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Now i am giving you my 15 Chapter of this FF i hope you all will enjoy itEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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{jalal covered her nakedness with his coat because he did not want that any other person see her in this condition. Seeing his concern for her dignity and honor tear droplets fell down from her beautiful eyes. Seeing her tears jalal felt sting of pain in his heart he quickly wiped her tears from her milky cheeks by his thumbs and nodded his head not to cry. jalal firmly hold jodha's hand and intertwined their fingers with "not leave you" assurance and started their new journey for new life.

Abdul was still worried for jodha not for her safety because jalal's soldiers already informed him about everything. But he was still worried because he was very well aware about jalal's anger and now jodha was the main root of the all mess and jalal was mad on her like hell}

Abdul(raising his both hands toward sky)-> "mullaa...please save my sister from jalal's wrath...please save my sist..."

{Sudden his eyes stuck on two body feature which was swiftly moving toward him. seeing her brother standing there jodha got emotional and run toward his brother and hold him in her tight embrace and broke out in heavy tears. Abdul shocked like hell seeing her behavior. Jodha was sobbing on his chest. She tightened her grip on abdul. After few minutes abdul realized the situation he started to rub her back lovingly.}

Abdul-> "shshsss... Everything ok...everything ok Chabili now nobody can trouble are my little strong and brave tigress na. so stop crying. I cannot afford any single tear in eyes of my little angel."

Jodha( sobbing)-> " they...slap me hard...(sob) they were treat me like I was not a human.(sob) they bitten my neck badly...(sob) and (sob) and torn my clothe...(sob)...I was afraid like hell (sob) I called you for help...(sob) they hurt me bhaisaa...they hurt..."

{Saying it she broke out in loud cry. Abdul felt like his heart shattered in pieces. He felt immense pain in his heart. He felt like loser who failed to fulfill his duty. His eyes became wet from tears. Jalal felt bad for both of them}

Jalal(calm tone)-> " if your Bhai bahan milan  have finished then  can I talk to my friend on very urgent matter"

{ hearing his voice jodha and abdul parted away from each other. Jodha was still crying and her tears were rolling down from her eyes. Abdul wiped out her tears from her cheeks and put his hand on her head and started to caress her head lovingly.}

Abdul(with lots of love)-> " hey don't cry love now you are safe nobody can dare to touch my angel it is your Bhaisaa's promise. (with mischievously) Now give me your beautiful monkey smile Big smile."

{hearing his teasing words jodha's mouth opened in "O" shape and jalal tried to stop his laugh with biting his lower lip. Because of his teasing session jodha got very irritated and turned her back toward abdul in anger}

Jodha(in irritating tone)-> " my smile like monkey na then now go and talk with other girl who have smile like human ok"

{seeing her childish act both abdul and jalal broke out in laugh. Seeing those laughing jodha got super mad.}

"Enough is enough"yelled jodha

{hearing her voice and seeing anger in her eyes both abdul and jalal quickly stopped their laughing session}

Jodha(with frustration but trying to keep calm )-> " Bhaisaa I want some clothe to wear ok please can you arrange it?"

Abdul(with love but in teasing tone)-> "jo hukum malikaye hindustaan...(winked toward jalal)"

Jodha(in irritation)-> "ohmmm...Bhaisaa"

Abdul(holding his ears)-> "ok...ok..ok...sorry please forgive your buddhu Bhaissa."

{seeing his funny gesture jodha smiled .before abdul replied her jalal cut his sentence in half way}

Jalal(swiftly)-> " now you go and take a bath as soon he will send you your clothes ok"

{jodha nodded her head in approval and went away from there}

Abdul(folding his hand)-> "Thanks you shahensha...Thank you so much...if you did not reach at time then god only know what will happen with my little sister. Thanks you so much shahensha..."

