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MiniFF- Revenge Time-Ch9B/Th2Pg152| COMPLETED | (23/03/15)

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This is an SS, it will have around five chapters which is now a Mini FF of ten parts.I have written the start of it a few months back. Although, I was never an ardent viewer of the show, but my little used to tell me about it, almost everyday and I hated the way Khushi's character was portrayed. I believe, the females in the shows should be an inspiration for the countless suffering and hopeless woman.

This is my take on her character. This short story is based on the show, inspired by the track where he married her for 6 months, although I am going to change loads of things. Here goes my words on that, hope you enjoy.

"I love you Khushi, I love you very much I can't leave without you" he said while hugging her tight.

Khushi's arm stood still, she didn't move, she couldn't, she was shocked. "I don't love you Shyamji" she said while trying to push him away.

"Please Khushi don't say that, I love you a lot, I will do anything for you" he said, tightening his hold.

"ok then leave Anjaliji, divorce her" Khushi said, keeping her expressions serious.

That was what Arnav witness and left the terrace. He couldn't believe his fate. Finally, he had realized that he loved her and would confess to her as well as apologize to her for all the pain he gave her and what he got to see, her with another man. And the man was his brother in law, his sister's husband.

He went to the poolside and sat on the seat there. "I didn't know you could stoop so low Khushi. Just to take revenge for all the pain that I gave you, you decided to break my di's home. I will not forgive you" he was in rage. Really angry. His ayes were spitting fire.

Meanwhile on theterrace. "Please understand Khushi, I can't leave her, she is my cash flow."

"I am not telling you to leave Anjaliji so that I will come to you but to leave her in peace. Anyways, I will never come to you" she said spitting venom.

Shyam grabbed her arms "no Khushi, you have to come to me. You can't say that"

"I don't love you Shyamji, please leave me" she tried to free herself.

"But I love you, even if you don't, you will start loving me" he said with a devil smirk.

"I will never love you. You disgust me" she said angrily. Freeing herself, she ran away and from the downstairs she was dragged by buaji to the function. Khushi put on a smile, controlling her breath. "take this to the kitchen" buaji told her handing her over a tray.

Whilst, Arnav went to Anjali's room. "Di I have to tell you something important" Arnav said as he saw her sister putting the bangles.

"han Chotte, what is it?" she asked while standing up, a smile on her face. She took his hand and made him sit on the bed, while sitting next to him.

"Di, I... I" he took a breath and looked on the other side, he couldn't look at her and see her breaking. "I saw Jiju onterracewith Khushi, they are having an affair". Saying so he waited for a moment but he got no reaction, he turned toward her and saw her unconscious. "Di, Di" Arnav got worried, he immediately called a doctor.

As Khushi walked to the kitchen, she thought 'I have to tell someone about Shyamji. He is going beyond limits. He tried to be close to me in his own in-laws. God knows what he will do next. I have to tell someone. Anjaliji?... no last time, she freaked out just because her mangalsutr fall off. Arnavji?... Yes I should tell him, I am sure he will believe me if I really saw feelings in his eyes for me' she was satisfied with her decision. Placing the tray on the stab, she marched toward Arnav's room.

As she knocked, there was no response so opened the door and looked in the room as well as the poolside. "he must be in Anjaliji's room" she walked to Anjali's room.

There she saw the whole family gathered and realized the function had ended sometime ago. "what happened" Arnav asked he saw the doctor coming out.

"there is nothing to be worried, instead there is a good news. Mrs Jha is three and half months pregnant. Congratulations" saying so, the doctor left.

All were so happy, expect Shyam, Arnav and Khushi. Shyam because he didn't want to have a baby with Anjali. Arnav because he just saw Shyam with Khushi and he didn't want to see his sister broken. Finally Khushi, because she knew Shyam's true nature but still "can the baby change Shyam? maybe but I shouldn't take any risk". She was determined to tell everything to Arnav.

Everyone entered in the room, "Di, Are you fine?" Arnav asked her, nicely.

"yes Arnav, in fact I am very happy. I have the symbol of my and Shyam's love" Anjali said while blushing.

"I am so happy Rani Saheba" Shyam said while hugging her but thinking in his mind 'I have to do something about this baby as well'

"by the way, Chotte you were saying something?" Anjali asked Arnav.

