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YouAreMyNewDREAM Thrd 6: Link to Thrd 7 on Pg-1 (Page 11)

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Hey guys ... i hope you all doing fine ...  Smile

And thank you so much for the lovly comments on previous chapter ... Smile

So here is the new chapter ... it nothing much ... i wanted to write more but i am not getting much time ... so i thought to post what ever i have written...

hope you like it Embarrassed

THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT AND WAITING FOR IT ... also thank you for being supportive ... i am very much fine now ALLAH shuker ... Smile

READ THE NOTE at the end ...


Next day - Monday - @ Breakfast


After the happy cheer around the table Akash quickly takes out his cell and send a message to Payal.

"Bhai has agree to come to luckhnow...".

Few mins ago Arnav had come down for breakfast and disclose his decision that he is ready to go to luckhnow for the shagun rasam. Nani and Anjali share a happy smile. While Mami pass her comments how long it has been that she hadn't been out to another city while Mama ji reminds her past trips to her. Khushi smile seeing the banter around the table carrying Arush in her arms, who was lazying in his mother's warmth. She looks at Arnav and saying thank you with her eyes ... And Arnav just blink his eyes twice in answer ... soon they started with breakfast.


After 5 or so minutes Akash cell vibrated ... he checked and quickly open the message ... seeing reply from Payal.

"That's great ... just told Amma and Baba ... they are happy too".

Akash replied ...

"That's good ... now I think Aunty will be relaxed now".

As he remembered that Payal told him how worried her mother was regarding this issue.

"yeah she is ... so when will you guys leave for luckhnow?".

Akash asked Arnav about it, who replied that they will leave on Friday evening ... Shagun will be on Saturday and they will return back on Sunday evening. Arnav didn't want to spend a single extra day there and wanted to wrap up all this quickly. Khushi understanding his emotions readily agree with this.

Akash replied back to Payal "will be leaving this Friday evening"

After few seconds his cell vibrated. He had just press on open, when he jerked listening to his brother's loud voice.

"WHAT THE HELL? Now whats this new thing you came up with", said Arnav his anger rising as he looks at his Nani sternly.

Akash look at his father asking what had happened, his dad gesture towards his mother.

"Its not a new thing ... it's a part of wedding rituals that a girl to be wedded soon, won't go out in public ... So Khushi bitya won't go to office.", said Nani in the same stern tone as her grandson.

"What crap ... why can't she ... this is utter nonsense", said Arnav waving his hands in air.

"Chotey", Nani snapped at him, "this is not nonsense, I am not saying that Khushi bitya would stick to home, but she won't be going office with you like every day ... even Anjali Bitya didn't went to orphanage daily when she was about to married".

"Yes Chotey ... Nani is right ... we are not stopping you to spend time with her ... its just that elders have advice this to be protected from evil eyes", said Anjali giving him a smile.

Khushi knew this is going to happen, as Buaji had already told her that she won't be going to office now until her marriage. She forgets to share this thing with him last night as she was more worried about going to Luckhnow. She didn't look at him but could tell that he was clearly not happy with this as she could feel his burning gaze on her ... neither she couldn't argue with Nani, when she reminded her of this in the kitchen an hour ago when she as making Arush's milk.

"Don't you think that you're taking advantage of my agreement for fulfilling the wedding rituals", said Arnav in anger.

"That's why I didn't say that she won't be going out at all ... most precisely that she can't go out with you, because I know you will not tolerate that ... but she won't be joining office and that's final", said Nani.

Arnav looked at Khushi hoping that she takes his side but Khushi only give him an apologetic look.

 "Don't look at Khushi Bitya ... her Buaji had said the same and she agrees", said Nani.

"Unbelievable", said Arnav irritated as he push his chair back, took his coat and strode towards the front door, leaving his breakfast in middle.

"Arnavji ...", Khushi quickly called him but he didn't stop.

"Chotey ... your breakfast", Anjali too shouted but Arnav didn't listen and bang the door shut behind him.

Khushi sighed as she patted Arush's back who got startled with loud banging of the door... her mind already looking for ideas as how to manofy her angry lard governer.

 Akash took sandwich from his plate and stood up, "I should also go ... have to reach office along with bhai  (looks at Khushi) someone needs to distract him or else he will be shouting on everyone".

