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Update pls. 

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hey dear , when u'll update next ???
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Hello friends i am very-very Sorry to all of you because i am so late for updatingBig smile plz forgive meEmbarrassed i was busy in my sister's marriage.Embarrassed now i am giving you my next chapter of this Story.i hope you like it.if you all will find any mistake in this Chapter then plz forgive me because i did not read it again Big smile so enjoy it

Do not copy this story and post on any other site or page. 


In middle of night jodha getting little-little conscious .but her eyes were open with lots of effort. she had heavy headache .she placed  her hand on her forehead. Suddenly a thought came in her mind "where I am and which place." All questions were moving  in his mind. Nobody on there for answering .so jodha slowly got up from the bed .cause of heavy headache she was not properly walking but slowly-slowly she came to gate of tent and slowly open the cloth of gate. As soon as she saw the mughal soldiers standing front of tent she getting shiver in her spine.she fastly came in the tent. slowly-slowly previous memories had come in her mind. She remembered that she was in battle-field and cause of sudden attack she got unconscious .but what are she doing in here. Suddenly she remembered cheerful winning voice of mughal army. Suddenly one thought gave her shiver in spine. "have we lost battle and now I am cage on mughals" . she felt sweat on her face. Sudden one more thought came in her mind that "what about others they also caught" .she was becoming very tensed to other rajvanshi women. How can she get know about other rajvanshi women. She decided to run out from this place to know about other rajvanshi women but how... it was the big question for her.suddenly she saw one mughal soldier was coming to her tent. fastly she laid on bed to pretend that she was still unconscious. Mughal soldier came to near her and examine to her. As soon as he turned sudden jodha attacked on his head with heavy water jug. Suddenly attack made him little unconscious but jodha did not in mood to left him. As well as she made her second attack and with this attack the mughal soldier was unconscious.jodha wore his cloth and took her cloths to him. After it she laid unconscious soldier on her place and did cover up his face with other cloth. Then she slowly came out from the tent. Other soldier thought that she was a simple mughal soldier so they did not give the much attention to her. Taking the advantage of situation she stole the horse and went to the forest. She was running the horse fast very fast in forest. Suddenly someone drew her. Because of this sudden movement she lost her balance. When she was waiting to fallen from the horse suddenly a pair of strong arms caught her and laid her on horse .she did not get what happen. Sudden all things turned to back. a hidden fear appeared on her face. A unknown man was taking her. she tried to her best for free from this mess. But because of speed of horse she could not do anything.

Jodha-> "leave me you brut... i said leave me" yelled jodha.

But her offender did not give her much important. Horse was running fast for his designation. Jodha found herself totally helpless. Suddenly she felt near to some light. the offender stopped his horse. Jodha was getting high of rage. Offender threw her on the earth from the horse

Jodha(with full of rage)-> "how dare yo..." But seeing her offender's face her rest of word halted in half way. Which man stood the front of her none other than same soldier who had fought with jodha yesterday . After seeing jalal  jodha had shut her eyes with pain and fear. She had caught with red handed. Abdul came to near jalal he saw jodha with disgust. Jalal fuming with rage how could mighty king of kings digest that a tiny girl did courage to rescue herself from his cage.

Jodha(with full rage)-> "how dare you to touch me. I will kill you for this audacity"

Hearing her words the anger of jalal reached on peak.

Swiftly he Reached to jodha and twisted her wrist without mercy. jodha cried with pain.

Jalal(with rage)-> "how dare you to ran out from here and talking to me with this manner. No one cannot escape from cage of jalaluddin muhammad understood "

Hearing his words jodha fuming with rage and she answered to him with loud voice.

Jodha-> "jalaluddin Muhammad aur aap dono ko aata hi kya hai sivaye dosaro ko dokh dene ke alava. aap log bas maarna jaante hai.dosaron ko bandi banana jaante hain.unhe kaid karna jaante hai.kast pahuchana jaante hain.par ye aap bhi samajhle aur apne ghamandi shahansha ko bhi samajha dena ki ek rajvanshi sherani  ko bandi banane itna aasan nahi hain.tum log hume nahi rok paauge hum yaha se jaldi hi mukt ho jaayenge phir tumara aur tumare badshah ka kya hoga voto...

Rest of word melted with her anger.

Hearing her harsh words jalal got full annoyed. he wanted to punish her and show her what is he and what do he can do. But other plan was ready in his mind.

Jalal(with evil smile) -> "let's see who will win in this game" After saying these words he put her on his shoulder for going to her tent. This act of his made the jodha full of disgust and fear. she shouted with anger and hitting the jalal with her fists. but her all action could not till affected to jalal. jalal was easily going to her tent . when jalal reached to her tent suddenly he stopped Some thought hit his mind. Listening her mind he took the step for backward. seeing his gesture jodha was surprised.

