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                                  PART 20 

This was a sudden news... unexpected happiness for rajat... He didn't mind her not calling him... he knew by now she will not but he knew he will make her happy by all means once she is back... She was just upset and he was sure she loved him so much... She will never be able to say him no if they are together...


rajats happiness knew no bounds... now he will fix everything... once mugdha is with him, things will be easier... Ohhh so much easier... He will pour his heart out to her, accept all his mistakes, will keep her happy in any ways and then they will be together and he will make her forget all the previous pain he had given her...



He went to talk to riya and Dadima


"I will go and receive mugdha but please don't pass this to her... it will be a surprise for her"


Dadima and riya had for the first time heard rajat expressive about what he was doing for mugdha so they felt very happy ... It's not that they had any doubt about the couples realtion but hearing none talk about each other anytime there was some unknown worry within them... they felt relieved.


He sat in his room as to what he can do to make mugdha feel this is where she belong... After thinking a lot he called riya


"Ji Bhai" riya said


"riya you are mugdha's friend, so you know her very well.. why don't you do something for her"


riya felt a little different... never heard her brother talk these things... he only talked of bussiness, or her career or keeping check on what's going on in her life... Never expressed anything about his personal feeling and especially about mugdha... But she felt happy... she always wanted to have friend in her brother but she always got a guardian... But she never complained as she was sure he loved and cared for her utmost.



"you know her taste and she has 10 more days to come... Why don't you change the decor of this room, like something that suits her choice and style..."


Off course he knew only little about her choices... He will now know everything, he promised himself...


rajat had to take his time off when mugdha comes ... so he had to finish office work in these days...


rajat went busy with his office work, though the excitement of meeting mugdha in just few days was always with him...


8 days has passed and rajar and mugdha's room were completely redone... It looked completely lively now with white and lavender curtains all around... flowers being changed in room everyday... Paintings in the room changed to make it look more like a home than some dry place...


riya needed Their marriage picture but their marriage was in temple and riya was not present their and as rajat never cared about their marriage picture before he have to make some excuse... but he wanted it now... he remembered rahul took the pictures so he got it from rahul... 



They got their nice couple picture enlarged and framed it and it was placed in the center of the room...


Other marriage pictures were together placed on different frame in design... In all room looked entirely different...


Next day passed slowly for rajat and fast for mugdha as she wanted to drag the time to meet him... What were his new intentions... she wondered...


Then the day arrived... the flight will arrive tonight at 11 pm... rajat was racing in his room from 6 in the evening... his heart beating so fast... never had he thought that meeting mugdha, his own wife wouch make him so nervous, but he tried to keep his calm.


In his eagerness he reached his the airport at 10:00 pm, in black shirt... sleeves folded to 3 quarter and jeans at bottom ... He just waited in VIP waiting area only unaware that he was a great eye food for the young Delhi girls...


mugdha knew that Dadima and riya will come to receive her as that's what she was told...


After all check ups and custom and making rajat wait for 2 hrs she was out at 12:00 am... Maan anyways didn't mind that wait... he had waited too long patiently... The momnet he saw her from far a relief ran thru him... but oblivious of his watch mugdha hugged Meera and then Yash... Yash!!!! rajat closed his fist tightly to control himself at the view... no he will not mention this to mugdha... Yash and Meera left from there...


mugdha didn't realise why heart heart started beating as she approached the receiving area and then she felt someone tapped her shoulder from behind...mugdha who was already nervous after Yash and Meera left jumped when some one tapped her... She turned around to only find rajat something she had been fearing all along... Meeting him...


rajat smiled at her... mugdha was completely shocked... She has seldom seen him smile and his smile to her was beyond her imagination... She did not know how to respond... She somehow uttered


"aa--- aapp" rajat had waited too long for this time... He just hugged her... confusing mugdha more... she was actually scared now... something really serious going inside his mind...


"Why... I just came to receive my wife..." Some strange sensation... an akward sensation ran thru her veins... He was openly refering her as his wife... everything was so weird... She was so confused that she forgot to give him a smile back even just as formality...


 She somehow separated herself from him... she immediately decided she has to not give into his trap this time as this looked like amore dangerous trap... if she goes in this flow of his he will be able to break her completely badly...