Arnav realized that she didn't hear anything. He thought that he had to find out some other alternative that Khushi and Shyam stayed away from each other "No di, it is not important, now you should only take rest and if you need anything just give me a call"

"ok chotte" Anjali smiled and Arnav left the room and went in his. All congratulated her.

Khushi was about to follow him when Buaji told her "Titliya let's go home, it is getting late"

Feeling at loss of words, she nodded and decided to talk to Arnav tomorrow.

As Khushi reached at home, she entered in her room and locked the door to change her clothes. She put a sleeveless kurta and went in front of mirror. She noticed some red marks on her arms "how did it happen?" she instantly remembered how Shyam held her. 'I can't believe he could be so cheap. I have to stay away from him' she was determined.

Arnav and Khushi spend a restless and sleepless night, with the dawn of the day, they were busy in their thoughts. Arnav was trying to find out a solution "I have to find a solution to keep Shyam and Khushi away and as well as hurt them deeply. No one goes away hurting my family" he became a beast to protect his family.

Whilst, Khushi was waiting when they will go at Raizada mansion to talk to Arnav. He was to stay at his home the whole day.

Finally it was the time to go at Raizada Mansion. Khushi was ready in a green beautiful suit and Payal had donned a very beautiful red lehnga that Akash had chosen for her.

They went to the mansion and were taken in the house from the back side. As Payal was to sit in Nani's room untill few minutes before the wedding time. Khushi was told to stay with Payal, so again she had to wait.

As the wedding time came closer, they took Payal, whose face was covered, in the wedding place and made her sit there next to Akash.

Finding a chance, Khushi went to Arnav's room. She knocked the door and when she heard come in, she opened the door.

Entering in the room, she saw Arnav on the recliner. "Arnavji" she called him softly.

Hearing her voice, he was feeling really angry as if he would break everything. He stood up and looked at her, with eyes fill with hatred. He marched to her and held her arms tightly "why did you come here?" he said spitting out one word at time, making him look more dangerous.

She ignored the pain of her arms that were already bruised by Shyam and now werepainingmore "I have to tell you something import..." she was cut off.

"no enough, you listen to me" he had a perfect plan that will keep Shyam and Khushi away. Khushi looked at himquestioningly. "will you marry me?" he asked with no emotion.

She didn't know either to feel happy or not. "Do you Love..." she was again interrupted.

"Don't even think that, I hate you and themarriageI talked about will be a contract marriage which will last until di's baby is born at most" he said as if it was a deam.

"how could you think I will do such a marriage?" she was baffled.

"Oh I am so done of your lectures on marriage. Will you marry me or no?"tumhe mujhse shaadi karni hogi, at most for, 6 mahine ke liye varna mein tumhare behan ki shaadi apne bhai Aakash saath nahi hone doonga. Actually, I have two options for you. Either you marry me and your sister's marriage will happen? or you refuse and once again your sister's marriage will be broken? just imagine a girl's whose marriage is broken twice, who will marry her?" he told her that dramatically.

"you won't do that" she said with disbelief.

"oh try me and you know that Akash will believe me even though it will hurt him" he said with a smirk.

All of sudden, to Khushi, he wasresemblingto Shyam 'no' she told in her mind 'he might have some reasons but a contract marriage' it pained her.

"So yes or no?" he asked her once again.

A tear leaked, she was about to go against her principles. "Yes" she said with her eyes closed. She felt a lot of pain in her heart. She never thought her marriage to him will be a deal.

He took her to a temple and Aman was already there with the pandit, with another witnesses, with all the preparations done. Arnav gave the wedding dress to Khushi. "Arnavji, but our family?" she asked him with tears, she didn't want to have a wedding like this.

"Just got and get ready otherwise..." he said whilegrittinghis teeth.

With tearful eyes, she went to got ready. They got married and Arnav gave her the papers to sign "these are the contract papers. In case you are incapable enough to read it, I will tell you the main clause. We will pretend as the perfect wife in front of everyone. Stay as my wife until di's baby is born or until I tell the truth to di, if you leave before you will have to pay 10 lack so quite a sum for you..." he told her few more clauses and then asked her to read if she could.

