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                                POSSESSION,LOVE AND PAIN 















The sun is setting down'.. She is sitting quietly just looking at her phone'. She had received congratulations from everyone' her Mom, Papa, rahul bhai, tina di and priya'.


Dadima and riya had also called and congratulated'. All her friends have congratulated her and they had thrown a nice party in college canteen to celebrate their last day and to congratulate her'.. Yes she had topped in whole university in her management program'.


She is now sitting silently observing the sunset'. Her blackish brown hair is glowing and the sun is making her glow golden'. But she shouts at anyone who praises her emense beauty'. And says to herself "am not beautiful' I am rejected'."


She waiting for the call which her mind knows will never come but her heart is crying "Just once' please'."


She is used to face his rejection since she was 11 and since he had come to stay in her house to build his career'.  Yes career, rebuilding his company and getting back his family name is all he had cared about'. She was his distraction and he hated any distraction which came his way' he was determined to get things back would not let any distraction over come him



Her friends come in a group'"mugdha tu yahan kya ker rahee hai'. We are looking for you all around"


Frnd 2: "ohhh again lost in her unknown world'.. iska invisible boy friend'.."


Frind3: "the one jiskee humne aaj tak tasweer bhi nahi dekhi'.."


Frnd2 :"2yrs me ajj tak kabhi phone bhi to nahi aaya uska'. mugdha tu itnee achchee student hai phir aise phycho ke tarah kyun behave kerti hai kabhi kabhi'.."


Frnd 4:"arre jab koi hoga tab to phone karega na' apne sapno me hee kisi ko bana liya hai isne' call kahan se ayega'."


mugdha: "ho gaya tum logon ka'. Now will you guys leave me alone'.."


She had somehow managed to get his mobile number from Papa. And off course she knows the office number of Khanna Groups main office were he generally sits if not on any trip'.. She is looking at the number, fearing even to dial them'..


He is going to attend the new project meeting' yes one of the biggest project now get to Khanna groups'. Other than getting projects from outside they have their own project and leading in many sector'. Company is growing exponentially as rajat live and die for it'.. Not letting any distraction come his way'. The one he had, he had pushed it far away'. Now he will not be affected "damn I never was" he thinks.


He is presiding the meeting and his mobile is in vibration mode'. No distraction he needs in between'.


mugdha keeps looking at the number she had typed in her mobile' "should I press this'" her hands are shaking from fear'. His red eyes spitting anger comes in front of her'


"2 saal ho gaye'. Unhone he to kaha than a college join kerne'. To bas result bata dungee' kaam khatam'"


She gathers courage and presses the green button' his mobile in vibrates'. He never looks at his mobile when he is in meeting even if it vibrates but this time he gets distracted and pushes it little far'.


"yeh to unknown number hai' pata bhi nahi hai that it's my number then why does he not pick it'."


Once dialed, she gets courage'. rajat is in meeting and again the phone vibrates' he gets distracted again and now irritated' who is daring to distract him' he hates it'


Three time, four time'. He looks at the number' the unknown number'. He ignores and carry on with his meeting'. six time' he has given up the fight now'. How can this distract him' he picks the phone and excuses himself' he hates himself for doing this


He comes out' only one thing has ever distracted him and he has done his best to put it away' what is this new thing that's distracting him'. "Kahin woh'. No"' he presses the green button and his fear turns to reality when he hears the breath movements on the other side of phone'. He is about to cut it when she says it fast "ra jaat...' I have topped" and cuts the call'. "how dare she!!!!! " he would have killed her with his angry looks if she was in front'.. like he had killed her so many times' everytime scaring her to death with his anger spitting looks on her'.

hope u like it...


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Maan goes back to the meeting and tries to concentrate but he is continuously distracted by the the sound "RA..JAAT' I have topped". He tries to ignore it but that voice, the sweetness and softness in it keeps on troubling him'. His mind keeps wandering'"hell what is this'" He tries several times to concentrate but hearing her voice after so long he is not able to. He at last gives up'. He doesn't want to give only part of him to anything'. He excuses himself from the meeting. Client doesn't mind as his reputation is so good' there really must be something..


He immediately leaves not at all liking what he did and for what a silly reason.

He directly heads to his Gym. "How dare she'. What does she think off herself " He starts doing his tai chi feverously but still things keep on coming to his mind


Two yrs back when he has asked her "kitnee baar kaha hai maine do not poke your nose in my matter'. Go join the MBA program you are getting offer from'. Concentrate on your career" This he had shouted on her when she had only complimented him on his success that time'. And again that day he had not been able to do any work'. Her face, her talks kept coming to his mind '. He who can not be disturbed from anything' when he have made himself such that he doesn't let anything affect him how can that meek and weak girl affect his mind'. He will never accept it's not his mind but heart which gets affected'. Things keep on going in his mind and he keeps on doing Tai chi giving himself harsher and harsher pain. 1st it was his need to keep her away from himself and now it's also his ego "how can RAJAT KHANNA be afftected".


