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                                  PART 16 

RAJAT is waking up whole night just watching mugdha's side of bed and remembering there moments in past'.. every time he just see's how she has always submitted herself to all his wishes and how he has just denied her' denied eventhe smallest thing she had expected'..


He tries to argue his deeds but he is out of reasons'. He doses of almost in the morning'.


He wakes up at 10am by the call from Adi in office who was reminding him of his meeting as he did not show up'..


rajat decided to get ready and go for work' he needed the diversion'. He himself did not believe his condition' just because mugdha has left for London'. He needs to find out that too'


mugdha on the other side has joined her office and makes herself busy in work and in the evening she makes sure she is not alone and the three of them just have fun. She knows if she is alone, rajat is going to dominate her heart and mind and she will not let him do so.


Man has many resources and using his resource he tries to find out mugdha's where about in London' but the office is not ready to release any of it's employee's informations to stranger and if he claims their relation' how can he accept that rajat khanna don't know where about of his own wife' he is not sure even if in her office anyone knows about their relation'.


No body knows his wife in his office' he never bothered about bringing her to any public gathering with him'.

He again gets completely frustrated by his own deeds'. What have I done, she is my wife and I never bothered to give her any place, no one knows who is rajat khanna's wife


rajat makes himself busy in work'. He had failed to find about mugdha'. He will'. he is sure but it was not easy as their relation was not public.


He comes late at night and again seeing the room empty, no mugdha'. All she has left for him was her one dress that she had changed' that's the only source for him to feel her' Pain runs thru him badly'


"mugdha' why did you do this to me' mujhe kuch bhi nahi bataya tumne' aisee saza kyun di" his heart was almost crying'''


He again gets lost in their past and every time he thinks about them he realizes more and more as how he had always been so rough and insensitive to her and their relation and how many times she had always tried to calm him down with no error on her side'..


How he had pushed her away just to hide his weakness' how she had always calm him down by her presence when he had been restless to see her and what he has given her in return' just pain' he was all alone in night and just lost in reading their past'.


Which only gave him pain' pain of why did he actually did what ever he did'. He finds no reason even if he tries to'..


Next day rajat cancels all his meetings just to devote all his time to find about mugdha' he put required resources on work and if rajat khanna has placed all his timing for one work he is bound to get success and he is able to find out where is mugdha in London and he is able to get her Landline home number and her office number'..


The moment he gets her number, his happiness and thought are flying with no bound'..


He is back home early'.


Dadima:"rajat aap kahan rehte hain aaj kal' koi kahabr nahi' na hee hamara haal puchtee hain"


rajat:"Dadima.. I was busy in something badly'. App kaisee hain"


Dadima:"aaiye baithiye' baten kijiye hamare saath" and she takes him with her'.. and then riya comes and she involves him too'..


It is almost 10 pm when he is able to enter his room'


"No she must be busy at this hour'. I will call her after some hours'. She comes home late'" He has unaware that he has suddenly started caring of not troubling her' or putting any trouble to her'.


Two days he has just devoted his time  realizing how much trouble and pain he has  given her and she has took it all' he somewhere within promises to not put any trouble to her'.


He is again sitting there all alone'. He goes to the dresses where she sites and remembers how she gets ready'. Thinking about her he wants her near him and then starts his pain'. mugdha is no where near him'. His heart gets tore apart'.


His thought them wanders to their marriage'.. he realizes, he married her just because he was not able to take that she will be someone else's'.. She never came to him, though he knew she just loved him she never forced herself on him' he did' he forced himself on her and then what did he do'.


"I just blamed her for everything'.. I was everywhere on fault and I was punishing her' and for what' why was I revenging her'. What had she done' what was her fault' only that she accepted my proposal and married me just as I had wished"


The more he thought' more pain and guilt gathered him' he became more and more restless of the thought that he had put her in so much pain for no reason'. "how could I do this to anyone' that too to mugdha, who had always bowed down in front of all my wishes"


He decides to give no more pain too mugdha'.. "mugdha just be back and you will get your rajat back' rajat that you have been waiting all along"


"I have lived just for myself and you have lived just for my wishes' Not any more mugdha' just come back'. I will live for you and your wishes' I promise mugdha, just come back soon.. even a moment without you is killing me"



It's 2 am here and around 10 pm in London'. Next day is a national holiday in London so the three of them plans to enjoy together' mugdha wants to be with them till she gets tired and fall asleep without having anytime to think'.


She is in the kitchen with Meera preparing favorite dishes of her friends'. Yash is as usual making jokes and flirting casually with girls' he has taken upon his responsibility to take care of girls'..


His jokes always divert mugdha and she really enjoys it' they keep fighting too'.


