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Mohabbat ab nahi hogi - AR FF (Page 4)

Amna_xd Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 6:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aayu-loveKaJen-

read the parts on FB its going great... great to see u here to ...

thanks for tolerating me here too WinkWink

Amna_xd Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2013
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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by megha_kajen

awsume part amna...
loved it...
love the way armaan showed his right on riddhima...
hope AR could back as one soon :)


thank u megha...i am glad that u like it here too Big smileBig smile
Amna_xd Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ruppkotha

Thanks a lot for the pm

Comment for part 2
Armaan to yaha tough kind guy hai...
Then what is that cosenova fasinco...
ohoio yeh kahani me kya ho rhi hai
I mean its all just misunderstanding
i mean actual me hua kya thi...?????
really the song suits perfect
like it

Comment for part 3
i was thinking armaan hi hogi that new one
Here to arjun comes & riddhima misunderstood..
their emotions described so well
& that dream sequence i loved it whole
then armaan's comment about the presentation was superb
then their interaction at office cabin..
i thought wo log baat karle tab shayed problem thodi si kam ho jaye
suspense me chod di yaar
Ab kya hogi,...

Update super soon...

& last but not the least


thank u...wishing u and ur family a happy new year tooo :)
thanks for liking my story WinkWink

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Amna_xd Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 6:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nilusoni

Awesome part loved it 
Finally armaan and ridhima met eachother
Excited for next part 
Thanks for pm 
Plz pm me for next part 
Continue soon 

thanks for liking it EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Amna_xd Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2013
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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SGROVER_WINGET

Awesome man 
Too gud 
Perfectly written 
Waiting for the next part 
Sooo gud yaar 

thanks for liking it SmileSmile
Amna_xd Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 6:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by palakajenian

hey that is a absolutely superb part loved it.
part 2 is also nice sorry for late comments both the parts is amazing. loved both in second part armaan side story is showm and its really touchy. destiny plays iys role nd they both r infront of each other again.
loved the scene where armaan feels ridhz presence nd vice versa.
loved their first meet nd their reactions. specially armaans his possessiveness, love nd the way he show his ri8 on ridhz. everything is superb .
do continue soon nd thanks for the pm

thanks for liking it Smile
hope u will like the other parts too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Amna_xd Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2015 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Part 4

A: Why are u ignoring me riddhima?
R: Why should I ignore u Mr. Mallik? After all you are now our partner company...and I don't want to disrespect my future boss
A: stop torturing me riddhima...its enough
R: I don't get you Mr. Mallik...would u please step aside...u are blocking my way
A: o really...am I??

Armaan moved more close to riddhima...riddhima snapped for air...this closeness was making her losing her sence...it always happened like that...whenever armaan was near her she will lose her sense...but this time...she didn't want to give up so easily...
R: You are my boss and I respect u, but that doesn't mean that you are allowed to misbehave with me...
A: misbehave...are u out of your mind riddhima...tum aisa sooch bhi kaise sakti ho...tum itna hi janti ho kya apne armaan ko...
Armaan held riddhimas hand and put them on his heart...riddhima snatched her hands away and pushed armaan away from her...armaan was so lost in her that he was so shocked to see such a reaction of riddhima and lost his balance...but still he didn't fell on the floor
R: mera Armaan...mera armaan aisa nahi tha...tum mere armaan nahi ho aur na hi kabhi ho skate ho...tum mere armaan nahi hooo
riddhima started crying
A: riddhima...
R: nahi...bas...please Mr. Mallik aap jaiye jaha se...please jaiye...me nahi chahti ke me husse me aapko kuch ulta seedha bol du...please leave...
Riddhima moved over to the door and opened it...she was crying and it was visible on her face...she was shivering...it was too much to handle for her...Armaan also followed her...he didn't want to create a scene in the office...he knew that he has to be patient with her but its not easy to see your love after such a long time and behave as nothing has ever happened...he has to make her understand that it wasn't his wish to leave her...he never wanted to leave her...but their destiny has got other plans for them
On his way to the door armaan pulled riddhima to himself and said

A: Me aik bar to tumke kho chukka hu...ab mujhme itni himat nahi he ke me apne pyaar ko phirse kho du...ya yuhi jane du...aur na hi me tumko apne aap se dur rehne dunga...and that's a promise
With that he kissed her very passionately...riddhima was hell shocked to react...she knows that she was melting...he has such a magic that she started to respond him back...it was just a simple lip lock...but yet it felt sooo perfect...finally after 5 long years they both were feeling the love again...there are no words in this world which can explain the wonderful feeling which they both were feeling...
with a sudden push armaan left her and moved out of the room...he had to get out of the office before he will lose himself in her totally...he has to be patient and control himself...
armaan moved to the entrance where Arjun was waiting for him...he again set an angry look on his face.
Arjun: Sir, where have you been? I have been waiting for so long...
Armaan looked at Arjun angrily...who the hell is he to ask his such kind of questions...
A: none of your business Arjun...do better concentrate on your work
Arjun: I am sorry sir...it wont happen again
A: gud...now change the contract...i want to buy this company...clarifie everything with the CEO of this company and from tomorrow on I will be the boss...and make sure that no one can leave there job...make a contract for everyone...that they are not allowed to leave the job before 3 years...and no question...do it as soon as possible
Arjun: but sir...
Armaan looked at him with a deadly look which shut him up...Armaan sat in the car and drove to his hotel...he can't digest his luck...finally he found his love...now he has to win her back...but before that he must take a nap...after such al ong time he will get a peaceful sleep...he thought of the kiss and started smiling...his happiness has no boundaries...
Here riddhima was hell shocked...how dare he kiss her...why the hell is he again interfering in her life...who gave him the right...she locked the door and moved to her chair...she was crying since he left...she hated him, because he left her and now she hated him more because he came back into her life...she was broken once completely...she had taken much time to recover...but now if she will break...she won't be able to recover once again...from a heart break...she will be shattered into pieces...and that's why she won't leave him come near her once again to leave her...

