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MiniFF- Revenge Time-Ch9B/Th2Pg152| COMPLETED | (23/03/15) (Page 104)

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shalini_s

good that Khushi didn't let him fall... Arnav's repentance is going good.. hope Aryan gets his vision back...

Thanks a loads dear, your comment means a lot to me.
More to come ;)
Hope so too :)
I will upload as soon as I can, hopefully within two hours:).

Loads of love,

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smat IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Interesting teaser 
Waiting Day Dreaming

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2015 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Just started another story, that I will continue when this one ends. 
CHAPTER 7B: The remaining months' adventure

"Mr Raizada, my classes are starting from tomorrow," Aryan told Arnav, happily.

"Oh!" Arnav was confused, how would he cope with the classes.

"Aryan baby, I will explain him, you go and play with Abhi," she kissed him and NK took him from the study room.

"Raizada, there are special classes for children like mine." she informed him.

"Will he never get back his sight?" Arnav asked her, hoping that Aryan could see again.

"I guess, you did a pretty good job."

Arnav bit his lips, he felt an unbearable need to cry, a tear rolled down on its own accord. Khushi caught it and said, "Tch, enemies' tears never effect, like mine didn't effect you... The project file?" She asked him.

Yes, now that he thought, her pain had never disturbed him enough to be by her side, how could his love had been so selfish, where he just wanted his own desire to be fulfilled. He had not worried about her a bit but he was understanding his mistake and he had just one goal: to make her happy and keep her happy along Aryan. 

Before there had been other people who were his priorities but not anymore. He should have settled his priorities back then itself. Oh well, his harvard brain was not that smart, he admonished himself.

Even though, it was a sunday morning but still she assigned him work. And not just some work but a lot of work that he was exhausted by the end of it and sleep on the files. So was the case now, he had spent the whole night on the project she had given and he was sleepy now.

"I didn't get time to complete it," he replied sheepishly.

"What the hell do you do the whole day to make excuses?" she blasted at him.

"I was at office, then I gave a shower to Aryan, after dinner, I was reading a book to Aryan at night as you instructed me... I had made born-vita milk and made him drink before he was tucked in," he said, hoping to get some more time.

"As if I care, all this is a part of your job," she said nonchalantly. "Since, you didn't get your work on time. Here," she gave him a dictionary, "With the project, Write them all the words with definitions, that means punctuality, responsibility, apology and the word you use quite a lot nowadays 'love,'" She ordered him and left the room.

"Won't you need a driver as you are going to picnic?" He asked her, he was hoping just to admire them.

"Right I do and I want the work completed by 8PM. Come," she went in her room to get ready.

Exhaling he looked at the files and dictionary, he had a loads to do. Packing all that, he put it in the car's dickey and settled himself on the driver's seat.

At times, he still wondered, am I really a driver? Oh well he was a driver, he was her laundry fetcher, he was her personal assistant, who had to follow each and every order, and he did, with utter sincerity.

"Yes, we are going out," Aryan squealed. 

Khushi buckled the kids in the back seats of the SUV, Aman took the passenger seat and NK, Lavanya sat with Khushi on the middle seat.It was only them on the trip.

Madhumati waved off the kids and saw some mud at the side, purposely, she dipped her sandals there and walked back inside the home. Her sandals leaving traces all over the floor.

"Madhumati, I had cleaned just now the floor," Manorama said angrily.

"Then do again, anyways you are no Cinderella," she mocked and kept walking all over the house. Once satisfied of her task, she removed her shoes, "clean my shoes, please." She went to her room.

"I have become a servant." Manorama thought. She was still in lurch, as Khushi had not shown the video. She afraid the moment, Khushi would do so. Her friend, who had praised her style and class would make a joke of her.

It was so worse that she had nightmares, she got bolted out of her nightmares frightened, her friends laughing at her, it was too much for her. Every minute, she was praying that Khushi didn't do so.

Passing the mop on the floor, making sure to clean all the marks, she sighed. "I have to clean these muddy shoes too," she was disgusted looking at the sandals. "Hello hi bye bye."

Aman took out the picnic arrangements and settled down everything for them. NK, Lavanya and Khushi took them to play baseball on the court there.

Whilst Arnav was confined inside the car, with his much loved, not really loved now laptop and equally hateful files. How he craved to be with his baby and Khushi and enjoy with them. But he was the one to destroy all their happiness.