While mugdha is in Kitchen and Yash in living room the phone rings


Yash before picking phone:"mugdha I guess your hubby is there"


mugdha is pretty sure rajat can never be there' she knows rajat can find about her if he wants' she knows this is a small task for him but why will he' why will he even try to find her number'. He doesn't even knows her cell number why will he put any effort to find her number here'


mugdha:"Ohh really' go ahead and enjoy talk with my hubby then"


Yash laughs and picks the phone




rajat is really upset with a male voice' his information cannot be wrong'. this is mugdha's number then who is this


rajat:"this is mugdha khanna and Meera Sharma's number right'. Who are you"


Yash:"yes it is'. But you called so 1st tell me who are you"


rajat is really angry on the person otherside'..


rajat:"I am rajat khanna'. Husband of mugdha khanna' can I talk to mugdha and who are you"


Yash:"Ohh sorry sir' I am extremely sorry' I am Yash Mehra, mugdha's friend"


rajat's blood is boiling' he remembers Yash in a flash' he is the same boy who came to maary mugdha and now what he is doing in her flat at this hour


Yash: "mugdha call from your husband" he takes the phone and run to the kitchen


mugdha not believing him:"ohh really' as I said, go ahead and talk to him then"


Yash:"mugdha' I am serious, take the phone'"


mugdha:"No, I know your entire trick'. My husband is too busy these days to call me"


Yash:"He is really there' busy hain to kya , can he not call his wife"


Yash places the phone so near to mugdha that rajat is able to hear all their conversation'.


mugdha:"See I am making your favorite pratha for you and you are trubling me yash"


She takes the phone from Yash and just swtches it off.

next part...Smile

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                         PART 17 

RAJAT heard all the conversation between yash and mugdha since Yash took the phone to kitchen as Yash was handling phone to mugdha and mugdha was not taking it.


rajat is in complete shock on hearing what ever mugdha said and she switched his phone off'. mugdha in no case was ready to believe he could call her'.. he felt a deep pain realising that' she just disconnected the call he had done'.. mugdha who would never say no or turned him down for anything today disconnected his phone' yes he realized' she did not believe it could be him in any case and that gave him more pain'


"What have I done'." He was not getiing the courage to call her again as his thought again wandered to what he has done'.


He again started analyzing his behaviour with mugdha' the more he thought the more pain he felt'. The more he realized how selfish he has been throughout in their relation and how selfless she had been'. How contrast'. He felt deep pain' pain that why did he do that and he had no reason'.


His mind then went to Yash


"What the hell what that boy doing in mugdha's flat at this hour'."


"No I trust mugdha'. She loves me and only me' but that boy, what are his intensions"


For the first time he felt fear not for himself but for mugdha'..


"This boy has been after her'. He wanted to marry her and now he was there in London in her flat'.. mugdha is so inocent"


"yes she is innocent' she said me yes for marriage on my one proposal, knowing how I was with her'. mugdha you loved me so much main kyun nahi samajh paya hamara rishta'."


This kind of guilt feeling kept on creeping in his mind in different way for different incidents


He had to call now, to make sure mugdha was safe'.



In London at the same time


Yash:"are yu crazy or what' just check the number"


mugdha could in no case believe rajat will take so much effort to find her number and call her'.. yes there can be one reason only if he really did so'. He wanted to snatch away even the freedom of few days that she has got.


She checked the number and yes it was him'.. She felt scared; she really needed few months so that she can return back with strong will, so that she can stand his torture.

Yes, it was a big torture; she loved him madly and he hated her madly and nothing can be greater pain than to be hated everyday by someone who you love from so depth of your heart.


mugdha just hoped rajat gets angry and not call her back, she had no intention of calling him back.


"but what if he calls back"


"No'No, I have to be strong, krishna ji just give me strength' I need to stay here' just three months is what I want babaji"


rajat needed to call her' he was upset with Yash's presence there


Yash has left by now and Meera was in deep sleep but rajat's call has taken away all mugdha's sleep and chain.



The phone rings and mugdha picks it up,making sure she will not be week'.




"mugdha'.rajat this side.. how are you"


"What does it matter to him, however I am"


"Fine' are you'."


"Not very good' who Yash tumhare flat me kya ker raha tha" his anger on Yash brought out the angry tone and he regretted just after the moment he spoke


"Meera and I called him for dinner'." mugdha was really upset that now rajat went ahead in not even trusting her


"Ohh I don't mean that'. I was just worried"


This tone of his was new to mugdha'.he always confuses her but she will be strong this time.


"He is just a friend in our group" she hated to give any explaination to him, but just to respect the relation of husband and wife she said it.


mugdha's tone was new for Maan'. She had never been so direct in her talk with him'

All he knew was she always talked to sooth his anger and thus she always talked in a tone to sooth his anger


But he wanted to meet her madly and bring her back and give her happiness and love.


"mugdha I am coming to London'."


mugdha really feel very hurt once again that now rajat don't even trust her charectar.

She can't stop from saying


"Ohh '. Tou bass yahi bacha tha na' you don't trust me' no problem aa jaiye' maine aapka sab kuch aapnaya hai abb aapko mujhpe bharosa nahi hai na'. yeh bhi seh loongee"


"mugdha tum galat samajh rahee hoo' main to" but mugdha was so hurt she didn't want to hear anything further that would hurt her more


"App aaiyee rajat'main aapka wait karoongee" and she cut the phoe in shock. She didn't even realize his tone.


She had taken everything from rajat'. All his anger, his rudeness, the humiliation and now distrust' she felt broken once again'. How he can come up with new ways to break her every time she wonders'. How much she tries but he is able to break her.


rajat is all confused'.