Khushi felt hurt that he thought to so low of her 'no he can't have a reason enough to do this to me' her mind told her heart. She quickly checked the papers and with heavy heart signed them. Arnav quickly signed them and gave to Aman.

Then he dragged her to the car again and drove to Raizada Mansion. He opened the door and all eyes turned to them. It would be understatement to say they were shocked.

"Sanka devi, what is all this?" Buaji said as she rushed to them with the rest of them.

The wedding of Payal and Akash was already over and the guests had left. Arnav took the initiative and said "we love each other so got married"

"is it true?" Garima asked Khushi. Khushi nodded her head, her eyes filled with tears. Garima slapped her hard. "how could you do this? Didn't you think us as your family?" Garima was really angry and heartbroken.

Khushi wanted to weep badly, really badly but couldn't as her sister's wedding was in problem. Whilst, Arnav still felt pain. "Aunty, we love each other and she agreed to marry just because of me"

Shyam was shocked, he couldn't believe that khushi married his 'sale sahab'. He was aghast.

After a lot of drama, they were sent to their rooms. Khushi entered in the room and started crying, she sobbed really badly. Arnav took hold of her arm and yanked her up. "Don't do this drama in front of me. Now you have everything money, money and more money expect everything else. Anyways, all you want is money after all that is what a gold digger wants right?" he said mocking her.

"Why are you saying this Arnavji? what have I done" she said while crying.

"you know very well what you did, so stop this acting?" he threw her away and then said "you are to sleep on the poolside and don't worry no one will see you there as the poolside is exclusive to me and to my room" he said angrily and threw two blankets and a pillow at her feet. "change your clothes and get lost, I don't want to see your ugly face" he insulted her and went in the washroom.

Khushi went outside and prepared her bed. She just sat there, staring at the stars "ma, papa, why did this happen to me? what did I do? I always put other's happiness above mine? then what wrong did I do?" she cried the whole night.

Two months passed away, Arnav made her life hell. She slept on the poolside either it rained or snowed. She heard his insults night and day. He even went to the limit to throw money on her face and told her that instead of asking her to sleep with him, he didn't want to see her face. Or sometimes he would hold her arms or shoulders in a tight grip.

Once, she fall sick because she slept, as usual on poolside and it rained cat and dogs but Arnav didn't care a lot. The next day, she ran from a very high fever. When the doctor asked if she got drenched yesterday night. He replied casually that they went out in the rain and that he will take care that this wouldn't happen again. From that day, he made sure she slept on the recliner as he didn't want anyone to blame him for her sickness.

Apart that, his family and hers were back to normal to her and Arnav. They had accepted her expect Mami, Arnav and Shyam. Mami taunted her for the rest of the time as if Arnav was not enough, who everyday killed her a little. She stopped smiling freely, her smiles and laughs were forced.

Nonetheless, she started dabba service and started givingtuition. She needed money for her father's medical expenses as well as their household expenses and that also helped from slipping into depression.

The house was decorated beautifully. All colors were spread in thals, the ceil decorated with pieces of clothes and so on. It was Holi.

"Happy holi" Nani put colors on Khushi's cheek.

"to you too nani" Khushi put color on Nani's cheek and took her blessings. All put colors on each other. When Shyam was about to put colors on Khushi, Arnav stepped in and put color on Khushi's face and all asked her to do the same with Arnav so she had to.

Shyam was really angry as he was once again stopped in his mission. He was hopeless case from the last two months, Khushi always stayed away from him. "but not today" he said with a smirk, while putting something in a glass and gave it to a servant after telling him to give it to khushi.

"Milk?" the servant asked and Khushi took the glass.

As she was about to take up the glass, Anjali stopped her and said "not so easy. You and Chotte have to share the milk" she winked and all forced them to share the glass.

Soon both's head felt dizzy. Shyam dreaded "Oh my God, I had put bang in the glass and both drank it". Arnav and Khushi somehow ended in his room.

"why do you hurt me so much Arnavji?" she asked with tears and was not able to stay straight, she was stumbling.

"I don't want to hurt you but after the pain you gave me, I have to hurt you" he said feeling hurt himself.

"but what did I do?" she asked dizzily and fall on the bed, taking arnav with her.

Both forgot the topic and were lost in each other's eyes. "Khushi"


"I love you" he finally said in theinfluenceof bang

"I love you too" she too confessed.