MUGDHA on the other hand is really relieved that at least she was able to call him and let him know she got on top. "mugdha why did you cut the phone idiot'. Unka reaction to dekhna tha' He must have been so proud' that I am doing so well.. isme who naraz kyun hote' but now you have spoiled everything in your nervousness'. Abb to mobile pe uthayen ge bhi nahi'. I can try from office"


mugdha tries to call Khanna group office' receptionist picks'. It's daughter of Mr. veer sherma so the phone cannot be denied she receptionist connected her to sanjam, rajat;s right hand as she did not have the power or guts to connect directly to rajat sir.


sanjam wonders why will any one from sherma family try to call thru office' rajat sir gets call from them directly' he cannot ignore and so picks


sanjam:"Yes miss sherma'. I am sanjam speaking"


mugdha:"yeah mr. sanjam' can you please connect to Mr. rajat's office'"


sanjam: "Sorry Mam'. Sir left the office few minutes ago'. Why don't you call him on mobile"


mugdha:"left the office'"


sanjam: "yeah he was in some very impt meeting when he got a call' he never picks phone at that time'. But I am nor sure why but he picked it and after that he was too disturbed to attend the meeting'. Seems there was something important' better you should call him on his mobile"


mugdha cut the call immediately' she is sure rajat is again angry from her call.. she never understand why does he get so angry from her call, her talk or her presence' why is there so much repulsion ' It was after two years that she had called him'"OMG'. He was in middle of some meeting aur tabhi maine phone kiya'. How much he hate disturbance when in middle of something' I should have understood he must be busy when he did not pick the unknown number' but no mugdha you are so dumb.. abb kya hoga'.krishnaji' Kitna aag babola ho rahe honge'" She have only one person as saviour'


rahul bhai, he was rajat's friend' tina di and priya would make fun of her'


She called bhai :"rahul bhai' who rajat' bohut naraz hain' kuch kijiye na"


rahul:"Abb college se baithe baithe tune kya ker diya'."


mugdha:"I just called him to say I have topped but he was in the meeting that time' mera phone utha liya aur abbb'"


rahul: "mugdha tu bhi na' aa bail mujhe maar' kya jaroorat thi uss nakchare ko call kerke yeh batane kee'kyun panga leti rehtee hai usse.."


mugdha:"maine to bass'"


rahul:"tum dono ka kuch samajh nahi aata mujhe' who tujhse dur rehna chata hai to chertee kyun rehtee hai usse'. Waise tell me one thing' Bachpan me tune usse kaun se karwi kardha pilaye thee jot tere naam se he woh aag babula ho jata hai'"


mugdha:"aap unse baat karenge yaa nahi'"


rahul:"theek hai kerlonga thordi der baad'. Abb main baar baar tere pange nahi sambhaln wala samjhee' iske baad agar pange le na usse to khud sambhalna.."


It was just a light hearted talk for rahul but mugdha could feel his anger' she has faced it so many times'.


She remembers when she had 1st face it


He had come to stay in her house'. was devastated by the loss of his father who was his role model and who had finished his life making rajat hear so much against his Dad from different people' they called his Dad a loser and that was not acceptable to rajat'.


He had become violent and was not controllable from Dadima' riya was small.. could be moulded but rajat at the age of 16 was at very vulnerable state' Dadima decided he needed a family and veer was more than Happy to take rajat in his house' he was son of his talented friend' whatever world says he knew his friend' and rajat had known veer's family very well and so this was the only place best for rajat that time'


sherma house was a four bedroom descent flat' not small for them but compared to Khanna Mansion it was nothing'. But these things were not that mattered that time' rajat needed a family'.


veer had never preferred to take monetary help from his friend' their friendship was precious to him' he was happy with his descent earning..


When rajat had come he was not in his senses'. He just locked himself in one room.. veer nd shakshi had decided to give him as much time and space of privacy ' they could feel his condition'.


But mugdha was small' just 11'. For her rajat was her friend' less did she realized that the situation has changed him upside down' he was no more her old friend rajat'.


It had been two days' he never came to dining area' shakshi had placed thali in his room and next time when she used to go' she used to come back with old thali as it is' he was not even touching the food'. Now mugdha was getting restless'


"Mamma can I go'. He is my friend na'"


She went to give him the food thali and took the old one in hand'. She waited there that he will even look at the food but he was looking no where'. " rajat  khana" only this much and he had looked at her'. He kept looking' his eyes were red' red with pain and anger'. She got very scared' never expected this look from him' but he was not eating and this was not good' she gathered "Khana kha lijiye" he got up' took the thali from her hand and threw it on the floor, then took the one that she had brought now and threw it on the floor too'. "ho gaya' now get lost!!!" he had shouted out loud' held her hand and threw her out of the room'. This was her 1stencounter with his anger '


mugdha got goose bumps remembering that day and his anger'.

next part in evening...Smile


RAJAT in Gym... after a long physical torture of self he comes out... He is remebring his each encounter with mugdha and how every time she had diverted him from his work... "Why has this girl the power to affect me... No she doesn't have any she just keeps coming behind... To trouble me"


mugdha in her room remembering her encounters with rajat




After 5 days of locking himself in room rajat came out with some strong determination... Determination of not crying... not letting things or people around him affect him in anyways... He will now get things back, his family name, his companies reputation and everything back... He will not let anything that diverts him from his aim to come near him... He had to work hard...


Everyone was seated in the family room when rajat came there... It was evening.. tea and snack time... shakshi was more than happy to see him getting out of his shell...

He gave a smile and then "Uncle can you start my admission process from tomorrow.. I want to join as soon as possible..."


And from then and there he just started working hard on his studies.. he also started getting to know about his company... he had no intention to join half prepared but he wanted to be updated...


