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MiniFF- Revenge Time-Ch9B/Th2Pg152| COMPLETED | (23/03/15) (Page 33)

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2015 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by crazyforsarun

My reaction for the update:

Thanks a loads dear, your comment means a lot to me.
Awee thanks a lot sweetheart. I adore your reaction. <3

Loads of love,

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks a lot guys for appreciating the start of this story and liking/loving Khushi's character, personally I just love Khushi. You guys made my day, four pages comments and almost 70  likes, I knew you guys can do. We should retain this or much more, if you guys are up for it, are you? :)

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I sincerely hope likes and comments will increase, please don't let me down. 

                                                         New FF- Bleeding Heart-Chapter2BPage6(01/01/15)

Keep showering me with your love guys.

Regarding PMs, unfortunately, I won't be sending, you need to follow either my twitter page 
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Loads of Love <333

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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CHAPTER 3C: Claiming What is Mine

Khushi turned her eyes to an ashen looking Arnav. "What can we make him do Aman?"

"He can be your personal assistant at home as well," Aman suggested, tongue-in-cheek, he was feeling elated. It was nothing mean yet nothing easy. It was one in a blue moon that you get to take your revenge from your boss.

"Perfect idea. Mr Raizada from today you have to serve me food, you have to drive me to office, you have to do all work I demand with utter perfection because that would do good to you only, otherwise I can always hire another better than you." She commented and he hissed, for the insult she threw in the between.

"Khushiji I can do that for you," Shyam jumped at the occasion to be with her like a glue.

"Shyamji, you are not made for such a belittling things." She said showing her perfectly learnt smile.

"But still I insist, I want to do something," he said with his love-sick smile.

"Oh Shyamji, if you insist so much you can do the dusting of the house along Manoramaji," she said blinking her eyelashes, Shyam was baffled for a moment, "I didn't want you to work but If you want to work, I am happy. I am really happy Shyam that you want to be self-made person,"  she lowered her eyes, in shyness, knowing well that he fell for the trap.

Oh, he was about to refuse but her words stopped him. If it made her happy then so be it, "I will do anything you say Khushiji" he blushed like a bride.

The Raizada's were shocked, baffled. The most affected was Anjali, the man she loved, admired and did everything for, was ditching her. 'Had he been involved five years back too?' she questioned herself.

Arnav was the only was feeling jealous, she was only his and he grimaced with disgust toward Shyam. He was chameleon, changing color with situations. 'Have I done right to let him stay at home? Because, if as I believed Khushi was wrong then Shyam was wrong too.' he raked his hand through the maze of his hairs. 

"That should be all the orders for today," Khushi announced that very second Payal appeared with a tray full of jalebies. Khushi made a dirty face, 'if these are jalebies, I wonder what Dog's food is" she commented looking at the bland and colorless jalebies. If she had seen jalebies in this avatar at the first, she would not be addicted to them. "Hari Prakashji, give it to some street dogs," she told the servant in a soft tone. 

"Yes ma'am," he nodded, taking the jalebies tray for Payal. Shuddering looking at the jalebies, Payal really did an insult to jalebies.

"Oh, you can call me Khushi like Aman does," She smiled at the servant, while Arnav's jaw dropped. He, the ex CEO and eventually future CEO of HIS own company, was demeaned to a servant and the real servant got the permission to call her by name.

"Khushi, How can you do this? I made those jalebies with so much hardwork," Payal growled.

"I didn't allow you to call me Khushi, do call me Miss Khushi or ma'am, your choice," Khushi said sternly.

"Oh, uh," Payal felt humiliated in front of her in-laws and the workers.

"And anyways, if you think these are edible, let me have a go at you," she chuckled and picked up a dull looking, extra sticky jalebi. People wanted to intervene but her one glare stopped them.

