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Next day RAHUL announced that he had talked to Yash and he is a good friend of mugdha and will take care of mugdha and that he was sure he will keep mugdha  happy as he have seen them together enjoying. They did not need mugdha's approval for this and proceed by calling their family for the talk.


Yash was all confused, he very well knew mugdha had deep feeling for someone else but rahul somehow convince him to do it all for mugdha' he got ready but did not have the positive feeling for all this'. He feared loosing his best friend


mugdha let them do whatever they did' she was not thinking about herself now, her life is anyways going to be ruined but she can not go against her family when all they are doing is for her' But her all concern was rajat' he was so much trouble and she deeply felt it was all due to her'


rajat in his room after being continuously tormented by the thought: "no it cannot go on this way' kya ho raha hai mujhe... what am I doing'. Why can't I bear her being someone else's' kyun pareshan ho itna main'"


rajat:"No, whatever is happening is all wrong'.. I can't let my self bear this for life long'.  Just need to funish this up'.. "


He sat still for a while


"Whatever I am going to do is not wrong, what they are doing is all wrong'. Uske liye bhi to galat hai' she is not happy too'. Who kisi aur he saath'No'.  it's wrong I know "


"I am going to finish it up all, today' just finish this all stuff, whatever it takes'."


rajat was getting down for his mission when he saw Dadima all set to leave somewhere'.


"Are you going somewhere'."


Dadima:"yes to mugdha's house' today they are finalizing her marriage with Yash"


"What???? And who's this Yash??? "


"mugdha's best friend'."


"Ohhh really'. Chaliye main aapko le chalta hoon'"


And he made Dadima sit with him' he was now more determined to do whatever he was going to do today'. Finish the whole marriage drama going on for long'.. Whatever it takes him to do'.


Then after driving a little far "Dadima how do you like mugdha'. Aapko kaisee lagtee hai who'"


Dadima: "Mujhe to who bohut he pasand hai' bohut hee achchee ladkee hai"


The reached mugdha's house' mugdha was sitting like a statue within her family and Yash and his family's. Yash felt uncomfortable too.


Then rajat enters with his Dadima' Dadima smiled and took her seat but seeing rajat there everyone was surprised'. Especially rahul and veer'. mugdha was shocked and surprised' she involuntary immediately stood up from her seat'. She had been dying to see him, know how he was but seing him she knew he was not at all fine'. She felt pain'


Yash saw them both'. Seeing mugdha's reaction on seeing rajat he somwhwere got idea that this is mugdha's invisible BF' mugdha face could say it all'.


rajat knew today his ego is going to break into thousand pieces but whatever it takes he have to do what he have decided'. rajat khanna can not lose'


He directly looked into mugdha's eyes who was looking at him already'. He came near her and and stood directly infront of her'.


"mugdha will you marry me???? "   Everyone there was shocked and surprised except Yash who thought it was right'. Others could not believe their ears' mugdha stubmbled'. She could not even imagine this to coming up in her weirdest of dream' she knew he hated him' she collected herself and got strainght'. "mugdha jawab do will you marry me??? "


But mugdha didn't answer anything' she was completely in complete shock' he hated her then why this


Dadima:"rajat yeh aap kya keh rahe hain'. Yahan mugdha ka rishta aaya hua hai aur aap'"


"Main aapka bhi permission lunga Dadima' per mujhe mugdha ka jawab chahiye pehle'."


mugdha looked ant rahul and veer and left from their'' rajat could not believe how could she do this, not answer him and go away from there'. But he will not give up in middle of any task, he had taken the descision and he will complete it'. Whatever it takes


rahul came forward but before he could say anything "tou tumne apnee behan ko sulee pe chardhane ka soch hee liya hai rahul'"


"tou tumne kya socha hai rajat kee main usse jindagee bhar tumharee rahon me paken bichaker tumhara intezar kerne eke liye chor doon aur tum usse bass apne tewar dekhate rahoo'. "


"do you really think main tewar dikha raha hoon'. I am asking her if she will marry me aur not'." He turned to veer "Uncle, main kuch galat ker raha hoon kya'. Kuch choree chupe ker rahan hoon' nahi na' app sabke samne mugdha ko propose ker rahan hoon' then what ever you all decided"


veer:"bete per yun achanak'." "mujhe in dino ehsas hua'. You achanak' isme meri kya galatee hai'. What is wrong with me that I don't deserve her' aap hee sochiye kya who kisis aur ke saath khush bhi rahege'." he had so many logics that veer had to agree with him 


rahul:"you have to promise tum usse dukh nahi pahuchaooge"


rajat now knew that he was on winning side but they did not knew his next step immediately after everyone agrees


"rajat khanna never turns back from the responsibility' if I take one I will fulfill it'"


rahul too knew mugdha only wanted rajat and rajat looked changed so he decided to say yes and watch his behaviour for few days' this will make mugdha most happy'.


"So I will call mugdha'. You have to propose her in a manner to show us how much you want her"


mugdha was in deep thought of why rajat was here with marriage proposal' she knew he was in pain, how can can she break his words'. it was 1st time he had come to her and how can she deny him'. Only she did not know why he was doing so


rahul called mugdha and asked rajat to show how he could impress mugdha


rajat came forward... he closed his eyes as he was going to do something that he would have never done but now loosing this would break it more


He held her hand :"mugdha kya main tumhare layak nahi' kya main tumhe pasand nahi"


mugdha kept looking at him'. She was not getting anything'she said nothing, was just lost'.


rajat the sat down on his knees and "mugdha say something'. Will you marry me'"


mugdha could not bear more' she could not see him bending this much "yes I will"


"Dadima mugdha aapko pasand hain na'." Dadima who knew nothing' was very happy and placed her hand on both their head as blessing


The moment she said so, rajat held her hand and took her to the puja place'. No one knowing what he was upto'. They ran behind him'. rajat joined his hand to God, took the Sindur and placed it on mugdha's Mang'.