He rose his head and saw Khushi guiding Aryan, who threw the ball in junior loop and squealed as Khushi told him, he got it.

A smile crept on his lips and looked down at his work. He sighed, lot of work remaining and he was tired of it yet he immersed himself in it, minutes rolled in two hours.

"Come Arnav have lunch, complete you work later." Aman told him, it was already three when the kids decided that it was time to eat. 

He didn't wait to be said twice, he wanted to join them and be a part of some fun.

They all sat down together and had a fun filled lunch, meanwhile for Khushi he was as good as an invisible person. It hurt him but it taught him at every step.

As he got back inside the car, he completed the file and then opened the dictionnary. Everything was fine with the first three but the later one disturbed him. "to have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for (another person)." he read the definition and wondered, "Were I ever tender or affectionned toward her in the past?" and the response was quick. Non.

No, he was not. It didn't take him a second to hate her, it didn't take him minute to hurt her and it didn't take him a moment to marry her for six months or to throw her out. 

The more he knew, the more he was hurt. Hurt beyond limits.

Within half an hour, Aryan came there with Khushi, Khushi knocked on the window. Arnav rose his head anticipating Aman, but was surprised to find Khushi, "The kids want to play with you," Khushi informed.

He felt obliged, putting everything back in his business leather bag, he went with them. "So what are we playing?" He asked Aryan.

"Basket-ball. We have to throw the ball in the loop... loop in round..." he made a round with his finger, "... And like a lousy ball at th end." Aryan was happy.

"Intelligent baby," Khushi gave him a sloappy kiss.

They arrived back in the court, "Back Champ?" Aman asked him, engulfing him a in a hug.

"Yes, now teach me to throw from a distance, please."

"Sure come," 

"Please come Mr Raizada," Aryan said.

"Yeah..." the three other kids were delighted and they all had a gala time.

Putting Aryan to sleep, she settled on the poolside with Arnav to work on a current project. "I didn't get to ask you, how do you like the flowers?" She said, biting her inner cheek in satisfaction.

He looked around and when he was assigned to sleep there, the flowers had given a sense of relief. "Better than It used to be," 

"Good, water the plants," she ordered him.

He looked at her in shock but she was focused on her file. Placing the files on his chair, he went to the plants and started watering them.

"Do you know men look handsome while working?" he heard her, standing right behind him. Swiftly he veered toward her, she was a few centimeters apart. His heart was fluttering in excitement.

"What are you doing?" He asked with worry yet so much anticipation.

"Shh, you are to do what I command," she placed her finger on his lips and pushed him to wall, he was cornered. "Do you get it?"

"Yes," he nodded obediently. His organs were reacting according to her ways.

"Good," her breath fanned him.

"Khushi," He breathed heavily.

She kissed near his chin and the moment broke as her mobile rung. Moving back, she took out her mobile from her pocket, Aman was flashing on the screen. "Water the plants and get back to office work," she commanded and received the call, regaining her seat as if nothing happened between them.

Aman, the forever spoiler of their intimate moments. Arnav's breath was still uneven. Had she had felt the same way whenever Aman interrupted their moments? or when he left her their after a special moment? He was a jerk of first class. Aman's call gave him another realization.

How ruthlessly he had shoved her off that night as if she was nothing but a dirt when in reality he was at mistake.

Minutes were rolling into hours, hours into days, days into weeks and weeks into months. I had been five months that all begun.

Manorama had definitely lost a few pounds doing all the house cleaning and nor she whined any longer about her perfect make up and neatly manicured nails since it didn't matter when she had to end up doing the same task again. Addition to that, she had avoided her friends' completely to avoid herself from the embarrassment.

Akash been apologetic to Khushi and he had along Payal talked to her. Khushi had told them clearly, the day her son could see again she would forgive them but forget never.

Khushi had always wondered why people said I forgive you but I can't forget what you did. Now she knew. She may forgive them but forgetting what they did was impossible. She may look at them and smile but she would never be her bubbly self to them.

Manohar and Akash had ended up having tough time cleaning the cars they possessed, it was one thing roaming in them and another to cleanse them to the point it sparked.

Nani was the only person, who didn't have to do anything physical but she was in deep discomfort whenever her friends talked about her video on YouTube. 

Arnav himself he was getting the worst of it, he was on toe the whole day, collecting files for Khushi, doing the archives, preparing the quotes for the deals, working on designs. Personally, driving her back home, picking and dropping Aryan at her classes, helping him in his home-work, as he did, his heart pained. In the evening, his task was to play with Aryan under her surveillance, giving him a shower now and then, pressing their clothes. Now that was something he had started to like since it gave him the sense to be close to her and their son. What if he was her as good as her servant as long as he could do things for her he was happy.

