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MiniFF- Revenge Time-Ch9B/Th2Pg152| COMPLETED | (23/03/15) (Page 152)

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by GAURI29

i think arnav is going to donate his eye site to aryan...

Thanks a loads dear, your comment means a lot to me. 
Nice guess, maybe no.. maybe yes. ;)
I will upload as soon as I can.

Loads of love,

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by SanayaMyLIFE

Awsome banner

Thanks a loads dear, your comment means a lot to me. The credit goes to my dear friend realizeyourdreamH :)
I will upload as soon as I can.

Loads of love,

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Arshika_arshi

kya hua!!!!??? kaha gai update???? plz post it sooonnn...

Hey, I am right here, going to work on the last touches and the part should be in a few minutes hopefully... I am trying my best :).

Loads of love<333
kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Guys, thanks a lot for appreciating this story and liking/loving Khushi's character, personally I just love Khushi with every update, how can I love my character so much? maybe because each time, I put a part of myself in the characterization.And now another in the list is going to be Aryan. He is a person, who attracts you in a go.

You guys made my day. About 6-8 pages comments and around 70likes, I know you guys can do a lot more. I am so so so happy. 
We should retain this or much more, if you guys are up for it, are you? :)

As I told previously too, whenever I update a part, I am really nervous but whoever comments and likes make my day brighter. I do forget my problems and tensions when I see my work getting appreciated so, it is a request guys, if you like and appreciate my work please express it, by pressing like or/and even better, leaving me a comment along as well as share the link with you friends. Trust me, when I say it means a lot, we, writers do live on your feedback. I sincerely hope likes and comments will increase, please don't let me down. 

NEXT PART IN About in an hour ;)

-FFs going on Arhi: 
New FF- Bleeding Heart-Chapter2BPage6(01/01/15)

Keep showering me with your love guys.

Regarding PMs, if you haven't received any PM from me last week and you having been pressing like/commenting, send me a buddy request on kashishkPM :) 
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Loads of Love <333

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Sorry guys for the delay but I can't tell you the circus around me that I have to suffer. I have been called by family to assist the prayers and eat, I have been there like a wind and back to laptop as soon as I could. I have been trying my best here and I hope you all will appreciate it.
Some revelations and some more to come.
I will upload the next part of it tomorrow.
Here it goes:
CHAPTER 9-B: Solutions?

"Khushi!" he whispered, dumbstruck. He had not anticipated this.

"DON'T YOU HAVE THE IDEA ABOUT THE BASICS OF IT... han Raizada... Just tell me have you sold your brain somewhere? Or I doubt if you were ever born with one? At every step you proved that at Harvard they only teach business, I wish they taught you about life too... Damn it," she pushed of the things for the desk, feeling immense wrath, rage immeasurable.

Whenever she thought he would not do anything stupid, he ended up doing something more stupid. How would she handle this man in her life. She felt tired, exhausted to handle things in her life. She had been strong and she was strong but could not she expect some happiness, some peace in her life?

When she had allowed Arnav in their life it was because somewhere she craved to be loved by him, even after all he did. She wanted to be loved, to be cherished by him but what he had just done, it just drenched her hopes. 

She was hurt... hurt again because of him. Could he not think once about her before taking decisions like this. Would she have felt proud of him after this? No never, she would have felt cheated and stabbed all over again. Why didn't he understand her?

She raked her hand in her hairs, letting it stay there, trying to calm her mind. "Why were you doing this? Huh? Do you think doing this will earn you forgiveness? That I will give you my sympathy and be grateful to you?"

"Khushi," he went to her and held her hands, but she yanked his hands away, he sighed and took his hands on his sides. "I know you are angry, but this once, I was not doing this for you but for our son. I just wanted to lessen the guilt in my heart... I die each time I see him," he sounded helpless.

She pulled him by his collars, her eyes red, "And do you think, your planning to donate your eyes to Aryan would solve everything? Let me explain to you clearly Arnav Singh Raizada. First of all, my son doesn't have a cornea problem, his eyes are fine, he was born this way... Doctor are finding a way. Secondly, a living person, without any problem, can not donate his eyes... I am sure the doctor must have informed you that," her tone was steel like. Feeling angry at his foolishness.

He had come here, in the clinic, to know if he could donate his eyes to his son. He thought this was the sole solution to end their misery and he had not thought much after that. He didn't dwell on the consequences beyond it. His mind had halted at that idea. Idea that he could be the donor and end Aryan's pain but his plans were flawed and it failed. He was glad they were because Khushi made him feel realize he was going wrong, even though it had seemed good what he was going to do. She was so furious and his intention were not that at all, far from it.

