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MiniFF- Revenge Time-Ch9B/Th2Pg152| COMPLETED | (23/03/15) (Page 70)

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2015 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by amus5

yipppeee...part b coming up Dancing

Just in a few minutes, ;)

Loads of love<333

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Rohinid


The next half will be up within five minutes, stay tuned ;)

Loads of love<333

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Please pray for my best friend's mother's soon recovery, she is not well.

If you want to know about updates, please follow me on twitter @KashishWriting or bookmark my gallery.
Enjoy reading! :)

CHAPTER 5B- Knowing Aryan

Arnav stood their motionless, his face stoic, he didn't know which emotion to express. Happiness that his son was talking to him, sadness that he didn't know he was, confused as to tell him what.

Till date, he had never shied away from stating something, even if not expressing his true self. Had it been the ruthless Arnav Singh Raizada, he would have blatantly said that he was his father but not this Arnav. Khushi had managed to shred of his arrogance and he was in no place to say anything.

He realized that he didn't deserve to reply to this question because simply he had no answer. He could not say the truth as he had done enough damage to Khushi and he promised now, he would not mess more. At the same time, he could not come up with a reason.

'Should I tell him I am Arnav, Khushi's assistant?' He wondered. He looked up at Aryan's expectant face and then looked at Khushi, who was still kneeling, behind Aryan.

That instant, he loosened his shoulders, transferring the right on her to answer.

"He is Arnav, my assistant as well as yours," Khushi replied smugly.

Aryan turned toward Khushi and said excitingly, "You mean, I am allowed to order him like you order buddy?"  

"When do I order Aman, by the way?" She asked him, her eyebrows crunched.

"Oh, mom, it was you, who shouting at Aman in the morning, "Aman, WHERE IS MY BLUE FILE,'" He mimicked her.

"Ahan kiddo, making fun of mom?" She hugged him tightly. "Do I shout at you Aman?" She asked him.

"Champ, she was not shouting she was ordering," He stuck his tongue. Yes, once in while, she used to shout, but not rudely or in mean tone, she was just calling for him, from her room.

"I have two babies to deal with," Khushi sighed dramatically, and both of them laughed. 

Arnav felt his heart swelling with happiness, seeing her with her antics. He was happy that Aman was with her as a friend, when he himself failed as a human, lover, husband and father.

"What do I get to call my assistant?" Aryan asked with a frown.

Arnav was mesmerized, he had the same set of frown that often he had on, when thoughtful or when in his childhood, he used to do something naughty.

"What can my son call you Mr Raizada?" Khushi asked, her eyes shooting fire and her mouth words expressing smoothness. She was a deadly combo.

Even in this critical situation, his organ knew to work on his own, he was embarrassed. He shuffled behind the desk.

"Uh!" he was clueless.

"Can I call him Mr Raizada too?" Aryan asked innocently.

"Would you like to call me that?" Arnav asked softly, stripped of any shrewdness.

"Yes, I will love to." He said in a determined voice.

"You can then," Arnav allowed him too with a little smile, although, his heart hurt that his son didn't know he was his father and that he would not be called dad.

At this moment, another realization dawned upon him, when you have a relation but you can't discuss about it. He always had a deep relation with Khushi, but always rubbished and hated her, they never confessed their true feelings, they could never divulge their true relation to each other. She was in a contract with him for four months, that was all.

"That if that is settled, Mr Raizada, I will reply now, mom was asking about my diabetic medicines." Aryan replied in childish voice, since he was still a kid but his talks were mature.

Arnav's heart bleed, his son had diabetic like him.

"can I please sit down mom?" Aryan asked her cocooning himself in her arms.

"Sure kiddo," She scooped in her arms and took him to her leather seat. "Here, the true owner of Aryan enterprises," she kissed his forehead.

He gave a shining smile and then replied with sadness laced voice "Ma, but the truth is, I will never be able to be like you."

"You will be," She said possession over-taking her tone, she kissed his forehead as she could recognize why he said that.

"Promise?" He asked innocently.

"Promise." She hugged him, her eyes tearing. The only person who can also be the reason of her weakness.

"Now don't get sentimental, I hate it," He wiped her tears.

"Love you son," She chuckled. As Aman brought another chair for her, she smiled at him and sat down, near her son.

"Love you too," He replied with a broad smile.

Arnav was confused, something about Aryan didn't set well with him. He felt as if something was hidden from him.

"Mr Raizada, can you take my bag from buddy and give me," He ordered, in a boss like tone.

Khushi was smiling ear to ear, it was sight to see her son commanding Arnav.

"Sure, Aryan.. sir," he added sir after a pause.

"You can call me Aryan, as it is, I am younger than you, anyways I should respect everyone," Aryan flashed his brightest smile.