She sterned her voice "I thought anni and Dadima would come..." rajat took her luggage cart from her hand...


"I wanted to give you a surprise... " "I will carry... it's OK..." "No its not OK... I will carry... well how did you like this surprise"


mugdha's head was now spinning with this new rajat and she felt even more suffocated...


She decided to keep quiet for her piece of mind... Ufff... just landed to Delhi and the suffocation started surrounding me ...


"well... tumne jawab nahi diya" she was feeling irritated now... "how can he fake so much"


"Unexpected" she answered stiffly... "I will carry my luggage... Please give it to me"


But rajat did not give it to her... she was quiet and he knew he have to take all the initiative... He now knew at how much fault he was ... it was now his responsibility to re build their relation...


Both were quiet in the car... rajat knew mugdha was hurt by his behaviour but he had never expected such cold behavior from mugdha... It was beyond his imagination that mugdha can behave so cold to him.. she had always bowed down to his wishes... not bowing down in front of him but he had expected a soft mugdha as always... But she surprised him completely... But he have to keep his calm... what has changed mugdha so much... she was never like this... what has London done to his ever submissive mugdha... He was completely unaware of mugdha's resolution to keep herself away and safe from his new emotional trap ... he only knew he has hurt her but to what extent only mugdha knew


rajat was not going to give up and let this silence dominate between them again... He also had deep urge to feel her... he crassed her hair on her face only to make mugdha jump...


"How was you journey mugdha... kuch to bataoo... Aur London trip, how was it"


Geet had decided, she maintained her cool "London trip was great... Busy but great"


He wanted to know more of her view "Aur meri yaad to aiyee hee hogee wahan... busy thee I undertand and that's why we had so little of talk"


"aapp mujhe kabse samajhne lage rajat... I know you want to head up this talk to something but aabb aur nahi..." she thought


"Nahi who actually I was so busy aur phir mere friends, kisis ko bhi yaad kerne ka fursat hee kahan mila... Too hectic you know"


rajat was completely taken aback... "what has happened to mugdha..." The mugdha he knew and whom he was expecting... this was completely different...  


He tried to speak something but now his voice was not coming out... he was completely shocked...


After a while he managed "I missed you" he paused "every moment " he somehow managed again. mugdha did not reply.

next part...Smile


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                          PART 21 

After a while he managed "I missed you" he paused "every moment " he somehow managed again. MUGDHA did not reply. 



 They arrive home at 1:00 am in night. mugdha wanted to come out of the situation they were in and was trying to find some escape'. It was getting harder for her to ignore him when he was just bended,though she knew he was faking it all but it was mugdha's heart which was making her weak'. So she wanted to escape'.. Maybe he knew this ways of him will make her weak but no she has to keep herself safe from any further heart break from him'..


Dadima and riya were awake just waiting for mugdha and rajat'.. mugdha just ran to them and hugged them'.she felt much relieved ' she wanted to spend whole night with them while rajat was just waiting for her to be free'.


Dadima:"how was your trip beta'.."

mugdha:"It was great Dadima' riya how are you'."


riya:"I am great' we were all missing you here so much'"

"I missed you all too"


Then Dadima saw rajat was waiting for mugdha.. she understood after such long gap couple needed their time together


Dadima:"mugdha' go get some rest'.. we will talk tomorrow'. Khana lagwa do"


"No Dadima I had my food aur abhi khane ka bilkul maan nahi hai'."

 Servents were asked to place mugdha's luggage and mugdha had to leave for her room as Dadima and riya left for their respective room, rajat followed her'


rajat was not understanding mugdha's behaviour, yes she must be upset with his behaviour but her cold behaviour towards him was what he was shocked'..


He went inside the room and closed the door' mugdha has a sensation that something will happen now and rajat only knew one way to come close to mugdha' he also had deep deep urge to feel her, his heart was not listening to him at all. rajat knew how mugdha was so sensitive to his touch' even if he had held her hand in anger she used to get lost'. He very well knew she will never deny his touch '.


mugdha was turned facing her baack to him' rajat's steps slowly started approaching her' he did not knew if he was doing right or wrong but his legs just proceeded'.