Everyone was shocked'. This was not at all expected'.  "Done'" mugdha was completely blank on his act' what was this' "mugdha take everyone's blessing and you are coming with me"

next part...Smile


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                                                                    PART 8 

Everyone was shocked with rajat's act. Dadima could not believe what her Grandson just did. mugdha is in complete shock too, unable to understand everything that happened. She touched her rajat and feel Sindur on it, tears just rolls down her eyes "what have happened to him"


Dadima:"rajat aap hosh me to hain' aapko pata bhi hai aapne kya kiya hai'."


rajat:"Main bilkul hosh me hoon' whatever I did was only after everyone accepted my proposal to mugdha, so what's wrong in it. When both of us are ready for marriage, all of you are ready for it'. to phir'.."


After lots of discussion, everyone knew rajat will anyhow take mugdha with him as he have married to her, so to make things calm they request him to give them some hours and they arranged marriage in temple. Dadim was too angry on rajat to behave like this but for mugdha , if she is going to be her Bahu she should do everything for her.


So in hurry all the arrangement was done for marriage the same day in mandir. shakshi brought whatever jewelry and other stuff she had made for mugdha. They arranged for garland and mangalsutra and then in temple proper marriage was done'.


mugdha did not know whatever was going around'..  she had only one thing in mind "why did he do this"


But in temple when rajat again placed Sindur on her Maang a kind of soothing feeling ran withing her, as if this is what she had dreamt whole her life and was sure the day will never come. rajat put Mangalsutra on her and they took pheras. So the marriage was done.


Dadima in the meantime asked and directed riya to make all the arrangement to welcome mugdha as Bahu of Khanna Mansion. riya was completely shocked of this but Dadima asked her to calm down as they need to make arrangements first.


shakshi was crying badly'. Whenever she looked at rajat she had a kind of request in her eyes.


veer had a kind of faith in rajat but rahul was most concerned and he went to talk to Dadima.


rahul:"Dadima' mugdha ka kyal rakhiyega'. rajat kabhi kabhi"


Dadima:"app bilkul fikr na karen'. rajat se to hum baad me baat karenge per mugdha meri jimedaree hai' uska khya rakna, uskee har khusi abb hamara farz hai'"


rajat was quiet' his mind had an unknown peace that mugdha is now going nowhere but it got surfaced with whatever he had to do today to get mugdha marrying him' his ego had been broken into pieces'


So, all three left. rajat was driving, mugdha was made to sit next to him and Dadima who was completely upset with rajat sat in the back seat.



mugdha saw rajat, he was driving the car with no expression' she could not read what he was thinking' he looked calm and was concentrating on road like any normal day, but mugdha very well knew that it was not a normal day, everything has changed suddenly..


They were going together to his house and husband and wife which were beyond her imagination.


"I don't know why he did it'. Itna gussa!!! Gusse me shadi ker li, aisa bhi koi kerta hai kya' per aab, aab kya hoga'. Main to phir bhi sab sabhal loongee'. Inke tewar ko bardast kerne kee adat hai mujhe per inka kya' he just hate me like anything to jindagee bhar mujhe bardast bhi kaise karenge'.apne aas pass"


They reached Khanna Mansion, mugdha was so lost and confused that she did not even realize she has entered a huge mansion. She was just looking down unaware of the elegant surrounding and walked with dadima. riya had done all the preparation and so mugdha  as welcomed with all the rituals. rajat just stood there least interested.


When mugdha entered the hall she realized how huge and elegant it was. So sophisticated, completely different class then her own, then her eyes went on rajat. He was quietly standing and she new there was storm going within his calmness' this was scaring her more'. His showing anger was better she thought that moment' she had so many questions in her mind and she needed the answer' she will gather her guts when they are alone' being alone in a room with him, that too when anger is boiling within him made mugdha shiver from within'..


When both were lost, one in anger and other in thought of consequences of anger Dadima called out.


Dadima:"rajat aabb aap mugdha ko Goud me utha ker puja gahr tak le jayenge'. Phir who diwar pe apne hhathon se sindur ka chap lagayengee " 


rajat: "What???"


"Dadima kyun mere jaan ke peeche pari hain'. So much happened today, is that not enough to boil his anger" thought mugdha.


Dadima: "Marriage is a responsibility' you have to do all these rituals.. itne shauk se shadi kee hai aapne abb rasme bhi kijiye"


rajat knew Dadima was really upset with him, he said nothing just went near mugdha and picked her up in his arm'. But the moment he picked her in his arm, something ran within mugdha, so near to him in his arm, she hesitantly placed her hands around his neck and the moment she did it'. rajat felt it'. He just closed his eyes, not wanting to accept what went within him at that moment.


He opened his eyes and simply walked to where Dadima took them.


While their room was being decorated, of which both of them were unaware mugdha was taken By riya.


riya: "mugdha how come everything so sudden' I mean ekdum se shadi"


mugdha had no answer, she just smiled'.


riya: "Accha' since when are you guys seeing each other' I mean Bhai never ever mentioned it"


mugdha thought "seeing each other????"


riya:"Getting shy hunn'. Per raat me mat sharmana"


mugdha: "Raat mein, kyun? "


riya: "as if you don't know baby, every girls dream with marriage' their first night' Make it special"

 mugdha: "What? "


rajat had straight away went to Gym to avoid Dadimas Question'. "not today"'


After doing his rigorous exercise, continousy thinking of how he had to bend in front of all due to mugdha. He had to bend on his knees to get mugdha. Now that mugdha was with him, someone taking her away was not his concern but all that he had done to remove his concern was taking on him'.


