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Agent RKB & Agent JKR! *COMPLETED* 12a &12b - pg46 & 47 IS (Page 43)

arnavkidevani Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2015 at 1:56pm | IP Logged

Hi friends 

Updating with the last part to this story. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all your appreciation and love! I am so pleased you enjoyed my ramblings and attempt to present an alternative version of our beloved Ishra!Big smile

I hope you will enjoy reading this final part as well as all the others and that I am able to do justice to your expectations!Smile

Please do let me know what you think of it, if you canWink 

Here goes...


PART 12a





Bang bang bang bang bang bang!



...Open your eyes!



...Stay awake!


...Bala hurry!

...JKR, you'll be fine!


...Just...just stay with me!

...Main hoon na tumharay saath!


...hurry up doctor!

... I'm not leaving her like this!

... Ishita...


...hello sleepy head...

... are you today...


...get well soon...


...I'll be back as quickly as I can...


I love you.


Ishita stirred in her bed remembering fragments of the events straight after she had been shot in the back by Surgwine. When she had eventually come round after the operation to remove the bullet and the anesthesia, Mahika had informed her Raman's care and worry for her. He had been there beside her throughout the 8 days that she had drifted in and out of consciousness. He had held her, taken care of her, shouted at the doctors to hurry, argued with the Interpol agents, kissed her, watched over her and occasionally broken down and cried for her. Only when she had started waking up and the consultant had assured him that Ishita was out of danger, did he leave her side to resume his official duties.


That had been 4 weeks ago and where he still was as far as she knew. He had been called to give evidence at Surjwine's trial at Interpol head quarters in Switzerland. Yes Surjwine had survived! Which was a good thing really otherwise RKB would have been in trouble. But there was plenty of evidence against him to guarantee he would be gone for the rest of his life! Vandita had earlier messaged Ishita that the trial was over and RKB was just completing the legalities now. He would be free in another week or so.


Vandita had also informed JKR that Shin had been returned home safely with a new house and funds provided to lead a normal life after his traumatic existence at the brothel.


After resuming their normal lives all the secrecy and aliases were back. Aaya, Simmie were still ignorant of their other boss, Raman's true identity. And Romi and Bala still didn't know that JKR was actually Ishita, RKBs real wife. Mani and agent K had been redeployed and new people arrived in their place. Mahir had clocked on though as had Mahika, who had guessed the truth as soon as she saw Raman at the hospital, by Ishita's side. Obviously they had both been sworn into secrecy after that. Ishita also preferred it this way, at least for the time being.



She glanced up at the silver clock on the wall. It was just past 11pm. She turned slowly to lay on her back. It was over a month now that she had been injured and she felt fine apart from a dull pain in her side, lower back. She had been advised to take it easy for a while but it was nothing major just the tissues healing leaving a small scar, which would fade over time, the doctor had said.


Once recovered she had been desperate to return home to her babies! They were equally ecstatic to see her when she came home 2 days ago and they had hugged and kissed profusely. She had also wholeheartedly thanked Aaya and Simmie for saving her darling twins and bringing them home safe and sound.


Ishita sat up slowly in Raman's bed careful not to wake Ruhi, who was sleeping beside her. Since her return Ruhi had developed a minor cold and cough due to the cold Delhi weather. She had been rather clingy towards Ishita and lately taken to waking up in the night and asking for her papa. The doctor had said this could be a side effect of the recent trauma, enhanced by the illness but hopefully Ruhi would return to normality soon. On these occasions Ishita would bring her into Raman's room and they would both snuggle up in his bed reminiscing and talking about "Ruhi's papa" until the child dosed off.


Ishita had been thinking about "Ruhi's papa" quite a lot lately! She dreamed about him, felt his presence, and even thought she smelt his aftershave! What was this medication that the military used in their hospitals?!? It turned a sane person delirious! She thought ruefully as she contemplated the sinful thoughts it was making her have regarding him.


She blushed! JKR blushing was a mini miracle in itself!


She remembered all he had done for her and the feeling he evoked in her left her quite breathless. She felt a strong sexual desire along with an ache in the pit of her stomach everytime she thought about him and his eminent return. She vividly remembered the last words he had spoken to her.