His head was lowered. Yes, he had behaved very idiotic and the doctor had rebuked him too, telling him to go back and stop dwelling into things that didn't even exist. There were no eye donation needed for kids born without sight. He had been heart broken. His resolve to make everything alright for his son faltered and he was failed again but he didn't feel like a failure anymore, after witnessing Khushi here. He wondered how she ended here? Since he was sure the doctor didn't inform her and secondly, she had not appointment here. 

She pushed him away and stood by the window, looking at the peaceful weather outside. She tried to calm her erratic heart. Exhaling she looked at him, "Do tell me one thing Mr Raizada... Even if all this was possible, even if you could give you eyes to Aryan, would Aryan have felt happy?" she demanded.

"I.. I..." He was speechless. He didn't not ponder much over that, he was just seeing the influence at the short phase.

Her tone was furious, "he would have felt guilty, he would have felt bad that his father can't see because of him... And I don't want my son to ever regret... So please don't do such nonsense stunt again" she warned him, stressing on please.

"I will not," he understood her point well. He didn't realize in his try to mend things for their son, he was messing things more.

"Good because I would not like babysitting you by hiring a bodyguard by you around the clock. Let's go." she left the room and he followed her silently.

As they settled in the car, Arnav mustered the gut to ask her, "Who told you I am in the hospital?"

"Lavanya was feeling sickness and doubted pregnancy so she came here for confirmation, she saw you and informed me. By the way, congrats your ex-fiance is pregnant," she couldn't help but add 'ex-fiance' with sarcasm. She would not have done so had it been in another time but his act had really angered her.

He chose to remain silent, she was very enraged because of his doing and he didn't want to rub the wrong side of her more. He didn't want to lose the chance of staying in their life again. He would have to stop doing things for them without concerting with them. Next time, he would talk to her before any decision.

They resumed back their life. The next day, he joined the office and was welcomed warmly. She could not refute that he was good at business. He shall be nothing but an asset for the company. Although, he was her partner but she was the major shareholder, the power of attorney was on her name. Arnav knew she didn't trust him full heartily and he could not even blame her, he had never given her a reason to believe him and trust him but he was working on that. 

Arnav made sure to take care of Aryan, despite of the distance between them and all the pranks by Aryan. Khushi was the most sensitive case, he did everything for her but didn't dare to go near her. He took care of her but from a distance.

All that he had been doing, she was not unaware of, she saw everything, every single little thing that he did and that filled her heart with warmth. He was the one to break her heart but only he had the power to mend it too. She knew she could leave without him and be happy without him, but his existence now in her life, the way he was, filled her life with peace yet she was not ready to embark on the journey with him she needed time.

Time to heal the deeps scars in her heart and mind. She was scared to be hurt again. He was a changed man but he was still Arnav Singh Raizada, ASR, what if he took her for granted again? No he would not, she was the weak woman, she knew her rights and she stood her ground strongly. 

She was although this much assured he would not pull off silly stunts such as donating his eyes. She had been in fury for that. He had told her with conviction that no matter what he would tell her next time if any such foolish things passed by his brain and she had calmed down. All along, taking up, to ask him while taking decisions for Aryan.

A woman could be taken granted only if she allowed herself to be weak, if she decided to stand up and voice her feelings, no one had the power to stop her and she was unstoppable. She did what she felt right and no one could stop her. She was not that weak girl and she had proved it time and again.

The days turned into weeks, the weeks rolled into months and the months swerved into years. It had been two years of their marriage with all rituals, two years that Arnav was in their life.

Things changed, specially with him. He started to pray to God, pray for the peace of the house. He became a doting father, even though his son was a little hesitant toward him but Aryan cared for him and he himself made sure to be always with his son. He even learnt to play games for Aryan, that he never knew existed before. Aryan also became lenient to him and let Arnav tell stories, as he dozed off. 

On alternate Arnav used to tell him stories and once Aryan slept, he used to tuck her in with Khushi, who as restlessly waited for her son. He knew she relaxed only once she had Aryan in her arms.

Khushi had been wary toward him, not discarding him from their life but also not accepting him. At times, he saw the need in her eyes to be with him but the fear overpowered it and she masked her feelings. It hurt him the separation but he could not lose hope.

His new life taught him to be patient. 

Lavanya and NK had become proud parents of their little angel, whom they rightly named Pari and it made him feel miserable that he was not there with Khushi. He saw the hurt in Khushi's eyes too, which she never shew, but that moment, she was bared. Unable to stop himself, he had hugged her, although she tried to push him but he didn't let her go. She had cried in his arms and punched him. He promised her that even though he was not with her when she needed him but he would be with her at every step now. She had relaxed in his arms and then parted, feeling really conscious of their moment.