"mugdha galat samajh rahee ho'. Tumpe kab shak kiya maine'. Galtee to sab main kerta hoon' tumhe takleef di hai maine' aur uss ehsaas me jal bhi raha hoon"


rajat is all confused'.. Now if he goes to London, mugdha is definitely going to think he don't trust her and she will be in pain'. She will not believe in his words'.


"And ofcourse why would she trust my words now'. All I have given her is pain"


rajat madly wants to meet mugdha but he is in delima'. If he goes mugdha is going to be hurt and chances are she will never trust him if he goes'.


"I have always found ways to get away with my frustration and restlessness and used mugdha'.. In that I have only hurt her"


He thinks if he goes to London to meet her he will definitely feel better' he can also bring her back but it will again give pain to mugdha'. He had always thought of himself and gave pain to mugdha to ssoth himself' "No not anymore'. I will not give you anymore pain mugdha'. I know this will be a punishment for me' a big punishment' staying away from you but now I can't afford to pain you for my own self mugdha"


rajat then realizes, he doesn't even know for how long this punishment is going to be' but he has decided he will take it.


He again calls mugdha to tell her he will not be coming and to know his period of punishment.


mugdha is still not able to sleep'. It's almost 5 am in India  and around 12 am in London.


Phone rings again' mugdha knows it's rajat




"mugdha don't cut the phone' just listen to me"




"see mugdha I trust you ' main London nahi aa raha'. But just tell me tum wahan kitne dino ke liye hoo"


mugdha is surprised by his tone' she knows he is faking all just as he had faked when he was propsing her on his knees'


"3 months approximately'."


"WHAT??? "


 And the phone itself gets disconnected.

next part...Smile

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Originally posted by Asyalover

tfpm...finally rajat got some sense thank u for giving some sense too mugdha too...she was starting to feel like kotoko from 

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

thank u di for cmnt...Smile

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                                   PART 18 

rajat is all shocked... Ohh 3months, he had never imagined that mugdha can leave him and go away for 3 months...


How can mugdha decide to leave him and stay away from him for so long... this was a long time and she did not inform him...


"I can't believe, she went for so long without informing me... nahi mugdha aisa nahi ker saktee... I am missing something"


He tried to remember their recent conversation... He realizes that it has been a long time they have not even spoken to each other... He again feels a deep pain... he feels like punishing himself in anyways for whatever mess he has created...


It was almost morning and he goes to sleep then... It was tough to hold the sleep after whole night of wake ness that too with so many emotions...


Next morning riya leaves for her college and time passes by... When it's 12 noon Dadima gets worried about rajat... In recent days it has been common that rajat has irregular timings... she worries if there is any issue somewhere...

She goes to his room and checks... he is in deep sleep... she gets worried that rajat who is always so punctual of timing is having such irregular timings...


She checks his mobile... there are so many missed calls from office... She calls Adi and informs him that rajat is off from office today and that his secretary should cancel all his appointment...


She caresses his forhead


Dadima:"rajat bete... come on get up, kya hua hai appko.."


rajat wakes up on that and sees the time... It's more than noon


"Ohh I had an important meeting Dadima..." rajat never misses anything about his office and he was surprised how could he do that...


He immediately calls the client and settles the matter... As for business is concerned no one can challenge rajat or his sincerity and so the client was Ok.


Dadima is worried but rajat assures her that she should not worry but she asks him to promise that he will be back on his normal timings.


Dadima:"hamara dil ghabra jata hai aise.. hum aise akele nahi sambhal payenge.. agar aisa chalta raha to hume mugdha ko wapas bulana parega"


rajat:"No no Dadima... I am fine and I promise you abb aisa nahi hoga" and the Dadima left.


With that rajat mind again went to why did mugdha not inform him and he tried to remember their conversation and after along thought he remembers that mugdha once wanted to talk to him regarding her assignment in office but he just denied listening to her...


"Damm it... Its all my doing, I have spoiled everything from my own hand... Aaj agar maine uskee baat sunee hote tou..."


But he has already given his word to mugdha that he will not visit London and also how much pain mugdha will have if he goes there... the pain that he doesn't trust her... No he is not ready to give her any more pain just too sooth himself.


But he has no trust on Yash "why is that boy with mugdha..."


He arranges some secret resource for London to keep an eye on Yash. He goes to office and keeps himself busy... He is busy in office and have some relief there but still mugdha is always dominating his thought... she is everywhere with him these days in his thought...


The moment he comes home his mind automatically starts revising their life in past and the more he thinks the more he goes under guilt and then the stronger his decision that he will keep mugdha happy now in anycase... He cries as he so much wish to undo past which he cannot... he is in continuous restless ness and pain...


mugdha on the other hand is all confused as how rajat's tone was changed and how on her saying he had dropped the idea of visiting her... She is pretty sure he has something in his mind as after all that have happened she cannot believe that he was in real acting according to her wish. She has earlier too seen his changed behavior and how he has treated her after that... he was definitely trying some other trap as he can not bear her mind in peace.


"Only I wish if you had not hated me so much rajat... uske saath bhi main jee latee"


"But still he is not coming here... I can live 3 months in peace and then God knows what he is planning... " she will be strong she decided and deal with the situation strongly then.


"But what if he keeps calling... I have to stop making him call me again and again... I will not let him take away my peace for these 3 months"


On the other hand rajat feels the urge to talk to mugdha... at least he can talk to her and start making this better... he can take the step


That time Meera is only at home and she receives rajat's phone. She tells him that mugdha is having a very busy schedule and when she comes back she give her his message...


