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SatrupaKiAnami. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2014 at 10:08am | IP Logged

Friday Update 14/11/14

Aiyyo Indha Vettaiyan adikara looti thangala!!!SleepyLOLLOL

Myna came to Meenu and Praise abt her hair, Meenu ask her to use Himalayas hair sampoo, Myna imaging lyk hvng long hair with Himalayas Shampoo dabba as lyk dng AD(Indha koduma onnu than illa ma irunthuchu)

Anbarasy hvng tea in a Tea kadai, one of his man, info him abt Tamil Fixed Meenu's Marriage with Vettaiyan, He ask him to info their Man to kill him, Vettaiyan who listen to all this, came to him and gvs intro...When Anabrasu abt to attack him, he takes a Aruva (Kaththi BGM ve..RammaaaAngrySleepyLOLLOL) and warns him, not to interrupt in his lyf,he ll marry Meenu and lead a happy lyf with her for sure.

Meenu talking with Saro in Mobile, Vaithi came there, she cuts the call and ask the matter, He says she is dng wrong, Meenu thinks he is saying abt her love issue with Saro, But Vaithi says he s talking abt her marriage decision with Vettaiyan and says he doesnt deserve to be her hubby..he ll ok if she marry saro as he wanna her lyf to be happy and dnt wanna him to be lyk his and ask her nt to believe her dad as he wnt make their lyf happy, Meenu ask him nt to talk lyk this as he is their dad, wen he abt to leave, she calls him and ask him nt to drink anymore as she too cares abt him as lyk he cares abt her...Vaithi leaves w/o saying anything.

Myna watches Vettaiyan talking with a lecture and misunderstands abt their relationship by hearing their convo in half way and started shouting, Vettaiyan slaps her and makes her to understand that the lecture loves him, but he says he gonna marry Meenu , so gave a love resignation letter nu, lecture moves from there, Vettaiyan gvs same resignation letter to Myna also, Myna feels bad and calls him when he abt to leave and ask him to marry her, if they any prbs may hpn in his and meenu's marriage, Vettaiyan says sure, he ll and leaves frm there, while Myna standing there feeling ah!!

Meenu and Saro gng in Bike, Bike puncture, Both hvng chit-chat while Meenu says Vaithi is ok with their love issue now and both hv some romance (podathing podathinga nu kadharunalum poturanunga andha Yelelo BGM ahCrySleepy) Vettaiyan who came on that way saw them hugging.

Show ends

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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 16 November 2014 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Monday updates  Nov 17, 2014
episode ... (pls advise lolz)

Story starts with both SM going on bike when suddenly tyre gone. Still both not worried and continues with romance lolz. Meenashi wishes it rains so she can hold his hand tight get wet and dance in the rain. Looks like its going to rain. Meenashi ask saravanan if it rains can they both walk back home in the rain. She lean on him. Both happy ... from far comes Veetaiyan. Stops upon seeing them. Both shock to see him ... meenashi worries he might tell tamil. But vettaiyan just laughs and ask her to chill. He will never suspect his future wife as he understands she is talking to her friend and leaves from there. Meenashi confused with this vettaiyan. Saravanan ask if his a loosu ... while saravanan is back to his romance mood lolz. Both chellama playing when suddenly they see vettaiyan. He ask them not to worry he only brought mechanic to check his tyre and leaves. Saravanan says confirm vettaiyan is a loosu nu.

RS and panniyar - some mokka from them about old song new song. They call saravanan saradha and jinggu to join and play Antakshari. Panniyar ask RS to joij drink ...saradha gives permission. Everyone sings song. All dancing and having fun when suddenly RS falls holding his chest. They immediately rush him to hospital. (Poor RS...)

RS getting treatment. Saradha oppari same time scolding as RS very adamant not wanting to quit smoke or drinks. Saradha cries cant imagine life without him. Saravanan ask her not to worry but to wait for test results. Doctor comes and ask them wait outside. RS ask doctor what is wrong with his health. Doctor hesitate to tell but RS bravely ask him to just say as his strong to take it. Doctor says nothing is wrong... his completely fine and only needs to rest.