{saying it abdul's eyes filled up with hot tears. Seeing his childhood friend's condition Jalal felt bad. He swiftly hold his folded hand}

Jalal(in calm tone)-> "hey don't do this one can not touch one means no one ok and if anybody try to hurt her or touch her then they will be face the wrath of jalaluddin mohammad ok(saying it his eyes became more darker)

Jalal(in calm tone)-> "abdul you have to do something for me... "

{abdul looked him with lots of confusion. Jalal told him something which was enough to giving him high voltage shock. His mouth opened with shock. Firstly he felt shocking but with next moment he felt immense happiness and in excitement he hugged jalal without thinking.}

Abdul(with happy tears)-> " i...i...i am so happy ...and proud of you my best proud of you"

{Felt his best friend's emotion jalal also hugged him with same tight hug. After few minutes abdul realized that what did he do in excitement. He swiftly parted away from jalal}

Abdul(fumbling)-> " i..i...I am sorry Shahensha. I must not..."

{before he could completed his sentence. Jalal cut him in middle of way. Hey...hey don't say it you are my one and only  childhood friend and after today we will share..."

{saying it jalal winked toward abdul naughtily. Abdul was also happy to seeing his best friend happy.}

Jalal(in serious tone)-> " hey does you want to spend all time in smiling like fool..."

Abdul(with shutting his mouth)-> " Shahensha i..."

Jalal( swiftly)-> " then go and  do all the preparation according to my plan...go...go...go."

Abdul(with bending down his head )-> "Jo hukum shahensha"

{and went away from there left behind him happy and excited jalal.}

Jalal(in mind)-> " hey ready to new journey of life jalal with your naughty but innocent  angry but cute hot but simple  and most important beautiful and pure human being in the world... your angel...your love...(taking deep breath) after today you will only belong to me ...I will have all rights on you... you will be mine only me I will not let you go anywhere...your soul...your body...your mind and also your heart...everything which belong to you...will be only mine... you will be mine only mine(with shutting his eyes tightly ) I can't wait...i can't wait anymore to call you mine... "

{Mere thought of his love with him forever giving him immense pleasure in his whole body.}


                          {in jalal's camp}


{ jodha was sitting on bed. She was continually smiling as remembering all previous incidents with jalal. their first kiss , their first hug , their first romantic night. This way jalal saved her from dacoits. His action, fighting style and most important his eyes which always full of love for her jodha still was feel his rough touch on her soft body. Mere feeling his rough lips on her soft silky skin gave her butterfly in her stomach. She shut her eyes with shyness. Sudden she heard some sound from door. She swiftly opened her eyes. One mughal soldier entered in her camp. He had a big thaal on his hands.}

Mughal soldier-> " Abdul sahab sent it for you..."

{ jodha stood up from bed and took up thaal from soldier's hands. After given the thaal soldier went away from there. Jodha removed silk clothe from thaal. It was a green lahnga choli with green duppta. Jalal did not give much time to abdul for all arrangement. So he could not arrange a royal expensive designer dress but he was very well known that his little princess will looking beautiful in any dress. He also sent bangles , bindi , payal etc with the dress.

Jodha-> " is nice dress I always like this type of simple dress I hate heavy lahnga-choli.}

{after her checking session jodha swiftly went out from camp for bathing in pond. Other side jalal also was started to dress up  for his new journey with jodha. After bathing jodha was started to dress up. She swiftly changed her clothes and run toward her camp. She wear matching bangles on her hand. She put matching bindi on her forehead. She decorated her beautiful legs with beautiful silver payal. She put up little kajal in her beautiful eyes. Though she did little and normal makeup but she was not looking less than heart taking angel. After ready jalal went toward jodha's camp. He could not wait for one more minute to see her in new dress. Jalal swiftly entered in her camp. But after looked her his heart beat stopped for a minutes. Her open wet hair was making her more desirable. Water Droplets were falling on her milky neck. Jalal wanted to remove those droplets with his lips and and wanted to left lots of marks of bite on her milky white skin. Seeing jalal's lust and love full eyes on her jodha felt very shy.}

Jodha(looking toward the floor)-> " what are you looking..."

