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Balika Vadhu Written Update 27th December 2014

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Episode begins with Nandu in tears talking to Basant's photo I don't leave maa alone but when I was sleeping Niranjan took maa to temple with him now he is making lame excuse of being sick now maa will stay with him and serve him . Ganga comes and hears all this standing at door Nandu cries and asks Basant to help him He says everyone scolds me  but no one understands why Niranjan married maa He want to separate me and Bhairavi from maa He won't even let us sleep with maa He will  talk wrong with maa and even do immoral wrong acts with her Rest Nandu speaks everything in muted voice and Ganga is shocked to hear  Gehna comes and sees Nandu crying She runs to him and consoles him Nandu cries and request to Gehna not to leave him. Gehna consoles him saying to him she will never leave him see she is here with him . Nandu cries hugging Gehna

Ganga understands why Nandu has turned against  Niranjan and thinks to herself so this is why Nandu turned against Niranjan Nandu took wrong meaning from  husband wife relationship

Dadisaa tells Jagya Niranjan must be feeling bad First Gehna took so much time to agree for this marriage now don't know what happened to Nandu all of sudden . Jagya asks her we will talk about it later now you should go to school. Dadisaa says how will I concentrate on studies in this worry . Ganga comes and tells Jagya Dadisaa she came to know why Nandu is behaving like this . Dadisaa asks her  did you ask him and he told you? Ganga says no I have heard him talking to his father's photo. Ganga tells everything in flashbacks what Nandu was saying to Basant's photo. Dadisaa and Jagya are shocked to hear this . Jagya wonders how these things came in Nandu's mind ? Dadisaa says some one must have fed in his mind . Jagya says I will have to talk to Nandu but right now I don't know how as this is sensitive issue Nandu should not get fueled up more against Niranjan . Jagya wonders how to talk to Nandu


Amol is drawing a boy on cycle on his book and is sad seeing the sketch . Shiv comes and sees him He asks Amol when he has his own cycle and can ride on it  then why he is sad looking at this sketch .Amol says he fears he will fall down from cycle . Shiv tells him you have fallen down just once because you were trying to listen what Daddu was saying I have fallen down from cycle ten times  when I was learning how to ride a cycle . Amol is surprised hearing this and says really Then Amol says if he will fall down so many times then others will laugh at him hearing about it . Shiv says to Amol then we will not tell anyone about this I will teach you how to ride the cycle secretly and no one will know how many times you have fallen down because we won't tell anyone . Amol gets happy hearing this and agrees . Anandi comes with tea for Shiv and sees father son happy with each other She asks whats going on  Amol says nothing its just talk between two of them Man to man talk .Anandi is surprised and asks what special they were talking that they cannot tell her .Amol asks Anandi you did not bring milk for me . Anandi remembers o yes and is about to leave Shiv and Amol give high five to each other they hidden what they were talking from Anandi but Anandi turns back and tells them don't be happy thinking they have diverted her attention now she will find out their secret . Saying so she leaves .

Subhadra is instigating Anoop against Anandi by telling him how she is spreading germs of her father's disease among all family members Anandi comes and tells them dinner is ready Anoop is about to go for dinner but Subhadara tells Anandi they were discussing that they are not feeling hungry Actually they went outside for a walk and eaten chaat outside so right now they have no appetite Anoop is surprised hearing this . Anandi leaves Anoop asks Subhadara what she said .Anandi thinks on way at least they can eat some desert if not complete dinner  She comes back to tell them about having desert and standing at door hears Subhadra tell Anoop she has to make this excuse as she cannot eat Anandi's cooked food Anandi takes care of her father who is suffering from a skin disease and with same hands she cooks food for everyone This will make them sick Anoop agrees with Subhadara and says I don't understand why Anandi and Shiv brought Khajan here they could have admitted him to some good hospital Subhadra says this is what I am thinking too but Anandi has planted her sick father here All Bilara in Kesar Bagh The man shows off so cultured that they don't even drink water from daughter's in laws but I have seen stuffing food here like he has come from some hunger struck area I felt very ashamed seeing that . Anoop says but Anandi takes precautions while taking care of her father I have seen her washing her hands many times . Subhadra says but still these skin infections spread fast .This Anandi is like a bomb which will explode and destroy all family  Anoop says you are right but right now what I should do I am feeling hungry . Subhadara apologizes to Anoop saying you will have to hungry tonight but if you don't want to sick then you will have to understand this Anoop agrees with Subhadra . Anandi hears all this and feels bad


