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Villains Secret Conference aka Koofiya Adda (Parody)

Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 December 2014 at 2:02am | IP Logged

Pitch darkness except for the moonlight, a huge tree with its shadow falling on the ground and a long table placed under it with 8 chairs positioned at equal distance from each other around the table. There is eeriness around because of the unusual silence.

A limping man could be seen approaching the table.Wink His shadow resembles a man having a standing snake on his head.LOL Shekhs reaches the table. Not a very tall man, he is wearing his lucky bubble pink shirt with a parrot green scarf.EmbarrassedBig smile He considers this shirt as his lucky shirt because even with trembling hands, Viraj had hit the target, the glass on his head, instead of his head. He wanted to wear his favourite "blue" jeans but it was very difficult to get his wounded leginside.LOL He finalized on a white dhoti.LOL Comfortable and doesn't trouble his bandaged leg. He takes his seat at the head of the table, and looks at the time with his blue lensed eyes. *Snake hiss* He is angry.Angry The delegates of the Villain's Secret Conference are late by one minute. He notices a group of people running towards the table.LOL

First in the running line is a girl, short dress with a huge phone on her hand. She is struggling to run, her being an athlete,LOL and is panting heavily as she reaches the table first. 'Please Sir! No punishment,' Priyanka pleads.LOL

Second to reach are two ladies who seemed to be contesting between themselves. One in a heavily designed red saree with a shawl over Winkand another in a heavy and lengthy pink gown, both tripping over their own dresses and on each other's.LOL Shekhs can hear the "Gayathri Buaji?" and "Oh My My" echoing.LOL They take their seats on either side of the table, opposite each other, glaring furiously.Ouch

'Mom! I don't want to come,' tells a boy, dressed in a weirdly designed Tshirt and jeans, reaching next.LOL

'Don't dare go against my instructions,' tells the man coming along, in a drape blue suit.LOL He seems to consider himself as the mastermind behind the conference, whereas he was the last to be called.LOL

Following these two men is a women, struggling to keep up with her son and husband. She is in a designer black saree and a near sleeveless jacket. She realises what a huge mistake she has made to select this costume for the occasion, she can feel the cold. She had forgotten to stuff her shawl inside the huge leather purse which she always like to flaunt.LOL

The husband and wife takes the seat next to Rupan. Shekhs has used his psychological powers as well as the magic goodies from Viraj's locker to make Rupan and Ritiesh's family invisible to each other ROFL. Gaya, with her magnetic force has pulled Ritiesh to sit next to her, between her and her daughter. LOLHe takes the mineral water can from his pocket and starts drinking it.LOL

Shekhs looks at the table filling. There is one more seat to be filled. At the far end of the ground, he can see a man slowly approaching the table. He is probably coming in an auto, or probably carrying the auto. There couldn't be any other reason for him to be this slow.LOL Shekhs decides to start the meeting, Ram Singh will definitely arrive by the end of the meeting.LOL

'Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,' begins Shekhs, sitting at the head of the table. 

'Oh my my Shekhs! What is this place? Couldn't you have booked a real conference hall? There isn't even an AC here. Oh my my...what will happen to my skin,' expresses Gaya, opening her make up kit giving a touch up.LOL

'Gayathri Buaji! LOLLOLDo you want my monkey cap?ROFL It will cover the entire face. Nothing will happen?' tells Rupan intelligently. With just a disgusting expression from Gaya as reply, Rupan wears the monkey cap herself, protecting her complexion and from the cold. She doesn't care if others get nightmare later.LOL

'All I want is money. We couldn't fool the Gangwals anymore because of that cook girl.LOL What's the plan? Else I can come up with one,' tells Ram as a matter of fact. He looks at his mineral water drinking boy and shivering wife for support. Both nod their head automatically.

'I think all our plans will work if the academy comes to our hands and hence we have to work on that first,' tells Shekhs trying to direct the meeting to the topic.

'Shekar Sir! I will do anything for this. Because of this academy, Nisha came into my life and above that I had to run the ground with my heels on,' tells Priyanka frustrated.

'Because of the academy, I had to go the circus,' says Gaya angrily.AngryLOL

'Buaji! You went to a circus? Where? I would ask my husband to also take me,' tells Rupan happilyLOL. I just want Aman to get out of the house, and also revenge on Ritiesh's family.'

'Shekhs, Gaya and Priyanka exchange glances. Only they know the magic covering Rupan and Ritiesh's family. Of course, they are the only people present.

'Excuse me, Mrs. Gangwal!' calls Gaya. We are talking about drowning the academy, how is that connected to your need?'