Rs ask him to not hide anything. Doctor finally tells RS something (sorry did not get it) but its critical and he needs to do some surgery. RS ask doctor not to tell his family anything. At first doctor refuse but agrees. Goes out and informs them its nothing serious. Thodarum

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SatrupaKiAnami. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2014 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Tuesday brief
Saro and RS walking and RS fears that they will run into to Tamil and exactly they run into him. tamil scolds them for not leaving. RS tried to explain that they miss flight, Tamil tupparan saying give me a good reason and I know you are coming ith diff plan I  will see one hand and leave.

Saro try to go to college stopped by watchman and gts to know Vettaiyyan complained about him wrongly.

Vettaiyyan laughs tells Saro that is my plan so you don't get close to her nnu.

Next they show Saro coaching Kabadi to girls and even gets closer to Meenu and all. Vettaiyyyan stomach burns.

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migan Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 16 November 2014 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Meenakshi goes home and happy and tells her mom what happen. Soundarya ask her the reason and Meenakshi tells about what happen that vettaiyyan Saro face off.

Soundarya scolds her for being happy while wedding pres going on. Meenu says all will be ok as Saro told. But she asks her to talk to Tamil on her behlaf and if Tamil asks she will say no to marrying Vettaiyyan.

Next at night Vettaiyyan makes Tamil drink and asks about marriage - Tamil says soon. Soundarya coem and scold Tamil and she tells Meenakshi not happy with the wedding. Tamil decides to talk to Meenakshi in the morning.

Vaithi drunk goes  accidentally do in Anbarasu thoppu. Pandi gets angr and tries to kill Vaithi, Douglas cimes there and begs them to leave him and they leave hi,

In Tamil housemorning, Yamil prays to God and calls Meenakshi. He tells Soundatrya if Meenakshi agrees the nyou should not interfere if not tthen I will stop th wedding immediately.

When called he asks Meenu if she ok marrying Vettaiyya, He happilu tells ok and Soundarys feels bad.

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nithya.. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 16 November 2014 at 8:40pm | IP Logged

Thursday Nov 20th Written Updates

Episode 788

Sou scolds TM for sodhapping. TM reasons out that she did it as per SS advise - Flashback - SS meets her. TM updates him about she going to say No to vettayan since she loves SS. SS says this will not work out. He will knock off Vettayan but choose a different guy and never me. He should get to know that you love me when he will not be in a position to think and react. We should marry before he reacts. So Say Yes for Vettayan. Vettayan will pick the thali but I will tie that thali for sure. We should tackle Vettayan like this only. FB ends with a romantic moment between the duo. Sou is worried if SS's plan will work. Sou wants to stop the marriage and not take any risk. Sou decides to talk to Sudha. TM is worried too.

Sou meets Sudha and updates all matters. Sudha too wonders why SS is taking this risk. Tamil walks in. Sou advises Sudha to refuse to come for engagement when Tamil invites. Sou also cribs about TM saying Yes inspite of she asking her to refuse. Tamil listens to the convo. He blasts Sou for doing sadhi and challenges her - do what you want, you cannot stop this marriage since TM is my daughter. Tomorrow engagement will happen. Tamil drives off angrily and Sou is worried even more.

Tamil updates Vettayan that engagement is next day in hush manner to save the family from Anbarasu. Vettayan is excited. He also updates V about Sou-Sudha conspiring and he challenging Sou. Tamil says Sudha must come and its your responsibility to bring her. Vettayan wonders how to convince Sudha since he isn't talking to her.

Vettayan come home and tells Sudha - tomorrow my engagement in hush manner. Tamil came to invite you but walked off after listening to your conversation with Sou. You should come tomorrow though you don't like it coz you are my mother. Sudha says how come you realized that I am your mother. Take those people with you, whom you told the other day will feed you. I will not come. Vettaiyan gets emotional.


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SatrupaKiAnami. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2014 at 8:42pm | IP Logged

Friday Update

Episode starts with Vettaiyan talking to Sudha emotionally and ask her to come for his engagement, if she didnt come, he ll feel that he dnt hv anyone for him. Sudha melt with his words and confused with his words and Soundharya's words.