He then started getting friendly with rahul and tina...tinawas his same age while rahul was 2 yrs older... He was rajat's senior but they would mostly end with rajat helping him out in everything... But still kept himself less involved... mugdha used to avoid him seeing his anger the other day but as she saw he slowly got mixed with others she wanted to get her friend back... Actually she wanted to go to him and share his sorrows...she somehow felt his pain


Mostly a day or two before exams or test rajat used to come to kids and get refreshed'. That was his way... But this time when mugdha too decided to join in their fun with rajat so she went there... Everyone was playing throw ball to each other... They all called mugdha too and she joined, she started playing... she wanted to play good, somewhere within her heart trying to impress him.. it was all unknown... But the effect was huge...the moment she started playing rajat's complete attention went to her... How she was jumping, how she was playing... How her skirt flowed how her hair moved on her face and how she pushed it back... They had played together earlier too but this was sudden... he got effected with her 1st time...


His life has changed ... he needed to fill the gap of missing love... to own someone... but he didn't realize it...


He went to his room... pretty soon then... That night however he tried he was not able to concentrate on his work... Her face, her smile, her actions everything started coming up to him... No this was not done... he went out for refreshment and he was all back with a diverted mind... how can this happen' how can he be affected... He cannot do this... he needs to give full to his work... he had a big mission ahead... Not able to concentrate he slept that night... with only dreams of mugdha...


Next day he had locked himself and concentrated...Then on his exam day everyone wished him luck... As he had played with them the other day mugdha too thought to wish him... "All the best rajat" She had given a sweet smile with her innocent face... this was last thing he face her.. he got furious and he turned to her in full anger... Just kept looking at her with his angry look... Reminding mugdha again of his anger that day... She gulped her saliva... "Maine kya kiya??" He again turned back with even angrier look... He had no answer just angry at her for taking his attention... 

That day evening when rajat came mugdha went to his room... she wanted to know what wrong has she done...


"App mujhse naraz kyun ho??? Maine kya kiya??? "


"Kuch nahi' just stay away from me... I don't want you near me that's it"


"per kyun achanak' maine kya kiya..." Now this was too much for him.. he was trying to concentrate and she was troubling him... His anger rose up... he turned to her, held her hand hard and twisted it... looked at her and kept looking at her "don't want you near me... that's it... itna samajh nahi aata...mere peeche kyun padi hoo... Now get out... " and he pushed her towards the door... Even he didn't knew what gave him the right to behave so roughly with her... and he knew somehow she will keep things to herself... even If she complained he didn't care..


mugdha had felt bad...why was he so bad to her and only her... but he was right she didn't complain... he was disturbed she knew... he needed time... She cried all alone in her room... 

So this kept on happening... mugdha would separate herself  from him... just they had dinner or break fast together .. she kept quiet when he was near... 

But again days would pass and mugdha would get restless and as he would cool down with everyone she would used to come and try to be friend... But everytime time she came closer he would just be lost in her and thus to try keeping her away from him ... for this he started using harsher ways... making mugdha even scare more of him...


This happened slowly in days.. even the family members started realizing that but they felt rajat and mugdha had some serious fight... And slowly they realized rajat didn't want mugdha near him so they suggested her to not interfere in his matter... They in no case wanted to disturb rajat who had already gone thru much...


But slowly something different started happening... mugdha started new feelings... she always wanted to go near him... she somehow felt, if she will near him he will heal... she started getting the urge to come near him... to get away all his pain... Staying away from him was hurting her...


Things changed with rajat  too... He didn't let mugdha near him but now even a sight of her affected him... He was excelling in all ways and even learning more and more about companies and how to manage them... this he learned in background... he let nothing bothered him... Nor functions, b'day patries , gathering... Nothing but only one thing... mugdha... Why so... this was not bearable... What was the problem...


Sometimes it became so unbearable that he would steel sight of everyone and used to steel glance of her while she was studying or busy in something... Later he would always regret his deed and hated mugdha more for making him do so... On those occasions if by mistake mugdha would anytime come in front of him he would give her such angry spitting look and demoralizing words that it would break her... she didn't knew her fault...never knew... only his anger... But she took it all... falling more for him...It would keep on going so...


Time would pass in separation this way until either mugdha would get restless and when the pain was unbearable she used to go to him only to get back his anger and harsher mean words... That would at least satisfy him... Pouring all his frustration on her... Or sometimes when it would be unbearable for him and unknowingly his self taking him to her... Only to have some looks and result would be same... Getting frustrated on himself he would again pour out his anger on her...


3 yrs passed this way, and when he was 19 he got admission abroad for higher studies... Now also he got much better grip of how his company's work... He even seriously started making plans on how to work on the changes... what to do to make the expansion... 

He was ready to go... Really happy that he was going away from the daily torture... somewhere his heart cried but he ignored it completely... He was doing his packing... Dadima and riya too came to say him good bye... Everyone was in his room helping him packing, giving last minute suggestions etc... he was fine with all that and people surrounded as it helped to ignore the unknown pain... mugdha got restless to see him... he will be gone for 2yrs... She has to meet him... It's Ok if he shows anger, he had anyways always done that and she had taken it all so it would not be a wrong bargain...