Jodha(in mind)-> "why did he not enter the tent and where are we going?"

Other hand jalal was swiftly going to his tent. after reaching his tent he said to his soldiers.

Jalal(in commanding tone)-> "without my permission no one cannot come in and will not come out from my tent".

After hearing his words jodha getting quick shiver in her spine.

Jodha(with fear)-> "what he said his tent but why...?"

After entered in tent jalal threw the jodha on corner of tent.cause of falling jodha screamed with pain and she got the scratch on her back. jodha softly caressed her back with annoyed and anger.

Jodha(with anger)-> "why have you taken me to your tent? I don't want to stay in your tent with you."

Hearing her words jalal had come little near to her.

Jalal( smirk with anger)-> "oh really you thinks that I am fool so I leave you alone again  in your tent. So you again run out from here and I will search you like a mad.. you stupid girl." Jalal almost hissed with anger.

His dark eyes sudden full of with dangerous and wildness.

jalal(with full of evilly)-> "I will you show you what are the mughal and what means of the jalalluddin Muhammad?"

Seeing his dark eyes and hearing his word jodha got shiver in spine. Drops of Sweat appeared on her forehead. Seeing her sweating seeing her sweating he smiled evilly and softly touched her forehead .jodha got little backward to avoid his touch.

But jalal did not like her gesture. he clutched her hairs roughly with his left hand to stopped her and with right hand he softly wiped her drops of sweat.jodha closed her eyes with fear and pain. her one touched had given the sensation on his entire body.her silky smooth skin, her aura ,her fragrance ,her kissable rosy lips ,doe shape eyes given him strong desire to touch her and make her to him. he felt some kind of pleasure in his heart.suddenly abdul entered in his tent.

Abdul-> "jalal vo..." seeing jalal was sitting on the near of jodha abdul stopped middle of way.

Hearing his voice jalal woke up from spell of beauty of jodha.jodha also opened her eyes and took the breath of relief.

Jalal closed his eyes forcefully to keep the control of his unknown emotion.

"hume kya ho gaya tha..."murmured jalal.

Jalal(with control but disappointed tone)-> "tell me what is the problem abdul?

Abdul-> "hhh...adgha sahab have come to here and want to meet you."seeing to jodha.

Jalal(taking the deep breath)-> "hmmm...i am coming.

Abdul nodded his head in yes after throwing a confusing look on jodha abdul went out from there.

 jalal stood silently but after some time.he turned around and saw  the jodha with dark and cold eyes. His movement given the quick shiver in spine of jodha

Jalal slowly taken the step toward jodha. with his every step his eyes was becoming more and more dark.jodha was  trembling with fear. jalal had came to near of jodha and bending on his knees.

Jalal(almost hissed with his teeth)-> "I will come to you to teach the manner of how does talk to with shahensha and how can you pleased to him" with told this word a naughty smile appeared on his lips and he winked.

Hearing His last word "to pleased shahansha" jodha felt fear in her core she felt cold shiver in her spine and she was chewing her lower lip with full of tension.but seeing her act a fire of desire started to burn in his core.he wanted to hold her in his tight embraces and crashed her rosy lips with his. He wanted to make her to him. But he controlled...he controlled because he was jalalluddin Muhammad who was kings of king.women die for him not he die for them. His ego was bigger than his desire. He wanted to jodha herself begged him for her. He wanted that jodha herself come to in his arms for give him pleasure. He wanted to bow down of jodha's head on his feet. He wanted to make her to his forever but like a might warrior who can never ever defeat. jalal took upward his fingers to touch the rosy lips of jodha. But jodha with denial turned her face to other side. This act of jodha built the high rage in jalal's mind. He could not tolerate a tiny girl rejected touch of shahansha-a-hind. He captured the face of jodha very tightly and turned to him.jodha did the protest against his act. But jalal was holding her very tightly with his other arm and he bent down to her like kiss to her. Jodha tightly closed her eyes with fear and disgust. Reached on his designation suddenly he stopped. He moved upward his head to see facial expression of jodha. Seeing the fear on her face a playful smile appeared on his lips. He lifted his face to eye lob of jodha.

Jalal(whispered in naughty stay)-> " you look beautiful beyond a limit in fear and I want to play a game with you right now but... " iss khel se pahale tum ko bahut kuch sikhana baki hain mairi jungili billi" telling these words he softly bitten the eye lob of jodha. Feeling of his warm breath, his touch  made the jodha full of disgust but something attracted her. she opened her eyes with question. "khel kon sa khel".