{Without uttering any word jalal looked deeply in her beautiful innocent eyes. Soon they both got lost in a passionate eyes lock. After few minutes without breaking their passionate eyes lock jalal started to move toward jodha. Seeing jalal was coming toward her. jodha started take back step. Seeing her reaction on his action a sly smirk played on his lips. Without wasting any minute jalal swiftly put his hand around her soft waist and little pushed her toward him. Sudden seeing this change in his behavior jodha shocked like hell. Jalal's eyes got dark with desire. He swiftly captured her soft juicy lips with his. Firstly jodha shocked but with next moment she surrender herself front of his passion and desire and started to respond him with equal passion and desire. Jalal bite her on her upper lips. Jodha moaned with pain and pleasure. Jalal swiftly entered his tong and started to taste every corner of her sweet mouth. jodha was also playing game with his tong when she felt that he was dominating in this game so without wasting any minute she harshly bite his lower lip. Because it jalal hissed in pain. For taking revenge of her act jalal also bite her on lower lips with full of his power. This time jalal did attack on jodha very harshly or without any mercy. so Jodha moaned in pain and pushed him with her full power. Jalal was still getting lost in jodha's sweet honey lips. He was not expecting this type behavior from her. he lost his balance and fall down on bed. Seeing her act firstly he shocked like hell but with next moment his shocking state replaced by high rage. He swiftly got up from bed and pushed her from her soft and delicate waist toward him. They both are gasping for air. Jalal rested his forehead on her. Their nose was all most touching.}


"don't do it again...don't dare to leave me again or push me again...ok you know na I am crazy for you like hell then you did it..." whispered jalal

{ he shut his eyes tightly to calm down him after few minutes he opened his eyes and carefully and lovingly he cupped her cheeks with both of his hand and kissed her on forehead.}

Jalal(looking deep in her eyes and in loving tone)-> " hey ...don't dare to leave me JAAN...don't dare...because I...i can't survive without you... I can't live without you jaan"

{ hearing his words jodha shocked like hell. She was looking toward him with widened eyes. She could not believe that jalal could say something this type of. Seeing her facial expression jalal understood her condition. He quickly gave a pack on her rosy petals.}

jalal (in loving tone)-> " because...I LOVE YOU"

{hearing his confession with heavy blushed jodha bend down her eyes with shyness.}

 Nor you know me and nor I know anything about you even we do not know about each other's name then why" whispered jodha

 {hearing her words jalal also agreed with her yes they were still strangers so he decided to take this relationship on next step}

Jalal( in loving tone)-> " name is jalal...I am..."

{ sudden his words halted in way. Something hit his mind}  

Precap-> "same""

Note-> Please don't forget to leave your valuable comment and press the hit button. my silent  readers please also press hit button because you know na i am super greedy ROFL

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lovely chapter pagloo, update soon
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Jodha agreed for marriage very easily but she will know abt jalal before marriage or after. After knowing wat she will do . Omg how many questions. Plz give me answers plz...
meeramiss18 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update jaanuClap
Jalal will not reveal he was the shehenshah
coz jo will noy agree thn I think
lets see wat ur devil mind cmes up withLOL
but reveal it after their marriage plz
plz update soon jaanuTongue
thnks 4 the pmSmile
Sricharan416 Senior Member

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Lovely  update 
Wow Jalal s confession, kinda lovely, hot and a bit threat suits himLOL
continue soon and thank you for the pm.
zuytre Goldie

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Its superb

Pls update soon

Thanks for pm
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super update dear...
abdul was so lovely bro nd friend...
so jalal told he love her a lot...
jodha was right to they dont knw about each other...
I dont think he will tell her he is shehenshah...
update next part soon...
thanks for pm...

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