She went and stood outside the gate of his room... He was busy packing and listening to others... How lucky was priya, she was complaining to rajat "who will now help me do my studies and sports..." And he lovingly kept his hand on her cheek "rahul bhaiya hain na tumhare... and I will also bring lots of gifts for you..." She was making faces and he was smiling... Everyone explained priya not to cry when someone is going for good job... mugdha looked at it all... Suddenly Dadima saw mugdha "Aarre beta aap bahar kyun kharee hain ander aaiye na..." rajat suddenly knew who it was'. He was furoious "why has she to come now when everything was going fine"... As she came in he turned and gave a furious look to her... she stumbled... tina and priya laughed on mugdha, they always made fun of how she was scared from him.. 

Dadima: "Sambhal ke beta... Aiye idher baithiye..."


For rajat it was not tolerable "kyun koi tamasha laga hai yahan jo sabhi ko bheer laganee hai... main bass packing ker raha hoon isme itnee bheer kee kya jaroorat hai..."


shakshi wanted to send rajat with peace and didn't want violence at last moment...


"Chalo sab log abb apne apne kamre me jaoo... rajat ko aram se packing kerne do... Videsh jar raha hai bachcha kuch chutna nahi chahiye..."


Dadima:"aarree abhi to aayee hai becharee... aaoo beta"


rajat was angry as why mugdha was not leaving... But she wanted to have some last minutes general talk with him...


rajat:"kyun exams hain na tumhare kal... tou phir meri packing pe nahi apne pardai pe dyan do... Go do your work and let me do mine..." Rudeness was boiling but due to Dadima he tried to keep his calm... He then looked at her and signaled her to go out... she had no option but to obey him...


She went but his peace that night was gone...


Day after rajat left for London

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awesome concept

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Then rajat had returned after 2 yrs , he had started working for his company forgetting everything. He also came to meet mugdha's family. She was hiding and watching him'.He looked like a young Man now'. He was so handsome' He met everyone but his eyes were unknowingly looking for her once glimpse but he out not accept it to himself to'. mugdha had observed his restlessness and herself got restless due to his'. She could not bear and just went there making some lame excuses' he looked at her' he felt she looked little grown up too'. He then turned away and casually started to talk to everyone else' They were all so happy to see him after 2 yrs'


Then rajat had been busy in his work but would take out time to visit them'. Dadima and riya would always come'. Khanna Group started building up very well' Everyone from MUGDHA's family had visited Khanna Mansion but not mugdha' If rajat did not even want to see her with what right would she go to his house' Dadima and riya had also invited her so many times but she would make excuses' tina Di and priya had so many praises of khanna Mansion whenever they went there' it was like a real palace and they felt like princess there''


This way days passes, rajat and only seeing each other for mere few minutes in a year when rajat would come to meet her family and mugdha would come there making some excuses'.Last time when they had come mugdha had come with the excuse of congratulating rajat on his new projects'.. and rajat had asked her to concentrate on her career and advised her to join the college'..


rajat had wanted to buy a big havelli for her family but veer and rahul said they are really happy for their success and definitely ask for his help if they needed. rajat did not insist as he can never pay them back what they have done for them in whole life time and he didn't want to pay back'' just wanted to keep this debt of love and family that they had given him forever in his life'.

mugdha who is 21yrs now was returning home after so many days' She had 3 job offers in her hand, she also got a job offer from Khanna group but she declined it'. rajat did not want to even see her so she should not take offer from his company, if he knew she was working in his company, she feared he may be very furious'. The offer was very alluring but she ignored'. She decided to take the job in Delhi as to stay with her family'.


Everyone was happy for her in her family for getting such a nice job' days went by.. mugdha got busy in her job, one of her classmate, Yash, who was also from Delhi also joined with her in the same company' then she also got new group of friends in her new company too'.


Family was looking for marriage of tina they started looking for suitable boy and tina got lost in her marriage thought'.


One day when mugdha came home from office


tina:"Yeh kya din bhar itna kaam kertee hain tu'. Tujhe sapne to dekhna hee nahi aata' mujhe dekh kaise apne shadi ke sapno me khoyee rehtee hoon' kaun hoga mera rajkumar'. Tu kya jane ladkiya sapne kaise kaise dekhtee hain"


It hit mugdha like spears'. Her dream had been broken so many times that she cannot even imagine it to ever come to reality' She can never imagine giving herself to anyone other that rajat'. What ever his behavior towards her , she didn't even know when she gave her heart completely to him' whatever way he behaved with her, she had unknowingly given him right to say or do anything to her, that was between them but she could in no case give that right to anyone else'. On the other hand she also knew that it was far from impossible that rajat will ever even think of marrying her'. So she said


mugdha:"I am never gonna marry di' to sapne dekh ker apna samay kyun waste karonn'. Waise tere shadi me bohut maje karoongee main"


tina got happy with the mention of her marriage'.


So rahul got busy looking for eligible boy for rahul He would select boys according to his capacity, veer would agree but then it would go to Dadima too for consultation and rajat would look into it and keep rejecting them'.


rahul would call him and shout at him :"dekh Maan aise kyun ladko o chant deta hai' hum ladke teri nahi apnee haisyat se dhund rahen hai'."


rajat :" Haan pata hai'. per who hamaree tina ke layak hona chahiye'."

 rajat who was 25 yrs age now, would almost be 26 in few months was a year older than tina


So after lots of rejection and selection a decent boy was selected with good family background, approved by everyone.


rajat did not want to leave any loop holes so Dadima called both the family for dinner in mansion. Boy and his family were more than overwhelmed to be invited to Khanna mension'. It was much much more than expected for them' mugdha was also compelled by everyone to come for dinner but she avoided' she had to give an real hard work saying no this time' Dadima also got angry  with her but she escaped giving the reason of loads of office work' tina had been angry too that mugdha was not interested in seeing her Jijajee' mugdha had to really please her '.