I love you.


Even in her semi consciousness, Ishita had been able to gauge the sincerity and depth of Raman's words as they reached and touched her very soul. She longed for him to come home soon so she could also declare her love to him. She was sure he knew now that she was Agent JKR. And she was glad.


Just then Ruhi stirred and started coughing. Ishita quickly brought some water to her lips but Ruhi coughed herself sick all over Ishita as she cradled her. This seemed to lighten her chest and after a wipe up Ruhi turned over and went back to sleep. Ishita carefully slipped out of bed, quickly got a change of clothes from her room but decided to clean up in Raman's bathroom, just in case Ruhi needed her again.



To be continued...

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pari_goyal Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2015 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
liked it...
update next part soon...

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avni_19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2015 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
awesumm updateee!! finally ishita back at home!!!
lovedd it! cont soon!! hope ishra confess now! :P LOL!

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Divan.Pooja IF-Rockerz

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Nice update! Continue soon I want to read how it comes together

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Awww.. No Raman throughout the update? Ermm
Chalo waiting to see what he has to say when he's back! Big smile

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usaonly IF-Stunnerz

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Thank you for update and PM. Ishu is save and during subconscious she can hear "I lov you". Wow now both know each other secret have to come face to face out of duty how they are going to start their convo? Please continue next part dear.Have a lovely weekend.Smile

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Nice update continue soon!

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arnavkidevani Senior Member

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Big smileHi there 

Here is the last part for this SS. Once again sincerest thanks!

Please forgive typos and errors!

PART 12b

It was nearly 12 midnight when Raman's Austin Martin slid into the driveway. He opened the door and handed the key to the new driver who came up to him as he climbed out. As he looked around he noted Mahir had arranged for the house to be guarded with a lot more security now. This pleased him, in light of last month's events. Locking the front door behind him, he proceeded to enter the quiet house and went up to his bedroom.


His thoughts had been preoccupied with agent JKR or more precisely his wife, Ishita throughout his return journey.


He felt apprehensive about meeting her for the first time after the revelation of their true identities but also felt a thrill at the prospect. His mind was made up. He would clear any remaining misunderstandings between them as soon as possible. He remembered how she had been about to tell him who she really was just before the kidnapping and knew that being honest with each other was the best course of action.  


The anguish and grief he had experienced during her injury had created upheaval in his mind. He had gone through a multitude of emotions during Ishita's injury. From being terrified of losing her as she was shot by that b*****, to being grief stricken when she wouldn't wake up after the operation, to feeling protective of her while she lay unconscious on the hospital bed, to slowly but surely falling in love with her as he nursed her back to health not leaving her side for days.


The recent events including the revelations of Shuglana's truth, the kids kidnapping and his Ishita's true identity and then her shooting incident had both shocked and shook Raman to the core. He had been compelled to reconsider the status of their relationship. In all the chaos SHE had risen and surpassed the challenge of loyalty! She was the only woman for him, standing by him and his family! He reviewed her actions, the sacrifice she had been ready to make for his children. The contribution she had made to his life.



Ruhi was in his bed. Ishita must have brought her here, no doubt to stop her disturbing Adi and aaya and his room was closer to the kids'. But where was SHE? He knew she wouldn't leave Ruhi on her own.


He heard the faint sound of water tricking. She was in HIS shower.


Two years ago SHE had saved his children with her motherly love and affection and now she had saved him too. Twice! And continued to do so, even tonight while Ruhi lay sick in his bed.


The feelings he was experiencing towards her were so powerful that he was sure he wanted to complete the relationship between them, making their fake marriage, a real one. Not just for the children this time but for him too.


Aik khwaab nay aankhain kholi hain

Kya modd aaya hai kahani main!


The only coherent thought he had was to go to her, to Ishita. He could only follow silently as his feet moved, of their own accord, towards the bathroom.  


As he reached the bathroom door he realised it was ajar, probably for Ruhi, in case she woke up and looked for HER. He slowly opened it wide and stared.


There she stood, under his shower, in all her glory!


Wo bheeg rahi hai sawan main

Aur aag lagi hai paani main!