Meera gives message to mugdha and also says that she informed rajat about her busy schedule.


mugdha did not call him back...


After 2 hrs rajat called back again




"rajat here mugdha... how are you... we can talk right" he is in so guilty feeling that he feels the need to take her pemission while mugdha feels more suffocated by his new changed tone... She is sure he is angry on her leaving and he is planning something.


"rajat actually the schedule here is very busy and Meera had loads of work at home too so only if we can talk occasionally... she may get disturbed"


rajat cannot deny any of her request... he feels the pain with her words... Such words from mugdha he had never expected.


"It's OK, I will not disturb you guys..."


mugdha feels pain on her side too...she herself cannot believe how she can say such words to rajat... how can she stop him from even calling her but then she needed to be safe... if she be weak at this moment he will be able to break her is such manner that it will be impossible for her to get her strength back...


mugdha rushes to her washroom and keeps crying for hours for the words she had said to rajat... it was painful to act hard on him... She herself did not know as how long can she be so hard on him... she in no case can imagine to give him pain in return but she was some where sure that her words can only make him angry from inside but she did not have that effect on him as to give him pain.


"Only if your this gesture was true rajat" she wishes from all her heart, she can bow down to any of his wishes even now but she was sure he was playing...


His bowing down on knees for marriage proposal and then what he had done with her never goes away from her mind... how can she trust...


Then few days' passes... it is very hard for him to carry on like that but he takes it all as his due for all the pain he has given to mugdha... Every night he holds her dress and talks to her... makes several promises to her believing she is hearing him and in the daytime he keeps himself hell busy with work...


He had found out about Yash... he knows he is safe but still have a small sour feeling for him somewhere...


10 days have passed in pain, restlessness and guilt for rajat... mugdha tries to be busy with friends and work but somewhere she has a pain too but she tries to avoid it.


Then one day rajat decides its geeting hard this way and after a long thought he decides that only if he can keep himself busy for mugdha he can have some kind of mental rest.

next part...Smile


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                          PART 19 

Then one day rajat decides its geeting hard this way and after a long thought he decides that only if he can keep himself busy for mugdha he can have some kind of mental rest.


He gave a lot of thought as what he could eally do for mugdha that too Big... It has to be something really worth her... It can never be compared to what pain he had given her and how he had destroyed her love filled heart but he can at least do something...


So after a two day of long thought...he decided what only rajat could decide... No... not flowers or gifts... Those were the things not in his dictionary till now as whole his life he has just spent either working or dedicating his life for his company or being restless about mugdha...


So now he was going to do something for mugdha... So his conclusion was only one... He will start a completely new venture and unit in name of mugdha... for mugdha...he will start it and mugdha can carry on as she wishes... He will make it among one of his big unit... He will invest whatever way she will want in it but he has to start it before she comes so that it comes up in some shape before she comes...


But something has to be of her interest... And what was her interest...Daam all he knew about her that she was interested in her career so that he will give her but what was her other interest...


It had been 4 more days and he thought he could call mugdha now... while talking he can figure out her interest...


"Hello... can I talk to mugdha please" meera had picked the phone as mugdha was still in office...


"mugdha is not available now... I will ask her to call you back..."


mugdha came back but she never called rajat...


"itne der ho gayee... mugdha did not call me back..." rajat wondered...


He again called...this time Meera didn't pick so mugdha has to pick the phone...




"mugdha main rajat... How are you" mugdha wanted to cut short... She really was confused and scared with his new tone...


"who rajat.. I am OK... Actually hell busy... how are you..." She felt odd asking him as he has never given her that right of asking him how he was...


"Theek hoon... Tumse baat kerne ka dil kiya... tumhara nahi kerta na..." he felt as if his throat will choke... mugdha felt pain with his word but all she believed was this was a trap... she cannot imagine any other reason of his softening...


"Actually it's so busy over here... I get too tired by the time I come home... Abhi bhi main bilkul..."  rajat felt the distance in her voice... How can his mugdha, who always just thought of him does not want to talk to him coz she is tiered.


"you don't feel like talking now... Bhoot thakee ho na..."

"haan who.. actually"


"it's Ok we will talk later" He disconnected the phone... His heart was crying like anything


"yeh maine kya ker diya... mugdha mujhse dur mat jaoo aise... Main sab karoonga tumharee khushi ke liye... I will do everything for your happiness but don't distance yourself... I will die"


mugdha on the other hand felt pain for whatever she did... she knew this was needed but it pained deeply...


"why does he call and make me do this... it hurts so much... "


Dadima came to rajat's room and saw him lost...


Dadima:"rajat are you Ok beta... Kya ho gaya hai appko"


"nothing Dadima... I am fine.. was just thinking something"


Dadima smailed "mugdha kee yaad aa rahee hai... why did you let her go for so long"


"Only if I had known she was leaving for so long" rajat thinks


He then diverts the topic...


Now it has been more 10 days and in between... rajat plans for the investment, location of office... And factoy location but he had no idea of what unit he is going to start...