Now rajat was a successful man and no more ayoung boy, so though most of the time his mind overpowered his heart but sometimes his heart took the lead.


Everyone came for the dinner to Khanna mansion, the boy and his family though from a descent background was really nervous and excited too' Coming to Khanna was no less a deal. veer and family also arrived.


Dadima: "Come everyone'." Proper welcome was done.


Dadima to rahul:"mugdha nahi aayee na iss baar bhi'. Kahin jaatee bhi hai ya nahi who ladki' I need to talk to her'"


This took rajat's attention, how much he pretended to himself that mugdha didn't matter to him but she unknowingly always took his attention' "nahi aayee???" A kind of unknown frustration ran within him. After sitting with everyone for a while he silently left for his room'.


So the marriage date and everything was fixed. tina would leave for Canada with her husband after her marriage.


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It's tina marriage day. Function has started since 2 days. Along with other relatives Dadima and riya have also come 2 days before to stay with veer and his family' Savitri devi wants to make sure everything is well done'.


They have rented a nearby apartment for other relative to stay'.


Dadima met with mugdha "So mugdha' tu mujhse naraz hai kya' kabhi kuch kaha hai maine tujhe'

mugdha: "Nahi Dadima, kaisee baat ker rahee hain aap' main apse naraz hone kee soch bhi nahi sakte'"


Dadima: "tou hamare ghar nahi aane kee koi khas wajah' abhi tina ke liye to aana chahiye tha na'. bohut naraz hain hum aapse'"


mugdha: "Please Dadima naraz na hoon'. I was really stuck with loads of work'. Aur saare kaam khatam ker liye tabhi to itnee chutti bhi mili na'."


Dadima also questioned her of why she has to work in other company when rajat could provide her with better opportunity'. she just made some excuse of campus rules and such and escaped the question'.


They had lots of fun was goin on for  2 days' tina is excited and now and then keeping mugdha nd priya near her' mugdha has also invited her friend Yash and some more from her office on Marriage'


Yash has teased her "Tumne bulaya aur hum nahi aayeen' aisa kabhi ho sakta hai meri Jaan'. I hope tumhara who invisible BF bhi to dekhe ke tumhara dost kitna Handsome hai'. Phir who waise hee tumhare peeche peeche aayega'.."


mugdha:"ohh really' tumhe kuch jyada confidence nahi hai apne aap pe'. Aur agar tumne ek bhi bakwas keen a to main abhi tumhara invitation cancle kartee hoon'"


Yash:"aarree nahi nahi' galti ho gaye meri Maa'."


mugdha was very comfortable with yash' he was a happy to go guy' always teased mugdha by proposing her in different way'. She also had her other friends Pinky , Arman, shilpa and Meera.


They were all invited'.


It is a marriage day'. Evening.. Function will start in an hour' mugdha was taking some stuff to tina's room when she heard Dadima on Phone


"Yeh kya baat hue rajat' aapp abhi tak aaye nahi' aapkee koi zimedaree hai bhi ya nahi"


"Baas pahuch hee gaya Dadima'. Thoree trafiic hai' hr me aa raha hoon bas"


"Theek hai.. jaldi kijiye"


Hearing rajat coming' mugdha's hands start shaking.. she immediately gives stuff to tina and runs to her room'. It was not empty, she rushes to the washroom and closes it' her heart is beating faster'. Just his name and he is coming' her legs, her hands, her whole body is shaking'.


"aabb main kya karron' puri shadi rahnge who' shayad kal tak ruke'. Kaise nahi jaaoon unke samne' per aise mahool me unka mood bhi to nahi karab ker sakte' kya karoon"


"Haan I will be with tina and then with my friends' they are here for me, I should entertain them'. Aur phir Yash ke ultee pultee baaten theek he rahegee mujhe divert kern eke liye'"


mugdha hears priya that rajat has come'. It's been 2 and half years' she has not seen him'. Her heart starts beating faster'. She has a very strong urge to just get his glimpse' she is unable to ignore this urge' rajat is in hall' though he has planned to keep it simple as he knows his effect on people ' even after keeping it simple his aura gathers relative around'. They don't have guts to approach him but everyone tries to get Glimpse of THE  rajat khanna, they will tell others they saw him.


mugdha hides behind the curtain and tries to get his glimpse' OMG he has been so manly, completely breathe taking'. She feels her heart has stopped beating'. Beard on his cheeks he looks entirely manly'. His build up' OMG.


"Nahi mugdha this is not fair' see if your friends have come and get busy with them'. Aaj agar tu unke samne aa gayee na itne dino baad' tou khud ko ruk nahi payegee unse baat kiye bagair aur phir unka mood kharab ho jayega'. "


So she went outside to meet her friend' luckily they were their and in full mood'. Yash teasing mugdha as usual'. She was looking angelic in her light pink lehga.. not very heavy but enhanced her completely'.


Yash:"aajj kitno ko girane ka irada hai mam'. Yeh ek diwana kaphi nahi hai kya'"


mugdha showed him eyes and then they all started teasing each other and even their bakwas diverted mugdha and she started enjoying with them'


rajat's eyes was searching for mugdha' he went to meet tina' his eyes looke all around but mugdha was not there'. For some reason or the other he went to all the rooms but she was no where'. He started getting irritated from within'.

mugdha was actually on the ground of apartment where all the guests were there' food arrangement and Jaimala arrangement was there and mandap was also decorated there..


mugdha was there with her food friendly friends'.           