'I don't know! I am never included in meetings. Cousins always plan among themselves and never tell me. I want to show that even I can get included in meetings,' replies Rupan.LOL

'This meeting is such a waste of time,' tells Ram, irritated. Whom are we looting, Mr. Shekar?'

'Viraj Singh Rathore!'

'Super star shooter, Viraj Singh Rathore!' exclaims Rupan.ShockedLOL

'Yes, who Nisha is going gaga over,' tells Gaya.OuchLOL

'Ramesh's daughter, Nisha?' asks Rupan shocked.ShockedLOL

'Oh my my Ramesh!' blushes Gaya.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

'Look at Ramesh's luck, he gets a king boy, and I got a lootera,' tells Rupan frowning.Ouch

'Will you tell the plan or not Mr. Shekar? If you don't, I'll tell about this conference to Viraj,' blackmails Sunita. I am an expert in blackmailing.'WinkLOL

'Blue File!' tells Shekar. That's all we need.'CryLOL

'Ritiesh! Run to our home and bring the blue file we stole from Mohan's table,' instructs Ram. Ritiesh blinks but looking at his father's deadly stare, he runs off with his bottle.

'Ms. Priyanka! Look how he is running. This is how you should be running. Understand?' tells Shekhs.LOL

'Shekhar Sir! There is going to be no academy, why should I learn about running?'LOL

'You will get your blue file, what next?' asks Ram.

'Mr. Ram! I don't want your blue file. I want Viraj's blue file. The file which can help us sell the academy and get the money,' tells Shekhs. And Ms. Nisha is going to help us in that'.

'Nisha!' exclaims Rupan. Can't we use Aman? She is Viraj's sister right?'Big smile

'Priyanka is Viraj's sister,' tells Gaya.Ouch

'So Aman's name isn't Aman but Priyanka? Aman is your daughter?' asks Rupan shocked.Shocked

'This is Priyanka!' tells Gaya pointing at Priyanka.LOL

'But this isn't Aman!' tells Rupan.LOL

'Shut up!' shouts Shekhs. Throwing Nisha out of the academy should be our first step.'LOL

'Throw? What if she gets hurt?' asks Rupan. Shekhs throws a look at Rupan shutting her up.

'We can use...Oh my my...EmbarrassedRamesh for that. I have already manipulated him. He is against Viraj,' tells Gaya proud of herself.

'Listen to my plan. Priyanka! You will do your Bhai Bhaigiri to keep Viraj in his room. I don't want him to roam around outside, and have the fear he may come to his cabin anytime. It's better if he is in the cabin itself.'LOL

'Yes Sir'Smile

'Gaya! I want you to call Ramesh and manipulate him even more, so that he calls his daughter to have an argument, to keep Nisha occupied, Got it?'

'Oh my my! I will call Ramesh to the office itself,Embarrassed and let the argument happen in front of my eyes.'

'Ram! I want you to get me the buyer. You will get 10% commission for bringing in the highest bidder'Smile

'Consider it done!'Thumbs Up

'What about me? What shall I do?' asks Rupan.

'You?! Hmm...after everything gets over, after the academy gets sold, it is going to be YOU who will tell everything to Viraj.LOL Don't forget even a single detail.LOL You can even say you are the mastermind behind the plan, I wouldn't mindLOL,' tells Shekhs.

Rupan is so happy. Finally she is going to get recognition.LOL

'But Aman?! If Aman turns out to be a good girl, all the credit will go to Nisha and her parents. We have to disgrace her,'OuchLOL

'Simple! You tell your family, that Aman tried to stop you from becoming a part of this meeting, planning to stop you from getting appreciated.LOL Tell them Aman is very bad, she didn't even get you green tea during the meetingLOL,' tells Gaya. Rupan looks at her gratefully. But revenge against Ritiesh's parents?'

Shekhs moves closer to Rupan, so that Ram and Sunita doesn't hear what he says. 'We will make them the buyer, they will use the money which they got from selling your house, and use that to buy the academy. So indirectly the academy will become yours'Wink

Rupan is very impressed.Big smile

'And Viraj and Nisha?' asks Gaya.

'Viraj will be bankrupt and will blame Nisha for losing the file. We all get what we want. We will share the profit at the end and never meet each other again.'Evil Smile

'And Gangwals will be shattered and would have to pay Viraj for the academy. Precisely what we want,' tells Sunita.Evil Smile

'And I needn't run anymore,' tells Priyanka relieved.Evil Smile

'And I needn't depend on Viraj for money, he would be dependent on me,' says Gaya cunningly.Evil Smile

'And I will get included in all secret meetings. Will I get participation certificate for being part of this meeting?' asks Rupan with expectations.LOL

'And I will get the blue file!' tells Shekhs with satisfaction.Evil Smile

'Papa! Here is the blue file,' gives Ritiesh. LOLHe returns from home with the file.

