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MiniFF- Revenge Time-Ch9B/Th2Pg152| COMPLETED | (23/03/15) (Page 7)

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by crazyforsarun

pleeez continue this!
I really want to see how the story progresses!

Hey dear,
Thanks a lot for the comment. The next part will be up in few minutes.

Loads of love<333

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 10:38am | IP Logged
CHAPTER 2A -The Come back of Khushi
"In a matter of minutes, all your wealth may be gone to dust. Never get arrogant about it."

"I am back to this city of betrayal.. This time for my revenge. Beaware." She said putting her glares, as she came out of the airport with her driver wheeling her trolley.
A shrill ring of her mobile snapped her out of her reverie, she picked the phone. "Report?" She demanded as she strode toward her car.
"As you know most from the last report, first Anjali Jha did not believe her husband but he eventually ended up convincing her, they have a daughter Shivani. Arnav Singh Raizada left his compny on Akash's shoulders when he kicked his wife out. Apparently, he lives in his room enclosed. Akash Raizada had not been able to handle the company like his cousin and it had started crumpling down. Arnav still refused to step in. Akash and Payal have one son Abhishek and one daughter Nisha. ASR's Nani is bedridden due to health..." The person on the other hand informed as she settled in the back seat of her SUV, while her driver put the luggage in the dickey.
"Hmm, you fixed my appointment with Raizada at 11, as in after half an hour?." She asked in a steel tone.
"Yes ma'am" her order was obeyed without a question.
"Thanks Riya," she always acknowledged the hard work.
"Welcome ma'am" her secretary replied.
"Rishab, drive to Raizada enterprises," she ordered and he followed it.
As the car halted infront of the magnificent office, she could not help but remember her time there. How she was always looked down, how she had to compromise herself, how she always have to give up for her family, how this was the start of her downfall but it was not time to recall those horrible moments. She walked inside with grace, making people, working there from years, gasp,
"Khushi," one of them recognized her, but did not say anything as she had a personality that shouted "try messing with me, I will destroy your existence."
She did not look the meek and shy girl, she was a grown up woman, blessed with a curveous body and a look to die for. Dressed to the fashion, without anything out of place, she could be definitely a fashion idol to reckon on.
She marched toward the reception, and asked with confidence, "I am Khushi. I have an appointment with Mr Raizada at 11"
The receptionist had joined two years back and knew nothing about Khushi or her relation with the Raizada. "You are from Aryan Entreprises?" She nodded, "ma'am, sir was waiting for you come." The receptionist personally accompanied her to Akash Raizada's office.
She knocked on Akash's door, "come in" came the response. She opened the door, "Sir, I have Khushi ma'am from Aryan enterprises."
'Khushi' he was taken back, 'could it be Khushi Kumari Gupta,' and he got his reply soon enough. There stood Khushi, wearing slim jean, checked tshirt, high heels, a hand clutch, her hairs slightly curled at the ends, her lips sporting a nude shade lipstick, her kohl enhacing her eyes. Everything about her shouted class. She could have pass off as a show stopper with the look and body she possessed.
"Hi Mr Raizada," without waiting for any reply, she went and sat there confortably on a chair, as if she owned the company.
"Who the hell allowed you to come here?" He snapped at her, standing from his chair.
"Easy junior tiger. In case, you forgot, let me remind you, Aryan enterprises is now 51% owner of this company." She sniggered, satisfied. Although she was sitting but her persona was more superior than his tall standing frame.
He leaned forward, placing his hands on his desk and dangerously asked, "what is your relation with Aryan Entreprises?" 
"I am the owner of Aryan Entreprises," she replied with a smirk, relaxing in the chair, her legs crossed.
"How?" His body felt limp and he saw on his chair.
"I will not say anything to you more. After me, if someone has more shares in this company is Arnav, 25% shares while you are just left with meager shares of 5%." She informed him.
He knew it all too well. The company was seeing a downfall and he needed investors so had to make some share public. AR corporation's 49% shares were already sold. He wanted to sell out one percent but the company wanted two percent, he gave in thinking what could a person with two percent do. But now he realized, just after getting the two percents, she had bought other public shares. He calmed himself, hating her nonetheless, "so, what do you want?" 
"ASR, senior tiger here, within an hour," she ordered and stood up from the chair, "till then I will settle in my cabin," she left the cabin without giving him any chance to speak.
"Bhai!" He thought warily, he hated her comeback. His brother was destroyed because her, he had not seen his brother happy since she left. No matter what he shew that day, but Arnav had broken. He had slipped into shell. 'What storm has she brung this time," he was troubled.
Sighing, he called Anjali. "Di, can you pass to Arnav it is urgent?"
"Sure," Anjali gave the phone to Arnav and left. 
"Akash, how many time did I tell you not to disturb me," Arnav was sitting on his recliner, seeing Khushi's picture. His beard unkept. He hated her, yet could not. He hated himself in fact for loving her so much. If he had any doubt, Payal removed them.
"She is here, Khushi is here. She wants you in office within an hour..." Arnav didn't hear anything after that.
"I am coming," he stood with a bolt and went to washroom. He shrieked seeing his face, his overgrown beard and tired eyes. 'I can't do anything about eyes but this beard needs to be removed," he cleaned the beard and just kept little stuble and he looked fresh and light.
'Why am I trying to look good?" He demanded himself, frown raised. 'I still love her, I will forgive her. We will go far away from here and live together." Yes, the last five years taught him, he could not live without her, he loved her and she had confessed too. He wore one of his suit, which looked a tad bit big for him, but still managed to look good on him. He thought to call Aman, but then realized, he had resigned years back, few weeks after Khushi was kicked out.
He came out of the room and all were bewildered, "what?" He rolled his eyes and went out, not giving a glance to their dropped jaws.
Sitting in the car, he ordered his driver to take him to AR Corp. He was nervous to meet
her. He did not know what to anticipate. He had done the right thing five years ago for
her sister but concerning him, it was not. He had to right the wrong. He still did not know why she was here. He had a lot to find out and he was all ready to deal with it. Little did he know this Khushi was not the one he knew. 