He went near her'. Held both her hand from his from back'. mugdha closed her eyes'.This was one thing' rajat's touch, she could not resist'.all her dreams had been related to rajat and this was one of her biggest dream' his love filled soft touch on her'.  How many ways she had imagined it only knowing it will never come true'.


Her heart was beating fast' rajat got close from behind, bent little and brought one of his rough cheeks to touch one of her soft one'. mugdha heart was beating even faster' but her mind asked her to stop him'. This can lead to her distruction' if she gives in he will have all power to break her heart badly' so she should stop but her heart and physical urge did not let her do anything'.

Whike rubbing his cheek to hers, rajat who was himself breathing fast with her closeness, brought her both hands to her abdomen '. Her mind shouting at her to stop herself but she was unable'.. he left her hands and pressed her closer to him by pulling her by her waist'.. her mind continuously shouting at her to stop him, while her heart just wanted to macth his fast breath'..


"Stop it" her mind said "I can't" her heart said


rajat started rubbing his hands on her belly, himself not knowing what he was doing' 3 months of departure had not left him anything to think'.


Both their breath faning hard' his hand moved up and went to reach her curves above her dress' when her mind Shouted "STOP IT" and she blurted out to her heart

"STOP IT"'. rajat immediately left her' she turned to him her hands on her mouth. Both were shocked'. Neighter of them could believe that mugdha could ever shout at rajat and stop him' actually she was stopping herself from flowing but it all turned out that she shouted at him'..


"Please'.. I am tired" she somehow managed to do the damage control and ran to washroom' rajat kept standing there completely shocked'. First her cold behaviour and this completely unexpected' he could not imagine mugdha could ever talk loud to him and secondly he could not believe she could deny his physical touch' she was always so sensitive to his touch'' this was all impossible, he was completely shocked, his mind not working'.he left for study


mugdha locked herself in the washroom, her mouth still on her mouth' yes she knew she had to be cold to him but shout at him'. It pained her a lot, how could she do it'.. she shouted at him' tears were flowing down her cheeks both for shouting at him and also for stopping him but her mind knew it was correct but at this moment her heart was very dominant'.. rajat's touch was one of her biggest weakness'.


After a long while she washed her face and came out and not finding him felt relieved' she was in no position to see him now'.


"No this was his other way to make me weak'.. " "Making me feel guilty is other way'. But why did I shout at him' how could I"


"No I have to stop him, if it goes this way I will loose soon' I have to stop him"


"How" "I have to talk to him" "No never talk to him'. Maybe that's what he wants' I will not give him any chance' I need to be carefull"


All confused she change to fresh dress and went to sleep with some determination, some confusion some guilt and at last feeling his touch.


rajat came to their room after an hour' still in shock' he could literally not digest mugdha's action now'. He realized he must have not done what he did and he also thought what mugdha did was may be what she felt right but still he could not digest that mugdha actually stopped him and also shouted'.  This was beyond imagination as he actually knew how vulnerable she was to his touch'..


He remembered how she had started opening his shirts button on tina's marriage all lost'. How lost she was when he had placed her hand on his pants'.. not only then, he knew she was too vulnerable to his touch many more times,so this was unbelievable'..


He laid in the bed'.. lost in thought he realized that mugdha was much much more disturbed and upset with him than he had expected'. He had thought he will make things work better but how could he' she was so un approachable now'.


"All these changes in her are due to me'. Itna tor diya maine usse, kitnee chot pahuchayee hain maine tumhe mugdha'. Kaise sambhaloonga main yeh sab aur tumhe'."


He doses on other side of big bed'.


Next morning, rajat woke up early and also left for office early.

 mugdha woke up a little too late'. She just sat on the bed and her mind was all lost'.


She was all confused between if she should talk to him directly as what his actual intentions were behind his new mask or should she just avoid him completely'.


"No talking will be dangerous' he will get idea of my weakness'.no I will not give him any chance now' I will just not talk to him or listen to any of his lie talks'."


And she decided to just avoid him as that she thought was safest'.. she was still feeling gilty for shouting at him'.