"Akash please make sure that Chottey eats something", said Anjali with concern, "I know he will not eat in his anger".

"yeah sure Di ... don't worry", said Akash and when he reached Khushi, who was standing little away from dining table now, he stopped and spoke in low tone, "Hey ... come for lunch in office ... bhai will feel better". Khushi nodded with a smile.

"Baye champ", Akash ruffles Arush's hair, who made a baby sound in response.



Aman sighs with relief coming out of Arnav's cabin. He had just got a scolding from Arnav on a small issue which indicates that he is surely not in a good mood. Aman move down the stairs thinking when was the last time Arnav had shouted on him, not that he minds as he is pretty use to his shoutings and get worried when he doesn't shout. But since many days Arnav was in the happy mood, so what had happened that made him angry. He went to Akash and asks the same. Akash told him how Nani had declared that Khushi won't be joining office.

"Oh so that's matter ... I too was thinking that if its related to Khushi or not", said Aman.

"Well now a days, mostly bhai's mood is related to Khushi", said Akash with a grin.

"yeah ... but now what ... I don't want my whole day to pass with ASR exploding every now and then ... I was so getting use to the milder ASR", said Aman making an innocent face.

Akash chuckled at his expression, "don't worry I had asked Khushi to come for lunch ... it will cheer bhai up for sure".

"oh good then ... I guess ...", Aman was about to say when his cell ring ... he quickly look and stood up in a second seeing Arnav's name flashing on it.

"Gotta go ... the mighty called", saying that Aman rush out of cabin.

Akash shakes his head with an amusing smile on his face. It's not that he or Aman are scared of Arnav,  um yup may be a little ... but they highly respects him and try not to disappoint him in any sense.



Anjali and Khushi were sitting on bed, in Anjali's room, while Arush was playing with his toys sitting on bed besides them. They were discussing about the activity week that is going to happen this week.

"Well Khushi you decided what you want to attend as according to Nani, you will be going only one day this week to orphanage", said Anjali.

"Well I don't mind skipping the sports day, but Baking and dress up ... umm ... well I will go with dress up as Sapna and Ritu (two girls at orphanage) wanted me to dress them up", said Khushi thinking.

"Yup I remember they want you to be a Barbie doll", said Anjali with a wide smile.

"Yeah ...", said Khushi as she glance at her mobile laying on her side ... she had send 2 messages to Arnav and its been already half hour that he didn't reply. Anjali saw the sad look on her face.

"Don't worry Khushi ... he will call when his anger gets cool down", said Anjali tapping her hand.

"yeah I know ... but still why don't he understand that I am too not happy with it ... but I don't got any choice ... do I", said Khushi looking at Anjali and then at her cell.

"Well if he understands this then he won't be THE MIGHT ASR", said Anjali mimicking the last words in Arnav's tone.

Khushi smile hearing this, "Um Anjali ji ... I was thinking to take Lunch for him ... will it be ok".

"Ufoo Khushi ... you know that your not going to office doesn't mean that you shouldn't go there at all", said Anjali.

"I know that ... its just ... just today Nani said that I don't go and I am thinking to go there", said Khushi.

"Relax ... its good idea ... you go ... Chottey will feel much better ... and don't worry about Nani yaar ... we are not that strict", said Anjali pinching Khushi's cheek and Khushi smile wide.

"yeah I know ... Nani ji is very sweet", said Khushi.

"What only Nani ji ... what about me", said Anjali

Khushi move ahead and hug Anjali, "You all are very sweet".

"yeah yeah ... stop buttering ... tell me what color dress you want ... I am thinking to go to mall after lunch", said Anjali as they both proceed on the discussion.


@ AR - Lunch Time  ------------


"Khushi tell the driver to go into underground parking ... there you will see two lifts on the left back side of the parking lot. Go there ... I am on my way", Aman give instruction to Khushi on phone and Khushi told the driver to go into underground as they enter AR's gate.

She didn't wanted to go into the office as she didn't have the mood to meet her colleagues as her mind was solely focus on Arnav ... so when Anjali got down at mall and instruct the driver to drop Khushi at office, she called up Aman asking if there is any back entrance to the office.

Khushi went to the back side ... as she approach the elevators ... the right hand side lift opened and she saw Aman standing there ... she quickly went into the lift and saw Aman twisting the key into the slot and push the button.

