easy for him to control his desire but he is doing that for her. She chided herself mentally, at one point she becomes bold and say to Arnav that she ready to go to next level but when they get some what intimate she gets nervous and shy and wasn't able to initiate things. But Arnav knew this, thats why he told her to wait and taking things slowly with her. Arnav hug her softly after tying her doris and place a kiss on her shoulder over her blouse.

Before Arnav could say a word Khushi push him and run out of his room. He took a step to follow her but then drop the idea thinking that maybe she needs some time alone.

Its not getting too much for her, is it?, thought Arnav. But then he did ask her before moving ahead and Khushi agreed. May be she is just shy, thought Arnav again with a smile. He looks down at his hands which have touched her there. How soft she is, he thought and felt little goose bumps on his skin thinking of her softness. He quickly shakes his head, he is not some teenager ... he is man ... a man who desire his woman so much that it sometimes ache to be away from her and not able to touch her properly and desirefully. Arnav sighed as he felt the burning sensation coming back; he move towards washroom ... cold shower is must now.


------------  Sometime later  -  Around Midnight ...

Arnav looked at the clock for the umpteenth time, he was waiting for everyone to go sleep, so that he can go to Khushi. He knew he won't be able to sleep tonight when he knows Khushi is lying in room right next to his. He wants to hold her in his arms and sleep, although his mind is conjuring various intimate images but he didn't want her to get scare ... she is still new to all this. She might be confident and mature in various things like handling Arush as a mother and at her work, but still she is an innocent in other things, specially the things happen between and a man and woman.

Arnav close his laptop and shut light of his room, he sends Khushi a message asking if she is awake and got YES as a reply after few seconds.

Khushi usually would be sleep by now ... but tonight she cannot. She felt her heart race up when she replied to Arnav's message. She still could feel his touch on her chest and back, it was so sensual and tingling. She liked his touch and at the same time feeling nervous thinking whether she would be able to pleasure him like he wants. She wants to do something like that to him, but every time when she tries to do that she gets nervous and back off.

Soon she heard the room door opening and getting closed. Khushi was lying on bed with Arush on other side; her face was away from door. She turned and saw Arnav near bed. She was about to sit up when Arnav shakes his head. Khushi move towards Arush making space for him and he slipped behind her. He put his arm over her stomach pulling her back to his front.

Khushi waited if he would do something else but when after few seconds he didn't, she turns to face him. Both looked into each other eyes conveying their feelings and love.

"Khushi, thank you for ...", Arnav began to say when Khushi put her finger on her lips.

"No don't, no need", said Khushi in low tone, caressing his cheek.

Arnav took her hand and kissed it, "you made me so happy tonight" and put her hand back on his cheek.

Khushi blushed, "I know". She caresses his cheek and when he didn't move ahead to kiss her she took the step. Arnav's hold got tight on her waist as he pulls her more, plastering her front with his. They both kiss each other slowly and passionately like they have all the time in the world. Khushi caresses his nape and hair and Arnav caresses her waist and back. After kissing  for few minutes they move apart.

Khushi felt her cheeks go warm looking in his intense eyes. She lowered her eyes. Arnav caresses her lips, jaw and move down to neck.

"You're so beautiful Khushi ... so so soft", said Arnav in husky tone. Khushi understood his meaning and hug him feeling very shy at his openly commenting about her feminine assets.

Arnav chuckled lightly and hug her close, "I guess its enough for tonight, lets sleep". Khushi move back and look at him with slight worry, "But Arnavji ... we can't like this, what if someone saw us, Anjali ji always comes to check on Arush".

"Khushi relax ... I will leave early morning, don't worry about. Besides I won't be able to sleep alone tonight ... when I know you're so near to me", said Arnav.

"Hmmm", Khushi sighed and murmurs something.

"What?", asked Arnav.

"I wont be able to sleep alone as well", said Khushi and hid her face in crook of his neck. Arnav smile and caresses her back.

"Then don't worry, I promise no one will see us", said Arnav.

Who she is kidding with? She too wants to be in his arms, thought Khushi and snuggle more into him. They both sleep after few minutes, content in each other arms and warmth with their heart beats lulling them.


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Less likes means not long chapter (i got only 177 likes on previous chapter Cry)

More likes means more looong next chapter will be.

oh yeah -- @sunitikapoor,you wanted to see Arush's image again. Its there in my banner and as well as banner made by 'cute-aly'. The baby in red one is the same like in my banner. And the white one is also soo adorable. Just like my Arush

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