Dadisaa is doing her homework JaGan are helping her and pasting flags stickers on her notebook .Jagya tries to be  romantic with Ganga and holds her hand Ganga gestures him Dadisaa is here . Dadisaa sees JaGan holding hands and coughs to make her presence felt to them. Dadisaa teases them I asked you to help me in my homework but you both  are busy in your own homework. Jagya gets a call , After receiving the call he calls kusum and tells her the good news LPS has given the DNA test and reports will come soon Kusum is not much happy hearing this Dadisaa asks her this is good news now finally all truth will come out and you will be proven true then why you are still sad Kusum says she knows what a devil LPS is . He is expert in manipulating truth so she will only be relieved after DNA test reports will come . Jagya asks her not to worry Let LPS do whatever he wants , he will surely fail Time has come for him to  know that victory is always of truth is not written in books only but it is a fact . Dadisaa agrees with Jagya .Kusum gets confidence hearing this


Shiv comes and asks Anandi tonight Badi Bua did not come for dinner . Anandi asks Shiv we should admit Bapu to Durga Devi hospital I have confirmed from them they have all facilities where Bapu can stay comfortably till his treatment is going on. Shiv asks Anandi surprised why she is saying that but he understands seeing her sad someone said something and asks her what happened . Anandi hides and gives explanation the family must be having trouble . Shiv says no one is having except those who have trouble in everything You don't need to pay attention on what they say just take care of your father and he will stay only here . Anandi thanks Shiv and emotionally hugs him

Next day

Anandi makes her father drink juice Khajan does not want but Anandi insists . Khajan tells Anandi she has grown up Her face changed but that little impulsive girl haven't disappeared from her . Anandi smiles  Khajan blesses Anandi Subhadra sees this and is disgusted She thinks Khajan will spread germs to Anandi and Anandi to her Anandi sees her standing at door and calls her . Subhadra makes excuse she came to here to ask what she is making in breakfast Anandi tells . Subhadra thinks she cannot eat from Anandi's hands and says to Anandi she will cook herself Anandi and Khajan understand Subhadra's taunt and feel bad


In BH LPS gives a blank check to Kusum to fill it with as much amount as she want in it and leave him . Kusum tears the check and throws it on his face saying she will never leave him until she won't get justice LPS angrily tries to slap Kusum Dadisaa shouts at him and he stops




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Dreamer_ IF-Rockerz

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Thanks for update mahiHug

What a relief finally Gehna Nandu Niranjan track is moving on Finally Jagya Ganga Dadisaa came to know what is Nandu's problem Phew !!!!!!!Now hopefully cvs will make Jagya make Nandu understand and end this track soon Please send GNN to some family vacation for some months From so many months their faltu track is eating JaGan screen space and we lost Sargun Mehta in that CryMiss her a lot as Ganga Unhappy

Thankfully they have changed Ganga 's dressing style back to same the way old Ganga used to dress after marriage except the change in hair style and i feel this hair style looks good on Aasiya Kazi and she has  lost her some of her  weight too Very good  she is looking better now  Previously she looked quite bad  Now she looks fine But her dresses are same that old Ganga has worn nth time Why creatives cannot give few new dresses to Ganga ?The other ladies have so many but Ganga has been repeating some since a long time All money on dresses is to be saved on Ganga only?

I don't understand why  Ganga after replacement of actress has suddenly started to stand with a little bow of head  in front of Dadisaa Today once again she was standing with a little bow which is not needed I know now the new actress isn't familiar with the character   but director is so why he is not asking her this bow is not needed ShockedEven Makhan kaka does not stand like that in front of Dadisaa though he is servant in the house but Dadisaa has given him enough freedom that he does not need to stand with bow of head in front of her so why Ganga the BH's beendini is doing that That too after replacement This is disconnection from past ?Hope creatives wake up and take care of these details if they have forced this replacement on us they have to make us feel connected with her too she is Ganga by making the actress aware of these details

JaGan short scene was cute. Jagya is so  cute trying to be naughty with wifey Embarrassed Dadisaa is very naughty herself Loved her teasing to JaGan so cute LOL

Loved Jagya's words to Kusum Star

Precap is superb especially when Kusum tears the check and throws it on LP's face Great  KusumClap

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mahi12 IF-Dazzler

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Yes i am also noticing this Ganga now stands with a little bow of head in front Dadisaa which is not needed Even if here i take she was thinking something and concerned for Nandu Usually in such situations we do bow our head a little lost in thoughts but she was standing like this previously too  when Aasiya Kazi stepped as Ganga so it means she is unaware of this yes Dadisaa is grand mother in law of Ganga but Ganga and Dadisaa bond very well and Ganga is beloved daughter in law of Dadisaa so bow of head in front of her is not needed The old Ganga did not do so why now ?.Hope the director makes her understand

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Hina- IF-Rockerz

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Thank you mahi dear

Thank God finally finally the family knows exactly what is bothering Nandu now hoping it does not take next many months in making Nandu understand Hoping they do it fast After that  i dont want to see Nandu Niranjan starting sa re ga ma pa againAngryi want to see Jagya with his  kids enjoying the blissful fatherhood I want to see more of his scenes with Mannu and Abhi reading them bed time stories and  playing games with themBig smile Not not of Niranjan Nandu bonding eating their screen space AngryHoping Cvs bring Sugna back just like they remember Khajan after ages  i want to see Shagun and Varun cutiepies again Its been ages seeing them It will be nice to see them bonding with their younger cousins Big smile