He had tried 2-3 times to talk to mugdha in this between but mugdha was sometime busy, sometimes not available and sometime too tired... And one day she said


"Actually I will call you back when I am not that loaded... You please don't take trouble"  mugdha had to say this as everytime saying him no gave her pain and she thought she was getting weak and can not do this anymore... She wanted to be strong and he was just making her more weak


rajat got the hint of what mugdha said... may be after what he has done she was not comfortable talking to him from far... After that rajat decided to not trouble her...


"I will wait for when you come mugdha"


He then one day went to mugdha's home and after meeting everyone he sat with Nandini


"Achcha tell me what are the things of mugdha's interest other than work"


"you don't know... she is your wife" "offcourse I know... but there are few things that girls share among them... Main mugdha ke bare me sab janna chata hoon"


"Interest... Hmmm.. actually she loves designing clothes... Herself she will wear same kind of dresses must she always puts her experiment on me and tina didi... I really miss that so much... her designs were awesome... Apart from world"


"She is apart from world" Maan Thinks


Maan then leaves and now he exactly knew what he have to do... he was going to open a complete unit of Garments... from raw materials to designer clothes... ethnics westerns... He will give the foundation and mugdha will take over... it will be a BIG unit...


He started working on it madly... day and night... contacting experts in the field... hiring best...Geeting idea of location... space needed and everything...he even took over some small industries in that sector... Day and night work of two months and some sensible base was visible... now it was almost 2 and half months for mugdha to be gone...


On the dinner time


riya:"ohhh I had a special talk with someone special today..."


rajat was lost in his work...


riya:"Bhai news to appko bhi mili hogee na... then why are you pretending to be unknown"


rajat:"kaisee news"


riya:"No wonder you don't know coz only thing that matters for you is your business and it's expansion"


"Kya news hai.. that you are so excited"


riya:"mugdha called me today" now rajat was super alert...


riya:"her work there is ending and she will be back in 10days... She has booked her tickets and date are...XYZ"


This was a sudden news... unexpected happiness for rajat... He didn't mind her not calling him... he knew by now she will not but he knew he will make her happy by all means once she is back... She was just upset and he was sure she loved him so much... She will never be able to say him no if they are together...

next part...Smile


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                                  PART 20 

This was a sudden news... unexpected happiness for rajat... He didn't mind her not calling him... he knew by now she will not but he knew he will make her happy by all means once she is back... She was just upset and he was sure she loved him so much... She will never be able to say him no if they are together...


rajats happiness knew no bounds... now he will fix everything... once mugdha is with him, things will be easier... Ohhh so much easier... He will pour his heart out to her, accept all his mistakes, will keep her happy in any ways and then they will be together and he will make her forget all the previous pain he had given her...



He went to talk to riya and Dadima


"I will go and receive mugdha but please don't pass this to her... it will be a surprise for her"


Dadima and riya had for the first time heard rajat expressive about what he was doing for mugdha so they felt very happy ... It's not that they had any doubt about the couples realtion but hearing none talk about each other anytime there was some unknown worry within them... they felt relieved.


He sat in his room as to what he can do to make mugdha feel this is where she belong... After thinking a lot he called riya


"Ji Bhai" riya said


"riya you are mugdha's friend, so you know her very well.. why don't you do something for her"


riya felt a little different... never heard her brother talk these things... he only talked of bussiness, or her career or keeping check on what's going on in her life... Never expressed anything about his personal feeling and especially about mugdha... But she felt happy... she always wanted to have friend in her brother but she always got a guardian... But she never complained as she was sure he loved and cared for her utmost.



"you know her taste and she has 10 more days to come... Why don't you change the decor of this room, like something that suits her choice and style..."


Off course he knew only little about her choices... He will now know everything, he promised himself...


rajat had to take his time off when mugdha comes ... so he had to finish office work in these days...


rajat went busy with his office work, though the excitement of meeting mugdha in just few days was always with him...


8 days has passed and rajar and mugdha's room were completely redone... It looked completely lively now with white and lavender curtains all around... flowers being changed in room everyday... Paintings in the room changed to make it look more like a home than some dry place...


riya needed Their marriage picture but their marriage was in temple and riya was not present their and as rajat never cared about their marriage picture before he have to make some excuse... but he wanted it now... he remembered rahul took the pictures so he got it from rahul... 



They got their nice couple picture enlarged and framed it and it was placed in the center of the room...


Other marriage pictures were together placed on different frame in design... In all room looked entirely different...


Next day passed slowly for rajat and fast for mugdha as she wanted to drag the time to meet him... What were his new intentions... she wondered...


Then the day arrived... the flight will arrive tonight at 11 pm... rajat was racing in his room from 6 in the evening... his heart beating so fast... never had he thought that meeting mugdha, his own wife wouch make him so nervous, but he tried to keep his calm.


In his eagerness he reached his the airport at 10:00 pm, in black shirt... sleeves folded to 3 quarter and jeans at bottom ... He just waited in VIP waiting area only unaware that he was a great eye food for the young Delhi girls...


mugdha knew that Dadima and riya will come to receive her as that's what she was told...