Meenu is scared with this Engagement issue, Soundharya console her as engagement wont take place, as Sudha wont come here, Vettaiyan came to home, Tamil ask him whether sudha is coming for engagement?? he says thinks so, Sudha reached there, Which makes Vettaiyan-Tamil to get happy and Soundharya-Meenu tensed.

Vettaiyan moves in, while Tami l welcomes Sudha, Sudha stops him and clearly says she is nt interested in this marriage, but came for Vettaiyan as he says he ll feel that he dnt hv any1 for him, if she didnt came.. Tamil gets irked and moved in angrily. Soundharya came to sudha, Sudha apologize to her.

Vettaiyan comes to Meenu and some funny moments, Finally They engagement hpnsSleepy

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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 23 November 2014 at 3:35am | IP Logged
Monday Updates
Nov 24. 2014
By Migan
Start with engagement. Meenakshi is disgusted. They tell them to exhchange garlands and Saro takes a selfie with Meenu. She mad.

Her dad decides late karthigai for wedding date. Not even waitign for Thai. Meenu again sad.

Next Vettaiyyan goes to drink local kallu, big buildup and then he gets surrounded by Anby aals, they try to beat him. Vettaiyyan laughs and calls his friend, he tells I challenged you don't think I won't be prepared. He also tells if you are villian then i am anti hero. He shows a watsup picture Pandi tied up.

Anbu shocked. he telsl him if even a end of kathi toucjes him, pandi story over nnu.

AA shock and retreats.

Vettaiyyan sends him of saying next time think big nnu. 

Meenu and Saro - meenu polambal saro console her only for 2 weeks nnu. meenu not convinced.
She gets message from Vettaiyyan, sees selfie of them and he feels bad too. Then bot - yennnamo pandrangga pa. Did not get it. Lols - 


Precap: Myna crying Meenu asks if she in love with vettaiyyan a nnu.

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SatrupaKiAnami. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 November 2014 at 3:41am | IP Logged
Tuesday Update by Ratna ji

Soundarya worried. Meenashi comes singing and laughing. Mother ask if she is not worried about her engagement yesterday?  Meenashi says nothing to worry nu. Meenashi ask if Mayna came? Soundarya says she meet Mayna but that girl is looking dull. She looked more upset when she was told meenashi and vettaiyan. Soundarya suspects Mayna is in love witu vettaiyan and advise meenashi to let mayna know about saravanan plan. Meenashi agrees.

Panniyar calls saravanan and ask if it's true wedding preparations for meenashi and vettaiyan going on? Saravanan says true but at the end it will be saravanan marrying her. Panniyar feels it is risky but saravanan says it will be fine but he needs panniyar help. Saravanan tells his plan in mute. Panniyar shock to hear his plan ... worries if something goes wrong last minute.  Saravanan says they have to be extra careful. Panniyar and wife tells him they will be with him and SM marriage will happen.

Meenashi comes too see mayna who is looking upset.  Ask her if she is in love with vettaiyan. Mayna hesitate to answer. Meenashi pushes her to answer.

She admits falling more Mayna. Meenashi says all this while she thought Mayna was joking but never was serious about vettaiyan. Mayna cries she was being playful with vettaiyan but upon knowing his engage to her ... her heart started to pain. (Aww first time seeing mayna being so emotional. ...) Meenashi smiles and vambufy her calling her mayna. She tells Mayna vettaiyan is for Mayna and reveal about saravanan plan ... Mayba becomes happy.
And mayna voice and jovial talk comes back to normal. Both friends konjufy happily.
Vettaiyan comes to see meenashi brother (lolz I forgot his name) with tailor to get his measurements.  He gets angry and grabs vettaiyan by his collar and scolds vettaiyan. Disgusted his sister will be marrying someone like vettaiyan.  Douglas beside tries to calm his friend. Vettaiyan does not fight back instead calmly says he can understand the pain for the lost of aiswarya. Vettaiya tells him time will come and everyone will know the truth and leaves.


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