Arnav sighed remembering all that as the winds touched his face. Too lost that he didn't even notice another presence there.
"So Arnav, how are you feeling? So demeaned? So belittled? So powerless?" Lavanya asked him as she found him in standing in the lawn, gazing at the moon.

He snapped out of his staring and looked at her, "to be honest more than that I feel I deserve this and much more." 

"True." Lavanya nodded and hugged him, stunning him.

"What is going on here?" Khushi asked them as she had come to talk to Lavanya. Her gaze was penetrating.

"I saw him alone so talked." Lavany shrugged.

Khushi gave her the file, "this are the details you wanted about the new collection show," she gave her the file and Lavanya left.

She held his collar and her eyes spitting  fire. "What the hell were you doing hugging Lavanya?" She was possessive about him, he belonged to her, he was her possession.

"She hugged me," he retorted.

"As if I believe you. I don't trust you a bit. It was you who was in a relation with Lavanya about to get engaged, still flirting with me, cornering me. To think about it, you always insulted but it was you who was wrong," she mocked him. "So are you flirting with Lavanya when you claim to love me?" she insulted him.

"Khushi, I just love you. Lavanya just hugged me. I don't feel anything for you. Trust me." He was exasperated.

"Did you trust me when I never gave you a chance to doubt me? I was clear about my engagement to Shyam. I never hid his name. I tried to stay away from you even before that. It was you who should have been doubted."

This hurt him, pierced him deeply. She was being possessive about him but still didn't trust him.

"I know, I have never given you in reason to trust me. But believe me, there is no one else in my life except you. Since the day you entered in my life it was always about you, I just wanted to refuse those feelings," he felt remorseful.

"Whatever," then,  "I know, you didn't hug her, she hugged you, because I asked her to. Sometimes, what you see is not the truth but again had it been someone else, I would not have been able to believe you because you didn't prove yourself worthy of that." She left him there to deal with his pain. 

Now he could see in a better way what happened that day. Shyam had her cornered she was not even touching him. Now he could realize what she must have felt, seeing him possessive for her and still not having his trust. Now he could feel what felt to be blamed when not at mistake.

He had a long way to go. Love was not enough. He had to prove his dignity, his sense of commitment, he had prove himself worthy of her in every way.  Sure he was not pure like her, but he would love her so much that only the purity of their love would matter.

"A week remaining Arnav Raizada, how about something hot?" she asked him. Sitting royally on her chair, behind the desk. 

"Uh Khushi?" he said shocked. Once she came close to him, he was at the edge to fall down, the second time was when she had been kissing his chin and had been interrupted by Aman's call. He was not sure what she was upto. He was afraid. But he halted, didn't he agree to do whatever she wanted? Yes. Then he should not get scared.

She walked to him, her finger on his lip, "Shh!" she took his lower lip in hers and his breath hitched. She gave him a mouthful kiss, shredding his attitude off.

He felt heavenly, in paradise. He didn't remember the last he kissed her, because he was inebriated but he was in sense now, he was feeling her now, he was mesmerized. Kissing someone never felt this beautiful.

Parting, catching up with her breath, she asked him, sneering, "what are your rates for the night Mr Raizada?" 

Arnav's breath halted, his face felt heated, he felt humiliated. He had hurled similar words to her after consuming with her, after taking her virginity. The time, when he should have cuddled her in his arms, shower her with kisses, he had insulted her.

"Arnav Singh Raizada, hurling mean and rude words at someone doesn't make us strong or superior. It makes me feel cheap to say them. Did you feel that day? Did you feel that when you called character less or even worse sl*t? Or when you threw money on me? I had felt so cheap then, but did you? I doubt so." She mocked him.

He sighed knowing that he had not shown the hurt he felt uttering those. "I did feel hurt, as If I have pierced my own heart," he revealed.

"You didn't show that anyways," she sniggered.

He suspired and said softly, "Is it any way I can show you how sorry I am," 

"I will tell you, I will tell you soon," saying so she left the office.

He still stood there, feeling heated by the kiss and the insult. How could she make him feel so good and guilty at same time.

A week later, the doorbell chimed, Om Prakash opened the door, "Anjali Bitya,"

She looked so frail, exhausted, tired of life. "Khushi?"