Payal looked at the jalebi wide eyes, realizing stuck dawn that she made the worst jalebi ever.  As it approached toward her, she lowered her head, "I am sorry, I didn't realize I made it so bad," 

"Good, next time don't  question my decisions, or I may forget that you are pregnant and feed you the same to dozens" she ordered her with a voice full of steel and went to place back the jalebi in the tray, "please Hari Prakashji, teach Payal how to cook. I suppose living in this luxuries she have forgotten to cook properly," 

Payal shuffled on her feet, feeling insulted. She had always known Khushi as someone forgiving and nice, but this was not the Khushi she knew. She had thought that Khushi would forgive her again when she were to come back but she realized how wrong she was, this Khushi was a sucker for revenge and she saw the determination in her eyes.

"Oh! and Shyamji," Khushi walked to him and placed her hand on his cheek, "I have a request, I can't see you with another woman. Can you please shift to another room?" she asked with hopeful eyes.

"Anything for you Khushi ji," he said, feeling super excited that she loved him too.

"Shyamji!" Anjali yelled his name in pain.

"Stay quiet! don't interfere between him and me," Khushi ordered and Anjali ran to her room, while wobbling, with Arnav on her tail. 'Somethings never change' she scowled.

"But Khushiji, there is no other room empty," he said feeling upset.

"Oh," she looked at Hari Prakash entering "HPji, is there any room vacant?" 

"The servant room Khushiji" he informed her, as a room was vacant in the servant wing.

"Shyamji, I can let you stay in servant quarter but I can't let you stay with Anjali. Please forgive me that I will let you stay in servant quarter." she said, pretending a very honest sulky and sad face.

"That is ok Khushiji, if it leads to us together forever," he said with saccharine smile.

"Yes Shyamji, when I shift here after a month, you will not have to stay there, I promise. Apart that, I may not come at home for another month at all for business reasons please can you give me a report of each and every members at the end of the day. I will be instructing to HPji to assign their works." In one go, she insulted him without letting him even know.

He was to stay in servant quarter and stay at home, thus keeping him busy from chasing her. At the same time, his so called family would know his real face and HPji would be the one to give them their tasks.

"Sure Khushiji" he said enveloped her in his arms. She cringed but then pretended to be happy.

She moved back and saw Arnav standing behind, his eyes blazing. "Shyamji, I have to go now, take care of yourself," she patted his cheek and looked at the others, "I will not be coming here for another month, giving you time to give me perfect service once I am here. If I see any mishap then, no person would be able to save you from my fury. Is it clear?" she roared.

"Yes," came a reply in unison.

"Good," she relaxed. "HPji, here" she gave him a high tech mobile. "Shyamji will explain you how to use it, it has my number in Whatsapp. Since Arnav Singh Raizada would be sleeping at poolside for a week, I want a snap of him each night and each morning." HP nodded scrutinizing the expensive mobile.

"Thank you Khushiji," he said happily.

"Welcome," she smiled and then gazed at Shyamji "Shyamji, would you keep an eye on Arnavji whole night to see if he doesn't cheat," she blinked her eye lashes again.

"Sure Khushiji," he said without any second thoughts.

"Then all is settled. Please HPji, fix Shyamji's sleeping arrangement at poolside too for a week." she said, feeling triumphed. If Arnav was wrong then Shyam was wrong too. If he had not chased her, Arnav would not have done wrong things to her and she was here to destroy them, one and all.

Shyam mouth was wide opened but then closed, knowing that she asked him beforehand and he had agreed himself. He sighed and contemplated all he would gain and he was assured.

"That would be all for today, see you all next month if no havoc is created here in my absence, or my presence can happen sooner than planned," and she strode toward the exit, with Aman following her, with same poise.

"What has these led us to?" Mamiji slumped on the couch, "We are degraded to the servant of this house now."

"Everyone's good time and bad time comes. Her good time is going on and our bad is on," Naniji sighed and went to her room, still traumatized that once Khushi would come back after a month, She would have to praise her. She cringed and busied herself in her lamb.

Payal and Akash retired toward their room and Arnav followed them. "Payal!" he called her as they were about to enter in the room.

"Ji, Arnavji," she said in her calm voice.

"I want to talk to you," he said in a straight voice.

She lowered her head, knowing what was about come up. "Sure, come in." She closed the door once all were inside the room. "I am sorry."

"Why are you sorry Payalji, there is no fault of yours if your sister is bit*c," Akash was assuring her, only to be slapped by his elder brother.