Barat came and everyone else came down to too to receive them'.  mugdha immediately went and helped her to get on the stage'. She was there with priya to support tina and give her confidence'. That was when rajat's eye went on her'. His eyes could not leave the sight of her'. He was surprised to see how fully grown she was'. Her features, her look making her apart from whole crowd.. he was not able to believe that she is the same girl running behind him' She had the power to make the whole world revolve around her' while everyone was busy in jaimala, rajat's eyes was stuck at just one place'.


But just after the Jaimala everyone gathered on the stage and mugdha soon disappeared'..

His eyes tried to locate her but then he saw her on other side'. She was in a group of 4-5 young boys and girls'.. he was watching her from far' they were all having fun' she was having fun' then one boy placed his hand on her shoulder' rajat tightened his fists'. The boy must have said something and mugdha started running behind him' others were laughing out loud' then the other boy caught her by her wrist '. rajat was boiling' he felt like crushing anything near him'.then all three fell next to each other, laughing out loud'.. It was too much for him to take'. Boiling with anger he immediately left the place'.


mugdha was then immediately called by shakshi to get some thal'. mugdha rushed inside the apartment, almost empty as everyone was down on ground' She opened the door and rushed inside only to crash with someone'. An unknown ran fear within her and she closed her eyes tight' rajat supported her waist, saving her from falling'. the touch made her shiver thru her spine'. For few seconds rajat could not remove his gaze from her face' so beautiful and so close to him'.. after a while mugdha tried to open her eyes and seeing rajat holding her immediately straightened herself' This broke rajat's trance'


His boiling anger of seeing other boys touching her surfaced on him'. He looked at mugdha with red angry eyes' mugdha got scared'. How careful she had been but all in vain'..


Not in his senses, anger overpowering him, he held her wrist and twisted it back and pushed her towards the wall'. he was continuously looking at her scared eyes making it more scared... "Bohut shauk hain na ladko se takrane ka tumhe.. aao takraoo mujhse'."


His desire and anger taking him completely out of his mind'. He was strongly holding her twisted arm pushed her hard on the wall and then pushed himself on her'. mugdha could speak no words'. Tears started flowing down her eyes'.. but words were unable to cross her throat'. Her hands were hurting badly'.. he was about to rub himself badly on her when his senses came back' he left her in jerk and then also left the apartment in rush...



Hurted Geet was left there crying'..  She slid down the wall and sat on the ground hugging her knees to herself'.. She heard someone coming up and immediately left for the washroom'..


shakshi:"kanah reh gayee yeh ladki'.. abb thal lane bhi mujhe aana padega' mugdha kahan hai tu'.."


mugdha quickly fixed her face with slight touch and came out'.


mugdha:"who maa main bass thorda makeup theek ker rahee thee"


shakshi:"apne makeup kea age kuch aur dikhta bhi hai tumlogon ko' pata nahi kab jimedaree samjhogee'." She took the thal and rushed out'


Then her friend rushed in and captured her

next part------------------will be soon


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mugdha was completely upset'. Her friends observed


Pinky:"Geet what's the matter yaar' today is your sis marriage and you are here Sad'. Anything happened"


What would she say to Pinky that whenever he is around something or the other keeps happening'. His anger'. May be she is facing it after so many days that's why so disturbed'. But again she did not understand what her fault was actually'. They both crashed, was it her fault.


Yash:"mugdha where are you lost yaar'."


mugdha:"No who tina di will go to Canada' I will miss her"


They just took her but now she was conscious'. When she reached everyone asked where she was'. Marriage process was going on.. she just concentrated on tina.. she knew he was standing on the other side' she could not escape from here'. Then her friends came and bid her good bye' she went to send them off' Yash and arman as usual started teasing her to make her mood lighten up' when she made faces and Yash pulled her cheeks'. They all hugged and they left'. rajat did not like it' who was this boy to mugdha' he left from there'. mugdha turned and saw rajat was not there'. "why did he leave in middle Phir se naraz hain kya'. What did I do wrong "


mugdha my suggestion: Leave that saddu in his own haal



mugdha quietly goes to see what the matter is actually'. She can't stay when he is troubled'."Why is he worried" she knows she should not go behind him' it can be dangerous but her heart takes her behind him


mugdha goes and knock the door of room which was closed'. "who the hell is there" he thinks and opens the door'.


"Are you in your senses'. Kyun aayee ho mere piche piche"


"App mujhse naraz hain' maine kya kiya rajat"


"why the hell do you think you are that important that I am here for you'" he was not satisfied with his answer' "main yahan change kerne aaya hoon'. Do you want me to see me doing that" rajat had grown' his ways of getting his anger out has changed' specially from the time he had seen her today'


"I will leave" "No" he pulled her and made her sit on the bed, stood in front of her and started opening his buttons' he had opened his three buttons.. mugdha could see his strong chest'. so close, she drank her saliva'. Cannot move her gaze' he suddenly held her hand' "Now why don't you help me do that.." and he placed her hand on his buttons'. Nothing was going on mugdha's mind'. She automatically started following his order'. She was lost in him'.


rajat was just watching her'. "And now that you are done with that why don't you start with my pants" and he placed her hand on the buttons of his pant when she came out of her trance and was about to move away when rahul opened the door to the room' he was shocked to see them in that position'mugdha on bed'. rajat very close to her standing, mugdha holding his pants near button and rajat holding her hand'. "mugdha" he shouted and slapped her. He held her by her arm and pushed her out of there "bhaiii".


rajat then realized what he was doing.