It had been two years that he didn't talk to his family, he missed them but he was happy with his own family. He got the news about them now and then and he was happy for them. Anjali had taken her life seriously and was working diligently to provide her daughter with happiness. Aman was always beside her as a friend and Anjali had asked Aman to give them a chance, he agreed because she had changed. It had been over a month that they were dating, Aman used to drop in Delhi, time to time but mainly it was a long distance relation. 

Arnav's association 'Happiness' was going fine, even though he was not there everyday, but he got full report of it. He used to drop there time to time mostly when needed or when there were police cases and his heart pained with all the woman, who were in pain. In everyone of them, he could see a little pain of his Khushi. 

He did his best to fill their life with a little hope with the facilitation of his association. Happiness arranged the women's medical help, their residing places, give them the needed education and a good job for them. He invested a good part of his income in it but the woman themselves were becoming strong, they could take care of their expenses and invested a little in the association. 

Arnav didn't really believe in charity for his association. Although it was on a little scale as of now but he was satisfied with his work. He didn't want it to be a large level event, with charities involved and politics too but with nothing proper for the woman. He would take if it took time to be established than to make it like every other association. Happiness was priceless for him, it was named after his wife, Khushi and he wanted only the best for it. The people coming their got the best guidance.

Someone shook him, bringing him out of his reverie. "Dad, you can't keep on daydreaming like this," his son of seven years old complained.

"Sorry bacha, I was just thinking about something. Tell me what brings you here?" he asked him, taking him in his lap.

"I am big boy now, I am thinking to tell mom to give me a separate room," he said his plan to his dad.

"I agree sweetheart," he agreed with him. Arnav knew Aryan was growing up and he needed his own space.

"But she will miss me... tch I can't... Can't you make her smile and happy, so that you can stay with her?"Aryan questioned.

"She will be only able to smile when you can see again. Khushi's happiness resides in you," he kissed him.

"I wish I can see soon... I feel sad sometimes." Aryan was gloomy, "Abhishek and others kids, keep on talking about how beautiful the sun is or how stunning the flowers are... How cute the teddy is...but I can't see."

"Although I want you to see super soon but I want you to remember something. You can see the beauty that people with sight can't... For example, touching a thing you can tell what it is, a fragrance is enough for you to recognize the thing, a feeling of presence is enough for you to know someone is there... You don't even need me to speak when I am near you, you just find me in the crowds. You see the beauty without even seeing. I just want you to keep this beauty intact even when you can see." He kissed his son's forehead, who silently sat in his lap without hugging back but also not refusing to get hugged. It was a normal between them now.

Although still sometimes Aryan warned him to stay away from his mother but mostly he told him to make her happy. Aryan was happy with his father's words.

Arnav's mobile rung and he picked it up, "hello... I am coming." he cut the call and looked at Aryan, "Kiddo, I am needed at work, I have to go. Come I will leave you with Garima aunty,"

"Alright," he went with his father. "Take care dad, bye," Arnav gave him a hug and left to his room to pick his wallet and car keys.

"Where are you going Arnav?" Khushi asked him, as he neared the door to go out. He looked worried.

"Khushi, there is an emergency... I have to go." 

Everything was fine at home so it must be at office. "At office? but I don't know." she was confused.

"No not at office. I have to go," he didn't want to divulge about his association to her. He didn't want her sympathy.

"I am not letting you go alone," she was firm.

He looked at her and sighed, knowing well she still didn't trust him and after his stunt in the doctor clinic two years back, she became more attentive at his sudden hurry. 

He nodded and she followed him. Arnav drove to the buildings of Happiness. Khushi stepped out of the car and frowned looking at the name board 'Happiness'. Where were they?

Both of them entered in the building, Khushi asked him, "why are we here?"

Link to Thread 2:
Anmay-The Unbreakable- Prologue (11/02/2015) I will continue when this one ends. 

So many of you guessed right ;). This chapter is still not complete, I will upload the last bit tomorrow. ;)
Did you like this? 
Any guesses what happened?
Should Arnav be given a proper chance now?
What is your take on this whole situation.
Solutions? What could be the solutions?

Please press like, leave your comments and share the link with your friends as it means a lot to me.
I am so happy we reached the target, I am uploading as said. I am so overwhelmed. Lets keep the same on, since I know the potential of Arshi fans. I need at least 6 pages comments and more than 100 likes, I know you people can do even more than this :). Next half in withing this week, hopefully.

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Awesome Update, 2 years have passed. Khushi was right to stop Arnav, Can't wait for the next part. 

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