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Originally posted by swriter

Originally posted by mamtasingla

Originally posted by swriter

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kaisi h

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Hello my dear folks. we all know that Jodha-Akbar have finished but please don't leave forum or stop comment. because if you all leave or stopped to do comment then site will also removed this forum. so my dear lovely writers and readers please save this forum and enjoy my 14 chapter of this FFEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


{Sweet voice of birds was telling that morning already had come.

First ray of sun was hitting his handsome face. A soft bright smile was crawling on his was making him more desirable. Jalal was still getting lost in his previous pleasurable night. It was best night of his life. He felt like he won whole world.even jalal's nights were never lonely... in short language he always enjoyed his nights with beautiful women. But this night was quite different from other nights. It was like his dream night. Sudden his arms felt like empty. He felt like something missed from his beside. Some softness... Some warmness...something...

Sudden this emptiness pushed him out of his dream world. He swiftly opened his eyes and looked his arms it's were alone. Jalal swiftly got up and looked all around him but there was not any sign of any human. in frustration he run his  slander fingers in his brown lengthy hair and his left hand was resting  on his face.}

Jalal( murmuring)-> " where is she..."

{Sudden his words choked in his throat. Fear to losing her engulfed him. His body shivered badly. Now He wanted to see her.}


"jodha... Girl's purity is very important thing for her. If she lost it means she lost her life. so every girl must secure it not for her but also her family."

"jodha... Don't let any man to touch you because it is only your husband's right and before marriage if any man touch naked body of any girl or see her without cloth means they are doing biggest sin of their life and KANHA never forgive her and snatched away her parents from her so keep possible distance from other boys and don't make them your friend because boys always bad."

{ her mother and grandmother's words were playing in her ears again and again. Last night memories were making her more restless. She felt like she had nothing to left in her life. she felt like a big sinner. Who was killed her parents by her own hand. Tears were falling constantly from her beautiful doe like eyes. Her milky cheeks became wet due to lot of cry. Her mind was not working properly. She was not understanding that how could she do this biggest sin of every girl's life.}


             {Flash- Back}

{Jodha was peacefully sleeping in jala's arms. Sudden jodha felt tight grip of jalal on her soft body. He was trying almost fused her in him.jodha was feeling some problem to taking breath for body. Jalal still was feeling same passion which he felt yesterday night. Because of uneasiness sudden Jodha opened her eyes. She found herself lying on jalal's hairy chest in his strong arms. Seeing her condition she got very confused. She did not recognize her current situation. In confusion she little titled her face to see her night lover's face. Her eyes stuck on his handsome face. Some hair was spreading on his forehead which made him more handsome and desirable. Fore sometime jodha forgot her situation and got lost in his handsome but cute face. A sexy smile was crawling on his desirable lips. She felt deep desire to touch and crushed his hard lips with her rosy petals. She was about to do this sudden she felt deep pain in her core. She felt something was crawling in her core. She could not understand what that thing was. So to found out it unknowingly her hand reached on under her soft bally. Where she found herself glued with jalal. Yes still jalal was peacefully resting in her. This mere touch realized jodha about naked situation of both of them. Sudden previous night's memories flashed on her mind one by one. She was feeling very numbed and broken. Her eyes became full with hot tears. She wanted to run out from there but still jalal was in her core and caging her in his strong arms. First her few attempt was gone fail as she tried to pushed him he tighten his grip on her. So she leaved her on his mercy. But after some time sudden he loosed his grip on her. Seeing this change in his clutch She slowly removed his strong arms from her soft back and for removed him from her core she pushed him slowly but with her whole power. When jalal came out from her core .she felt immense pain and moaned in weak voice.after it jodha pick her cloth off the floor. She slips back in to her clothes and without looking at back she run out from there. She runs very fast like a made person. }


            {Flash-back End}

{ Sudden jodha fell down on her knees and hide her face between her soft beautiful palms. Jodha started cry bitterly at top of her voice. Her heart was burning with immense guilty. She wanted to punish herself for this big crime.}

Jodha(with loud sobbing) -> " Kanha?