Jodha(with surprise and innocent)"aap itane bade ho gaye ho abhi bhi bachho ki tarah khel khelte ho. Laaj nahi aati hain aap koi dekh lega to kya sochega. (with making the face and moving her shoulder to up)par ab hum bade ho gaye hain. Pore 17saal ke hai hum. Isliye hume mat sammilit kijiye aise baccho bali khel mein.Dekha na humane kaise aap se yudh kiya tha aur kaise aap ko chakma de kar nikal gaye the. yudh karna hai to batayi ye.abhi aap ko dhol chata denge."   

Hearing her childish talk jalal busted in laugh.he was laughing loudly again and again. which was making jodha very furious. She looked to jalal with annoy.jalal saw her annoyed face but he could not control his laugh.

Jodha(with annoyed voice)-> " are you made? Why are you laughing. I have not creaked any joke so you are enjoying and because it your laugh can not stop."

After hearing her words jalal took control on his laugh.he stood and about to go out the tent. But sudden he stop and turn to jodha.seeing his gesture jodha had full of fear.

Jalal( in serious tone)-> "bhag ne ki koshish mat karna kyuki humari nigahe tum par hi hain" saying these words a playful smile spread on his lips but it was not cause lust

It was different.jalal went out of tent leave the furious jodha behind.

Jalal(with enter in tent)-> "batayiye adga shahab kya hua"

 adga shahab and abdul greeted jalal.

Adga shahab-> "shahaneshah humare mukhabir ne bataya hai. Ki maharani aur kuchh aurate bach gayi hain.ijanhone amer mein panah le rakhi hain.iss vakt pura amer shoke mein dooba hua hain. Kyuki iss jung mein amer ki shahejadi jodha ki bhi maut hui hain."

Jalal-> "Hmmm...any information about this hostage girl".

Taking the name of jodha broad smile appeared on jalal's lips.which was not unnoticed by adga shahab and abdul.

Abdul-> "shahaneshah anything special?"

Jalal(with smile)-> "nothing..."

Jalal(to adga shahab)-> " any information about this girl?"

Adga shahab( in disappointment)-> "sorry shahanesha we tried our best but we cannot find any information about this hostage girl".

Jalal-> "Hmmm".

Abdul(in serious tone)-> "so what about this girl?

A broad smile appeared on his face. It wasn't a rocket science for Abdul and adga shahab to sense something...something had in jalal's mind but what...

Jalal leaved behind both of them in confusion.jalal swiftly went to the his tent. when he entered in his tent he saw jodha was not there. He was very shocked.

Jalal(to mughal soldier in anger)-> "where are hostage girl?"

Mughal soldier(in featful voice)-> "sh..sha.shahaneshah no one has to come out or go in the tent please trust us"

Jalal(in mind)-> " than where are she?.

Jalal came in the tent and was searching her all over in tent. Suddenly he felt someone was laying on the bed. He wanted to find out the he slowly-slowly taken the step toward the bed.he slowly bent down on bed and swiftly took away the quilt from the hidden person. after seeing the hidden person firstly his eyes widened with shock but next moment a joyful and cute smile appeared on his lips. Hidden person none other than she was jodha. Who peacefully slept on jalal's bed with clutched one of the pillow. She was looking like a sleeping Engle. Seeing her jalal forgot everything and every worried he felt a peace in his soul.he again covered jodha with quilt carefully and laid down beside her on bed. In middle of night jalal felt some burden on his chest. Which had broke his deep sleep. But next moment after saw beautiful burden on his chest A peaceful but naughty smile appeared on his face.jodha was sleeping peacefully on his chest one hand of her resting on his chest and other on his neck.jalal could not resist himself to praise her.

"lagata hain khuda ne raham karna chhod diya jo tujhe bana diya hum par sitam karne ke liye." With this line a naughty smile appeared on his lips and He had slept peacefully with his Engle. Ray of sun dropped on jodha's face she opened her eyes with laziness. But she felt uncomfortable something...something under her .but what...she moved her head little upward to see. But what she saw that enough to shaking her mind. She was laying on jalal to hug him. Her eyes grew wider more wider with shock and fear.if jalal was sleping peacefully but little movement of jodha was enough to break his sleep. Jodha slowly got up from chest of jalal and wanted to go away swiftly from there but jalal caught her hand gently and swiftly pulled her on himself.jodha collided on his hairy chest.

Jalal(in naughty tone)-> "where are you going? I want to some more peaceful sleep". With this statement he winked her. It's was enough to annoyed to jodha. She pushed him hard and got up from the bed.

Jodha(in annoyed tone)-> " how dare you to touch me?"

But jalal was in full of naughty mod. So

 Jalal(with fake sadness)-> "ye to bahi baat ho gayi ulta chor kotawal ko daante.hum par julm huaa hain aur ilajaam bhi humiko ye to naainsaafi ki hadd ho gyi"

Jodha was fuming with rage.she wanted to go but

Jalal(in little serious tone)-> "ghar ka kaam aata hain?"