Arnav was really overwhelmed, Khushi was really doing an awesome job with Aryan and he understood he was not needed in their lives.

Khushi was back, but not be back in his life, she was back to take her revenge.

"Here Aryan," He gave the back and noticed Aryan taking the bag, not really looking at the object, he was looking in the void.

The next second, he witnessed Aryan opening the zip carefully, as he accomplished, he saw a bright smile on his face. Arnav was confused.

Aryan took out all his story image books and placed them on the desk.

Aryan spread the books on the desk, he grazed his hands over them. 

Khushi moved forward and asked Aryan, "Baby, what do you want to learn today?"

"I want hmm fruits." He said with a smile, as he selected that book.

Arnav moved forward to see what it was... it was braille fruit images' book. Arnav lost his balance, and stumbled against the wall. This one was the worst reality that he observed. 'Why am I alive to see this day?' his heart asked. 

His mind replied 'to repay for the damage you have created'

His heart said, 'but no punishment would be enough ever, my son can't see."

His breath hitched, his eyes filled with tears. He never knew he was this weak and helpless. 

Khushi looked at him with satisfaction, he had just witnessed a few minutes of her anguish; it was she, who had grown through every minute of it, it was she, who wailed when she got to know her son could not see and all because of this Raizada.

She may have forgotten anyone for what they did with her, but not with her son, Aryan. She was uncontrollable when thing came to Aryan.

"What is this?" Khushi asked, as she splayed her hand against the book page.

"Banana," He squealed.

"Right sweetheart," She kissed on his cheek and continued with him.

"Aryan, baby would you be alright, I have to go on a meeting with Mr Raizada?" She asked him, caressing his hairs.

"Yes mom, be back soon, I want to go to our new home," He said excitingly.

"Your command in my wish prince," She hugged him and ordered, "Mr Raizada, let's go."

He was still in faraway land, but Khushi dragged him and he let her, because he was no longer in sense.

As they arrived to the parking, Khushi commanded, "sit inside." She took the driver sear.

Without a word, he sat inside her Audi and fastened the belt. "Khushi... I... I can't even apologize. You went through all this because of me." He bit back his sob.

She stopped her car at side and burst out, "Yes, I did go through all this because of you and my son is in this condition because of you. I was crying in agony and you let me there to die, my baby could have died too. Because of you, I suffered so much and because of that fall, my son can't see. You must be really happy, right?." She unlocked the door and ordered him, "Get out!"

It reminded him about the past, how he left her in the middle of the roads of nowhere and barked the same. 

Wordless, he came out of the car, she opened the window and said "the meeting is starting in half an hour, be on time."

He nodded and she drove off.

As he walked along the pathway, he felt broken, defeated. He was thinking to do a favor on Khushi a month back by accepting her but did he even know that he was in position to do that. He was powerless.

Because, if he had been powerful, he would have found out the truth. He would have found out that Khushi was innocent and he would have filled her life with happiness. Nor Aryan would have been going through this. His son was in misery because of his own father.

He slumped on his knees and closed his eyes, remembering every bit of that day, how he had thrown her away, how she was whimpering, crying in pain, he left her there to die. 

His son was in this pitiable condition because of him. "AHHH" he yelled out aloud frustrated, he had destroyed two innocent people. He just hoped nothing more happened to them.

People did double take at the loud shout and were shocked to see such a behavior but ignored and went on their work. They didn't have so much time as to probe him and know what was wrong. Anyways, he was no celebrity.

"I promise, I promise... From this very second no one will stand between Khushi, Aryan and me, not even my di. If they don't forgive me ever, even then I will keep growling, I will keep repenting and I will keep ask forgiveness." He vowed under the blue sky and wiped the tears that rolled on their own free will.

The unbreakable Arnav Singh Raizada was broken to pieces, but even with broken pieces would abide with Khushi's wish till his last breath, even after that.

He stood up and took a taxi to the meeting place.


Arnav, Khushi, Aryan along Aman came out of the car. "Pick me up Mr Raizada," Aryan said in commanding yet soft tone.

Arnav's heart went out, even if he could not be called his father but as an assistant, he would cherish these moments.

He picked him in his warm, muscular arms, that till date only knew to manhandle Khushi. He had done so wrong and he had no clue how to right the wrong.

"Mom, are we going to our new home?" He asked very softly.

"Yes sweetheart," she replied lovingly.

"Please describe me," Aryan requested.

Khushi put her tears at bay, if her son could see, he would have been able to see things around. She took a sigh and said, "We are walking up the stairs in the lawn. There are flowers at either sides, greenery, as we walk, there is the entry on the right side. And here we are on the entrance of the magnificient prince's house, you will have to wait here so that I can welcome you in your house properly," she smiled and went inside.