After all check ups and custom and making rajat wait for 2 hrs she was out at 12:00 am... Maan anyways didn't mind that wait... he had waited too long patiently... The momnet he saw her from far a relief ran thru him... but oblivious of his watch mugdha hugged Meera and then Yash... Yash!!!! rajat closed his fist tightly to control himself at the view... no he will not mention this to mugdha... Yash and Meera left from there...


mugdha didn't realise why heart heart started beating as she approached the receiving area and then she felt someone tapped her shoulder from behind...mugdha who was already nervous after Yash and Meera left jumped when some one tapped her... She turned around to only find rajat something she had been fearing all along... Meeting him...


rajat smiled at her... mugdha was completely shocked... She has seldom seen him smile and his smile to her was beyond her imagination... She did not know how to respond... She somehow uttered


"aa--- aapp" rajat had waited too long for this time... He just hugged her... confusing mugdha more... she was actually scared now... something really serious going inside his mind...


"Why... I just came to receive my wife..." Some strange sensation... an akward sensation ran thru her veins... He was openly refering her as his wife... everything was so weird... She was so confused that she forgot to give him a smile back even just as formality...


 She somehow separated herself from him... she immediately decided she has to not give into his trap this time as this looked like amore dangerous trap... if she goes in this flow of his he will be able to break her completely badly...


She sterned her voice "I thought anni and Dadima would come..." rajat took her luggage cart from her hand...


"I wanted to give you a surprise... " "I will carry... it's OK..." "No its not OK... I will carry... well how did you like this surprise"


mugdha's head was now spinning with this new rajat and she felt even more suffocated...


She decided to keep quiet for her piece of mind... Ufff... just landed to Delhi and the suffocation started surrounding me ...


"well... tumne jawab nahi diya" she was feeling irritated now... "how can he fake so much"


"Unexpected" she answered stiffly... "I will carry my luggage... Please give it to me"


But rajat did not give it to her... she was quiet and he knew he have to take all the initiative... He now knew at how much fault he was ... it was now his responsibility to re build their relation...


Both were quiet in the car... rajat knew mugdha was hurt by his behaviour but he had never expected such cold behavior from mugdha... It was beyond his imagination that mugdha can behave so cold to him.. she had always bowed down to his wishes... not bowing down in front of him but he had expected a soft mugdha as always... But she surprised him completely... But he have to keep his calm... what has changed mugdha so much... she was never like this... what has London done to his ever submissive mugdha... He was completely unaware of mugdha's resolution to keep herself away and safe from his new emotional trap ... he only knew he has hurt her but to what extent only mugdha knew


rajat was not going to give up and let this silence dominate between them again... He also had deep urge to feel her... he crassed her hair on her face only to make mugdha jump...


"How was you journey mugdha... kuch to bataoo... Aur London trip, how was it"


Geet had decided, she maintained her cool "London trip was great... Busy but great"


He wanted to know more of her view "Aur meri yaad to aiyee hee hogee wahan... busy thee I undertand and that's why we had so little of talk"


"aapp mujhe kabse samajhne lage rajat... I know you want to head up this talk to something but aabb aur nahi..." she thought


"Nahi who actually I was so busy aur phir mere friends, kisis ko bhi yaad kerne ka fursat hee kahan mila... Too hectic you know"


rajat was completely taken aback... "what has happened to mugdha..." The mugdha he knew and whom he was expecting... this was completely different...  


He tried to speak something but now his voice was not coming out... he was completely shocked...


After a while he managed "I missed you" he paused "every moment " he somehow managed again. mugdha did not reply.

next part...Smile


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                          PART 21 

After a while he managed "I missed you" he paused "every moment " he somehow managed again. MUGDHA did not reply. 



 They arrive home at 1:00 am in night. mugdha wanted to come out of the situation they were in and was trying to find some escape'. It was getting harder for her to ignore him when he was just bended,though she knew he was faking it all but it was mugdha's heart which was making her weak'. So she wanted to escape'.. Maybe he knew this ways of him will make her weak but no she has to keep herself safe from any further heart break from him'..


Dadima and riya were awake just waiting for mugdha and rajat'.. mugdha just ran to them and hugged them'.she felt much relieved ' she wanted to spend whole night with them while rajat was just waiting for her to be free'.


Dadima:"how was your trip beta'.."

mugdha:"It was great Dadima' riya how are you'."


riya:"I am great' we were all missing you here so much'"

"I missed you all too"


Then Dadima saw rajat was waiting for mugdha.. she understood after such long gap couple needed their time together


Dadima:"mugdha' go get some rest'.. we will talk tomorrow'. Khana lagwa do"


"No Dadima I had my food aur abhi khane ka bilkul maan nahi hai'."

 Servents were asked to place mugdha's luggage and mugdha had to leave for her room as Dadima and riya left for their respective room, rajat followed her'


rajat was not understanding mugdha's behaviour, yes she must be upset with his behaviour but her cold behaviour towards him was what he was shocked'..


He went inside the room and closed the door' mugdha has a sensation that something will happen now and rajat only knew one way to come close to mugdha' he also had deep deep urge to feel her, his heart was not listening to him at all. rajat knew how mugdha was so sensitive to his touch' even if he had held her hand in anger she used to get lost'. He very well knew she will never deny his touch '.


mugdha was turned facing her baack to him' rajat's steps slowly started approaching her' he did not knew if he was doing right or wrong but his legs just proceeded'.