"he has changed me' sab unkee wajah se.. maine kab socha that unse aisee uchee awaz me baat karoonge kabhi' I don't know what does he actually want, being away from him is safest, nahi to phir aisa kuch kerdoongee jo mujhe nahi kerna chahiye"


rajat in his office tries to be busy but all disturbed'. He yesterday somewhat realized how deep pain he has given mugdha to change her to this extent' how he could fix it'. From where should he start' his mind was not working


"I have to talk to her'. I am ready to take all punishments mugdha' tum bas saaza suna do main hass ker le lunga per kuch bolo to sahi'. Kahan se suru karoon kuch samjh nahi aata"

next part...Smile


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                              PART 22 

"I have to talk to her'. I am ready to take all punishments MUGDHA' tum bas saaza suna do main hass ker le lunga per kuch bolo to sahi'. Kahan se suru karoon kuch samjh nahi aata"


rajat is not finding anyways and decides to talk to mugdha first'. The more he thinks of all how she behaved with yesterday after coming frm London the more he realizes how much broken she is and pain as he know her from childhood' this was not at all mugdha'.

He feels himself guilty again'..


"nahi main mugdha ko aise nahi dekh sakta' woo aisee nahi hai, meri mugdha itnee rukhee ho hee nahi sakte'. Sab meri galtee hai"


mugdha on the other side has decided to completely avoid rajat as she realizes how his coming closer can weaken her'no she can't take any chance


rajat come from office at almost dinner time not knowing how to face her' after dinner in their room'


mugdha keeps herself busy in the laptop'.. she does not even look at rajat who is just waiting for her one glance'.


At last giving up, he coughs "unn hoonn" she doesn't respond.

She starts dialing a number' "mugdha main tumse kuch'.." only this much and

mugdha places her phone in her ear "Hello Armaan'. How are you" and she leaves to balcony to talk on phone.


rajat could not even complet, his words remain within himself' he gulped the pain as he very well knew it was all his deed that has lead to this


"she does not even want to talk o me'. If she doesn't listen how will I start'.. main tumharee takleef dur kerna chahta hoon mugdha' mujhe mauka to do"


rajat was still waiting for her' she was taking along time'. He felt pain'. Kisi aur se itnee bateen aur meri chotee see baat bas


mugdha came after 45mints'. rajat again wanted to start' her avoidance and his guilt, it was getting tough for him to gather courage'. He will not force his will to talk on her'. He will not force any of his will on her he had decided' everything will be according to her will, onl that she has to give him chance.


He again started'. "mugdha'." she picked her phone again


"ek baar bas meri baat"


"Haan bhai kaise hain app'. Sorry I could not call you early" and she again left for balcony.


She actually did not fear his anger on her action, she wanted him to get angry and come out in his real self' she wanted his mask out, the mask was more dangerous, it was so misleading to her.


This time she took even longer, talking to each and every family member in detail'.

The more she avoided him the more he was realizing her pain as after all he has realized his fault he can relate to her behaviour'.. his determination to make her happy and do anything for her became strong'.


"Mujhe apne liye kuch nahi chahiye mugdha. I don't deserve anything but I have broken you to this extent'. I will bring happiness in your life'.. main kuch deserve nahi kerta'. Meri koi bhi sazza kam hai'.."


mugdha came back after 2hrs' she had expected him to be sleeping by now but he was waiting for her'.


"Kitne ziddi hain'. Inkee to her baat ke hee haad hai"


She kept her mobile near her and rajat just took it in his hand' not wanting her to dail any more'..


Geet looked at him confused'..


"This is quiet an old model' why don't you get something new"

"I don't believe in show off" and she gave the look the room whose decore had been remodeled'.. all this change was for her just a show off from him'. What he wanted to show she did not know


rajat kept quiet' took all blame she placed'.. she was irritated that he still did not show his real color'.. whatever she said he just took it, just for his purpose she thought' what was his purpose she had no clue'.