"I will never forgive you mugdha, never ever for what you made me do today"


mugdha was then taken to the well decorated room'. The moment she placed her leg inside the room, she felt different' the thought that it was rajat's room, completely private to him and she was entering it'. How much he hated her interference and today she was going to enter and stay here'.


The already immensely elegant room was beautifully decorated for them' she was seated in a huge luxurious bed.


And everyone left, closing the door slightly, leaving her to wait for rajat' She shivered'.


She stayed their lost in her same question and confusion when it was 11pm and rajat entered the room.


The moment he entered, mugdha's heart skipped the beat "what now?? "


He came near the bed, not saying anything' mugdha collected herself holding her knees tight'. He was quiet and calm which was scaring her more' he simply collected his pillow, took the blanket from closet and walked out of his room,


mugdha just kept looking at his back as he left.


But Dadima was in hall. She came to rajat "AApne shadi kee hai mugdha se' usse kamre me akele chor ker kahin nahi jayenge"




She held his hand and took him to his room "You will share this room and bed both with mugdha'. Always remember one thing, it was you who asked for mugdha's hand and married her'. I hope aap hamaree baat ka maan rakhenge rajat"

next part...Smile

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god soo possesive

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                              PART 9 

She held his hand and took him to his room "You will share this room and bed both with mugdha'. Always remember one thing, it was you who asked for mugdha's hand and married her'. I hope aap hamaree baat ka maan rakhenge rajat"


Dadima leaves and rajat and mugdha are left in their room. He cannot disobey Dadima so he settles himself on bed. mugdha quietly corners herself on bed'.


"I think this is even better'. mugdha the humiliation that I have to undergo today just because of you, I will never forgive you'. Main tumhare pass rehker bhi tumhare pass nahi rahuga kabhi, you will know how the humiliation feels"


rajat doesn't show his anger and closes his eyes, mugdha really doesn't understand why he did not even show his anger when just they two are there' She had so many questions in her mind but she doesn't know if she will ever get answer to them'.


rajat goes in deep sleep, he is having one of his most peaceful sleep since last two month. He did not realize and not ready to accept but 's presence near him has somewhere placed his mind in peace, his mind is angry at mugdha for his humiliation but his heart is at peace.


While on other hand, mugdha has one of the most sleepless night. What is all this, why have this happen, what is their future, how will he stay here with her' so many things going in her mind'.


Next morning, even to rajat's surprise he wakes up at 5 am to his normal routine time which he had already forgotten for last 2 months but as mugdha was awake whole night she just got asleep an hour ago, so she was in deep sleep'


rajat in his deep sleep had completely forgotten what had happen yesterday and when he sees how the bed was decorated he realized the whole scene. He went to open his window, It was sunny July morning, he turned and his eyes went on mugdha's face on which tha sunrays fell directly making it glow more'. He could not remove his from her face, her soft hair flocks coming on her cheeks, hiding her face a little making it look more desirable'


rajat was just lost in the immense beauty, he could not move his steps, just stood there watching her. In deep sleep, her duppatta was misplaced and her kurti was pulled down in such a manner that the upper part of her curve was visible, both curves sticked together to make a line of thin valley within them'. rajat's eyes traveled to the soft white skin of her curve, his eyes were unknowing wishing to know how the things below them looked, they were just lost, trying to explore the hidden parts' It was all so mesmerizing'.


While mugdha in her deep sleep was still dreaming she was at her home' In her dream she suddenly spoke "nahi bhai' mujhe shadi nahi kernee"


This broke rajat's trance and he came back to his senses.


"Whatever" and he left immediately for his Gym.


mugdha eyes opens from her alarm in her mobile' "Ohho mugdha' before you get late for office utt ja" she wakes up to see she is in different place, she see's around and realize the whole incident


"Office' oh no today I have such a big presentation, per aajj office kaise jaoon"


She gets up to see how messed up she is'. She rushes to the bathroom only to find it is locked, and she can hear the shower'


She can't go anywhere out of room in this condition and she doesn't even know the house properly to go anywhere'


She gets her clothes out and is waiting outside when rajat comes out from the bathroom' He has just towel on his shoulder and jeans at bottom'. mugdha looks at him' water droplets on his well tonned beautiful body makes his look so desirable'. mugdha gulps her saliva' cannot move her gaze from him'. rajat just ignores her and is smiling to himself' he doesn't show her his anger nor does he say anything' he just avoids her' his heart was actually at peace but he was adamant to punish her'


mugdha wanted to talk to him' one more question added to her list, she had to talk to him about her job'. Now she was his wife, she needed his permission' that thoughtshe was his wife brought a small smile on her face for moment.


She decided to 1st freshen up and then talk to him. But when she came out rajat was already out of their room' mugdha got ready and then Nakul came to call her for breakfast'.


At breakfast table, rajat was coolly talking to dadima' there were 2 reasons for him being cool, first he was mentally relaxed which he himself did not realize and second he waned to be cool to show Dadima and riya that everything was fine between him and mugdha, he did not want Dadima's interference in whatever happened or will happen between them. mugdha reached the breakfast table and greeted everyone and her eyes went on rajat who looked so relaxed'. "why was he so relaxed when so much happened yesterday' ek baar gussa bhi nahi kiya mujhper" she was getting more confused of his behavior, she knew him well' he will not take things with her so lightly so what was this'.


Dadima:"mugdha bete breakfast suru kijiye" and then mugdha saw what an elegantly decorated the huge dining table'. The hall was so huge that even this mega dinning table looked small infront of it'.