"This is ASR's personal lift ... it doesn't stop on any floor and direct goes to upper floor where ASR's cabin is ... he uses this lift when he comes to office at nights or when he is not is mood to meet any one here", Aman answered the unasked question in Khushi eyes, who nodded her head and then smiles, "And as usual besides him only you have the access to it as well". Aman gave her a sheepish smile.

"Hows his mood?", asked Khushi. "Same as in the morning", replied Aman.

"He and his anger", murmured Khushi.

"yup he and his anger ... both are unique ... no?", said Aman in a teasing tone. And Khushi shakes her head.

The lift door opens and both came out. Khushi look around as they move ahead and turn right, she saw that its the back corridor on the floor where Arnav's cabin was ... Khushi saw the small conference room, which Arnav uses for confidential and private meetings.

"Thank you Aman", said Khushi as she knew the way from there.

"Any time", said Aman and went ahead.

Khushi move ahead and saw Annie standing at her desk putting things in her back.

"Hey annie", Khushi greeted her, "Arent you going for lunch?"

"Oh Khushi ... you ... where you come from?", asked surprised Annie.

"Um used the back lift", replied Khushi with a smile.

"oh ... so how have you been?", asked Annie.

"I am good ... is anyone in there with Arnavji?", asked Khushi.

"No ... he asked not to disturb him ... he is not in a good mood today", replied Annie.

"Yeah I know ... well I am going in ... you go for lunch", said Khushi. Annie smiled and went towards the stairs while Khushi move to his cabin ... open the door and went in.

"Annie ... I told youuu ...", Arnav was about to shout thinking that it was annie but stopped looking at Khushi standing there.

He fisted his hand in order to control his anger, not wanting to shout on Khushi as she come forward. Khushi saw his fist and knew that he is controlling.

"Good afternoon Arnavji", said Khushi cheerfully.

"Get out", came the instant angry reply

Without getting affected Khushi places her purse and tiffin box on his desk and move the chair around the table, coming to his side.

"I know you haven't eaten properly in morning nor you're planning to eat now in your anger so I bought lunch for both us", said Khushi as she opens the tiffin box and places the 3 small bowls on table.

"Oh really ... and what was that in the morning that "Khushi won't go to office"", said Arnav sarcastically ... giving her an angry look and then look back to the file in his hand.

Khushi sighed, "Arnavji ... you're taking Nani ji's words in other direction ... what she meant was that the girl to be wed soon is said not to go out to avoid evil eye ... but it doesn't mean and the girl should be house arrest ... she is allowed to go out once or twice a week. And if I have join office then every day I have to meet so many people during work ... they will ask questions regarding us, our wedding preparation and other matters ... and honestly I also wasn't in the mood to spend my day answering those or telling others how much preparation I have done or what is left. Nani didn't mean that I can't go out with you ... also I wanted to spend most of time with you only".

Khushi look hopefully at him that now he would have understood the situation but Arnav didn't look up from file.

"Did you knew about this thing?", asked Arnav.

"Yes ... but with the worry of your reaction about going to luckhnow it slipped my mind as it was only focused on what will be your decision.", said Khushi.

When Arnav didn't said anything for next few seconds, Khushi got sad that he is still angry.

"Arnavji please ... don't be angry ... we will go out to spend time together like we did last weekend", said Khushi ... but Arnav still didn't said anything.

It made her more disappointed and then angry at his nonchalant attitude. If he is going to be like this then she won't plead further. Khushi stand up from chair and was about to turn when Arnav grab her hand.

"Where are you going? Did I asked you to go?", said Arnav looking at her sad face.

"But you ...", Khushi was about to say when Arnav pull her down on chair.

"Sit and eat ... I know you also didn't have lunch yet ... I will eat later ... I have his file to finish as I got meeting right after lunch", said Arnav pushing the bowl in front of her, "And don't you dare say that you're not hungry when I can clearly tell that you are".

Khushi smile at him ... he may act as lard governor but he can't help his caring nature towards his loved ones.

When Arnav saw her opening the bowls and taking a roti in her hand ... he move his eyes back to file but next second saw a morsel in front of his eyes.

"You cannot eat ... but I can feed you ... right?", said Khushi with bright smile on her face.