He went near her'. Held both her hand from his from back'. mugdha closed her eyes'.This was one thing' rajat's touch, she could not resist'.all her dreams had been related to rajat and this was one of her biggest dream' his love filled soft touch on her'.  How many ways she had imagined it only knowing it will never come true'.


Her heart was beating fast' rajat got close from behind, bent little and brought one of his rough cheeks to touch one of her soft one'. mugdha heart was beating even faster' but her mind asked her to stop him'. This can lead to her distruction' if she gives in he will have all power to break her heart badly' so she should stop but her heart and physical urge did not let her do anything'.

Whike rubbing his cheek to hers, rajat who was himself breathing fast with her closeness, brought her both hands to her abdomen '. Her mind shouting at her to stop herself but she was unable'.. he left her hands and pressed her closer to him by pulling her by her waist'.. her mind continuously shouting at her to stop him, while her heart just wanted to macth his fast breath'..


"Stop it" her mind said "I can't" her heart said


rajat started rubbing his hands on her belly, himself not knowing what he was doing' 3 months of departure had not left him anything to think'.


Both their breath faning hard' his hand moved up and went to reach her curves above her dress' when her mind Shouted "STOP IT" and she blurted out to her heart

"STOP IT"'. rajat immediately left her' she turned to him her hands on her mouth. Both were shocked'. Neighter of them could believe that mugdha could ever shout at rajat and stop him' actually she was stopping herself from flowing but it all turned out that she shouted at him'..


"Please'.. I am tired" she somehow managed to do the damage control and ran to washroom' rajat kept standing there completely shocked'. First her cold behaviour and this completely unexpected' he could not imagine mugdha could ever talk loud to him and secondly he could not believe she could deny his physical touch' she was always so sensitive to his touch'' this was all impossible, he was completely shocked, his mind not working'.he left for study


mugdha locked herself in the washroom, her mouth still on her mouth' yes she knew she had to be cold to him but shout at him'. It pained her a lot, how could she do it'.. she shouted at him' tears were flowing down her cheeks both for shouting at him and also for stopping him but her mind knew it was correct but at this moment her heart was very dominant'.. rajat's touch was one of her biggest weakness'.


After a long while she washed her face and came out and not finding him felt relieved' she was in no position to see him now'.


"No this was his other way to make me weak'.. " "Making me feel guilty is other way'. But why did I shout at him' how could I"


"No I have to stop him, if it goes this way I will loose soon' I have to stop him"


"How" "I have to talk to him" "No never talk to him'. Maybe that's what he wants' I will not give him any chance' I need to be carefull"


All confused she change to fresh dress and went to sleep with some determination, some confusion some guilt and at last feeling his touch.


rajat came to their room after an hour' still in shock' he could literally not digest mugdha's action now'. He realized he must have not done what he did and he also thought what mugdha did was may be what she felt right but still he could not digest that mugdha actually stopped him and also shouted'.  This was beyond imagination as he actually knew how vulnerable she was to his touch'..


He remembered how she had started opening his shirts button on tina's marriage all lost'. How lost she was when he had placed her hand on his pants'.. not only then, he knew she was too vulnerable to his touch many more times,so this was unbelievable'..


He laid in the bed'.. lost in thought he realized that mugdha was much much more disturbed and upset with him than he had expected'. He had thought he will make things work better but how could he' she was so un approachable now'.


"All these changes in her are due to me'. Itna tor diya maine usse, kitnee chot pahuchayee hain maine tumhe mugdha'. Kaise sambhaloonga main yeh sab aur tumhe'."


He doses on other side of big bed'.


Next morning, rajat woke up early and also left for office early.

 mugdha woke up a little too late'. She just sat on the bed and her mind was all lost'.


She was all confused between if she should talk to him directly as what his actual intentions were behind his new mask or should she just avoid him completely'.


"No talking will be dangerous' he will get idea of my weakness'.no I will not give him any chance now' I will just not talk to him or listen to any of his lie talks'."


And she decided to just avoid him as that she thought was safest'.. she was still feeling gilty for shouting at him'.


"he has changed me' sab unkee wajah se.. maine kab socha that unse aisee uchee awaz me baat karoonge kabhi' I don't know what does he actually want, being away from him is safest, nahi to phir aisa kuch kerdoongee jo mujhe nahi kerna chahiye"


rajat in his office tries to be busy but all disturbed'. He yesterday somewhat realized how deep pain he has given mugdha to change her to this extent' how he could fix it'. From where should he start' his mind was not working


"I have to talk to her'. I am ready to take all punishments mugdha' tum bas saaza suna do main hass ker le lunga per kuch bolo to sahi'. Kahan se suru karoon kuch samjh nahi aata"

next part...Smile


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                              PART 22 

"I have to talk to her'. I am ready to take all punishments MUGDHA' tum bas saaza suna do main hass ker le lunga per kuch bolo to sahi'. Kahan se suru karoon kuch samjh nahi aata"


rajat is not finding anyways and decides to talk to mugdha first'. The more he thinks of all how she behaved with yesterday after coming frm London the more he realizes how much broken she is and pain as he know her from childhood' this was not at all mugdha'.

He feels himself guilty again'..