After the breakfast, mugdha wanted to talk to rajat, but how could she in front of everyone and rajat was in hall and asked helper to bring all his stuff to hall' he left and mugdha ould not get chance to speak to him'.


"Abhi Dadima se baat kerleti hoon'rajat se sham me baat kerloongee"


"Dadima' mujhe aapse kuch puchna hai"


Dadima:"Haan bete boliye' kya baat hain'. Waise aapke aane ka asar, rajat aaj kitne sambhle hue lage hame' bohut chinta ho gayee thi hame unke' app sambhal lijiyega unhe"


mugdha just smiled


"Dadima' who main apne job ke bare mein puchna chahtee thi'. I mean can I continue"


Dadima:"isme puchne wali kya baat hai.. apko jo pasand hai who kijiye' bass rajat se baat kerlijiye'. Mujhe lagta hai who abb apko Khanna group he join kerwa lenge' you both decide within yourself beta'."


"Khanna Group'. Nahi nahi'. Din bhar rajat ke saath' mujhe office me he kha jayenge'. krishna ji bass mujhe meri job continue kerne den"


riya came to her room and helped her arrange her clothes' she also shifter some of rajat's clothe of which mugdha was very fearful but she actually needed atleast alittle space for her stuff'.


mugdha then got call from home as how things were going' this was when she felt relaxed' at these time of uncertainty,  it was her family that soothed her' She assured them that she was fine'.


Then in afternoon she had call from Yash


Yash:"I am sorry mugdha'. Main nahi aana chata tha tumhare rishte ke liye but your bother just convince me somehow'. Please naraz to nahi ho mujhse"


"Please Yash' I know you very well' we are always going to be friends and I cannot afford to loose a good friend like you'."


"Ohh Thanks a lot mugdha'. Waise main ghabra gaya tha' kahin maine apne eklautee GF ko kho to nahi diya"


mugdha smiled "Shut Up!!! " his light hearted talks always brought smile on mugdha's face.


"Yash' aaj ka presentation ka kya hoga' sambhal loge please' boss se meri 1 week kee leave request bhi ker dena'. I will talk to him too'. Please shadi wali baat nahi kehna"


"Ok' mera ek aur ehsaan tumhare upper due'. 1 more coffee'."


Their call cut


mugdha did not want her marriage news to be leaked' she wanted to know rajat's view on that too'. At least he was not showing his anger on her'. She didn't want to do anything to upset him..

next part...Smile


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                                       PART 10 

Meanwhile as mugdha is waiting for rajat, Dadima visits her


Dadima:"mugdha' how are you beta' I hope rajat ne aapse kuch bura bhala to nahi kaha"



"kuch nahi kaha' and that's weird"


"nahi Dadima' unhone kuch bhi aisa nahi kaha'. Aap aram se rahen'"


"Dadima' see beta' now you both are husband and wife so you both need to make this relation a successful one' I know sab itna achanak hua but now you both are married' right'.."


"Ji Dadima"


"Dakhiye rajat ko hum samjhayenge' knowing his nature he may take sometime but app to iss rishte ko badhane kee koshish ker saktee hain'. "


"Ji dadima" mugdha thought dadima was right'. She have to try, she just can't give up'.


mugdha is waiting in her room for rajat' it is almost 11 at night when rajat comes'He had a peaceful and a productive day


 he sees mugdha waiting for him'. Just seeing her there in his room, going no where' no fear of her going anywhere a kind of peace runs within him' he takes his cloth and goes to change'..


 He takes his laptop and starts working on it "itni raat me aayen hain' abb bhi kaam karenge"


"rajat' who mujhe aapse kuch puchna hai"


"I am busy' baad mein" "its important' please' " "so you think what I am doing is fun" "Nahi, aisa main kaise sooch saktee hoon'. Bass ek baat"


"Kitnee saree baat puchnee hai' what ek baat ek baat ker rahi hai mugdha"


"Ok' make it fast" "who'. main puch rahe thee" "can you make it fast please"


"Haan' who who' main jahan job ker rahee hoon'. Is it OK if I continue"


"Its your life, your career, your job' do whatever you want' faltu sawal ke liye mera time kyun waste ker rahee hoo"


He starts looking into his laptop.. "rajat' who' one more thing" "Ohh Really'. How many does your one mean"


"rajat' please" "rajat'.apne mujhse Shadi kyun kee"


"Ohhh' so you need an explaination'. right" mugdha doesn't understand what to say


"nahi naa' aisa nahi hai' who achanak"


"kyunkee mujhe achanak laga mujhe tumse shadi karnee hai'. If you had problem then you should have said NO' I did not force you'. Tumse puch ker kiya tha maine'."


"But you don't love me" "Love you??? " he gave a sarcastic smile, making mugdha feeling humiliated


"Did I ever claim that I love you when I was proposing you'"


mugdha had no words' she felt very humiliated and that was what rajat was intending to do'.


"Now only if you can let me concentrate on my work"


mugdha got up with heavy heart to get ready for sleep which she knows is not going to come soon'.


She went to the mirror to straighten her hair' while she was combing her hair' rajat's eyes goes on her back' bare skin as her kurtee is all tied up with just dori at top'. Her hairs aflowing as she is combing them'. She then bands then and starts putting cream on her hand and legs' Maan's eyes is following the direction of her fingers on her skin as they massage her skin'. How easily they are playing with her beautiful skin' mugdha then drop one box by mistake which breaks rajat's trance'


He gets irritated with himself, keeps the lapotop aside and doses off to a peacfull sleep'


mugdha keeps thinking for hours' and then same as the day befor goes to sleep at around 4 am' so when rajat wakes up he again sees mugdha'. Today he only get to see her face' his eyes are trying to find something beyond but mugdha has covered herself till neck today'.