Before he could say any further, she took the cover and covered herself completely to sleep'.. She didn't sleep for long though


rajat got irritated by his own self' he could not even talk'. He just falt like smashing something to calm down but he stopped himself' "She will not like it"


rajat woke up early as ususal and his eyes fell on mugdha'. So calm and innocent she looked' she was his real mugdha'. Always calm'. Her hair startnds were dancing on her cheeks' rajat involantry brought his hand to remove them from her face but then the moment he was about to touch her, he backed and closed his fist tight to control himself'. It pained again' everything was so painfull but the thing that pained him most was change in mugdha'.. he felt deeply responsible for all this but he was restless, she was not giving him any chance'..


mugdha's confidence was increasing by rajat's not showing his anger, actually she wanted to do anything so that he can show his anger, she wanted to unmask him'.. and due to guilt, pain and her avoidance rajat was loosing his confidence infront of her'.


He came back from Gym and about to go for bath when he saw mugdha was packing her luggage'.. the fear badly struck him.. he could not stop himself


"why are you packing your stuff"


"rahul bhai is coming in tonight'. I am going to my parents with him'"


"Delhi me hee to hai' itnee packing kyun"


"10 days I will need my cloth" rajat could not take this'. Whatever she does he will take but stay away from her "No" just came out from his mouth


"So it's my husband's order, I will tell bhai I caanot come"


rajat controlled "No no'.not an order mugdha, just a request'. See you just have come after such a long trip aur" she was listening and he did not know what to say'. She was first time going to her parent's house but he cannot affort to let her go now'.


"Ok, you can talk to bhai, I gave my words now whatever you want '" rajat was about to call when he realized he is again being selfish'.. again thinking about himself'. She wanted to stay away from him


"Jaoo" and he left for bathroom'. He quietly got ready and she was packing'.


rajat was in office whole day thinking about mugdha, about how she was going far from him' If he leave her like that, she will never come back to her self'. He have to win her trust'.not for himself, just for her'. Once she start trusting him she broken heart can heal otherwise it will never heal'.


rajat was thinking from where to start'. Yes roses and fancy things never came to his mind'. He was far from them'. Then something stricked him


"Ok, she will leave at night but before that she will be here'."


In the afternoon, after her packing mugdha was just sitting in the garden and the way rajat said "jaoo" was haunting her'.


It looked so real but she knew it was fake but still it haunted her'. She had to make herself really hard to convince her own self that she was doing correct to go to her parent's place'.


"his pain was not real" she convinced herself.


The mugdha came inside and a servent informed her


"Madam, there is a packet for you" "Packet??? "

next part...Smile

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PART 23 

The MUGDHA came inside and a servent informed her


"Madam, there is a packet for you" "Packet???"


rajat entered the house' mugdha will leave today for 10 days and it was hurting him, now it was getting unimaginable for him to stay without her.. she was trying to get far away and he was trying to get her closer, but at present he could not also deny any of her descision' he had to somehow bring her belief back'


He was about to enter the room when he saw mugdha approaching the packet he hand sent for her'. He just waited to see her reaction'.


mugdha approached the packet "What's this??" she wondered.


She unwraped it'. There was a letter and another small box wrapped up' She opened the letter and started...




I know you that I am your culprit'.."


The moment she started she knew the letter was from rajat'. She just closed her eyes'


"No, I will not read this letter'. I can't, everything is a like I know' why rajat why, why do you want to break me more" She crushed the letter in pain'


rajat saw this, his heart was bleeding seeing mugdha's condition, she was not even in position to read his letter. Now with what right would he stop her or does he even have any right on her after what he has done to her he wondered'.. but he needed to heal her broken heart' he wanted her to be happy.


mugdha turned and saw him and the moment she saw him she tore the letter into several pieces and threw it in the trash' she didn't even look at the box and left the room'.


rajat just stood there saying nothing'. His heart was bleeding with the pain he felt, with the pain he have given to mugdha'.


At night rahul came'. An elegant dinner was arranged for him'. He thanked rajat for letting mugdha come


"rajat you should also join us for few days there' it will be fun, we all miss you there'"


But before rajat could say anything "bhai'. He is so busy, kyun inhe force ker rahen hain" rajat just smiled, he just let her say what she wanted, he did not want to interfere with her decisions.