Arnav swallowed the lump in his throat. His eyes halted on the place, where she was left wailing, how ruthlessly, he had left there, his snapped his eyes away and tears rolled down.

Aryan was happy at the description. "You know I am prince," Aryan told Arnav.

"Yes, and a very handsome one," Arnav said, controlling his emotions. He wanted to kiss him but stopped himself with difficulty.

A few minutes later, Khushi appeared with the needed stuff and welcomed Aryan inside traditionally.

No one was in the lounge, as Khushi sat on the couch with Aryan, "Bring us some refreshments." Arnav went inside kitchen.

Om Prakash came with a courrier. "Khushi, we just received this courrier for you." 

Khushi was confused as this shifting was not shared with anyone, except Aman.

With a frown, she opened the envelop and Arnav appeared with drinks. "What would you like?" 

"Water." She replied as she unfolded the letter.

He served her water. "Aryan, you?"

"Anything without sugar," he said sheepishly.

Arnav felt his heart constrict with pain. With shivering hands, he poured some sugarless juice for Aryan and gave him. Aryan sipped his juice in one go and placed it down.

Arnav smiled, seeing his son. But Khushi's expression disturbed him. "Aman, how about you take Aryan to his room?" She said controlling her words.

Aman got something was wrong and he took Aryan in Arnav's ex-sound-proof-room. 

As she heard the door click. Khushi erupted, she always made sure never to yell in front of Aryan but this was too much to take. "WHAT THE FISH." Khushi yelled.

"What happened Khushi?" Arnav asked with a frown.


"I didn't," He was mortified.

"SEE THIS," She was way beyond furious, she would kill the person, who wanted to separate her son from her.

All the household gathered there, confused and befuddled, while the person beyond this smirked.

Arnav was flabbergasted. It said that he had applied for custody. "But, I didn't, I was with you the whole day and I promised you that I won't do any more wrong anymore." He managed to utter out, after the shock he received from the letter.

If he didn't, who could do it? He flitted his eyes around, but he could not suspect anyone. 'Payal?' but she seemed as confused at him. 'Di?' He looked at her smug face and earth was snatched away from under his feet.

Khushi saw where Arnav's eyes were fixed. She got the clue. Only Anjali had the power to act from Arnav's behalf. She marched to her with powerful aura, that Anjali squirmed on her feet.

"Did you do this Anjali Jha?" She asked her, pointing at the paper in Arnav's hand, her eyes blazing, red like fire.

Arnav felt his eyes tearing up, he was enraged against his sister.

"Yes, because I want Raizada heir to be where he is meant to be, not with a bit*h like you," she said sternly, yet in a taunting tone, with no remorse. The unaware people, present in around them, gasped with shock.

A slap echoed in the hall.


So how did you like this?
Did you get to know Aryan? Do you love him?
What is your take on Arnav, now?
Who slapped the culprit?
Next half is going to be about Arnav's getting to do what Khushi orders and more of Aryan.

Please press like, leave your comments and share the link with your friends as it means a lot to me.
If you have any little bit mean suggestions for Khushi to take revenge from Arnav and family, please drop in, I will definitely try to work on them. 
I am so happy we reached the target, I am uploading as said. I am so overwhelmed. Lets keep the same target, since I know the potential of Arshi fans. I need at least four pages comments and more than 70 likes, I know you people can do even more than this :). Next half 3-4 days, hopefully.

Regarding PMs, as I said, unfortunately, I won't be sending, you need to follow either my twitter page 
Or bookmark my gallery:

Loads of love<333

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amus5 IF-Rockerz

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*sob* *wail* *howl* oh why,oh why should Aryan suffer. Never did I imagine such a situation...Now I understand why Khushi wants revenge... she is suffering each moment ... Cry 

But how did Anjali come to know of Aryan ?? Confused

thanx for the update...pls continue soon Smile

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gowri_19 Goldie

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It should be by Arnav !! How Anjali came to know about aryan?felt sad for aryan due to Arnav s mistake he is bearing punishment for lifetime.. Khushi is correct on her part... Arnav has to repent more to get back his family

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mahrusweety IF-Rockerz

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heart touching part
poor baby
he is blind and diabetic
khushi has every right to take revenge from raizada
but the imp enemy is shayam
he must rot in hell
anjali u call hell for urself now
asr andkhushi will not leave u for doing such stunt

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Pinky.Raizada IF-Rockerz

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Now I can understand the Intensity of Khushi's revenge, She may have forgiven them quicker if her son was not blind. Anjali derserved that slap and I hope it is from Arnav. 

Edited by Pinky.Raizada - 03 February 2015 at 12:04pm

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