The look on her face itself was enough for Arnav to agree ... and he quietly opens his mouth taking the morsel. 

She raised another morsel towards Arnav who stop her hand and then push it towards her own mouth gesturing through his eyes to eat too. Khushi give another bright smile and eat the morsel.

Their lunch continue like this, Khushi eating and feeding him, while he was busy checking the file but also very much aware for her presence beside him.


He finished the file right when they finish the lunch. Khushi quickly closed the bowls and put them back in the tiffin box. Both stood up at the same time, Khushi turn to go to washroom so that she can wash her hands but again was stopped by Arnav.

"Arnavji ... let me just wash my hands then we will ta ...", her words stopped in her throat when Arnav take her index finger of right hand in his mouth gliding his tongue on it.

Her breath hitches as he repeat the gesture with other remaining fingers of the hand. He left her right hand and was about to take her left hand when Khushi pull it back ... not have the courage to face this kind of torture ... which was making her heart galloping.

Arnav smirk seeing the raising color on her cheeks ... before she could turn again Arnav takes her hand and pull her close. Khushi look at the knot of his tie, waiting what he will do ... most probably will kiss her. She closes her eyes when she saw him leaning close to her face ... but next moment she gasped feeling his tongue gliding on her jaw and going down.

She didn't knew but a little gravy transferred there when she move her hair away from her face while eating. And Arnav would never leave the chance to have a taste of her skin.

His one hand wound around her waist, holding her in place and other was stroking her cheek. Khushi clutched his waist coat from shoulder feeling his lips going down her neck, places wet kissing and little nips here and there ... she was sure her neck will be reddish just like her cheeks when Arnav finish his assault.

"I love your perfume", said Arnav in a husky whisper as he inhale at the base of her neck and place a kiss over there and then move upwards again.

"hmmm ...", Khushi moan a little.

Just then the door of his cabin open and Aman came in with a file in his hand. He stop mid step looking at the scene. The meeting was about to start and with hurry of calling Arnav he forgot that Khushi was here as well.

Khushi quickly move back but Arnav pull her again.

"um wo Sorry", said Aman while turning. 

Khushi tried to push Arnav but he didn't budge and tightened his hold on her waist.

At that moment Khushi felt why is it said in the story that the girl wanted the earth to part and swallow her ... she clearly relate to the situation, embarrass at been seen by Aman during such intimate act. And now her lard governor was not letting her move away.

 "Yes Aman what is it?", said Arnav coolly. Khushi tried to remove his hand around her waist but couldn't. Khushi look at him with widened eyes, at his cool attitude like nothing was going on. 

"ASR everyone has reached at the conference room", said Aman as he turned back.

"Ok ... I check the file ... you take it with you ... every things if fine ... expect the section 3.1 ... we will discuss on that", said Arnav looking at Aman coolly.

Khushi looks at Arnav pressing his arm, who gives her a "What" look but didn't remove his hand.

Aman move forward as he saw Arnav's eyes fix on Khushi. He smirk inwardly, getting another thing to tease Arnav about as the red color on Khushi's cheek and her embarrass looks were clearly telling what was happening before he came in. Khushi look at Aman who give her a polite smile while picking the file from table and then turns quickly and went out of cabin.

As soon as Aman the door closed Khushi give him an angry glare, "Arnavji ... why didn't you move away when Aman came in? And you didn't even remove your hand when I was trying to push it away", said Khushi hitting his chest.

"So what?", said Arnav in same cool attitude.

"So what?", Khushi give him another glare, "It was so embarrassing and you ... you were acting like it was nothing".

"Come on Khushi ... its Aman ... he knows that its common between couples ... and now that you're my finace I have the right to hold you anywhere and infront of people unlike before", said Arnav teasingly earning another smack on his chest.

"And besides I love teasing you", said Arnav with a smirk.

"You're becoming so shameless day by day", said Khushi irritatingly.

"Only with you", Arnav gives the usual replay.

Khushi smack her forehead, "You're incorrigible".

"And you looks very cute with red cheeks and nose", said Arnav flicking her nose.

"Ok now will you let me go ...didn't you have to go to meeting", said Khushi.

"I do ... but after getting my kiss", said Arnav as he pulls her move close into him and looking down at her lips.