So after dinner mugdha left with rahul with Gifts for all. Dadima had arranged for all the gifts for her family.


rajat just kept looking at her, mugdha just looked at him and could not bear to see the pain in those eyes, if though she knew it was fake the pain there pinched her. She turned back.


rajat immediately left for his room'.. sitting there realising what mess he had done and his anger on himself increased'.


On her way home'. rahul was continuously talking and mugdha also responded as she did not want her family to have any hint of her problems but her mind was totally full of rajat and his new behavior. It was much better in London but facing this every day and avoiding him openly when he was trying to be so approaching was getting tough for mugdha'


She felt like crying for all she was doing to deny his advances.. how she tore his letter in front of him and he did not utter a word. What was with him, how could he change..' "No he was not change' how could he, I know what rajat is, this is not rajat' all he wants is to bring be back to his life so that he can play with my emotions as he wishes'. That's what he have been doing'. he himself said' he did not love me and that day"


She remembered the day he said he does not see any spark in her and how everything was shattered for her' all her hopes died that day' "and now he want to make those hopes alive to kill them back"


She did not even realized in her thought when she reached her home'..


She entered the house' ohhh it felt so peaceful, she decided she will enjoy her time here'.


Everyone welcomed her' priya had so many things to talk


"mugdha di, you are so busy with your office and family'. This is first time you are coming home'. tina di came from Canada but you cannot from Delhi'. She wanted to meet you but you were in London"


"sorrry baba, it won't happen again..."


Obviously everyone asked about rajat and she had to manage those questions


shakshi:"aabb shikayat ke potli band kero sabhi, usse yahan aram se rehne do'"


veer:"Beta mujhe yakeen tha rajat tujhe bohut pyar se rakhega, tabhi to tera dil nahi kerta yahan aane ka' per main khush hoon tere liye"


mugdha just smiled as she had nothing to say on those things'..


mugdha was trying to divert the talks to other direction' after lots of talks they went to their rooms at around 12 midnight'


Suddenly mugdha started feeling restless' she felt suffocated as if something wrong was happening'. She opened the windows to get fresh air but that did not help either'


Her Mind was going to rajat's pained eyes, she tried to divert herself but nothing helped' only she started getting more restless by time.. she paced in her room for about an hour but heart did not stop worrying'. She felt something was wrong and it just urged her to go to rajat , she tried to avoid it'.but


It was 2 am in night and she could take no more, she went to her Mom


shakshi:"beta soyee nahi abhi tak'"


"Maa mujhe apne ghar jana hai'. abhi"


shakshi:"kaisee baat ker rahee hai"


"Mujhe abhi jana hai bass" "Pagli, ek din nahi reh sakte apne Pati ke begair'. London me kaisee kate in tune"


But mugdha was not listening' she called the driver and just left'. Everyone in family was shocked with her behavior but mugdha was scared.. something was wrong'.


It was 3 am when she reached KM, she rushed to her room only to see rajat was sitting quiet with his right arm bleeding badly' so many glasses were crushed by his hand' full of blood they lay on the floor' Blood was continuously bleeding from his hand and soaking the sheet and bed'. He was lost in deep thought and turned to take other glass in his hand when mugdha reached him'..


She was shocked to see his condition, she snapped the glass from his hand and it was then that rajat realized mugdha was there'. He tried to back his hand but mugdha just pulled it towards herself'. She looked at his hand, whole hand was cut with glasses, blood were flowing like anything' tears were threatening to come from her eyes anytime but she controlled it somehow'. She will in no case let him see her weakness for him'


She called for warm water and brought the first aid box'. Seeing him in this codition her heart was crying badly' rajat knew he did not deserv her attention so he again tried to pull his hand  but mugdha pulled it and gave him a real angry look' she was really angry with him now'.


She quietly cleaned his hand'each cut was so visible, it was getting hard for her to control her tears but she did'. She applied the medicine and Bandage, while rajat just stayed quiet watching her do all the stuff' a kind of happiness and pain both rushing inside him'


Happiness that she cared so much for him and she was so close to him but the pain that he does not deserve her care at all' but he said nothing


He just wondered as why did she come back at this hour' he was confused he was lost in his thought


mugdha was in deep deep pain to see him like this but also very angry at him for doing all this' both were lost in their thought'


mugdha started cleaning the whole mess he had created with blood all over'.