He comes out of her and goes back to his daily routine'..  rajat is at peace' today actually he enjoyed the view


"Isme galat he kya hai'. She is my wife, main kyun nahi dekh sakta usse' I have to punish her not myself'. Aise halat hogee mugdha tumharee kee tum toot toot ker mere pass aaoogee"


An unknown maddens had taken over his mind'.


rajat leaves after breakfast' mugdha was hurt by rajat's word' earlier it didn't hurt that much' but now she was his wife' he had proposed her for marriage' they were husband and wife so his words now gave a different pain to her'.


mugdha needs to divert herself' She finds riya who was at home that day'


With riya's non stop talk her day flew by'.


It was evening' rajat was actually coming home early today, his work was done for the day' something was just making him eager to come home early'.


Dadima:"mugdha bete'. It's one of rarest chance that rajat is coming home today at normal hours'. Apka asar lagta hai"


"Mera asar kitna hai yeh to unhone mujhe kal bata diya" she thinks


Dadima:"mugdha' bete aap apne haath se rajat ke liye koi snacks aur coffe kyun nahi banatee'. Dekhiye aisee chijoon ka kya asar hota hai'"

mugdha thought of why not give it a try'.. She can try to make rajat happy with her'.


mugdha knew rajat's taste'. She made his favorite sandwich for him and his flavor of coffee'


rajat had come and went to his room directly'. His eyes searched for mugdha but not finding her waiting for him he got little irritated'.. he loosened his shirt and was relaxing in balcony when he heard her bangels'. A smile formed on his face but as she approached him he made his face straight'. mugdha placed the Sandwitch and Coffee on the table and was standing there'..


"who snacks and coffee" she tried to break the silence..


"I can see that'. So why are you standing at the top of my head"


mugdha went inside but was watching him eat from within the curtain'. rajat knew mugdha was watching him and he was enjoying it "abhi to shuruwa hai mugdha"


The moment he was done mugdha came to pick up his plate


"Did I call you'. Tumhe  koi kaam nahi hai mere piche parne ke alwa'."


"Nahi who aisa nahi hai'. You were done so'."


"so ' so what' send Nakul and leave me alone'. I need some peace"


mugdha heart felt heavy again'. A newly married wife, bringing snak for her husband and no compliment' compliment is far away she gets rejection' "this had happened earlier too'.. why its hurning more now" shies mugdha'.


She leaves the room'..


rajat had actually relished the snack' he is actually relishing his descision of marraige'. His mind is at peace'. Only thing hauting was the humiliation he had to go thru' he had to bend in front of mugdha and for that he had decided to punish her'..


This was astrange kind of stubbornness that had surrounded his mind' not letting him realize the truth'..


"per unhone breakfast banae pe shout to nahi kiya'. I can do that for him'"


So days went by' mugdha started doing things for rajat, rajat enjoying her care but returning a humiliation in return by his unusual comments like


"Why don't you stop interfaring'?" etc etc


His works is going on well as he is giving his 100% there'. He continoues his eyes treat with mugdha's beauty at night and morning'.. he but is not ready to accept he loves her' he is admant that he hate her for making him do what he never would have done'. He never answer her any question without putting her under humiliation'..


mugdha was getting broken from inside'. She kept on trying but was breaking down like a slow poison was making some effect on her


It's Monday, mugdha leaves for office that day' she had tried to inform rajat about it but he had just ignored her'. She somewhere was getting suffocated by his ignorance'. In same room, husband and wife and whatever she said she get a reverse answer or no answer or ignorance' she was really happy to rejoin he office'.


mugdha had left early as she was an employee and her timing was from 9 am. At breakfast table rajat did not see mugdha as she had already left' in these days he was getting used to her attention even if he avoided her'. She had prepared breakfast for him, but today when he took the first bite, he knew it was not made by mugdha'.


Dadima observed him


"bete mugdha aaj se office rejoin ker rahi hai' apko to pata he hoga'. and her timing starts early to who pehle he chalee gayee' aaj  ka breakfast bhi hamare chef ne hee banaya hai'."


"haan bataya hain na Dadima'. I know that'"


He was completely irritated'

next parte...Smile


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                                     PART 11

mugdha is on her way to office'. As Dadima has insisted her to use the car for commute she had to take it otherwise she wanted to go office in her style, bus and auto. rajat had never till date asked her if she needed any money, in fact his mind didn' go to that side, money was actually no issue for him and mugdha never asked nor expected to take monetary help from him as he didn't have any feeling for her , she thought.


She had opened the windows and was trying to breathe all the free air she could take in. With rajat's silence and avoidance, she had felt little suffocated there sometimes. But she still expected that if she tries things can get better.


She reached the office and she was so happy to be back to place where she belonged, where her work was appreciated and where she can fight for herself if somebody tries wrong ways.


She met her friends and Armaan, Yash, Meera and pinky all where so happy to see her back.


Pinky:"oye' shadi kerlee, bulaya bhi nahi aur bataya bhi nahi'. We are not your frnds right' bass yash ko sab pata tha"


mugdha looked at Yash and Yash gave her an assuring look that he had not said anything beyond needed.


mugdha hugged Yash and then turned to all of them and said "I am thanking God for giving me such good friends like you all' I so much missed you all' achcha.. I am sorry for hurting you guys but sab kuch itna achchanak hogaya'. "


Meera:"To koi nahi' abb aajj hame shadi kee party de de'."


With mugdha expression no one could guess what she was going thru at home and she did not want them to know as she wanted to be herself with them and enjoy there company and keep her mind fresh. Even Yash believed that rajat was taking good care of mugdha.