"Yeh pagal ladki mujhe bhi pagal ker degi'. What were I doing and what the hell was she doing".


rahul kept his calm till Bidai' rajat tried to talk to rahul, to explain him that it was not like he is thinking but rahul just avoided him' "Tu bass jaldi se riya aur Dadima ko lekar chala ja"


But rajat was not leaving, he wanted to face the situation'. He will not run away' he quietly send Dadima and riya


After Bidai of tina, rahul called mugdha'. rajat came too in the hall' Whole of mugdha's family and rajat except priya was there


rahul explained everyone what he saw' "uncle baat aise nahi hai'" rajat tried to explain'. mugdha was in complete sho

veer felt ashamed' rajat tried to convince him'


rahul:"aabb yeh ladki kee manmani bohut chal gayee'. Iske mann me kya hai nahi pata hame' papaji iskee shadi kerwa do jaldi'."


rajat himself was not ready for marriage yet but if they asked at this situation what would he do'.


veer said :"tu theek keh raha hai'. Yeh baat kahin fail gayee to' shadi ka ghar tha, khabar fail saktee hai'."


mugdha:"Papaji, aisa kuch nahi tha'. Please yeh shadi isme kahan se'." rahul just showed her the eyes and she had no guts to speak' she was somewhere at fault'..


veer turned to rajat's confused look'."tumhe pareshan hone kee koi jaroorat nahi hai'. Tum kehte ho aisa kuch nahi tha to main tumharee baat ko jhutlata nahi beta' per yeh bhi to sach hai mugdha us waqt aise wahan thee' ham middle class log hain' meri teen betiya hain'. Hume yeh baat dabanee to padegi na"


He was now sweating' first the thought of marriage that too with mugdha'. He didn't know his feeling for yet' only that he get restless with her near him and she making him angry' how can he marry her' he was in his thought when veer spoke


"you don't worry' tum ghar jaoo, hum mugdha ke liye ladka pasand kerke uskee shadi kerwa denge' tumhe nahi phasayenge' tumharee society aur hamaree society alag hai beta"


"Uncle nahi yeh sab meri wajah se hua aur'."


"Nahi tumhe nahi kahenge kuch' if we ask you to marry her then you will because of situation per uske baad kya' mugdha ke ser per yeh ilzam tumbhi to laga sakte ho baad me ke usne tumhe phasaya'. Duniya to hamaree he thoo karegee' ek middle class ladki ne tum jaise bade ladke ko phasaya'. Tum mugdha ko pasand nahi kerte hame pata hai' isliye to tumharee baatoon per bharosa hai mujhe' per mugdhaaa..hmm"


veer  explained rajat to leave and just requested him to keep things quiet for his shake'.


rajat left, rahul "kyun jane diya usse'kyun nahi ker sakta who hamaree mugdha se shadi"

 veer explained him that rajat doesn't like mugdha and if we force him to marry her, people will say 100 things about them'. If rajat would have asked mugdha's hand willingly it would be a different matter'


mugdha shouted :"Main shadi kisi haal me nahi karoongee'" she left from there'


rahul felt bad for the way he behaved with her but he had to be strict to make her agree for marriage'


Soon they started looking for boys for mugdha' started showing her proposal but she would tear them without even looking at them'.

next part...


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MUGDHA locked herself in room'. shakshi,veer,rahul and priya all tried' but she did not open.


shakshi:"mugdha beta' teri marzi ke bina kuch nahi hoga beta'aise darwaza band mat kar"


rahul :"mugdha come on open the door or I am gonna break it"


mugdha was very hurt that her family did not trust her and are forcing her into something''


rajat on the other hand is also upset with whatever happened'.. "why the hell did she come behind me' na woh mere piche piche aate na main apne aapa khota'.. this girl always create mess"


rajat:" you must have controlled yourself rajat ' kyun uske samne behak jata hai'. Ek raat ke to baat thee, you must have controlled'."


Everyone in mugdha's house is marching quietly until mugdha opens the door'.


shakshi brings a food plate immediately to mugdha and shows eyes to rahul to say nothing'.


shakshi:"le kha le'. Bhool ja jo hua'. Chad na'"


veer:"beta you are getting us wrong'"


shakshi:"bass ho gaya na.. khana tak nahi khane doge kya isse"


Then after mugdha was done veer followed her'."mujhe kisi se koi baat nahi kernee.. you all don't trust me"


veer:"it is not that way beta' we trust you and rajat both, per tere shadi hum uss karan se nahi kisis aur karan se kerwana chate hain'. rahul ne jo karan mujhe bataya' tere khushi ke liye'. We just want a you settled with someone who can take care of you like princess not with money but heart'. "


"I am happy' I don't want to marry" "Puranee baton ko chor aage badna seekh beta'. Don't kill yourself like this' unless you say yes to the proposal we will not go ahead'. Give it a thought beta'."


mugdha didn't understand what her dad meant'. But then rahul came' she turned her face to other side' he was the one to bring this marriage thing up' she was really upset with him' how could he do so

rahul kept his hand on her shoulder "naraz hai bohut'.pagli tujhpe bharosa nahi karoonga main" She jerked him and turned more away'


"sare nakhre hamare liye rakha hai'. Kuch usse kyun nahi dikhatee jiske liye yeh sanyas rakha hai"


"main kisi ke liye kuch nahi ker rahee' I just don't want to marry and that's it"


"Do you think I am a blind or have no mind'. Manane gayee than a usse wahan'You met him after what more than 2 yrs right aur phir bhi janab ko teri kisi baat se narazgee ho gaayee thee' am I right'. Aur tu bhagee chalee gayee usse manane' right"


"aap kya bol rahen hain' I am not getting, I simply don't want to marry"


"don't want to marry and then what, devote your life to someone who treat you like a jerk'.."