"Oh kiss chahiye (Oh you want kiss?)", said Khushi as she move her face close.

Arnav was about place his lips on her when Khushi pinched his arm with force.

"Owwh..", Arnav immediately remove his hand.

"Nahi miley gi (You won't get it)", Khushi give him a teasing smile and rush towards washroom.

"Main le ker rahoon ga (I will get it anyway)", shout Arnav as the door close behind Khushi.

Arnav rub his arm and picking his cell from table move out of his cabin.

Khushi hid her face in her hand standing in front of mirror ... she felt embarrass and the same time anticipation at Arnav's last sentence. Then she took soap and rub it on her hands, while resining the soap she rubs her fingers together, remembering how Arnav licked her fingers. A shy smile came on her lips ... after their engagement Arnav is doing more intimate things, first at the farm house ... he was about to touch her breast and now licking her finger with that desireful expression on his face. Her heart thudded thinking what is coming next as she move out of washroom.

She went to his table and pick the tiffin box and her purse, she was about to move when her eyes fell on some paper on his table, she look closely and find rough sketches of Sarees. A thought came back in her mind ... which she wanted to ask Arnav but with other things happening around she forget. She made up her mind to ask Arnav about it tonight.


@ Night - After dinner ---------


Khushi places pillows on Arush's side as he slept peacefully. Khushi tuck the quilt on him and stood up from bed. Anjali had already slept as she was very tired with shopping and doing preparations at orphanage. She took his milk bottle and water bottle. She places the baby monitor on his side and took and other half with her as she move out of room. She went to kitchen and washes both the bottles. Then she fills water in the water bottle, and put some water for boil. 

Sometimes Arush woke up in middle of night in need of milk so she makes sure to have warm water in thermos and baby milk powder. She took her cell out from her pajama pockets and check the time ... its around 10:40 pm. She still has time as Arnav usually sleep around 12.

After 5 minutes the water got boiled, Khushi took the pan off stove and places on the slab. She went to other side to take the thermos, which she always place in kitchen in morning so that Hari prakash don't forget to wash it.

Just then someone pulled her around, Khushi gasped at the sudden movement.

"Arnavji ...", said Khushi relaxing as she saw it was Arnav, "You scared me".

Without saying anything, Arnav pick her from waist and make her sit on the slab.

"Arnavji .. what are you doing", asked Khushi startled at this.

"You forget to give me something today", said Arnav as he came in between her legs, wrapping his one arm around her.

"Arnavji leave me ... someone might come", said Khushi in low tone as she tried to push his hand away.

Seems like today Khushi had lost her strength ...  it's the second time she couldn't push him away. Khushi pouted at him, who was enjoying her expression, pleading him silently to let her go.

"No one will come as everyone is in their room ... so what was I saying", said Arnav caressing her cheek with his finger.

"Lard Governer kahin k", murmurs Khushi as she knew what he wants.

So she move ahead and gives a peck on his lips.

"Really?", said Arnav raising his brow and then move ahead to have a proper kiss himself but Khushi places her hand on her lips and shakes her head.

"What the", said Arnav as he didn't like the hindrance.

"Khushi ...", said Arnav in a warning tone.

"No ... first I want talk to you about something", said Khushi.

"Please", says Khushi when she saw Arnav giving her an irritated expression.

"hmmm", said Arnav

"Why didn't you tell me that my engagement dress was one of your designs?", asked Khushi the question she wanted to ask from the moment when Lavanya told her that it was his personal design.

"I thought you understood when I told Di not to shop for your dress", said Arnav a bit confuse not understanding why she is asking that now.

"I thought you will buy it ... but I didn't thought you will give me the dress from your collection", said Khushi.

"Well if you remember ... you wore a dress from my collection before", said Arnav with smirk.

"yeah I did ... but i had already seen that dress before wearing it remember ... and you give me punishment for that as well", said Khushi with a shy expression as scene played in her mind when once she came across few dresses design by ASR which was placed in the wardrobe section. And she more the red green lehnga and later how Arnav kissed her on her back in the name of punishment.

"yeah I remember ... I can never forget that day", said Arnav as he lean in again but again was stopped by Khushi.

"Now what?", said Arnav irritated.

"I want to see your collection Arnavji", said Khushi.

"you have seen it already", said Arnav.