Armaan:"Oye.. wait yaar' party kahan leni hai yeh to iss baat pe depend karega ke isne kisse Shadi kee hai'. I mean kitna mota bakra hai"


mugdha:"shut up'. Mere pati ko Bakra kaha tumne, how dare you' teri party cancel' aur waise bhi party main de rahi hoon mere pati nahi so only a pizza party, those who are ready are most welcome'." She gave a stern look at Armaan.


Armaan:"Kanjoos kahin kee' shadi ker le phir bhi bass ek pizza party'.. meri Shadi hogee tou main tou"


mugdha pats on his shoulder:"Sapne baad me dekhna, 1st give me heads up of last week's work'. Yash chalen"


mugdha and Yash are working on the last week's work.


Yash:"So mrs rajat khanna'.. yaar mujhe to abhi tak hazam nahi ho raha hai, rajat khanna proposed you aur itna bechain tha ke tabhi ke tabhi Shadi ker liye'."


mugdha:"uff hoo Yash' now you started too'."


Yash:"nahi nahi seriously'. Jab mera yeh hal hai to ladkiya to behosh hee ho jayengee yeh sunker'. Aur main soch raha tha ke mere jaise handsome ladke ko tu ghass khyun nahi dalte'. Now I know why'."


mugdha:"now will you shut up'. Kyun main unke layak nahi"


Yash:"arre'. You, you are single peace of beuty, brain and personality dear'.. aise thore hee na yeh banda fida hai tumper' aur aise thore hee na rajat khanna kisi ko dewanoo ke tarah propose kerta'. Saaf majbor lag raha that tere pyar me"


mugdha: "did you really felt that way"


Yash:"100% trust me babe"


"phir jatate kyun nahi" mugdha thought. A different kind of hope arises within her, she loved rajat so much and if rajat loved her too then things will be so perfect.


At 11 am mugdha got call from Dadima:"mugdha, beta today you were late aur aap rajat ka breakfast banana miss ker gayee'. You know what rajat was missing the breakfast made by you"


mugdha who was getting hopeful got more excited'.mugdha:"sacchi Dadima'. Today I will come early and prepare all rajats favorite dishes "


So they had a pizza party, and then mugdha was busy planning what all she has to prepare for rajat in dinner.


mugdha reached home early, and got busy in preparing dinner for rajat.


rajat who was already irritated from within that mugdha did miss his breakfast for her so called office came home early. He did not just accept the reason.


At dinner table, mugdha was very excited but as rajat came she became calm.


rajat was enjoying the food till Dadima spoke :"aajj mugdha ne breakfast nahi banaya tha aur aapka mood off ho gaya tha' to lijiye, mugdha ne kitne dishes banayee hai aapke liye' she compensated for morning"


rajat then left the food and said :"I think I am done now" and he just gave a stern look at mugdha.


mugdha:"rajat abhi to aapne bohut kuch taste bhi nahi kiya' bass taste to ker lete sab"


rajat: "do you think I am your Ginny pig for tasting you cookings"


mugdha:"nahi who.." and he left from there.


In there room, rajat is just racing from anger as Dadima made it obvious that he was missing mugdha's breakfast. He had no intention of giving mugdha this satisfaction.


mugdha enters the room.


"what do you think you are' hnnn' do you think I have no work whole day other than thinking about that bloody breakfast'. Do you think tumhare bare me sochte baithunga main' tumhare bare me soch soch ker he to yeh business empire khara kiya hai maine' right"


"nahi rajat' aisa kuch nahi hai'. Maine to bass aise hee"


"What do you think'. Tumne yeh soch bhi kaise liya ke main tumhara banaya hua'. Arre I don't even care who makes the breakfast, or food and do my clothes'. I have lots of servants for that' do you understand and they are all professional in their work"


This breaks mugdha's all hope. He is comparing wifes work with servants.

But rajat is still not satisfied


"And frankly speaking, abhi jab tak adima ne nahi bataya tha, I didn't even know that you have been doing it"


mugdha completely feels broken and sad. Yash had just given her false hope she thought. Whole day was so active and how quick time passed and now with rajat's anger and his words, it was getting hard for her to even stay there for 5 mints. She felt suffocated.


This kept on happening, mugdha would go to office have challenging and fun filled time there and at home, till Annie was free she would spend time with her but in her room, she just have to be quiet and face quietness as rajat would just keep himself busy with work till late night and sometime looked at her'.. which look she didn't understand and felt suffocated of that look too


But rajat would actually go in trance of her beauty and body and kept staring at her till his trance would break and then to prove himself he would say or do something that would break mugdha.


Days passes by' It was 2 months of thier marriage now' rajat had made such a situation for her that even going to her room made her feel suffocated' everywhere else she would be fine but in her room she felt she was dying from within'.


Slowly slowly the love that she had for him started getting covered with the layer of suffocation, his avoidance, his ignorance and the humiliation that he gave her. When she was not married to him, things were different but now she was married and stayed with him in his room, so taking the same thing everyday started making her feelings go numb.

next part...Smile


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                                     PART 12

Slowly slowly the love that she had for him started getting covered with the layer of suffocation, his avoidance, his ignorance and the humiliation that he gave her. When she was not married to him, things were different but now she was married and stayed with him in his room, so taking the same thing everyday started making her feelings go numb.


Every time bearing the same pain had become unbearable now. She is fully aware now that rajat has completely no feelings for her. She sides herself from him. The more she will try the more she will get hurt and the situation between them will be more tensed. So she decided to give herself and him some space. She tried to keep herself busy in office, preferred to do late hours, taking assignments on weekends so that her mind is full even at home. The moment she is empty, with no work she feels suffocated by the silence between them and his look, which according to her was new ways to humiliate her without saying a word.


