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Agent RKB & Agent JKR! *COMPLETED* 12a &12b - pg46 & 47 IS (Page 11)

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Hi friends 

Thank you for all your comments and likes. I'm glad you all liked the last part. Here is another update for you!




Agent RKB was livid! He had never returned from a mission defeated like this! And the pain in his foot chose that exact moment to remind him that he had been defeated at the hands of a beautiful woman. He was the one usually using women as a means to get the job done but this particular woman had been an equal match for him in fact, she had outsmarted him! He felt anger boil inside him at himself! His diverted attention had potentially cost him the Ambassador's life and most defiantly the research chip! If it got into the wrong hands only he would be responsible!

As he nursed his aching foot and a bruised ego he snuggled up to sleep, infused by the pain killer Bala had given him, in the Emirates A380 bed. The last sounds he heard were the low voices of his colleague's Romi, Mahir and Bala who continued working to locate the Ambassador's whereabouts and discussing strategies to sustain some damage control before they reported to base in the next few hours. 

He stirred in his bed as he heard the faint giggles and squeals of laughter coming from some far corner of the villa, his home. It must be his "wife" playing with the kids. His head ached, jet lag kicking in, so he put a pillow on his face to block out the morning light streaming through the long venetian blinds. He wasn't in a good mood, he registered. He had hurried home for the children's birthday, arriving in the early hours of the morning and slipped into the nursery to deliver the kid's presents. However the memory of THAT woman and the previous night's futile mission dampened his mood. Raman aka RKB did not handle defeat well! Yes women, especially their assets were his weakness but nothing came between him and his work. His team were already digging into who she was and why she had got in his way. 

He was scheduled for a meeting later to discuss the situation and put a new plan into action but first he had to go see his children. 


The ambassador's movement traced in Russia. But chip not on him. The signal for that disappeared on the outskirts of Afghanistan 4 hours ago! Will keep u posted. Bala. This message will erase itself in 25 seconds after being opened. 

Raman turned his phone silent for the morning. It was time to get up and don his "disguise" and face his wife and kids. 

He slid his sexy toned body out of his king sized bed and sauntered towards his wardrobe. Ouch! His foot still hurt but much less than last night. Opening the door he chose a grey Calvin Kline suit teaming it with a black shirt and took out some underwear before he walked into the bathroom. He showered, brushed his teeth and dressed. 

As he was about to leave the bathroom his personal identification sensor spoke in a soft voice, reminding him to wear his specs and brush his hair flat in a side parting. After looking in the mirror he was pleased with his "geeky, older" guy look and slipping on his canvas loafers walked leisurely out to celebrate the birth-day of his twins Ruhi and Adi. 

He walked briskly across the expanse of his room, the corridor, down the stairs, met the maid in the hallway, into the kitchen, said hi to the cook and arrived at the breakfast cum family room, looking upon the back of his very orthodox, traditional wife. She was standing with her back to him, clad in her habitual cotton saree of beige colour today, with full sleeved, waist covered blouse. Her long black braid fell below her waist and she had her hands on her hips telling the kids off in mock anger. They were sitting on the bean bags on the floor in their cute Frozen character onesies and rolling around in laughter and giggling away at something she had said. 

He gave a little cough to get their attention. The kids stopped laughing and turned to him. 

His wife also turned around and looked at him, through her kohl lined eyes and dark rimmed glasses. 

"Good morning. Aap aa gaye?"

"Good morning everyone" he smiled

"Yeeaaa...papas here!!!" They got up and ran excitedly to him with their open arms. Raman bent down and took the running kids in his arms, kissing their chubby cheeks and lifting them effortlessly to listen to their childish escapades and walked over to the couch next to the French doors at the far end of the large family room. 

His wife demurely mumbled something about seeing to the breakfast and moved away to the kitchen silently. She instructed Neelu the cook and Simmie the kitchen assistant to set breakfast for saab and the children. She motioned to Madhvi aaya to keep an eye on the kids and reminded Neelu that she would take her coffee and toast on the balcony after she had made some calls to her lab. 

Walking out of the kitchen which was adjoined to the family room, she adjusted her mangle sutra and checked the thick layer of sindoor in her hair parting and pressed her oiled hair down with her hands as she passed the massive wall mirror, through the family room. Raman who had noticed a skin coloured plaster around his wife's neck, peeping out from the high necked blouse she was wearing, called out to her. 


She stopped halfway out of the door and without turning replied


"Erm...yay tumhary galay par kya huwa?"

She froze. He had never looked that closely at her before! Why now, today of all days! She winced but was prepared with an answer. Turning around slowly she looked at his shoes as she answered in a monotone

"Jee wo kal kaam pay aik bandar control say bahir ho gaya tha aur us nay mujhay experiment kay doraan kharosh de di. Choti si hai, jald heal ho gayagi."