"aisa kuch nahi hai bhai ' mujhe kisi se shadi nahi kernee'. Unse bhi nahi.. bass"


"unse bhi nahi'. As if he is coming to propose you'. don't fool yourself'. By the way, kiss baat pe naraz hue the janab"


"mujhe kabhi pata chala hai kya' bass naraz the'. bhai mujhe shadi nahi kernee hai' please bhai maan jao na' main bohut khush hoon"


"Nahi' kal jo hua abb aur nahi'. Bohut manmanee ker lee usne tere saath aur tune bhi aabb bohut ker liya'. I am not going to let you waste you life for someone who keeps treating you like waste'. Meri behan ko ek se ek pyar kerne wala milega' I will find a boy for you jo tujhe palkon pe bitha ke rakhega"


rahul leaves from there telling her his decision'.. Tears flowed down her eyes' till now it was she alone taking all the pain from his side but now her family was getting involved'.  She can not even imagine marrying to anyone, giving herself to anyone, she will die'. Living alone was best option'. "rajaaat" she cried helplessly in pain, she was restless, wanted to tear everything' it was badly hurting. "I don't know why I'"


veer got a call from rajat: "uncle bass ek galatphahmi thee'. Kyun usse shadi ke liye force ker rahe hain' meri wajah se koi force ho"


veer explained him that it was not for that but just they needed to marry her' "bete aap chinta nahi Karen'. Bass ladki hai shadi kernee hai to bass'." He cut the call


rahul asked who it was and hearimg rajat's name "kayar kahin ka" came out from rahul's mouth'.


They started looking for boy for mugdha'. After rahul's talk she could not say no but started rejecting all the boys' as Dadima also visited them frequently she too came too know that they are looking for match for mugdha and she keeps rejecting them. rahul didn't want her to know but shakshi told her and also asked help for finding a nice match'.


So she too started looking for a proper match'. It was then that rajat realized that they were seriously looking for the match' he didn't like it, but he knew somewhere mugdha will not be ready' then one day Dadima brought pictures of some boys and she was discussing it with riya'


rajat came just in "yeh kya hai'." He took some profile "yeh kya Dadima' abhi riya kee Shadi nahi kernee mujhe'"


"Yeh riya ke liye nahi, mugdha ke liye hai'. rajat tub hi apna idea de"


It hit rajat badly, profiles dropped from his hand'. "mugdha kee Shadi' are they serious"

"Aur mugdha" came out from his mouth


"Usse mana lega rahul" rajat left for his room'. He could not believe mugdha will marry "No she will not, I know that"


He immediately left for the Gym, he could not tolerate' kept torturing himself for long'. His night was sleepless'. The thought that mugdha can be someone else's was unbearable to him.


Then the process goes on and Dadima also gets involved and the news keep coming up to rajat'. His restlessness is increasing' missing office, frequent torture to self in Gym'. He cannot himself justify his act to his own self'.


mugdha on the other hand became emotionally numb'. kind of blanklet them do what they want to do


One day when Dadima said :"mugdha to abb koi rishta dekhtee bhi nahi'. Kaha jo sabko pasand ho wahi Karen' shayad woh samajh gayee hai ghar wale uska bhala hee chate hain'. rahul keh raha tha aisa ladka hai uske dhyan me jo mugdha ka bhoot khyal rakhega and he is sure mugdha will be happy with him"




rajat went to his room, not sure what to do'."yeh kya ho raha hai mujhe' I just hate her' how can she even trouble me like this'. Kyun pareshan hoon main in sabse' I just hate that girl'" and he threw everything here and there in his restlessness'.


His night became sleepless' now Dadima got worried not knowing what was troubling rajat' his behavior became towards himself and everyone became erratic.


This news also reached mugdha as when Dadima would come she would pour her trouble to shakshi, not knowing the cause'. rahul hated the fact that mugdha knew rajat was disturbed, everything was going so well, he was not in favor of involving Dadima in this whole marriage stuff but shakshi had leaked the news and now all this'. He wanted to fix things fast before it got out of control


mugdha was now more restless'. She had compromised for herself but rajat was so much troubled'. She could not bear it'. It was hurting her' his condition was giving her unbearable pain'. Sometime she felt like leaving everything and go to him' console him' not caring at all what he will say'. But her family's love binded her legs'. One side their immense love and other side his hatred but he was in trouble'. She was getting tore apart'..


"who meri wajah se pareshan hain' mujhe pata hai"



Next day rahul announced that he had talked to Yash and he is a good friend of mugdha and will take care of mugdha and that he was sure he will keep mugdha happy as he have seen them together enjoying. They did not need mugdha's approval for this and proceed by calling their family for the talk.

next part...


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