Arnav smiled and started kissing her madly and both endedconsumingtheir relation.

After some hours, Arnav was the first one to wake up.

He felt cold as if he was naked.

He felt as if someone was hugging him.

Something bare and soft.

As he looked toward the 'thing' it was Khushi and they were bare, they had no clothes on. "how did it happen?" he asked himself and tried to remember the events but couldn't expect the first part when she asked him 'why do you hurt me so much.." and then all was blank. "I am sure, she must have taken advantage of my condition" he felt angry, he put on his clothes and rudely shook her.

After some difficulty, she woke up and saw an angry Arnav "what happened?" she didn't what she was going to her.

"You are asking me what happened? how do you making s*x to me when I was drunk. You disgust me. But oh well, now that you slept with me, take this" he three and bundle of money on her face "that is what a sl*t receives after being at a service of man. Anyways, it was the first and last time that such thing happen as you disgust me" saying to he went in the washroom, feeling hurt to have uttered those words to her.

She gulped the saliva and tried to control her eyes but they were not ready to stop. She was tired, she burst out crying. "why? why Arnav? why? why do you give me so much pain" her heart hurt, she was really tired "no Khushi you can't be weak. You are a strong person. You are your babuji's son. You can't be weak. I have to know why he married me.' she was determined.

She waited for Arnav to return from his work as she had several questions and she had to know them. As Arnav entered in the room, she asked him "why did you marry me? what did I do?"

"I am not bound to answer you" saying this he left to bathroom.

She tried to ask him time and again but not success. Instead, he would insult her or push her away. He didn't care if she got hurt, or so she thought. He always made sure that he pushed her slightly away.

One day, she was determined, no matter come what may, she will get to know why he married her? what was the reason that he loathed her so much. She had to find out.

"Arnavji, I won't let you go anywhere unless you tell me why you married me?" she asked firmly

He looked at her as if she was mad "I don't feel important to answer a tramp like you" once again he insulted her but she would not fall week this time.

"I know I mean nothing to you. I have understood it by now. Why did you marry me?"she asked him again but all vain. "I see you don't want to answer then let me tell you Arnavji that unless you tell me the reason I won't eat anything so if I fall sick you will be the one to blame and Anjaliji will make sure that you look after me" she said almost threatining.

"It doesn't matter to me and don't forget, If I tell Aakash to leave Payal, he would leave her" he said with a smirk.

"That much I trust Aakash jeeju, he will never leave jeji. He will die but not leave her" she said with confidence.

He was getting angry. Moreover, he knew how much Aakash loved Payal a lot.

Khus held his arm and asked again "Bataye humein ke apne yeh shaadi kyon ki, humein sachayi janne ka poora haq hai?"

Now Arnav lost his patience, he grabbed her shoulders firmly "kyon ki mein tumhare aur shyam ke bare mein jaanta houn... Jaanta houn ke tumhara aur shyam ka affair chal raha liye ki maine yeh shaadi kyon ki mein nahi chahta ke tumhe meri di ki khushiyon ke beech mein aane ka mauka mile"

"ek baar bhi khayal nahi aaya ke jis shaadi shuda insaan ko tum pasane ki koshish kar rahi ho woh kissi ka paati hai... himaat kaise hui tumhari meri di ki zindagi ke saath khelne ki, how could you?" he shook her as he finished his sentence.

"you married me because you thought there was something between me and Shyamji. You thought..." she crumbled down. She couldn't believe the person she loved thought so low her. Finding a new courage, she stood up still with tears. "Listen Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, the day you forced me to marry you I came to tell you something but I will tell it to you now. Your jeeju was staying at out house as a paying guest..." before she could continue she was interrupted.

"enough, I don't believe a single word from you dirty mouth. You just a few seconds to sew up a new story. You are such a characterless girl" saying so he left the room.

She tried time and again to prove her innocence to him but to no result. Soon days, weeks turned in another two months. It had been four months since their wedding.

Sitting on the poolside, she thought 'till 4 months back, I had beautiful dreams about my wedding. "How I will get ready by jiji; how there would be so much fun and how my parents would bless me... but nothing of it happened. Neither, jiji made me a 'dulhaan' nor I had fun on wedding, now my parents were there to bless and nor I get a husband to love me. The one and only dream that I had is slashed into thousand of pieces."