"Come inside, let me call her,"

OP made her seat on the couch, gave her a glass of water and called Khushi, who was keeping an eye on Arnav as he was reading a story to the children.

"Khushi, Anjali is here," OP said as he entered in the kid's room.

"hmm, I am coming," she said anticipating that only. 

Closing the file, she left the kids with her mother and went down, while Arnav followed her, to get a glimpse of his sister and to know what was the matter.

His heart wrenched as he saw Anjali, she looked worn out, completely defeated. "Di," he wanted to go to her but stopped himself.

Anjali looked at Khushi and said, "I am sorry Khushi. I realized how wrong I am."

"It took you a five months to know the truth of your bas*ard husband," Khushi sneered.

"I got to know in a week after I left," she said tiredly. "When, I didn't have any money to support us, he started abusing me emotionally. I was shocked but tried to explain him, I just wanted him. But it got worsened, he started to beat me." Anjali's tears rolled down. "I could not take it any longer. I left him with Aman's help."

"Oh of course, you had decided to go to women's hostel instead of coming and apologizing?" Khushi was angry.

"I was so guilty, so damn guilty... I didn't know how to apology. Aman has told me to come and apologize but I couldn't, I was too guilty. When, I left the home, I wanted to come to you to apology, to see my daughter... my feet stopped. I tried to snatch away you son from you. Aryan, who can't see and somewhere I am the reason. I have been the reason, Arnav strayed from the right track. I am sorry," she bent on her knees.

Arnav was shocked to know that about Anjali. He was angry, very angry with her but still, she was his sister, he could not hate. He could stay away from her, but hating her was not in his grasp. He walked to her and patted her shoulder. He could not bring up himself to hug her.

Now he knew what was the difference back in loving his sister and Khushi. He had supported Anjali no matter what, now it was time to support Khushi like that and within the two, chose the right one.

"I wish, your sorry could restore everything to how it used to be." Khushi said nonchalantly.

"That is why, I didn't know how to face you. I don't deserve any forgiveness." Anjali said ashamed.

"Now stand up, you can stay here. As it is, we are leaving tomorrow for Mumbai," Khushi informed her, not forgiving her.

Arnav breath halted, she was going to leave him. No this could not happen. Six months were ending. Ending tomorrow. He felt his heart stopping, his eyes watering. No he would not her go away from him.

"Khushi you can't go," he pleaded.

"My decision is final,"

"No, please listen," Arnav tried to hold her hand, she freed her hand.

"Let's talk later about this non important topic," Khushi dismissed him. "And I have another news to share with you all, about Shyam,"

The elders that came down, getting the word that Anjali was here, were stunned. Shyam?

They were restless on the mention of his, he had done so wrong that their hearts filled with fright. They didn't know what was bringing his name this once, what news Khushi had to share now.

Whilst, Arnav didn't care an ounce about Shyam all he wanted to do now was to stop her from going away from. His heart was galloping in anxiously. He needed her and their baby  Aryan, nothing else, no one else.

Even if it meant leaving as her servant and not getting the mansion or his post in the company back, he would do it dearly. He didn't need anything materialistic, he just needed them, in his life.

"About Shyam?" Anjali said, her eyes filling with terror.


So how did you like this?
How was the payback? and well about a day and six months are already over.
Will Khushi end Arnav's chapter in their life and start over again? Or he should be given a chance?
What is Khushi going to say about Shyam.
What is your take on Arnav, now? 

Please press like, leave your comments and share the link with your friends as it means a lot to me.
If you have any little bit mean suggestions for Khushi to take revenge from Arnav and family, please drop in, I will definitely try to work on them. 
I am so happy we reached the target, I am uploading as said. I am so overwhelmed. Lets keep the same on, since I know the potential of Arshi fans. I need at least 6 pages comments and more than 100 likes, I know you people can do even more than this :). Next half in two days, hopefully.

Regarding PMs, like/ comment and add me in your buddy list kashishkpm
twitter page 
Or bookmark my gallery:

Loads of love<333

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candyjan IF-Rockerz

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Really v welldone dear

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Pinky.Raizada IF-Rockerz

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Looks like khushi is taking revenge for all the things that arnav did. I think anjali is playing a game and khushi found out and will reveal their plan.

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ariyazaveri Groupbie

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Awasome update.

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sasir IF-Rockerz

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josnirmala IF-Dazzler

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Really its lovely

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