"I have not allowed anyone to badmouth her," he said with gritted teeth.

Akash was enraged, "so it is alright if you badmouth her, han?"

"I believed she was wrong so I said mean things," he lowered his head and reprimanding himself to have been so mean to her. It was only because of him that everyone took so many liberties, if he had insulted her no one would have dared too.

"Hypocrites!" Akash swore.

"Stop it!'' Payal intervened before they could erupt in a harmful fight. 

"Payal I want the truth today," Arnav spoke one word at time.

"I Arnavji, I," she looked at the other side not ready to dwell the information.

"SPEAK UP PAYAL AKASH SINGH RAIZADA," He finally erupted, his patience touching the limits, making her jump with fear.

"She was not wrong, she was right all along," Payal finally uttered and told him the whole story.

By the time, they knew about it, Arnav fall on the bad, trampled badly. "What was the need for me to study in harvard or to have such a big business when I could not use my mind when it came to her," he was dumbstruck. "How am I going to forgive myself. Four months. I tortured her four months night and days." Tears rolled down his eyes.

"Payal, I wish I could slap you at this, but as much as you are at mistake, as much are all of us at this time, I can see, she will forgive us none until we are destroyed. She will be the taking revenge because, we all wronged her," Akash said and left to the bathroom, feeling stupid not have believed Khushi, but there were too many people and witnesses against her, yet could he have not find out using his resources. Oh well, the downfall of the business should prove to him how intelligent he was. He was frustrated.

"Did you not feel once guilty that you betrayed your sister?" Arnav finally mumbled those words. Accepting the truth that his heart knew all along.

"Did you not feel guilty, when you loved her?" she threw back those words. 

He lowered his heard. "Because I love Di and I could not let pain come to her. Khushi was your sister."

"Don't try to give me lessons. If I am wrong, you are more wrong." the meek Payal was gone, this Payal knew what she wanted to strive. "I love her but not enough to let go of Akash but you love Anjali di enought to let Khushi go. Yes call me selfish but that is what love does, you don't see anything wrong and right. Had I told the truth that day, no one would have believed and Akash would have stood up with his family too, right? this is why Khushi agreed to marry you as well, so how could I tell the truth and lose him, specially when I was pregnant?" she was outraged.

"I am sorry, It was my mistake but Payal you were wrong too. A sister who had sacrificed everything for you, didn't deserve to back-stabbed," he tried to explain her, he wanted to make everything fine for Khushi.

"Stop lecturing me, Mr Harvard, you were the dumbest person. You loved her, yet never stood by her side. Even if in future, by any miracle, if she chose to be with you, one little wrong thing she will do and you would blast on her. Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, you have always done wrong to her. Anyways, I have done her a favor to send her away from you." She smirked.

"Well, we are all to get punished now. Although that would be less too. And one thing you said is right. Maybe, I didn't love her enough!" he left her room, to the poolside, feeling no anger toward Khushi. He was ready for her punishment and he would do everything in his hand to woo her back. 


So, how are you finding the fireball as the story is proceeding? 
What will be his reply?
Do you guys want me to extent this story a bit, lets say 8-10 parts in total?
Please press like, leave your comments and share the link with your friends as it means a lot to me.
If you have any little bit mean suggestions for Khushi to take revenge from Arnav and family, please drop in, I will definitely try to work on them. 
I am so happy we almost reached the target, I am uploading on weekend as said. I am so overwhelmed. Lets keep the same target, since I know the potential of Arshi fans. I need at least four pages comments and more than 70 likes, I know you people can do even more than this :). Next part hopefully this weekend or even before. :)

Regarding PMs, as I said, unfortunately, I won't be sending, you need to follow either my twitter page 
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Loads of love<333

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I want Payal and Shyam to suffer the most, Arnav is next, but I think he suffering enough with guilt. Payal is not even guilty of her actions. Angry
Thanks for the update.

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sarunsashasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Payal is one pathetic  woman. 

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Amazing update Love It

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jeb1 IF-Sizzlerz

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It was brilliant update
Loved it
waiting for next part

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Fantastic update
Argghh payal Angry

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