'Idiot! This is light blue file. I asked you to bring dark blue color, the shade of your water bottle top. Couldn't you use a little part of your brain?' Ritiesh stands silently, sadly.Cry

'Shekhar Sir!' comes a voice from behind a tree. Is the meeting over? I will enter only when all the problems are solved,' tells Ram Singh, with his auto standing nearby.LOL

'Yes Ram Singh! Come in'

'Sir! I know I am just a driver. But I also want to contribute to this meeting. I can never forgive Viraj Sir for leaving me stranded on the road, even after knowing what can happen to me.Cry What if I had fallen off the road, or the Arabian prisoners had attacked me? ShockedHe never cared for me. And Nisha madam? I told her Viraj Sir didn't have breakfast, indirectly to let her know that even I didn't have breakfast. CryBut what did she do? She started having breakfast with Viraj Sir, not even thinking of asking me for a single bite. How insensitive she is!'Angry

'I have a job for you Ram Singh! You will be ready with the car. I will sneak inside Viraj's room when Priyanka is Bhai Bhaiying,' informs Shekhs.

'But wouldn't Viraj notice you, Shekhs?' asks Gaya.

'I will be dressed like Miss Nisha!ShockedWinkLOL' winks Shekhs. I will use my psychic powers to transform myself into Nisha and get inside Viraj's cabin and get the file. I have been into deep meditation and painful processes to acquire this powerLOL. Viraj wouldn't have any doubt when I take the file.'

'Are you talking about this file Sir?' asks Ram Singh handing over the same blue file in question.Shocked All are shocked to see Ram Singh owning the file in his hand. The entire meeting was about acquiring this file, and their 8th member of the conference already is in possession.

'How did you get it?' asks Shekhs in disbelief.Shocked

'I asked Viraj Sir and he gave me,' tells Ram Singh mighty impressed with himself.LOL The name transfer papers are ready too. It just needs the sign of the person who wishes to own it,' says Ram Singh handing over the papers. Shekhs takes the paper and looks at the blank space where his signature is needed. Rupan gives him a pen, wanting to show off the pen to the cousins later.

Shekhs starts signing the papers, to be the proud owner of the academy. Everyone claps.Clap

'Ram Singh! How did you get the papers so easily?' asks Gaya curiously.

'Actually! I wanted to prove my worth. So I directly went and demanded the blue file. Viraj Sir said, he too has been waiting for someone to take the blue file. He is also looking to sell the academy, as there is too much loan over it and there are no investors or sponsors. If someone is willing to take the ownership, he would be more than willing to. I told him that Shekhar Sir is ready to take the ownership. Viraj Sir immediately made the papers and sent it through me yesterday morning.'

All are shocked!ShockedShockedShocked


'Yes Sir! You will be the permanent owner of this academy now, as no one will be ready to buy it. Now you will run the academy and pay all the bills, loans and my salary.' Ram Singh is relieved that finally he will get salary.LOL

All are gaping. Shekhs could sense his snake towers on his head flattening.LOL Ram and Sunita are blinking trying to find an escape route.LOL Shekhs tears off the papers. I don't want any academy. Now if you could please dutch in Rs. 500 each for renting the tables and chairs, it would be great.'LOL

'Thank God! You didn't book the conference room,' tells Gaya. Oh my my! Rs. 500?'

The blue Arabian prisoner jumps from the tree, to stop anyone from running without giving the money. Shekhs slumps on his chair relieved. He escaped from having such a huge loan on his head.LOL

Back at the academy, Nisha, Viraj and all the cousins are laughing.

'Thanks to Rupan Taiji! She told everyone about going to the meeting, even though it was meant to be a secret,' tells Sukku.LOL

'And we could come up with this plan,' tells Viraj high-fiving Nisha.Wink

'Yep! Sir! At least now, pay Ram Singh. He has really struggled hard to lie about the loan,' tells Nisha.LOL

'Of course Miss Nisha!'Embarrassed 

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MsfairyCindreLa IF-Rockerz

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Awesome one.. I couldn't stop laughing ROFL
do write more

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caller123 IF-Sizzlerz

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This is super..ROFL

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davearcha IF-Sizzlerz

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god just can't stop laughing yaar do ri8 more pls

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Superb...loved it...couldn't stop laughing ROFL

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Originally posted by MsfairyCindreLa

Awesome one.. I couldn't stop laughing ROFL
do write more

Thank You..Smile
In case if you have missed..

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