"woo koi kerdega naa' tum khud kyun" but mugdha gave him a real angry glare and he stayed quiet and stood at the side'. He had no power to say anything to her'.

next part...Smile


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                           PART 24 

"woo koi kerdega naa' tum khud kyun" but MUGDHA gave him a real angry glare and he stayed quiet and stood at the side'. He had no power to say anything to her'.


He just kept looking at whatever she was doing'. Mixed feeling within him'. After mugdha cleaned and changed the sheet she gave him the pain killer'.


"Main theek hoon" he wanted to feel as much pain but mugdha just kept standing there with medicine and water in her hand' he took it'.


mugdha woke up at 7:00 am while rajat was still sleeping due to the medicine effect'. Her eyes went to his hand which was bandaged' tears welled up on mugdha's eyes seeing his condition' she let it fall down' she could not let it out in front of him, but now he was sleeping' he could not see her weakness'. She felt like caressing his hand, to hug him, kiss him' anything to relieve his pain but she was not sure even if she mattered to him'. Even if her hug or kisses were of any meaning to him'. She stopped just kept looking at him with pained teary eyes'.


She then got a call from her Mom


"kya baat hau mugdha' tu aise kyun chalee gayee'sab theek to hai na'koi phone aya tha"


"woo kuch khas chut gaya tha' I will come after two days"

"per aise raat me' dara diya that hume tune"


"uff Maa I said na I will come after two days"


Then Dadima and riya came running


Dadima:"mugdha aap aise kyun raat me achchanak aa gayee'" Then her eyes fell on Man's wounded hand' fully bandaged'.


"When did this happen' she felt all worried"

"woo kal raat galti se inka haath who glass se crush ho gaya'. Mujhe pata chala to main bass aa gayee'. Everything is Ok now' Main dekh rahee hoon"


Dadima and riya both sat down to see rajat's hand'


"main doctor ko bulatee hoon.. apne hume bataya kyun nahi" "ji dadima'." She had no answer to Dadima's question'. He had placed her in this odd situation and was sleeeping peacfully himself'. "yes, that's what he always intend to do" she thought.


mugdha woke rajat up when doctor came and stood at the side'. The nurse tried to unbandage him to check the wounds but rajat would not let her touch it'.  mugdha knew how stubborn he was, this she knew very well and she also knew he would not say anything to her at this moment, whatever may be his own reason'..


She asked them if she can do it' Nurse gave her the space, she took rajat's hand and he gave it to her'. She unbandaged it' the wound still looked so fresh, she again felt the pain rushing thru her' she felt like touching his each cut from her lips and swallow them within but she kept stern while rajat was just looking at her face' trying to read her pain'.


Doctor checked the wound and gave the medicine for it to dry'.

"I don't need medicines' I will be fine in a day or two' it's not a big deal" he somehow wanted to convince mugdha that he was not in that big pain but she gave him no expression' She took the priscription from doctor.


He did not let the nurse to even place fresh bandage on him and at last mugdha had to do it' his healing was much important to her' but she showed no sign to him


After doctor went mugdha called her office and took leave for few days and she was about to go to take medicine when


"I did not meant to trouble you' maine yeh jaan bhuj ker nahi kiya" he spoke mildly


mugdha got really angry at this "ohh really??" she did not want to speak with him but in anger and pain could not stop herself


"How am I supposed to know you will come at that hour' trust me, I did not want to give you pain"


That was it' she heard it a lot


"Trust You???'. I have complete faith that pain is all you plan to give me' that's what you have'." she stopped as she did not want him to read her mind


"How do I convince you" "if you want to do something for me' do not convince me"

 And she left.


rajat was just remembering how she has placed bandage on him' gave him medicine'He touched his bandage and smilled' "You love me so much'kitna chupaoogee... I was blind before but not now mugdha.. I know where your happiness lies' I will bring back your happiness whatever it takes from me to do"


He made some descision as the way they were going it was not leading to anywhere' he has to do things his ways or in other words change his own ways' he knew mugdha would be angry sometimes but all he wanted to focus was bring happiness in her and heal her broken heart'..