This Khushi did not spread happiness in strangers lives, this Khushi made herself and her own happy and, he did not come anyway near. Khushi settled herself in her temporary cabin, her aim was to be in the CEO cabin, ex cabin of Arnav Singh Raizada. Since she was the major share holder, she wanted that title. She dialed her right hand's number, "Did you arrange board of directors' meeting?" She asked.
"Yes Khushi, they will be here before ASR reaches." He confirmed.
"Without you, nothing of this would have been possible. Thank you," she aknowledged him.
"It is my pleasure working for you, I will try arrive before the meeting too." He informed her.
"I will be waiting." She sighed and dawdled to the ceil length window, overviewing on the landscape.
"People related to Raizada name had done me wrong and they will have to payback," she looked in the sky, she had changed, circumstances forced her. She was no longer pompom lover, she wore fashion clothes now, people were inspired by her, nor she loved jalebies as she preferred cookies now, nor she watched Salman Khan's movies as she would be stuck to news channel now. Nor she spoke non sense, her words were limited now. She had become the reverse of Khushi, who once lived full of life amongst the demons of these city.
Her secretary knocked, "ma'am, everyone including ASR is here in conference."
"Hmm, I will be there shortly," she composed herself and walked to the conference hall.
Arnav was shocked when she entered. She was dressed prim and proper in business attire, he was startled to see her. Her face oozing confidence and authority. He was shocked to see her here and in this avatar. He had thought, she was here to ask help as she was not able to live off on her own, he had thought to find a damsel in distress and where he would have got to play the knight in armor. She did look anything but in distress. She looked more than fine, actually not. Her beautiful, charming was missing.
"Good morning ladies and gentleman and thank you for joining this conference." She took place of the major share holder chair. 
Arnav was shocked. When he entered, a woman, Riya had oriented him there and he was left aloof of the situation. Akash had not arrived yet as well. As soon as Akash entered, he approached him but before he got his replies, Khushi had entered.
"I am Khushi, the major share holder of this company. As you know, this company has been seeing a downfall from last five years, the time when Arnav Singh Raizada chose not to handle the company. I want to take the reign of this company as CEO. I don't want my investment to go waste. I want your vote, do you want me as the new CEO or still want to have ASR as the sleeping CEO," she said, smugly. People wanted her to be the CEO, she smirked at Arnav, sitting relaxingly in her seat.
Arnav was enraged, she was back to take control of his life. "I know, I have been absent from this company for sometime but that was for personal reasons," he retorted
"But they effected this company, from top five, you company now stands in top 100," she replied.
"Ladies and gentleman, you know very well that no one can handle this company better than me," he was almost pleading, he did not know such time will come. He was fuming toward Akash to have lead the company to this.
"ASR, she is right. Because of your personal reasons, this company has suffered. We don't want this company to close down," one of the directors said.
"But this company is my brain child," he defended.
"That you would have thought before giving this company's reign to Mr Akash Raizada," came the voice from entrance, snatching the earth from his feet. There stood his most honest assistance, Aman. 
"So the honest one turned dishonest too," Arnav chided.
Aman shrugged, "I worked for you, but when you chose to let Akash handle this company, I was upset. Seeing Akash work, I tried to guide him but he was too confident on his business practice, I had to go. I can handle an overworking boss but not someone putting me down. Khushi offered me a better job, better treatment and the promise never to ask any inner detail of this company. It was too perfect to refuse."
