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akdha ff ek mohabbat aisi bhi(Chapter-16updatedpage-140thread-1closed) (Page 94)

paridhiloveu IF-Dazzler

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Janu mere message padh pg 93 m for rpl karna m Kal dekh lungi

natashathakur IF-Dazzler

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Update plzz
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hey my dear buddies this my 13th chapter of this FF please enjoy it and don't forger about your valuable comment and hits like buttonEmbarrassed.
Do not copy this story and post on any other site or page. 

                     {At known Place}

{jodha slowly - slowly opened her eyes . Her vision still was blurring. After some moment when her vision had cleared then she tried to find out the place. It was a dark cottage. Only a mashaal was burning on left hand side. She could not understand what was going on and where was she and how did she come to here. Sudden she felt deep pain in her forehead. So she wanted to lift her right hand to touching her forehead but she can't...she can't because she found her hands and legs binding  with rope. She struggled hard but her all effort got in vein. Other side her forehead was paining badly. Sudden she heard a horrible voice "see bird want to fly" with it jodha heard a loud and dirty laugh.  jodha lifted her eyelids to seeing the owner of the voice. She saw five dirty and horrible faces front of her. They were showing off their dirty and yellow teeth. They wore black clothes and they had big moustache. They were looking most horrible creature.    

They were looking to jodha with pure lustful and hungry eyes.   

Cause of darkness jodha could not see their faces properly. She was still trying to free herself. Sudden A tale dark color person took the mashaal near by her face to getting clear view of her beautiful angelic face. He was sat near to her on his right knee.

Sardaar(scanning  her whole body with lust full eyes)-> " hey don't hurt herself anymore girl. It is not your right to hurt your beautiful body"

{hearing his jodha looked toward him confusedly. Sensing her confusion  Sardaar completed his sentence.}

Sardaar-> "because it is our right to hurt you at whole night"

{saying it he evilly laughed. Seeing their sardaar was laughing other four dacoit was also laughing. Their talk and evil laugh scared jodha hell out of life. But innocent jodha did not understand their evil plan. Jodha in her mind composed herself. She was daughter of a brave king, sister of brave princes and most imported thing that she was a rajvanshy princess who was trained warrior. How could she except her defeat easily.}

Jodha (in anger)-> "hey don't dare to touch me don't know who am i? ok..."

{Hearing her retort sardaar laughed evilly.}

Sardaar (in deadly calm tone)-> " I know who are you? "

{hearing  it  some lines of worry appeared on her forehead.}

Jodha(in her mind)-> " hey kanhaa... Have he recognized me? If he have recognized me then he will surly tell every thing to baapusa then what will happen with me and what about maasa she surely will kill me for this act. "

 {Remembering her father and mother's red eyes jodha got quick shiver down in her spine. She felt immense fear engulfing her badly. Other hand sardaar was looking her changing expression with curiosity. Sensing fear on her face a sly smile crept on his dirty black lips.}

Sardaar( in whisper tone but audible other very well)-> " you know who are you...(his word pushed jodha out of her thought land. She looked toward him nervously) -> "you are a...  s...x toy to us for tonight. You will be give to us immense pleasurable beautiful and  hot se...y night... my sexy doll."

{Saying it he tried to touch her but jodha moved her face to different side to avoid his dirty touch. Seeing her rejection sardaar got angry but he did not want to ruin his mood so he gulped down his anger.}

Sardaar (calm but deadly voice)-> " hey...hey relax my sexy doll. Don't act like that because tonight is our night and we do not want any hurdle in our game (moving his thick dirty tong on his dirty black lips) so silently must do cooperate with us ok my sexy hot doll."


                     {In middle of jungle}

{ jalal was searching jodha like hell with his soldier. He denied abdul to come with him because he was hell angry on jodha and wanted teach lesson to her. But abdul always had a soft corner for her like a big brother and because of it he was every time ended up in her side. So he told him to stay in war camp.

After spending two-three days with jodha jalal did not still recognize her name. But he felt strong bond between them. He ordered his soldier to moving silently because he did not want to give any signal to jodha of their arrival. His soldiers had spread all around in jungle. 

 But After two-tree hour they did not find out any clue about jodha. Sudden a soldier came to near jalal. He said something to jalal which brought up a ray of hope on his face. They proceed on that way which did provided by his soldier.}


                        {in dark cottage}

{hearing sardaar's talk jodha becoming hell confused. She tried to her best to find out right sense of his talks but she failed.}

Jodha(confusedly)-> " game?...which game did you want to play with me? And why shell I agree to play your useless game with you?"

{With saying it jodha rage her right eyebrow. Hearing her retort all dacoit became very angry and wanted to punish jodha immediately but sardaar stopped them.}

Sardaar (in dangerous tone) -> " wants to know about this game...

 {saying it he came to very near to jodha}

Sardaar (moving his tong on his dirty black lips) -> "this game will be very pleasurable but only for us (deep looking jodha with lusty eyes) but for you... It will be become very painful"

{jodha sensed some danger in his talk. Yes she was a great warrior and also fought a war successfully with the great jalal-uddin- mohammad but now situation was different. Her legs and hands were binding with rope and this place was also unknown to jodha and other side those dacoit and their useless and horrible talks. These things were making situation worse for jodha. Jodha did not understand that how could she free up from this weird situation. Because of it jodha got frustrated.}

Jodha(in anger)-> " I don't want to play any useless game with  bloody  dirty peoples like you ok... So leave me otherwise you will regret your whole life for your foolish understand bloody idiot monkey."