When mugdha came back rajat was looking for something in his cupboard'. Now with his cut hands she cannot leave him alone atleast for two days'. Well that was mugdha, for her above all her pain and all her planning was his pain, though she was sure not to let him be aware of this'.


He turned back with something in his hand'. He smiled at her, she just ignored it and went ahead to fix the room' How much she had longed for his smile and now when it came it all looked so fake to her or she didn't want to even realize it was true.


"You forgot to take something with you yesterday'." He smiled, she looked at him questioningly.


He sat on bed and signaled her to sit'.


"I am fine' I have other works to attend" "Oo-ookk"


"I am staying for two days because of your cut or people will ask hundred questions'. Nothing more' only if you don't disturb I will be greatfull"




"ohhh how come he act so well'. Dil me itna gussa bhara hai ke glass se yeh haal bana liya and now how he can act so calm'." mugdha wondered


He came infront of her "Achcha I will not disturb you' pakka... just take this, you forgot it yesterday" and he brought the gift box infront of her.


mugdha didn't say anything'her heart started beating fast by his act, by his clossness'. She have to move away before her heart start betraying her  and she started to get out of room when he ran and closed the door in which he got hit on his injured hand from the knob.


"aaww" mugdha ran to check his hand but he snapped back'"pehle yeh lo phir check kerna' please" mugdha was really getting irritated with his false antics but more irritated by her own self'. Why somewhere within her heart wanted to believe he was true, why it was so alluring' how will she stop herslf, but she has to'. She can't bear one more heartbreak from him'. Which this time my come as storm after calmness


"I will send Dadima to take care of you'. I am least bothered of your pain" and she left


"and the pain you are in  bothers me most, mugdha" he thought


mugdha sent Dadima to rajat, excusing herself to work in kitchen'.


"why does he compel me to get rude to him, leave me with no option' roz kuch naya kerte rehte hain' what does he want from me"


Dadima went to check on rajat


"rajat app theek to hain na'" "Haan dadima' I am fine. I will ask you if I need anything.. woo.. where is mugdha Dadima"


"she is in the kitchen.. aapp bhi na rajat kya kerte hain' she went to her parent's after such a long time and you called her at night' was that good"


He had no answer and he knew mugdha must have made some excuse on basis of which he was getting lecture from Dadima

"abb main kya kerta'. " he showed his hand.Dadima nodded not being satisfied but left.


rajat  went to the kitchen and stood back of mugdha and placed the gift in front of her.. mugdha closed her eyes in disbielf'. She has now to take strong step to discourage him or to bring a real him'. unmasked'.or she will not be able to handle his closeness'. How much she hated this she has to do it'


"le lo na, gift he to hai' bass iske baad pareshan nahi karega

She took it from his hand and directly threw it in the trash' this was big step she had taken' she knew the reaction can be very dreadfull but she wanted to see it' this misleading behaviour was killing her'.


rajat just quietly went to the trash and took out the box'..


"It will wait for your acceptance" he smiled and left'


mugdha just stood there in disbelief' this was a complete unexpected act from person like rajat' she actually got scared, he surely was upto something' she knew rajat too well and from too long to believe in what he did' this was entirely opposite him.

next part...Smile


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Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2015 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Hi.. Sorry I didn't comment last tym I was reading.. But u shudnt worry there are so many silent readers too...any so m commenting now...I love ur story concept its awesome and u know i really admire ur courage which is needed while sharing it creativity with others...u are doing well just continue ...other will come around soon.

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--Ruchi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2015 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
I like ur FF..concept is really nice and story is smooth.
Keep writing.Thumbs Up

P.S.The PMs which u r sending don have a link(At least I was not able to navigate here),probably coz of that others are not able to find ur FF.So next time,copy the proper link and send in PMSmile

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soniaparte90794 Groupbie

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Posted: 29 March 2015 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Ruchi--

I like ur FF..concept is really nice and story is smooth.
Keep writing.Thumbs Up

P.S.The PMs which u r sending don have a link(At least I was not able to navigate here),probably coz of that others are not able to find ur FF.So next time,copy the proper link and send in PMSmile

thank u so much...
and next time i will send proper link...Smile

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