Riddhimas Pov
Kyu kar rahe ho tum aisa Armaan? Kyu meri zindagi me phirse enter karne ki koshish kar rahe ho, jab tum mujhe chor ke chale hi jaoge...nahi me tumko aise hamari zindagi se nahi khelne dungi...aur Sarah...nahi me tunko usske bare me kuch bhi nahi bataungi...aur nahi tumhe use milne dungi...Me nahi janti te tum Sarah ko dekh ke kaise react karoge...kya tum use apni beti manogebhi ya phir usko apnane se inkaar kar doge...nahi me apni beti par tumhara saya bhi nahi parhne dungi...tumne meri zindagi to khatam kar di hai...lekin me ye kabhi nah chahungi ke iska asar meri beti par ho...agar usko pata chale ke tum uske papa ho...to me usko kaise face karungi...nahi...me aaj hi sarah ke saath kahi aur shift ho jaungi aur is job ko resign kar dungi...haa me kal hi resign kar dungi aur phir sarah ke saath kahi dur chali jaungi jaha armaan hame dhundh bhi nap aye...
ridhhima took off from the day because she wasn't feeling well and left for home...sarah must be home by now...her caretaker must have bring her home by now...
Riddhima entered her home and as expected Sarah was waiting for her...she was soo happy that her mom came home early just for her... they both talked for a long time...
R: sarah...baby ab aap thori dair bahar chali jao...apni friends ke saath khelne...mama kuch dair tak aram karna chahti hai...unke sar me bohot dard ho raha hai...aap jab wapis aaogi to hum dono phri ice cream khane jayenge...okee beta
S: okee mama...u take rest...phir ice cream pakka...
Sarah left for the park where as riddhima moved to her room and led on the bed...she took armaans pic from her drawer and looked at the pic...she didn't know when she felt asleep by just looking at his pic...

After taking a nap armaan moved outside... to have a look at the neighborhood...he came to a park and saw a little girl trying to play basketball...he kind of liked the lil girl...her age must be around 4 or 5...suddenly he saw that she fell and started crying...he run to her and tried to pacify her...
A: hey beautiful...please don't cry...I can't see tears in your eyes...you have blue eyes just like I have...wow that's a coincidence...by the way...whats your name basket??
Girl: Basket??? are nahi mera name basket nahi balke sarah hai...wo me basketball khel reahi the aur gir gayi...aap please mama ko nahi bataiye ga ke me basketball khel rahi thi...unko yeh bilkul bhi nahi pasand...aap kaun ho?
A: hmmm Sarah...what a wonderful name...tumhe pata hai...me apni beti ka name bhi sarah rakhna chahta tha...dont worry me tumhari mama ko nahi bataungi...lekin me tumko basket bulaungi...chalega???  mera name hai Armaan Mallik
S: hhahaha basket...okee theek hai aap mujhe basket bula sakte hai J Armaan uncle...aap to bohot aache hoo
A: aacha really...thanks for the compliment basket...aacha chalo me tumko ghar chor du...tumhe dard to nahi ho rahi na...
S: nahi uncle mujhe dard nahi ho rahi...par mene abhi ghar nahi jana...mujhe ice cream khani hai...kya aap mujhe ice cream khilaoge?
A: kya basket me tumko itna Buddha dikhta hu ke tum mujhe uncle bula rahi ho...i am young basket so call me buddy...ya phir armaan...but please no uncle...ha chalo wese mera bhi bohot dil kar raha hai ice cream khane ka...
S: yayyy buddy...mujhe god me uthao ne...mujhe chot lagi hai...aur jaldi karo...ice cream bhi khani hai...
A: ha ha chalo...aur phir mene tumko ghar bhi to chorna hai...
Armaan didnt knew why he felt so compfortable with Sarah...he never behaved like that with any other cild...but Sarah has got something...which attraced him...he liked no he loved tht lil girl...her parents must be very lucky to have her...he just wished that he and riddhima will soon have a lil angel like sarah...
Armaan stood in front of the door where sarah lived...it was looking very nice...and he liked it...he dint know why he liked everything which was connected with sarah...they even liked the same ice flavor...putting the thoughts aside he ringed the doorbell...he waited for one min...then the door opened...and there she was standing in front of him...riddhima...his riddhima...
S: Maaammaaa
Sarah jumped from armaans lap over to riddhimas...Armaan dindt know what he should say...he was shocked will be a underestimation...he didn't know...how he should react...Sarah was riddhimas daughter...his riddhimas daughter...

hope that u liked it Big smileBig smile
anyone who wants a pm but me in ur buddy list
with lots of love AMNA Heart

Part 5

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Awesome awesome amna 
Awww armaan Sarah part was super cute 
Can't wait to see Armaan 's reaction after knowing that Sarah is his n ridhima ' s daughter 
Update soonish yaar plzzz 

Take care 

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