"Thanks Aman, please sit," Khushi requested. "I have no problem with Arnav having to work as CEO but what he has to prove himself, a new post will be created, associate CEO come assistant. He will be working under me for six months, if he proves to be apt for this role once again, I will let him lead as CEO," she informed everyone and all nodded. "Are you fine with it Mr Raizada?"
Exasperated, he looked at them. If he wanted to keep his company in his control, he had accept it. He could no believe, he was going to be degraded to a mere assistant. "I do accept,"
"Good, Aman papers," Aman gave papers to Arnav, who spetically looked at him.
"This are your contract paper, six months, you will have to work under Khushi. Obey her commands, report to her at the time she demands. You will respect her, never raise your voice, if you breach any clause, this contract will end and Khushi will remain the CEO," Aman briefed him.
Arnav took a sharp breathe and glance over the contract quickly. He realized she had planned everything. Exhaling, He signed the first and the following company, unknown to him, signing papers in between that had no contact with the deal.
"Thank you," Aman took the papers and joined Khushi. Khushi scanned the papers and nodded, content. Khushi signed the CEO deal and Aman took the necessary papers to submit at required places. Khushi officially became the 51% stockholder of the company as well as the CEO. She had the company in her control. Khushi dismissed everyone, while Arnav stayed there. "I can't believe you can do this. Taking away my company," he gritted his teeth and continued, "and there, before seeing you here, when I got to know you are back' I was thinking to forgive you and start our live together somewhere away from here, because I love you, thanks for opening my eyes at time, I will never forgive you,"
"Good for you Raizada, but trust me these six months, I am going to make a living hell for you, like you made for me. By the way, love word doesn't suit you," her eyes burning in rage and her lips smirking. While leaving the conference room, she ordered "One coffee for me, sugar two tea-spoon. I will be in your ex-cabin."

So how is the come back of Khushi as a fireball?
Please press like, leave your comments and share the link with your friends as it means a lot to me.
If you have any little bit mean suggestions for Khushi to take revenge from Arnav and family, please drop in, I will definitely try to work on them. 

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Loads of love<333

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christasr Senior Member

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Very nice Pls continue

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zohakhan7 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 December 2014 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Loving this arrogant and fire ball Khushi
Now Raizada's have to payback for all the insult they threw upon Khushi
Amazing update
continue soon

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sanamsky IF-Dazzler

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awesome love this khushi continue soon

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-ChildOfChrist- IF-Dazzler

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that was very nice!
I like this new avatar of Khushi
Why don't the Raizada's know about Khushi's innocence yet?

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crazyqueen Senior Member

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I am loving it.khushi was just like a live fire.
I just love it.

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yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Read both the chapters in one go...awesome story...khushi has come back for revenge...please accept my buddy request...can you please PM me future updates...thanks in advance...

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