She went in the kitchen topreparethe dinner, she was in good mood and was waiting for Arnav to come at home, since he had somewhat mellowed down and shouted less at her. Unlike other days, when someone held her from waist. She got scared, she turned and found Shyam. "leave me shyamji" she tried to push him away but he held her more tightly. She knew Arnav couldn't do this and no one else was at home, expect Nani.

"No Khushi, after four months I have an occasion to meet you alone. I can't let you go" he said as if possessed.

"leave me" she tried to push him off but he was really strong.

He was trying to kiss her when he heard foot steps and changed the position. He was pinned against the counter and she on the top. "please Khushiji leave me. I am married" he acted like an innocent.

Khushi was shocked, she moved away and heard a gasp. As she turned, she saw Nani, who was flabbergasted.

As Nani regained her senses, she went and slapped Khushi. "how dare you? I never thought you could be so low? you tried to destroy my Anjali's house. I won't leave you" Nani gave her some tight slaps and dragged her to the hall. The whole way, Khushi begged and wanted to explain but nani didn't gave a heed. Nani called everyone at home.

"Nani please listen..." again a slap. Khushi's lips were bleeding, she was already weak from mental stress and now this.

All rushed back at home and saw a crying Khushi. "Do you know what this Khushi did? she was forcing herself on Shyam" Nani again slapped Khushi.

"No. There must be some misunderstanding. I know Khushi can't do this" Anjali said shaking her head. It was true, she loved Shyam a lot but Khushi was a sister to her. She saw how Khushi kept a vrat for her when Anjali's pregnancy had some complication. When Arnav had gone for two weeks trip, Akash and Payal for their honeymoon and Shyam on his work, Anjali often felt sickness in nights but nani was already asleep by then, nonetheless, Khushi was by her side, Khushi spent sleepless nights for her, that she didn't need anything.

"No there is no misunderstanding di. She is a very cheap girl" Arnav said, feeling disgusted.

Khushi's heart cried as well as her eyes, he believed that she was so cheap. "Chotte? she is your wife?" Anjali was perplexed.

"Now that everything is out. I want to say something. Di we had a contract marriage until you delivered but now that everyone knows no need for her to stay her. She and Shyam are having an affair, I myself saw them on terrace but stopped myself from telling you when we got to know you were pregnant so I married her, by blackmailing her that if she doesn't marry me Akash and Payal's wedding won't happen. I did this to keep them away from each other but I think they were toodesperatefor each other. Khushi you are free from the contract as anyways I felt suffocated when you are around so get out."

"Arnavji please don't say that, I love you" she cried begging in front of him.

"LOVE? there is nothing as love that exists." he said with venom.

"why Arnavji, why?" she sobbed uncontrollably.

"kyon ke mein tumse nafrat karto houn Khushi, jitni tum baar se masoom dikhti ho andar se utni... You don't have a character" Heinsultedherin frontof the family and none spoke a work.

Khushi stood up from the floor and started stepping back. Finally, it stuck up to her that he loather her to no limit and now she was not going to defend herself"

The next thing that Khushi heard left her shocked. For the one, she destroyed her life, "Nani, Arnavji, I am sorry, I didn't know Khushi could do this" Payal had tears in her eyes.

Khushi stood their frozen. Arnav went in their room, placing all her stuff in the bag, he brought it down. Once down, taking hold of her arm, he threw her out, with a harsh jerk. Her stomach came in touch with the ground with a hard fall "Amma" she cried and cried. She couldn't move the pain was immense.

Inside the house, Arnav threatened everyone "I don't want any of you to go and help her, she is just acting. Remember one thing, if you help her today, I will not talk to that person" he said sternly and left. Anjali was in big dillema.

While Khushi cried in pain, Arnav and Akash passed by her to go at office. They didn't even care to take her to the hospital. But Khushi shouted behind them "YOU WILL REGRET ARNAV, YOU WILL" and she fainted.

CHAPTER 1 -Losing Khush (Above)
BANNER Page 145
NEWS Page 152

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Loads of Love,

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lovely please do continue

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of all the people, I didn't expect Payal to change.. poor Khushi..

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Nyc start 

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simply fabulous

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Awesome. Cont soon

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Nice start

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