How can I do it can I do the biggest crime of girls' life. how can I lost my virginity to a unknown person without marriage. "

{Sudden fear of loosing her family and will get punishment by god for her crime caught her whole heart. Mere thought to loosing family or her parents gave the quick shiver down on her bone.}

(With folding her hand)

Please kanha don't punish my family for my sin... please doesn't punish them because... Because it is not their was my fault (indicating herself by her index finger) ya kanha... It was my fault. I don't know when I forgot my family's moral and even my Own principal.

{After wiped her tears and she got up on her feet.}

Jodha (With firm voice)-> " but now I have to correct it not for me but also for my family.I accept my sin and ready to any cruel and hard punishment for it.  

{ After said it her legs automatically reached to the edge of river. She looked flow of the river with cold and emotionless eyes.}

"MAASA always say that without her dignity and purity a girl's life nothing Her life like dead. Than how can I survive? I have to finish this useless and shameless  sinner life."

{with saying it she was about to jumping in to deep river but...but she could not did what she wanted...because sudden she felt a strong grip on her right hand's wrist.}


{Not seeing jodha in that cottage many bad thinks was hunting in jala's mind one by one. After wearing his clothes he run out to searched her. He tried his best but he could not found jodha.he could easily understood about her mentally condition after their passionate night. Sudden something hit in his mind. When he and his soldier were searching jodha in jungle then he saw a deep river in middle of jungle. So without wasting any minute he was run toward river. Seeing jodha attempt suicide He felt like he missed his heart beat at that time. His breath got stuck in his throat. He run toward her like crazy person.}


{Sensing someone's touch on her wrist jodha turned around to see his face. She found jalal standing front of her. Seeing him her guilty had converted into high range. She looked toward his grip on her wrist with anger full eyes. But jalal was still losing in her teary but beautiful eyes. His heart was still running fast like jet. He wanted to hug her and showed his deep love for her but he was standing there like statue.Seeing his gaze on her jodha felt like her head blasted within few minute. }


"How dare you touch me...leave my brut..." yelled jodha on top of her voice.

{Hearing her voice jalal came out from his thought world. He swiftly leaved her hand and tightly shut his both eyes for few second to do calm down him. After took deep breath he opened his eyes.}

Jalal( in calm tone)-> " what are you doing here... we need to take leave from here before evening."

{jalal understood her situation so he did not want to discuss anything about previous night. He wanted to give her sometime to realize her feeling for him and understanding all situations.}

Jodha(in a cold tone)-> " no... you can go...i don't want come with you"

{saying it she turned her back from him.}

Jalal( soft but commanding tone)-> " this jungle is not safe in night and I can not afford any risk regarding your life again after this incident. So leave your stubbornness and come with me"

{Saying this he forward his hand toward jodha but jodha was not in mood to listen him...that time her heart was full of guilt and her mind was full of anger for their deeds. She was still standing like before. But Seeing her "not I don't care you" behavior jalal got more angry but he controlled him because it was very necessary to control his angry wounded lioness .}


Jalal ( calmly )-> " I are very disturb after that night. Which happened..."

{he could not completed his sentence but jodha cutting him in middle of way in high rage.}

Jodha(turning around with anger)-> "which happened between us it must not happened because what we have done it is a biggest sin of world... and god will never forgive us... i destroyed my whole life with own my can i do this... How can..."

{Saying it jodha broke out with heavy tears. Hearing her thoughts about their first night jalal felt sting in his heart. His heart had scattered in many pieces. First time in his life his tears betrayed him. He took two steps back with shock. He could not heard her hate full words for his best memorable loveable night.}

Jalal(with teary voice)-> "biggest sin..."