"Not that one ... those were only few ... I meant by your whole collection, Lavanya ji told me that you took of your designed dresses from boutique and also from that wardrobe section ... I want to see them all", said Khushi with excitement.

Arnav look at her excited face ... his mind going back to the place which he hasn't visited since 2 years now. Even for the engagement dress he asked Aman to fetch it instead of going himself.

"Um ok ... I will ask Aman to bring the dresses here", said Arnav after thinking for few second.

"no not here ... I want to see the place ... and also your room where you use to made those deisgn ... Lavanya ji told me that you have a separate room ... only for that purpose", said Khushi in same excitement.

"Khushi whats the need for that ... when I am saying na that I will bring the dresses here", said Arnav started to get frustrated.

Khushi look at her face, and couldn't help but feel sad thinking that Arnav didn't want to share this thing of him with her.

"Um ok Arnavji ... whatever suits you", said Khushi as she got down from the slab.

Khushi took the thermos from the other side and started to pour hot water in it.

Arnav fisted his hand ... he didn't miss that sad look on her face. He took her hand and turn her to face him.

"I will take you there tomorrow ok", said Arnav as he push her lock behind her ear.

"Really??", said Khushi her lighting up in an instant. And then hug Arnav when he nodded his head.

"Thank you so much Arnavji ... I always wanted to see your collection after seeing few of them in wardrobe section but that time I couldn't ask you for it", said Khushi and then a yawn came.

Arnav shakes his head and the pick her up in his arms.

"Arnavji", Khushi gasped again, "What you ..."

"Let's get you to bed", said Arnav cutting her.

Khushi give a shy smile at this. Arnav too smile and turn to go when Khushi remember the thermos.

"Arnavji wait ... thermos",said Khushi pointing towards the thermos. Arnav went near the slab and Khushi pick the thermos. Then Arnav took her out of kitchen ... towards stairs and into the guest room.

Throughout the walk Khushi was looking at his face shyly and Arnav too glances at her in between.

He place her on bed, Khushi put the thermos on side table. "Good night sweetheart", said Arnav as he covers her with quilt.

"Good night Arnavji", said Khushi

Arnav turn and went towards the door, he was about to step out when he felt his hand grabbed by Khushi. Arnav turn to face her and look at her questioningly.

"You forget to take something", said Khushi as she pull him towards her.

How could she let her Arnav leave without taking something which he wants from her ... and probably which she didn't have a tiniest objection to give.

Khushi wound her arms around his neck and stood on her toes and place her lips on him.

Arnav wound both his arms around her waist, pulling her into his body.

Both closed their eyes as kiss proceeds further ... from slow to fast ... from soft to fierce. Their tongues teased and fought ... pouring their love and feelings without holding anything back.


--- i know many of you might not be happy with this, as its kind of filler. I wanted to write more but wasn't getting much time, plus you guys were waiting from many days for update so i thought to post how much i have written.

--- last week i have started my new job which is different from my previous job which was solely based on design ... but in this job i have to do coding, web development ... which i don't have much knowledge of ... so i have to study and do work at the same time ... not much free time to write.

 and on weekend my mom doesn't allow me to sit on laptop much as she expects me to do house chores.

--- So to inform you ... i will be irregular in updating the story for this and next month ... as i have mention the lack of free time ... i will try my best to update soon. And the chapter wont be long as writing long chapters need more time.

Hope you guys understand ... Embarrassed

DO Comment -- Like ... about this update ... would love to hear what you think. Smile

Sorry couldnt include the teaser in it ... it will be added in next chapter. 

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Awww What an adorable update...I really found it funny how irritated arnav got after learning that khushi cannot leave the house more often or go work with him, its like he wants to have so many secret rendezvous with her Embarrassed besharam Embarrassed lol and also he's like a young teenager who doesn't get what he want and become mardy...I think that so adorable of him...

Lovely update...I can't wait to read the next chapter Smile

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loved the update!
Khushi is the only one who can controls arnav...
Great chap dear! I really loved the arshi scenes..


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Bubbles76 1249 319640 14 April 2015 at 3:59pm by ranogill
YouAreMyNewDREAM Thread 3: Thrd 4 link on Pg 142

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Bubbles76 1165 272406 04 November 2014 at 10:25am by tina_1234

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