{Hearing her harsh words sardaar lost his self control. Sudden He caught her neck harshly. Because of it his sharp nails dragged in her soft skin and make deep scratches on her soft skin. Jodha moaned because of pain. Sardaar harshly pulled her toward him by her hair. }

Sardaar (hissed in rage)-> " how  dare you  to called me monkey. Now I will show you that this monkey what can do."

{Saying it he tried to kiss her on her rosy lips but jodha spit on his face which made him hell angry. He grabbed her harshly and slapped her hard because of it jodha fell down on left side. It started bleeding from her lips. Again he grabbed her harshly and torn her right sleeve. Jodha did not face any such brutal encounter in her life. First time in her life she felt helpless. Sudden a unknown fear caught her. Tears rolled down from her doe shaped eyes. She had no energy left now. She shocked like hell.}

Sardaar(yelled in anger)-> "now I will play my game roughly till then  you will not scream in pain."

{ saying it he pulled her hair little back ward and stared to kissing  her on her milky neck. He harshly bit her on her neck. This made her scream loudly.  She was scaring like hell now. Sudden they heard a loud and anger fully voice.

"How dare you touch her? I will kill you bas...t"

Sardaar turned to see the owner of voice. Jalal stood there like wounded tiger. His eyes full of red because of anger. He saw jodha like a lifeless body. }

                        {Flash Back}

{ jalal's one soldier came to him to tell him about that he had found a cottage in middle of jungle and also saw some lighting there  . Which sounded very odd to jalal . he thought that maybe jodha was hiding there.So he decided to check it himself. When he came to near cottage. He heard a loud painfully scream of jodha. Hearing it he swiftly entered in cottage and which did he see. It was enough to taking his nerves.}

                    {Flash Back End}


Sardaar(in loud voice) -> "dekh kya rahe ho...... Finished them."

{Hearing his order all four dacoit attacked on jalal and his soldiers. Jalal attacked on them like hungry tiger. He cut  all dacoits head. Sardaar also got injured badly. But jalal did not kill him because he dared to touch his jodha. So how could he give him easy death? He ordered his soldiers to arrest him. Now He swiftly went toward jodha and freed her. Jodha was sitting there like lifeless movement.

Seeing her condition jalal's heart cried loudly. Without wasting any second jalal embraced her in tight hug. Feeling his love, care and warmness against her body jodha got conscious and started to loud cry. Jalal's one hand resting on her waist and other hand was caressing her soft and long hair. }

Jalal(in loving tone)-> " shhh... don't cry love...don't cry... I am here nobody can touch or hurt you...please stop cry..."

{Hearing his loving tone jodha lifted her face and saw him. seeing her swollen eyes and wounded lips jalal felt immense pain in his heart. He saw oozing blood from her rosy lips. Sudden his eyes stuck on her red cheeks. A large finger prints were clearly visible on her milky skin. Jalal felt very guilty and became angry at same time. }

Jalal(in high rage)-> " he slapped you..."

{ jodha nodded her head in yes. Jalal felt like burst out of anger. He again tightly hugged her. After a few minute jalal held her face in his hand and brought his lips near her left cheek. Jodha was looking him with full of confusion. Sudden she felt his rough lips on her soft cheek. Jalal was kissing her with lots of love and affection. Jodha felt his kiss very soothing same time.

Jalal was wanted remove her every pain by his loving kiss. Jodha felt his kiss with closing eyes. After a few minute jalal removed his lips from her cheek. He again looked jodha's tearful eyes. Jalal nodded his head to not crying.}

Jodha(in teary voice)-> " he...he...he was a ba...bad man... H..he hurt me badly.( showing her wounded shoulder to him) see... What did he do with me."

{ seeing nail marks on her soft skin jalal's eyes got full of teary. He swiftly kissed on her wounded shoulder. Jodha felt immense relief of pain. Jalal was smooching and shucking her smooth skin. Jodha deeply lost in his loving touch. After a long time jalal came back in his sense. He slowly but unwillingly removed his lips from her shoulder. He saw closed eyes of jodha sudden a naughty smirk played on his lips. Jodha felt his gaze on her so she swiftly opened her eyes. she felt very shy. After it Jalal looked to bite mark on her milky neck. He softly pulled jodha's neck to backward for proper access and started to kissing and sucking her soft skin. He pulled jodha toward him by wrapping her soft waist and his other hand was moving on her back. Jodha felt immense peace and pleasure in his kisses and tightly closed her eyes. Unknowingly her hand reached in his soft long brown hair. Jodha was caressing his hair by right hand and her left hand caressing his back. Jalal felt her soft touch on his body which made him crazier for her. Suddenly he bite on her neck jodha moaned with pain in weak voice. After kissing her neck jalal pulled himself little back ward to seeing her face. He saw blood on her rosy lips so without wasting any minute he took her rosy soft lips in to his. He sucked her soft rosy lips one by one. He was parted his lips by biting on them. He moved his tong in her mouth and tasted her sweet saliva. He felt her rosy lips like nectar. After it he swiftly removed her cloth from her body and started to kiss and feel her every body part senselessly. He sucked and nibbled her erect nipple. He kissed on her soft bally and leaved bits marks on it. jodha was moaning loudly with lots of pleasure. Jalal could not control any more on himself. He swiftly entered in her and made her his forever. }

precape-> still not decided ROFL

Note-> " don't forget about your comment and more hits like button  and silent reader please support me because you na i am super greedy Embarrassed ROFL

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Yipee me first.very eager to know what will happen next.hope they both get married LOL

Thanks for pm

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Mast chapi
Ye jallu v na uncontrol insan haiLOL

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Superb update n update sn n pm me to
swetiii IF-Sizzlerz

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hot one

hope they marry soon

update plzzz jaldi se
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awesome chapter
enjoy reading
what will happen next i hope they will get married soon
continue soon can't wait more

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