{Hearing him jodha wiped out her tears from her soft cheeks and stood up.}

Jodha( with lots of guilty)-> " yes... biggest sin of my life...maasa always tell me ladako se door raho...ladake bahut bure hote...but I did never listen her...she told me "don't allow any one to touch my body before marriage. But see what have I I have not reason to taking breath any more. Maasa always say that " ladaki ki ijjat uss ki sab se kimati cheej hoti hain ager vo uss se shaadi se pahale kho deti hain to fir uss ke jine ka koi arth nahi bachata aur maine vo hi kho di"

(Virginity is the precious thing for a girl if she has lost it than not any mean left of her life.)

(in teary voice) I have cheated my would be husband...i have lost my precious I have not any reason for breathing. I have to die...i have to die"

{Saying it jodha again tried to jump in to river but jalal swiftly hold her from her waist tightly with his left hand. Jodha was continuously trying to get free her from his strong grip. She started to hit his chest with her soft fist... but with her every effort jalal tightened his grip more.}


Jalal(in rage)-> "listen me...

{but jodha was not in mood to listen him. Jodha was continuously trying to get free her from his clutch. Seeing it jalal's anger reached on its peak.He swiftly holds her from her hair with right hand and crushed his rough lips with her rosy petals. Jodha shocked like hell to seeing sudden change in his behavior. Jalal wanted to punish her for her harsh word which she told about their first night. He was roughly and hardly kissing her. Jodha was trying to push him but mere touch of her rosy lips between his rough lips was giving him different sensation. Now he wanted more from her. he wanted to test every corner of her sweet mouth but jodha did not in mood to allow him. so she tightly closed her mouth. Seeing her audacity jala bitten roughly her on her lower lips in anger. Jodha moaned in pain and opened her mouth. Jalal entered his tong in to her mouth and started to taste her sweet saliva. Firstly jodha did protest but soon she got lost under his charm again and she couldn't hold herself anymore to losing her control. She also got involved in this fiery kiss. They were trying to dominate with their tong in every possible way. They touched each other...licked each other...roughly marked each other...they kissed each other like not means of day tomorrow for them. They kissed each other until they had to short of breath. Jalal rested his forehead on her with taking breath. Jodha was not understanding about this flow of emotions and passion.They both gasp for breath.jalal softly lifted her beautiful face by her chin to looking her beautiful face. Her eyes were still closing}

Jalal(in loving tone with caressing her hair)-> " you feel that our relationship is illegal and god will punish us for it..."

{Hearing his words jodha opened her eyes and looked toward his face. His eyes were full of desire and love.. She nodded her head in yes... jalal captured her soft cheeks with his both hand }

Jalal(in soft lovefull voice )-> "let's go with me"

Jodha(in confusion)-> "where..."

Jalal(smirked with dark eyes )-> "you said that "our relationship is illegal... And we made biggest sin of our life. so now this is time to convert illegal things into legal ..."

{Hearing his words jodha looked toward him with full of confusion. seeing her in confusion. He softly kissed her on her forehead.}

Jalal(looking in her eyes with lots of love)-> " please trust me jaan...i will correct every wrong things but please trust me because without you I can't..."

{His words halted in middle of way. He was looking toward jodha with hope full eyes.}

Precap-> "I hate you jalaluddin mohammad..."

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me first againBig smile
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wow dear awesome chappy plzz update the next chappy soon.
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nyc update n senti too update soon next chapter
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Thank god jalal thought to marry her hope jodha also agree for marriage plz update nxt chapter quickly can't wait. Big smile
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Tumhari writer bach gayiLOL
Akdha ka sr sach thaDisapprove mujhe laga sapna hoga
Koi nahi sr milgaya to bahit khusThumbs Up
Chance pe dance marna to koi jalu se sikhe
Par jodha bhi kam nahi
Mast chapi dear
Update soon 
Warna u know na ki writer khatre main
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Nice chapter continue soon eagerly waiting for nest chapter pm me make it fast don't be late thanks for pm update the nest chapter soon

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