Ganga standing with little bow of head in front of Dadisaa is bothering me too Aasiya Kazi when stepped in this role in very first of scene of her with Dadisaa she was standing in same way with little bow of head and director and writers who brought  her saying she will do justice with the role why they don't tell her this is not needed as we did not make the old Ganga stand like this? Ganga only used to stand with a little bow of head in front of Dadisaa when she was new in the house but slowly after they bonded well Ganga never stood like that because she was not hesitant from Dadisaa  so why now ?Sargun when replaced Sriti she picked up the character exactly from where Sriti left because writers must have explained it to her so why they don't do same with Aasiya kazi because before her i have seen Ganga being naughty with Dadisaa so why suddenly  now this little bow of head  This is abrupt

JaGan scene was cute aww Jagya is so adorable Dadisaa teasing was cute too

Loved Jagya's words to Kusum

Precap Loved the way Kusum throws check on LPs face Well done Kusum

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Missesha IF-Dazzler

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Thank you for the update. 
Finally,  the family knows what is bothering Nandu. I will look forward to Jagya Nandu talk. 

Amol Shiv scene was awesome.  Especially the man to man dialogue. I loved the expressions of AnSh on hearing that line. I also enjoyed that special bonding of father and son. They came across as friends and were teasing the only lady in their lives... damn cute. 

I wish to see some such similar cute scenes of Jagya and Mannu, teasing Ganga.

DB and Anoop stories are now too much and feels ghisa pita... hope DB gets exposed soon. I am bored of her. And that side of story has become stale.

 khajan has borne enough  insults in Anandi's sasurals. Hope this time he is here to be loved and respected.

There was a fair improvement in both Anandi's and Ganga's dressing/presentation

Anandi looked less puffy and Ganga looked like haveli's beendni. Still Anandi needs to get rid of long sleeves and a lot more needs to be worked on Ganga's overall presentation. 

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Surish IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 7:06pm | IP Logged
Thank you Mahi12 for Balika Vadhu December 27, 2014 written update 
aparnauma IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for the written update.
Relieved that GNN story is moving forward at last.Ganga found out the reason behind Nandu's behaviour and shared it with the family.
Lot of issues seem to be bothering Nandu. Insecurity regarding his own place in his mother's life fear of being separated from her,not wanting anyone take his father's place and adding to all this a lot of misconceptions about man woman relationships - poor fellow has been battling too long with all these things.Hopefully now Jagya Gehna and Ganga help him overcome all these issues.
Hope CVs handle this issue well since they have spent so much time showing his altered behaviour and getting on Singhs' nerves as well as viewers' nerves. Expect them to handle this matter in a way that viewers can understand.
Would be nice if they show Nandu and Jagya having MAN -TO -MAN talk on this(Sorry can't get over this phraseTongue but it sounded very cute coming from a kid who is growing upLOL)
Amol Shiv and Anandi scene was way too cute and the expressions on Shiv and Anandi's face when their son insisted on having MAN to MAN talk with his papa were even more hilarious and that scene looked so natural.Kids have a way surprising their parents.LOL
Like this Khazan Singh and AnSh scenes a lot. Glad that Anandi is firm on taking care of her father.Shiv and the rest of the family is standing strong in support behind her.
Don't want to see Anandi giving in to Anop or DB but like Shiv said she should get on with life doing what she thinks is right. Here taking care of her father is more important than paying attention to DB's prejudice.
While Anop comes across as someone more believable with all his actions and thoughts DB's behaviour doesn't come across as realistic she is way beyond logic.
How can DB who is the biggest free loader in KB talk so low about Khazan?
Wish Anandi would realise that she has every right to have her father in her home and he is not just a responsibility.
Dressing seems to have improved for both the bahus.
Ganga looked  pretty in that dress and hair style with side parting.
Anandi also looked much better.
Looks like they are experimenting with her looks for the upcoming track

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Missesha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2014 at 8:05pm | IP Logged
The good thing from yesterday's episode was that DB skipped nearly two meals. Good for her. Let her skip some more. Beyond a point either she will create hungama in the house regarding Germs and Anandi's cooking or she will eventually vacate.
I hope she creates a scene, Anoop joins in and then disgusted at their behaviour,Daddu shuts Anoop  and throws DB out, giving an ultimatum to Anoop.

I don't want to hear baby news before that.  Once the news are out, everyone will mellow down and DB will escape just on a mere scolding. And like a shameless woman, she will be back to hogging.

I just want this female out of KB. And then show baby news to bring back the harmony.

I could understand Anoop for a while, but not after he failed to see his father's pain and state of mind. He wants his son to call him dad but can't see his father's pain. I can't sympathise for his loss of 25 years anymore. Anoop needs to face a blow, realise his mistakes and come back to family. 

But DB is a sadist and needs to leave. 


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