Jodha turned to jalal with surprised and confusing look.

Jalal(make the some lines on his forehead)-> "hum ne kaha ghar ka kaam karna aata hain?"

But she was standing there like statue she was not understand that what is his mean "ghar ka kaam".

Not hearing her answer jalal broke the silence.

Jalal-> "what's wrong with you.tumare kaan pur mein hadtaal hain kya.sunayi nahi deta hain.ghar ka kaam karna aata hain ki nahi"

Jodha(like sleeping)-> "h..a...ha..ha."

"Great" said jalal with get up from bed.

Jalal(with taking deep breath)-> "theek hain pahale ye bistar aur hojara theek karo jo tumari bajah se jung ka maidan ban gaya hain"

After saying that jalal moved to outside of tent.

Jodha(with loud voice)-> "no" I have not doing such type of Domestic work.

Hearing her words jalal turned with playful smirk.

Jalal( in calm tone)-> "ok" "as your wish but if you don't  do this as what I am saying than you will not go anywhere as well as your home also."

"What" said jodha in shock.

Jalal(in same tone)-> "yes" "if you want to go your home safely and do not want to stay here for your whole life than start your work now". Hearing his deal jodha's eyes widened with shock. jodha still lost in deep thought jalal suddenly come to near her earlobe.

"I want to all work complete on time and successfully because I hate failure." Whispered jalal

Because of his sudden whispered jodha was very scared.

Jalal(much loudly)-> "jaldi kaam shuro karo kyuki pore din main tum ko bahut kuchh karna hain to allah tumari hifaajat kare". After said his warning and good luck jalal went out from there with naughty smirk. Other side jodha was getting tense more tense.

Jodha started her work fastly. First she did clean tent and made the bed. As well as a mughal soldier came in tent.

Mughal soldier(in commanding tone)-> "shahaneshah ne kaha ki ager tumahara kaam khatm ho gaya ho to tumahe baberchi khaane main le jaaya jaye taaki tum saare mughal shipaion ke liye khaana bana sako."

"kya khaana" said jodha with surpraised.

Mughal soldier-> "jee haa".

Jodha-> "vobhi saare sainikon ke liye"

 Mughal soldier-> "jee haa".

Jodha(fuming with rage)-> "tumare badshah ki to..."

But saw the soldier's expression she gulp down the rest of words. Jodha cursing her fat silently and went to the baberchi khaane with soldier. leaved  jodha alone in baberchi khaane soldier went out from there.

Jodha(in sad tone)-> "hai kaanha kis janam ka badalaa le rahe ho hum se jo inn jalladon ke beech main bhej diya hain.vo jallad kam tha jo ab inn ke badshah ko bhi humaare peechhe laga diya hain.ho na ho usi jallad ne kaan bhare honge apne badshah ke nahi to use kya sapna aaya tha jo hum ko saare sainikon ke liye khaana banane ka aisa nirdayi aadesh deta. Jallad kahi ka keede padenge uss ke".

"ager kisi aur ko badduaa dene mein apni jabaan ki jagah apne haath kaam karane mein chalaugi to kaam jaldi hoga".

After Discovered the voice and man jodha shut her eyes with anger.

"jodha don't angry-don't angry" said jodha for controlling her anger.

Jalal(in teasing tone)-> "arre aise kyu khadi ho jaldi-jaldi haath chalau gharvaalon ne kaam karna nahi sikhaya kya".

After hearing his teasing word jodha was fuming with high rage. She turned to jalal with angry eyes.

Jodha(with show her finger to jalal )-> "you...".

But seeing her finger jalal cut her words in middle way.

Jalal(swiftly)-> "ummid karte hain khaana achha aur jaldi banega kyuki iss par hi tumahari aage ki jindagi nirbhar karati hain". He wanted about go but he turned

"ye dubaara mat karna" said jalal with anger but calmly.

And he went out from there.

Jodha(in sad voice)-> "hey kanhaa ab humara kya hoga itane saare manyushon ka khaana hum kaise banayenge". And she beaten her forehead with her hand.

Outside of baberchi khaane After seeing her condition.

Jalal(in mind)-> "aage-aage dekho hota hai kya".

A playful smile appeared on his lips.

Recape-> "Hum aap logon ke liye bhojan nahi 
                    bana sakate" said jodha in calmly
                  " kya kaha tum ne nahi bana sakti"said
                      jalal in anger
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lovely updtae dear hope  first to comment pls one request write a bit big cant; read
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Awesome blossom update darling loved it and plz pm me next time
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Woww!! Super cute update!! Jalal is too cute!! N he doesn't kno she is jo!! Jo is brave yet innocent!! Superb story!! Pls continue soon.. And pm me if possible!! Hug
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thanks for the pm 
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excellent update 

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