Her flawless lithe body, glistening under the spray of water as if an ethereal goddess was bathing in under a silvery waterfall in the waters of a perfect heaven! Her hair, long wet and winding around her back, like a serpent enticing him to devour the forbidden fruit. Her breasts like two golden globes, waiting for him to bury his head between the valley of the gods!


Aik khwaab nay aankhain kholi hain

Kya modd aaya hai kahani main!



And there, just there he got a glimpse of the sinful tattoo which had been the bane of his sexual frustrations from the day he had laid eyes on it! How he would devour it and cherish it now, knowing that it was his, along with beholder of the tattoo. Her pink luscious lips invited him to put his lips to them and drink the sweet sweet nectar of pleasure they held within! He contemplated how aroused he was just by looking at her, what would happen when they made love. An explosion he imagined!


Wo bheeg rahi hai sawan main

Aur aag lagi hai paani main!



She turned and gasped. He heard her sharp intake of breath as she registered his presence! He knew he shouldn't be here, invading her privacy. Yet he couldn't take his eyes off her.


Agent RKB! His wife! Ishita!


Everything inside him stirred! A passionate storm caught momentum inside him. A simmering yearning which he had suppressed, reared its delicious head and all he could think was to take her in his arms and make wild passionate love to her!


Zindagi yoon galay aa lagi hai

Koi khoya huwa barson kay baad aagaya!


Ho pheekay pheekay thay din raat maray

saath maray

chooa tunay to jeenay ka swaad aa gaya!


But he couldn't move. He could only watch as a deep shade of pink colour spread over her delectable body and her nipples hardened in response to his penetrating gaze. Hastily she took the bath towel and wrapping it around her uttering


"I'm...sorry, wo Ruhi was sick all over me...she's not I thought...I didn't know you'd be early..."


She didn't finish. Instead avoiding his gaze she turned sideways and slipped past him and out of his room.


Ishita was overcome with an unusual shyness. Her feelings were in turmoil.  She wasn't getting embarrassed because she was being coy, or a prude or playing hard to get. It was just that it was HIM!


Her husband! Raman!


Khaabi khaabi si lagti hai dunya

Aankhon main yeh kya bhar raha hai?


Not some villain who she had to overcome. Or entice. Or distract!


It was her husband Raman. Raman, who she hadn't shared a kiss with as his wife let alone been naked in front of. He was the agent towards whom she had felt an irresistible sexual attraction. And since she had found out who he really was, all that he had endured and how he had taken care of her, she had begun to feel other things too.


Empathy, compassion and love?


Yes, it was love. She had fallen in love with her husband Raman, agent RKB! And that acknowledgement bought on the shyness she was feeling, that of a new bride meeting her beloved on their first night!


Aik tarhan kay awaara thay

Aik tarhan ki dewangi


Dewanay to pehlay bhi thay


Aur tarhan ki dewangi!


Later that night, in the early hours HE padded across to her room, unable to stop himself and stood in her doorway. She hadn't slept either. On hearing him she sat up to see a silhouette at the door. She understood why he had come. She put all her shyness aside and was unable to resist any longer. She had realised she didn't need to.


Holding out her hand she invited him in.


Zindagi yoon galay aa lagi hai

Koi khoya huwa barson kay baad aagaya!


That night the dance of passion was danced.


Khaabi khaabi si lagti hai dunya

Aankhon main yeh kya bhar raha hai?


Marnay ki aadat lagi thi

Kyu jeenay ko jee kar raha hai?



Eyes met. Clothes shred. Lips locked. Teeth bit. Tongues fought. Desires unleashed. Heartbeats joined. Hands roamed. Bodies merged. Moans escaped. Battles won. 


And then...


Souls surrendered. 


The intimacy and passion they shared that night was like an explosive combustion which burned a passionate fire in them, consuming them both in its wake. They divulged all their pent up desires for each other as they made sensual, passionate love to each other.


As the sun began to rise...

"Now you know!" 
"Yes. Now we know."

She looked up at him. He looked down at her, a small side smile creeping up on his face as he bent down slowly and softly pressed his lips on hers again. 

And then began the dance of victory. 


Marnay ki aadat lagi thi

Kyu jeenay ko jee kar raha hai?

Big smile

(Song I quoted from is "Sajde" from Kill Dil)

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