But for rajat, seeing her everyday' getting ready after bath, loosening her hair at niht before sleep' changing to nighty after dinner' how her hands moved on her skin when she applied lotion was become too much to avoid'. His urge to touch her and feel her slowly increased but his ego was still dominant on him and would not allow him to approach. He was very sure, mugdha loved him madly and once he will make a move she will drown herself in him. He was true in one sense as that was mugdha's state few months back but with his continuous torture of humiliation he has pushed that love somewhere so deep that mugdha herself was unable to recognize that she had such love for him. These days all she felt was suffocated with his presence near her' the fear that even if she gives any word on small gesture towards him he will return them with only harsh behavior or other humiliation. She has somewhere lost the strength to handle the humiliation now.


It has been 3 months now and rajat's obsessive ness to get mugdha has increased .

mugdha is going to her office. There is an annual day in office and an award function too.


Her boss has nominated her name as best emerging talent of the year. Her friends are more excited then her about her award.

mugdha's personality in office is entirely different. She works with authority, makes fun and her personality brings people close to her' Her aura does not even go untouched with clients and bosses. People girls or boy come to her and feels proud to be in contact with her'. Leave her friends they love her madly, teases her and also takes her for granted.



Yash:"oye hoy'. Meri Jaan' get ready for the party ' waise I am jealous"


mugdha:"tu aur jealous'. Do you even know the meaning of it' chaddo yaar, functions ke organization bhi dekhnee hai'."


Meera:"I think HR guys are doing that'. You do you take so much responsibility Man"


mugdha: "Ohh' they roped me in"


Pinky:"Sure' ppl need any reason to rope you in anything'. Is there anyone in office who don't know you'.."


Armaan:"mugdha waise tune ek baat chupayee na'.. hey humsab me sabse achcha appraisal bhi issi ka hua hai"


mugdha: "uskee bhi party de dungee' now only if you guys leave me' I have to rush"


The function started and CEO and all big shots of the office gave there speech'. They had QA sessions with employee and then the award ceremony'.


mugdha offcourse got the award and pictures were clicked to be placed in the wall' then the office had big party and it got late for everyone to leave for home. It didn't matter to mugdha as she was used to it and that was her best escape.


She comes home and stays late in Annies room sharing her Awards with her and Dadima' mugdha is all normal with them and doesn't let anyone know the problem she has with rajat. If Dadima knows, her family will know and she don't want that.


While rajat is not able to bear mugdha's late entry to room everyday'. His ego stops him to ask but what will he do of his restlessness' he always come with some reasn or the other to riya room to check on mugdha and then riya pushes mugdha to her room.


Same happened that day too but before rajat could go to riya's room mugdha enters with some award'. His fast beating heart gets little soothed to see her' she doesn't even bother to show him award as she is sure he is going to say something very humiliating to all her hard work'.. She goes to wash room after changing' rajat's eyes is completely on her' which always suffocate her' "why does he look at me that way'. What does it mean" She on herself is fully sure this is his other way to show her down but she ignores it as now she have no more strength to take it.


her wet face' she is wipping' same procedure as other days but rajat's eyes always want to look and know something beyond'. He has taken his ego to so high that it is not making him possible to come down from it and approach his own hand to touch her' this confused state between desire and ego is increasing his obssesivness everyday'. He closes his eyes like everyday imagining how he is feeling her in different ways'. Physical desire is all he has realized towards her till now and that is the reason his ego gets overpowered.


One day in mugdha's office


Pinky:"Get tujhe pata hai'. Avantika got divorced'"


mugdha:"Kya bol rahee hai'.. OMG this western culture is taking a bad toll in our society' especially metros"


Pinky:"Nahi yaar'. These days husband and wife both are so much involved in their life'. Ke difference bedte hee jate hain' its common due to lifestyle'. Kisi ek ko pehel kernee chahiye naa' they should give relationship a chance"


Pinky left'. mugdha was left in her thought'. What about her marriage life'. Should she try to give it one last chance' only one last chance she can try to come near rajat' maybe that will chance something in him.


She is scrared about her thought, but one last chance, if works can save their drowning realation'.


rajat is waiting for the day mugdha will break and come to him'. Today mugdha is coming to him' just to give a try to save their relation'.


She gets freshen up and comes to rajat


"rajat mujhe apse kuch baat kernee hai" rajat had been waiting for her to talk and come to him but the moment she speaks his stupid Ego takes a toll




mugdha is not at all sure if she herself at all want to do what she is going to say'.. her body which longed for his touch now repels from even the thought that he will touch her as he completely hates her according to her knowledge.


After a thought she she pushes her heart away and talks with her brain just for their relationship to survive "we have not lives as husband and wife after marraige" is all she could say'


Maan was waiting for this day but as he is used to not talk straight to her and the anger that she had made him wait so long'. "what does she think of herself'. I knew all along she will come to me"


"You know what, I don't find any spark in you" these words and mugdha backs away'. This was too much for a wife to take from her husband.



"But for our relationship I think'" but she is not hearing anything now' her head is spinning badly'. She  feels that everything has been badly crushed


Not knowing how to stand there she runs to the balcony' she feels like she will faint '. she tries to hold the chair and stabilizes herself. At that very moment her heart goes completely in remorse from rajat. Her heart becomes hard as stone at that very moment with no feeling or the love for him or it goes so deep in darkness that she is not at all able to recognize.

next part...Smile

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PART 13 

Not knowing how to stand there she runs to the balcony' she feels like she will faint '. she tries to hold the chair and stabilizes herself. At that very moment her heart goes completely in remorse from RAJAT. Her heart becomes hard as stone at that very moment with no feeling or the love for him or it goes so deep in darkness that she is not at all able to recognize.