"Acha. Teek say check karwa lena. Septic na ho gayay. And apna khayal rakha karo" 

He smiled kindly but his attention had already diverted back to the children as thy continued their childish talks and giggles. 


She turned around swiftly with a sigh of relief and hurried upstairs to her bedroom and then out to her balcony and plonked herself in the soft armchair. Grabbing her iPhone 6 she checked for any messages. 

Mahika would be here shortly with presents for the little ones. She was her personal assistant, confidante, best friend and the family knew her as Ishita's "sister". 

The ambassador had been tracked to a location in Russia. No threats yet but blackmail was imminent to bargain for the chip. She needed to be on the jet at 2pm. Text from Vandita, her eyes and ears when she was on a mission. 

She would need to wrap up things by 1pm latest and feign an excuse to get away. It was 10 now.

Madhvi aaya, Neelu and Simmie were perfectly capable of covering everything when she needed to go on her "conferences". They were the best team the Executors had to offer and she was grateful. She wouldn't trust the kids to anyone else other than her trusted team. That was one of the conditions they agreed on before they married. The help would be picked by Ishita herself. The 2 daily cleaning maids and Raman's driver however had been kept from before but they had been vouched n vetted for by Vandita with a clean background.

Ishita marvelled at the fact that her conservative, workaholic husband was still unaware of her true identity. However during the 2 years they had been together they had made a point of giving each other space and she always left the room when he was home with the kids so that he could have his private time with them. Then again as THEY never spent much time together it was plausible that they were practically strangers. Madhvi Aaya was extremely discreet but always updated her with anything of significance or any message Raman wanted to convey to her regarding the kids and the vast villa made it quite possible for them to lead their lives without seeing each other for days. There was no will, so there was no way. In fact, it was a recurring joke amongst Vandita and Mahika who often wondered about Raman's sexual orientation and what would happen if he ever discovered Ishita in her full glory! She knew though that he was so busy making his millions and jetting around the world that he hardly noticed her or anything in the home other than his children. And this was precisely how she preferred things.

Ishita took her fake glasses off, closed her eyes and leaned her head back. As she soaked up the warm sun rays bathing her face Her lips suddenly tingled reminding her of the kiss. The sensation was so strong that she could feel the force of his soft lips on hers and a bolt of pleasure ran through her! Her eyes shot open. What was that? She gave herself a mental shake as she tried to forget the kiss that had transpired with that man last night! 

But try as she might, she couldn't forget the bittersweet, slightly intoxicated taste of his lips or deny the sensation his hands on her thighs had evoked. It had been a long time since anyone had roused those feelings in her! The memory stirred something inside her and gave her goosebumps all over. She stood up frustrated with her inability to control her feelings! She grabbed the railing of the balcony and leaned forward.

Why was he playing on her mind? Maybe you just need a good f**k, her inner self chided. No I don't! Her sane self-argued! Stop denying it, especially to yourself. The voice rebuked her. Aarrggg 

She was no innocent soul but after being betrayed years ago she had decided she wanted nothing to do with men, or sex or intimacy. That is why being Raman's wife had suited her perfectly. He didn't want sex or intimacy from her either, supposedly nursing a broken heart from the death of his wife. So the situation was much simpler this way.  

But sometimes she felt a deep pang, a craving for some acknowledgement of being a woman, of being wanted, desired! And at these times she had to reign in herself with her stern self-control and divert her attention elsewhere.

She walked into her room and opening her wardrobe took the twins presents out and finished wrapping them up. 

Her coffee arrived and so did the news that Mahika had come. She went down and greeted her in the hall and as they walked to meet the children Mahika discreetly informed Ishita that her bag and essentials were all ready and in the jet. Ruhi and Adi were ecstatic to see their Mahika chitti' and got busy exploring the gifts she had brought them. Madhvi aaya informed Ishita that Raman was in the office with his PA Mahir who had come a while ago. Ishita relaxed as she passed around cake, sending snacks and tea to the office too and both women began to enjoy the gleeful smiles and giggles of the two adorable children before they would have to leave for business.

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Nice!!Tongue  Too bad he didn't limp when walking...that may have tipped Ishita off!Tongue

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Wow.. Amazing Update
Day by Day Its Getting Interesting Thumbs Up Loved it !

Thanks For The PM.

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awesome  update...
both thinking each others thats lovely...

enjoyed it...

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arnavkidevani Senior Member

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Originally posted by --Nargis--

Nice!!Tongue  Too bad he didn't limp when walking...that may have tipped Ishita off!Tongue

I was soo tempted to put it in but it in but thought my forum friends will say its too much coincidence! LOLCryCry
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awesome update

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Amazing update!

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Thank you for PM Devani. It is amazing update thing are more interesting to follow the way you write So well feel want to read more.Both Raman and Ishu are differnt when at home but when they are the other duty they make it like ice on fire. SUPURB Thumbs Up girl wait for your next update. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family dear.Party

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