"nahi main mugdha ko aise nahi dekh sakta' woo aisee nahi hai, meri mugdha itnee rukhee ho hee nahi sakte'. Sab meri galtee hai"


mugdha on the other side has decided to completely avoid rajat as she realizes how his coming closer can weaken her'no she can't take any chance


rajat come from office at almost dinner time not knowing how to face her' after dinner in their room'


mugdha keeps herself busy in the laptop'.. she does not even look at rajat who is just waiting for her one glance'.


At last giving up, he coughs "unn hoonn" she doesn't respond.

She starts dialing a number' "mugdha main tumse kuch'.." only this much and

mugdha places her phone in her ear "Hello Armaan'. How are you" and she leaves to balcony to talk on phone.


rajat could not even complet, his words remain within himself' he gulped the pain as he very well knew it was all his deed that has lead to this


"she does not even want to talk o me'. If she doesn't listen how will I start'.. main tumharee takleef dur kerna chahta hoon mugdha' mujhe mauka to do"


rajat was still waiting for her' she was taking along time'. He felt pain'. Kisi aur se itnee bateen aur meri chotee see baat bas


mugdha came after 45mints'. rajat again wanted to start' her avoidance and his guilt, it was getting tough for him to gather courage'. He will not force his will to talk on her'. He will not force any of his will on her he had decided' everything will be according to her will, onl that she has to give him chance.


He again started'. "mugdha'." she picked her phone again


"ek baar bas meri baat"


"Haan bhai kaise hain app'. Sorry I could not call you early" and she again left for balcony.


She actually did not fear his anger on her action, she wanted him to get angry and come out in his real self' she wanted his mask out, the mask was more dangerous, it was so misleading to her.


This time she took even longer, talking to each and every family member in detail'.

The more she avoided him the more he was realizing her pain as after all he has realized his fault he can relate to her behaviour'.. his determination to make her happy and do anything for her became strong'.


"Mujhe apne liye kuch nahi chahiye mugdha. I don't deserve anything but I have broken you to this extent'. I will bring happiness in your life'.. main kuch deserve nahi kerta'. Meri koi bhi sazza kam hai'.."


mugdha came back after 2hrs' she had expected him to be sleeping by now but he was waiting for her'.


"Kitne ziddi hain'. Inkee to her baat ke hee haad hai"


She kept her mobile near her and rajat just took it in his hand' not wanting her to dail any more'..


Geet looked at him confused'..


"This is quiet an old model' why don't you get something new"

"I don't believe in show off" and she gave the look the room whose decore had been remodeled'.. all this change was for her just a show off from him'. What he wanted to show she did not know


rajat kept quiet' took all blame she placed'.. she was irritated that he still did not show his real color'.. whatever she said he just took it, just for his purpose she thought' what was his purpose she had no clue'.


Before he could say any further, she took the cover and covered herself completely to sleep'.. She didn't sleep for long though


rajat got irritated by his own self' he could not even talk'. He just falt like smashing something to calm down but he stopped himself' "She will not like it"


rajat woke up early as ususal and his eyes fell on mugdha'. So calm and innocent she looked' she was his real mugdha'. Always calm'. Her hair startnds were dancing on her cheeks' rajat involantry brought his hand to remove them from her face but then the moment he was about to touch her, he backed and closed his fist tight to control himself'. It pained again' everything was so painfull but the thing that pained him most was change in mugdha'.. he felt deeply responsible for all this but he was restless, she was not giving him any chance'..


mugdha's confidence was increasing by rajat's not showing his anger, actually she wanted to do anything so that he can show his anger, she wanted to unmask him'.. and due to guilt, pain and her avoidance rajat was loosing his confidence infront of her'.


He came back from Gym and about to go for bath when he saw mugdha was packing her luggage'.. the fear badly struck him.. he could not stop himself


"why are you packing your stuff"


"rahul bhai is coming in tonight'. I am going to my parents with him'"


"Delhi me hee to hai' itnee packing kyun"


"10 days I will need my cloth" rajat could not take this'. Whatever she does he will take but stay away from her "No" just came out from his mouth


"So it's my husband's order, I will tell bhai I caanot come"


rajat controlled "No no'.not an order mugdha, just a request'. See you just have come after such a long trip aur" she was listening and he did not know what to say'. She was first time going to her parent's house but he cannot affort to let her go now'.


"Ok, you can talk to bhai, I gave my words now whatever you want '" rajat was about to call when he realized he is again being selfish'.. again thinking about himself'. She wanted to stay away from him


"Jaoo" and he left for bathroom'. He quietly got ready and she was packing'.


rajat was in office whole day thinking about mugdha, about how she was going far from him' If he leave her like that, she will never come back to her self'. He have to win her trust'.not for himself, just for her'. Once she start trusting him she broken heart can heal otherwise it will never heal'.


rajat was thinking from where to start'. Yes roses and fancy things never came to his mind'. He was far from them'. Then something stricked him


"Ok, she will leave at night but before that she will be here'."


In the afternoon, after her packing mugdha was just sitting in the garden and the way rajat said "jaoo" was haunting her'.


It looked so real but she knew it was fake but still it haunted her'. She had to make herself really hard to convince her own self that she was doing correct to go to her parent's place'.


"his pain was not real" she convinced herself.


The mugdha came inside and a servent informed her


"Madam, there is a packet for you" "Packet??? "

next part...Smile

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