"Didn't even listen to my words and she ran away'. How dare she do this to rajat khanna"


After finishing his work, he doses off while mugdha just don't want to come to the room' the suffocation in it will kill her.


She doses off in the balcony itself' doesn't know when. The wind is a little chilly but mugdha can take anything now other than going near him, sharing room with him.


rajat wakes up at his regular early hour time and finds no mugdha'. His heart skip the beat' he is used to see mugdha sleeping beside him in his bed when he wakes up'. He goes all around and find mugdha sleeping in Balcony, a relief runs thru him.


"Crazy" and he leaves for his Gym work.


mugdha wakes up with her alarm and she sits there for few minutes just to register everything that happened last night' she suddenly feel she is strong enough to handle his torture as she feels she is not able to feel for him now'. The emotion has drifted far away.


mugdha gets ready for her office'.. She comes back at night and brings her office work to home too'. rajat comes in the room and mugdha doesn't even move or lift up her face to see him' she just keeps herself busy with her work'. She cannot hate the person whom she had loved so madly but her heart is not affected by him now'.. he had completely broken it to feel love for him even if there is any'. rajat feels it little awkward but ignores.


mugdha is feeling relaxed these days as she has completely made herself not to get affected by rajat. She has made a separate world for herself' She starts enjoying her life in office and at home with riya and Dadima'. She doesn't tell about their difference to anyone. She decides she needs to be happy'. Happy for her family who does anything to keep her happy' How rahul bhai wanted to marry her just to give her a better life. She will not be sad as that would dishearten her family. If they know rajat humiliated her this way they will be briken as Papa has lots of trust on rajat. She had handled it but they will not be able to handle it. So after lot of thought She decides she needs to be happy.


rajat on the other hand is getting little restless with mugdha's complete ignorance'.. his ego will not let him approach her but he is not able to digest. His obsessivness is also increasing'. Urge to make her his is making him restless'.


One day in the mornig'. mugdha is making her hair infront of mirror, while rajat comes out from bath with towel on only'. He has a his typical fragrance ON. In earlier times mugdha would not be able to resist and would steel glance at him he knows that but it is not the case now with mugdha'  he intentionally comes near her in front of mirror, brushes his shoulder to her in order to take his comb. He tries to see her reaction but Geet only moved to the other side to pick her file.


rajat is not able to digest her indifference towards him. mugdha on the other hand don't want to give him any chance to humiliate her, she is completely able to handle herself against him and his charm as her heart has gone completely remorse from his feeling'


In office mugdha as usual always have a great time, with praises, acknowledgment and friends love and care.


Days passes by' rajat in tries many indirect ways to seduce her'. Ways which will make any girl fall on her knees to have him but mugdha shows no interest. Her indifference towards him makes him more inviting towards her, only that his ego will not allow him to approach her directly. In other words he has completely fallen for her but his ego stops him to talk or take initiative or to accept it. He is rajat khanna and he has the power to control himself '.. his ego says and that's what is stopping him.


One day in mugdha's office, mugdha , Yash and Meera are called by her boss.


Boss:"See guys, your this project is almost coming to an end' Like it will end in a month and I have a new very challenging project coming up and I want to put you all three in that"


Yash:"sure sir I will love to take the new challenge"


mugdha is also happy along with Meera.


Boss:"But before we start you three wil have to go to London for the knowledge Transfer process for 3 months as we are taking this project from different company who were already working on this project. So think over it and whatever is your descision let me know by tomorrow. We will need to starts Visa processing ASAP"


mugdha goes to her seat and thinks for a while and the decides that this is the best way to take her away from the daily suffocation. She is not affected by his presence but still staying together with him daily is suffocation. She really need these three months of fresh air to breath in and and get some fresh energy to face this daily suffocation thru her life. She has decided she will Go.


mugdha doesn't feel a need to inform rajat and doesn't want to let him know as he may creat a hindrance. He can do anything to make her feel low, she thinks as he hates her.


But then she decides to let him know as Dadima and family will question her if they knows she did not inform him.


So that night


"I have something to tell you"


rajat's happiness knows no bound, he is very sure mugdha is talking about their relationship and this time he is not going to talk any foolish.


"Go ahead" he says sternly but still softer than earlier times.


"It's regarding my office assignment" rajat's all hope goes in shatter' after so many days and this is what she has to talk to me'. He gets irritated


"Listen, I have told you earlier I am not at all interested in your office or job or career' neither do I object  you regarding that, do what ever you are doing'. and please don't waste my and your time with that talk"


"so you don't want to listen" "No, don't you understand" he is really irritated.


No one is happier then mugdha'. It was her duty to tell him, he didn't listen and now she is free of her duty. She decides she will make sure he doesn't know about her trip before she leaves as she was scared he won't free her.


In irritation rajat gets more busy with his work which she thinks is in her favor.

mugdha informs Dadima and her family. When they asked her about rajat's view


"Unhe koi aitraaz nahi hai' he said it's my career and I should take my descision regarding it'. Aura bb applog unhe isbat me jyada pareshan na hee Karen' khud itne bust hain who aajkal"


It was neither lie nor true.  She convinces everyone and her Visa goes for processing. She makes all her plan with Yash and Meera of their stay there.


Yash:"Your husband is not objecting right'. very supportive of hnn."


mugdha gave a smile: "He doesn't interfere in my career' I am lucky in that way"


She doesn't want more questions or curiousity' she just want to be free'. It's only 3 months but that will give her energy to survive when she comes back.

next part...Smile


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